and then im gonna forge i have them

I wanted to post this  with the other 2 i was making ,but im VERY busy,so i dont know if im gonna make it in time,and i didn’t wanted to be that dead in tumblr too(im so sorry)

This is a simple desing i made for the Hiveswap Fan Forge,i know im not even gonna make it to the top 10 because there are a lot of amazing entries ; ;,but i wanted to  make something for fun anyway 

If you have time you could vote your favourites!There are cool desings that are low in votes 

Also,here are the WIPS of the other 2, i don’t know if they are worth/good enough for a t-shirt or a bag,so if i give up on them or the contest finish,i want to show anyway how they were.

Sorry for the long post and the awful english,but thanks for read ; ;