and then it all comes crashing down


tony making sure he’ll grant a little kid a true Battle With Iron Man Moment complete with a “nice job, kid!” while the world is crashing down around them, tony writing “help me, erin!” in a speech bubble coming from the iron man a little girl drew for him, which is such a small and thoughtful way to include her and suggest she’s a hero in the scenario as well, tony encouraging harley to stand up to bullies and giving him technical advice on his inventions and trusting him to help in the iron man mission and then giving him a bright new workshop, tony looking at the project listing of MIT students and going “you know what? FUND THEM ALL,” tony finding this fifteen-year-old kid on youtube who has superhero dreams and then helping him get the safety tools he needs to keep going at it. tony sending peter a watch that projects his own superhero logo, why?? just for the fucking hell of it

yeah so! can’t hear you over the sound of my fave enabling the dreams of every single young person he’s personally come across in the mcu so far because he knows what it’s like when people don’t believe in you and think you have the wrong personality and you’re just pretending to be the hero type who just fights for himself etc

Mark Gatiss just told everyone his version of Sherlock is dandy. I’ve noticed TJLCers aren’t even writing TJLC-specific meta anymore, we simply don’t need it.

– Sherlock is dandy.

– Sherlock’s whole world has come crashing down. Surprise. It’s about John. 

– Sherlock and John are driven so far apart everyone in the world is begging for them to reconcile. 

– Sherlock is learning how to listen to his heart.

– John is having a crisis over what he’s really wanted all this time.

– Sherlock saying “I love you” is important enough to be the only thing they show us of “The Final Problem” in the trailers. 

– Benedict Cumberbatch, knowing he shouldn’t say too much about series 4, couldn’t help himself and told us “love conquers all”. 

– Steven Moffat sighed immediately, in defeat.

– Series 4 airs, they walk through hell and back together.

– They live Happily Ever After.

Yesterday I was sad.
Today I am sad.
Tomorrow I will be sad.
—  That’s depression for you.
At one point of the day it’s always going to feel like it’s all too much, like the weight of the world is on your shoulders.
One little word makes you crumble, one tiny event makes you wish you never existed.
I’m so sick of it. I’m so sick of thinking that I’m doing so well, then it all comes crashing down and left in tears wishing I was never born and left wondering what did I ever do to deserve this life?

Hold your ground! Hold your ground! Sons of Gondor, of Rohan. My brothers. I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me! A day may come, when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of Fellowship, but it is not this day! An hour of wolves and shattered shileds when the age of men comes crashing down! But it is not this day! This day we fight! By all that you hold dear on this good earth, I bid you, stand, men of the West! 

I absolutely called this episode, I KNEW that Navy was up to no good omfg. Navy was my favorite out of all the new rubies but when she crashed down and IMMEDIATELY said she didnt want to go back, I got suspicious. The line of ‘all the other rubies are mean to me’ sealed the deal because like?? the rubies looked like they were all super close?? i never got any indication that they were mean to her.

I also just loved the whole concept of it tbh, the ‘nicest’ ruby turned out to be the most conniving little thing. tbh, I think that Navy is going to go get all the other rubies and then, in true ruby fashion, theyre gonna come back for ‘’’’revenge’’’’ and lose or whatever

also!!!! the whole other plot with Lapis was so good!! I like the fact that she still isnt 100% okay with earth yet, that stuff takes time and im glad theyre showing that



it is very strange to live with anxiety because it’s living on thin ice. even in the strongest of happy moments, you can’t experience the delight because you are rushing ahead in your mind, picturing the future where it all comes crashing down on you. 

you can’t risk not being prepared. what if you get blindsided again. what if tomorrow isn’t the same. what if today is just setting up how bad tomorrow will be. what if. what if. what’s coming?

you don’t want to be hurt. but it means you never know how to be happy.


Long post ahead but please read it because this is a message for you. <3

Hello everyone! So I’m back from my brief hiatus and I wanted to thank each and every one of you for your amazing support. The comic above is a gift to all of you and I would love it if you would read about the story behind it below. 

So the other day you might have seen this post: Does my Art Suck? I was having a terrible night and felt completely lost with my art… I have been told by so many of my teachers “you don’t have any sense of composition”, “your work is unoriginal”, “your work has no meaning”, “you should give up”, “your art is not art”, and so on and so on… 

On bad nights like the “Does my Art Suck?” night all of the things I’ve been told over the years come crashing down on me and, frankly, I start to believe every negative word they’ve said about me and my work… Usually it takes me a few days to push the thoughts away but this night was a bad one… and yet… you all came through for me. Out of nowhere I got hundreds of messages from you wonderful, lovely, people and I couldn’t believe your responses. I read every single message... You all made me feel so loved, so happy, and so hopeful for my art.

To each and every one of you who sent me a message of encouragement and appreciation for my art (whether you are a dear friend to me like @moonpie1220 and @mcbenik or if I only know you online/we haven’t officially met) I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!! AND PLEASE KNOW THAT I LOVE YOU WITH ALL OF MY HEART!!

I don’t know how I can ever repay all of you for the kindness and love you have shown me… But I will make the best art I can to share my love with you, and make following my blog a fun experience. And if ANY OF YOU are ever feeling down/feel the way I feel, know that there is always someone that loves you and will listen. And if you need to share those feelings, message me and I will be the first to leap through the internet to you, give you a big hug, and listen. Thank you all so much. 

–Love Alex/Smudgeandfrank




  • As a child, Sherlock hated the story of the Merchant of Samarra (also, WTF Mycroft). So he created his own, a happier version.
  • We already know Sherlock has a habit for talking to John, believing he’s there, when he’s not.
  • He tells Ella that he’s been having recurring dreams. They must be bad enough that he’s gone to see a therapist, even though “that’s not [his] style.” Ella also tells him he must feel like “the whole world has come crashing down around you, everything’s hopeless, irretrievable.”

This episode is in Sherlock’s point of view, and he is an unreliable narrator because the truth is even worse than the version of events in this episode. This is a “happier” version than reality, because that’s how he copes with hopelessness.

And somehow, at the heart of this “deletion,” is John.

also i just wanna say i’m glad for the promo /we/ did for JHO, because it was good, and clean, and it was all about the music and louis and steve. that is how you’re supposed to do it, that is how you show respect to an artist and work in tandem with them. and it’s a shame that simon jones clearly hasn’t learned that lesson but his world will come crashing down soon enough lol. i’m just glad that we got to do that for them before all this crap started rolling in, because they and the song deserved it.


“A day may come when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship, but it is not this day. An hour of wolves and shattered shields, when the age of men comes crashing down! But it is not this day! This day we fight!”

-The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003)

Sign Imagery

Aries is the sunset; the moments during the evening where the sky is illuminated in an orange color. Taurus is a dark green forest, with vines and poison ivy in every direction. Gemini is a breezy afternoon, with strong winds blowing in the air and swirling around people. Cancer is an ocean - the soothing waves crashing down against the sand and representing profound depth. Leo is the night life, in a busy downtown city, with taxi drivers honking at bystanders and eager tourists shopping in cozy stores. Virgo is the light drizzle of rain, spreading all across a land and leaving dew drops on the fresh grass of the earth. Libra is a sunny morning, with the sky a color of azure and birds chirping, and the smell of tea coming from inside the house. Scorpio is a desert, with isolation in every corner and the subtle beauty of being surrounded by comforting silence. Sagittarius is a college campus, with students ready to learn and the overall sense of a future that entails endless possibilities. Capricorn is a dark night on a quiet neighborhood, with blackness on both ends of the street and a foggy haze creeping in. Aquarius is a place with cosmic-styled neon lights and lava lamps to light up the room, and giving the feeling of spontaneity. Pisces is the clouds, above the realm that we are familiar with; they are the soft fluffs that change shape and take multiple forms.

Imagine: You’re Harley and Jokers daughter and they come to break you out of Arkham

It seemed like it was going so perfect. Your parents had been letting you cause mayhem in the city on your own. You had pulled off heists, gotten away with murder, made your own connections with the underworld, everyone knew and feared the Princess of Gotham. All you wanted to do that night was have some fun. You decided to crash a magic show, you just wanted to have a little irresponsible fun. 

The magician was tied down in the box ready to be sawed in half, the goons your daddy gifted you had the crowd circled and terrified, and you snickered with power as you stood watching the man before you tremble. 

“You know who I am?” you growled at him

He shook his gagged head up and down. You knew he knew but it was still nice to see them admit it. The night was going perfect… and thats when it happened. Batsy was the one who decided to actually crash the show. Glass reigned down on you and the crowd started cheering for the flying rat. He soared toward you avoiding the bullets the goons sent after him. You froze for a second from the surprise before you reached for your gun and aimed, but it was too late.

And that’s how you got here, Arkham Asylum. You had heard stories your parents told you but seeing and living it was a different story. The power switch was the worst. Losing the ability to snap your fingers and make something happen in the city was like a drug, but the worst thing you lost in Arkham was the adoration of your parents. They had always spoiled and groomed you to become one of them and that you became. To pass the time you day dreamed about your father breaking you free like mommy had told you he did with the Squad back in the day. Oh where is he?

“Where is she?” The Joker hissed at Frost. He had attacked every prison in the state trying to find you.

“It’s not what we originally thought boss, they didn’t take her to any prisons.” He held up a file with your photo on it “One of Harley’s connections at Arkham gave us this. They took her to the asylum.”

Joker didn’t want to believe it. He was sure the first time the bat caught you it wouldn’t be that severe. Just a prison break and you would be back in his arms. The thought of what happened to him at that hell hole happening to you was more than he could take. Harley and him had gone neurotic when they couldn’t find you, ripping apart the house and almost ripping apart each other. He couldn’t wait another second. 

“HARLEY!” he screamed “We’re going to get her back!”

You were climbed half way up the cage they had put you in trying to get a peak out of the window above you. The sun was setting, another night alone, scared of what the doctors would try to do to you tomorrow. You knew better than to ask your father about shock treatment, now you understood why it was such a dangerous subject. A tear started to fall from your eye when something started flying past the sun. A bird? A plane? Bmans bff super whatever? It started getting bigger when you realized it was headed straight for you. You jumped down from the bars as smoke and concrete began to fill the room. The gunshots rang through the room as you saw guards rush in and fall to the ground. When you saw the blue and pink hair diving through the air you knew you weren’t dreaming anymore. Harley swung her bat taking out the last standing guard and bashed on the lock to your cage until it broke.

“There’s our little loony tune! We missed ya!” She squealed with glee and you ran into her arms. She kissed you all over leaving lipstick all over your face and held you tight. “Stupid Batsy is never gonna touch ya again baby.”

You buried your head in her neck and let the tears fall down your face. A whistle came from above as two robes fell to the ground. You looked up and saw your father clad in his black suit and white tie smiling that ever so familiar grin at you. 

You and your mother climbed to the top to board the chopper and he reached a hand out. You reached for it and your entire body jolted up. He pulled you into him with all his strength and squeezed you so tight you thought you’d suffocate. 

“You came for me just like you did for mommy” you whispered into him “and you got all dressed up huh?” you pulled your head back and looked up at him.

He wiped his white gloves over your cheeks drying the tears, “Oh you know I’d do anything for you Princess.” 

The chopper left the asylum and you couldn’t help but stare back at it, still thinking about how awful it was to be in there. Harley began stroking your hair. 

“Did they hurt cha in there baby?” She looked at you then at Joker, she seemed a tad afraid of what you were going to say.

“Just gave my brain a little light show.” You giggled to cool the air as she looked down at the ground, not wanting to meet Jokers eyes. She hated being reminded that she did that to him. That he did it back to her. Now it happened to you.

“But hey, I can take it!” you said reassuring your mother and her eyes lit up when she heard that the part of her was still in there. 

You buried your face back into your fathers chest and relished in the comfort of finally being able to go back to your life. He pressed his lips to the top of your head. 

“They’ll pay for what they did to you. For taking you away from me.” he growled into your ear. “And you’re never leaving my sight again.”

For years those words drove you crazy always craving freedom, but now you craved them like nothing else in the world. You were the princess of gotham again.

  • Me: *looks at a tree* Nice Dear Evan Hansen reference.
  • Me: *sees a hand dryer in the bathroom* Hey, look at this Dear Evan Hansen reference!
  • Me: *witnesses someone lie about a friendship with a dead kid and allow himself to fall further and further into the lie before it all comes crashing down* That's a pretty good Dear Evan Hansen reference.

i’m just still here deeply contemplating wish!robin. and his blatant eavesdropping on emma and regina’s convo over bringing him back (not that they were being particularly discreet), and how appealing the thought seemed to him. it was probably something he’d already been considering on the way to the portal. but he never brought it up, knew how much regina was feeling the “other” robin’s loss, and all he tells himself he can do is offer her a little piece of him, whatever he can do to give any little bit of peace to this woman he loved in another life (one he loved enough to die for).

but then they’re talking about it, and he very clearly wants it, but he stays silent throughout the whole conversation because it has to be her choice first. but of course, the second she’s turning back to him to propose the idea, he’s too impatient, too caught up in the idea of leaving this empty, lonely life he’s living (marian is dead, and so is regina, and so will he if he sticks around here much longer) and trading it for something he already knows will be so much better just by meeting her, and for any reasons there might be to not do it, there are countless more screaming why he should,

because she’s dead in his world, and he’s dead in hers, and it’s been so long since he’s considered such things as fate and hope, but here they are, and doesn’t it just fit? and she’s willing to try, so why not? so he can’t even let her finish speaking. doesn’t want to waste another second entertaining a life where they don’t have each other. 

I’m in.

Don’t give up, nonbinary friends.

This isn’t the end. There are other people, other jobs, other places, other lives that you can build, if your current life comes crashing down around you.

It may be hard, and it may seem as if the whole world is against you and all nonbinary people. But you will find a way to get by despite all the hate.

When you do it’ll be your way, and your way is the best.

So, don’t you give up now.