and then i wonder why i made these


you know what forget what I said and just  t a k e  t h e m

I was planning on making these mobile backgrounds simpler but I got distracted (which is a very normal thing) and I ended up spending more time on them than intended. XD (the dreamswap bros one, at least, the Blueberry one was easier)



running with all of my brothers
i always wonder how far we could go
if we could break through the ceiling above us
there’d be no point of us looking below

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I saw your "am Jewish, can't relate" post and while I agree with your feelings, I think constantly pointing out how goyim are so terrible while simultaneously wondering why Jews are left out of activism is some amazing cognitive dissonance. It has only been since 2016 that neonazis have made mainstream news. People are just now realizing the threat and they want to help. Adding those comments is unhelpful and alienating imho.

Jews have been talking about and resisting the existence and rise of neo-Nazis long before it became a political cause dujour. The fact that no one listens to marginalized people about our experiences is the problem.

Many leftist activists refuse to listen to Jews about our oppression and marginalization– often in doing so, relying on antisemitic tropes about hidden loyalties (usually to Israel), out-sized power and money, and blood libels. This is a structural racism. This is about antisemitism being baked into the fabric of our society and belief systems.

No amount of individual Jews being kind and welcoming and suppressing decades of antisemitic marginalization will stop the above paragraph from being true. Acting as though my individual action as a very tired Jew is at fault for the likes of CDM and other antisemitic leftist organizations is active victim blaming.

If someone is alienated by Jews snarkily telling them that the are speaking from a place of privilege, then they probably weren’t that interested in the hard work of actually dismantling antisemitism in the first place. No one insulted the OP in the thread, we simply said “we have never had the privilege of not knowing this”.

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hi! me and my friend (whom I met on Twitter thank to your story, so thank you soso much for writing such a masterpiece ❤) were wondering why Even had that Orion Belt's poster made!

ahhh i’m so happy you guys are friends now okay!!! also, not seen on screen – and that’s mostly because isak’s view is, as we know very well by now, limited – is even paying attention to isak every time he turned subconsciously to look at the ceiling whenever they talked about a particularly touchy subject. even would also notice the way isak’s face fell so subtly it was almost non-existent, but even knew that if isak ever needed some sort of comfort, something to breathe along to and quell his anxiety, the closest thing that even could offer was the poster isak looks up at every time they’re in his room. even pays attention – especially to isak. so, yeah. he did not think that one was gonna backfire on him so badly. 

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Thank you for your answer to my question about marriage. I appreciate it! Now I'm just wondering why God chose husbands/fathers to be the leader of the family and not wives/mothers (not in a bad way, I'm just curious as to why God decided that). I guess that can be a question I may learn the answer to later on or in Heaven. :) Do you have any theories on that? If not, that's fine! I'm sorry for taking up your time. I appreciate your answers!

I don’t mind the questions! It’s good you ask them. :) I’ll tell you what I think… I don’t think God made husbands the leaders because He didn’t think women could do it. Scripture shows us so many women who were leaders! Just look at Mary! Some others include Ruth, Deborah, etc.! I think he chose husbands to be leaders of the household because biologically, men and women are different. Husbands are called to protect the household, their wives, their children… it’s not to say women are weak in ANY way. But physically, we’re built differently. That’s a Godly and holy responsibility, and they’re called to be protectors. They’re called to be Godly examples to the whole house, and I’ll tell you what… I’ve seen many Godly marriages where the man leads the family… and it’s incredible. The whole family structure is so much more glorifying when the father is following God’s Word and loving his family! Women are caring and nurturing and strong… WHY DO U THINK GOD CHOSE US TO BE ONES WHO GIVE BIRTH?! Like wow, what a privilege!!! He thinks we are strong enough to handle that. So to give you a short answer, it’s because He created us differently. Just my thoughts based on what I know in Scripture and have observed!


Walking through the packed halls of Auradon always made you feel uncomfortable. The students all went their own way, the walls often felt like they were closing in on you. That’s why you preferred to stay in your office, buried in papers. Because of that you thought that Carlos deserved more, even someone better. You tried your hardest to spend as much time with him as possible.

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So first he says “I went to Amsterdam without you” but then he now says “but I made it there last month” and of course he was with E then. So he can say “I went to Amsterdam with you.”

That’s just a stunt set up right there. We were wondering why that trip was made public. Here you go. It’s just closing the loop. 

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Alright, since you've explained the whole "Skywarp Pushes People Down Stairs" joke, how about an explanation on some other running jokes? For instance: Why is Prowl a prick? And I've always wondered: Where does the "I'll cry when I'm done killing," joke originate? Is it a reference, or is it another of those fan-made inside jokes?

The joke about Prowl being a prick derives from the fact he is a prick, and sometimes things just take on a life of their own. ;)

“I’ll cry when I’m done killing,” on the other hand, is a Grand Theft Auto reference.

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Part 1: Hey Jess XD Hope you're having a good day. I just wanted to say, in response to the upset stream anon, that your streams are SUPER FUN! I can't always join in (even though I would like to) and sometimes I worry that because I don't know all of the inside jokes, that I will be boring and people will wonder why I'm joining in (ridiculous i know) but that has literally never happened. Everyone is so kind and welcoming and it's fun to laugh about the characters and fandom related things...

Wow thank you for this 💖 you just made me feel a lot better. 

I remember when..I used to make myself small around insecure people so they’d feel better around me. I remember not being able to talk about even my smallest accomplishments without getting back-handed compliments. I remember when..I used to listen to people when they judged me wrongly..I remember when..I used to be gullable enough to believe a lie. I remember when..I used to ask for very little because men made me feel like a burden. I remember believing everyone was a good person. I remember feeling physically ill every time someone did something nice for me because I always had people throw their kind gestures in my face. I remember the days I couldn’t eat or sleep because I was depressed/lonely. I remember being a people pleaser and not being able to say “no”. I remember believing in love. The fairy-tale-only -in-the-movies kind of love. Now I just believe in myself. And every time I wonder why I am unable to feel things or connect to people, I look back and remember why. These memories are so far from who I am now. These days, I’m getting to know a new Jasmin. Its strange adjusting to yourself when you change. I no longer feel like I need anyone to keep me warm. I no longer play small so people can be less threatened by me(thats your problem). I’m so much stronger…yet my tolerance level is at an all time low. Now, I have boundaries and can draw a straight line in the sand without flinching. Now, no one can tell me who the fuck I am, no one can tell me what to do, and I make it clear to people that I don’t owe you shit for your kindness (you don’t applaud a fish for swimming). I always wanted to be unapologetically myself and its the most free I have ever felt in my life. Liberate yourself. Break away from the chains that limit your potential. Break away from people that drain your energy. Trust me, Life is good. Pain builds strength/character. Keep building.

questions thing

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to answer some questions:

1. One thing you would change in your personality?

number one: be less shy :)

2. What is your DA rare pair?

Cass and Varric   ;) and maybe Inquisitor/Abelas :)

3. A song that made you cry?

I don’t think it ever happened, and I’m actually quite emotional. I try not to concentrate on lyrics when I listen to music, so maybe that’s why :p

4. The best movie ever?

Blade Runner, always.

5. Food you will never eat?

any animal organ that is not meat (except for liver maybe, I can eat that)

6. Your celebrity crush?

ehhhh  I have this thing for Jon Snow wearing all that fur cloaks right now. But it’s more because of the character than Kit Harington himself I guess.

7. Your favorite DA location and why?

Frostback Basin because I really like that story and also the beautiful scenery in Jaws of Hakkon DLC. And just for aesthetic reason: Emprise du Lion, all that blue and red (and pretty Dragons!).

8. You’re a night or a morning person?

definitely night :) but I still need to get up early and it’s always so painful :D

9. You have any tattoos?

no. I once thought about covering a scar I have on my foot with a tattoo, even found designs I loved but then I though I may get bored with it and then what? :D so it probably won’t ever happen.

10. How many languages you speak?

2 - Polish and English. I knew quite a bit of Spanish but I forgot most of it, it was so many years ago and I haven’t used it since. Then I can also read some French but I’m not able to say anything :p 

11. Where would you most like to visit?

some great landscapes with vast spaces, also anywhere where mountains meet the sea… so, I would revisit Scotland any day if I could, and I’m dreaming about visiting Patagonia, New Zealand and all those amazing national parks in US :)

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12. What’s the best book you’ve read?

oh no, it’s difficult to pick one, maybe Wind-up bird chronicle by Murakami. 

13. Who is your favourite BioWare character?

hehe Solas?

14. Who’s your least preferred BioWare character?

Kaidan (aaahh sorry!) even though I romanced him and stayed so faithful. for unknown reason he annoyed me so much, maybe it was the voice?

15. What’s your favourite game?

I’ll stick to Planescape Torment.

16. What’s your spirit animal?

IDK, so I made a test and got a tiger :) 

17. Cake or ice cream?

cake like a cream cake? then ice cream, salted caramel please :) but if it’s a brownie or any other chocolate cake, the cake would win.

18. Dogs or cats?

I have to say dogs because I cannot get near cats. I’ve became so allergic, especially to black cats. It’s annoying, so many of my friends keep cats and now I cannot visit them anymore :( sometimes I take lots of pills and go anyways and then I cannot stop myself from playing with their cats and 2 hours later and cannot breath…

19. What was your favourite DA romance?

Solas and Fenris, because anything else was pleasant when it lasted but then I quickly forgot all about them.

20. Do you prefer sunshine or are you a winter person?

Sun please, give me sun, it’s such a crappy summer this year, at least here in the north of Poland. I love my garden and I could barely use it this year :(

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No it was a tweet and it said "I would like to thank...@DavidDuchovny". Your anon is right and the tweet made its rounds here on tumblr when she released it the day after Webbys. Interesting very interesting if it's removed!! If it's gone I wonder why she would make them delete that? Now I want to check if your anon saw right and if it's really deleted.

You do that.

Honestly, if laughing with my coworker was the highlight of 2017 for me, I can’t say my husband would be too impressed.

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I just wanted to pass on my regards and thanks. Ever since I found your profile, Aphrodite's been calling to me. I really think you helped make connections I wouldn't have found otherwise, and helped me in my personal religious searches. I had a defunct little altar and now I've moved it in front of my window, cleaned it off, and put a fancy bowl of dried rose buds, amethysts and seashells at the head of it until my Aphrodite statue comes. My head's been filled with Her all day. Thank you!

AHHHH!! READING THIS MADE MY HEART SO HAPPY!!!! THIS IS WHY I RUN THIS BLOG! I am sooooooo happy and touched that I could be of any help to you! It’s so wonderful to hear how great things are going with you and Aphrodite!!! Thank you for sharing this with me!! It really just made me so happy! 😘❤️

I’d like to think you were an amazing chunk of my life, but instead I’m sitting here drunk wondering why I ever wasted so much time trying to convince myself you were worth every extra moment, even after the second you decided I wasn’t enough in your own eyes. All you were, was a few moments that made me feel worth something, only to become something that made me feel oh so worthless. I wish I realised sooner you were worth nothing more than a brief appreciation. You momentarily ruined me, until somebody else helped me believe just how amazing I really was. So thank you for fucking up when you did, otherwise I would have missed out on something truely amazing and worthwhile.
—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write

Something happened 63 years ago that’s haunted me my entire life. I’ve never told anyone about it—until now

Story by reddit user  Sergeant_Darwin

It’s official: I’m an old man.

For the last couple years, I’ve comforted myself by saying I’m in my “early 70s,” but math is simple and unforgiving. Today is my 75th birthday, and God, the years do fly.

I’m not here for your well wishes; this is hardly a milestone I’m excited about. I’m glad to still be here, of course, but I find I have less and less to live for with every passing year. My bones ache, my kids live far away, and the other side of my bed has been empty for just over eight months now. In fact, once I cast my vote against that goddamned Trump this November, I may have nothing to live for at all.

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total chris pine moments in wonder woman
  • stealing something from evil dudes and then just booking it
  • cooly dropping a bomb onto a building while flying away
  • ..then proceeding to crash said plane and drown
  • needing to be saved by others
  • ACCIDENTALLY bringing his problems into other people’s lives
  • just the fact that tons of dudes want to kill him (like same)
  • his face when the lasso of truth
  • claiming to be an expert in stealth and stuff yeah right
  • giggling as he swishes his feet around in the hot tub
  • casually talking about his dad’s watch while nude
  • seriously he was standing there for like 8 minutes put somE CLOTHES ON (he was just pretending to be embarrassed okay he wanted to show off)
  • being confused 99% percent of the time
  • sighing whenever diana does anything
  • giving others fashion advice
  • but also the impatient “it’s been 2hrs can we get outta here??” husband
  • not wanting diana to steal his spotlight
  • that dramatic ‘ow that hurt’ hand shaking post epic punch
  • remus lupin: don’t do the thing!! chris: i’m sorry did you say dO IT?
  • but is a total hypocrite cause he continues to nag diana NOT TO DO THE THING!
  • “you’re breaking up, i can’t hear you sorry BYE!”
  • makes a big fuss about not taking the drink but then ends up taking it anyway
  • ripping off jacket to reveal a whole new outfit and excitedly jumping into a stolen car
  • the pipe and the german accent (was that even acting cause all i saw was chris)
  • wooing all the ladies
  • …by buying them ice cream and doing stupid impressions
  • dramatic goodbye but his gf can’t even here him
  • grinning as he blows himself up
  • just a bunch of questionable life choices okay?