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Can you tell me your top 5 of Benedict's performances? I know it's hard but I'm curious :)


This is the most challenging question to ever receive as a Bc fan. The faves change from day to day, from moment to moment and from gif to gif (thanks to amazing gifers like @elennemigo, @221bcumberb, @anidoorkitty and @whenisayrunrun ) luckily you have caught me on a day where I’ve been making clips for a future post and have come down with a case of CBF! So being in this state of mind, I think it’s a perfect time to do this list so here it is.

 *warning long post*

1. Richard iii

Bc takes us through the rise and fall of Richards thirst for the crown. From the moment we see young Richard cowering in horror while watching his brother being murdered, to the minute he decides to kill the king, not for his family, not for revenge but for his own dream of sovereignty, and to witnessing Henry Tudor stabbing the last breath out of Richard and proclaiming the “the dirty dog is dead”.

Bc delivers Richards devilish, smooth talking and deliciously devious dialogue with such ease that you can’t help but kind of root for Richard at times because he makes you believe that his Machiavellian dealings are for the greater good. His bone chilling cradling of his newborn nephew, his wooing of the widow of the man he killed. Are that of a man who just wants to be respected, loved and seen for his use rather than be mocked for his disability that he carries on his back.

Bc’s talent of tears and rage and downright madness was just PERFECT. I fell in love with his Richard iii. I felt pity, sadness, attraction to his wicked determination (as terrible as his deeds were) and most of all, affection for his deformity that was the catalyst for his anger and need to prove to the people around him that he could be a normal man that was capable of being a king. Bc’s Richard iii was the best possible example of a master class in acting. Proving yet again that Bc is the best actor of his generation.

2. Sherlock 

The greatest disappointment to come out of BBC Sherlock was the reaction of a group of fans who tried to destroy what MG and SM created because of a certain expectation they were invested in. Most people who hated S4 missed out on what the entire point of this version of Sherlock was about and that was to introduce us to Sherlock Holmes before he became known as Sherlock Holmes. Bc became a star in 90 minutes and the ACD canon would never be the same again.

Sherlock starts off as a man with a fortress of coldness who insists he has no need for friends or relationships, armed with a lifetime of brotherly advice that caring was not an advantage. But once Dr. John Watson comes into play we start to see that fortress slowly melt and the addition of the people who would become his Baker Street family, Molly Hooper, Mrs. Hudson, Mary Watson and Lestrade, we begin to see that Sherlock was so full of emotions and the capacity to care, that he wanted to care, he just didn’t know how to care. Bc’s portrayal of the world’s only consulting detective was brilliant and beautiful. Bc help make brainy the new sexy. He also made Sherlock’s drugged out alter ego, Shezza, look sexy too. Of course it helped that the writing and the location of this modern day Sherlock were also brilliant. But looking at those cheekbones and lips carrying a fluffy head of hair that you wish you could run your fingers through, just once! That perfect silhouette of a man dressed in the finest suits. The purple shirt of sexiness, the black suit, the blue shirt of sexiness!! Ok sorry I got CBF for a second there…

What I really meant to say was that Bc’s acting brought new life into this 100 year old literary character and it certainly made me invest my own feelings into these characters that I wouldn’t have any interest in. Bc’s Sherlock was rude, cocky, manipulative, arrogant and flawed, but you loved each of those characteristics because Bc made him lovable even at Sherlock’s worst, he took you through the whole range of emotions and that wasn’t just with one series, it frequently meant each episode! The fact that we got to watch Sherlock grow into a man capable of being a best friend, a kind and caring human being who tried his best to protect his friends, and a man who learned how to forgive and not judge the past mistakes of those around him. Because after all we just might be human. Even Sherlock Holmes. I am forever grateful to the Mofftiss for creating this show and for giving Bc a chance to show the world, what the London stage and various other people in the industry had already saw in him. For me the only Sherlock Holmes is the BBC version that could only have been pulled off by the talents and efforts of Benedict Cumberbatch.

3. Christopher Tietjens

My first thought is always I heart Christopher Tietjens, because I really do. He was the last of a dying breed. He had 2 women who tried to “burst him out of his glass cabinet” the wife who failed because she didn’t deserve him and the woman whom he really loved and waited for, the woman HE deserved. Christopher survived his name being dragged through the mud, a wife who socially embarrassed not only herself but made him look like a cuckold. 

He survived the war, not because he was lucky, but because he wanted to live to come back to the only woman who loved him and accepted him for going along with the parade. Bc’s Christopher Tietjens was a stoic beautiful man when he needed to be, and man enough to cry when the women he loved tugged or threw daggers at his heart.

I know I overuse the word beautiful when it comes to Bc’s acting but Chrissy was so painfully beautiful that all you wanted to do was give him a hug and take him back to Groby so he could live out the rest of his life as an english country gentleman. Another perfect performance from Benedict!

4. Alan Turing

This should have won Bc’s his first Oscar. If you want to truly see what Bc’s talent is capable of you don’t start with Sherlock, you start with this role. Benedict was able to conjure up the spirit of Alan in this performance that even Turing’s own family was blown away by his portrayal. Bc’s ability to display the eccentricities of Alan, the deep emotional bond and love he had for both Christophers and of course Bc’s master class of acting for easily portraying a genius mathematician at work.

The tragic ending that cut Alan’s life short, made us all want to learn more about Turing and his work. It made us angry at how this man was treated as an enemy, instead of a war hero who helped saved millions of lives. Bc reached into our hearts and brains with his charismatic, tragic, beautiful portrayal of Alan Turing.

5. Doctor Strange

IF ever a role was so perfectly cast it probably was Benedict as Dr. Stephen Strange. Not only does he come super close to looking like the comic book hero that was created over 30 yrs ago, he is able to adopt the persona of an arrogant and brilliant doctor who gets into a car accident that cuts his career short and with all hope lost, seeks treatment at a place that not only gives him the cold hard truth about himself, but it teaches him that in order to grow and learn he would have to open his eye to other realities.  

Stephen learned that all is not lost and there are other ways to help people, most of all, to help himself. Bc is so bloody perfect as Doctor Strange that upon first viewing, I just sat there and cried. I was so proud of him because even though I had very limited knowledge about this comic book character, he convinced me that HE was that superhero that the world needed. Benedict made it all look effortlessly. The American accent, the physicality of being Doctor Strange was just AMAZING. Bc has that ability to make himself into anything that is called for. As someone once said, young, old, strong, weak, whatever you call for that character to be, Benedict can play it and play it so well you don’t even know he’s acting. Not only did it convince us his fan base, but he basically won over the entire comic book community as well as the general public. 

Bc made Doctor Strange into a blockbuster that got overall positive reviews. That is the power of Benedict’s talent. You talk about a good script, you can talk about a good director, but that only goes hand in hand with an actor that can pull it all off and by god did Bc pull it off!

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Only Us (Part 2)

Pairing: Peter Parker (Tom Holland) x Reader

Summary:  What happens when the reader saves Spiderman…while he’s saving you?(kind of? I don’t know. Fuck it.)

Word Count: 2388

Warning(s): Mean parents, swearing, and slightly sexual remarks.

Additional Notes: Frank Gallagher is a character int the TV show Shameless(it’s amazing please watch it) and he is pretty much always drinking. (Also if you would like to be tagged for every part of this series let me know by commenting or something else idk)

Part 1

My phone rang loudly as light crept in from the window. Fuck. I thought as my eyes focused on the time on the far wall of my small bedroom. 6:15. I hated school. I groaned getting up turning of my alarm, yawning and stretching. I tugged my short shorts down that I slept in overnight and opened the door walking to the bathroom avoiding the beer bottles that littered the dark carpet. My hand reached for the door before it was yanked open. A middle aged man stood in front of me wearing only his boxers. I shuttered stepping back.

“Who do we have here?” He grinned down at me. I shivered taking another step back.

“Who the hell are you?” I asked glaring at him fear still gripping me.

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The White Princess Live Blog - Ep. 5

I had a lot of feelings about this week’s episode.  Mainly that the episode was utter horse crap.  But, I wrote 6 pages of live notes while watching.  There was a tightfisted sprinkling of decent scenes, but for the most part this episode felt like we were trudging over old ground and gaining nothing plot-wise.  Make sure to click the “read more”

Just want to say, if i hadn’t known there was a 5 year time jump in this episode i think i would have been confused for the first 15 minutes of the episode, since it isn’t explicitly stated in the episode that there has been a skipping forward.

Sooooo dramatic with the backlighting.  Who could this *majestic* figure in silhouette be?


I will never get over how easy it is for these two women to plot.  It just seems so unbelievable.  

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Support Group for People Unfairly Maligned in Historical Fiction

Edward II: Greetings, everyone!  I’m Edward of Caernarfon, as you probably all know - do feel free to call me Ned - and I’m your moderator for this, the second meeting of all of us unfortunate historical folks maligned in fiction of the twenty-first century.  We’re here to share our pain, and to share the sillinesses perpetuated about us written hundreds of years after our deaths.  I’ll get us started.  As well as all the unfair and wildly untrue things about me I shared at our last meeting, there’s some new stuff.  According to one novelist, I react to things by ‘snivelling’ and am a coward who runs away from the battlefield of Bannockburn and is too afraid to fight, even though in reality I had to be dragged protesting from the field and fought 'like a lioness deprived of her cubs’ right in the thick of battle.

Piers Gaveston: Pretty damn sure I never saw you snivel, Ned.  I bet the terribly heterosexual manly hero Roger Mortimer doesn’t 'snivel’ in that novel, eh?

Edward II: Damn right, he doesn’t.  That same novel also accuses me of cowardice because I don’t beat up my wife, which was a real lolwut?? moment, I tell you.

Margaret Beaufort: May I have the floor, Ned?  I, apparently, am a religious maniac with a weirdly anachronistic Joan of Arc fetish - why? I mean, why?! - which I have to talk about every five minutes.  I mysteriously forget that I’m the countess of Richmond all the time.  But worst of all by far, I’m meant to have had Edward IV’s two sons murdered in the Tower of London so that my own son Henry Tudor could become king.  Because obviously I knew that Richard III’s son would conveniently die young a few months later and clear the path to the throne, and I could stroll in and out of the most fortified and well-guarded stronghold in the country and murder two princes without anyone noticing.  Yup.  Invisible Superwoman, that’s me.

Edward II: That’s awful, Margaret!  You mean people are willing to accuse you of the cold-blooded murder of children when there isn’t the tiniest shred of evidence whatsoever?

Margaret Beaufort: Indeed there are, plenty of them.  There are also people on modern social media who call me a 'snake’ and express a wish that I’d died in childbirth and my son with me.  I was thirteen at the time.  Yes, there really are people out there who wish a thirteen-year-old had suffered a painful death in childbirth.  It seems that they forget we were human beings with feelings too.

George, duke of Clarence: Hey, everyone!  Talking about blatant ways of making us appear really unlikeable and horrible, I’d like to protest at the way novelists in the twenty-first century portray me as this ridiculously one-dimensional alcoholic wife-beater.  That’s all there ever was to me, apparently.  Alcoholism.  And wife-beating.  I never even laid a finger on Isabel!

Henry VII: There’s this one novel where my mother Margaret Beaufort - who just hasn’t been maligned enough, apparently - tells me to rape my fiancée Elizabeth of York before we marry to make sure that she can become pregnant.  If she can’t, I’m to marry her sister Cecily instead.  Still trying to figure that one out - am I supposed to go through all the sisters until I find one who gets pregnant and then marry her?  Just so darn weird.

Elizabeth of York: Wait, let me see that one!  Oh yeah, I remember now, the novel where I spend half the time mooning over my lost uncle Richard III, who I was totally in love with, allegedly, and refer to constantly as 'my lover’.  My uncle.  There is not enough eeeewwwww in my vocabulary.

Henry VII: I’m depicted as this pathetic little mummy’s boy half the time.  And I’ve been trying to block the horror of it out of my mind, but there’s another novel that has me - get this, folks - drinking the blood of young men.  Like wuuuuuuh?

Elizabeth of York: I don’t know.

Edward II: You don’t know what?

Elizabeth of York: I don’t know what I don’t know.  I don’t know anything.  Say anything to me and I’ll reply that I don’t know.

Elizabeth Woodville: Hey, everyone, did you know I’m a witch?  Witch witch witch.  Who makes witchy things happen all the witching time.  Because I’m a witch.  A witchy witch who does lots of witchy things.  On every witchy page of the witchy novel about how I’m a witch.

Anne Neville: I’m getting pretty annoyed with the way I’m almost always depicted as terribly frail, to the point where I faint or collapse about every five minutes.  Yes, I died young, but that doesn’t mean I’d been a permanent invalid all my life, people!  Yeesh, it’d be great to have someone write me as though I had an actual backbone and some personality, instead of as this weak feeble fainting little…thing.

Edward of Lancaster: True, and it’d be nice if someone would acknowledge that you didn’t necessarily spend your entire marriage to me weeping and wailing over Richard of Gloucester.

Anne Neville: I did a little bit at first maybe, just a tiny little bit, but I soon got used to the idea of being queen of England one day.  That was pretty cool.  Something else modern novelists never seem to realise about me is that maybe I had a bit of ambition and quite fancied being a queen!

Edward of Lancaster: Yeah, we kind of got used to being married to each other and didn’t mind it at all, did we?  And you know, it’s so unfair when a throwaway bravado comment you make when you’re still practically a child is then used for the next half a millennium as though it represents the sum total of your personality and is constantly used to present you as a sadistic murderous psychopath.  Modern people, would you like it if someone took one of your sulky adolescent pronouncements as though it’s representative of your entire life and attitudes?

Henry VI: And when one remark by one visitor to England, simply reporting a rumour he had heard that I supposedly said that my son Edward was fathered by the Holy Ghost, is taken that my son absolutely must have been fathered by someone else other than me.  As though my wife Margaret of Anjou isn’t maligned enough!

Margaret of Anjou: Oh, you mean I actually have a name?  Like seriously?  I thought I was just called 'the bad queen’.  Voice dripping with sarcasm here.

Elizabeth of York: I don’t know.

Edward II: Afraid we’re running out of time and will have to wrap this up now, folks!  Hope you all feel somewhat better after getting this rubbish off your chests, and take care until the next meeting of the Support Group for People Maligned in Historical Fiction!  Goodnight!

- Kathryn Warner from her blog (excepts about the Wars of The Roses historical fiction)

A Waste of Time

“I decided not to waste my years planning dances and masquerades with the other noble ladies.”

Stop. No. Bad. Wrong.

That is a line from 2.08 (“The Prince of Winterfell), from Talisa Maegyr to Robb Stark in one of their relationship development scenes. The line is meant to demonstrate that Talisa is not shallow, that she wishes to do something of substance with her life. While being a battlefield nurse is undoubtedly admirable, the denigration of dances and masquerades here is part misogyny, part misconception. The misogyny comes in where for Talisa to be a “worthy” love interest, she must express distaste for feminine-coded pleasures, and she must almost word for word be “not like other women”. This is emphasised by the beginning of her monologue, where she says “I was raised to be the perfect little lady. To play the harp, and dance the latest steps, and recite Valyrian poetry,” in such a way that shows she has turned her back on these things. 

Liking balls and parties is not inherently shallow as the line implies. Everyone’s got something they enjoy. If you’re one of those people who like parties, A+, I hope you have a great time when next you go out. (If you’re not, also A+, I hope you enjoy your quiet evening wherever.)

Second, and the topic of the majority of this post, is the misconception. The sheer history fail and textual comprehension fail of this line is so great it’s hard to adequately express it. Throughout history, parties amongst the aristocracy have been anything but a waste of time. If courtesy is to be your armour, then a party will be your battlefield.

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Child Brides and Historical Accuracy

@whysogrimm submitted:

Let me start by saying that I absolutely am against child marriage. I know this is going to put me on the defensive, but it seems to me like marriage should wait until age eighteen. But what I have seen is a lot of fans thinking GRRM is adding historical misogyny by having a lot of child brides in his universe. I really wish this were the case, but just from a study of the English royal family you can see it wasn’t unheard of for girls to be married complete with consummation at twelve. Now, keep in mind these are mostly based on estimated birth dates. I’m only using queens because it’s all but impossible to find birth years for girls of noble birth.

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Live Blog - The White Princess Episode 2

Here’s my live blog of TWP Episode 2, it’s just over four pages.  I’ve given it a once-over rough edit, but this is what I wrote up while watching the episode.  Hope you find some humor here!

“drawn from the novel by Philippa gregory” righhhhht.

Wait, why is she smiling like that when she’s entering his apartments?  I can see a fake or strained smile, but she looks shy and happy?  Wtf?  Last I left them she was like “i don’t like this guy”, unless this is supposed to be her tricking him?

What is the hell is this scene?? She’s like… being seductive??  Also, neither of their costumes are working.  Her sleeves are ridiculous.  And he looks like he’s wearing an emo bathrobe.  Jacob is too good for this show.

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BIRTHDAY // A Joe Sugg Imagine

8th of September 2015 

You woke up with a peaceful and sleeping Joseph Sugg hugging you. Checking your phone out it’s the 8th of September which means it is the birthday of your 2 years long boyfriend, you were planning a surprise birthday party for him but a lot of his mates, even her sister Zoe is kinda busy to party in a Tuesday night.

You carefully removed the duvet from your body and slowly pulling yourself from Joe’s hug and replacing it with a pillow instead. You went upstairs and it seems that Caspar is still sleeping as well. So you’ve decided to cook a breakfast for Joe to be served in bed for his birthday and a breakfast for Caspar as well. You opened your phone, put your headphones on and started playing 1989 in shuffle. You were singing along with Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams” while cooking bacon and eggs and toasting bread for your boyfriend and your best friend, Caspar.

As soon as you finished you took a bath, fix your make up, though Joe don’t want you to wear it as much as possible, and get dressed. Surprisingly Joe is still not up, maybe he was so tired in filming for his Gaming channel last night that you didn’t even realized what time it is that he went to bed with you. So you’ve decided to just put the breakfast you made for Joe on his bedside and write a note saying “Happy Birthday My Love, breakfast in bed smile emoticon Sadly, I need to go in an emergency meeting but I will be back as soon as I can, love u -(y/n)”  but in reality you are not going in any meeting, instead you’re going to Nandos to order some food for today’s lunch, to find a bakeshop where you can buy a cake, and find a gift yes a gift for Joe for you forgot to buy him one.

You went to town and bought yourself a Starbucks to keep you energized for this morning and as you were checking your phone Joe sent you a text and a snap too. You opened his text message first and it was “Where are you and what meeting is that? I hate it when I not see you in the morning especially in my birthday” and that made you feel a little bit bad about what you’ve done but you knew that if he was awake he wouldn’t let you go out so maybe what you did was a pretty good idea. Before making a reply for that you first looked at the snap he sent you it was a picture of the breakfast you made for him and the caption says “thank you but i hate you” and the other snap is him mad and the other one is a picture of him smiling and the caption says “jokes i love you pls b back soon miss u” and so you just took a photo of your shoes and said “I’m walking as fast as I could” and another snap of you sad with a caption “i’ll be back soon. miss u too” and sent him another snap with a pouty lips with a caption “sending kisses” before you kept your phone again for joe would just constantly distract you.

You took a sip of your latte, and entered nandos. You ordered a lunch for Joe, Caspar, Oli, Connor, Jim, Tanya and for yourself too, you paid for the lunch and told the cashier that you will just stop by to get it before you get home. You then go to a  bakeshop nearby to buy 2 cakes one for lunch and one for dinner, told the cashier that you will drop by to get the cake and ask them to deliver the other at 7PM that night. And then you are off to buy Joe a gift.

You first went to Tudor to buy him a watch, you had the idea when you are watching the “sacconejolys” vlog where Anna bought Jonathan a Tudor watch. You bought a “Tudor Heritage Ranger” and let them wrap it up into a gift whilst you’re writing on a card for it, you wrote: “Dear Joseph, this is something that when you look at you might remember me, or remember to come home at night *wink emoji* Happy Birthday, i love you so much” you finished up writing and the girl attached the card to the gift and gave it to you and you placed it in your bag “uhm” the girl from the wrapping station said so you went back and asked her “did i leave anything? is there anything wrong” she answered “oh everything’s ok i mean it’s perfect but aren’t you joe sugg’s girlfriend?” you just smiled and nod at her cuteness, the girl freaked out a little bit and asked you if it is ok if she takes a picture with you and you answered yes excitedly and you two took a picture and then she thanked you and you bid goodbye.

Then you went to American Apparel, you bought Joe a “French Terry Drop-Shoulder Sweatshirt” in Navy Blue, a “Power wash v-neck” in white, a “Fisherman’s pullover”, a ¾ sleeve raglan shirt, ripped jeans, a leather and a leopard print cap, last is a denim tennis shoe. You went and paid for it and left american apparel before you’re tempted to buy some for yourself.

You’re on your way to VS the heaven of lingerie, and met quite a lot of fans which made your 5 minute walk to almost 20. You went in and bought lingerie for yourself and for Joe’s last gift *wink* *wink* and went back to the bakeshop and nandos to get the food you bought and rode a cab. You called Oli, Tanya, and Connor to be on their way to the apartment you guys are staying and they all said that they are on their way.

You arrive at the household and found your guests outside waiting for you to arrive. This wasn’t pretty much planned but you thought that it might be a good idea to surprise him so you texted Caspar to take him downstairs to his room and film. Caspar replied get in @ 10 minutes. So for you not to waste time you pumped up balloons with the gand and fortunately tan and jim brought a balloon with the numbers 2 and 4.

After 10 minutes you guys went inside quietly and they placed the balloons and got the strings which says “happy birthday” you brought out the helium tank and the gang pumped up balloons once again while you prepare the food and the cake you bought you placed your gifts inside your bag for you to give it after lunch. You are just lighting up the candles when Oli suddenly popped a balloon, all of you froze in place when the door downstairs opened. You whispered “places” and run to the center with the cake you almost stumbled bu regained your balance anyway. Joe was running upstairs with a Caspar Lee chasing him and you all sang in chorus a Happy Birthday like it was on cue but it wasn’t. When the song was almost at its end Joe was right in front of you smiling “Happy birthday to you” he closed his eyes and said “I don’t think I even need to wish, when it is already granted and is right here in front of me” and with that he blew the candle. “Gosh I’m hungry” Oli said and led the people to the dinner table, Caspar got the cake from your hands and followed the people. Joe hugged you and kissed your temple as he said thank you for making this day extra special. You dragged him to the table to entertain the guests he didn’t let you go throughout he birthday lunch, he was constantly holding your waist. You two have eaten, there is the giving of gifts, and then it is time to say goodbyes and see you soons.

Caspar went to his room to edit some vlogs to be up for the future. So you and Joe are left. Joe asked you to join him cuddle downstairs but you told him to go and you will just follow him because you still need to fix some things he kissed your hair and told you to not take too long. You got the paper bag and the watch from under the sofa. You hurried down stairs and went to you and Joe’s shared room when Caspar suddenly burst in saying that he needs to fetch a longtime friend from the airport and left instantly that might be pretty important you thought. 

You gave Joseph the American Apparel paperbag and he scanned thru all the things you bought him and he was like how did you know my size and stuff but you just answered him that you two have been together for 2 years now, that you would be a bad girlfriend if you don’t know what his sizes are. He tried on every stuff and you praised because all of it fits well with him and he really love it he hugged you tight and said thank you, then you hand him your second gift which is a watch. He read the letter and looked confused, he opened the thing slowly and confusingly, then he saw the brand and he was like omg he opened it all throughout and his expression was worth the price you paid. He was so overwhelmed with your gift that he was about to kiss you but you stopped him, “I got one last gift love, wait for me here it’s kind of hard to arrange” you said and went inside the bathroom, you peeked thru what he was doing and he was taking snaps and photos. You wore your lingerie you bought from Victoria’s Secret and giggled a little bit. You opened the door slightly and ran to sit at Joe’s lap, he looks a bit surprised but then you look at him straight to the eyes and he smirked when he realized what you were doing and you did the same thing, you smirked back at him.

You reached for your phone and played a sexy song placed it at the bedside and danced at Joe’s lap he was holding your waist while you are dancing and grinding then he threw his face at your neck and kissed it, for he knew for that is where your turning on point is. 

And lets just say the rest is history *wink*

Two Roads Meet - Chapter 11

A/N: I feel as if this chapter is abnormally long idk it probably isn’t but here u go

Summary: Phil Lester, a shy, poetic hipster, is talented at a lot of things; social interaction not being one of them. But when his best friend Tom, a popular socialite, wins a competition for a Road Trip, Phil suddenly finds himself meeting a whole new group of friends, including the total stud Dan Howell; a flirt-machine in a leather jacket. But will Phil’s awkwardly interesting personality intrigue Dan, or completely freak him out?

DISCLAIMER: Obviously (and unfortunately) everything I have written is entirely fictional. I am not claiming Phan is real



“Are you in there?” Amelia made a whiny complaint, turning to Dan and trying to edge him towards her tent. “There’s already 4 people in that one.”
“Which is why it’s a 4 man tent…” Dan shifted his eyes, replying with an uncomfortable grin.
“Come on, I have loads of room in mine.” She jerked her head towards the unzipped door, grabbing Dan’s arm and trying to tug him towards it.
Dan dropped the gaze uncomfortably, his eyes darting back to 3 outraged-looking friends back in the tent where he belonged; one of which being myself, watching the whole thing happen from through a slight crack in our own tent door.
“I’m in this one, though…” Dan glanced over to us weakly. “All my stuff’s in there, too.” He threw in any excuse.
Amelia rolled her eyes. “Never mind the stuff! That’ll take like, 2 seconds to shift.”
“Look, Amelia, why can’t you just leave Dan alone for once? I know it‘s such a lot to ask seeing as you can never keep off his back, but don‘t you think that it would be nice for him to make decisions without you? You know, out of his own accord?” Tom suddenly lost his patience, snapping at the black dressed girl standing opposite him. She gave him a severely offended-sounding gasp, folding her slim arms before giving her hair an infamous toss over her shoulders.

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Earth 2 Harrison part 1

Request: anon-  can you write something (imagine or oneshot) where Harry x reader (they are together) but in Earth 2 the reader already died so when Harry comes to Earth 1 he sees reader and automatically kisses them and the reader slaps him?(either bc she doesn’t know him or bc of Harribard) (and more fluff like him standing next to reader, holding hands, being protective)

A/N I don’t think this necessarily counts as an x reader one shot, so I’m gonna leave it out. Also, I’m gonna do something maybe a little different? This part wil be back story and the next part will be the second part of the request (harry & earth 1)


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Fine art and debauchery | one shot

Pairing: Jean-François Mercier x Betty

Rating: Adult

Word count: 4300 (what?)

Summary: Betty’s first time in Paris with Jean-François isn’t as idyllic as forethought. He takes her to the Louvre, and they find a rather unorthodox way of relaxing and appreciating art (by which I mean sex, of course). 

Warning: shameless romanticization of Paris and gratuitous French.

A/N: Part of the Perversions Délicates ‘verse, but can be read on its own I think.

Thanks to @fadewithfury for reading this while I was struggling with it.


During the Second World War, many of the Louvre’s masterpieces were evacuated. Venus and Ramses II were carefully wrapped up and carried to châteaux in the countryside. By the time the Nazis invaded, the great museum was practically empty. Sure, the Germans reopened it, but it was but an empty shell. Vegetables were grown in ornamental gardens and 16th century buildings were damaged by bombs.

It had taken two years and major renovations, but the museum had reopened at last with all its masterpieces in their rightful place. It’s not the Mona Lisa, however, that was on Betty’s mind right now, but something far more trivial: what does one wear at the Louvre? She imagined the museum to be filled with posh or cool artsy people. She belonged to neither category.

Betty inspected her outfit in front of the bedroom mirror. She’d remodeled a mint green dress— shortened the skirt, removed the sleeves and added a white collar— based on what Parisian women wore, but she still hesitated to wear it.

“You could have bought a new one,” Jean-François said.

“Don’t you like it?”

Truth was, she never wanted to be accused of loving him for his money.

“I like this.” He pecked the exposed freckle on her shoulder then finished buttoning up his pinstripe shirt.

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The White Princess Episode 1 Live Blog

You asked and I have delivered.  My live blog of the first episode of TWP is below the cut.  It’s four and a half pages of stream of consciousness notes I took while rewatching the episode.  I don’t go into historical accuracy, that’s just not really an aim of the show so I don’t think it’s fair to critique that aspect.  But I do think I touch on 15th C. social mores a little.  Hope you enjoy.

The opening credits are really cool.  They remind me a lot of the credits for TWQ.  The graphics are pretty awesome.  Love the Tudor Rose imposed at the end.  

I guess this first scene was used to establish a tie between the last series and this one.  I’m just glad it was brief while also giving an idea of what we are working with.  However, I think this scene wouldn’t make much sense if you hadn’t seen TWQ.

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Elizabethan inspired Captain Swan historical AU, loosely based on the Tudor Queen and her relationships with her favourites like Robert Dudley and Sir Walter Raleigh.

Rating: M

One shot? Not sure, I could write some more of this or just leave it as is. We’ll see.


The scandal had rocked the whole of Europe. King David of England had fallen violently in love with Mary Blanchard, an ambitious knight’s daughter who refused to become a mere royal mistress, enjoyed for a time and then married off to a minor nobleman when the king’s interest inevitably waned. Unused to being denied by a woman he desired, the king swore that he would give Mary what she wanted and make her his queen.

But David already had a wife - Kathryn, the onetime fiance of his deceased brother James. For six long years he petitioned the Pope in vain for a divorce, while Kathryn wept and Mary presided over court as consort in all but name while still refusing to share the king’s bed. When she succumbed at last and quickly conceived a child, David broke with Rome and created a new church in his own image to bless his new marriage and his new heir. The much longed for son would ensure the continuation of his dynasty and keep the English throne from falling into foreign hands.

The queen was delivered of a daughter instead, and Mary’s triumph turned to defeat as David’s passion twisted into poison. Her fall from grace was swift and deadly, and as a headless body was buried in an arrow chest beneath the Tower a three year old girl was left behind, stripped of title and relegated to the status of the king’s bastard instead of his heir. Though she had been named for a Saxon queen of old, it seemed that she would never rise to wear the crown.

Fate had other plans.

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The Day I Met Damon Salvatore

Original Imagine: Imagine knowing all about Damon, then meeting him for the first time, and wanting nothing more than for him to fuck you.

Author: Jill

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count:  3,195

Warnings: Smut, dirty language, sex, climax, biting, blood

            “Today’s the day I will finally have him,” I whispered to myself. I couldn’t believe I was finally here, after all these years of anticipation. I drove up to the large mansion in awe. It was even more spectacular than I had seen in pictures. The façade reminded me of cottage, but its sprawling structure continued to the right and left by at least an acre each. Its red brick walls seemed to blend into the background of the turning fall leaves. I continued up the driveway, around the circular path that led me directly in front of the entrance. I parked and stood there for a moment, taking in all that I had seen. I needed a minute to compose myself. I knew they could sense my every emotion, so I had to stay calm, cool and collected. I took a few deep breaths until my nerves and excitement fell away like the drifting leaves that scattered the ground.

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Anne Boleyn - May 2nd 1536
On the morning of May 2nd 1536, Anne Boleyn awoke as usual in her luxurious four-poster bed, with its silken sheets and golden tassels imported from Florence. Despite her husband’s abrupt departure from the Mayday jousts the day before, there was no sign that this day was going to be different from any other. The Queen’s ladies of the bedchamber were already waiting to dress her in the morning’s preliminary outfit – a long robe, a bit like a dressing gown, was placed over a relatively simple linen dress and the Queen ate breakfast in the privacy of her rooms before a screen was erected in front of her for Mass. Since she was in her dishabille, it was customary for the Queen to hear the morning service from behind a screen on days which were not holy days or great festivals. So, with a mantilla draped over her head and her prayer book in her hands, Anne heard one of her chaplains celebrate the Mass, before she retired back to her bedchamber to be dressed properly. After being dressed, the usual routine in the Queen’s Household was for Her Majesty to read any important letters or petitions which had arrived for her, which over the last few weeks had included another from Lady Lisle, the wife of the Governor of Calais, who had recently sent some gifts across the Channel for Her Majesty, in the hope of securing places for both of her daughters in Anne’s household. With business out of the way and no audiences to grant, the Queen went downstairs with some of her ladies to watch a tennis match. One of her friends was competing and correctly predicting that he would win, the Queen remarked to her Mistress of the Wardrobe that she should have placed a bet at the beginning of the match. Just as the game finished, a messenger arrived with an “order of the King,” ordering Anne to present herself before the Privy Council at once. Anne Boleyn was not accustomed to being summoned anywhere, but despite her later reputation for being difficult, she was in fact always unfailingly polite to servants. She certainly wasn’t one to “shoot the messenger” and so she obediently left the tennis court to go to the palace’s Council Chamber. Entering the Chamber, she perhaps expected to see either her husband or the entire Council there. Instead, only three of the King’s advisers were present – Anne’s 63 year-old uncle, the Duke of Norfolk, the King’s imaginatively-named Master Treasurer, Sir William Fitzwilliam, and Sir William Paulet, a politician who would later serve in the government of Anne’s daughter, Elizabeth. Anne later remembered that Paulet was the only “gentleman” amongst them - her resentment at how the duke and Fitzwilliam treated her was palpable to anyone who spoke to her over the next two weeks. It was one of the first things she complained about to her gaoler, once her nerves had calmed. As the Queen entered their Chamber, all three men stood – but only Paulet bowed. The duke informed her that the King had granted the Council powers to investigate her “evil behaviour.” As a result of these investigations, the Queen now stood accused of adultery with the courtier Sir Henry Norris, the musician Mark Smeaton and a mysterious third lover, whose identity they refused to reveal at this stage. The Queen, understandably, was both livid and terrified at her uncle’s accusations and she furiously denied them, stating that the King was the only man who had ever touched her. Throughout her tirade, the Duke of Norfolk sanctimoniously tutted in disbelief, whilst Fitzwilliam stared at her with silent loathing - a long-time supporter of Anne’s predecessor, Katherine of Aragon, and her daughter Mary, Fitzwilliam had been waiting for Anne’s destruction for years and he was extracting every ounce of grim pleasure now that it was finally unfolding. Due to the dramatic nature of their conversation, it is often assumed that Anne was arrested in the Council Chamber, immediately after she was accused but, incredibly, the Queen was actually allowed to return to her apartments for lunch, whilst Norfolk, Fitzwilliam and Paulet awaited further instructions from Westminster and Whitehall. Lunch, as it transpired, can only be described as macabre - an event whose atmosphere sounds like a work of gothic melodrama. The first thing Anne did upon returning to her rooms was not to notify her household of what had just happened, but to get changed into a new dress. She chose a deliberately majestic outfit of crimson velvet, with a cloth of gold kirtle. However, trying to keep any form of secret at the Tudor Court was always a next-to impossible task and by the time Anne entered her chamber for lunch and took her usual place beneath a canopy of estate, the news that she had been accused of adultery had spread round the entire palace – a hundred soldiers had already been seen sailing up the Thames to apprehend her. Throughout the meal, the ladies-in-waiting sat picking at their food, ashen-faced and trembling, whilst the servants were actually sobbing as they continued to go through the ritual of serving the Queen’s luncheon. Sitting amidst this despair and muted hysteria, sat a sumptuously-dressed Anne, with jewels defiantly glistening from her ears, throat and fingers, trying to carry on as if nothing was wrong. At two o’clock, as the last plate was cleared from the table, the Council entered the Queen’s Apartments. The Queen’s three original accusers now came accompanied by some of their colleagues on the Council – including the Lord Chancellor, the Earl of Oxford, Lord Sandys and Thomas Cromwell. Seeing them, Anne rose from her chair, demanding to know why they had come into her presence, although given their earlier argument, she must surely have known the answer. Norfolk produced a warrant for her arrest, signed by the King, and commanded her to come with them at once; she was to be lodged in the Tower of London. There was no time for her to pack any of her clothes or jewels and she was forbidden to bring any of her own ladies with her, or to contact any of her friends or relatives. Faced with a warrant and soldiers, Anne had no choice but to surrender with the best grace possible under the circumstances: “If it be His Majesty’s pleasure, I am ready to obey.” Stepping out into the May sunshine, the councillors escorted their queen to a waiting barge, which pushed off from the red-brick palace where Anne had enjoyed so many of her successes and given birth to her daughter three years earlier. Still wearing the gown she had worn to lunch, Anne sat upright, staring ahead with a face frozen into an expression of superbly haughty calm, as her jewels and silks shimmered in the afternoon sun. She did not give any sign of hearing the jeers of various Londoners out on the river, nor did she deign to react to the Duke of Norfolk’s insufferable tutting, which resumed every time he looked at her. The tide was against them and so the journey from Greenwich to the Tower was an agonisingly long one, meaning that Anne had to put up with this kind of behaviour for over two hours. Reaching its destination in the early evening, the barge sailed through the Court Gate near Byward Tower, the Royal Family’s private entrance to the fortress. As she sailed into captivity, the cannons of the Tower fired out a salvo to announce the incarceration of a great personage within its walls and it was this sound, coupled with seeing the imposing walls of the Tower rise up around her, which finally shattered Anne’s preternatural calm. Henry VI and Edward V had both vanished into the Tower, never to emerge - as had several of Anne’s opponents in days gone-by. Alighting onto the wharf, the full, hideous reality of her situation finally seemed to hit her and her legs gave way beneath her. Falling onto the steps, the Queen began to pray. The councillors, having deposited her into her prison, returned to the barge without speaking a word to her. As a collective, they then journeyed to the Palace of Westminster, where the King had moved earlier in the morning, to inform him that his wife was now safely under lock and key. After she had finished her prayers, Anne was helped to her feet by the Constable of the Tower - Sir William Kingston - a middle-aged knight. Sober and imposing, Kingston was a true Tudor loyalist who always publicly adhered to the official government position that Queen Anne was guilty as charged, but throughout her imprisonment, he treated her with chivalrous courtesy and he later went to great lengths to praise her courage. He took no pleasure in her misery and he would always maintain that of the many prisoners he had guarded over the years, Anne Boleyn was one of the bravest. That famous bravery, however, was not on display in the first hour after she entered her prison. As they processed through the Tower, Anne’s mind began to race back to the last time she was here – during her Coronation week in 1533. Then, she had arrived to great pomp and ceremony, with Kingston bowing low before her and cannons firing to announce her triumph, not her imprisonment. Dressed in a gown shimmering with a King’s ransom in jewels, she had been greeted with a kiss by her enraptured husband who led her by the hand to her new apartments, decorated especially for the Coronation festivities. Now, Anne was a prisoner of the monarchy she had once helped lead and, even in her wildest, most paranoid moments - of which there had been many over the past five months - she had never dreamed that she would face imprisonment on a charge of adultery.  Suddenly, Kingston took a turn that Anne had not expected and she turned to him in a panic, saying, “Master Kingston, do I go into a dungeon?” “No, Madam,” he replied soothingly, “you shall go into your lodging that you lay in at your coronation.” Hearing that she was to be kept in the very rooms which had been decorated for her three years earlier, Anne collapsed once again. Kneeling there on the cobbles of the Tower of London, in a dress of gold and crimson – the colours of wealth and blood – Anne Boleyn, Queen of England began “weeping a great pace, and in the same sorrow fell into a great laughing, and she hath done many times since”.
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Come, Night by killians-tinkabelle

Official description: Princess Emma loves waking past the Jewel of the Realm to catch a glimpse of Lieutenant Killian Jones. One day while out she is told news that upsets her and makes a decision that changes their relationship.

Rated: M                          Genre: Romance                 Chapters: 6/?  WIP

Meet my latest fic addiction. Lieutenant Duckling is one of my weaknesses and I find this is an especially well-executed play on that theme. This is definitely a star-crossed love story. If you thought Captain Swan had challenges in season three, those were nothing compared to this tale. Emma and Killian are trapped in heartbreaking circumstances, yet as painful as this story can be to read, it’s equally as romantic. Parallels with Romeo & Juliet are seamlessly integrated and I loved seeing their brilliant callbacks in later chapters. The court intrigue is particularly compelling and it’s fascinating to watch Emma figure out how to navigate the treacherous political waters. But my favorite part of this story, is that just when you think you know what this tale is about, it goes in a completely different direction. Several chapters in there’s a HUGE twist that’s simply BRILLIANT and makes it impossible to stop reading. I’m currently waiting (impatiently) for the next chapter. 

The Elements of Cake Design by ripplestitchskein

Official description: After an evening of liberal alcohol consumption and a hare-brained idea about it being a great place to meet creative women, Killian and Will find themselves reluctantly participating in a cake decorating course given by the proprietor of a local bakery and cake supply shop, assisted by her lovely foster daughter, who has never actually baked a cake before and needs to make sure no one else in the class finds that out.

Rated: M        Genre: Modern AU/Fluff        Chapters: 2/?  WIP

This story is the ideal mix of hilarious and romantic. The premise in and of itself was already entertaining, but I knew I was guaranteed a good time, as soon as I read that Killian was paired with Will Scarlet. It was a relationship I wish had been explored more on OUAT given they were quite the comedic duo in the few brief scenes they shared. The banter between Killian and a cheeky Will was everything I had hoped. They play-off each other extraordinarily well and Steffie perfectly captures Will’s voice. Despite being a Modern AU, Emma remains the Savior and also proves as prickly as ever–a wonderful counterbalance to the charming and (still) dashing Killian. Despite being instantly drawn to him, as usual Emma does her darndest to resist that attraction. Steffie does a brilliant job creating natural tension between Emma and Killian, while tempering it with humor. This is such a fun story and I can’t wait to see where it goes next. 

Gloriana by alexandralyman

Official description: Elizabethan inspired Captain Swan historical AU, loosely based on the Tudor Queen and her relationships with her favourites like Robert Dudley and Sir Walter Raleigh.

Rated: M       Genre: Historical AU      Chapters: one-shot

Once again, Alex has conceived a historical epic rich with detail that serves to make the main narrative that much more compelling. As is always the case with Alex’s work, I was incredibly impressed with the level of precision and historical accuracy present. The language was specific and she perfectly captured the period speech.  This attention to detail was remarkable and truly brought the story to life. It was also fascinating to witness how she altered history to fit the OUAT narrative. And if all of this isn’t enough, there’s also a scorchingly hot sex scene. Political intrigue, court drama, romance and the seamless blending of historical fact and fiction make this story a surefire hit. 

Once Upon A Happy Ending by cutieodonoghue

Official description: When everyone goes back to the Enchanted Forest, Emma struggles to find her identity in the land with magic.

Rated: T        Genre: Romance/Drama        Chapters: 2/?  WIP

I featured this story in one of my earlier issues when it was just intended to be a one-shot (so no, you’re not experiencing deja vu). This piece is truly one of my all-time favorite Enchanted Forest tales, so when I learned that Megan had decided to turn Once Upon a Happy Ending into a multi-chapter fic I emitted screams that I’m not entirely sure were human. Seriously, I think they were only on a frequency dogs could hear.  I loved witnessing Emma and Killian embark on a high seas adventure. Megan created such vivid imagery that I could almost feel the sea breeze on my own face. It was so nice to see Emma unburdened by royal expectation and able return to her true self. Killian’s sense of what Emma needed in that moment once again demonstrated his innate understanding of her. If you’re a fan of a certain animated Disney film that is frequently paralleled with Captain Swan, Megan has managed to nicely integrate that into the story to heartwarming effect. I swear, I was swooning the entire time I read that section.  I can’t wait for the next chapter! 

Please Don’t Go (Where I Can’t Follow) by seastarved

Official description: When Emma gives all she has in an attempt to take care of Maleficent once and for all, she succeeds but all magic comes at a price. And this time, the price might be her life.

Rated: T         Genre: Angst/Romance       Chapters: one-shot

A warning: this is a tearjerker. But it’s such an incredibly beautiful story–so rich with metaphor and imagery–that it’s worth enduring the pain to read it. As Emma witnesses The Charmings, Henry, and Killian struggle with practically insurmountable grief it seems almost cathartic in a way. This Lost Girl, who believed she never mattered to anyone finally witnesses just how much she means to the people around her. It’s difficult to watch a very broken Killian and the descriptions of him were so utterly heart wrenching, but I love how entwined he became in the Charming household–that even without Emma he still has a family. But what I loved most about Chinx’s story is that it wasn’t emotionally manipulative. My heart may have felt like it was going to be crushed into smithereens at points, but it was honest, raw and real. So get your kleenex ready, but remember Once Upon a Time above all will always be a show about maintaining hope. 

Teenage Dream by well-thats-much-better

Official description: After being away from her hometown for the last nine years, Emma Swan returns for a visit which its sole purpose is to let go of her past once and for all. The past in the form of Killian Jones. High school sweethearts.

Rated: M     Genre: Modern AU/Romance/Angst   Chapters: 3/?  WIP

This is a wonderfully written story that balances being a character driven piece with a compelling premise. Making the Emma/Killian high school relationship seemingly reminiscent of OUAT’s Emma/Neal romance was truly inspired. I love that by giving Emma and Killian a backstory, going into the fic they already have such a rich history–a prebuilt foundation– so instead of the traditional meet cute, we get to the core of the story much faster. Lim has created such an interesting dynamic that you can cut the tension between Emma and Killian with a knife. The mystery behind Killian’s betrayal is ever-present and makes the story that much more compelling. 

To Make Me Bright by youherotype

Official description: When Emma takes her son to parent teacher conference night at his school, the last thing she expects to find is the guy she’s been hooking up with for the past few weeks sitting at the desk across from her.

Rated: T       Genre: Modern AU/Romance/Humor     Chapters: 3/? WIP

Not only do I love this premise for all the inevitable sexual hijinks that are apt to ensue, but I found it so utterly in character for a season 1-2 Emma Swan. What’s more, Killian as Henry’s teacher provided an obstacle that added the necessary dramatic tension while still remaining logical. A school environment was the perfect setting to incorporate a large variety of Once characters and I loved the added detail of including smaller secondary players like Grace. Characterization was wonderfully done and I especially liked Regina in a role befitting her Evil Queen persona. As for Emma and Killian, the attraction between them is palpable. He’s easily able to push her buttons and try as she might, it’s obvious that she won’t be able to resist him for long. A superb story! 

littlelaceddandelion  asked:

Hey, I know you aren't a practitioner of Wicca (neither am I) but I do need your advice for a Wicca-related thing. Do you have any advice for someone who wants to start getting into Wicca? I'm not trying to be a Wiccan, but my boyfriend wants to be Wiccan (he comes from a Buddhist/traditional religion family) and I'm not entirely sure what way to guide him. I have no serious experience with Wicca and my witchcraft and spirituality don't normally intermingle so it's not even the same structure

(Not a Wiccan, but I’ll do my best!)

I find the best place to start any journey of this sort is to start acquiring knowledge. Making well-informed choices, or at least correcting wrong assumptions as you go, is the cornerstone of a healthy spiritual life and a healthy witchy mentality.

There’s a lot of Wiccan info in modern pagan literature; pretty much anything you’d pick up off a bookstore shelf should have SOMETHING to do with Wicca, because most of the authors that the big-name publishers work with are, ta-da, Wiccan.

Trouble is, a lot of the popular authors (particularly folks like Silver RavenWolf, Raymond Buckland, Amber K, D.J. Conway, and Edain McCoy) are problematic as hell. Whether it’s appropriation, misinformation, or straight-up elitist bullshit, there’s not really such a thing as an UNproblematic pagan book.

For a beginner, you might start with the works of Scott Cunningham and Kate West. They’re not perfect either, but they’re some of the least problematic books that I’ve found, and I keep them in my own collection to this day.

A word of warning: most Wiccans are very nice people, but there is a LOT of poisonous rhetoric and false history that gets thrown around. Here are some pitfalls to watch out for:

  • “Wicca is an ancient religion” - FALSE. Wicca was created by Gerald Gardner and his circle in the early 1900s. While it is BASED on older traditional beliefs, the religion itself isn’t even a full century old. This not does mean it is any less legitimate; it just means it’s not ancient. And that’s okay.
  • “Wicca and witchcraft are always the same thing” - FALSE. There are plenty of non-Wiccan traditions and paths out there. Wicca is neither the only nor the default way to be a witch, despite what some authors will tell you.
  • “All witches follow the Wiccan Rede” - FALSE. The whole “Harm None” mentality that many Wiccans adopt is not unique to their religion, but it is far from being a requirement for anyone else to follow. Again, Wicca and Wiccan rules are not a default setting. (Also, you’ll see a shit-ton of people here on tumblr who want to cram this idea of one universal witchy morality down people’s throats. This is colloquially called “Rede-thumping” and it is not viewed kindly.)
  • “Cursing is evil / Real Witches don’t curse / Any negative use of magic will come back on you threefold” - The decision of whether or not to use baneful magic is dependent on the practitioner’s will alone. Cursing comes with consequences, there’s no doubt of that, but Real Witches do do it, and there are ways of mitigating the backlash if one does decide to sling a hex or two. Point is, it doesn’t make you evil and it doesn’t destroy your life if used wisely and properly prepared for.
  • “Christians are evil and will persecute you; also they stole all our holidays” - FALSE. While Christianity and Wicca may not agree with each other in matters of religion, not all Christians are out to get you for being a witch. There’s a whole lot of needless Christian-bashing in Wiccan literature; I’m still not sure if this is because of the authorrs having personal issues, or if it’s a larger need to be in opposition to the “establishment” religion; i.e. Special Rebel Snowflake Complex. Also, Christians did not steal pagan holidays. We have this argument on tumblr several times a year.
  • “Millions of witches died in The Burning Times” - NOPE NOPE NOPE. There were witch trials and there were people burnt at the stake, but very few if ANY of them were actually witches. (Confessions extracted under coercion or torture do not count.) Besides which, many of the people who were executed were actually up on charges of heresy; it was a dangerous time to be in disagreement with the crowned heads on matters of religion. (See: The Spanish Inquisition, King James I & VI of England, “Bloody Mary” Tudor) And furthermore, if millions of people had died, in addition to all the other historical hazards, the entire population of Europe would have collapsed. We are NOT the descendants of “the witches they failed to burn,” and we do NOT need a persecution complex to be legitimate.

There are also problems with appropriation and casual racism, as well as an over-focus on cis-gendered heterosexuality in practitioners and deities. A lot of this is author-specific (I’m looking at you, Ravenwolf and Buckland), but it pops up in community conversation from time to time too. Just tread lightly, turn up your Bullshit Detector, read critically, and check academic sources for any historical claims, and, perhaps most importantly, talk to actual Wiccans.

None of this is to say that Wicca is bad, or that Wiccans are bad. I want to emphasize that - I have nothing again Wicca or Wiccans. Like I said, most of them are really lovely, open-minded, well-informed people. It’s not their fault that certain people have given the religion and the community a bit of a bad rap.

alegani  asked:

FrUK 33 ! :)

((Okay so this ended up being mostly about Arthur and Matthew sorry about that ORZ I would make it longer but I really do need to get back to studying; I hope this entertains anyway! It’s based slightly off the show Reign because you look at this man [Francis de Valois] and tell me he couldn’t be APH France:


FrUK + 33 - Fan/celebrity AU

Arthur wouldn’t have even started watching the dumb show if it hadn’t been for Matthew. Matthew, who spoke French and had been born in Quebec but studied in Paris for a year and was in love with all things French history and culture.

Honestly, rooming with his cousin had seemed like a good idea until he was reminded of how much Matthew loved France.

Normally Arthur watched proper historical shows, like Downton Abbey or Call the Midwife or The Tudors. Certainly nothing about French royalty or history!

But Matthew watched it all the time and he’d finally managed to wear Arthur down with his quiet, neatly dispersed begging. So they sat down on a three-day weekend to watch some, though Arthur was adamant that he was quitting if he didn’t like it after the third episode. Halfway through the first season he didn’t even notice Matthew sitting on the couch anymore, or the fact that it had gotten dark out and someone really needed to make dinner.

Arthur was in love.

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How ER‘s Alex Kingston, a serious British stage actress, found happiness, an outdoor barbecue and an orange 1960 Cadillac Eldorado in Los Angeles

by Steve Pond.   [InStyle, November 1998. Vol. 5, Issue 12, p. 362.]

At first, she hated Los Angeles. Alex Kingston took off for the city in July 1997, leaving behind a healthy stage and television career in London and a faltering marriage to actor Ralph Fiennes. Waiting for her in California were a handful of friends, a role on the hit NBC series ER, and a lot of uncertainty. On top of that, the 35-year-old British actress came face-to-face with what she refers to as “blazing Los Angeles,” and for a while that blaze – made up of everything from nondescript modern architecture to confounding voice-mail systems – got the best of her.

She has clearly recovered from her culture shock. “I took it way too seriously,” she says. “When you drive down Sunset Boulevard and see an enormous picture of [billboard queen] Angelyne with her breasts all over some Corvette, you have to laugh. One just has to start seeing it through different eyes." Kingston sits in the living room of her small, secluded home in the Hollywood Hills and shakes her head. She’s clad in an earth-tone peasant skirt and halter top, with silver rings around her fingers, more around her toes, and one through her pierced navel. Pulled back and pinned out of the way, her curly hair still seems wild, unruly – even a little bit American.

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Two Knights and a Pawn - Chapter Two


Sabine knelt in the enormous cathedral, her hands clasped in front of her, worrying the beads of her rosary as she prayed. Even the familiar prayers sounded foreign to her in this new place. It was too large, the ceiling too high, and her whispered phrases were not strong enough to reach the exalted heights where the Father might hear her, or even the Virgin. Eventually, she gave up and simply listened to the organist practice. The music captured her feelings perfectly, melancholy and imperfect, as the composer worked through a section that was troubling him, searching for the notes that would make the entire section work together and soar. Right now, it hobbled like a bird with a broken wing, much like her prayers.

Her meditation was interrupted by someone kneeling next to her. She opened her eyes to see the Duke of Suffolk , his arms resting on the bench in front of them, his eyes closed in prayer. Sabine darted a glance around the rest of the cathedral. It was empty, except for a few priests going about their duties. She looked at Suffolk again, trying to ignore his handsomeness, and the way the plume in his hat stood out in soft contrast to the hair on his chin. Both seemed designed to elicit a desire to touch them and her palms itched around the beads of her rosary. She pressed her hands to the bench to help herself stand and his hand closed softly over hers.

“Please do not go, my lady.” His husky whisper caused Sabine to falter in her movement and Charles pressed his advantage. “I would not want to interrupt your devotions.”

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