and then it froze eight times

All I’ve got II pt. 2

Jungkook x reader, Namjoon x reader

genre: contents of smut, slight fluff, angst, tattooed!jungkook, badboy!jungkook

word count: 12.1k

Jeon Jungkook was a tall guy, handsome with all those ethereal artwork tattooed on his arms..and your best friend. He was by your side whereas you faced a painful heartbreak, caressing your hurt soul for as long as you needed him. But how much can a friendship withstand if one of the two develops feelings? 

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The Soulmate Mark - A Solangelo One-Shot

Will Solace was a hopeless romantic. And he got a soulmate mark that ruined what supposed to be a fun part of his life.
Nico di Angelo could not care less about anything romantic. And he got a soulmate mark that sounded like a cheesy line in a typical romance movie.

(Word count: 3800 words || Read on AO3)

Author’s Note: 
- Set in an Alternate Universe where the first things that you would hear from your soulmate were tattooed on your skin
- Based on a Tumblr prompt
- For @solangelover​ , as a little something to express how I appreciate your support on my writing. Thank you so much. I know that this was not written in the kind of style that you like, but I hope you can still enjoy it :)

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anonymous asked:

Kara and Lena decide to have a baby and all the repercussions of having a super baby around that follow

“I’m fine Kara! Go.”

It was the last thing Lena said to Kara right before she flew out the window to go assist the DEO. It was the last thing she said before everything started to get a little crazy.

Lena placed Laura into the high chair, buckling her in before moving to the kitchen to mix up some baby cereal.

“Time to eat kiddo.” Lena called as she turned back to the island realizing she was speaking to an empty high chair.


Lena headed to the living room where they had been playing on the floor, it wouldn’t be the first time in her sleep deprived state that she thought she had put Laura in her chair and forgot.

“There you are baby.” Lena cooed as she walked over to the blanket, halting as she blinked a couple times at the empty blanket.

“What the hell. Where did you go?” Lena spun around as a vase crashed to the floor behind her, Laura grinning at her mom from her spot on the decorative table. “How?”

Scooping up the giggling blonde Lena placed her in the chair, never taking her eyes off as she grabbed the cereal on the counter and started shovelling it in the open mouth.

Lena unlocked her phone as she continued her motions with the spoon, calling her wife with her free hand.

“Kara, call me back, something weird is going on the Laura.” Lena hung up the phone staring at her daughter a moment before lifting her free of the high chair.

Lena was beginning to believe she had imagined everything when the next few hours passed by without an incident. The two of them playing on the floor on the living room until Laura started rubbing her eyes.

Laura balanced on her hip, Lena quickly heated a bottle checking the temperature on her arm before holding it for Laura to suckle as she moved them into the nursery. Placing Laura gently in the crib Lena moved across the room to turn on the white noise machine. A little drip startled Lena as it landed on her neck.

“What-“ Lena looked up at the ceiling not really thinking about what she expected to see dripping down on her. Not really expecting to see her daughter sitting on the ceiling in the process of pulling off the lid of her bottle dumping the entire thing in Lena’s face.

Breathing heavily Lena reached up gently circling her fingers around Laura’s wrist pulling her floating daughter back towards her. Tears immediately erupting as Lena pulled Laura into her arms kicking and screaming.

“Where is your mama when I need her?”

Lena bounced on her toes as she tried to hush her daughter as the phone rang in her ear.

“Pick up. Pick up. Pick up.” Lena swore under her breath as Kara’s voice came over the line asking for a name and number and she’d call right back. “Kara Zor-el Danvers, answer your damn phone. You need to get home this instant. I don’t know what made today so special but your daughter has decided to take after you! And not in the cute fun-loving way! And I don’t know what to do!”

Lena hated sounding so desperate but she really didn’t know what to do. She didn’t know how to handle a baby with super speed. Or super strength, Lena grimaced, the inside of her arms already feeling bruised from Laura’s struggles, her own desperation agitating Laura until her eyes started to glow red.

“Lena?” Kara called softly into the quiet house, afraid to wake anyone up as she entered from off the balcony.

Kara froze as her foot crunched against something in the living room, wondering if this had something to do with the eight voicemails on her phone. Eight voicemails, all with various levels of Lena yelling at Kara about their daughter, or Kara’s daughter at this very moment in time.

Turning towards the nursery Kara coughed as she tried not to laugh. Half way down the hall was a hole in the wall the size her hand, the edges black, the wall across from it a little scorched. She would have been more worried if she hadn’t received so many calls indicating that both her girls had survived whatever had happened when she was gone.

The nursery was another matter. The crib was turned on its side, knocked over in some kind of fight Kara imagined, probably the same one that had knocked over the baby powder, spraying half the room. The baby bottle still sat open on the floor in a puddle of drying milk. Dresser drawers hung at their ends, items half pulled out and scattering the floor. A fire extinguisher sat next to the hole in the wall, foam still evident from Lena’s battle.

Kara couldn’t help herself from grinning as she took in the mess. Not when in the middle of it all, Lena sat in a rocking chair holding Laura against her chest where her shirt sat unbuttoned, both fast asleep. Crouching next to the chair Kara stroked Lena’s hair, as she placed kisses up her bare arm.

“Kara.” Lena’s eyes fluttered open, staring into the blue eyes looking up at her.

“Hey… You look you had quite the day.”

Lena groaned closing her eyes tight against the images of destruction.

“Next time Alex calls for help, you’re staying with the baby.”

Kara smothered her laugh by giving Lena a kiss before pulling away rocking on her heels.

“You got it.”


otherwise known as the 5 times Garrus Vakarian crushed on the Commander, and the 1 time he finally realized it. 

Glancing at her didn’t mean anything, right?

Because it was totally normal, or so he had told himself, to look at other people while they ate. He looked at Tali, looked at Samara, exchanged middle fingers with Jack, and looked – glanced – at Shepard. Took in her red hair and plump lips and rosy cheeks that were probably, most definitely, were very soft to touch and –

She shifted, and Garrus swallowed quickly through a piece of Levo steak that he hadn’t completely chewed through.

He choked a little, and shrugged off Tali’s concerned hand before lunging for the water.

And as he tossed back a glance, he saw her, from the corner of his eye, watching him, lips twisted up in now what he knew firsthand as a smirk.

He met her eyes. (Ignored his thudding heart.) Narrowed his own in a challenge.

But she merely looked away, so easily – because surely glancing at him didn’t mean anything, right?


The sound of a crash and a loud hiss of a very human swear caught his attention, if only because it was some ungodly hour in human standards, as he had learned being aboard a human ship for as long as he has. There was no mistaking the voice, too, and unlike her, Garrus was wide awake. So when Shepard stumbled into the mess with bedridden hair and drooping eyes, she only gave one look at him before she brushed past his shoulder.

Garrus merely tapped his fingers against the mug.

And so she began to affix herself with that human drug-disguised-as-liquid, Garrus couldn’t help it. He looked. Again.

He swore it was only because he wasn’t aware her fringe could really do that.

“Your hair,” he managed.

She only grumbled in response, before she brushed past him again – so close, it shot electricity down his spine – before collapsing into the chair opposite from her, blowing on that steaming, somewhat earthy smelling mug.

“It’s sticking up,” he continued, undeterred.

He watched as her eyes widened, and her hands abandon the mug to tug it back down into place. He knew the human tells of embarrassment – years of C Sec would do that to any officer – and yet he had never quite found the human thing of cheeks turning red, (blood, as it were) to be oddly endearing.

And when she wrestled her fringe to be normal again, and as she mumbled a half swear from lazy and half-asleep lips, Garrus found himself conflicted; almost wishing he hadn’t said something in the first place.


His fingers drummed against the railing, and honestly he didn’t know he was waiting for it. Didn’t realize the odd tranquility – relief? – that came with the familiar hiss and slide of the door behind him.

He flexed his fingers and turned, readying what he knew was a greeting that was a perfect blend of sarcastic, aloof, yet warm, and as he took a breath to unleash the line he’d been thinking of –

- the words died when he realized it was Joker.

The human raised an eyebrow. “Don’t look so disappointed.”

“I’m not-“ Garrus swallowed. “- Disappointed. Why are you back here anyways?” He said quickly. “Shouldn’t you be flying the ship?”

“Right?” Joker said. “You’d think that’s what a pilot should do. Hey,” he said suddenly. “Tell that to Shepard. Then maybe, just maybe, she’d let a human – who has flown several ships for her, by the way – actually do his job, instead of an AI.”

Garrus merely blinked as Joker scrunched his nose. It was an expression he didn’t typically see on Shepard, he thought, as his fingers resumed drumming the edge of the railing.

“Why don’t you tell her that yourself?” he said goodnaturedly, but the look that Joker gives him said so otherwise.

“You kidding? These days she’s only coming to see you.”

Garrus’s fingers froze.

“That’s why I came in here anyways, to get her to demand EDI to relinquish control back to me. And to tell her that imitating the Reapers isn’t funny. Well, it would be at the right times, but taking over the flying while parroting Assuming Direct Control isn’t really quality humour.”

And Joker was gone, but Garrus hadn’t been listening. He was still stuck on that first part, and truthfully he wouldn’t stop hearing those eight words over and over, on repeat, until the next day.


‘Business as usual’ was already a stretch when he was busting crimes daily with C-Sec; when it became the bandit attacks and wave after wave of firefights, though, Garrus never knew if he was in over his head.

But it was comforting to be lead by Shepard, who knew what she was doing, and he could follow her orders without feeling off.

In fact, it felt right.

He’d never really identified that before.

And the thought played in his mind, festering like a fire, and it’s not until a snipe that’s a little too close to his position than he would’ve liked shock him from his thoughts.

Shepard was holding the smoking pistol, too.

“Earth to Vakarian,” she barked over the comm. “Are you taking a nap?”

“No, Shepard,” he responded, and to prove it, he whipped out his rifle and began to scope out the next bandit to show their face.

“Well good,” her voice crackled into his ear. “Because they had a target on you, and you’re not allowed to hit the dust before-“


He couldn’t help it; his heart did an awkward flop and he has to bite his lip, turn up the volume of Fleet and Flotilla, to just maintain concentration.  

A sigh blew into his comm. “-Before the end of this mission.”


He watched as the bandit in his scope dropped clean with a splash of red; the shot rang out like a pleasant accompaniment to the soundtrack oozing into his ear.

Get a room,” was Miranda’s only addition.


Of all the crew, it was Samara’s expression that caught him off guard.

It wasn’t until the rest of them had filed out after their mission debrief, after Samara tapped him on the wrist as Grunt was the last to leave, Shepard in tow.

It was one simple word.


A cross between mortification and embarrassment shot through his spine, and at first he merely flanged in astonishment before he found his voice again. “Hea- no, I’m not eighteen Samara.”

The Justicar merely shrugged, and it was times like these that Garrus sincerely wished that, if they were to have one resident Asari on board, it should’ve been the younger one who would at least not be so upfront about it.

“My apologies,” she said, with no change in her voice at all. “I assumed. Humans and Turians are quite close in lifespans…”

He couldn’t help the involuntary flare of his mandibles as Garrus gawked. “Shepard isn’t eighteen either—“

But Samara merely gave a smile that was less reassuring and more chilling, and once again Garrus had no idea if the Asari was merely teasing or being completely serious.

“Well your voice shows it, you know?” She said conversationally. “I’ve met enough Turians in my lifetime to identify the sound. You may want to be more subtle though, especially around the crew.”

And then she was gone, or maybe Garrus was just standing there. Processing. Blanking.

What did she even mean?



Shit shit shit shit shit shit.

He didn’t know when it’d hit him like a pile of bricks but it did, and it did literally right in front of her – when he was going to go off on some other funny anecdote because it was what he did, what Vakarian did to Shepard, fireforged friends who went through hell and back and may be on the verge of something and –

He, probably – definitely? – liked her. Romantically.

Terror shot up his spine – it was very clear to him that Shepard had come to him with the proposition of blowing off steam. And him, like an idiot, rolled with it. Didn’t even know, shit – since when – was that what Samara meant, did Miranda know before the two of them, was Joker kidding, were fringes ever cute –

– Was glancing ever just glancing

And the words tumbled out of him before he knew what he was saying, and the insecurities spilled revealing things he didn’t even quite know he felt, and suddenly he was questioning whether she was okay with it all because he’s a turian and she’s a human and they’re friends, best friends, and it could be awkward and bad and they need each other and, really, do they even fit together properly?

But she touched his face, thumb careful along his scar.

“I want you,” she said.

And he was flying. His heart picked up and his throat caught and he knew his mandibles flared, as they do involuntarily, as his mother’s do around his father. Twenty emotions played at his heart and he wanted to do nothing more than to pick her up and spin her around but he refrained, disguising this utter elation with a terrible joke that even made him cringe, and he has no way to recover from the smirk that twisted up her lip as she backed away with a coy, “I’ll let you get back to work.”  

“Right,” he droned.

Shit, shit shit fuck, I think I may really like her.

“’Cause I’m in a great place to optimize firing algorithms right now.”

anonymous asked:

Romantic prinxiety Where Roman and Virgil don't get along but the theater needs another singer for there musical legally blonde ( if you haven't seen it before you can change it I just love that musical ) Virgil does it because he needs his grades up in theatre class. Virgil winds up playing Emmett and Roman plays Elle ( he's the only one who can hit the right notes and they don't care he's a boy ) they have to rehearse the kiss and turns out that they like it more than they thought they would

I love this prompt and it took a while to get enough time to sit down and write this, but I like how it turned out.  My school put on Legally Blonde last year, so I was familiar with it, but still needed a little refresher.  I also changed up the prompt a tad, but hope you enjoy!

Stick to the Script

Fandom: Sanders Sides
Pairing: Prinxiety, platonic Moxiety and Logince
Warnings: physical injury (nothing graphic)

Summary: Someone must’ve said Macbeth because they’re going to need a new Emmett.  Virgil is volunteered for the role and neither he nor Roman are too happy about it.

Tagged: @existental-crises @jordisama @here-to-vent @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch @novagalaxy4real @thomas-must-get-to-sleep @emo-space-trash @evanisonfire @lollingtothemax @all-the-fand0mz

The stage was crazy this time of year, it wasn’t quite tech week yet, but the theater was bustling with students learning their lines and dance numbers. Virgil watched from behind a curtain on side stage as Roman and Logan performed their lines.

“Oh, and getting one of Stromwell’s daily quotes right is almost as important as acing the mid-term,” Logan recited.

“But you didn’t hear it from me.” Virgil finished under his breath.

“I still don’t get why you didn’t try out.” Virgil jumped and turned to face Patton, his heart racing. Damn, they really ought to get that kid a cowbell.

“Trust me, you don’t want to see me on stage,” Virgil said, crossing his arms. “I’m better back here as SM where there’s order and no surprises.”

As if on cue, there was a loud crash from the stage followed by a long, agonizing moan.

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magnusragnor  asked:

jimon college roommates !!

Simon Lewis was truly, utterly, and completely fucked.

Actually? No he was not, and that was the problem.

Simon had started off this year determined to excel in all of his courses, and he wanted to stick to that plan, he really did. But then he walked into his dorm room and all of his hope for success flew straight out the window.

Standing in the middle of the room was a blonde boy, about Simon’s height and extremely muscular. He was shirtless and dripping with sweat. Simon gaped, and everything after that seemed to happen very slowly. It was like every cheesy teen high school movie where the hot guy in a leather jacket and sunglasses would walk down the school hallway in slow motion, except this guy was hot. Not just teen high school movie hot, but like…chiseled and golden in every way so that it was almost angelic hot.

The boy turned around, reaching up to brush a hand through his golden hair. His eyes landed on Simon and a smile lit up his face, making Simon groan internally. He could kiss his college diploma goodbye.

The boy apparently saw Simon staring and a smirk replaced the bright smile immediately. “The name’s Lightwood,” the golden boy said, offering his hand out for Simon to shake. “Jace Lightwood.”

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Pairing: Sam x Reader
Words:  1298
Just a little something I wrote at work because I have baby fever.

Warning: pregnancy

A/N: Do NOT post my writing on any other site!

          Sam froze in the doorway of your bedroom. He wasn’t surprised by your eight-month pregnant belly; no, he was used to that, considering you were carrying his child. What surprised him was the little black kitten that was curled up on said belly.

            You smiled up at Sam, “Look,” you pointed to the kitten.

            “I see that,” he said, “Where did it come from?”

            “Well, this morning I was talking about how I was lonely the last time you two went off on a hunt and I had to stay here. And I just off-handedly mentioned that I would like to have a pet, mainly a kitten.”

            “And one just appeared?” he raised his eyebrows.

            You smiled and shook your head, “Your brother came back with it a little while ago while you were at the store.”

            “Dean got you a kitten?” Sam looked like he didn’t believe what he was hearing, “And brought it into the bunker?”   

            You nodded, “Yep.”

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Chapter 2- Under These Unusual Circumstances
(Victor Criss x Henry’s Sister!Reader)

A/N: Here’s Chapter 2 for you guys! It goes into your home life (as a Bowers) and it’s very dark and very long (like most of my stories)! I try and put anything that might be a trigger warning in bold in my warnings!

Word Count: 5,334

Rating: SFW

Warnings: flashbacks, missing kids, mention of abuse, implied sexual abuse, possessive behavior

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Time For Us (Zach Mitchell x Reader) Part I

(Zach Mitchell x Reader Soulmate AU)

You were running out of time.

The time on your wrist was ticking down the seconds, but there were still a couple hours (three, to be exact!) until you would meet your soulmate. Out of the million that visited Jurassic World every day, one of those people were going to end up as your soul mate.

Having your work and personal collide was going to be interesting. Currently, you were work as an internship as an assistant to Claire Dearing and without a doubt you would agree it was hard work, but worth it.

Spending most of your time aiding her and working with her other assistant Zara, you also had alone time to in which you enjoyed watching the dinosaurs and families enjoying their time. But atlas, you spent most of your time working, like you did now. 

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fears | min yoongi

pairing: yoongi | reader

genre: fluff/angst/ vampire!au

words: 1k+

a/n: @agustley, remember this?

the woods were at their darkest at night.

you walked on the same path you walk on everyday, with the woods looking dark and mysterious as they usually do, right by your side.

you had ended a little later due to an extra shift you had to fill in (thanks for that, taehyung) so it was around eight o'clock when you left the cafe you worked at.

a small voice in your head told you to be extra careful whilst walking this time, but then again, it was only eight. yet, you found yourself looking around and behind you as you walked.

a scream.

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Rest Day

Small shout out to the amazing @alexadooodle who inspired this chapter because of his most recent masterpiece

The room was dark, with the only light coming from the small cracks in the curtains.

The only sound he could hear was the soft sound of breathing and the slightly muted sound of the world outside the window – singing birds, cars driving by, an occasional bark of a dog.

He slowly became aware the he was lying on his back with a warm mass pressed against his left side.

He also noted that his left arm was slightly numb, something that was becoming more noticeable the more he woke up.

He tilted his head to the side, only to smile at the sight that greeted him.

His beautiful fiancé was curled up against his side, cocooned in ninety percent of the blankets, with the small amount not wrapped around his fiancé draped across his stomach.

His beautiful fiancé was also using his left arm as a pillow, which explained why his arm was numb.

He leant over and pressed a soft kiss to fiancé forehead before gently lifting his head and replacing his numb arm with a proper pillow.

Yuuri let out a small whine of protest at the movement before settling down quietly against his side.

He stretched his arm above his hand, clenching and unclenching his hand to try and get the blood flowing through it again before reaching towards the bedside table where his phone was located. A simple press of the home button revealed the time – a couple minutes passed eight in the morning.

He froze as he stared at the time. He was late! Yakov was going to have his head. And that also meant that Yuuri was going to be late if he didn’t get up soon. They had to get Yuri up, dressed and feed and out the door in about twenty minutes so he wasn’t late for school. And then Yuuri had to get ready for work. He shifted to get up, only to pause when he felt an arm wrap around his waist.

“No,” Yuuri mumbled sleepily, attempting to tug him back down to the bed while half-asleep.

“But Yuuri, the time,” he said, showing his fiancé his phone.

“Rest day, Vitya,” Yuuri whined.

“Oh,” he mumbled before frowning, “But Yurochka?”

“Minako-sensei picked him up last night,” Yuuri sighed while tugging him on his waist again.

“Oh, yeah,” he mumbled, letting Yuuri tug him back down onto the bed.

“Stay,” Yuuri mumbled while shifting into his side again and nuzzling into his chest.

“Staying,” he ensured his fiancé, raising a hand to run it through Yuuri’s hair.

He remembered now, for the first time ever their rest days aligned, meaning they had a day together where they could do whatever they wanted.

Minako had even arrived at their house yesterday evening to pick up Yuri, stating that she would deal with the boy for the day, leaving them childfree until the evening.

“Just a few more minutes,” Yuuri mumbled softly with a content sigh. He lay there a moment, letting Yuuri use him as a human pillow.

“You have morning breath,” he mumbled softly causing Yuuri to lifted his head up to look him in the eye, a blank expression on his face.

“I want a divorce.”

“What do you want to do today?”

Yuuri glanced up from his morning coffee to stare at Victor.

Victor, his beautiful fiancé who was super chipper despite barely being a sip into his first coffee of the day.

He let out a small sigh while shrugging his shoulder, deciding to enjoy the rare morning view bestowed upon him – the lovely view of his Victor’s chest because his fiancé couldn’t be bothered putting a shirt on when they finally stumbled out of bed.

“Do you want to go out for lunch? Oh, I know! We can go shopping, your shoes have been looking a bit tattered lately,” Victor said while reaching over to grab the hand not cradling his coffee.

“My shoes are fine,” he mumbled.

“The soles look really worn, how long have you had them?” Victor questioned, arching an eyebrow.

He stared at his boyfriend – fiancé, he kept automatically going to boyfriend every now and then. He still couldn’t wrap his head around it sometimes, Victor agreed to marry him, Victor was engaged to him.

“So, we will go shoe shopping. How are your ballet shoes going? Are we due for a new set yet?” Victor asked, giving his hand a gentle squeeze. He hummed thoughtful while taking another sip of his coffee.

“They will last a little bit longer,” he ensured Victor, only to get a frown in response.

“We will get you another pair then,” Victor stated simply before pausing, “We have to go to the bank too.”

“The bank? Why?” he questioned in confusion.

“We need to set up a joint account,” Victor stated simply.

“We do?” he questioned.

“Yes, I can’t expect you to continue to pay for all the groceries and stuff. So, we will make a joint account,” Victor stated simply.

“But you pay for all the bills, I can pay for groceries,” he insisted, frowning while staring across the table.

“Yuuri,” Victor warned.

“Victor,” he responded.

They stared at each other for a moment, clearly waiting for the other to back down. He wasn’t going to let Victor to pay for everything, he had already given up the bills fight, leaving all the bills for Victor, but he wasn’t going to give up the only real thing he contributed to the household.

“Can we set one up for just in case measures than?” Victor suggested, squeezing his hand gently, “Like if Yurochka needs something.”

He stared at Victor for a long moment before sighing and nodding his head.

“Fine,” he conceded.

Victor stood up and leant across the table to press a kiss against his lips.

“I love you,” Victor mumbled sweetly. He couldn’t help but smile into the kiss.

“Vitya,” he sighed softly as they slowly broke apart, “You have morning breath.”


Skater Next Door AU

AO3 Skater Next Door / Skater In Training

The Secret (2)

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven;part eight; part nine; part ten; part eleven; part twelve; part thirteen; epilogue.

You immediately froze on the spot, acutely aware of Baekhyun’s arms wrapped around your shoulders and your face buried against his broad chest. So many thoughts were running through your head: happiness at seeing your best friend for the first time; apprehension at the secret you held from him; not to mention flustered to be back in his arms and pressed up against his body.

His hand sliding down your back brought you back to reality and made you step back out of his hold. “What are you doing here?” you stammered nervously, tucking your hair behind your ear.

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How the Batboys would react to their s/o dying the same way they did- Jason Todd

You frowned at the sight of Gotham’s most hated and feared clown, the Joker.  He and his deranged girlfriend, Harley, have been wreaking havoc ever since they broke out of Arkham Asylum. AGAIN.  You were tired of this bullshit, and Jason was, too.  The “no killing” rule was starting to get on your nerves, even if you weren’t apart of the great Bat Family.  A mercenary like yourself shouldn’t even be close to them, but ever since you met Jason when you were training with the All Caste.  You joined him when he formed The Outlaws, and stood by his side when the team fought against the Untitled. After that, you and Jason returned to Gotham and found out that the clown prince broke out once again.  You were on strict orders to observe and report their actions from daddy Bats, but he never said you couldn’t use a sniper to watch him.  Currently, he was joyriding in a stolen vehicle and causing mayhem on the streets.  You couldn’t see Harley in the car with him, but you knew that she would soon appear.

“(S/H/N) to Red Hood, the Joker is in my sights, but Harley hasn’t shown up yet,” you spoke through the comm.

“Copy that.  I’m about a few minutes from your position, I’ll catch up with you soon,” Jason said.

“See you soon.”

You started running across the rooftops and following the speeding car. When you were falling behind, you grappled from building after building, and shot a tracking device on the trunk.  You smirked and linked the tracking device to Jason’s gear, knowing that he would like to know where the maniac is.  The tracking device led you to a shutdown amusement park, which you thought was a waste of space.  Why is there so much wasted space in Gotham?  You knew that tons of money went to crime lords and corrupt politicians and businessmen, so that was one of the many reasons Gotham was wasting away.  You landed on top of an attraction that had the perfect cover for keeping an eye on the Joker.

“Oh Harley, I’m home!”

You frowned when Harley didn’t appear to welcome her lover home.  Footsteps behind you made you realize that this was a trap.  You turned around and had a mallet hit you right on the side of your head.  You collapsed on the ground and tried to pull yourself up, but the world was spinning too much.

“Nighty night, sweetie!”


You groaned when you regained consciousness, the pounding in your head and nausea informing you that you have a concussion.  The ringing in your ears did not help you focus, but you were able to take in the scene around you.  You were on the floor inside one of the attractions at the amusement park, but you didn’t feel any rope or handcuffs on your wrists or ankles.  You tried to move your arm, even to just twitch your finger, but your whole body was paralyzed.  You steadied your breathing, knowing that keeping calm is the best thing you could do right now.  You could see all of your weapons on a table at the far corner of the room, but you knew that you still had your tracking device embedded in your arm.  It would take a lot to brake that device, and you knew that Jason was on his way.  After a few minutes, laughter could be heard from behind you.  The laughter grew until you heard a door squeaking behind you, hinting that you are in some deep shit right now.

“Look, Harley, the little hero is awake!!” Joker cackled.

When he was in your line of vision, he was swinging a crowbar and whistling a tune you weren’t familiar with.  You felt your heart beat faster and faster as he inched closer to you with the crowbar in hand. You willed yourself to move, but you only managed to twitch your index finger slightly.  Harley grabbed your limp arms and cuffed your hands to chains hanging off of the ceiling.  You were on your knees with your hands suspended in the air when the first swing from the crowbar connected with your stomach.  His cackles overpowered your gasps and heavy breathing.

“It’s been awhile since I’ve done this, but I think I’m getting the hang of this!” he said and swung the crowbar at you again, hitting your ribs over and over again.

The beatings continued for what seemed like hours, but you knew it was only a few minutes.

“Puddin’, he’s almost here!” Harley shouted, interrupting Joker’s swing.

“Oh well, looks like we’re cutting our playtime short,” he chuckled and walked over to the door.  “I definitely had a bomb, but I guess I had a little bit more fun than you.  You are awfully quiet, but I guess it’s just your brooding character.”

The door was slammed shut, leaving you alone in the room beaten and broken.  You were finally able to move your fingers and pick the locks on the cuffs.  You fell face first onto the ground, but you were able to slowly crawl to the door despite your broken ribs and injuries.  You were able to reach the handle of the door, but it was locked.  A sharp pain erupted in your arm and you retracted it away from the handle, knowing that Jason would soon be here to save you.  You heard a beeping noise and froze.  Once you gained the courage, you slowly looked over to your left and saw a bomb timed to go off in a minute.  You placed your hand on the door behind you and pulled yourself up, wincing when the pain was too much.  You went to the table that had your weapons as quickly as you could and returned to the door.  The timer had thirty-eight seconds left when you shot the handle off and rammed into the door.  You lost your balance and fell onto the floor once again, but you refused to give up.  You pulled yourself up again and used the wall for balance to escape as fast as you could.  When you were finally able to see the exit, you were relieved to know that this was almost over.   You clutched onto your gun and continued to the exit until a gunshot echoed throughout the hall.  You collapsed and screamed, the pain erupting from your abdomen flooded your senses.

“I just knew you were going to escape!” Joker stated and aimed the gun to your head, “I am so glad I stuck around to see your last moments.”

You gave Joker a bloody smile before shooting him right in between his eyes, “If I’m going, I’m taking you with me you psychotic piece of shit.”

You tossed your gun to the side and leaned your head up against the wall.  You knew that your time was up, and all you had on your mind was Jason.  A few tears slid down your cheeks as you thought about the future the two of you wanted but will never get.

“I’m sorry, Jason.”

Jason was only a few feet away from the entrance when the building exploded and went up in flames.  He was knocked down by the force of the explosion and screamed your name.  Once he was back on his feet, he ran into the building and found your bleeding body right near the Joker’s dead body, which he left to burn in the flames.  He cradled your broken body and immediately checked for a pulse, but found nothing.  He ripped his helmet off and tossed it to the side.  His blue eyes looked at your injuries and knew that there was no way to revive you.  He wiped the tears off of your face, only to have his own replace yours.  He knew that he shouldn’t have involved you in this.   He knew that he should have left you with Roy when Bruce called him.  He looked back at the burning attraction, feeling relieved that Joker was finally dead.  His heart breaking overpowered that feeling, making it useless to find the pros of your death.  He knew that you would tell him to move on, but he couldn’t.  He gathered your body in his arms and contacted Roy, telling him of the new mission that required his expertise.  Jason knew the consequences of using the Lazarus Pit, but you were stronger than he ever was.  

I’m Yours

Also on AO3
Directly follows “Deadly Sweet.”   This one did not come out as smoothly, so I’m hoping the edits made it better.

“Goodnight Maman, Papa,” Marinette called as she headed toward her room.

“Going to visit Chat?” her mother asked, knowingly.

Once her parents got to know the superhero, the teasing had changed, rather than letting up, and she hadn’t even told them about… whatever it was between them.  "I’m not sure,“ she replied, trying not to let any further hints by.  "I think he had something until after eight, so it depends on how tired he is.”

“If he stops by, see if you can pin down a game night,” her father asked.  "I dug out some of the old classic games we talked about last time, and I think he’d like them.“

Marinette nodded.  "I’ll ask him when I see him.”

“Great,” her father said.  "Gotta get to know the future son-in-law somehow.“

"What!?”  Marinette froze on the fourth step, turning to stare.  

“Honey,” her mother said, gently chastising.  "I told you she’s not ready to hear that yet.“  She patted his shoulder.

He smiled up at Marinette.  "Sorry Cupcake.  Just pretend I didn’t say that.”  He turned back to his wife, lowering his voice, but not quite enough.  "But we can talk about it, right?“

"You’d better believe it.”  Her mother winked and they wandered toward their room, each with one arm around the other.

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anonymous asked:

(During Prison Mode) The NDRV3 guys reactions to finding out two facts about their S/O: (1. She sleepwalks. 2. She sleeps in her underwear)?

lololololol~ Hope this is okay

DRV3 Boys & S/O sleepwalking in underwear

Shuuchi Saihara            

  • He woke because he heard noises
  • And they sounded like something big hitting things
  • So he cautiously peered out of his door
  • Only to see you
  • In nothing but underwear
  • Peering around he saw no immediate threat to you
  • So just slid back behind his door
  • It was a good thing you were asleep
  • Else you’d have seen how red he’d gone
  • The speed at which he shut the door would have woken you
  • If he hadn’t remembered at the last minute to shut it more gently
  • Try as he might he couldn’t get back to sleep

Kaito Momota

  • He wasn’t sleeping
  • Had stuff on his mind
  • So he was lying awake
  • And he heard something outside his room
  • So he opened his door
  • Didn’t consider any danger or anything
  • But then he saw you across from him
  • It took him a minute to register
  • Oh
  • He covered his smirk with his hand and slid back into his room
  • Couldn’t get the image out of his head
  • Every time he thought about you in your underwear he had a little smile on his lips
  • And probably a light blush too


  • He was going back to his room
  • And your door opened across from him
  • He raised a hand to wave
  • But just stopped
  • He didn’t even notice that your eyes were shut
  • He just froze
  • Once he managed to sort himself he moved to you
  • He was talking to you but you just walked past him
  • Eventually he just gave up
  • And watched you walk a figure of eight before returning to your room
  • It took about ten minutes before he realised he’d seen you nearly naked
  • He was immediately searching for something to take his mind off of it for fear of crashing

Rantaro Amami

  • He looked at the floor when he was walking
  • He’d just returned to his room with a drink
  • When he looked up he saw you walking away from your room
  • With your eyes firmly shut
  • And with only underwear covering you
  • Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice
  • He stopped and leaned against the wall
  • Just watched you for a bit
  • Your door had shut behind you
  • And once he saw you trying to get back in he just walked over
  • Opened your door for you without touching you
  • And once you were back in your room he returned to his with a little laugh

Kokichi Ouma

  • It usually took him a while to get to sleep
  • But he heard another door open not too far away
  • He was more curious of witnessing something occur
  • He hadn’t considered it may be you
  • So when he looked out he got a surprise
  • A nice surprise
  • He just propped his door open
  • And watched you as you wandered in your underwear
  • Genuinely torn between emotions
  • Part of him was really enjoying the view
  • The other part was thinking how adorable it was that you sleep walked
  • He kinda just kept an eye on you ‘to make sure you didn’t come to any harm’
  • But lost interest when you managed to return to your room

Gonta Gokuhara

  • He used to sleepwalk himself
  • So the second he saw you doing it he was making sure your path was clear
  • It didn’t register in his mind either
  • He just made sure you didn’t hurt yourself
  • So he put his arm around your shoulders and guided you
  • Once you were back in your room he scarpered
  • Just hid back in his own room
  • Stayed awake to make sure you didn’t try and walk out again
  • But then he remembered
  • Your lack of pyjamas
  • And the image of you in your underwear was stuck in his mind
  • He was telling himself off
  • That’s not gentlemanly!!!

Korekiyo Shinguji

  • Wasn’t unknown for him to randomly get up in the night
  • So this happened one night
  • But you were up too
  • It seemed anyway
  • He began a brief conversation with you but you weren’t responding
  • So he looked at you
  • And realised you were sleep walking
  • It didn’t surprise him that you slept in underwear
  • But now he realised that you weren’t walking about in it knowingly
  • He carefully guided you back to the room, careful to only touch you lightly to avoid waking you
  • Makes sure to get you back in safely
  • Before just continuing whatever he was doing
  • Literally the least effected
  • Though he won’t deny he liked the image of you in only underwear

Ryoma Hoshi

  • He was half asleep himself
  • But he left his room for no apparent reason
  • And he saw you
  • And just snorted
  • That was a nice view
  • He worked out you were asleep
  • But he didn’t think it was fair you wandering around like this
  • Anyone could see!
  • So he just walked up to you
  • And shook you awake
  • “Thank me later,”
  • He slapped your ass before returning to his room
  • You’re just kinda wondering what’s going on

Jung Jaehyun & #58: “I’ve waited for this moment for a long time.”

-For anon

Warnings: Slight horror in the beginning, not much else.

A/N: This got long, but idk? ALSO, the teasers images. Like who gave them permission?? But also they’re great. Anywhoo. Here you go~

You didn’t normally go outside at night. Mother said the bad people came out at night, so you didn’t go out. She never told you why they were bad people, or what they did, just that they had taken your father, and that was enough to make you want to stay away. Tonight wasn’t supposed to be any different, you hadn’t intended to be stuck outside well past midnight. All you wanted was to be home and asleep, like any other eight-year-old child.

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12:00 (Jordan Fisher x Reader)

Word count: 1468

Genre: FLUFF

Request/Summary: “The classic one where you’re an ensemble member but then (since its been Christmas time) you mention how you’ve never been really into Christmas parties or Christmas anything and being the Christmas enthusiastic Jordan is he changes your mind”-Anonymous

I tweaked the request a little bit so that it revolved around New Years, so sorry if you hate me now. 

Pairing: Jordan Fisher x Reader (YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Warnings: Maybe cussing.

A/N- Look at this gif. Also, happy New Year. Have fin watching 2016 burn and die.

Also, @whatdimissmotherfuckers tried to help me with 11:00 but eventually I just gave up and made it not exist, but thanks anyway Ruby. They’ve also come to the conclusion that Jordan and my ship name is Jorphie. I’ve gotten about 99 (WHAT) new followers in the past two days (As I’m queuing this), so welcome. Enjoy this awkward and strange creature some call Sophie, we love to have you here.

You walked off the stage after belting out ‘Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story?’ and taking your bow with the rest of the cast.

“Hey, you coming to New Year’s Eve at Javi’s?” Alysha asked, jogging up and clapping your back.

“He invited me but I think I’ll just stay home and see how long I can stay awake, I’m such a grandma I’ll probably be out by ten.” You chuckled.

“What?!” A new voice joined the conversation. You felt those annoying butterflies again in your gut at the familiar tone and smiled involuntarily as Jordan appeared beside you.

“You’re not going?” He asked in disbelief. You shook your head.

“You have to!” Alysha complained.

“I got this Deslorieux.” He stated cockily, throwing an arm across your shoulders.

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quirky-idealist  asked:

If you're still doing the prompts: "I can't move on from something that wasn't supposed to end!" Coldflash

Wow, this one got away from me. I could literally write a whole series based on his. 

Moving On

The last person Barry had expected to be knocking on his front door was Leonard Snart. He stared, wide-eyed, at his ex-husband, unsure of what to say.

           “Hey, Bare.” He smiled, like the past four years hadn’t happened, like they hadn’t gone through so much hurt and pain. “Sorry to drop in like this, but…”

           Barry slammed the door shut. He didn’t want to see Len. How had he found them? They were supposed to be hidden. But a foot blocked the door jamb. “Scarlet.” Len called. “I just want to talk. Whatever you think, this isn’t it. Trust me.”

           And how dare he. Barry threw open the door angrily. “No!” He scowled. “You don’t get to say that. You don’t get to call me ‘Scarlet’ or ask me to trust you. Not after everything you’ve done! Now, go away, or I will make you.”

           Len just rolled his eyes. “Barry, look at me! Really look at me, and you’ll know whoever did those things wasn’t me.”

           Barry didn’t want to look at Len. All it would do is make him angry, make all those ugly feelings come back. But he forced himself to raise his eyes to his ex-husband’s face. At first, he wasn’t sure what he was supposed to be seeing. Then, he noticed his hair.

           It was salt and peppered, but the gray hadn’t quite taken over his head. His skin was smoother than the last time Barry had seen him. His eyes were sparkling in a way Barry hadn’t seen in years.

           This wasn’t his Len. This was some past version, still on his travels in the Waverider, long before everything in their lives fell apart. He steeled himself.

           “When are you from?” He forced himself to ask. He didn’t really care if Len was from the past or the present—he didn’t want to see his ex—but he knew that the quickest way to get rid of him would be to cooperate.

           “2017.” Len answered, shoving his hands in his jacket pockets. “Is it possible to talk about this somewhere other than your front stoop?”

           No. Barry didn’t want Len in his house. He didn’t want them around…

           He shook his head, pulling the door closed to block sight into the house. “No, I don’t think that would be a good idea.”

           A look passed over Len’s face, like he was ready to argue the point—of course he was—when loud footsteps came barreling down the stairs. Shit.

           “Dad, dad, dad!” He turned to see Michael, Joseph, and Elise were all running towards him.

           “What did I tell you about running down the stairs?” Barry scolded, accidentally releasing the door so it swung open all the way.

           “Dad, Joseph used his powers!” Michael tattled. His other son pushed him.

           “Did not! He’s just mad that I won battleship! Ask Ellie!”

           His youngest, however, was staring at the open doorway. “Daddy!” She grinned, running straight for Len.

           Len, for his part, was frozen in shock as his future five-year-old daughter wrapped her arms around his legs. Michael and Joseph both froze, as well, their eyes wide with fear. Unlike Elise, they were both old enough to remember what their father had done, what he continued to do.

           He laid a hand on his eight-year-old twins’ shoulders. “It’s fine, boys. It’s not really him.”

It would be too hard to explain to his sons that this version of their father was from the past, that there was a time when Barry believed in the goodness in Leonard Snart’s heart, and Len had been a hero. All they remembered was the Secret Society of Super-Villains; Len kidnapping them and Barry under the guise of “protecting them” from Lex Luthor and the rest of the Society; holding them for almost a year against their will; Barry risking everything to get them away; the battle between the Justice League and the Society in the streets of Metropolis, where Len shot Barry down in anger and nearly killed him.

This wasn’t that Len, though. This was the one who sent him flowers with secret notes, who fought to protect time, who woke Barry up with kisses and stayed up with him when his nightmares were too much.

Elise held her arms up. “Up, Daddy. Up!”

Len shook himself out of his trance and, without hesitation, scooped his future daughter into his arms. His eyes lit up, and Barry’s heart broke. There was never a doubt in his mind that Len loved their children, or even that he loved him. He had no idea what was to come for them, though.

“Come in, I guess.” Barry stepped to the side, and Len walked inside cautiously. Len wasn’t dumb, after all. He was almost certain that he’d noticed the way Michael and Joseph stepped quickly out of his way, putting Barry between them. Elise rested her head on Len’s shoulder, though, and that made Len smile.

“Why don’t you three go back upstairs and wash up?” Barry suggested. “Dinner’s almost ready, and Daddy and I need to talk.”

Michael and Joseph nodded, backing slowly towards the stairs to keep Len in their sights. Barry could’ve swore frost covered the banister where Michael touched it. Len sadly placed Elise back on the floor.

“Daddy, are you staying for dinner?” She asked hopefully. Michael and Joseph paused on the stairs, both looking to Barry.

Len sighed. “I’m sorry, Doodle Bug.” It’d been so long since Barry heard that nickname, but Elise’s face lit up. “I have some friends who need my help. I just need to get something from your Dad, and then I have to leave.”

Elise’s face fell, and Barry could tell it broke Len’s heart. Then, she flashed forward and wrapped her arms around Len’s neck.

Barry heard a faint, “I love you, Daddy” before she zipped away again, past her brothers and up the stairs.  

“NO RUNNING ON THE STAIRS!” Barry shouted after her. He grabbed Len’s arm and pulled him towards the kitchen. Without sparing a look at his ex, he grabbed his oven mitts and took the baked chicken he’d been preparing out of the oven.

“So, what do you need from me?” He asked, heading for the fridge to pull out the salad he’d already prepared.

“What happened, Scarlet?” He barely heard Len’s whisper, and, when he turned, he was staring around at their house with awe and sadness. “Why am I not here? What happened between us? Why are our children afraid of me?”

A loud crash echoed through the kitchen. The plate Barry had been holding was snapped in two in his hands, his knuckles white. “They are my children.” He growled. “You don’t get to call them yours, after I have had to raise them by myself for five years!”

That familiar Snart anger flared, and Len rounded the kitchen island. “And why? Why did you take our children from me? What did I do that was so bad?”

Barry flinched when Len stepped into his space. He remembered those nights, locked away in that lair, that his Len would come home tired and angry, and Barry would be wound-up and irritated from being more or less held prisoner, and they would have a fight. He remembered the way his husband would crowd him, scream at him, bully him.

Len jumped away, though, horror in his eyes. “No…” He shook his head as he backed away, putting the island between them again. “I didn’t…I….” He stared down at his hands. Barry frantically shook his head.

“No. God, Len, no. You never put a hand on any of us. I mean, outside of the beating you gave me when we fought as Cold and the Flash after everything was over, but that was work. You never would’ve laid a finger on me or our children, Len. Never.”

“But I did hurt you.” Len squeezed his eyes shut. “I hurt my family. I know that fear in our sons’ eyes. They thought I was going to hurt you, or them. What kind of father was I?”

Barry sighed, turning his attention back to the dinner he was preparing. “Len…you shouldn’t know too much about your own future. But, for the record, I don’t think you were a bad father. Maybe you didn’t make the best choices, and maybe you weren’t the best husband all the time, but everything you did was to protect us. You just took everything way too far.

“Just…” He licked his lips and shrugged. “We just all have to move on. I’m trying to move past this, your future self needs to move past it, and you just need to…forget about it. Forget about all of this and move on.”

Len threw his arms in the air. “Barry, that’s crazy! I can’t ‘move on’! How am I supposed to forget all of this? I can’t move on from something that wasn’t supposed to end!”

Barry chuckled humorlessly. “You know, that’s exactly what you told me the last time I saw you, when I told you that it was over. But for you, this isn’t over. You still have your Barry in 2017—you are together, aren’t you?”

Len nodded.

“Good. We’ve had our bad times, Len, but I would never trade our good times to stop them. They’re what keeps me going. Well, them and our little meta monsters upstairs.”

A warm smile grew on Len’s face. “What can they all do? I mean, I know that Elise is a speedster, but what are the boys?”

“Joseph can read minds, and Michael makes ice.” Barry grinned, and Len laughed. “What did the Legends need from me?”

Len frowned, confused.

“You know, your mission?”

“Right.” Len cleared his throat. “The tachyon device that Thawne used as Harrison Wells. We need it to fix the time drive, so we can travel back to 2017.”

Barry remembered it well. He motioned for Len to follow him out of the kitchen, and down a set of stairs that led into a basement-turned-lab space. “Cisco made this for me after we moved here. I can’t go to places like S.T.A.R Labs or the Watchtower since…well, since what happened, because someone might track me and find us. So, we had all of this put here, instead, and Cisco opens breaches every now and then to visit or bring us stuff.”

No more Flash. No more Justice League. No more CCPD. He’d had to restart his entire life, but at least his Len couldn’t find him or his children.

He headed for one of the work tables below where the tachyon device was displayed. He pulled it off the wall and handed it to Len. “I’ve always loved you, Len.” He whispered as their fingers brushed together. “I want you to know that.”

He wanted to kiss Len, to feel those lips against his one more time, but he knew that his time with Len was over. He needed to move on. They both walked upstairs, and Barry walked him back to the door.

“I’m sorry.” Len sighed. “I’m sorry for what I did to you, whatever it was. I promise, I will try my hardest to prevent it.”

There were no words to express what Barry was feeling—the hope, yet disbelief that anything would change. So, he just nodded. When the door closed behind Len, it was like a weight raised from his shoulders. He leaned his head against the wood for a second and took a deep breath.

“Kids, dinner is ready!” He called as he straightened himself up and headed for the kitchen. He knew it would take them all a few minutes to get downstairs, enough time to compose himself. When he stepped into the kitchen, though, a drawling voice stopped him in his tracks.

“It’s about time. I thought he’d never leave.”

Sitting at the island, dressed in his long black coat with his cold gun raised, was Len. His Len. Fear shot through Barry’s body. “How did you…?”

           Len chuckled. “Memories are a funny thing, Scarlet. Like, when you suddenly remember your past self finding where your family is hiding out. The exact address.”

           He rose from his seat and slowly walked over to where Barry was paralyzed in place. “You can kill me, but please don’t hurt them.” He whispered, not sure what Len was planning.

           Len, though, just tilted his head, stepping calmly into Barry’s space. “Oh, Scarlet…” Barry resisted the urge to flinch as he raised a hand to his face, brushing his fingers against Barry’s cheek. “I’m not here to kill you. Why would I kill you or hurt our kids? I love you.”

           Without lowering the cold gun, he leaned forward and brought their lips together. Barry hated himself for wanting the kiss. He indulged himself for only a minute before turning his head away.

           Len sighed. “I’m going to make this right, Bare. You, me, and the kids are all going far away from here, from the Justice League, from the Society, and no one will be able to find us again.”

Obvious - [BTS] Pharmacist!Taehyung Au

Originally posted by bwipsul

[A/N] In real life, I’m close to this one pharmacist. He’s super sweet and before I forget, I have to immortalize him in my writings.

New experience tend to be exciting and nerve-wracking, all at the same time. A wise man once said, if it’s frightening and excites you all at the same time, it’s a good idea to go on with it.

Because it means, that you’re stepping out of your comfort zone. And stepping out of your comfort zone, means you are progressing in life. And progresses, results to a pass or a fail. Strength is not being able to pass all at once with little difficulty. Strength is to wear your failure as a badge and improve.

Of course, it’s going to be difficult at first.

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