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Why you should vote for Miyazawa Sae, 2015 edition.

Dear Sae oshi.

Please vote for Sae!

It comes down to this, anyway? I could stop here.

But: Every year I write a genki essay about sousenkyo. Since the vote funding campaign was short and organized in a hurry this year, I figured I could at least not break with this good old tradition. Btw, we could collect 200 votes, and i know of other international Sae oshis buying almost 300 more, combined. Great!

So, the big news this year is: Sae declared a goal. In itself, that’s no big news (she declared #8 as her goal in 2013), but this year she asked us to be a Kami 7 girl. Ironically, last year’s voting campaign was dubbed Kami-Saeven, and Sae lost 25k votes afterwards. Eh.
But last year was last year, and this year is this year (as Sae said herself in 2014 – you cannot beat her reasoning!), so let’s check what we can expect, and let’s see why you should vote as hard as you can.

If we look at last 12 months, one could say that Sae had a good year. She had a DIVA album and single, the main role in AKB49, a new photo book, and quite a prestigious prime time special drama at NHK. Recently, she got her monthly ameba web show, and NHK-E broadcasted a special feature just about Sae. She had prominent roles in SKE promotions, returned to AKB single senbatsu twice, becoming the ninth member to appear in 30 or more AKB48 single senbatsus. And in the mechaike special she gained some national recognition as the “gossip girl”.
I was mostly happy about the fact that she could handle the pressure of being a sister group member. Sister group members have to sell handshake slots not only for the AKB singles but also for their own releases. That is quite harsh, if you look at it.But Sae did quite well here.


However, if you take a closer look, it is not as hot as we would think. The DIVA sales were bad, especially for the album, which came without any gimmick. Her photo book was among the worst selling photo books of all 48G related releases this spring (maybe because her PB wasn’t a giant swimsuit pictorial as the hot sellers and contained lots of text). When she was selected for AKB48 senbatsus, it was only for the B-group, and she performed in obscure positions in 32 girl choreographies. Her solo magazine jobs were also quite rare this year. Her team lost in the Coco Ichibanya toppings campaign (even if it was tight), and there was some fan clicking competition for some promo ad appearance, and Sae didnt make it here as well.

In the end, it is about us, her loyal fans, to carry her to the top again. Don’t expect any outside help! Sae is in the autumn of her idol career (but hopefully in the spring of her entertainment career).

While she had a nice role in SKE, and while we see SKE fans slowly getting warmer with the Genking, her role in big national promotions is reduced to a minimum. To me, that is not really satisfying.

We will not change that with sousenkyo, of course. But it seems like that if we want to see more of her in the next year, we have to pay for it. That is the rule, I am afraid.
Sae falling off the gravy senbatsu train would certainly be a signal for management to entirely drop her from the good stuff.  That is basically my main fear and my main point why we should vote her to senbatsu. So, here is my list of reasons:

  1. Because the competition is stiff. MANY fan groups will try to level their girls as high as possible. 400.000(!!!) votes are vacant this year due to graduations and withdrawals. That’s a good chance for us, but also a great risk. Be alert. 5 open senbatsu spots does-the-fuck-not mean that Sae is safe. Never ever, if we are allow ourselves to be sloppy.
  2. Be thankful for the awesome performances Sae has delivered this year. Consider how fantastic it is that Sae still LOVES being in the group after 10 years of ups and downs, whereas others are just waiting for the right opportunity to announce graduation.
  3.  Protect Sae, her smile and her legacy. She has made it to senbatsu in all six elections. It would be horrible and ridiculous if we would let her drop to some Undergirls rank. Sae deserves better than that. It could even very well be her last sousenkyo. Dont let her go down during the final meters.
  4. Don’t give management ANY excuse to drop her further down the priority list of AKS and friends.
  5. Make a stand. We like girls with short hair, cute potato noises, either loud and noisy, or elegant and ladylike, who can actually dance and sing, even if they are 24 years old. Others can vote for one of the million other girls out there with big boobs and cute faces but mediocre performance skills, who are just waiting for the next big thing to replace them. We don’t.

There is a chance that I am buying more votes after prelim results. Ill let you know, if I can collect money for the second time. Until then, please support Sae as hard as you can. Maybe you can order just another single? Even if you are a poor student, or find it ridiculous to spend carloads of money for a dedicated first world problem like sousenkyo, you can do many, many things. Just share stuff on tumbr or twitter. Make posters, banners, videos. Do a picture-based countdown. Be vocal.

In less than 4 weeks, the fate of our girl will be decided.
I cannot guarantee she is making it to Kami 7. But we should do our best nevertheless. Thank you for reading.