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hey!! i was just wondering what made you ship kylux? like any moments, or headcanons? because im interested in the ship. thank you!!

hi lovely!!! 💕

I started shipping kylux on my second viewing of tfa and it was Hux’s ‘careful, Ren’ that first got me thinking of their dynamic

After that, with every one of their interactions, I couldn’t help but look closer at them and see MORE to their behaviours with each other, as though there’s a history we don’t know and it’s so fun to imagine how they met and how they came about to be with the First Order

I love the idea of them being bitter exes by the time TFA happens, as though Kylo and Hux have had this relationship that’s held them together and helped them cope with the stresses of trying to rule the galaxy, hence why things are a bit messy when TFA happens, because working with each other is hard–Kylo can’t even look at Hux when he’s maskless in Snoke’s audience chamber, can’t bring his gaze up to meet the face of the man who’s kept him centred and strong over the past 5 years that Ben has been let go and Kylo has become stronger

But Hux still cares, quietly, just to satisfy his own need to know that Kylo is safe, hence the tracker in Kylo’s belt

And SHHH THIS IS A SECRET but I made a stormpilot sideblog when I saw TFA because I absolutely fell in love with Finn & Poe. I wrote 2 fics for the fandom but hated how forceful the fandom was about other people shipping it, so I deleted my blog, saw TFA again and Kylux stole my heart 💕

I hope this answer is good enough for you, darling!


i really want to talk about how music influences/has influenced my art, specifically in the case of Oneiric? Especially because i’ve started drawing it again (comic updates again soon? wild). But i feel like no one will be interested or really care, plus some of it is pretty spoilers

idk i kind of miss having people who i could just. Share every aspect of a story with and yell about things at

brooklyn nine nine is really good to us when it comes to friendships, because every character has such unique friendships and bonding scenes with the others but i dont think we talk about rosas and charles friendship enough because damn:

- we start the show with charles being head over heels for rosa, who is clearly not interested

- rosa tells him, very clearly, that she thinks hes sweet and really likes him as a friend but shes not interested in dating him

- it takes charles some time to get over her, but he does!! apologizes for being weird and making her uncomfortable!! and they go on having an incredibly strong and close friendship!!

- at one point charles even takes a bullet for her, which could have led to the whole “just give him a chance” trope but nope b99 doesnt do that bs, they talk it out and they never end up together

- they are so close that charles even helps rosas bf to plan for her birthday because he knows her so well!! she loves it!!

- rosa asks charles to be her bridesmaid because they are so close and she knows charles would love that!! he does!!

- charles plans her the best bachelorette party and rosa absolutely loves it!! she gets so excited she literally lifts charles up from the floor??

- sometimes between working cases they go to have foot massages together?? that was so cute??

- charles helps rosa text her boyfriend?? because shes not that great at pickup lines?? how cute??

- the writers could have easily opted to go with the “less attractive man falls for his way hotter coworker whos not interested but ends up giving him a chance because he is nice (and wont stop pestering her)” trope but instead we got this beautiful beautiful brotp


thank you nine nine

Ya know what I want?

I want for the Paladins to a “spring cleaning” in the Castle and the Lions and that they find all sort of stuff, especially from the paladins before them that once piloted their lions.

I want Lance to find a small heavy box filled with small squares that resemble photos and in all of them a young happy ex-Blue Paladin is smiling bright and big at the camera. I want him to go through all the photos of their adventures where they are on with blue paladin armor along with the rest team and photos of the planets and people they saved. I want him to be motivated of that and push himself to do as good as his senior Paladin did; to help, save and care.

I want Hunk to find video clips of the old paladin of his lion where he’s almost video blogging and he’s narrating the adventures. The videos start as a formal report but then slowly turn into a journal and Hunk is mesmerized by the story telling. The stories become more personal as the videos go on and then, in one of them, there’s a second tiny person besides the old yellow paladin, cradled in his arms and Hunk gasps out when Alfor whispers Allura’s name as he stares fondly at the small Altean baby.

I want Pidge to find all kind of dry plants and flowers in one of her lion’s compartments and for her to being curious enough to look their meaning and components, to see if they were related to the nature back in Olkari, but turns out they are just harmless simple silly plants/leaves/flowers/petals from different planets. I want her to find the old Green Paladin notebook with the characteristics of each plant and it’s enough for Pidge to search and wonder why they were so important to the past paladin. I want her to feel this soothing calm breeze inside her as she learns more and more about nature and feels a better connection with her Lion.

I want Keith to find sketches. I want him to find sketches of aliens, planets, explosions, Red, all the lions together, Voltron itself, the castle. I want him to see through the old red Paladin’s eyes and see their reality, to see the calling and good and belonging they had and wishing he could be part of that. I want him to pick up that extra empty journal he finds, covered in dust and falling blank pages, and start doing his own sketches, making up his mind and starts portraying his home, his team, his family he has found and creating his own path slowly.

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half and half soriel junk aka when ur pal is super goofy and showy when u dance and u realize hes damn cute


Am I the only one that doesn’t care at all that Mon El said that he loved Kara before Sanvers have said it? Like the relationship between Kara and Mon El is messy and lacks development, so I’m not surprised that he said that he loved her so quickly. In all honesty he may not even truly love her, she’s just the first person he’s truly been attached to and not a hook up, which he was doing on Daxam. 

BUT Sanvers has been developed and I’m just waiting for that special moment that they actually say it. Not some type of “I’m saying this cause I don’t want to lose you bullshit,” but they say it cause it’s true. Cause they truly can’t live without one another and love each other, ride or die. When they do say it, it will be impactful and not easily forgotten like Mon El’s confession.

i just started reading sbr and so far……i’m mcloving it