and then i will get a hamster or something that they can name jenny

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Wow. I don’t know what to say. This is something I never thought I would get. I know that there are blogs with a lot more followers than this, but you guys, you’re my followers, and for that I’ll always be grateful. It’s because of your support that I make the strides to be the best I can be, as both a blogger and person. Which is why I want to say to:

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My friend is ex member of YG new girl group

My friend from Cali used to be a part of YG new girl group but she later got eliminated because she doesn’t suit the group over all image . She got in to YG thru YG summer online audition in 2010 and oh! her name is Carolyn  BTW. She told me all about the process cause well I am her bestie . LOL 

Well She said the first line up was happens in late 2011 and there were 11 girls in it. All of the female trainees were included expect for 5 young trainees.There were jennie,jisoo,eunji,sori,saeeun,eunbi.laliz,dahyun,miyeon,herself,euna. The line up happened so fast. She said half of the girls were eliminated at once and it was scary. YG was so rush to debut the new girl group and he wasn’t obviously ready to debut them.Then around in December all of the 11 girls took official photo shoot and i think WIN show concept was originally for the girls.The process goes on until February and 4 girls were eliminated and the remaining 7 girls were like Official group but they didn’t have official name or songs.Then the new about the New girl group broke out and funny thing is the girls haven’t prepare anything yet. Then eunbi and Euna were reveal to public and then jennie,jisoo,laliz and miyeon, My friend didn’t get reveal because YG changed his mind about the girls and wanted to debut the boy groups instead.She doesn’t really know about the boys cause she didn’t really communicate with them.Then around in June, new girl “Chaeyoung” Joined in and She was really young back then. So 8 girls were in the line up but sometimes after October my friend was eliminated because her overall image doesn’t suit the group image. Then she left YG in December 2012.

And i asked her about all of the girls including the young one

She said Jennie is really easy going person and friendly. She didn’t afraid to talk to stranger and my friend think she is really really sweet girl.She can rap,dance and sing decently well and My friend said there is something special about her.She also said the rumor were make up by some one who is just jealous of her because she was with g dragon.Eunbi is really pretty now and i saw the pics of them with my friend.She said she worked very hard and my friend also said she can raps very well.The new girl chaeyoung looks very young in her pics but now i see her recent pics i must say she grow up alot..LOL I must say Miyeon is totally gorgeous plus she can compose a song and sings well.I like miyeon voice and her legs Also also one girl name dahyun looks really young yet my friend said her rap skills are very good .She said Euna is exactly like on TV very bubble and funny. She said they composed alot of song togethers and she doesn’t know why she left YG.She said Saeeun is very talented and she never understand why she get eliminated.Jisoo is very pretty and she remind me of Sulli TBH. My friend think Jisoo looks like an angel LOL Laliz is so adorable plus she can sing and dance very well.My friend said Laliz worked so hard on hangul cause she was the second last to come into YG after the first line up happened.There was Taeyeon doppelganger in the group and her name is Eunji she looks exactly like Taeyeon XD . Sori is so adorable she look like a hamster LOL My friend is really close with her.

She said the young trainees are so talented for their age and she is very envy of them LOL..

Preference #14: Your child walks in on you being 'Intimate'

Preference #14 - Your child walks in on you being ‘Intimate’.


You and Niall didn’t often get much alone time together now that your son had just turned 4 and likes to keep you both on your toes by making a mess as much as he can. Also Niall still has commitments to the band so he’s not around as much as you would like him to be.

“He’s asleep, I promised him that if he went to sleep then I would buy him a hamster.” Niall grumbled in his strong accent as he climbed in bed next to you and wrapped his arms around your waist.

“I’m not having a hamster.” You commented and pecked his lips, knowing your son will like the hamster for a maximum of two days and then find something else better than a hamster that he wants. Niall didn’t reply having his mind directed on something else as he pulled you on top of him and kissed you passionately on the lips. You caught on quickly when he rolled his hips up into yours making you feel all tingly in your core. “Ni what if he wakes up and comes in?” You asked hesitantly, not wanting your son to witness things like that at his age.

“Then you’re deaf and I don’t speak English.” He mumbled back with his lips against your neck making you shiver as his cool breath tickled you.

“Niall!!” You chuckled and quickly leaned down, freeing him from his boxers whilst moving your night gown over then lowering yourself onto him letting out a soft and quiet moan. Niall bucked his hips up into you but let you put most of the effort in as you rocked backwards and forewords letting your need for him take over.

“Mummy I had a nightmare about the mean snowman in frozen.” Isaac whined climbing up onto the bed next to you as you rolled off of Niall as quick as possible and covered you both up. “Mummy…mummy” He said again just in case you didn’t hear him. But you just stuck to Niall’s plan and pulled him to you letting him get in the bed between you and your now frustrated husband.


“Oh babe! Yes! Don’t stop! Do that with your tongue again!” Zayn moaned as you sat between legs with his hard member down your throat. It’s only recently that you and Zayn had lots of alone time since your 17 year old son passed his driving license and went to spend time with his friends and spend Zayn’s money. So you and Zayn decided to make the most of the time you do have alone.
You hummed and looked up into his dark lust filled eyes as you continued doing all you could to please the man you love when your son waltzed in looking down at his iPhone.

“Did you know th-AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” He screamed at the top of his lung and sprinted out the room like an Olympic runner. You removed Zayn from your mouth and wiped your lips as he quickly tucked himself back into his boxers and sorted his jeans out.

“Ash come back!!! Did you have fun at the mall?” You tried to act natural in hopes he would forget that he saw quickly and take his mind off of it.

“No!!! Leave me alone yo-you argh!!!” He shouted back rubbing his eyes. “I’m scarred for life mum!!!”

“Ash don’t shout at your mum it’s not our fault you are home early!” Zayn piped up coming behind you and putting his arms around your waist.

“Well it’s just lucky that Lucy felt sick and decided to go home rather than come here with me!!! I might have died of embarrassment.” He frowned and stormed off.

“Zayn you might have to buy him a new car to apologise.” You sighed and leaned your head back on his shoulder blushing a deep red, knowing you can never live this down.


“Louis!! Baaaaaaby mmmmm” you moaned gripping Louis’s hair that tickles your thighs as he dives his tongue in and out of your dripping entrance. You had put your 2 year old daughter down for a midday nap and must have lost track of time because soon she was hobbling into the kitchen holding her bunny rabbit and watching you with curious and scared eyes.

“Say my name baby” Louis hummed and looked up at you, neither of you realising yet that Jenny is watching you.

“Your name daddy and you eating my mummy!!” She cried and held hold of her bunny tighter backing away a little.

“Fuck!” Louis mumbled and stood up helping you down from the kitchen counter. “Jenboo it’s okay, daddy isn’t eating mummy in a bad way, he won’t hurt her!” He slowly edged towards her and then picked her up putting her on his hip.

“You no eat mummy again!” She shouted whacking him in the face with her toy making you giggle.

“Yeah listen to your daughter she makes all the rules and runs this house!” You laughed and pecked her little chubby cheek.


“Liam I am really really turned on right now.” You whispered seductively into his ear whilst watching a new movie you had just bought that was boring you stupid and you could tell by the look on Liam’s face that he was bored too. Liam didn’t say anything back but just pulled you onto him so your back was pressed firmly against his chest. You could feel his heart beating against your chest and his hand trail down your stomach and slipping into your sweat pants. You gasped in excitement and leaned your head back turning it to kiss him passionately as his fingers found their way into your knickers and rubbed your womanly folds then pushed two fingers into you.

“Mum can I order GTA 9?” You didn’t hear Ricky your 15 year old son ask before peeking his head around the doorframe. “Ew maybe not.” He quickly scarpered away leaving you and Liam to continue not knowing that your son has witnessed his father touching his mother inappropriately. You later found out 8 years later when he was giving a speech at his wedding and talked about you and Liam, leaving you with burning red cheeks and wondering why he would bring that up to everyone.


“Harry faster!” You shouted as you neared your climax with your husband trying his hardest to please you under the sheets. He listened to you plea and obeyed it, going faster and making the headboard of the bed bang against the wall which lead to Marley’s room.

“KNOCK IT OFF!!!” Your 18 year old daughter shouted and covered her ears with her pillow trying to drown out the sound of her dad and mum going at it in the early hours of the morning.

“So-Sorry!!” You shouted back but Harry didn’t stop, he just placed a hand over your mouth to keep you quiet. This worked, up until it got too much and you let out a loud moan and curse words extremely close to finishing when Marley burst through your bedroom door with a pillow and started beating Harry with it making him stop thrusting into you.

“GET THE FUCK OFF OF HER AND GO TO SLEEEEEEEP!!!!” She screamed and kept hitting him until he rolled off of you and groaned.

“Marley you ruined it!!!” He whined and took his pillow smothering it over his face to whine to himself.

“Well I don’t particularly like hearing my parents fucking when I’m trying to sleep!!!” You giggled at her harsh tone when she stormed out.

“I told her that she can either deal with it or move out. Nothing is going to stop me from having sex with my wife!!” He grumbled into the pillow and you knew he was going to be grumpy and mopey tomorrow.

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