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27 Dress Code Violations

@jilychallenge 04/2017 | @bantasticbeasts vs @anxiouspotter

Muggle AUs | “i get dress coded so you give me your jacket and we protest unfair regulations for girls together/you sass the teacher about how distracted you are by my shoulders”

Word Count: 2500

special shoutout to @jiilys. solidarity, sister



She walks into English fifteen minutes late, wearing both a deeply unflattering smock and a scowl. Neither are an especially new look on her.

“Vector,” she says under her breath, as an answer to Mary McDonald’s unspoken question. It’s the answer to every question in the room. Ms Vector is notorious among them all for her very strict adherence to the school’s dress code.

“Yes, Miss Evans’ entrance was very exciting, but I’ll have your attention back to the lesson now, please,” says Ms McGonagall. James snaps back to attention. It’s for the best.


“Here,” James says, shrugging off his jacket and thrusting it toward Lily. She gives him this look like, fuck off, and James has to bite his tongue to stop from aggravating her. “They’re doing uniform checks up the hall. Just put it on.”

Evans gives him a very strange look, and it takes him a second to realise that it’s neutral.

She looks good in his jacket.


Every third dress code violation results in a lunch time detention. It’s only October, and Lily’s already had six. She doesn’t look at James as she takes the seat three ahead and one to the left of him.


There’s a thump from somewhere in the back of the classroom, and McGonagall isn’t planning on looking up - it sounds like it came from the general vicinity of Potter and Black, and that’s certainly not a situation she wants to engage with - but the entire class is already turned around to see what the fuss is.

She strides down the aisle between the desks, and is about three years past surprised to find James Potter lying on the floor, gazing at the ceiling, glasses knocked aside.

“Am I boring you so much that you decided to take a nap?” she asks, and James gives this wicked smile, and here we go–

“Sorry, Miss, I can’t get up. It’s Evans’ shoulders - they’re overwhelming me. I simply can’t do anything until she covers them up. Sirius, tell me when it’s safe.”

He’s a funny boy, she’ll give him that. “Potter, get up. This is hardly the time for foolishness.”

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Running Flat

*kicks down fandom door* I’M COMIN’ IN! 

Lance, like all the other paladins, is finally getting used to the “mind meld” they all have to indulge in when controlling their lions. Until someone’s uncontrollable crush comes in and knocks them all back in surprise. It’s a crush that circles persistently through their thoughts and only gets stronger as time goes on, until they begin to realize this might be a bit more serious than the term “crush” implies. 

Meanwhile, the unfortunate paladin behind it all is trying desperately to bury the feelings away, yet failing at every turn. 


Part 2

Part 1

The mind meld, as Lance (because he was a genius) had deemed it, that the five paladins were quite forced into when they were in their lions was something they’d all been initially uncomfortable with. But as their battles with the Galra and practice days had worn on, they’d grown quite accustomed to the whole thing. The mental connection wasn’t overly invasive, after all. More or less, it was about intention.

Not intention as in they could control what was projected and what wasn’t, but more as though their thoughts and feelings had to be intentionally severe. For example, Pidge’s irritation when they were cornered by the Galra was always very obvious, or Shiro’s deep desire that they all stay calm and collected. Hunk was known for, well, panic, but that usually faded pretty quickly in favor a deep thrumming determination and focus (as well as hunger when they were practicing boring formations). Keith had less constant interjections and was more inclined to shoot them up with irritation or rage (depending on the situation) for short bursts of seconds. Lance was also pretty sure that, when things were dire, the fierce desire to protect came from Keith too. He’d thought it was Shiro at first, until their head’s steady kind of acute protectiveness had come to the surface.

Though everyone was flattered at these rare displays by Keith, no one said anything. Probably wouldn’t have gone over too well and, honestly, making Keith feel embarrassed by the bonds he’d formed with them probably wasn’t a good idea when considering how he kept to himself most of the time.

Because, yes, even Lance knew when there was potential to go a step too far. He liked to bicker and poke and prod at Keith, and be a general annoyance to everyone, but he wasn’t out to hurt feelings. Not intentionally anyway. He was a people person, after all, and spent a great deal of energy feeling others out and learning their boundaries. Sure, his fellow paladins probably didn’t realize as much (he knew they thought he was slightly ridiculous and maybe even a little stupid—most people did), but it was true. He was generally thoughtful and only pushed as far as he was sure someone could take.

His supposed intellect (or assumed lack) and knack for being annoying aside, he brought his own degree of Lance to the mind meld mud pile of feelings. Optimism, that was what he generally projected in battle or practice. After all, they had to have faith they were going to succeed in order to do so. Maybe optimism wasn’t as important as Hunk’s determination, Shiro’s steady hand, Pidge’s irritated analyses, or Kieth’s adrenaline inducing rage, but it must have been good for something. Otherwise there’d be problems. Allura was always going on about how they had to be balanced, how it was important that their own thoughts work well with everyone else’s.

And since no one had been complaining, Lance could only come to so many conclusions. Either his optimism was useful or, well, simply wasn’t a hindrance, worst case scenario. Not like they really talked about each other’s mental brain waves, after all. They’d all pretty much deduced who was who—it was pretty obvious—but so long as things were going smoothly, there was no need to call any of it to attention.

That was what Lance told himself anyway. Even if his fluffy, hovering over their heads optimism was as much use as a lawnmower in space, at least he wasn’t causing problems. That in and of itself was enough to keep him positive.

Maybe he was a fifth wheel, but at least he wasn’t running flat.

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awkward-silence-turtle  asked:

Do you think you could write a soulmate au for lafayette/hamilton/laurens/hercules/reader? Something with a happy ending and lots of fluff. Smut is up to you (sorry for so many characters!) Or a bodyguard!Reader/ward!Philip, like, she needs to protect him since he's the secretary of the treasury's kid? Ok, one last idea. SugarDaddy!Hercules/Reader. She's a broke college student and he loves to have someone to take care of. He makes her the most beautiful dresses and spoils her rotten? :-D

I hope this is alright uwu

A soulmate au with the reader and poly!hamilsquad (Al, Herc, John, Laf)

The soul mark is a star, and most people get the whole star instantly as they meet their soulmate, but for some reason, when (Name) meets her soulmate, only one spoke fills in…and it’s the same for him, too.


Five-Spoked Star (Laf/Herc/Reader/John/Alex)

Your mother says her star mark, the half star that she had had all her life, suddenly formed another half the second she met your father, and the same went for him. Your best friend, Thomas, swears that his star tingled and he could genuinely feel it forming on his skin the instant he met James. Your other best friend, Aaron, admits that his heart was pounding when he met Theodosia. Eliza promises that she got a fluttering feeling in her stomach the moment she laid eyes on Maria. 

If that was the case, why hadn’t your damn star completed fully when you met Alexander Hamilton?

As soon as he walked into the near-enough empty common room, pen in his mouth and piles of books and notebooks encased in his arms, as soon as his gaze locked with yours, as soon as he froze up, hastily placed his writing supplies on an overstuffed armchair and crossed the room to you in mere seconds, work-roughened hands reaching up to cup your face, you felt it. The tingling on your wrist as the black markings pushed their way to the surface, the fluttering feeling in your ribcage, the all-too-loud pounding of your heart. He was familiar, despite you never seeing him before in your life.

In that moment, he kissed you, and although he was a literal stranger, although you had never even laid eyes on him, let alone spoken to him, you let him, kissing back happily because here he is, the guy you’ve been waiting for your whole life! The guy who was made for you! 

When he pulled back, intelligent, beautiful eyes shining as he drank in the sight of you like a man dying of thirst, you couldn’t help but smile back. 

That is, until you noticed the jet-black star on his wrist was not a star. It was…two triangles. Two kites?

You pulled back fully, frowning, and slowly lowered your gaze to your own wrist. The same for you.

As you looked up unsurely, eyes locking with his, you said your first words to your soulmate.

“Why aren’t our stars stars?”

And he had looked down, examining his star with a furrowed brow and his mouth set in a straight line.

“I…don’t know.” He had said. His voice was higher than you thought.

“Are we broken?” You had whispered, voice coming out cracked because how could we be broken already, we’ve only just found each other and he had swiped his thumb over your cheek, catching the tears already beginning to fall as he let out soft sounds of no, no shh, we’re okay, we’re fine, I love you.

And you had sobbed and clung to him like a lifeboat, like he was your lifeboat, because you’d only just met him, only said two sentences to him and for Christ’s sake you didn’t even know his name but you loved him, he was yours, you were his. You were literally made for each other.

In the months that followed, you moved out of your college dorm - who am I kidding, you hadn’t even set foot in it yet, you met him on your very first day - and into his little, college-funded house in town. It was small, but you were deliriously in love and you didn’t even care what your living conditions were as long as you were together.

The second you moved in together, Alexander began research. Of why your stars only had two points, one for you and one for him.

Google had no answers.

Bing even less.

He Skyped with professors and soulmate scientists, vying for an answer.

It all came up blank.

Until one day, a year after you met.

You had just gone to sleep, curling up in Alexander’s hoodie like it was your comfort blanket.

A blinding light awoke you, and you winced into the lightness as you felt Alexander frantically climb into bed with you, pulling you close and peppering your face with kisses.

“Urg…Alex…its two a.m.” You protested sleepily. “We needta…go to sleep…got classes…”

“I’ve cracked it.” He said urgently, lips trailing down your neck.

“Mmm…what’ve you cracked now, baby…?”

“Our stars.”

That woke you up.


“We’re not broken, (Name)!” His eyes were alight with excitement. “I was reading this article online, and it was about this woman who only had two thirds of a star when she met her soulmate. Her soulmate also only had two thirds.”

“And?” You were fully awake by that point, eyes glittering as he explained the solution.

“She didn’t know why, until she met this other guy at her new job and the rest of her star formed.

You blinked, morning mind fogging over what this meant, until it clicked and your eyes opened wide. “You mean-”

“Two. She had two soulmates, honey.” He held his wrist next to yours and tenderly stroked your mark. “We’ve only got two fifths of a star each, so that means we’ve got three more soulmates to go. Three! That means there’s five of us!”

“Yes, I can do basic maths, baby.” You said wearily. “Five of us? What if your three remaining soulmates are different to mine?  It can happen that someone can have an unrequited soulmate.“ Poor Angelica. Why couldn’t she have been one of your five soulmates, Alex…?

"I…” He paused, pursing his lips. “I don’t know.”

“Well…” You grinned at him. “It’s like before I met you, all over again. Searching for soulmates.”

He laughed. “Sure is.”

You spent literal weeks looking for your remaining soulmates, to no avail. 

Each day you came up empty handed, you grew a little more depressed.

One weekend, your best friend Aaron literally dragged you out of bed, grumbling under his breath.

“Enough with this trying to find your soulmates already. I’m going to take you to have coffee, and we can have a heart to heart.”

He took you to the local cafe, buying you a (favourite drink) and sitting you down. You sighed.

“Alright, alright. What therapeutic methods are you going to try on me now?” You asked with a smirk.

Aaron opened his mouth to retort but was cut off by a loud yell.

“If it ain’t the prodigy!” Called a man’s voice, and three handsome men popped up behind Aaron. As soon as they did-

Oh. There it was, the heart pounding, the fluttering, the tingling. Only much, much stronger. You glanced down at your mark, and grinned as you saw the remainder of the black ink pushing its way to the surface. Your star was complete.

You looked up at the three men who were jesting around with a very irritated Aaron, and frowned. You needed to get their attention.

“Excuse me.” You called. The buff one with short, bandana’d hair glanced at you and held his gaze as he realised who you were. “What do you three, my soulmates, think you’re doing with my best friend?" 

That caught their attention. The other two fixed their eyes on you and gazed, transfixed.

"Oh shit,” said the freckled one, grinning. “We’ve found one, guys.” He walked towards you, grabbing your hand and raising it to his lips.  "John Laurens, at your service.“

The buff one, the one who noticed you first, walked to John’s side and placed a strong-yet-gentle hand on your shoulder.  "Hercules Mulligan.” He said lowly.

“Don’t be scared of him. He’s a teddy bear.” John smiled up at Hercules, leaning slightly into him.

Et je m'appelle Lafayette.” The last one, with a crazy puff of hair in a bun, came to John’s other side and reached for your free hand.

Aaron looked between the four of you, a slow, steady smile crossing his face. “Should'a seen it coming.”

“Oh!” You gasped, causing your three soulmates to jump. “I have to introduce you to Alexander! He’s…the last puzzle piece.”

“Lead the way.”

Alex was, predictably, clacking away on his laptop when you got back. As you stepped in the front door and saw him, back turned, you could see Lafayette, John and Hercules visibly freeze up. You grinned.

“Alex…” You said, voice sweet as sugar.

“Hmmm?” He let out a vague noise of acknowledgement.

“I have some people you need to meet.”

“Ah, um. Honey, can it wait? I’ve really got to do this paper…”

“Baby, you’ve got two weeks to finish that paper and you’re halfway through already. Take a break." When this gets no response, you sigh. "I found them, Alex. They’re right here.”

“Who are?" 

"Our other soulmates.”

Alexander jolts as though your words have pierced him, and spins around in his wheelie chair faster than you can say seven-eight-nine. He gets up as though in a trance, and before you know it you are crushed in a huge, five-way hug.

“Our stars are finished,” He mumbles thickly. “We’re not broken.”

“We’re not.” You agree, sniffling.

The hug is drawn back, and you stand, grinning, between them as they all introduce themselves.

You feel happier than you ever have in your life.

Kinda feel like doing a sequel to this.

I’ll tell you what, if this gets enough reblogs, captioned with something along the lines of ‘Please do a sequel’, I will.


Derek x Reader

A/N: Making gifs from old Teen Wolf episodes got me inspired. Also, here some Derek for youuu, really like to write for this guy.


“Ask her if she’s okay. If she’s safe. “ Derek bawled, urging Scott as he waited for you to pick up your phone, almost piercing his fingertips into Scott’s shoulders of anticipation.

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Made With Adrenaline

An angsty sterek drabble – written during a delirious 2am bought of inspiration – as promised♥ Based very loosely on this prompt.

rated G, 2.3 Also on ao3!

“Yo, dude.”

The mans eyelids twitch - an absent flutter that sets off a deep, nasally inhale.

“God, you could’ve told me you’d be passed out when I found you.”

Before his mind has caught up, his eyes open. He blinks, focusing his vision, performing a routine sweep of his surroundings. A little girl with a green beanie over tangly blonde hair is kneeling in front of him. He watches the pom-pom on the top of her hat bobble as she talks.

“I’m totally gonna be late for school. You said this would be quick.”

His eyebrows furrow. There’s a pressure in his head, the pulsing ghost of something forgotten that’s desperately trying to be remembered. He tries grasping for it and falls through air, and keeps falling, and falling. There’s nothing. No ledges or vines or steps to catch his bearing on.

He can’t remember.

He can’t remember in the way that, if remembering is a skill, a task to be performed, he’d have never been taught how.

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God please someone make fan art of static Bucky and Clint with their fur and feathers standing on end I beg you.

Thor arrived, all shimmering golden fur and giant paws and static that made his mane stand on end. He took up the entire entryway, towering over the doorways and knocking paintings off of the walls. The lights flickered on and off. JARVIS frantically tried to inform Tony but he kept cutting out, and making little ‘fzzt-fzzt’ noises instead of words. Dum-E, U, and Butterfingers began squealing hysterically in terror, zipping up and down the length of the workshop, knocking things from tables and shelves so much that Steve caught Tony around the waist and slithered up onto a table, holding him above the fray.

Loki kicked Thor with more franticness than he’d ever shown before. “Stop this immediately! You are frightening The Voice, Jarvis!”

“My apologies,” Thor said remorsefully, the timbre of his voice causing an antique clock to fall from the wall.

He curled his legs in and under, slowly beginning to shrink to a more suitable size, Old magic sparkling around him like a cape. When he stood again, he was tall and broad and built like a tank engine, top half human, bottom half still leonine, fur shimmering like his thick mane of long golden hair. He was not as large as Hulk but his power was still there, glowing and concentrated, so much so that the Hulk sized him up but did not engage.

“Brother!” Thor said joyfully, grabbing the paler man up in a hug that he immediately squawked and tried to struggle out of.

Natasha and Hulk shared a long, disbelieving look before looking back at the two Old monsters.

Steve and Tony stumbled up from the lab, looking harried. Tony was trying to tame his hair. “What the fuck?!”

“Ah, Anthony!” Thor boomed, finally releasing Loki to stride toward him.

Loki skittered on his hooves, disoriented. Hulk took pity on him and caught him, one broad hand helping him stand straight until he got his bearings.

“Oh no,” Tony said, voice small, before the monster drew him up into a hug. He stiffened, waiting for pain, but began to relax, surprised.

Thor was gentle with him, as if knowing how sensitive he was, how easy it was to hurt him now with the reactor. That didn’t make his hug and less tight or protective. Tony hesitated before lifting his arms from protecting his chest to instead wrap them around Thor’s still vaguely fuzzy shoulders.

“I am glad to see you well!” Thor said, then amended “…As well as you may be.”

“Well, it was all thanks to you,” Tony admitted as he was set down.

Thor laughed and clapped him on the shoulder. “Nay, it is truly your human—oh dear, Anthony, I do apologize,” he added as he helped the human off the ground. “I am so unused to this form. Mayhaps I will grow used to it! Now that I know I may see my brother here—”

“You are not invited,” Loki tried to cut in scathingly, still clutching Hulk’s hand as his legs continued to tremor with aftershocks from his brother’s power. It was kind of hard to take him seriously like that, though.

“You’re Loki’s brother?” Steve asked, and then gave Thor a long once over before repeating in disbelief, “You’re Loki’s brother?”

“I was a foundling,” Loki muttered petulantly.

Thor turned to frown at him. “Yes, but we have always loved you like our own. I do not understand why you left us, brother.”

Loki rolled his eyes and ‘tsk’ed. “If you do not understand, I cannot explain it.”

“Things are suddenly making so much sense,” Tony whispered quietly, hands on his cheeks. Then he jumped a little. “Wait where—where are Bucky and Clint?”

Steve frowned. “Bucky was gonna go see if Clint wanted to go outside, last I checked, but I don’t know if they made it outside—”

They all rushed toward the den. There was a trail of feathers leading to the small closet and Bucky’s tail was sticking out from under the couch.

Tony rushed to the closet as Steve rushed to the couch. “Clint! Clint, are you okay?!”

“…’m fine,” came Clint’s muttered answer, muffled by the door.

Tony frowned, putting his hands against the wood. “Really?”


“But how can I be sure unless you show me?” Tony asked, honestly concerned, because Clint was still—hurting. Tony had been back from Afghanistan for two months and Clint still went through bouts of protectiveness and depression.

There was a very long pause before the doorknob jiggled. Tony stepped back to allow the door to open. For a long moment, nothing happened, so Tony took a few more steps back in case Clint was feeling cagey.

Clint slid one clawed foot out of the closet, paused, then sighed and squeezed out the rest of the way, staring at Tony forlornly.

Tony stared at him, gaping, hands slowly rising to cover his mouth.

“Don’t laugh,” Clint said miserably, trying to push his feathers down. “Also help? They won’t—they won’t stay down.”

Tony immediately reached out to try and help push Clint’s feathers down, letting out a yelp when he was zapped by some particularly strong static. “Ow!”

Clint turned to glare at Natasha, who had begun laughing at him the moment he’d stepped out. “I said don’t laugh! I look like I flew through a bad lightning storm, just—not as wet fuck why did this happen?!” he lamented, tucking his wings around him uncomfortably.

Tony heard Steve burst out laughing and turned, unable to help the startled giggle that escaped him when he saw Bucky, sour-faced and all his fur standing on end. He looked like a giant Pomeranian. “Oh!”

“Laugh it up, you asshole,” Bucky snapped, then reached out to graze a finger over Steve’s cheek.

Steve yelped and grabbed his cheek, slithering backward and looking at Bucky with betrayal. “Oh, come on! It’s funny! You’d laugh at me if I had fur to do this!”

Bucky sneered at him before turning to look up at Thor, scowling. “Thanks for nothing, buddy.”

“I apologize,” Thor repeated. “It has been so long since I have entered a human dwelling, I had no idea how much had changed—and certainly I did not expect… so many of you.”

“Anthony is fond of monsters,” Loki said from behind him. He sounded like a sulking child. No one was brave enough to point that out. “That is why I sent you after him. What would become of these poor creatures without him?”

Natasha turned to face him slowly, face a blank mask. “And just who is a poor creature?”

Tony had to cover his mouth again to smother his giggle at how Loki found something else interesting very quickly and had to leave the room.

Thor turned to Natasha, looking delighted. “Ah, I see you have a warrior’s heart!”

“I’ll eat him,” Natasha replied.

Thor paused a moment before letting out a booming laugh. “You are quite terrifying! I like it!”

Natasha awkwardly took a few steps back before managing a small smile.

“It was Stane,” Pepper said, setting a thick folder onto the table. She took a deep breath before her face crumpled. She covered it quickly, shoulders shaking. “It was Stane.

Tony didn’t want to believe it. He dragged the folder closer and began looking through it, frantic to find something—anything—to tell him that Pepper was wrong, that it was a mistake.

Thor frowned as Tony began to cry as well, silent tears that dripped down his cheeks as his hands began to tremble. Perhaps—perhaps now was not a good time to bid farewell. He backed out of the kitchen quietly, wincing when he bumped into someone and knocked them over.

“Ow what the he—” Bucky began angrily, letting out a yelp when Thor immediately clamped a hand around his muzzle to silence him. He growled and struggled as he was dragged away from the door, clawing at the blond’s hand, and snarled when Thor let go of him. “What the actual fuck you asshole—

“Anthony is—” Thor paused, searching for words. “…He has gotten some bad news.”

“Bad? What bad? Like his heart thingy is dying bad or Pepper scolded him for not eating more vegetables bad?” Bucky asked immediately.

Thor tilted his head, searching again, even though he knew the younger monster was getting impatient. That was the trouble with all these younger monsters—they hadn’t had millennia like he had, so they rushed into things. “It appears that the cause of his… problems,” he began after a moment. “Were caused by a man named Stane. And he is distraught over this.”

“Oh,” Bucky said, and then his face fell. “Oh. Oh no.

Thor frowned in concern. “Is this—is this Stane someone close to him?”

Bucky turned and grabbed his shoulders, frowning up at him. “He was Tony’s uncle figure. We tried to tell him he was no good, but… you know humans.”

“I really do not, but I believe I understand,” Thor said somberly.

“…I’m sorry,” Agent Coulson offered.

Tony watched him compile all of the files Pepper had given him, numb.

“We appreciate that,” Pepper said, putting her hands on Tony’s shoulders. “Thank you, Agent Coulson.” She gripped Tony’s shoulders tightly when the other man stood. “Let’s walk him to the door, Tony.”

Tony stood mechanically, pushed in his chair. He led the way to the door.

“Oh,” Agent Coulson said, staring at the ceiling.

Tony and Pepper looked up as well. They blanched when they saw the giant cobweb up there and scrambled to come up with an explanation.

“Looks like you have an infestation,” Agent Coulson mused. “You can always call on us for that as well.”

“They’re not a bother,” Tony snapped immediately, then paled.

Agent Coulson gave him a bland look. “I never said they were. We’ll keep you updated on the process. So far we should have enough to indict him without bail but I’ll let you know how that goes.”

“Thank you, Agent Coulson,” Pepper cut in before Tony could say anything else.

“Have a good evening,” Agent Coulson replied before stepping out the door.

They waited until his car passed the gate before Tony turned and bellowed, “NATASHA!”

Natasha poked her head in from the den, looking contrite. “I wanted to hear what was happening with Stane so I could tell Clint.”

Pepper watched Tony sag like all the fight had been taken out of him. She did not feel the same defeat. “I told you I’d keep you abreast of the situation.”

Natasha grimaced.

“They’ve always told me that Obi—that Stane was bad news,” Tony admitted quietly.

“Oh, like they’ve never been wrong,” Pepper scoffed. “They thought I was bad news.”

Tony looked up at her in confusion. “Wait, what?”

“You were a different kind,” Natasha began.

“No, bad news is bad, no matter which way you spin it,” Pepper cut in immediately. “You thought I was going to hurt Tony or his company and as much as you say you’re sorry and as much as I may forgive you, I’m not going to forget it. You’re not infallible.”

“What?” Tony repeated in disbelief. “Pepper—Pepper’s a gift.

Natasha sighed. “And we know that now.

“I think you all need to take a step back and remember that Tony’s a human,” Pepper added coldly. “You can’t just keep him here like some sort of princess in a castle. He’s needed outside this mansion. I understand that Clint has PTSD and anxiety out the whazoo but please. Trust me.” She spread her hands. “You’re Tony’s family and I’m always going to be a little hurt that you didn’t like me at first but I have nothing but Tony’s best interest at heart—which means I have nothing but your best interests at heart. Stane wanted Tony to move out of here and I made him shut up about it so Tony didn’t have to worry about you. I am on your side.”

“We—I’m sorry,” Natasha said honestly, realizing that this was an apology everyone would have to make individually. She stepped further out from behind the wall, frowning, as she looked Pepper up and down. “I don’t think I’ve ever met a human like you before, Pepper.”

“And you never will again,” Pepper told her seriously, but there was a smile playing at her lips.

“Okay, but,” Tony began, but then Pepper turned and put a finger to his lips, whispering, ‘shhh.’ He blinked as he watched her walk back into the kitchen, then burst out a perplexed, “What?!

“Friend Anthony,” Thor boomed, making him jump and flail. Clint squawked as he dropped him from the back of the couch. “I must take my leave of you!”

“The hell,” Tony began, rubbing his tailbone, before letting out a yelp as Thor grabbed him by the shoulders and lifted him up like he weighed nothing. “Oh!”

“Do not tell Loki, but I have another human whom I had to take leave from to rescue you,” Thor whispered conspiratorially.

Tony stared up at him, eyes round with surprise. “Really?!”

“Yes. Three, actually,” he added, tilting his head. “Although Lady Jane was the one that hit me with her car.”

Tony gaped, voice barely heard above Clint beginning to cackle with laughter. “What.

“In any case, I must take my leave of you,” Thor repeated, looking down at him fondly. “Please take care of my brother. I know that he is a handful, but… he appears to enjoy your company. He asked me to rescue you, after all.”

Tony blinked up at him, frowning. “How did you find me, anyway?”

“I rely less on magic than my dear brother,” Thor began, then tilted his head, frowning. “…I am surprised he did not have a thread of magic wrapped around you. He will have fixed that error by now. But as I do not rely on magic, it is of no consequence when I cannot feel it. Loki intimated to me that no one could find you, and I… Alas, I am foolhardy this way. I took it as the challenge Loki expected I would. It helped that the villagers whispered rumors of your passing through still, when I finally made it there. I am not ashamed of falling for his scheme,” he decided after a moment. “At least not this time. Loki has so few he calls comrades. He has found a home here. I am glad of this, Anthony.”

“I—I’m glad of it too, Thor,” Tony admitted, because sometimes he wondered. Loki’s attitude was hard to parse even on the best of days, but hearing that… it was nice. “You can come visit whenever you want.”

Thor smiled, and it lit up his whole face. “Thank you, Anthony. I will remember your kindness.”

“Do you guys even realize how ominous it is when you say shit like that,” Tony complained, and Thor laughed before turning to leave the mansion.

He’d learned his lesson. He would change forms outside, well away from the building.

Bob Morley Imagine: Get To Know Me (Part 1)


Part 2

Summary: Reader, famous singer, hooks up with Bob on Lindsey’s birthday party. Then she gets a role on The 100 and is nervous about seeing him again but everything goes better than she expected.

Word Count: 1808

Originally posted by paul-steroline-lover

I took a deep breath as I had parked my car into a parking spot for actors. Today one of my biggest dreams was going to become a reality.

Even though I would always be mainly a singer I had always wanted to try acting. So once I had gotten an opportunity to be casted in my favorite tv show, The 100, I had immediately agreed without hesitation. I had been more than eager to become a part of such amazing show and the fact that I would be able to work with my good friend Lindsey was just a bonus.

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Imagine Halfdan seeing you as a Goddess

Request:  Yay! I Love Halfdan! 😍 can the setting be in the 4th season of Vikings when halfdan and his brother first arrive at kattegat? The reader is Bjorn’s full blooded sister and half sister to the rest of the Ragnarssons. When Halfdan see’s her for the first time he thinks she looks like a goddess and wants her for himself but is surprised she’s the daughter of Ragnar! Also would it be ok to ask for smut? -Halfdan Girl
Note: I hope this is good enough?! My first one and immidiatly my intensed one.

Warning: No fluff but smut for a change.
Words: 3584

That stallion underneath you moved in certain moments faster than the wind. There wasn’t something that freed you more than that feeling. His hooves picked up the sand, throwing it up behind him in his muscular movements. Now that Björn was away, to find himself again, to test himself and your father was a little bit off on moments it was your task to keep him straight for Lagertha couldn’t come to settle things. You hated Aslaug as much as Lagertha did, making you a real treat for the queen of Kattegat. You pulled the reins and the stallion slowed down, cantering to the edge of that small cliff from where you had a majestic view over all of Kattegat. You petted the stallion on his wet neck before looking towards the bay from where you saw three ships approaching. You squeezed your eyes a little, looking before you pulled the reins over his left shoulder. ‘Come on.’ You said, walking down the small pat towards Kattegat. Everybody recognized you while you walked through the street towards the docks. The only daughter from Ragnar Lothbrok amongst his five sons. Giving your mother was Lagertha your reputation leaded back to her, making you a goods swordsmen and an even better archer. Although you were a woman, it was your destiny to lead someday ,because, like Floki putted it always …. It was written by the gods.

You tied the reins on a pole nearby a shed, petting the stallion over his head before leaving him while heading to the docks. You father stood there, with Aslaug and two little boys, Ubbe and Hvitserk. ‘Psst.’ They both turned their heads, looking thought the people surrounding the docks.
‘Y/n!’ Hvitserk yelled when he found you, moving his little legs even faster when Ubbe outran him. You wrapped your arms around their shoulders and smiled enthusiastically.
‘Who is arriving?’ You asked curious, pulling them with you back to Ragnar and his wife. Her gaze was poison, just like her heart was. You mostly ignored her and she hated that, what made it more fun to do.
‘King Harald.’ Ubbe answered. You knew king Harald, vaguely. Being so much with your mother pulled you away from what was important in Kattegat, certainly if your brother got involved.
‘Father.’ You greeted Ragnar. He turned his bald head, smiling, way to joyful.
‘Being my daughter you should visit more often.’
‘I do, you’re just hardly around.’ You fired right back. Hvitserk left your side, walking closer to the dock to where the ships were approaching.
‘I have a lot on my mind Y/n.’ He whispered so Aslaug couldn’t hear it. You turned around, looking for that new slave woman of him.
‘I noticed, where is your new girlfriend?’
‘She isn’t.’ He protested, with that eagerly mysterious smile on his lips. You only nodded, glad that she wasn’t around to poison his mind again. Woman liked to do that with Ragnar, influence him. Or he was just to weak towards the other sex. You let your eyes go back to the boats that were closely now. You recognized King Harald, because you saw hem some time back. You didn’t forget fast faces, certainly not faces like Harald, he had it out for more than only raiding and conquering, he wanted to rule. When your father laid his hand on your shoulder you looked back to him. ‘There will be a feast, you should get your mother and Kalf. We gonna raid Paris again.’ The euphoria in his voice made you smile.
‘Can I come then?’ You asked, flashing your eyelashes a little to fast in the hope it would look innocent. He embraced your face with his dirty hands and pressed a kiss on your forehead.
‘Off course, you should come.’ He announced before scratching his hand through Ubbe his hair. ‘You to.’
‘They are just boys Ragnar.’ Aslaug got into it. And that was your moment to leave. You walked back to the shed where your stallion waited and pulled yourself back in the saddle after untying him. You looked up to the docks where King Harald jumped out of his ship and greeted Ragnar with to much manors. He was followed by another man, his face just as tattooed like Harald himself, half shaved head with blond half long hair at the other half. His smile after his brother introduced him made you look a little longer. The man started to look around, you being on a horse putted that attention right at you. He just looked, like you did, holding each other’s eyes caged before you clicked your tongue and the stallion started to move again.

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Derealisation - Mild Dissociation.

I find derealisation the scariest.
Yeah, it’s scary to lose time, to blank out for an hour or so and wonder hoe the fuck you got there.

But derealisation…
It’s fucking awful. You can just be walking along or sitting quietly, and it hits you. Nothing around you is real. You’re numb and tingling.
People’s voices are so distant and quiet that you’ll be nodding along and you’ll later have to ask them to repeat…. Or you just vaguely answer, or don’t bother.
Things around you don’t seem real. It’s like you’ve fallen into the TV set and if you touch anything, it will just vanish like dust. (Which is reinforced by the fact you’re numb and tingly.)
Your thoughts are fuzzy, if you can think at all, and are clouded by the sheer panic of being unreal.

It feels like you’re high, but not in the way that makes you smile and laugh and love, the type of way that makes you dead and cold and trapped in an emotioneless vessel.

The worst of it though, is nobody can see.
The stereotype of dissociation id an unresponsive life form that has no clue you are there… And yes, in extreme dissociated states it’s true.
But because you can look at people, follow instruction (but not well), fake a smile, nobody can see.
And if you say “I’ve dissociated” nobody will believe you.
Because of the stereotype.

And if you can’t ground yourself, and you can’t ask anybody to ground you….

You’re trapped in a numb, tingly, dizzy, faint and unrealistic bubble that can last for hours, even all day.

And that’s why Derealisation is the scariest.

Served Best Cold

Nesta receives many unexpected customers while working at the restaurant. When the evening takes a surprising turn Nesta must maneuver her way out of a situation that can cost her too much than she can afford. By the end of the night she’ll lose more than she ever thought possible.

I do want to place a warning for people that have been in abusive relationships. This chapter isn’t graphic by any means, but there are some violent parts that might be slightly upsetting. I know people have varying reactions to this type of situation and I just want to make sure you understand the journey ahead and for future chapters.

P.S. Also if work place harassment upsets you this is another warning. I can’t speak for everyone, but I’ve had to deal with varying degrees of this when I worked as a waitress, front desk staff worker in college and at another place known as the “Most Magical Place on Earth”. Trust me guys. It happens. 

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21

The dinner crowd at the restaurant was one of the busiest so far. Around the holidays a swarm of people flocked to the location by couples or large groups.

Nesta had lost track of how many tables she had waited on since she started at noon. Tonight was a long shift, but within two hours she would be done for the night.

“Nesta,” Mrs. Laurent addressed her near the kitchen doors. Her voice was stern and seeped with rigidity.

It was a well-known fact that around the holidays Mrs. Laurent would dismiss any of her workers if they made multiple mistakes during a peak business season. So far two had been cut from the staff.

“What is it,” Nesta asked. She knew full well that she had not been making any errors in orders. Why would the manager be calling her for a talk?

“I need you to serve an important table,” Mrs. Laurent said. “These business people come from an extremely well-known company in Prythian and I want you to handle them.”

“Shouldn’t Marlene or Jane be getting the next tables? Currently I’m already working on-”

“They would be if they weren’t already fawning over the customers,” Mrs. Laurent said. “Many of them are quite handsome and I know I can trust you not to make a fool of yourself by making advances on them.”

“Oh.” Nesta blinked. “Well then I suppose I can take the table since my last few are finishing up their meals.”

“Excellent. The party is waiting for you to seat them,” Mrs. Laurent left Nesta standing there a bit bemused by what had occurred.

Are these people that good-looking?

Nesta shook her head and strode to the host podium in her small black heels. When she rounded the corner to the restaurant’s entrance she almost tripped at the sight that greeted her.

Rhysand, Cassian, Amren and a few other men stood at the podium.

Nesta could see why the other waitresses wanted this group. Each of them was dressed in business casual. Cassian’s form captured Nesta’s attention the most though since his hair was loose in soft waves reaching his shoulders and the grey button down shirt looked far too good hugging the contours of his muscles. Nesta wondered how easy it would be to take off that shirt and have her hands touching the skin beneath.

She dashed the thought away before she ended up making a fool of herself. Taking a deep breath she prepared herself.

“Good evening and welcome,” Nesta greeted with a smile she always used for customers. Instinct took over as she put on her waitress role with forced smiles and an enthusiastic voice that made Nesta want to rip out her voice box. Sadly her true personality never made customers happy so she resorted to the façade that would please others and thus make her earn better tips.

Cassian turned around with a shit-eating grin. Nesta knew he was up to something.

“Are you our waitress for the night lovely lady,” Cassian asked with mirth.

“I am and if you would follow me I’ll be taking you to your table,” Nesta said brightly. She made sure to give Cassian a pointed questioning look. Why of all places was he here?

As Nesta led the way past other tables full of eating customers Rhysand spoke up.

“Cassian told us about this place and requested that he and his security team dine here for the evening as part of their reward bonus this quarter.”

“Did he?” Nesta had told Cassian once where she worked and he always kept telling her that he wanted to see her in action at work. Of course Nesta kept making excuses as to why he shouldn’t go. She merely didn’t want him to see her working at a place that tested her strength each day as she acted extremely perky and enthused when in reality she couldn’t care less if a customer was pissed that they only got three slices of tomato instead of four.

Nesta placed the group next to the window overlooking the city. The table seated eight, which was perfect for their group. As all of them took a seat Rhysand leaned slightly closer to Nesta, but his voice carried across the table where Cassian sat.

“Although if we’re being honest I think he came to see a particular person that has been in his head lately,” Rhysand said with a smile.

“Both his little heads,” Amren added and made a vague gesture around her head and lower half of her body.

Nesta chuckled, but Cassian shot a dark look at Amren.

“Or maybe he was hungry for something else other than his home-cooking,” Nesta said and brought out her pen and small pad of paper to write drink orders.

“You could say I am hungry for something else indeed,” Cassian winked at Nesta who rolled her eyes yet the hint of smile tugged at her lips. Cassian saw the movement and his eyes shone with laughter.

He was going to make her smile for real tonight. Not one of those fake smiles reserved for other customers, but a true one. Cassian knew she was just playing a role reserved for what her job entailed. The urge to let the true Nesta seep out was rising with each passing second. He wanted Nesta bantering with him and shooting him playful looks when no one was watching like she usually did.

“What will you all be having to drink?” Nesta poised her pen and started jotting down each beverage that was requested. “They will be out in a moment so take your time looking over the menu.”

Nesta left her party to grab the drinks. When she made it back to the kitchen Clare stopped her on the way inside.

“Nesta I have a huge favor to ask,” Clare said and fidgeted her fingers nervously.

“What is it?” Nesta asked with true concern. Clare never usually acted this way. She was hired not too long after Nesta and was a seasoned pro at her job.

“This party of five men just came in and I’ve already got their drinks, but they keep trying to touch me and they say such rude things.”

“Did you tell Mrs. Laurent?” The manager did not take kindly to the harassment of her staff. Surely she could come out here and deal with this.

“I would, but I’ve already got two strikes and I don’t want her to fire me considering the mood she’s been in lately.”

“She won’t fire you over this,” Nesta said.

“Yes she will. These men – they’re from Hybern,” Clare cringed at the business name.

“Shit,” Nesta swore. Hybern always got away with this each year when the group came for their meals. Mrs. Laurent always claimed they could do no wrong since she personally knows many of the workers.

Two years ago one waitress came forward about the harassment and was scolded for it. There was no evidence and the men had made quite a complaint with Mrs. Laurent when the accusations were brought forth.

That girl ended up quitting, but Nesta always had the feeling that she was going to be fired regardless from that event.

“I would ask one of the other waiters, but none of the male waiters are here tonight and honestly I think you’re the only one that can handle this group. Please Nesta can you swap me tables, I’ll do all your tables for the rest of the night if that’s what it takes,” Clare pleadingly glanced back at the table she wanted to avoid.

“Mrs. Laurent personally assigned me to a table so I don’t think –” Nesta was about to explain why she couldn’t, but the dimming hope in Clare’s eyes made her stop.

Nesta closed her eyes and counted backwards from five. She hoped she wouldn’t regret this later on.

“Ok let’s swap my recent table for the bastards table you got,” Nesta said. “You need to make sure though that Mrs. Laurent doesn’t see you serving my table though or else we both are in for it.”

“Thank you Nesta!” Clare hugged Nesta and the two swapped the current orders they had.

Nesta went to the kitchen and grabbed the first set of dishes full of food. There were so many plates for just five men and Nesta could already imagine how much food was going to be wasted.

She placed most of the plates onto a tray and hefted it onto her shoulder before striding back into the dining area. On her way she passed by Cassian’s table as Clare gave them all their drinks.

Nesta caught the confused expression on Cassian’s face at the new waitress. His eyes searched for Nesta until he spotted her walking by with the large tray heading for a table a few spaces down. He continued to watch her until he noticed where she was heading. His fists clenched tightly under the table. He knew exactly who the pricks at the table were.


The Hybern men immediately questioned Nesta upon arriving at the table.

“Where’s that cute little server from awhile ago?” One of them asked.

“Was she scared that we would bite? Not that I’m saying I wasn’t tempted.” Another chuckled and showed off his teeth to show that his little joke had underlying truth to it.

“Well at least this lovely lady wouldn’t mind I bet. Would you doll?” The third leaned closer, but Nesta simply stared him down with disinterest.

She took a deep breath and began serving plates. “I’ll be your waitress for the remainder of the evening.”

“Oh?” A man with brown eyes and matching hair raised a brow. “Is that so?”

“Might as well cut to the chase and ask her when she gets off work. We all know that’s what you really want to know Jurian.” Knowing looks were shared around the table by the men.

The corner of Jurian’s lips raised in a slight smile. “You know I always have dinner before the fun,” Jurian glanced up at Nesta. “Why don’t you be a good girl and get me the rest of my food.”

Nesta left without a word before her temper got the better of her. Upon her return with the last batch of dishes the men stopped talking.

Jurian looked toward her chest and Nesta crossed her arms making it clear that she didn’t want him staring.

“She does have nice ones right Jurian?” A man nodded to Nesta noticing how long Jurian had been looking at her breasts. “I prefer big ones myself, but not to big that you can suffocate,” The man whispered. Of course his wheezy voice was loud enough that Nesta could still catch the words.

“Archeron,” Jurian said a bit puzzled at the nametag on Nesta’s shirt. “Are you related to Feyre Archeron by any chance?” The men hushed at Jurian’s words.

Nesta kept a neutral face. Feyre would never associate with men like those from Hybern. If they knew Feyre then it could only mean trouble for Nesta.

“Is she a friend of yours?” Nesta parried with another question. Anything to buy time so she could set down the last plates.

“I asked you first,” Jurian tapped his fingers on the table impatiently waiting for a response.

Before Nesta could answer a hand gripped her waist. The unexpected touch made Nesta stiffen. Fingers pressed tighter and a voice from her nightmares spoke just above her ear.

“It’s been a long time Nesta.”

Slowly Nesta turned her head and was greeted by the sight of Tomas. A boy who should be hundreds of miles away. A boy who shouldn’t know where she was. A monster that now had her in his sights.

“Should have guessed you would be working in a place like this,” Tomas said with a glance around the restaurant.

“What?” Nesta was completely confused. Tomas being here had warped all thoughts except the one that was screaming at her to get as far away as possible.

Tomas gestured to her clothes. “You serving people. That’s pretty much one of the only things your good at.” His hand glided down further and the veiled meaning behind the words was clear.

Nesta pulled away from Tomas and felt the urge to scrub away the contact. “You can’t be here.” You should be far away and gone from my life forever.

“Why not?” Tomas smiled as if he had won some sort of sick game.

“Only customers are allowed to be seated and this restaurant does not accept walk-ins for dinner. You need to have a reservation.” Nesta looked forward to having this bastard kicked out.

“Perhaps you should watch that tone of yours,” Jurian interrupted. “Mr. Mandray is my guest who is joining us tonight. You best treat him with the utmost respect or I will call the manager to fix any issues that arise.”

“You hear that Nesta,” Tomas continued to smile. He knew he had the advantage. “Be respectful. If you can handle it with that venomous mouth of yours.”

Nesta clenched the tray in her hands. Her knuckles turned white as she frowned darkly at Tomas.

“Did you hear him,” Jurian questioned. “If so then answer.”

The men at the table snickered at the silent battle waging between Nesta and Tomas. She wanted to do nothing more than bash his head with the tray. Or toss him out the glass windows.

“I heard,” Nesta clipped out. She made to turn away, but Tomas gave a loud cough catching her attention along with a couple of nearby tables.

Cassian, who had been closely watching the situation unfold, was now glaring daggers at the newcomer at Hybern’s table. It seemed as if they knew each other, but the look of shock and a flash of fear in Nesta’s eyes set Cassian on edge. Clearly she did not want to be around the man. He couldn’t hear the conversation at the beginning, but once the man coughed Cassian caught the next words with ease.

“Say that a little more nicely,” Tomas said. “I want to make sure I’m not just imagining things and that Nesta Archeron actually has a soul in that cold heart of hers.”

An angry flush crawled up Nesta’s neck. People began whispering and the risk of Mrs. Laurent coming out to investigate would mean trouble.

 “I said,” Nesta spoke up a bit louder and slower as if Tomas were a child. “I heard you.”

Tomas exaggeratedly pondered her words. His index finger tapped his chapped bottom lip. “I suppose that’s good enough for now. Next time though be sure to say ‘sir’ or maybe something a bit sweeter. I’ll also have water to drink.”

“Your water will be out later,” Nesta began to turn away, but Tomas coughed again. The loudness made Nesta cringe.

“I think you’re missing something on the end of that sentence,” Tomas said thoroughly enjoying watching Nesta struggle with restraint to give into the fury.

“Your water will be out later sir,” Nesta added icily as customers next to her shivered at the coldness in which she delivered the statement.

“That’s better,” Tomas said before taking his seat. He watched Nesta leave and attentively focused on her backside where her curves were.

From Cassian’s table Rhysand was now watching the action unfolding as well.

“Rhys,” Cassian’s voice resembled a growl. After seeing Nesta try to be humiliated by Tomas it was becoming difficult for Cassian to remain calm. “We can’t let them do this. I won’t let them do that to her.”

“I know what you’re thinking, but you can’t storm over there and create a warzone,” Rhysand said calmly. “First I’ll talk with the manager and –”

“You can’t!” Clare squeaked out as she finished taking their meal orders. Realizing her abrupt comment was uncalled for she covered her mouth wishing to take back the words.

“Why the hell not?” Amren took a sip of blood red wine from her glass. Her short glossy black hair shimmered in the light as she pushed strands out of her narrow cat-like eyes.

“Well…we’ve tried to talk with the manager before about Hybern since they are known for…well what you just saw and worse,” Clare said softly not wanting to be heard by other tables. “She knows most of the people from Hybern and refuses to believe the complaints made toward them. The last person that tried to call them out ended up getting fired. Well she technically ‘quit’, but we all know that she was going to get fired if she didn’t.”

“You’re joking,” Cassian looked back at Hybern’s table. “I mean I don’t doubt the complaints, but your manager makes you put up with that shit?”

“If the manager finds out then Nesta and I will get in trouble since we swapped tables,” Clare fidgeted with her pen. “Hopefully they eat quickly and then we don’t have to deal with them for awhile.”

“This needs to be addressed now,” Rhysand reasoned. “If not it will keep happening.”

“Mrs. Laurent won’t believe us though,” Clare then saw Mrs. Laurent making her way through table rounds. “I have to go. If she sees me here she will be upset since she’ll know Nesta and I swapped tables.” Clare quickly left to give the chefs the latest orders.

As Clare went into the kitchen Nesta came out with a glass of water.

Just get this over with and you’ll be home free soon.

Nesta wove around crowded tables until she reached the one place in the world she didn’t want to be.

“Took you long enough,” one of the men said as she set down the glass of water in front of Tomas. She didn’t look at any of the table’s occupants.

“Have you decided on an order?” Nesta poised her pen to write on the paper. Too bad she couldn’t plant the pen into Tomas’s smirking face.

“I can think of one that involves you, me and this table,” Tomas smiled as if this was a normal conversation and not vulgar harassment.

“Does it involve me bashing your face into a fork if you don’t pick out some food?” Nesta said without thinking.

“Now that wasn’t polite,” Tomas leaned forward and it took all of Nesta’s willpower not to startle backwards from the motion. “I believe an apology is in order if you are so keen on demanding orders.”

If he thought that wasn’t polite he had another thing coming. Nesta ignored him and waited for him to choose what he wanted to eat.

“You heard him,” Jurian’s voice raised the hair on Nesta’s neck. “Apologize.” It was given as an order.

Nesta shot Jurian a narrow glance. His brown eyes were enjoying the sight of her inner struggle. Feeding off of how uncomfortable this situation was for her.

“Sorry,” Nesta’s words a smooth poisoned blade ready for attack. “Perhaps if you can’t handle the way I treat improper behavior of customers then you should act with more respect.”

Jurian’s hand twitched into a fist. “I think it’s you who needs to be taught respect.”

A silent standoff between Jurian and Nesta began to unfold.

“Get me the steak dinner with a baked potato and soup,” Tomas interrupted. He was not pleased that Jurian stole Nesta’s attention away. “And you know how I like my meat handled Nesta. Don’t mess it up.” A suggestive grin from Tomas earned him a few laughs from the men at the table.

“You heard the man. Go handle his meat how he wants it,” one rudely guffawed and Nesta was mortified by the stares people were sending her.

Nesta walked away and didn’t dare stray away from her path to the kitchen. She didn’t want to see the looks people were giving her. Nesta could only imagine what Cassian was thinking right now. Of all the days he had to be here it was when she was facing her worst day on the job.

After handing in the latest order to the kitchen staff a small tap on Nesta’s shoulder caught her attention.

“The man with the long dark hair at the table wants you to refill their drinks,” Clare pointed to the Velaris table. Cassian sat with furrowed brows staring at Tomas. It appeared as if Cassian was sizing him up.

Nesta’s eyes widened in shock. What if found out that was Tomas was the man that almost raped her? Cassian had a perceptive mind. He was sure to put the pieces together if he went searching for more answers.

Nesta had to make sure to prevent that. If Cassian started a fight over her then he would get in trouble. And he didn’t deserve that. Tomas wasn’t worth it no matter how bad he hurt her. Cassian should never face punishment for defending her. Nesta could only imagine the damage that would be done if Cassian held to his promise during their first boxing session

“I’d make them wish they never hurt you. They would see what would happen when all their bones are broken.”

“Nesta?” Clare broke her concentration.

“I’m a bit busy dealing with the bastards at my table,” Nesta tiredly rubbed her eyes.

“But he really wants to see you,” Clare said. “Besides you have to wait for your latest food order to get done anyway. Why don’t you help me carry out these plates?”

“Fine,” Nesta sighed before proceeding to carry a few plates on her arm while Clare grabbed the rest. They stepped back out of the kitchen and made their way to the Velaris table. Nesta’s waitress persona was in full effect. She couldn’t let Cassian know how rattled she was with her latest table of moronic assholes.

Rhys and the others smiled when they saw their food. Clare quickly began placing dishes in front of each respective customer who ordered it.

“Who ordered the herb-roasted chicken?” Nesta’s upbeat tone masked the worry she was currently feeling.

“That would be me,” Cassian said. His eyes never leaving hers.

“Here you go,” Nesta reached in front of him to set the plate down. His hand rose to help her lower the plate, even though she had it under control. Unlike the emotions that were beating inside her walls.

His large hand cupped hers and together they eased the plate onto the table. His fingers lingered and gently encased her in warmth.

“I’m tempted to steal you away,” Cassian smiled. “Considering how my time with you was taken away by people who don’t see what they’re up against.”

“I’m on the job,” Nesta stated and slowly eased her hand out of his even though she wanted to stay there the whole evening with him.  “You can’t expect me to sit down and chat with you anyway,”

“But you know you want to,” Cassian said as if he could see right through her words. “Besides how could anyone resist this?” He gestured to himself with a grin. Amren scoffed across the table and the men at the table chuckled at Cassian’s antics.

“That’s easy. The moment you open your mouth people go running to the hills,” Nesta’s mouth shifted into a true smile.

Amren laughed. “Casanova Cassian’s charm is no match for the Ice Queen.”

Nesta coughed to cover up the laugh that escaped her lips. She could always rely on Amren to back her up in baiting Cassian.

“I would say my mouth is my best quality,” Cassian crooned until Nesta gently tapped the back of his chair with a menu.

“Behave yourself. You’re in a fine establishment,” Nesta quirked a brow and her eyes brightened with a teasing glint.

“What happens to customers who don’t behave?” Cassian flirted.

“They don’t get dessert,” Nesta implied with a faint smile. The double meaning was not lost to Cassian whose eyes darkened in lust.

“Not at the table,” Rhys interrupted before reaching for his drink.

“Funny you should mention that Rhys,” Amren coolly added. “I remember something about you, Feyre and a table if I’m not mistaken.”

Rhysand almost choked on his drink.

“I better get back to work,” Nesta did not want to hear the story behind her sister and Rhysand involving a table.

“Wait,” Cassian turned and Nesta stopped at the change in his demeanor. Cassian’s eyes were full of concern. “If those men at that table don’t stop harassing you-”

“I can handle myself,” Nesta didn’t need to ask which people he was talking about. “It’s not like I’ve had to handle people like them before.” Nesta didn’t risk a glance at Tomas, but Cassian did. He was trying to connect how he and Nesta knew each other from their previous interaction.

“Nesta-” Cassian tried again.

“Please Cassian stay out of this. It will only provoke them if another person gets involved.” In truth Nesta knew if Cassian went over there it was going to turn into a battleground. She gave Cassian a small smile hoping to ease his worry.

Cassian was silent. Eyes weighing the honesty and hidden thoughts that Nesta was trying to keep from him. With a sigh he conceded. For now.

“Just come back soon,” Cassian said with a returning smile. “Don’t want you to miss me.”

Nesta bit her bottom of her lip to prevent another sentence from being released. As much as she loved this battle and dance with words Nesta needed to get back to work.

Cassian could see it though. She still wanted to play. We’ll continue this later.

Nesta nodded and it was almost as if she had heard his thought.

Across the room Jurian was watching the exchange with interest. He recognized Rhysand, Cassian and Amren from Velaris, Hybern’s competitor that almost completely destroyed their company. The waitress, Nesta Archeron, knew the trio.

This left a perfect opportunity to taunt Rhysand for making Hybern suffer heavy losses from a business deal gone bad. Although the lawsuit ended up bringing quite a few more illegal activities that Hybern was involved in. It was only a stroke of luck that the once dominating company was still barely even keeping afloat today.

Tomas however was confused by how familiar Nesta acted with the group from the other table. She was never friendly back in their hometown. Yet here she was smiling and what appeared to be laughing with those customers.

And then there was the matter of that man and Nesta flirting with each other. Tomas could tell what was going on. Nesta and this other man were looking at each other as if the rest of the restaurant didn’t even exist.

Tomas glared at Nesta as she walked away from the man with an easy smile on both their lips. Tomas flexed his hand underneath the table as the couple was oblivious to being watched.

She’ll learn soon enough what happens when you try to leave me for someone else. Maybe a lesson like Dad always mentions when Mom threatens to take off.

Nesta was unaware of the two increasing dangers that were sitting at the Hybern table when she returned with Tomas’s food. Her experienced hand at serving dishes allowed her to give Tomas his meal in record time.

Now all she had to do was check up on them on brief and rare occasions now that all the food was served. At this point she usually told customers to enjoy the food, but Nesta figured she might accidentally tell Tomas to choke on his food instead.

Just walk away Nesta. Don’t waste more time with them.

“Hold on,” Jurian said. “You’re not going to even speak with us before you go running off?”

“I don’t want to disturb your meal,” Nesta stonily replied holding down Jurian’s stare. She would not cower from this man.

“But you were talking with that other table so much,” Jurian vaguely motioned his hand to where Rhys and the others were. “You’re making us feel neglected when you give them all your attention.”

“Sorry you feel that way,” Nesta’s tone didn’t sound apologetic in the least. “You keep similar friends,” Nesta sneaked a glance at Tomas, “around your table so I assumed you would be fine to talk among yourselves.” And not bother me or anyone else.

“Is that so? And does that mean those people over there are your friends?” Jurian asked. It may have been a friendly question, but coming from Jurian it was anything but that.

“Why are you so concerned about who I keep in my company when you should be focused on your own,” Nesta was tired of keeping this conversation. “Excuse me while I go check on my other tables.”

“You’re not excused,” Tomas said with his shoulders tensed. He was ready to pounce and Nesta’s stomach began to churn at his tone.

“What was that?” Nesta kept up her composure.

“You think you can go back to that table and be with him?” Tomas said under his breath, but Nesta, Jurian and the other men heard him.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Let me guess. Are you fucking him? I don’t see why he would considering you’re nothing, but a little pathetic girl who doesn’t know when to shut her mouth.” Tomas’s voice was rising and two couples at different tables turned to look at them in shock.

Nesta tried to defuse the situation while keeping a lid on her own rage that was starting to boil. “My personal life is not your business,” Nesta said keeping her voice down so other tables didn’t notice what was going on.

“It is considering you’re my girlfriend,” Tomas clenched his fists. The action caught Nesta’s eyes. She had to put a stop to this nonsense.

“I am not your girlfriend. And I will never be your girlfriend,” Nesta stated clearly. “We are not compatible in the slightest and if you don’t settle down I will have you escorted out of here immediately.”

Tomas seethed in his seat and the Hybern businessmen watched the event unfolding in front of them in shock. Jurian had the audacity to look amused by the whole thing.

Nesta began to step away seeing as the conversation was finished. Suddenly Tomas snatched her hand and roughly tugged her back. The unexpected action pulled Nesta’s hip into the table and caused the plates to rattle at the force.

The noise drew more customer attention. Cassian, who had been watching since the beginning, had seen Nesta being forcibly pulled. He quickly rose from his table with Rhysand swiftly grabbing his elbow.

“You can’t charge over there,” Rhysand reasoned. “Let me get her away before you start throwing punches.”

“She needs me,” Cassian tried to pull his arm out of Rhysand’s firm hold.

“And you’ll be needing bail money when you get taken away for beating someone up.”

“It may be a murder charge if he doesn’t let her go,” Cassian ground out with eyes never straying from Nesta as she tried to pull her hand away from the bastard’s vise grip.

At the Hybern table Tomas refused to relinquish his painful restraint.

“Let. Me. Go.” Nesta’s mouth was set in an angry expression. If Tomas didn’t release her then he was going to regret ever laying his hands on her.

“Maybe I should go visit your little sister Elain,” Tomas laughed darkly. “If you’re so set on that piece of trash over there then I can take your sister out instead. Maybe she can finish what we only started.”

Memories of Tomas forcing himself onto Nesta flashed across her mind. “You will never go near her,” Nesta fiercely said. “If you so much as even try I swear you’ll regret it.”

“Is that so? Why should it matter if you’re fucking that idiot?” Tomas squeezed his hand tighter and Nesta winced in pain. At this point she could hear Cassian’s voice getting closer.

“You’re such a whoring bitch like your sister Feyre,” Tomas spat out.

That insult was the final crack that broke the wall containing her rage. Nesta’s fist came up and punched Tomas in the face. She heard the crunch of it and the noise spurred her on. So many years of pent of fear and anger was finally being released.

“Don’t you ever say that about my sister!” Her words were a battle cry as she gave Tomas another hit to his jaw that sent him falling out of his chair. His grip didn’t release and Nesta tumbled forward clipping the table and sending a wine glass shattering onto her shoulder.

Dimly she heard shards of broken glass fall to the floor and people crying out in surprise.

Tomas struggled with Nesta until he rolled her onto the ground. She saw him raise his fist.

“This is what I should have done years ago,” Tomas’s mad eyes flared as he swung down.

Shouts rang out and Nesta brought her arms up to block the punch.

For seconds she waited for the blow to strike her, but it never came. The weight of Tomas was wrenched off her body and tossed to the side.

Strong arms grasped her shoulders and pulled her forward into a broad chest. His scent filled Nesta’s senses as one of his hands held the back of her head tenderly.

“Are you alright?” Cassian’s breath ghosted the top of Nesta’s hair.

Nesta didn’t trust her voice to waver and instead nodded. Her cheek rubbed against his chest at the movement. She shakily placed her hands on his forearms to anchor down from the storm that had been brewing inside her.

“You fucking bastard. This is between Nesta and me.” Tomas groaned feet away. Cassian had thrown him off Nesta with so much force the wind was knocked out of Tomas.

“Keep talking and next time I’ll throw you out the window,” Cassian growled out. Nesta could feel the rumble of his voice. She risked a glance up and saw that Cassian’s usual easy-going and smiling expression had transformed into lethal rage.

“What is the meaning of this?!” Mrs. Laurent approached. She looked beyond pissed as she took in the mess before her.

Nesta hurried to stand and took a small step back from Cassian. One of his arms remained on her back to steady her.

“Mrs. Laurent-”  Nesta tried to begin explaining.

“She attacked me!” Tomas interrupted.

“Not without reason,” Cassian shot Tomas a death glare. “He provoked her.”

“Cassian stop,” Nesta whispered. “I can explain myself.”

“Then you better have a good reason why this is happening Archeron,” Mrs. Laurent crossed her arms and customers watch in morbid awe of the show before.

“This man,” Nesta motioned to Tomas, “and those at the Hybern table were harassing me. Tomas got physical and that is when I tried to free myself.”

“And why were you even at this table? I specifically assigned you elsewhere,” Mrs. Laurent scanned the area. “Where is Miss Beddor? She has explaining to do as well.”

“I’m here ma’am,” Clare stepped forward nervously.

“Why is Nesta serving at your table?” Mrs. Laurent asked stonily.

“We swapped tables, because the men I was originally serving were saying insulting things to me.”

“And can either of you prove these allegations?” Mrs. Laurent asked with a raised brow.

Nesta heard Clare suck in a breath. This is what they had wanted to avoid. There was no way in hell Mrs. Laurent would side with them if there was no way to prove their innocence.

“We could hear some of the comments from our table,” Rhysand spoke with authority. He must have followed Cassian over in case he needed to stop him from beating Tomas to a bloody mess.

Mrs. Laurent looked shocked to see Rhysand. “Oh. And did anyone else hear anything?”

A few nearby table raised their hands and told Mrs. Laurent that they heard Tomas and most of his words, but in terms of the other men at the table they couldn’t hear them well enough to catch what was said.

“So it seems as though you were the main cause of this fiasco,” Mrs. Laurent turned to Tomas who was now standing on shaken legs.

“Only because Nesta was treating me with the same courtesy,” Tomas said with hate directed at Nesta. Cassian leaned forward to block her from his sight.

“He’s telling the truth,” Jurian spoke for the first time during the questioning. His eyes glinted and his smile was directed at Cassian and Rhysand. Revenge was in his grasp.

“You’re not serious,” Nesta incredulously turned to Jurian. “I said nothing to deserve what Tomas did.”

“Are you sure about that?” Jurian turned his cunning smile on her. “I remember how rude you acted toward all of us at this table. Tomas especially.” Jurian shrugged as if this was expected. “Although I’m not sure why you two were acting so violently considering you’re a couple.”

“He’s not my boyfriend!” Nesta clenched her teeth. “He’s a mistake I regret ever having met.”

“Do not raise your voice Archeron,” Mrs. Laurent sternly said. “And I expect you to apologize to these men right now for you behavior.”

“Excuse me?” Nesta incredulously turned to her boss.

“Why should she apologize for something that is not her fault?” Cassian questioned fiercely.

“She has to pay for her actions,” Mrs. Laurent solely watched Nesta. “I do not tolerate such conduct from my staff.”

This was it. Mrs. Laurent drew the line in the sand. If Nesta didn’t apologize then she was risking her job. But if she did her pride would be crushed all because of filth like Tomas and Jurian.

Nesta bit her lip. If she lost this job then there was no way to help pay for her schooling and apartment rent. Sure she had money saved up, but it wouldn’t last more than three months.

“Nesta?” Mrs. Laurent impatiently tapped a finger on her arm.  “We are waiting.”

Nesta had to take care of Elain. Even if that meant tossing her pride and dignity aside for the sake of her little sister. She couldn’t fail her like she failed Feyre.

“I…I’m sorry,” Nesta choked out as if the words caused her pain. “I shouldn’t have let my emotions get the better of me.”

“No,” Cassian suddenly turned on Nesta and held her shoulders. “This is not your fault. Do you hear me Nesta?”

“I can’t risk it,” Nesta breathed. “If I lose my job over something like this…then…” Nesta didn’t want to voice her fears, but Cassian understood. His jaw clenched at seeing Nesta backed into a corner.

“Now that we have that settled,” Mrs. Laurent nodded to security that arrived. She pointed to Tomas and two of the men began to lead him out.

Nesta sighed in relief at seeing Tomas ushered toward the exit. Hopefully that was the last time she would ever see him again.

As she watched him leave Nesta failed to see that Mrs. Laurent also directed security to her as well.

“You will also be escorted out Archeron,” Mrs. Laurent said.

“What?” Nesta’s eyes widened in shock as one guard walked toward her. Cassian’s put himself between her and the approaching man.

“I can’t allow employees that cause such a disruption to remain here,” Mrs. Laurent face showed slight sadness at the prospect of losing Nesta who was one of her best workers. “There can be no exceptions.”

“But I thought that if I apologized…” Nesta trailed off.

Mrs. Laurent shook her head. “It was for your benefit so you wouldn’t feel guilty later on for your actions toward our guests. Having the opportunity to apologize will be better for your conscience.”

This couldn’t be happening. She was still getting fired. There was no point in apologizing to those undeserving bastards in the first place.

“Mrs. Laurent please reconsider,” Nesta pleaded. She hated it. This complete and utter display of weakness, but she had to do something. This job was the main source of income for Nesta to provide for her and Elain.

“I’m sorry Nesta, but you must leave,” Mrs. Laurent said. “I’ll deliver your last check in the mail. Don’t forget to grab your personal belongings on the way out.”

“That’s bullshit,” Cassian ground out. Rhysand grabbed his arm to prevent him from doing something drastic.

“Cassian you need to back off,” Rhys steadily commanded. “You’re only going to make things more hard for Nesta.”

Cassian’s head swiveled back to look at Nesta who was frozen in shock. Still trying to comprehend how her life had taken such a turn.

The security guard made to grab her elbow, but she jerkily pulled away before he made contact.

“I can walk myself out,” Nesta fixated a stern look at the guard who looked a bit unnerved. He followed her to the exit as she strode passed him. Nesta kept her head held high even though whispers followed her out the doors.

“I apologize for the inconvenience ladies and gentlemen,” Mrs. Laurent said to the customers. “Please enjoy the rest of your evening meal.”

Cassian eyed the door where Nesta left.

“Is there anything wrong sir?” Mrs. Laurent broke his concentration.

“Yes there is,” Cassian frowned at the manager. “You’re wrong. And so are these Hybern customers who harassed not only Nesta, but your staff for the past few years.”

“You have no idea-”

“Don’t,” Cassian fumed and set a determined look toward Mrs. Laurent. Hazel eyes still simmering in anger. “Don’t you dare say that we don’t know what’s going on. You’re the only one here that is blind to see what’s been happening.”

Mrs. Laurent looked ready to argue, but Rhysand stepped forward immediately drawing attention to his form.

“I think some dessert is in order to take the bitterness out of this situation don’t you think?” Rhysand smiled innocently at the manager who instantly became placated by the smoothness of Rhysand’s words.

“Let me personally have some dessert menus delivered to your table,” Mrs. Laurent walked off leaving a fuming Cassian and relaxed Rhysand.

Casually Rhysand began to make his way back to his table, but he placed a hand on Cassian’s shoulder. Grounding him to not make any rash decisions with Jurian smirking at them in triumphant at what had transpired before him.

“Go to her,” Rhysand didn’t have to say whom he meant. His next words were a quiet warning for Cassian’s ears only. “Do not go after that man.”

Cassian clenched his fists. That man, Tomas, was a monster. The urge – no the need to punish him for what he did to Nesta was impossible to defy.

“We need more background on him before we can pursue any legal action,” Rhysand finished softly. They would make Tomas pay. Not now, but in due time when the evidence was stacked in their favor. Rhysand and the others would make sure of it. Cassian just had to be patient until they could take the bastard down.

“Fine,” Cassian understood, but that didn’t mean he liked waiting. “I won’t touch him.”

“Or talk to him,” Rhysand knew his friend who was more like a brother to him. Cassian was known for brute strength, but his words were also a force to be reckoned with. Especially when those he loved were involved. And Nesta had become increasingly precious to Cassian over the past few months.

“We can’t let them get away with this,” Cassian said.

“And they won’t,” Rhysand agreed. He patted Cassian’s shoulder once before returning to his table.

Cassian then left the restaurant to find Nesta. He had to ask around before another server told him that she had already grabbed her belongings and was heading to the exit that led outside.

After doubling back Cassian made his way through the waiting area where people stood in-line to walk in for their reservations. It didn’t take him long to see over the people’s heads and spot Nesta already walking out the doors into the already darkened Prythian streets.

He quickened his pace and rushed out the doors. Nesta continued walking down the sidewalk with her arms curled around her body. The dark grey pea coat she wore billowed against a rough gust of wind.

“Nesta! Wait!” Cassian called. His voice caused her to stop, but she didn’t turn. Her shoulders stiffened in preparation of whatever he was about to say.

He approached and moved to stand at her side. “Nesta let me take you home.”

She turned to him then. Her face hard set in a neutral expression. Wall after wall was fortified against the onslaught of emotions in order to keep them inside to where no one could see them.

But Cassian knew. He could tell she was furious and upset. Most of all he understood that deep down she was suffering. From losing her job and what it meant combined with what she thought was a loss of dignity after apologizing to Jurian and the others.

It made him want to make Tomas and those other bastards beg for her forgiveness. He wanted to tuck her into his chest and let her release the emotions she was bottling up.

“Cassian I’m fine,” Nesta’s posture solid against the winter wind. “No need to worry about it.”

“Stop saying you’re fine when we both know it’s not,” Cassian rubbed a hand up her forearm. It was then that he noticed he had walked outside without grabbing his jacket and other items.

“Well there’s nothing that will change the past,” Nesta looked away from Cassian. She stared down the sidewalk with contempt. “I’ll just have to adjust and move forward.”

“I should have intervened earlier,” Cassian admitted. He could tell they were riling her up each time she had gone to their table.

“No,” Nesta shook her head and looked back at Cassian. “If you had gotten there any earlier I imagine it would have ended a lot messier than what it did.”

“Your shoulder,” Cassian glanced at where the glass had shattered on her. Beneath the jacket though he couldn’t tell if she was injured.

“I don’t have any battle scars if that’s what you’re trying to get at,” Nesta rolled her shoulder with ease. Not the slightest bit of pain showed on her face. Then again she was known for masking her feelings.

“I’d feel a lot better if you would let me drive you back to your apartment,” Cassian repeated. “Then I will check that shoulder myself to make sure you’re not lying.”

Nesta huffed in agitation. “Go back inside and enjoy that meal I gave you. It better not go to waste with you taking me home when I can easily take the subway.”

“He still might be out here,” Cassian looked around as if daring Tomas to show his face.

The implication made Nesta pause in fear. Finally she shook her head as she realized that Tomas wasn’t around. “He already left. I saw him take a cab earlier from the window before I walked outside.” Still she couldn’t avoid the dread and aggravation rolling around inside of her knowing that Tomas was in Prythian. She had thought leaving her hometown would be an escape, but now her nightmare was finally on her heels.

Ever so slowly Cassian reached one hand to cup Nesta’s face. She blinked in shock at the warmth of his palm cradling her cheek.  The last hour of events were finally taking a toll on Nesta. It was at that moment that a tear slid down her face and Cassian’s thumb brushed it away.

“I promise that I’ll protect you Nesta,” Cassian roughly spoke. “You and your sisters don’t need to worry about Tomas, Jurian or any other person who thinks they can try to hurt you.”

Nesta remained still at the words. His promise affected Nesta in a way nothing else had. Cassian vowed to protect her sisters, the two most important people in her life.

She swallowed and at last turned away from Cassian. The promise felt too good to be true. That anyone would even go to such lengths for Nesta to protect her family made her heart clench.

Cassian stared at Nesta as she wrangled with what he had just told her. Torn between wanting to show appreciation and claiming that she was strong enough to deal with this on her own.

“I wish you would just rely on me instead of trying to act all tough,” Cassian rubbed the back of his neck in frustration. “It’s ok to admit that you need help Nesta. Why not just accept it when someone offers to give you hand?”

“Because I don’t need it,” Nesta’s voice raised a fraction. She wanted it, but she felt that she didn’t deserve the right to have such a moving promise made by someone who would lay down everything for anyone who needed it.

“I can handle myself,” Nesta continued. She had to handle it, because if not who would take care of Elain, the rent and college funds?

“Like how you handled it inside? When Jurian and his fucking lackeys were treating you like shit the whole night?” Cassian’s voice lowered with each passing word from his lips. He was upset by the evening’s turnout and now Nesta wouldn’t even let him help. “Or maybe when Tomas grabbed you and was about to hit you? Was it handled then?”

Nesta’s face looked stricken before she swiftly hid her emotions. Cassian caught it though. He quickly realized his mistake.

“Nesta…I didn’t mean –”

“Fuck off Cassian,” Nesta shouldered by him roughly and set a quick pace for the subway station.

Cassian wasn’t going to let this go. They weren’t leaving each other like this. His longer legs immediately caught up to Nesta. Easily he wove into her path.

“Would you stop running from me?” Cassian remained firmly in front of Nesta as she tried to cut him down with her icy stare.

“I’m not running, especially not from some jerk who thinks he knows everything!”

“Maybe if you would talk to me then I would understand,” Cassian gritted out. He wouldn’t be surprised if steam was rolling off from him in this cold air.

“I can’t,” Nesta tried to find the words as she looked away. A car passed by and Nesta still had yet to form any sort of explanation.

“You can’t?” Cassian crossed his arms. Not because he was cold, but that he waiting for her answer. The posture was that akin to a commander waiting for a response. Or perhaps a petulant child who wasn’t going to give up until they got what they wanted.

Nesta blinked. And soon enough she was trying to blink back tears.

“You’re such an idiot,” Nesta whispered.

“What was that?” Cassian questioned. “I’m the idiot. Because the person I care for doesn’t even trust me enough to talk about this?”

“No that’s not the reason,” Nesta still looked toward the street.

“Then look at me and tell me why,” Cassian huffed out bitterly.

“Because it hurts!” Nesta whipped her head around and Cassian saw two tear tracks that left wet trails on her cheeks. “I can’t talk about what happened, because it hurts to remember.”

Cassian stood frozen in shock. He shook himself out of his stupor to finally respond as Nesta wiped her tears away.

“I’m sorry…Nesta I –” Cassian reached for her again.

“Just stop!” Nesta dodged his hand. “I don’t need this. I don’t need Tomas, my dad or anyone else that has made everything worse. And I don’t need your damn apology or help!” Her voice cracked at she cried out her last statement. This time when she brushed by Cassian he didn’t stop her.

In the winter night he stood still with his hand dropping down to his side. Finally he returned back to the restuarent with peculiar looks by everyone in the building that noticed him from before.

He sat down and stared at the herb-roasted chicken that Nesta had given him earlier. The memory of the slight warmth in her hands had faded from the cold air outside.

“Cassian?” Amren’s cat like eyes were faintly concerned.

He shook his head not wanting to talk about what had transpired outside.

Amren shared a look with Rhysand. They knew something had happened, but they would wait to question him later on in privacy.

Slowly Cassian began to eat his food. It was tasteless in his mouth.

Dessert was then served with Rhysand paying for it. Cassian watched as Clare also delivered a couple bowls of ice cream to the Hybern table.

Jurian’s confused look prompted Clare to point out that the dishes were sent by Rhysand.

Cassian raised a subtle brow at Rhysand as he watched Jurian glance at their table.

Clare said something else that made Jurian’s face tighten.

“What did she say?” Cassian asked Rhysand who merely turned and smirked at Jurian.

“I requested that she serve him ice-cream and to deliver a message that some of the best dishes are served cold.”

“Like revenge,” Amren agreed sweetly. Her eyes glinting at what the future may hold in store for Hybern.

Cassian nodded before finishing the rest of his meal. Slowly the bitterness of the evening began to taste better knowing that Hybern would soon be getting a dose of revenge.

anonymous asked:

Would you do 1 or 45 for either clizzy or jimon?

45. pretending to hate each other au + jimon (warning: a little nsfw towards the end)

“No, are you fucking kidding me?” Simon exclaims. “Just because I’d rather watch Finn kick ass with Rey and Poe instead of fully grown men wearing inflated bell sleeve jerseys and fight over a pigskin bladder - “

Football.” Jace hisses. “A game filled with fucking strategy, which you’d know nothing about, Lewis - “

“That’s rich, coming from you, Mr. Doing Endless Bleacher Runs Without Showering and then coming to our Econ section and sitting in front of me like that, real good strategy - “

“That was once, you’re insufferable, my God - “

The two of them continue, their voices rising louder and louder. Clary and Izzy lean against the half-counter separating the kitchen and the living room of Magnus’ apartment, watching the argument with growing trepidation as the little party continues on behind them. 

“Are they always like this?” Magnus asks, frowning as he comes over. Jace and Simon seem completely unaware of the rest of them watching, pushing and shoving at each other as they get in each other’s faces, glaring so fiercely Clary’s afraid their faces will get stuck in the expression. 

“I’ve never seen Si this angry at someone before. Well, to their face.” She amends, sipping her drink. 

“Should we…step in?” Izzy asks, curling her arm around Clary’s waist and tilting her head thoughtfully. Magnus hums, slowly moving around the argument to grab something from his cabinet, making his way back to Izzy and Clary. 

“They seem fine.” He hedges, just as Jace pushes Simon hard enough that Simon’s back hits the fridge, rattling the magnets on the fridge door. Magnus raises an eyebrow in the ensuing silence - Alec got him most of those magnets - and they all watch warily as Simon’s eyes darken inscrutably. 

“I’m done here.” Simon grits out. “Magnus, thank you for hosting. I’ll text you guys.” He says, and then takes two steps and flees before Clary can say anything. She frowns, whirling on Jace, but he’s staring after Simon, his face similarly angry and his eyes dark. 

“I’m leaving too.” Jace decides, echoing Simon’s thank you to Magnus before he leaves too. 

“Where is he going? Don’t they live together?” Alec asks, materializing out of nowhere with Chairman Meow cradled in his arms, frowning. 

“I think we’d better check on them.” Magnus admits, and Clary and Izzy nod. “Ragnor, be a dear and watch the apartment for me while we make sure the boys didn’t kill each other.” 


Jace’s shirt flies across the room as Simon furiously kisses him, his lips urgent and demanding as he shoves Jace up onto his writing desk. 

“You took so long to come after me.” Simon whines as he scratches his nails down Jace’s back and bites at Jace’s ears just so. Jace moans on cue under him, his hips jerking upward as he clings to Simon for dear life. 

I wasn’t the one that stretched the argument on forever. Me, sweaty in class? That was the best - fuck, Simon - “ He gasps out as Simon works on a hickey right under Jace’s ear, swiping his tongue over the angry red mark on his skin. “I can’t hide that!” 

“Sorry.” Simon says, unrepentant,  breathing the words out against Jace’s ear before he drops to his knees and nuzzles at Jace’s thigh. “How fast can we make this?” 

Fast? Fuck you, I’m not fast.” Jace scowls, even as Simon laughs and presses open-mouthed kisses along the planes of Jace’s stomach, his fingers fumbling over Jace’s buckle. “Here, butterfingers.” 

“Rude, don’t say that to someone who’s about to suck your dick.” Simon chastises, tightening his hold on Jace’s waist and shifting up on his heels slightly to drag his tongue against one hardened nipple. Jace hums in encouragement, his hands shifting to anchor in Simon’s hair as Simon spends a moment kissing around Jace’s nipple, drawing varying degrees of moans out of him, before he pulls back and helps Jace shimmy his jeans off his hips. 

Jace tosses the jeans into a corner of their room and sits back, his eyes hungry and full of adoration as he stares at Simon, his lips lifted in a half smile. There’s a moment of stillness then, their lust abated as they just stare at each other, Simon’s fingers dipping below the waistband of Jace’s boxer-briefs and his mouth hovering so close to where Jace wants him, his eyes half-lidded and excited as he looks back at Jace, his grin wide and fond. 

“Alright?” Jace asks softly, and Simon hums his affirmation, leaning in to breathe lightly over the outline of Jace’s cock - 

A loud knock echoes through the room suddenly, the sound discordant enough to jar them both. Simon, in particular, displaying his particular brand of clumsiness, jerks forward, accidentally burying his face in Jace’s crotch, and Jace moans helplessly, slapping a hand over his mouth. 

“Are you guys actually fighting?” Izzy’s voice comes through the door, worried. “We’re coming in.”

“I’m gonna use my spare key.” Alec says, and Simon and Jace stare at each other in horror before Jace shoves Simon away and catapults into his bed, pulling the covers up to his chin while Simon, still fully clothed, whirls around and pretends to be leaning super casually against his desk. 

Alec, Magnus, Izzy, and Clary all burst in, looking around like they expect Jace and Simon to be lying in a pool of blood. Simon regards them and lifts a hand in acknowledgement. 

“Heyyyyyy, guys.” He says as innocently as possible, smiling. Clary stares at him. 

“You’re not fighting.” She says, then pauses. “You’re not fighting?” 

“Nope.” Simon laughs nervously. “We’re just not talking to each other, you know how it is, we’re so angry - “ From the corner of his eyes he sees Jace shift guiltily in bed, the sheets slipping to reveal just his collarbone, and Simon is hit with a sudden wave of desire as he remembers that Jace is almost naked under there, hard and wanting, waiting for Simon to get his hands on him and wreck him - 

“Why did Jace shout?” Alec asks suspiciously, crossing his arms. Simon shrugs. 

“Bad dream.” He says, just as Jace blithely says “Stubbed my toe.” They stare at each other and sigh as Alec pauses, confused. 

“What?” Izzy asks. “That doesn’t make sense.” 

“Oh my God.” Magnus says suddenly. “Oh my - seriously? Can’t you two do anything normally?” He stares at the two of them, and Simon flushes, sneaking another glance at Jace, unable to help himself. 

“What is going on right now.” Clary says slowly as Magnus gestures helplessly between the two of them. 

“There’s the shirt.” Magnus says, pointing at Jace’s discarded shirt on the floor. “His pants are in that corner - like someone threw them - and Jace has a hickey he definitely didn’t have when he stormed out of my party. Three guesses to who gave it to him. Hint - his name starts with ‘S’ and ends with ‘imon’.” 

“Oh God.” Alec says, looking nauseous as he looks at Jace. Simon flushes, because yeah, the hickey high up on Jace’s neck is fresh and bright, and maybe he wasn’t thinking clearly when he marked his secret boyfriend up. “Oh God.” 

Why pretend to hate each other. Ohhh, my eyes.” Clary groans, slapping a hand over Izzy’s eyes. “Look away babe, this is disgusting.”

“I don’t know.” Jace says softly, not looking at anyone but Simon. Simon swallows, swamped with sudden affection at the look in Jace’s eyes. “It was kind of fun. We just…wanted to keep it to ourselves for a little longer.” 

“If you want to sleep together, sleep together, no one is stopping you.” Izzy smirks, removing Clary’s hand. Jace shakes his head. 

“It’s not just that. We’re dating. I…really like him. More than I thought was - I’m in love with him.” Jace says, his voice still quiet, and there’s silence all around as everyone looks at them. Clary and Izzy are beaming now, Magnus is shaking his head and smiling, and Alec still looks vaguely unimpressed, if mildly less annoyed, which counts as ecstatic for him. “Babe,” Jace adds, “you gotta come over here. I can’t remove this sheet, and I really wanna kiss you right now - “

WAY more information than I wanted!” Alec bellows, all but pushing Magnus out of the room. “Great, good, we’ve got a party to get back to.” 

“Behave yourselves.” Magnus chirps happily as he leaves, and Clary and Izzy leave too, smirking at them. The door closes, and Simon finally crawls into bed with Jace. 

“You’re a menace.” He says softly, fondly, pressing his forehead to Jace’s. “I hate you so much.” He kisses Jace then, slowly, trying to make it mean something. 

“Hate you too.” Jace says happily, smiling as he pulls away, his hair falling in his face as he thumbs over Simon’s bottom lip. “You’re the worst.” 

“Right back at ya.” 


(Their wedding vows, five years later, consist of them lobbing increasingly creative insults at each other until Alec and Magnus threaten to sic doves on them if they don’t quit it and admit they love each other. They behave after that, but the silver bands on their fingers have ‘you’re the worst. my worst.’  engraved on them.)

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Hi! Are you still doing the headcanons? If so I would love to see Viktor xYurio and JJ x Yurio please!

Hello!! Sorry this is so late!! <3 Between playing FFXIV nonstop and tumblr not alerting to messages, I just got around to this!

Oh man, I can think of Viktruio headcanons easily but JJ x Yuri is harder for me because all of the headcanons I’ve ever made about JJ were jokes! :’D I hope I do them justice!!

I kept Yuri’s age vague so just imagine whichever ages you want in both ships!

Viktor x Yuri

  • Yuri is the big spoon, even before he grows up to be taller than Viktor.
  • Viktor and Yuri are very pet friendly people. They share a king sized bed with ALL of their dogs and cats.
  • They really enjoy traveling the world together!
  • Viktor also likes spoiling Yuri. Like, buy him everything???
  • Yuri introduces Viktor to video games. Viktor sucks horribly at them but once in a blue moon Yuri lets him win.
  • Viktor likes playing with Yuri’s hair, especially when it grows longer.
  • They don’t always see eye-to-eye, but damnit they are gonna make this relationship work especially if no one else will support their relationship.
  • They are both very protective of their relationship.

JJ x Yuri

  • They pretend they hate each other in public but in private they are the most mushy couple.
  • They started out as friends with benefits but oops feelings.
  • “anything you can do I can do better”
  • Yuri *loves* embarrassing JJ. It’s his favorite hobby.
  • At first Yuri is genuinely pissed off by JJ’s banter, but starts enjoying it a lot more when he can get back at him.
  • JJ is actually a big romantic sap who remembers all the anniversaries and first moments and Yuri is very shocked by this fact.

i want you gone
i want you dead

and still
i think
i miss you

koh’s personal plot arc has finally circled around to start the painful process of ripping open old wounds to heal them properly. he’s some real damaged goods, but it’s time to get better.

Crack CN Theory

((So with all the Villainous appearing on my dash my brain got to work and got a crazy idea.

Nergal from GAOBAM and Black Hat from Villainous are related.

Facts supporting this crack theory:

- Both unknown origins but assumed to be demonic in some way or another.

- Both with weird otherworldly powers.

- Look at them.

- Both oddly dapper (and vaguely British???) given their circumstances.

- Both with primarily black, red, and green color schemes.

- Both not always gentle to those around them.

- Both with (sometimes, in Nergal’s case) short tempers.


- What are the odds two very similar beings are just casually both chilling up in some random town I mean really.

- They are both… kind of evil? I mean Black Hat definitely, Nergal is up for debate, but he IS considered an antagonist for a good portion of GAOBAM.

- Nergal Junior can shapeshift. And has an Eldritch form. Like Black Hat.

- Plus I mean JUST LOOK AT THEM.

In conclusion I want more fan theories involving the connection between these two okay?? Okay.))

Heaven only knows what goes on behind closed doors

A/N: OH WOW IT’S BEEN SO LONG HASN’T IT?? i’ve decided to write it in taron’s POV and I’m telling you this one here is gonna be full of sex. A tiny bit of fluff on the side, it’s hardly noticeable but it will still lead you to sex haha and it contains a slash smut, not going into details so prepare your bibles because it’s about to get dirty

Taron’s POV

Y/N has been acting immensely weird lately. I don’t understand why. She was so clingy the past days, demanding to come with me wherever I go like on sets, on my interviews, promotions or wherever I have to be. Not that I’m complaining though, but she never leaves my side and she’ll freak out everytime I leave her sight.

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1) They could have been invented by the CotF as a nuclear option that they never used during the initial war. Then they get packed away in the far North until the CotF start to dwindle and don't have the numbers to keep the Others dormant via magic. That accounts for the Pact/Long Night gap. I don't really have anything for the Essos thing, but that whole situation is vague to the point that I accept the connections as being thematic rather than something that needs logistical explanations.

2) That’s obviously all very speculative, but Martin could work it into something better than I just did. I find “omnicidal ice demons invented by an ostensibly good race” more interesting than “omnicidal ice demons, the end”, if only by a matter of degrees. Also, I know show is show/books are books but I feel like one of the first end game questions D&D would have had was “What’s the deal with the Others?” and if Martin was like “they’re just evil” why would D&D have not kept it that simple?

1) I don’t really get the timeline there. The Children had their back up against the wall (heh), facing extinction. Why would they not use the “nuclear option” at that point? If not then, when? Moreover, the Others kill and/or enslave all life and cover everything in ice. How would that benefit the nature-loving Children? As for Essos, it’s really not vague at all: the Long Night showed up everywhere last time around, and so societies all over the world have their stories of how it got pushed back. Any explanation of the Others that doesn’t account for that is wanting. 

2) I think the Others are less interesting if they were just created by the Children because it removes any agency or motivation on their part, and to me, it doesn’t come off as a deconstruction of the Children as an “ostensibly good race.” It comes off (as it did in the show) as LOOK WHAT YOU MADE THEM DO, HUMANITY. Which is just so heavy-handed and on-the-nose; it basically turns ASOIAF into Ferngully. As for D&D, they explicitly change things all the time because they didn’t like how it went in the book or they have a version they think works better–see Stannis, for example. The show alone is not evidence. 


Panda Pearl is an original series by me, Ren. It follows the story of Nori and Emi - Nori being a guy who can turn into a panda, and Emi, who has no idea about this and gets wrapped up in a big story known as Nori’s background. How he got the ability to shapeshift, ect. This is the blog AFTER that big story! It contains spoilers to the comic, but I’ll try to keep the spoilers vague.

This is a story I’ve been working for 4 years now as you know. Over time, I accumulated  a shitton of children - i mean, ocs. So I just…drew them all. I spent literally…all day on this whole thing. My hand is dead. If you guys could share this around. I’d appreciate it so much. Thank you all for your support over the years <3 

tldr: Reboot is complete! Please send in asks!

also that gifset made me Actually Think On This and my fave trend in the musketeers is bad guys trying to intimidate aramis bc one might assume from his general demeanor that he’s not nearly as dangerous as he is (holds babies a lot, has lace on his shirts, probably knows romantic poetry off by heart) and ultimately failing bc when they actually stand face to face he’s like a head taller than them and armed to the teeth

like??? Rochefort might have vaguely pulled it off if he wasn’t wearing that ridiculous eyepatch, just bc of how Dangerous he was, but even then I think in the moment aramis was so angry at him that the concept of fear ceased to exist for a sec? louis just got dragged through the the mud (legendary tbh) and I’m pretty sure gaston actually jumped a little bit when he turned around to see aramis standing there smiling like iconic?

anyway the only villain I can think of who was actually successful at visibly scaring the crap out of aramis d'herblay: human disaster was richelieu, that smug bastard