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need to follow more blogs

my dash is kinda dead rn and i dont blame you all considering the season finale (i mean i changed my url bc of it and became a literal walking pillar of salt), but it’s still a bit suprising since it’s jibcon… also i need to follow more blogs in general (though I might go on semi-hiatus in summer), so maybe reblog if you post: loads of cas, jenmish, castiel, misha, cas, cockles, deancas, my son cas, destiel, castiel, oh and i almost forgot about cas… so i can check out your blog… please? clean theme and tagging system is a big plus :) maybe if mutuals could spread the word, that would be super nice ♥

hello !!! it’s amira back at it again w a follow forever nd this time it’s for a milestone that actually had me screaming at my laptop !!! i’ve had this blog for about 9 months nd became a monbebe in january 2017 nd it really was the Greatest decision of my life,,,, i’ve met so many amazing people who i can happily call my friends nd it’s just ???? i cant even describe how happy i am that we can support mx together,,,, nd to everyone following me like ??? thank u ???? all i do is talk abt rarepairs monsta x shownu nd make gifs but ur here nd im here nd like woW okay im !!! emotional !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anyWAYS before i start like :/ tearing up all over my laptop or smth Equally as Uglie, under the cut you can find messages to my close friends nd a list of mutuals who i love nd adore w all my heart !!!!

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yow! sorry it took so long to set this up HAHA school just started up so I got kinda caught up, and 2k followers slowly became 2.4k, and I’M SO THANKFUL FOR ALL OF YOU. You guys inspire me to study harder than my actual goals (im joking…kinda) So I’m doing blog rates yayyy (pls don’t let this flop)


- studyblrs only
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- send an ask with “br” somewhere so that I know it’s for blog rates! tell me literally anything (if you’re stuck, give me a music recommendation!)
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please do this!! hehe I’ll be using the tag “dee blogrates"✨

It’s sufficiently late and my dash is sufficiently dead where I feel like I can probably say this without too many people seeing it and starting discourse.

The Pens were my first team. I loved them passionately, and I have a different Main Squeeze now, but I still feel loyalty to this team. I’ve been feeling for a while though that I can’t say anything about them, especially around game time, because half my dash hates the Pens. I’m not saying that it’s wrong to hate a team, and I understand that there are annoying fans in the fanbase. But every post I scroll past where people talk about Nashville defeating the evil or about how every Pens fan needs to choke just makes me bite back my thoughts and slink back into whatever non-NHL distraction I’ve found for myself. It’s part of the reason I couldn’t enjoy this year’s playoffs, and why I turned completely to junior hockey after the first round.

I don’t have a problem with people cheering for the Preds. Half the mutuals I love very much and that I talk to on a daily basis cheer against my team while I’m talking to them (cough everyone cheering for the Griffins in the Calder Cup Finals). I don’t know when the Pens became that team that it was cool to hate, where you send threatening anons to Pens fans after games simply because they dared to be a fan. But lately it’s felt more and more like Pens fans have no place in this fandom, and this makes me sad.

(This is not aimed at anyone btw, I don’t keep track of which urls are pro or anti Pens. This is just my dash, as a whole)

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lololol i want 2 read this ~call out~ post now

fucekning - it’s 1am in the morning and i’ve been awake since 5:30 am but why the fuck not, let’s do this. I’ll probably forget Someone so don’t be surprised if i edit this and add more - especially since there are people I regularly talk to but forget their tumblr URLs since I mostly talk with them over other platforms. 

  • @theinevitablesense is a wonderful and talented human being and a blessing in my life. Parker is so intelligent and so great to talk to. We’re writing a fic together which is a #blessing, and honestly I couldn’t be happier about it. We became friends because Parker messaged me one day like ‘i love ur fic!!!’ and while our first few convos were awkward we are at a Really Great Place rn
  • @lol-phan-af is my Sunshine. Bella is the person who got me to start writing for hamilton, and as such I’m forever grateful to her for a multitude of reasons. We became friends because I literally kept pestering her on tumblr until she agreed to write a fic with me because i’m that kind of annoying. 
  • @iwritelikeimrunningoutoftime is the one who started it All. Irene is the miracle person who first messaged me about 177(6) RP, and honestly it is because of her that I know anyone that I do now. She’s a brilliant, beautiful, and gifted blessing in my life and I don’t know where I’d be without her.
  • @emmiimmeme stepped into my life as the jemmy RPer, and honestly i love her. Someone who has been around for about a year now. We talk about Seth Numrich and Ian Khan a lot. She seems to think I ghostwrote the moreos guy posts
  • @shipsdreamsandmakebelieve was the John RPer. She messaged me on tumblr a little after she started commenting on 177(6). At one point she decided to say fuck it and gave me her snapchat so I could experience chris jackson singing on the forth of july, and afterward I persuaded her to join the RP. we still talk now, it’s a great existence. I have a mom t-shirt and mom sticker from her. It’s a Fantastic time.
  • @thalia-the-guitar was the Dori RPer. It took us longer to hit it off, in all honesty. We got closer because of talking about writing. I like to think I was kind of a wall to bounce ideas off of for the train fic she wrote with rowan, but that’s probably inflating my importance in that process. She’s someone who I talk to more via text and snapchat than fandom platforms tbh.
  • @bewitchinghowell was the lizzie RPer. HOnestly an all around gift, a joy and light in my life. The one who made us make the groupchat, and literally where would we be without that gropuchat. 
  • @ceracero was the Philip RPer. they’re literally so pure and so wonderful and i love them so much and they send me cards and i treasure them in a drawer next to my bed to read when i’m sad and i just,, they’re so good 
  • @hamilshot was the Burr RPer. Honestly one of the most brilliant, most motivated, and strongest people I know. Real life goals, tbh. They’re the type of person I will gladly admit I look up to. I literally wrote an essay about them and started to cry while interviewing them because they’re just that Great. ONe of those people that once they set their mind on something, it will take the entire universe and Then some to prevent it from happening. 
  • @rhfe was the dolley RPer, joining us a little later on in the game. Honestly, he’s made my life so much better. A source of joy that also took me longer to get close to. I didn’t realize that was his URL until like yesterday so that’s how attentive I am. 
  • @little–feather was the maria RPer. I’ve actually met her, and hoenstly, it was a Great time. We got ice cream and were super cute and it’s one of those cases where over the past year I’ve really gotten to seem them grow and honestly? a Blessing in my life
  • @night-lester mads is fantastic?? someone i’m still not as close as I want to be to but literally every interaction I’ve had with them has improved my life in some way and everyone loves them so much and that is such a good because they spread love and positivity in a way i don’t think they even do on purpose and they’re just a Good. originally the seabury RPer
  • @clarind-uh was the George-io RPer. Honestly, just,,, incredible. Another person that took me longer to get close to, but I’m so glad I did. We initially communicated via heart emojis, which was a good thing that i’m very happy happened. 
  • @the-real-m-vp was the martha RPer (obvi). Sam is literally one of the nicest and most beautiful people i’ve ever seen in my entire life??? like??? so nice and kinda and positive and perfect and sweet and literally Everything
  • @alexangery is someone I met through rowan - someone who RPed lance - and we ended up writing kinkcember together. We kinda drifted after a bit since the health chat got busy and what not, but we keep ending up back together and it’s a MIracle because honestly?? alex is one of the best parts of this fandom and where would we be without him is the real quesiton
  • @roseclipping is so sweet, and someone I kinda watched from a distance for a little bit because I knew she was a really talented writer from the gift exchanges. We kinda had a word here or there, mostly communicating via drabble prompts in all honesty. We became closer because I ended up answering some questions for a college au of hers haha and now we’re in a writing chat!!
  • @thellamaduo is someone that I started talking to because we were thinking about doing a big bang of sorts. It never happened and probably will Never happened. Rainah is literally someone who I know Knows her shit. Like, if I were to ever doubt a characterization I could go to her and be like “HELP ME” and she’d be able to with reasoning and explanations to back of her words. She’s so smart and knowledgable and literally everything she writes is ironclad and I’d trust it with my Life. And she’s just really great to talk to in general? I consider her to be a good friend and i’m so happy I can because honestly Where would I be without her. I’m slowly progressing, but everytime I do take that brief second back to think about a writing decisions, it’s with her in mind “what would rainah do”
  • @franciskinloch is a recent friend but a Good one. Their very attractive face is a blessing in my life and something i can look forward to and i know that if i ever have lams feels they’re feeling it times a gazillion and also the first person who i saw recognize just how attractive cravats and knee-breeches are and i’m never letting that go. Ever.
  • @ham-for-ham is also a recent friend, but one i’m glad to have. we were thrown together in a group chat and then we talked about turn and it was a Good decision
  • @hambrr amber is also more recent and is in the same writing chat/network as alex and sarah and is Good. honestly, if you have any appreciation for hamburr as a ship, i’d recommend checking them out. They’re vv supportive and vv good.
  • @procrastinatingbookworm is also a new friend and one i’ve yet to get to know very well but as we’re in a writing chat together i imagine we will grow closer in their future. very sweet <3
  • @speedilyunabashedhologram is someone who was just kinda tossed into a big chat with the RPers and Friends because why NOt and she’s become a constant presence and honestly it wouldn’t be the same without her
  • @weehawken-dawngunsdrawn is also someoe who was just kinda tossed into the big chat with RPers and friends and hoenstly super sweet and super nice and super thoughtful and also from ohio which means i might get to see her in real life which is superr !!! because honestly !! best things
  • @exadorlion i assumed i already put them on here but honestly mari is a fantastic person and someone i can trust to have something interesting to say and they make my life Better which is more than I can ask from anyone and they’re just important to me okay. where would i be had they not pestered me about the fic i probably wouldn’t have ever written otherwise
  • @fortheloveofhegame marah, my real life friend. we go way back. i don’t know what else to say for her except that she was introduced to the RP chat as daddykinkfriend around a year ago and that’s defined her online presence partially ever since,. i love her. she’s a Good and my bff

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Who'd you recommend as shawn's blog?

everyone who i follow is super lovely so i’m going to tell you a few people that i can think off the top of my head who i love and cherish, whether they know i exist or not

@papishawn - tilly was my first mendes friend and actually convinced me to make this blog

@latteshawn - the sweetest angel out there and deserves all the love, omg

@starrynightshawn - we became friends over 13 reasons why but she’s absolutely great and hilarious please follow her

@illumeshawn - literally my ALL TIME favorite blog on here. before i made this blog i’d read her stuff religiously. she’s friendly and hilarious as well

@berghh - literally so cute !!! i love her blog so much omg

@purebeanshawn - the url explains it ??? just a pure bean. great writings as well!

@shawnsleo - who followed me today for some reason and i squealed a little she’s great and hilarious

@ihaveabadreputation - one of the greats seriously she’s hilarious and so friendly

@takeiteasyonmyheart - every time i see her in my notes i smile a little more

@babyshawwn - BEST. BLURBS. EVER. also really cool, probably a friend crush

@shit-to-kinda-okay who followed me today as well, which may have caused a few tears :’)

@heromendes - the cutest, sweetest, and just seems so full of love. her icon makes me die as well

@thesmutofthemendes - m is the cutest and spends a lot of time and energy writing, as well as talking to everyone who graces her inbox. not sure how she hasn’t died yet with all the smutty blurbs she gets sent every day lol

and of course there are more, and i’ll open up my following page on mobile if you want to look through everyone ! :) x

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i get u can reblog what you want but calling yourself a lesbian when youre not is... really offensive and this blog being a lesbian blog with lesbian in the url and having straight porn reblogged to it is homophobic

ok, you asked for this so don’t get all shitty at me for this

your first mistake is telling me what i call myself. you don’t know if i call myself a lesbian. i don’t actually. i have said countless numbers of times i feel like it is limiting, and while i’ve only dated girls and never had a boyfriend or been into a guy, i don’t rule it out because i don’t know and i believe i fall for individual people not some socially defined idea of gender. i think sexuality is fluid and it is a spectrum and i’m at the gay female loving end for sure, but i don’t like labels of any kind. i don’t refer to myself as a lesbian because of this. when i made the URL, ‘the-lesbian-label’ i was being ironic and having a sly dig at the fact once i came out in highschool being that lesbian girl became my label and what i was known as. also, the fact my url has the word lesbian in it means nothing. my url could be ‘im-not-a-lesbian’ and that has the word lesbian but so what. it’s all about context. i don’t think it’s fair to tell me that because my url includes the word lesbian, i am doing a disservice or being offensive because not every single picture i reblog onto MY own blog is focused around girls with girls. 

and then to tell me it is homophobic? do you know the meaning of the word? it doesn’t actually make sense to argue that. what i post on my blog is largely centred around human emotion, human connection, love, pain, art, beauty, nature, and 80% of the time it is female orientated. that doesn’t mean when i post something straight i am being homophobic or somehow disrespectful because of my url. i’m sorry if you don’t like my url, i’m sorry if you don’t like what i post. honestly, unfollow me if you feel me or my blog makes you uncomfortable in any way. i have no problem with that because the last thing i want to do is make anyone uncomfortable or upset so if you feel offended then unfollow me.  

anyway, i think what really upsets me about this message is that it feels like you are another member of the LGBTQI community and that is upsetting because as a member of our community, you’d think, or you’d hope that you have a level of compassion and empathy and respect towards other people and the way they choose to express and define their sexuality. you don’t condemn them for it or tell them they’re being a ‘lesbian’ wrong. i reblog what i want to, and i don’t see some radical issue with the fact that because i’m into women, i don’t hate men. 

like five years ago a cute girl from school asked for my blog and i let her follow me and i forgot and mind you, five years ago i changed my url to tavroschoiceass and then she liked one of my posts and i panicked because i was so embarrassed and i tried to bring it up at school, and claimed it means “tavros’ choice as S!!” because she didn’t know anything about homestuck so i made this whole story up about how he became known as “S” for some reason and had to make a huge choice that impacted the fate of the game and that’s why i don’t let cute girls see me on tumblr

i hit 1k!

so i just noticed the other day that i passed 1000 followers so i felt kinda obligated to do this follow forever and mention a couple of people that have been great to me on this site!!

so whether you knew me when i was plaidoldsam, mininiladd, liljerenemy, or know me as talonva, thanks for making my year-ish on this site pretty good. 

some of you are inactive or don’t even follow me anymore but whatever love u guys

@acebodhi /  @brocksnuckel@cranknewtwhodis@dats-a-toilet / @deadmarktehfish@deadpoolsdickwarmer / @eacia@elliefia / @evanoss

@iamtotaltrash / @iamwaldcat@jaysketchin@jordanwby@kinda-tol / @knownamenibbles@kracklecracker

@markmywords-thankyoumark / @mamaraccoon / @m-pinkbread / @musicesti / @perverted-milkbag

@sataninshortshorts@silver-wolf-karma@subject0798@talonrat@talonsturingtest@teddyowl-bbs@tired-art-hoe /  @thatchickwholikesoreos / @thatssadboo@thisisbrockward / @trcybaker@userthatisnotauser@wildgato@zeroyalchilly

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Solangelo Fanfiction Masterlist

I lost my masterlist after I changed url, so, time for a new one.


  • And What Would Your Message Be? [ Between different people telling different stories and of messages to come across, maybe that evening came out a bit more special than usual. ]
  • Captivated  [ At first, he only went as a favor for Percy. The next time had been for Hazel. Then his trips became frequent and it totally had nothing to do with the cute blonde working inside the jewelry store… At least that’s what he kept telling himself. Oh look, he ‘accidentally’ destroyed Thalia’s bracelet.]
  • Chance Meetings And Puppy Tales [ Will just wanted to save the small puppy he saw soaking wet from the rain, meeting someone wasn’t actually part of it. Not that he’s actually complaining because Nico di Angelo is one fine piece of art he wouldn’t mind getting acquainted with. Solangelo. Mortals AU.]
  • Chicken Soup  [ A what happened after the three days in the infirmary]
  • Hold Tight, Don’t Let Us Go [ Sometimes, a relationship is worth taking the risk for]
  • Holiday Surprises [Between having finally spent Christmas eve together with one Will Solace after not getting much time for each other, he thought that it couldn’t get any better. He was wrong. Nico’s Holiday just keeps getting better]

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Hello, my children! There’s 2 topics I want to talk about here.

First topic

So, yesterday I deleted the blogs that was deleted – or apparently deleted from the members list page! Probably, if you changed your url and didn’t tell me, your url was deleted too and you won’t be on the members list page anymore, and as you all know: only members there can use our tags!

So, if you changed your url, please message me. Even if you already messaged, do it again! 

Second topic-

If you became a sibtot or a carer after joining the community, please message me too! Because you need to be in the sibtots/caringtots  members list page too!

That’s it! If you know anyone who did one of the two things, tag them here, send the post to them….

Today is update day! So please help me saying if you did one of those things!



My name is Sarah, I run this Kingsman blog, unwinnedhart. But you can also find me @claire-drinks-lovely-lemonade which is my main/personal blog. (It’s mostly shitposting and multifandom).

I first saw Kingsman in 2015, right after my 18th birthday and it immediately became one of my favorite movies. I thought about joining the fandom, but everyone seemed really close and talented already and I got nervous. But when the trailer for TGC came out I couldn’t hold back my love for Kingsman any longer! I ended up creating this side blog (honestly so incredibly happy this URL wasn’t taken), so I wouldn’t override my main with all my feelings about this series.

And within my first two weeks I met some amazing people that I now am incredibly close with, despite half of them being on the other side of the world! In fact, I met all of them BECAUSE of the tumblr meet-up last month! And we have talked like every day since. They are my famdom! My Wife: @gentlekingsmen ; My Daughters: @mittooo , @rei-kazuhiko , @mywifeeringilbert ; and My Sister @allnightbooks

I’m not really related to them obviously, but I love them tons.

So that’s my story!!! If you want to make friends in this fandom, seriously REACH OUT!! The only reason I met Rei and Mitto is because I replied to them on a post for the last meet-up. MAKE A MOVE TO MAKE FRIENDS!! You will NOT regret it!!! This is one of the nicest fandoms, if not THE nicest, that I have ever been a part of.

Temporary good bye for Bootcamp

Hey y'all I’m making this now because I won’t be taking my phone with me to hotel tomorrow, so I wont be able to make this then. This is a temporary good bye for all the people I became cool with over this site and for all the awesome artist I found For those I found on here (this includes 762x54r-innawoods acylenn alonelyscarecrow anti-feminist-rayquaza anti-sjw-groudon brbcheckingmyprivilege breathingfireonsnowflakes complacentmoon diamondstark die-with-your-b00ts-on mr-birdy dontneedfeminism egalitarianqueen runningrepublican foxhounder1014 futuristic-linguistics haha-you-said-traps heylady222 hominishostilis i-have-the-worlds-best-url jamesthemanticoran justanotherbusydrone lonely-and-the-infinite-sadness mahou-cereal mando-gunslinger not-political nucleic-asshole paradisemantis politicallyincorrectpug s1xxy slightly-0ff soviet-red tabbitcha the-eagle-atarian the-antifeminist-atheist the-war-horse the-great-insulty therevenantrising uselesslesbian-vampire andava pumpkinsinclair And thanks to all the progun blogs that I love to follow coffeeandspentbrass therevenantrising cyrodiil-burns cerebralzero And thanks to all the awesome artist with amazing content! (warning, most if not all are nsfw, because I am a degenerate) andava pumpkinsinclair polyleisle incaseart idlecum aeolusxxx awaerr brekkist colodraws dieselbrain eddysstash fugtrup leeterr lookatthatbuttyo kindahornyart manyakisart mikeinelart owlerart plebcomics polyleisle stickymonart svenspronfest superionnsfw tobiasandguy ttoba zetta-bot SEE YOU ALL IN THREE MONTHS, BUT AS A US MARINE

Rules: answer 30 questions then tag 20 blogs you would like to know better.

tagged by the sweet @pastelminhyuks (thank you)

1. Nicknames: Shay Shay

2. Gender: a gurl

3. Star sign: Virgo

4. Height: I hugged Jiho once and I was at his waist….god bless cuz boi got my favorite type of hips

5. Time: 1:45 am

6. Birthday: September 12th

7. favorite bands: BlockBuster

8. favorite solo artists: BlockBuster solo artists

9. Song stuck in my head: Don’t have one

10. Last movie watched: I Saw the Devil

11. Last show watched: Does youtube count? Because if so this

12. When did i create my blog: Changed the url to this one and became a kpop blog in 2013

13. What do i post: Shit

14. Last thing googled: How much is a stone (as in weight. I was converting it into lbs)

15. do you have other blogs: Yes I do….I have 7 others

16. Do you get asks: I mean the other day and today it was poppin so I mean when I seek it out yes. When I don’t no not really

17. Why did u choose your url:  I was use to be multi fandom so I just wanted people to know that I was a little bit (more) block b biased. This url was born in 5 minutes on a bouncy ball. I know many get mad since it should be alittlebitblockbbiased but guess what it was made in 5 minutes on a damn bouncy ball I think grammar really matters it just a url 

18. Following: 26. Bitch what? I know the other day I followed 2 new people it was huge change in the game!

19. Followers: 8,860…goal is 10k and have to work harder to get there

20. Favorite colors: My favorite color is blue. Pastel blue. I like any pastel colors. But a nice red that not too deep but not too bright is my weakness when it comes to accessories

21. Average hours of sleep: It’s almost 2 am so you tell me how long I sleep

22. Lucky number: I like the number 4

23. Instruments: nope

24. What am I wearing: A pink babydoll dress nightgown 

25. How many blankets I sleep with: Just one

26. Dream job: idk

27. Dream trip: To see the BlockBuster in concert in Korea and to go visit Japan

28. Favorite food: Miso soup

29. Nationality: Irish, French, and my dad is black…don’t know the background like I do my mom side but yeah I’m biracial. 

30. Favorite song now: Behind the Scene

Tagged: @beebeecee @blockbvillains @eternaltaeil @taeilsboobies @zicofox @makingblockbyourfave

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Where did you even come up with the idea for factsinallcaps? and why isn't your url in all caps?




aeriamamaduck  asked:

omg you became Doggo Mom and my kiddos have been calling me Mama Duck for seven years WELCOME TO PARENTHOOD

hahaha omg you are right it’s even your url! :D. You have it assumed since so long!

Thanks for the warm welcoming into parenthood it was a bit all of a sudden I thought about having children in the future but the future is now it seems lol XD

30 Questions Tag Rules: answer 30 questions then tag 20 blogs you would like to know better.

i got tagged by @mxci​ <3

  1. Nicknames: i dont have any tbh
  2. Gender: female
  3. Star sign: aquarius
  4. Height: 160cm
  5. Time: 01:04 am
  6. Birthday: 17th feb
  7. favorite bands: bigbang,2ne1,astronuts,nct 127, day 6, south club,winner and hyukoh
  8. favorite solo artists: dean, zico, cl, heize, simon dominic,gdragon, taeyang, mobb, iu and tablo
  9. Song stuck in my head: empty by winner 
  10. Last movie watched: wonder woman
  11. Last show watched: girls
  12. When did i create my blog: idk but it was in 2016 and it only became active in 2017
  13. What do i post: mosly aesthetics and sometimes kpop
  14. Last thing googled: the phone number of japanica (an asian food restaurant) to order noodles
  15. do you have other blogs: I have one but its not really active so…
  16. Do you get asks: i almost never get asks…
  17. Why did u choose your url: i have no idea how i came up with this url lmao but it just fits me i guess
  18. Following: 210
  19. Followers: 254 im boringgg ok
  20. Favorite colors: black, red, yellow and blue
  21. Average hours of sleep: these days its something like 6 hours
  22. lucky number: i dont have one
  23. instruments: i dont play any but i wish i could play guitar
  24. what am i wearing: jeans and a tshirt bc i cant sleep and i need to get out
  25. how many blankets i sleep with: 1 
  26. dream job: i don’t really think about it but i guess being a vet would be cool. or having a winery.
  27. dream trip: dubai or thailand
  28. favorite food: rice
  29. nationality: persian
  30. favorite song now: bullshit by gdragon is so good i cant get over it 

    i tag @1ovenct @19kwan @21yth @brokenalaska @ohhyukks @5hanyeol @3heyahe @lqhani @gikwang @k00kiee and everyone who wants to do it

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Hey, you don't have to publish this at all/maybe shouldn't, but I wanted to tell you that the person sending you a bunch of asks also messaged my friend for a year. The questions started simple but then became personal and invasive- we have noticed it happening to a lot of people in the hxh Tumblr community and if you feel uncomfortable with this person you should block them. They have switched urls a few times so it's hard to track them. Wanted to let you know. Also you're great and cool. 👍🏻

I’m gonna post this because I think it’s important. Thanks for the heads up, dude. Good lookin’ out forreal <3

(for reference, I believe anon is speaking about tokyghoulkaneki WHATEVERTHEFUCK its too long of a name but you guys get the gist. please, watch out? you don’t have to reply to anyone you don’t feel okay replying to. please put yourself first and stay safe.)