and then it ends drastically at a cliffhanger

Ok what really gets my goat about series of unfortunate events coming back into popularity is that because of this people are fighting over which adaptation is better, the movie or the show.

The movie, stand alone outside of the books, is great. It’s a great movie with a beautiful soundtrack and great actors. It fits the main theme of the books, being macabre humor, but still makes it it’s own. Some people hate it because it wrapped up the series in three books, but you have to remember this was a movie that they didn’t know if they were going to get a sequel to. They end it on a slight cliffhanger where count Olaf is still at large and we don’t know anything about the spy glass and the secret society, but nothing too drastic in case they can’t make the sequel, which they didn’t. But, you hold it side by side with the books, there are definitely some differences and a few are pretty major to a fan of the series.

The show on Netflix is as close to the books as you can get, but if someone dives into the show without knowing at least a little about the original series, I can see how they would be confused about what’s happening at first. It follows the storyline to a T, and plans to make at least two episodes for every book. They end season one on a good bit of cliffhanger because they only get to book four, which grips the people already invested and makes them want more, while the movie leaves some questions but also leaves the audience fairly satisfied. What I like about the series adaption is that they highlight some of the plot points that were on the back burner in the book, like how actually terrible all of these events are and the level of incompetence from adults and society.

My point is, I personally love both adaptions in their own ways. I love the movie because it was the first adaption of my favorite childhood book series, as well as it told the story decently. I love the show because it brings back the nostalgia of the books and it feels like they are literally being read to me in technicolor. You can like both of them, you don’t have to pick a side. As someone who has been around in this fandom for a very long time, it really isn’t that big of a deal if someone likes one more than the other.