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I don't think Russian yuri would have had time to actually get a romantic partner, let alone Victor at his age. He seems to be very jealous and angry bc yuuri 'stole' his mentor(he didn't rly, but if I were in his position I'd jump to the same conclusion!). I'm not sure if I'm completely right or just blatantly wrong- what do you think about the situation? -someone who also used to be crazy angry for no big reason at that age

I have so much to say on the Yurio/Viktor dynamic! I love their relationship so much actually. ( I repeat, I do not ship Viktor with this 15 years old Yuuri, omg.I mean this as a friend, mentor, older brother figure, kind of relationship.)

A few things about Plisetsky- 

Rather than saying he wouldn’t have time to get a partner, it’s also more  that he’s really quite the ambitious little marshmallow right now so he doesn’t really have an interest in a romantic relationship, he wants to win his senior debut, you know?

I think he has three sides to him -

1) The typical “teenager” side 

Look at him, rock up to a whole new place, goes “ugh, gross/creepy!” first thing upon arrival… and … what does he do, take out his phone, snap a pic, and hum a song… realises he can’t upload it onto inst@gram, because Yakov will find him.

but then, he sees a piece of clothing he likes, and he’s like, OH DAMN, THAT’S SO HOT RIGHT NOW 

*instantly instagrams anyway*

This side of him is really really cute.

What’s this face even mean? Is he sick of Yakov’s lectures, is he even a little bit concerned about Yuuri .K ? ಠ_ಠ

Also where he angrily demands food, accommodation, angrily eats Katsu-don, aggressively venerating it’s deliciousness… lol, this boy…

2) Really intense, aggressive side

I think I’d like to know more about this side of him - why he thinks people who are “mediocre” should just quit, why he’s so driven to get to the top. Is he also chasing after Viktor, or something else? He’s so intense, so angry - he needs to calm his farm, but - he is fifteen, and he’s at that age where I think it’s understandable to be so volatile. You want one thing and you chase it down hard, and if things don’t go your way and you feel like you’re losing control over what’s happening, well, I can understand why he is behaving so aggressively.

Also factor in the fact that he is a child genius, his skills were Nikiforov approved ™ so there’s probably a lot of arrogance as well as self expectations, and pressure, there.

(It’s a bit crazy how much he kicks Yuuri .K around, but I also really like the way Japanese Yuuri is handling him. Yuuri doesn’t get angry at this smol russian Yuuri at all and he just sort of takes it all in stride, and I don’t think he’d blame this kid even if Viktor chose to return to Russia. Which of course Vik wouldn’t do that.)

3) His vulnerable, pensive side

See here, he’s told Yakov that he’s been “thinking through a lot of stuff by himself, too.” (I know the english subs by horriblesubs says “I’ve got my own plans” but yeah I like my translation better ;p ) 

He’s quite desperate and vulnerable, actually, and I think he’s scared that he isn’t going to make it without Viktor.

Look at him talk about Viktor - “he had the whole world in his hands, but nothing he does surprises anyone anymore. And if you’re out of inspiration, you’re as good as dead.” 

He’s not some angry vapid kid - He knows what’s up. He’s just told us that Viktor, someone who has been incredibly hard to read (because he’s always so effusive and jubilant on the outside) has actually been in a pretty dark place lately. 

Can he relate to this, is he scared of this happening to him?

I’d also like to know more about this side of Plisetsky. You don’t see this side of him too much but it’s a side that definitely exists - a side that doesn’t consist of anger, spontaneity, and cat related accessories.

His relationship with Viktor

He obviously looks up to Viktor, and I feel they must have a lot in common despite their opposing personalities.

Viktor, and Plisetsky, at this age, both never liked listening much to Yakov, tried to push their skills and bodies to the limit (that quad salchow though) and were probably considered incredibly skilled for their age. 

I think Plisetsky feels “equal” to Viktor in this regard, and they have spent a lot of time together in Russia, so he doesn’t idolise Vik as much as Yuuri. K. This is why he can yell at Viktor and talk to him pretty much however he likes, make demands, etc. 

Despite the fact that Plisetsky comes off as an arrogant teenager, it seems to me like he has at least some degree of insecurity. Why does so much of his debut hinge on Viktor? Does he truly think that he won’t make it without Viktor? He must respect Viktor so, so, so much.

He is probably very jealous, that Viktor, a mentor he’s sort of taken for granted all this time, someone who has made a promise to him, has just up and left, and come to Japan to coach an ice skater who made last place in the last competition they were in ???  Someone so “unworthy”, coached by someone so incredible in Plisetsky’s eyes, at the cost of Viktor not being able to keep his promise. 

You bet he’s mad, and worried. Hell, I’d be pretty annoyed if I were in his place. I think this is where his character growth begins, though - Japanese Yuuri and Smol Russian Yuuri are such diametrically opposing characters, so I hope they can really learn and grow from getting to know each other.

 That’s basically my thoughts on lil’ Yurio for now, I hope we learn more about him in the coming episodes!

William Shatner answers a few Misha/SPN/GISHWHES related questions on Reddit
  • User 1: If Misha were to be cast into a Star Trek role what role do you think would best suit him?
  • Shatner: Voice of the computer so we wouldn't have to deal with him on the set?
  • User 1: Remember that if you get to Supernatural, he might have you play a demon :)
  • Shatner: I'm pretty sure that the good folks at Supernatural would not listen to Mr. Collins input. It's obvious he's a troublemaker from his latest FB post on the April Fools joke.
  • --
  • User 2: Bill, do you watch Game of Thrones? If so, who's your favorite character?
  • Shatner: No, I have enough trouble keeping current on the CW shows lately.
  • User 3: Do you have a favorite, and why is it Supernatural?
  • Shatner: Did I say it was Supernatural?
  • User 3: I'm just being hopeful =p
  • Shatner: There's a lot of shows on the CW
  • --
  • User 4: The Shat! That sounded bad...What is one thing you wish you could go back and redo?
  • Shtatner: Ignore the Clock People?
  • --
  • User 5: I thought it was hilarious when one of the Anti-Misha on twitter folks tried to tell you that you didn't understand the fandom.
  • Shatner: A lot of his fans are young and they think that an old guy like me doesn't understand their crazy obsessive behavior.
  • --
  • User 6: How many spots do you have left on the GISHWHES team? And are you in it to win it?! Because the competition is fierce.
  • Shatner: A couple but we have a lot of applications.
  • --
  • User 7: Would you guest star on Supernatural? Please?!
  • Shatner: Only if Jared or Jensen asks. ;-)
  • User 7: What. Not Misha? :( He'll be so sad
  • Shatner: Who?
  • --
  • User 3: I love watching all the CW actors get excited that you're watching their shows. It's kind of heart warming or something.
  • Shatner: I love interacting with most of the CW actors. They are in SciFi shows so it's a good cross section with those that follow me.
  • --
  • User 8: Are you looking forward to GISHWHES this year? Have you read up on the lists for previous hunts? There's been some crazy shit, Misha is insane.
  • Shatner: I am looking forward to it. I have some surprises in store for Mr. Collins. Two can play at the crazy game (and I have insider help!)
  • --
  • User 9: How did you get involved in this whole auction/GISHWHES thing, did Misha trick you into it? Is there any Doctor Who stuff?
  • Shatner: The clock people last year. And then Mr. Collins threatened to make me a part of it this year so I decided to join the hunt to win it, meet him and make him pay.
  • User 9: You go then! Will be cheering you on. Watch out for that Misha guy though, he can be crafty.
  • Shatner: Crafty? He can do crafts? Maybe I should put him on my team? ;-)
  • User 9: Ply him with Romulan wine and he does origami. Or so I hear....
  • Shatner: I heard he knits during shooting breaks and then macramés on the weekends.
  • --
  • User 9: For those of us not on a GISHWHES team is there anyway to help out a team like yours?
  • Shatner: I'm sure that I will be asking for help. I have a few ringers already lined up who have said that they will help me thwart the evil angel.
  • User 9: I think one of the items on the hunt is his copy of Busty Asian beauties from the show. Heard he kept it....
  • Shatner: That's digusting!
  • --
  • User 10: Have a bucket list? If so what's one thing you really want to knock off?
  • Shatner: Misha? Too easy! ;-)