and then i went into like a lava cave

Twitch Stream (Mikey)

“I can already tell that lag is going to get me killed” Mikey groaned at the title screen of his game. “Calm down, idiot. It’s only minecraft” you said from the background.

“Oh, hey guys. Today I’m playing minecraft because my stupid, dumb girlfriend is making me” he said to the audience that was streaming in. You popped your head in so that the camera could see you. “He’s never played minecraft before. So he’s going to figure it out now” you said. 

You showed Mikey the basic controls of the game and sent him off on his own, giggling because you created the world. “By the way guys, there are some surprises because I spent a lot of time in this world” you said out loud. Mikey looked over at the comments and sighed. “I know, I know. I’m a disgrace because I haven’t played before” he laughed. 

“What the fuck is that?” Mikey half shouted. You looked up and laughed. “A mooshroom” you answered. “This is so dumb” he said out loud. That comment provoked a series of people saying “Shut up” in the conversation. “Hey Mikey. It’s getting dark. I suggest finding or making a house. If you find a bed you should set spawn and sleep through the night” you tried to help. “I do what I want woman” he said with a laugh. “Suit yourself” you replied.

“Ow. What the fuck” he shouted as he turned his character around. “Ow. Is that skeleton shooting me” he asked. “Yep. I told you to sleep through the night. Did you even make a sword yet?” you asked in return. “You didn’t show me how” he replied as he died. He groaned rather loudly and you laughed at him. You sighed “Go beat down some trees Clifford”. 

Mikey was now settled in with a wooden sword and pickaxe. “Go forth in the world, love” you said before you kissed him on the cheek. Mikey was running around, breaking the ground beneath him trying to mine for “cool things” as he said. You laughed as you read the comments that alternated between “gross” and “aw cute” about you popping in the frame and kissing Mikey on the cheek. 

“That’s one of those things” Mikey said when he came up to hunt for some food. He had finally gotten a furnace and could now cook the meat he got. You rolled your eyes at him. “A creeper?” you asked. “Yea. Those things. You own a little plastic one” he smirked, thinking he knew something about the game. “Is he sizzling” Mikey asked, squinting his eyes at the computer. You started laughing seconds before the creeper exploded and Mikey yelled “WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT”. “Oh, by the way, creepers explode” you said, continuing to laugh at his expression and lack of knowledge of the game. “It nearly killed me” he exclaimed.

“You’re near something good Mikey” you told him. He was underground and you were sure he was near a deposit of diamond. You could hear lava and were just waiting for him to mess up. “Is that diamond? That’s diamond. I FOUND DIAMOND” he was excited. “Do you have an iron pickaxe?” you asked. “No” he answered. “You’re going to need it to mine the diamond” you said and he grumbled an “of course”. 

Mikey was making his iron pickaxe and glancing through the comments while waiting for the iron to melt into ingots. “Y/n, they’re mad because you’re not in the picture” he turned to smile at you. “I like it back here. Thanks” you laughed. 

With his new pickaxe in hand he took off running back to the diamonds he found. “What’s that noise” he asked. “There’s lava somewhere” you answered. Mikey shrugged and went back to mining his diamonds. “Mikey, I wouldn’t mine the block directly underneath you” you warned him. He kept mining and as he asked “why” the block under him broke and he fell down a one block hole, on top of more diamond. “You might fall into a cave or something” you answered. 

“I got this” he said. Starting to mine the other block of diamond beneath him. This time when the block broke he fell down through the floor, landing in a pit of lava. You laughed at the look of disbelief on his face.

“WHAT THE FUCK. WHAT. WHY. WHAT THE FUCK” he yelled. “FUCK THIS GAME” he added as he got up and walked away from the desk. You walked up to the computer giggling and looked into the webcam. “I guess that’s the end of the stream you guys. Love you. Bye” you said as you signed off.