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WTF was all that pure pastel pink promo shit weeks ago? I feel like I dreamt it. Now when I look at the album art and listen to the lyrics about different women and sex and I make no correlation to the pure soft vulnerable bare Harry on the cover. WTF is the hard candy lyrics? WTF is going on with 'I am not a womanizer' image. Oh yeah sex, drugs & rock'n'roll. That's what's going on. As a fan of rock music I am so proud of the album. As a fan of Harry, I am disappointed.

Hello, and thank you for your message.

I completely understand. In fact this morning I did a full rant about my thoughts on the matter via Twitter. You can read it here. Like high key, Twitter is where I have no filter and am like “THIS IS WHAT I’M THINKING!!” and Tumblr is where I’m an analytical hoe about things, so let’s analyse!

I listened to the breakfast show last night (as I am currently in LA) and then fell into a mini rage coma because I, too, was like, “What the actual fuck just happened?” Then I woke up to this:

And I was like, “Well this is probably the most damage control we’ve ever gotten or will get.”    

HOWEVER! The dichotomy from Harry rainbow-wearin Styles and this NO HOMO I HAVE HETERO SEX WITH ALL THE WOMEN Hersh makes me…uneasy. That’s the only word I can come up with. Let’s be honest, last week Harry looked about one tattoo and rainbow away from coming out. This might as well have been him at that hockey game:

And then today with this…

There’s just this constant push and pull between what Harry DOES and what he says in interviews. But I get it. I do. Harry Styles is a billion dollar commodity. Do you understand how much revenue he’s brought to Sony in the last month? He sold out a tour for music that no one had even heard in minutes. 

At one point in my vida loca I was offered a publishing deal with a company that everyone has heard of. They wanted to publish it through their non-fiction department and they wanted me to say that I had slept with a don or professor at my university. Which I hadn’t. This was during my final year at university, and whilst I’m sure my life would’ve had a much different trajectory I’m also sure that once people figured out who I am (as many have), I would probably be stripped of my hard-earned Oxbridge degree for lying and shaming my university. Which is why you’ve never read any kind of SCANDAL at Oxbridge. Just the normal undergrad sex and drinking stuff. I rank quite low on the list of outrageous alumni if you look at the last 900 years of students. 

Back to Haz. 

Whilst I never compromised my morals, I also didn’t sign any kind of deal with the devil when I was 16. We have absolutely no idea what the details of his employment are. And he is an employee. Harry is owned by someone. Whether you like it or not, the bottom line doesn’t stop at Harry, it stops at the people who are investing in him and relying on a substantial profit. 

Perhaps the rainbows and pink and very romantic vibes he’s got going on with just about any man in his vicinity thing were all put out there to test the waters. We know that they monitor the fandom, and maybe the analytics didn’t hit their “okay to be gay” criteria. I’m speaking bluntly in terms of business because I can guarantee you that Sony cares about exactly one thing: the money that they are making for themselves. 

Something else to consider when recovering from whiplash because of this complete 180 Harry’s done since last week, is that interview with that horrible woman who said, “Fans are convinced that ‘Sweet Creature’ is about your relationship with Louis Tomlinson. Is it?” After which Harry spent approximately 138 seconds saying “Uhhhhhhhh” before refusing to say “no”. He could’ve said no! He could’ve SHOUTED no, as he did at Grimmy when he said, “Here’s a song about Taylor Swift!” One thing we got from that interview is that Harry does indeed have the word “No” in his vocabulary. “No. This isn’t about Taylor Swift.” vs “Yes. I can understand why fans think this is about Louis because it is but I would lean towards them maybe being wrong.” That isn’t how you say no. And that didn’t go over anyone’s head. 

Honestly, I love this album. “Woman” is actually my favourite song from it at the moment. I can’t really listen to “Two Ghosts” because it sounds too much like “Revelry” by Kings of Leon and that song is forever associated with a very bad time for me so yeah. “Woman” just reminds me of Bennie and the Jets and 27 Dresses.    

I just wish it could’ve been left at, “ It’s much more powerful when not taken simply as what it is.” Because that’s so true. This album is so layered and brilliant and I think I’m mostly mad that they’ve reduced it to such a boring and blatant interpretation. We got the very opposite of what Harry’s been telling us when he all but said that these songs are about actual women that he literally slept with. 

So I guess my question is…what exactly is Jeffry helping with aside from bringing back a narrative that Harry seemed to have tried relentlessly to debunk?

I just can’t reconciliate the Harry that they’re pushing this week with the Harry that reacted this way to being called a womaniser in an interview:

Regardless of what you think or ship, I do think that it’s fair to feel like you’re being asked to accept two completely contrasting versions of Harry Styles right now. 

Polyglot [Seventeen Fluff]

A/N: @netflixingcastiel Sorry for taking so long omg. I tried to be a hero and search up about different languages and then I realised that there’s no point because you guys wouldn’t be able to read some (sobs why am I so dumb). I also had requests previously so I’m so so sorry again!! This is very different from what I usually write hahah…Here it is and I hope you like it :-) 

Word Count: 900+ (it’s a shorter one :-))

“________,” your friend nudged you and you frowned.


“Teach me some Korean and Chinese, like the basics.”

At that moment, the lights dimmed and you sat up straighter, craning your neck to see whether the boys were coming on stage.

“Hey, don’t you dare ignore me,” she snapped and you rolled your eyes, turning to face her.

“Lisa, the concert’s about to start! You should have learned some basics at home if you wanted to impress Mingyu and Jun later on at the album signing,” you sneered and she glared at you.

“You’re just being sel-”

“Shut up! It’s starting, don’t you see them?”

A beam of light cut through the darkness and shone directly at a platform on the stage and you knew that the boys would be emerging from there. Fumbling around for your lightstick, you let out a sigh when you saw Lisa sticking her tongue out at you while she held onto your lightstick tightly.

“You’re going to teach me a few phrases,” she smiled and you reached out to grab it but she pulled it back faster, raising her eyebrows as she did.


Your throat hurt whenever you tried to speak.

“I think…I screamed too much,” you whispered and Lisa nodded, choking out a ‘me too’. You told yourself to shut up and save whatever voice you had left for the album signing which was the thing that really mattered - a time where you could meet the members face to face.

As you stood in line, waiting for your turn, you closed your eyes and tried to remember everything you had planned to say. That they look amazing, and that I love them, and that-

“So, tell me how to say I love you in Chinese,” Lisa nudged you and your thoughts were interrupted.

“Wo, ai, ni,” you said slowly, putting emphasis on all three words and she repeated after you, sounding funny but still understandable.

“Okay. Now, how do you said ‘you look handsome’.”

“Ni, hen, shuai,” you sighed and she nodded, mouthing the words to herself.

“Now can you keep quiet?”

Your heart was beating rapidly and you could feel your mouth becoming dry as you got closer and closer to the stage. I practiced for this. I’ve been waiting for this. The excitement was building up and escalating but would always drop because of demands that would shoot out from Lisa’s mouth.

“Okay let’s do Korean now shall we?”

This cycle of silent squealing followed by frustrated repetitions of the same phrase repeated over and over again until you found yourself making eye contact with Soonyoung.


It felt as if everything you had been seeing on screen was a beautiful lie - because what you saw up close in real life was unexplainable and too perfect to be true. His face was flawless, believe it or not. You swore that you could see no pores and a thought flashed into your mind that it was makeup but even with makeup, blemishes would always show but not for him.

He broke out into a wide smile and your back straightened immediately, making sure that you didn’t look sluggish or anything close to the mess that you were inside.

Say something.

“H-hi,” you said in Korean and you wanted to punch yourself for starting with something so lame. You placed the album on the table and he slid it towards him, flipping over the cover to the blank page swiftly after he’s already done it close to a million times.

“What’s your name?” he said in English and you wanted to scream and how adorable he sounded.

“I can speak Korean,” you said slowly and his eyes widened, seemingly impressed. And from the moment on, you started speaking fluently like you always did, gaining confidence as you went from a member to the next.

Passing by Dokyeom, Chan, Mingyu and Wonwoo, you soon reached Jun and you started worrying again.

“Hii!” the boy chirped brightly in English and you swore that their English was the most perfect sound in the entire universe. He reached out for the album and you took a deep breath, telling him your Chinese name.

“You have a Chinese name?” He asked instinctively in Chinese and you replied, telling him that you could speak the language too. You spoke to him for a longer time than the rest and you were so glad that you had an interest in learning Chinese in school.

“Wow, you can speak three languages!” Jisoo chuckled in his perfect English and your face turned bright red.

“I bet she can speak more. You can right?” Seungkwan joked like he always did but the smile was wiped off his face when he saw you nodding slowly.

“wHaT?! SIX? HoW?” Jisoo’s jaw dropped and Seungkwan simply stared. You winced, feeling slightly embarrassed.

“Japanese, German and French? That is insane,” Vernon shook his head and Jisoo closed his mouth.  

“I have a love for language,” you said softly and they all nodded as if you were at an interview and you found their reaction to be the cutest thing ever.

“Jisoo speaks well too! But I guess we’ve found someone better,” Seungkwan laughed and you smiled, feeling a small surge of pride.

You had to move on faster than you wished to which was saddening but you tresured every moment you had with them.

The meet and greet ended in a flash and you found yourself waving goodbye to the thirteen boys that you were so blessed to have gotten close to.

“You were the star fan,” Lisa teased and you shook your head, grinning brightly with the memory of them still fresh in your mind.

“Languages are beautiful because they bring people together,” you sighed and she nodded, clenching her hands into fists.

“And that’s why I’m going to master five more languages by the end of the year,” Lisa nodded and you scoffed, patting her on the back.

“It’ll be worth it.” You started.

She nodded once again.

“But good luck.”

The Integrity of Medical School

I’ve been in medical school for a little over a semester and I have become very disillusioned with medical school as an institution. I’m glad I’m in medical school and I know how lucky I am to be in medical school, however, I’m struggling with the ethics of medical school as an institution.

It took me six years to get into medical school. In that time I got a bachelor’s degree, a graduate degree, I worked full-time and volunteered nearly 20 hours a week. I took the MCAT and went on interviews and paid for my applications. In that time, I also probably spent well over 30 thousand dollars trying to get into medical school, not including the student loans I had to take out to pay for my pre-med and graduate classes. The cost of my applications, alone, was 5 thousand dollars. And that was the second time I applied. The cost of my interviews were also easily 5 thousand dollars as well. 

When I got into medical school I was excited to become a doctor. I was proud of myself and felt vindicated that all of my hard work paid off. I was ready to start learning how to be a doctor. My first semester was absolutely miserable. The morale of my class was extremely low. We go to a school that heavily emphasizes wellness but a slew of new changes based on feedback from students ahead of us created a schedule that was unsustainable and didn’t leave time for any self-care practice or wellness at all. The idea of wellness became a running inside joke in our class where people would proudly state that they participated in self-care by taking a shower for the first time in two days or by sleeping in past 7am on a Saturday.

But we got through that first semester, propelled by second year students telling us that it would be all downhill after that and that once we started organ systems second semester, we’d be so much happier and have so much time to take care of ourselves and study (because our schedule was so jam-packed that it left very little time to study and our attendance in class is required). We had third year medical students telling us how they would rather repeat their entire third year of medical school and all the crazy rotations that go with it than repeat their first semester. And so we took all of our finals and set off for winter break looking forward to next semester.

Our second semester started a little over three weeks ago. News that we lost six of our classmates spread through the class. They chose to leave or weren’t allowed to come back by the administration. It was an elephant in the room that none of us can talk about because of privacy rules. Still, morale is higher when we start up our organs systems classes.

And that is when I realized what a money scam medical school is. I am required to go to class if I want my class rank to be high not because our classes actually teach us information but because your grade is connected to your attendance, so poor attendance = a poor grade = a lower class rank. I sit in class for up to 9 hours a day and have clinicians read powerpoint slides word-for-word to me, none of which are interesting or helpful to my actual learning and all of which I could have read to myself at home. I am told by our academic administrators to buy resources like First Aid to study for Step 1, they bought us a Q bank but we have to pay for everything else. $900 later, I have subscriptions to Pathoma, RX, Sketchy, and Firecracker. I wanted to buy a set of clinical case books recommended to us but the price on Amazon was $653. By the time I take Step 1 I will have taken out 150 THOUSAND dollars in student loans ON TOP OF the student loans I already have from two bachelor degrees and a master’s degree. 

I will need to pay the fees for the Step exams on my own. I am expected to join various professional societies and pay their yearly fees because it will make my residency application look better even though joining those professional societies has no impact on what kind of physician I will be, how much I care about others, or my Step 1 score. And, of course, those professional societies are so generous and give you a discount because you’re a medical student, so instead of paying $500 you’re asked to only pay $150. But isn’t it worth it to add some fake prestige to your residency application by saying you went to the AMA conference one year? The AMA that endorsed Tom Price for HHS secretary? The AMA that endorsed someone who wants to remove the ACA and condemn 43,000 additional people to death due to lack of insurance every year. Sign me the fuck up, right?

I am disgusted with the cost of medical school. I knew it would be expensive but I feel it is unethical to ask students to spend so much money applying to medical school and taking the MCAT and then asking them to pay EVEN MORE. Especially when there was so much hand-wringing from the AAMC and NBME about how to make medical school more affordable and how to increase the diversity among students and increase the number of first generation physicians (since studies show that children of doctors tend to be worse doctors than their first generation peers). I have an idea:

Get rid of the first two years of medical school. Make Step 1 the admissions exam for students. Get rid of application fees and the MCAT altogether. Start students up in January, give them a ten week course in gross anatomy, followed by a two week intensive clinical skills course and a first aid/CPR certification, and start them up on wards in April, a full 2 to 3 months earlier than most schools. This gives students 5 to 6 months to explore specialties after their required rotations instead of 2 to 3 which aren’t even really used for students to explore since those are the rotations they need to do in order to get the letters of rec they need for their residency applications (may be the lack of time to explore specialty options is why 60-90% of physicians hate their fucking jobs). 

And then, of course, you have to spend thousands of dollars on your residency applications and travel for interviews, which are not factored in to your student loan awards. 

This will never happen, though, because the AAMC makes billions of dollars in application fees, MCAT fees, and official test prep materials. The NBME makes billions of dollars off the backs of students paying for their exams and the LCME makes just as much. None of the organizations that could change the system have the incentive to do so because they are too busy milking medical students for all the money they have.

I know it sounds like I’m too money focused. The truth is, I’m not. I gave up hope of ever paying off my student loans years ago. I will never pay them back and I didn’t want to be a doctor because of the salary. My disillusionment with medical school as an institution is due to the ethics of it all. When I was applying to medical school there was a huge push to improve medical class diversity and encourage more minority and lower class students to apply. You can get fee waivers and financial assistance to cover the cost of your MCAT fees. But that doesn’t go far enough. Those application fee waivers don’t make booking flights for interviews any cheaper, they don’t lower the cost of having to rent a car or buy a suit for an interview. 

How can we expect students living in poverty to drop 5 grand on interview costs just to get in to medical school? How can we expect students living in underserved communities to afford the cost of Step 2 and the price of travel to and from the 6 locations in the country you can take it? Underserved communities NEED students who understand what living in those communities is like to go back and be their doctors. And, yes, there are scholarships and small-scale help, but I’m arguing that the entire system, right now, is designed to keep students who can’t afford to pay for medical school admittance out. Is a student whose family is on food stamps really going to have $150 to pay for the MCAT? No. 

I look around at the people in my class, which to my school’s credit is exceedingly diverse in race and religious background, however almost everyone in my class comes from a family that was middle class or above. Half of my classmates have parents who can afford to pay for their tuition and living expenses. I am part of the other class that has to take out loans. But when I was applying to medical school and there was a mix up with my teaching assistant stipend that lead to it being delayed, my dad was able to loan me the $2500 I needed to submit my AMCAS application on time. If I had not had a full-time job as a graduate student, though, I would not have been able to afford the cost of interviewing, and a third of the interviews I went on were local. 

In class, we are asked to think about treatment plans for patients and discuss them with each other. The girl sitting next to me says she thinks this ethics class is a waste of our time. The patient is an overweight child who we need to counsel, she lives in a run down part of a large city. We work together on her treatment plan and my partner comes up with a list of groceries to buy. I point out that the patient in question is a minor and likely not in charge of her food and that the education needs to be directed towards the parent and the patient. I also point out that due to the income level of the area they live in, the patient’s mother is likely relying on food stamps. I go over the grocery list and not a single thing is realistic. I point out that food stamps cannot be used to buy milk. My partner is shocked, her eyes widen; when I tell her how food stamps in my state can’t be used to buy rice, her entire world is turned upside down. I voice this in class when we are invited to share. A male classmate who is openly gay and voted for Trump comes up to me and asks me to explain why food stamps can’t be used to buy milk. I do and he doesn’t know what to say.

I look at my classmates who do not understand what poverty looks like in reality and I think about the people I know in rural towns who blew their entire savings trying to get into medical school only to be told when they didn’t get in that they needed to go take the MCAT again because the 29 they got wasn’t good enough, they needed a 30. The people suggesting this to my friend recommend taking an MCAT course not realizing the closest one would be two hours away and that the nearly 3 grand the course costs makes that impossible, not to mention the cost of taking the test again. It doesn’t matter, though, because she wouldn’t be able to afford all of the resources for Step 1 let alone the cost of THAT exam once she got into medical school. She works as a CNA in a nursing home.

How can we put such a financial burden on students applying to medical school? How can we ask medical students to pay so much money for residency applications, licensing exams, and tuition? How can we do that and then ask them to enter a profession that requires them to get permission from insurance providers and hospital administrators to order a damn chest CT? How can we ask them to pay so much money and then ignore the fact that there aren’t enough residency spots available for all of them to train in? How can we ask pre-med and medical students to pay so much money when the health care system is in shambles and the only people making money are hospital CEOs and insurance companies? How can we expect medical students to pay back their massive student loans in a system like that? Why are institutions like the AAMC so comfortable setting so many medical students up for failure?

Because my school emphasizes wellness, we have mandatory wellness classes we have to attend. Because, in medical school, giving students time to practice self-care isn’t as important as requiring them to attend a four hour class telling them they need to practice self-care and get lots of sleep, all while requiring them to be at school by 8am and making us sit in class until 5pm, giving us five hours of the day to study before we do it all again. And, of course, in those five hours of study time we also need to fit in time to exercise, feed ourselves, and maybe speak with our loved ones for five minutes to make sure they are still alive. Because self-care!

I wouldn’t say I’m jaded about medical school this early on but I am questioning why this system is in place. Why pay for two years of medical school when everyone just uses First Aid and Step resources to get a good score? I think medicine, as an institution, is really stuck in this idea of “well, I had to do it so you do, too” which I think is a really dangerous way of thinking. I think if medical students have extremely high rates of depression and anxiety (myself included, however mine was with me long before medical school) and it just gets worse through residency and becoming an attending there’s something wrong with the system. And if something isn’t working, why shouldn’t it be fixed? “Because I went through it and you should, too” isn’t a good enough answer for me. It’s also not accurate, right? The doctors who are saying that bullshit excuse went to medical school in a different time, where they could actually make decisions about patient care without having to call an insurance company for permission first. They went through medical school when it was actually affordable. They went through medical school when the idea of a woman being a doctor was either not allowed, unheard of, or looked down on, because who would take care of their kids at home while they went through residency if their wife was in medical school? 

So, yeah, they went through medical school and worked all of these hours and paid for medical school but the context was different, so I still want to know why such an archaic system that is already financially unattainable for people we NEED to be doctors and is quickly becoming financially unattainable for anyone who doesn’t have a trust fund is allowed to exist. I want to know why a 60-90% dissatisfaction rate is considered acceptable among physicians without any examination of the system that makes them into physicians.

900! What the fuck!
  1. Are you okay?
    My camera gives me electric shock treatments when i press the button
  2. I can’t believe that this is the third time this year alone that I’m giving you money to escape the cops to Mexico
  3. ”How long weddings usually take?”
    ”I don’t have no clue. Usually I’m only invited to after parties or if even invited…”
  4. You’re on parole, don’t risk it
  5. Please tell me you went to the hospital to get your shoulder checked and didn’t pop it back in yourself
  6. “What’s that?” Olivia asked, watching as Tony, not so discreetly, pushed the object off the desk
  7. “I’m not the one who killed dad!”
    “Is that what Linda has been telling you? That I killed dad?”
  8. Is that a knife? Well, okay? It’s kind of creeping me out, so can you put it down?
  9. “I think I’m having a heart attack!”
    ”No, you’re not! Just take my hand!”
  10. I just need a ride, no pressure to actually talk
  11. I can blame many things on you. But not this.
  12. Are you too stupid to understand what stop means?
  13. You’ve been spitting blood to my sink the past hour and half; finally want to explain what’s going on?
  14. You think connecting your fist with his face will get him to talk?
  15. Tobey, watch your eleven.
  16. Sorry, my folks and I aren’t the most functional family
  17. I almost got hit by a flying saw blade!
  18. ”Well, I was hoping my eventful story, than you just got accidentally called that in school..”
    ”Not everyone can get their nicknames in space!”
  19. Blair, wake the boys up. We can’t stay here.
  20. I’m starting to think this is not the right fucking tool
  21. Could you at least wait until I’m not under your car!
  22. Just breathe. You hear that, buddy? Sirens are coming!
  23. What are you going to do? Kill me in front of these people?
  24. ”What kind of plan is it to run towards the firing squad?”
    ”The greatest of bad plans ever!”
  25. Josiah, don’t do anything stupid before telling me. Boyd, watch him.
  26. Watch your head, boy. These will cut your head clean off
  27. French Quarter gets bit torturous at this time of night… just be dangerous
  28. Fuckit, man. My legs are broken all fucking over
  29. What the absolute fuck is going in here?!
  30. He has no sense of boundaries when he’s drunk.
  31. Of course mob boss would operate from slaughter house, what was i thinking?
  32. Wait, what the hell are they doing? Is that dancing?
  33. “Where the hell does a fourteen-year-old even get cocaine?”
    “Would he sell for them?”
    “Who wouldn’t he sell to?”
  34. ‘’Do you know what she did? She went against direct orders and –“
    “Captain Groen!”
  35. “He’s in a bar on third street.”
    “How do you know?”
    “I don’t know about you but I like to keep taps on people have tried to murder me”
  36. “She’s navy? Why’s she not in our database?”
    “Special ops?”
  37. Yeah well I don’t care who you are, grab my arm again and I’ll kick your teeth out
  38. Lock the place down, Dmitri
  39. She left on private plane from Opa-locka airport two hours ago.
  40. You don’t want to be part of this.
  41. You have blood on your lip.
  42. That’s hell of a way to show affection, my man
  43. “What are you doing?”
    “Ripping C4 off a bomb.”
  44. “I’m a bookie, not a kidnapper!”
    “You’re also a priest, but that hasn’t stop you before!”
  45. “This ain’t so bad, yeah?”
    “Mate, I have a fuckin’ bullet in my neck!”
  46. I’m drunk, scared and I have a gun!
  47. “Oh God, stop moving your leg, woman!”
    “What? Is my knee popping making you uncomfortable?”
  48. ”How dare you! I know fashion.”
    “You own four pairs of shoes, and one of them are cowboy boots”
  49. “So, you decided to spend the whole night stabbing the table?”
    “I think I could have done worse”
  50. Mandy, you have to get him to the hospital. Because, if Tommy dies I’ll make sure you get charged with manslaughter and put in prison for rest of your life, understand me?
  51. ”What’s this?”
    ”You wanted evidence that James Cuesta was involved? Well, that’s it.”
    “Where did you get this?”
    “Will you get me arrested if I tell you.”
  52. “You should have thought of that when you broke my nose!”
    “It was broken before I touched it”
    “And you managed to make it worse!”
  53. I simply cannot hide you anymore
  54. I worked over 120 hours this week
  55. She knew she had change if she could play her cards right
  56. Get me to Greece! I promise you won’t hear about me, never again.
  57. “It’s 200 yards, give or take. You think you can make it?”
    “Our other plan is to sit on this rock for rest of our lives?”
  58. He killed her! Oh my God he killed her! She’s dead!
  59. The woman walked in the bar heels in her hand, and the bartender seemed to know exactly what to pour her
  60. She haven’t eaten solid food in two weeks
  61. Somehow I always end up babysitting people’s kids. 
  62. It was very early hours of November when they crawled out of a backseat of someone’s Cadillac
  63. My boob is bruised!
  64. Please stop being asshole to me..
  65. “No shame huh?”
    “None what so ever.”
  66. Woah dad, that’s the most dysfunctional idea of love I’ve ever heard
  67. “Hi, can I complain?”
    “Sure, but you’re on speaker and there’s people.”
    “Like I will ever meet them, but listen up -”
  68. We have to be in the car in five minutes!
  69. I’m such a shitty girlfriend. I don’t know why he let me drive his Ferrari…
  70. Julian was halfway passing out from vodka martinis as Matthias dragged his brother through the doorway
  71. Where do you even steal a bus?
  72. It took couple days for her brain to catch up to what had really happened 

I’m trying to do a 400 prompt set for the 1000 follower celebration, sorry that this was only 70.

rubiam high school au part like 900

•liam not understanding an assignment and being super frustrated and asking ruby for help and she explains it in a way he actually understands and he’s just like “you’re so smart and beautiful and i love you”

•but whereas liam stresses over specific assignments, ruby stresses over the long run

•"if i don’t get a 97% on my next test i’ll have an A- and then it’ll bring down my gpa and I’ll only have a 3.8 and i won’t get accepted into college and i’ll end up working at mcdonald’s my whole life liam i hate mcdonald’s they don’t even have good milkshakes i can’t work there my whole life" -a real thing ruby has said in tears

•he tries to reassure her it’ll be okay but sometimes she just has to figure that out herself

•liam’s just a lot more easygoing in general

•"so do you want to catch the 8:00 movie and make dinner reservations for 6 or the movie at 3:15 and go to the diner afterwards" “darlin the movie doesn’t come out for another month”

•always knows when ruby just is not feelin it tonight

•by also she doesn’t try to hide the fact that she absolutely does not want to go out tonight she just wants to snuggle up with her mans on the basement couch and eat some mac n cheese

•once for their anniversary liam makes reservations at a super fancy restaurant and he gets dressed up in a suit and she wears her prom dress from last year and they valet liam’s black minivan and pay $200 for the smallest meals they’ve ever had in their lives and after they go to dairy queen for dessert because they’re out of money

•in his first few weeks of college liam learns he’s an emotional drunk by going to a party with chubs and having more beers than he thought he’d had and he ends up crying to a stranger (who had come up to hit on him) about how he misses his girlfriend because she’s so pretty and nice and beautiful and he loves her

•chubs records the whole thing and sends it to ruby (and the video plays at their wedding)

•she calls him the next day like “liam you’re only 45 minutes away if you miss me that much i can always come down”

•and he’s confused until he watches the video she sent with it and no trip, fall, or collision has ever embarrassed him more

•which is saying a lot because one time he tripped down the stairs at school and went tumbling down the whole flight with about 100 people around

•a screenshot of liam in tears laying his head down on the bar becomes a meme in their group chat

•they put snapchat filters over it and everything it’s a cursed image to liam

•vida: “when you procrastinated until the last second and remember the 4 essays and 2 projects due tomorrow that you haven’t started yet” [enter liam crying pic]

•chubs: “when you’ve already planned your wedding in your head but she introduces you as her friend” [liam crying]

•ruby: “when you go to a college an hour away and realizes that means you can’t sneak into your girlfriends house at 1 am because she forgot to kiss you goodbye after school and you feel cheated out of one (1) kiss” [liam crying]

•zu: “when you’ve never had a one night stand you got too attached to and wished would go farther even though you were already using borrowed time but it’s 3am and ‘stay with me’ just came on”

•the one from ruby stings a little, but he takes their teasing and it doesn’t really affect him

•but then cole finds out about the video and it’s the end of world as he knows it

•cole absolutely does not let him live it down he rlly thinks it’s the funniest thing he’s ever seen in his life

•as much as she denies it ruby will go back and watch the video months after it happened just because it makes her smile that her drunk boyfriend completely ignored a girl trying to flirt with him to cry over how much he misses her after 3 hours of being gone

anonymous asked:

I saw your post where you linked to the article that talked about the Earths age, but in the article it says that the Earth is about 6,000 years old (at least when the bible was finished) yet you also said Dinosaurs existed. I've never met anyone who thought that the earth was less than a million years old but believed in dinosaurs so how do you think that all works? I'm not trying to be rude I'm just curious.

No worries, that’s a great question!

I’m going to be linking to a lot of articles in response since it can get rather complicated the deeper you go into the scientific specifications, and I want to make sure I explain it right. That, and sources are important ;) For reference, the original article I linked to was this [x], and it approximates the world to be 6,000 years old.

Now, being a Christian, not only do I look at the scientific evidence, but I go by the truth of the Bible, which means I believe there was a worldwide flood. (The written evidence for a flood is also strengthened through the fact that every continent has multiple legends of a world-wide flood - numbering in total about 270 different stories. If a flood affected the entire world and changed the course of nature and humanity, if everyone’s heritage can be traced back to Noah, it stands to reason that there would be stories of it throughout the world - myth slowly being woven in with the truth of the Bible. More about that here [x].)

There are several key points of why the flood is important when considering the age of the earth and dinosaurs. I’m trying to summarize, but is going to get lengthy. However, I assure you it’s relevant as a preface.

- The flood killed massive amounts of animals and humans, trapping then in rock and sediment. The rock layer is often used to date the age of the earth and fossils - fossils that required rapid burial so as not to leave time for decay; something the flood would ensure. Additionally, considering a flood, something to note is the density and agility of those buried; the ability to escape rising waters and how their carcasses would settle in the depths. The flood also offers explanation as to why every layer of the fossil record includes oceanic creatures. A more thorough and detailed explanation can be found here [x]

- The flood could significantly change the geographical structure of the land. The eruption of Mount St. Helens provides a fantastic example of how a natural catastrophe affects the earth on a smaller scale. It carves out canyons, deposits sedimentary layers, all in strikingly short amount of time. Natural disasters can present changes that evolutionists would otherwise say took hundreds of years. Yet, on the massive scale on which the flood took place, things like even the Grand Canyon could be formed in a short span of time. (More about Mount St. Helens and geological changes [x] ) Additionally, the Bible says that “on that day all the fountains of the great deep were broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened.” (Genesis 7:11) If there was fault line and tectonic plate movement during this time as well, that certainly would have added to the quickened alteration of the earth’s formation.

- There is also reason to believe that the pre-flood atmosphere was different from today’s. Genesis says, “The window of heaven was opened.” Many scientists believe that that could refer to a sort of atmospheric canopy over the earth that allowed for a more moderate climate. That would account for why there have been palm trees found under the ice in Antarctica, as well as larger species of animals. There also is reason to believe that plants were more plentiful, and added to the difference in climate. This brings us to the point of carbon dating! When the flood and atmospheric variations are taken into account, CARBON-14 DATING ACTUALLY SUPPORTS A YOUNG EARTH.

- In summary, science can support both a young-earth theory and a worldwide flood theory.

Now that we’ve covered dating and fossilization, ONWARD TO THE DINOSAURS!!!

Did dinosaurs survive the flood? Yes. Noah was instructed to bring one of every animal in the ark, which included dinosaurs. And you’re probably thinking, “how did they fit a brachiosaurus on the ark???” Baby animals, my friend! Cute and convenient ^^ Job 41 also talks about the existence of dinosaurs, so we know they continued living after the flood. There are also recorded eye-witness accounts throughout history of dinosaurs (something to note is that the word “dragon” and “dinosaur” both mean “great, terrible lizard”. So while the word “dinosaur” was not invented until the first fossils were found, there was still a word that meant the same thing.) [x]

So why don’t we see dinosaurs today? There are many contributing factors…

- As the population of humanity grew, they encroached on the dinosaurs habitat. Just like in today’s world, whether it is by purposely killing off the predators (lions, tigers, ect.) or accidentally destroying their environment (pandas, manatees, ect.) animals go extinct or become endangered. The same is possible with dinosaurs.

- The size of certain animals was significantly larger at the time of the flood, and atmospheric and terrestrial conditions greatly reduced the lifespan of man (from 600-900 years, to the mere 80-90) It stands to reason that the size of dinosaurs could have been affected as well.

- It is theorized that the amount of plant life was significantly diminished. As many dinosaurs are herbivores, it simply could be that the nutrients did not suffice for many.

- There are many factors as to why the dinosaurs died off, but most likely it is a combination of reasons.

- There is evidence to suggest that there are still small breeds of dinosaurs living today in remote areas. It’s widely thought that many dinosaurs preferred dense swampland, and in African jungles that are largely unexplored, there have been reported sightings. If you look for it, history actually has a striking amount of documentation of man and dinosaurs together. They would not be the first life form thought to be extinct that has reappeared. [x].

All the links I’ve given are from Answers in Genesis, as they tend to be easier to understand as a whole, but the Institute for Creation Research has a tendency to go even further in detail and the minutely scientific aspects of it. I know I’ve probably overwhelmed you a bit with the massive amounts of text within the sources that I’ve given you, but I’d highly advice looking at both, as, in my opinion, this is something worth researching deeply. More research, evidence, and historical findings from ICR can be found here [x].

If you have any other questions, just let me know and I’ll do my best to answer them!

Ahkmenrah x Reader: 21, 900

I don’t own the image, and I don’t own Night at the Museum.  Other than that, enjoy!

Some interesting news out of Africa: A group of archeologists in Egypt have discovered a new tomb.  Unlike typical Egyptian tombs, the aforementioned had a structure reminiscent of Roman styles, and contained only a casket made of metal and draped in fabric.  The  tomb is being researched thoroughly, and we’ve learned that when the research is complete, the remains and artifacts will be sent to New York’s Museum of Natural History.  This has been the eight o’clock news, I’m Howard Malone.

21, 900.

It had been 21, 900 days since you had woken up for the first time.  You counted each and every day you had spent screaming and pounding on the lid of your dungeon.  So far, it was the same as how long you had been awake.  When you first woke up, you were terrified.  You thought you would be alone, in the dark, forever.

But then you heard voices and footsteps, and you were filled with hope.  You began banging on the lid and screaming to be let out.  You were filled with despair at the sound of retreating footsteps and fading voices.  You screamed until you were hoarse, and your hands banged limply on the lid.  You dissolved into a sobbing mess.  Between your quiet sobs an gasping breaths, however, you heard something peculiar.

A man.  

Screaming just as loud as you were.

It was an odd comfort, knowing you weren’t alone in your suffering.

But one day, his screaming stopped.

And you were truly alone.

Every night, you screamed to be let out. But now you were even more desperate, knowing everyone was outside and you were still trapped within.

 One night, after hearing the footsteps retreat for the thousandth time, you decided it wasn’t worth it anymore.   You were left in your prison night after night.  Why would anything change?  With this new mindset, you decided to fall asleep, of your own free will, for the first time in sixty years.

“Hey Larry?” Larry looked up from his paperwork.

“What’s up?”

“What’s that pile of boxes in the back store room?  The ones dated 1956?”

“Those have been here since before I started.  I have no idea, but they’re from Egypt.”  Ahkmenrah perked up at the mention of Egypt.

“Can we open them and see?” Larry thought, before shrugging.

“I don’t see why not.” Larry grabbed a crowbar from the storage closet and motioned for the Pharaoh to follow.  They reached the pile of boxes and pulled the dusty tarp off the pile of boxes.  Most of the boxes were uneventful: A jar here, a chair there.  Things didn’t get interesting until they reached the bottom of the pile.

“Warning: human remains,” Ahkmenrah read aloud.  He looked over at Larry, who had a confused look on his face.

“Wouldn’t we have heard something?” Ahkmenrah shrugged.

“Open it.” Larry nodded and stepped forward.  He wedged the crowbar under the wooden lid, and (with some assistance from Ahkmenrah) managed to pry it open.  A simple metal casket adorned with faded cloth rested inside.  The men nodded at each other and each grabbed an end of the lid.  

“On three.  One…two…three!” They both lifted the lid with all their strength.  The lid groaned as it was slid out of place, and the two dropped it on the ground before inspecting the now open casket.

“Oh my God.” Ahkmenrah breathed just as the girl inside opened her eyes.

When you opened your eyes, you expected to be greeted with the ever-present darkness.  You weren’t expecting to see two men standing over, watching you in bewilderment.  At first you thought it was a dream.  You blinked extra hard, and rubbed your eyes with your knuckles, but they were still there.  The one dressed in orange and blue robes extended a hand to you.  You took it, dazed, and allowed him to pull you to your feet.  The other one helped you out of your casket.

“What’s your name?” The first one asked.

“Y-Y/N.” You answered.  Your name sounded so foreign to you, and you loved the way it rolled off your tongue.  The first one smiled at you.

“That’s a lovely name.” You blushed.  “This is Larry, and I’m Ahkmenrah.” You smiled.

“Where am I?”

“The Museum of Natural History.” You raised an eyebrow.  Ahkmenrah laughed.  “Come on; I’ll give you the tour.  You followed him out of the backroom, and your jaw dropped at what you saw.  People in all sorts of strange costumes were milling about, and animals you had never seen before bounded across the halls.  Ahkmenrah showed you all the places in the museum, from the main lobby to the Hall of Miniatures.  “And this is my exhibit.” You walked in and looked around.  The walls were covered in symbols.  He told you they were called hieroglyphics.  At the end of the hall there was an ornate casket.  The lid was laying on the ground next to it, and you put two and two together.

“You were in there?” You pointed at the casket.  He nodded.  “It was you…” You said at last.

“I’m sorry?”

“It was you.”  Seeing he didn’t understand, you elaborated.  “All those years I was trapped in my casket, I was screaming.  I was screaming and screaming.  Night after night.  For 21, 900 days.  But I wasn’t the only one.  You were screaming too, weren’t you?” Realization dawned on Ahkmenrah’s face, and he nodded.  “One day you stopped screaming.  And I realized I was alone again.  So I didn’t see the point in screaming if no one would be there to hear me.” Ahkmenrah looked at you sympathetically, and laid a hand on your shoulder.
“I’m so sorry that happened to you.  If I had known you were there, I would’ve made sure you were let out years ago.” You smiled in gratitude.

“Thank you.” You told him sincerely.  “Just knowing you would’ve is enough for me.” He smiled down at you, and you both turned away.  You walked back out of his exhibit and continued to explore the museum in a comfortable silence.

Thanks to the anon that requested this one!

A lil post-christmas party Evak drabble! (just over 900 words because I’m not great at keeping things short)

It took a few hours for everyone to filter out of Isak’s flat, and another hour after that for him and Isak to tidy up the worst of the mess and finally flop into bed.

“Did you have a good night?” Even smiled as Isak pulled the duvet up over them.

“Yeah.” Isak nodded, his curls ticking Even’s chin. “Did you?” He looked up from where he had tucked himself under Even’s chin.

“It was fun.  Especially the mistletoe.” Even winked and Isak couldn’t stop himself from rolling his eyes.  “Admit it: you went in and out all those times just to get a kiss under the mistletoe from the man of your life.” Even teased and Isak groaned, pushing himself away from Even’s warmth.

“It was just a hashtag!” Isak was never going to live that line down.

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Episodes 15 & 16 Goblin Review: The person left behind must go on living life

Ahh… the ending of Goblin has me feeling “bittersweet” as I have mixed emotions coming from my “reviewer side” and “fangirl side.” For this review, it’s a combination of both episodes 15 and 16. 

In episode 15, the main purpose was to reveal how Eun-Tak remembered Shin and Sunny’s resolution. Eun-Tak went to Canada to find her lost memories, while at the same time she regained her powers to see ghosts; this is mostly due to summoning Shin (I think her powers in a way “reset”). In Canada, Eun-Tak learned more about the mysteries of her past: she met the designer of her necklace, met Shin at the red door they entered together, and walked through the troll pathway of the Maple trees with Shin just as she did 9 years ago. Even though she doesn’t remember, she is drawn to him and slowly begans to fall for him regardless of knowing his true identity. Shin did not tell Eun-Tak the truth that he was Kim Shin and that they know each other because he didn’t want to force her to remember. Eun-Tak’s memories returned after holding a red Maple leaf in front of the fountain where they talked about an eternal sad love 9 years ago. This scene is important because 1) a fountain symbolizes truth and 2) it’s the scene that symbolizes Eun-Tak and Shin’s fated love… an eternal sad love that transcends time (aka. the moral of the story). Notice how the way Eun-Tak’s voice changed as emotions returned to her voice. She summoned him in front of the Christmas shop where they once visited 9 years ago… And Shin immediately embraced her while giving her a passionate kiss filled with longing and love. Notice the emphasis on Shin’s hands… how carefully, but tightly he cupped her face as if he would never leave her again. AND LIFE RETURNED TO ME AS I WAS ABLE TO WITNESS A SEXY KISS BETWEEN THEM… I lost it when Eun-Tak wrapped her legs around Shin… ugh… That kiss was perfect. T.T

This time, GR introduced himself with his real name, “Wang Yeo,” and Sunny pretending to not remember him, while she confirmed for herself that he still remembers her. We learn that Sunny’s memories were never erased because God adhered to her wish, “Water is self-service for even God, in my store. And the same goes for my life. I’ll do what I want with my own life, so I wish he’d just get lost.” With this, God decided to stay out of Sunny’s life even if it meant Sunny suffering in loneliness with her memories while everyone else forgot, “Erasing memories is God’s way of being gracious to people, don’t you think?” Sunny continued to live a successful and independent life until the people from her past appeared before her again… reminding her of the pain of being the only one who remembers. But Sunny’s character has grown to show that she catches onto situations quickly: she adapted to Eun-Tak’s lost memories even if it was painful that she did not remember their past relationship, she couldn’t believe to see her brother appear before her in his Goryeo clothing, and she met her lover once again after leaving him. What’s interesting is how Sunny retained her memories while Eun-Tak lost them… however they both were still equally in pain and suffered as they were separated from the person they loved, but they both remained strong and made someone out of themselves (Sunny’s restaurant was a success and she owned the building, while Eun-Tak achieved her dream job and became successful). After seeing GR, Sunny decided with the resolution to move out of her building, wished Eun-Tak happiness, and even hid her memories from her brother after seeing him happy because she was moving on from her memories. 

The rest of episode showed us the happy reunion of Shin and Eun-Tak, as well as, the reunion of the trio: DH, GR, and Shin. Eun-Tak still couldn’t believe that Shin was in front of him and kept stroking his chin to confirm that he was real, while Shin assured her that it wasn’t a dream. However, the happiness felt too dream-like and we saw how Eun-Tak was still scarred from losing Shin when she woke up and summoned him to make sure that he was really back. This made Shin realize that even though her memories returned, Eun-Tak was still traumatized from losing him; that’s why Shin was the one initiating all the affection towards Eun-Tak. In episode 16, we were hit with a truckload of emotions (pun intended). Eun-Tak was able to reconcile with her ghost friends as well as the issue between her and her aunt; even when her aunt was terrible to her after death, Eun-Tak still thanked her aunt for raising her. GR was able to resolve his past with the maidservant and apologized to her for putting her in a difficult situation 900 years ago by committing suicide. GR and Sunny finally and properly said goodbye to each other while accepting that they could not be happy in this lifetime. Deok-Hwa was slowly growing up and maturing into an adult who will one day take over the company. And Shin and Eun-Tak got married (UGH THEY ARE JUST SO PRECIOUS… AT LEAST WE GOT A WEDDING T.T). However, their happiness was cut short (as well as my soul was crushed) as Eun-Tak sacrificed herself to save the children on the bus. This time Shin was the one who had to watch his loved one leave him behind, but Eun-Tak promised him that she would return and for him to wait for her, while to live his life well and not cause inconveniences to people because of her. (Guys… who else was ugly sobbing? I can’t stop crying from the moment Eun-Tak sacrificed herself until Shin’s sad and deep crying when he fell to the floor). 

Notice how the seasons went by naturally as Shin kept his promise to Eun-Tak to not cause unnatural weather, while wearing her scarf and reminiscing about her. 30 years later, Sunny’s death was GR’s last assignment as the two have a touching reunion, which this time GR leading Sunny the way… not Sunny leading him. Even though Shin was left behind, Shin continued to live well and spread miracles in peoples’ lives (read here for theory on Mr. Kim) until he finally crossed paths with the reincarnated GR and Sunny. We see that in this lifetime, they are finally happily together without anything blocking them (and I kinda think they might remember their past lives too with all the references they made). Notice how GR grabbed & handcuffed Sunny’s right arm and then he was the one who initiated the handshake when it was Sunny who did it previously. And lastly, our lonely goblin was finally shining when he reunited with a reincarnated Eun-Tak. If you didn’t notice, Shin was wearing the watch she had bought for him for their wedding; when a woman gives a man a watch, this symbolizes that 1) they are each other’s time and 2) he will wait for her just as she will wait for him. This time, it was Eun-Tak coming to him and granting his wish (the dandelion symbolizes fulfillment of wishes): her returning to his side

So what do I think about this ending? I think this ending was perfect for the series as it symbolizes the title of the drama: The Lonely Shining Goblin. (Though my fangirl side… I’m not satisfied lmao… I want more tbh xD). Everyone had a different story and problem, but it was up to each character to find the answer to their fate. To become a good CEO, DH was growing up from only seeing himself to thinking of others, asking questions, and maturing from a child to an adult. CEO Kim fulfilled his duties to Grandpa and lived a good life. GR and Sunny accepted their punishment, but determined their own happiness in their next life by having a new beginning and by GR being more straight-forwards in their relationship. And Shin and Eun-Tak overcame the boundaries of life and death, their love will transcend time as they continue to find each other (this is because she is human and he is an immortal - therefore their ending will always be sad because they can’t be together forever). Eun-Tak sacrificing herself was the ultimate expression of a pure and selfless love and that’s why her death was not predetermined (a human’s sacrifice is the only thing God can’t predetermine) - she did not hesitate to save others before herself.. just as Shin when he pulled the sword out to kill Park Joong Won. Therefore, that’s why I believe their love was able to defy time because their love is selfless. Their selfless love was the answer to their tragic fate… even though they could not be happy together in this lifetime… they were only selfish once they died as they asked God to let them be together longer next time. And that’s why I think Eun-Tak did not forget Shin because 1) she didn’t drink the tea and 2) God granted her wish to return to Shin just as God granted Shin’s wish to return to Eun-Tak’s side. Their reunion was pure and innocent despite their longing for each other… just as how they first met… because the foundation of their love is a “first love” and “selfless love.” (even though my fangirl side wanted a kiss lmao) I also think there’s a special reason why they reunited at Canada. Canada is known as a land of acceptance and openness… so Shin and Eun-Tak reuniting in Canada represents how they accept and love each other for who they are no matter the time they will meet or the age they will be. She will be his first and last bride

But not only does the application of selfless love apply to Shin and Eun-Tak, it also applies to everyone in this drama… GR and Sunny, DH, Samshin, God, and all the souls who were guided by GR. After thinking for awhile, I was trying to understand why they continued to show two more scenes of GR guiding souls to the afterlife… the first one being the reunion of the soldier and his widowed wife (first of all, I fuckin cried… it was so damn touching). Even though he promised his wife he would return, he didn’t because he sacrificed himself during the war while she lived her life till old age instead of committing suicide; because their love was selfless… they were able to meet again. The second one was of the selfish CEO and how he only cared for himself… but he didn’t realize that his selfishness would be the only thing that would follow him into the afterlife as his punishment - not his watch, his money, and his title. So to my next point on selfless love, becoming a grim reaper is a punishment on people who committed suicide. In a way this is a form of selfishness because you ended your own life for yourself and as punishment, you live a nameless life as a grim reaper to make you desire to live again and appreciate life because life is fleeting… just as Eun-Tak said to GR, “you live today as if it will be your last.”

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The ending for Goblin is in a sense perfect despite the imperfections that we may find with it because we love this drama so much. In an ideal world, we want a happy and perfect ending, however, in the world of Goblin… it’s cruel that Shin will have to wait for Eun-Tak when she passes away again… and the cruel cycle continues, but that’s the choice they’ve chosen – a sad love to their tragic fate. I think the author has let it up to us to decide how Eun-Tak and Shin’s fate will play with the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th lives that Eun-Tak has remaining because she has laid the foundation of how their first life together happened - like Eun-Tak said, “Humans have four lives: a life of planting seeds, a life of watering the seeds, a life of harvesting and a life of cherishing the harvests.

And you know, after thinking it throughly… perhaps that was the whole point of the drama.. to plant the seeds for the love story between Eun-Tak and Shin; not all beginnings end happily but what matters the most is how you continue to thrive after you’ve started. Therefore, I do think that it would be possible for Shin to become human during her 4th life so that they can properly cherish each other. For example, Sunny’s life. Sunny had planted the seeds of her love with Wang Yeo during Goryeo, but ended her life early to protect him. Her second life she watered the seeds by surviving on her own with no attachment to her first life. Her third life, she finally was able to harvest after reuniting with her brother and lover with her memories of her first life, but she was finally able to cherish the harvest in her fourth life by having her happy ending with GR/Wang Yeo with a clean slate.

So moral of Goblin: There are many types of love… there is selfish love and selfless love.. though a selfless love is a sad love… it is the only type of love that can last 1,000 or 10,000 years. If you genuinely love someone, you will continue to live a good life till its’ fullest even after that person’s death… And perhaps a miracle might just happen as a god may be listening nearby to grant your wish. 

Thank you Goblin… despite the harsh reality of the world and our fates… thank you for reminding us that we are the makers of our livesand that’s what makes life beautiful. 

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On the other hand… this is really me right now after writing this review as logical as possible:

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Important Anon Question regarding Pedophilia

anonymous asked:

I love your blog and your theme you are such a great writer A+ *heart eyes emoji* I was uh wondering if you could do an RFA + V reaction to MC coming out as being a lesbian? It's getting close to the holidays which is really hard for me sometimes because my family isn't very supportive of me and who I am and I just need some hugs T_T

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Put this to the top of the queue because I also have this every year and it sucks ://


  • Well this is Zen we’re talking about.
  • There’s going to be a moment of ‘wait wat but look how pretty I am’
  • But he gets over it in like ten seconds and feels bad for all those times he basically thirsted down the phone at you or was like ‘what kind of guys do you like you naughty girl’
  • He’d give you a massive hug and thank you for telling him because he knows how sometimes the hardest thing is just to be yourself.
  • He’d become your guardian protector come wing man come big brother and would be a massive pillar of support in the whole process.
  • He’d go with you for moral support when you go to tell everyone else
  • Will fight anyone who trash talks you or gives you any other kind of nonsense
  • He still sends you his selfies though.
  • “Look at this face and feel motivated, MC! It’s going to be fine. And if it’s not…” -New selfie- “Here’s the face of your white knight!”


  • He’d assume you came because someone was spreading rumours, like people are always doing to him.
  • He’d have called for Jaehee to go and summon the legal team before realising that
  • Oh
  • You actually just wanted to reveal something very personal about yourself because you considered him a dear friend
  • And honestly, I think that that would be more of a shock to him than the fact that you were coming out to him.
  • He’d go very quiet because it would touch him so very deeply and then he’d end up just saying ‘I see…’ over and over. Depending on how well MC actually knows him, this probably comes across as much less supportive than it actually is. If Zen is there, it DEFINITELY starts an argument.
  • In the end though, he’d get up from his desk, place a hand on MC’s shoulder and tell them he’s proud of them.


  • Yoosung is probably lowkey hurt you didn’t tell him sooner tbh
  • He’s also the one with the most questions, like if there’s a girl you like. When did you first realise etc
  • If you so much as imply that you’ve had a bad experience, he’ll get really upset on your behalf and hug you tightly like ‘HOW COULD THEY BE SO MEAN TO SOMEONE LIKE YOU’
  • He takes this as the opportunity to tell you about every single cute girl he knows, from the girl with the beanie hat in his coffee making class to the girl who sits two rows ahead of him in class.
  • He really wants to be the person who introduces you to your significant other.
  • He is basically just a gross romantic and I don’t think it matters if you’re into men, women or anything in between, he’d be rooting for you and trying his best to find you somebody
  • He doesn’t really understand women though and has never had a relationship, so his advice sometimes sounds like the really trashy think pieces in Cosmo.
  • He’ll fight anyone that looks at you weirdly and cook dinner afterwards like nothing happened.


  • Seven’s into guys and girls, so he’d probably just burst out laughing
  • “You looked so serious, MC…I thought you were going to tell me something bad!”
  • And then he’d be back to sipping his phd. Pepper, hacking or whatever it was he was doing before
  • Unless you’re upset, of course
  • Then he’d tell you that if we were all the same, life would be boring, all while squeezing you pretty damn hard.
  • He’d also reference a gay bar Tom told him about and insist on having an RFA outing there.


  • V probably has a lot of friends who are quite openly LGBTQ and it doesn’t ever really occur to him that it’s something people might disapprove of, so when MC shows up looking very nervous (accompanied by Zen, possibly idk you decide) and talks about it and how they were kind of worried about telling him, he’s kind of like
  • Oh
  • Oh have I offended them in some way?
  • I must have done
  • Uhhhh
  • And V is super timid and sweet so he basically just takes MC by the shoulders and apologises profusely
  • MC’s like ?????
  • If he’s there, Zen’s like ‘dude, what’
  • Once he realises he’s done nothing wrong, V’s only too happy to dish out hugs and tell you how happy he is that you told him.


  • Jaehee knows more about gay bars than even Seven. She did a bunch of research for a project after Chief Han passed it onto their department, so she can recite most of the drinks menus by heart.
  • She actually chooses them over regular bars, since they are usually cleaner, with a better atmosphere.
  • She’s also pretty much the Mom Friend, so her reaction would probably be one of calm understanding
  • She’ll make tea and cake and just generally give you time to vent. She’ll also ask if you’ve had a hard time up until this point.
  • If you have, then she’ll listen to your experiences without interrupting
  • She’ll make a point to ask if any of the guys have been hassling you and who of the group knows thus far, mostly because she wants to gauge how they have reacted and plot to tell them off in private if they were insensitive.
  • She’ll give MC a big hug and explain that she understands how easy it is for life to get complicated, but it’s important we don’t lose track of who we are.
  • Tbh I’m 900% sure that MC being more open about their sexuality would leave her questioning her own.


  • Saeran’s reaction is pretty much non existent.
  • “Saeran, I’m a lesbian.”
  • “Oh, okay.”
  • A while later, he realises you expect more of a response from him.
  • “Is that something out of the ordinary?”
  • “People usually aren’t as okay with it.”
  • “Why?”
  • And you’ll go into all of the horrible stigmas and reactions from the past and he’ll listen and eventually nod.
  • “People are shitbags.”
  • And that’s the last he says on the topic, but I’m assuming if you’re friendly enough with him to have gotten this far, you’re able to fill in the blanks.
  • “People are shitbags, but you’re not. You’re my friend and you’re perfect.”
Who wants some dumb “The past Sportaci/future Sportarobbie″ headcanons????

No one? Well too bad, you’re getting them anyway!

- Sportacus isn’t so much a name as it is a title, passed down from one person to the next

- Each Sportacus chooses a child to mentor in their ways of eating sportscandy and staying active, so that when they retire they have someone to fill the position for them

- #9 was Sportacus’ mentor (whether number 9 was Sport’s father or not is up to you), and he looked very much like #10 Sportacus, except his outfit was yellow and red (like in the stage musical)

- The crystal is also handed down, and it has been the same crystal that all the Sportaci have used since #1

- Each Sportacus has their own unique attribute. Where #10 is extremely gifted at acrobatics, #9 was the fastest out of any of them

- #8 was the toughest (almost no one/nothing could injure them)

- #7 was the most flexible

- #6 was the kindest (yes, somehow a person existed that was kinder than #10; they never got upset and they believed in giving everyone a second, and even third, chance)

- #5 was the wisest (they knew everything having to do with physical activity, such as how the circulatory and respiratory systems worked; some believed that before #5 became Sportacus they were studying to become a doctor)

- #4 was the best at actual sports (they’d never lose a game, and could make any goal/basket with their eyes blindfolded)

- #3 was the healthiest (unlike #10 they made sure to eat food other than sportscandy, such as vegetables and meats, so that they had a well-balanced diet. They also understood that exercise is important, but that it’s also important to take a break and relax a bit so that you maintain your mental health as well. It is said that #3 lived to be over 100 years old)

- #2 was the happiest (NOTHING could upset them, and in turn they never wanted anyone around them to be upset either. Legend says that when #2 died they wrote in their will that instead of a funeral they wanted everyone to throw a “They Lived a Full Life” party, where they could only talk about the happy memories and everyone in attendance had to wear bright colors instead of black)

- #1 was the strongest, but only when it came to objects they created themselves, specifically mallets. #1 could lift and swing around a mallet that was the same size and weight of a person without breaking a sweat. However #1 was also the most short-lived Sportacus. They retired extremely early and simply vanished. No one knows what happened to them. Most believe #1 died a long time ago, others believe that they still live, hiding somewhere.

- Robbie is #1, hence his song “We are Number One”

- He’s managed to live for so long because he’s a freaking genius, and has invented gadgets to keep him young. It’s estimated that Robbie is almost 900 years old

- Robbie HATES the fact that he was once Sportacus. It wasn’t his intention to discover a crystal that went off whenever someone in the immediate vicinity was in trouble, or then proceed to save said person, or then be declared a “hero” by the townspeople and given the name “Sportacus” (or “Íþróttaálfurinn”, as he was called back then)

- So he went underground in an attempt to escape his past, which is why he so adamantly despises the other Sportaci, and why he tries to run them out of town. He hates the fact that it’s because of HIM that this permanent nuisance exists, encouraging everyone to be active and healthy.

- #2 wasn’t really Robbie’s pupil. #2 started the whole “mentor/student” tradition when it comes to Sportaci, but they actually became Sportacus when they discovered the crystal that Robbie had thrown out (the damn thing kept beeping and it was driving Robbie crazy)

- #10 discovered that Robbie was #1 when he was returning an unconcious Robbie (who had knocked himself out cold while attempting to pull off his latest scheme) back to his lair and saw in one of the costume tubes #1′s original outfit

- Sportacus was in total awe and disbelief and waited until Robbie came to before asking him, in his polite fashion, “WHAT THE HELL WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME YOU WERE #1 WE ALL THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD!?”

- Robbie explains that he never wanted to be Sportacus and how he’s been using technology to keep himself alive so that he can try and eventually rid the world of Sportacus once and for all

- Sport then asks “Well, why don’t you get rid of me now?”

- Robbie has to face the fact that he’s grown fond of this current Sportacus and actually wants to be with him (whether in a platonic or romantic sense is up to you, but come on, I think we all know that those two are hella gay for each other)

- Sportcus reveals that he wants to be with Robbie as well

- After this things don’t really change that much, except that Robbie’s “evil plans” become much more tame and are more of a minor nuisance than an actual threat to the townspeople, since he’s not really trying to get rid of Sportacus anymore (however he can’t give up his evil schemes all together because he’s a villain, after all; what else is he suppose to do????)

- *this is for the Sportarobbie route, and pretty much the rest of the bullet points are going to be Sportarobbie from this point on* Also Robbie and Sportacus officially become a couple, to the surprise of no one

- Robbie stops using his tech to keep him young, since he now has plans to become an old man with Sportacus

- Sportacus pushes his bedtime from 8:08 to 9:00 so that he and Robbie can go on dates after everyone else is asleep, so that way his crystal won’t interrupt them during their movie/dinner/make out session

- Robbie buys a larger bed so that he and Sportacus can sleep in the same bed together and cuddle. Sport has offered to do the same thing for his airship but Robbie shoots the idea down immediately, saying that his phobia of heights will keep him from getting a good night’s sleep up in Sportacus’ airship

- Sportacus doesn’t really understand Robbie’s fear of being high up because it seems to come and go, but he doesn’t question it. He’s fine with doing whatever makes Robbie comfortable, and if that means sleeping over in his lair then so be it (he really doesn’t mind though; the kids may find the underground hideout creepy, but Sport thinks it’s kind of cozy, especially with Robbie there by his side)

- Robbie also pushes aside his workbench to make room for an area where Sportacus can keep his sport/exercise equipment

- They basically make a home for themselves in Robbie’s lair, which comes to be known as “Robbie’s (and Sportacus’) home”

- The two also start sneaking kisses from each other when the kids aren’t looking and holding hands while walking around town and celebrating Valentines Day together by giving one another gifts (A bouquet of sportscandy and a loving letter for Sportacus, and a box of chocolates and a teddy bear dressed in a miniature version of Robbie’s suit for Robbie) and dressing in couples costumes for Halloween and kissing under the miseltoe/at the stroke of midnight during Christmas/New Years and basically just being all cute and couple-y and junk <3

- It’s about a year after they start dating that Sportacus and Robbie decide to get married

- Miss Busybody plans and decorates for the wedding; Mayor Meanswell officiates; Ziggy is the ring-bearer (and yes, he’s allowed to wear his superhero costume); Stephanie is the flower girl; Stingy has his dad rent out a hotel ballroom for the reception (I’m willing to bet there’s at least one hotel in Lazy Town, even though no one ever seems to come to visit); Trixie DJs at the reception; Pixel works the lights and puts together a video montage of all the cute Sportacus/Robbie moments that were captured throughout the past few years (A majority of the photos/videos of are Sportacus saving Robbie, at which point while viewing it everyone lovingly laughs and Robbie buries his quickly reddening face in to the crook of Sportacus’ neck as Sport turns his head and kisses Robbie’s forehead, reminding him that he’ll always be there to save him)

- Robbie and Sportacus remain in Lazy Town as husband and husband for about 10 years. By this point the kids are grown up and new people haved moved in to the town with children of their own

- It is at this point that Sportacus announces to the town that he and Robbie are leaving, with plans to travel the world until their old age

- Naturally everyone is sad to hear that they’re leaving, but they respect their decision and wish them the best; both Robbie and Sportacus promise to come back and visit every now and again

- It is at this time that Sportacus goes up to Stephanie specifically and hands her a small, wrapped package

- Stephanie opens it to find that it’s Sportacus’ crystal, but now with the number 11 on it instead of 10

- “Sportacus, what-” “You are Sportacus now, Stephanie”

- Robbie gives her his lair to use as her “base of operations”, since he and Sportacus are going to be using the airship to travel the globe. She may do whatever she wishes with it, but under no circumstances is she allowed to paint it pink

- (Oh, and for those of you who may be concerned that this upsets Ziggy, don’t be; he grew out of his superhero admiration phase a while ago and now has plans to open up a candy shop that sells healthy candy made using honey and reduced sugar and no artificial colors/flavors)

- Robbie and Sportacus say one last goodbye to the residents before leaving Lazy Town in the capable hands of #11

anonymous asked:

I get why JeffCo don't want to release the basement tapes BUT why did they release their video projects for school such as hitmen for hire? Isn't is basically the same? Them talking about planning on killing students or (1/?)

them acting like the tough hitmen they want to be seen as really doesn’t make any difference to me? In both they glorify violence and guns so what’s the deal with releasing some videos such as rampart range or said hitmen for hire while saying that the basement tapes might cause more copy cat cases? Why releasing their journals where they act as hateful as in the tapes? What do JeffCo think is the difference between the tapes and all the released stuff that drips with hate as well?            

P.s. sorry for my bad english and the long question, I’m just really confused by JeffCos behaviour and arguments        

Your English is absolutely fine, no need to worry! (I personally hate the fact that Tumblr has a character limit when it comes to the askbox – it forces people to try and be as brief as possible, which doesn’t always work when it comes to the more intricate stuff.)

Releasing Rampart Range and Hitmen For Hire does seem like an odd choice, but I think the difference between these and the basement tapes is still pretty big. In Rampart Range, all you really see is them goofing off and practicing with their guns. There are loose comments here and there (like “imagine that in someone’s fucking brain”) that are a precursor to the massacre, but Rampart doesn’t showcase their individual convictions and ideologies whatsoever. Similarly, Hitmen For Hire was a school project that was actually accompanied by a business plan. We do have the paperwork for it in our possession, but it is unfortunately rarely mentioned in conjunction with the video. I personally believe the paper helps clarify the purpose of the video and also puts its existence back into an educational context. (Of course, nowadays teachers would likely not tolerate a video such as this one. Teachers back then weren’t as focused on warning signs that could lead to a school shooting, which allowed this video to fly under the radar as being an acceptable contribution to the class it was needed for.)

Their journals were first released to the public in 2006. The journals and other documents (the so-called 900 pages) were released after The Denver Post sued to force their release, though the Supreme Court left the final decision in the hands of the sheriff’s office. I seem to recall that this lawsuit also involved the basement tapes, which the sheriff did withhold out of the normally cited fear of copycats. It’s entirely likely that they had not really planned on the release of these documents either, but had their hand forced by one of the best media outlets that provided extensive coverage of Columbine back in the day. Still, the journals are an interesting mix of ideologies and their personal emotional processes that run so much deeper than their hate alone.

What sets the basement tapes apart from all of these released materials is that the basement tapes contain not just their entire reasonings for the massacre, but also contain their literal call to arms (”revolution of the dispossessed”) and informational how-tos about the preparations for the massacre. The basement tapes showcase all of the hiding places the boys utilised to the point where law enforcement actually had to go back to Eric’s house after seeing the tapes because they missed a spot. The tapes also clarify how close the boys came to having their plans get discovered and glorify what they were about to do. Most importantly, perhaps.. they show the boys interacting with each other without anyone else present in the room, they show a different dynamic than the psychopath-follower theory promoted by law enforcement, and they show that these two were just awkward angry children at the end of the day. I personally feel that the basement tapes would force many people to reconsider their views on the dynamic between Eric and Dylan in particular, as the description of the tapes basically says “Harris is contrite; Klebold is monstrous” and doesn’t add up to the view of “Harris the psychopath; Klebold the nice fool” that many have promoted over the years. 

It is the fear of many that the tapes would inspire other kids, because Eric and Dylan are very relatable in those hours of footage and talk about their preparations in easy-to-understand terms. In a few of the videos we have, Eric and Dylan are acting as different characters (though they do break character every so often) and they don’t really promote the massacre in any of those because they did not film those videos alone. The Eric and Dylan we would see on the basement tapes would be closest to how they actually were around one another and how they were as people in those final months of their lives. The vivid descriptions of the tapes are alternately horrendous and heartwarming, painting the two in a new light that makes them both horrible and sympathetic, and it’s not very hard to see why JeffCo would do anything within their power to ensure that these never see the light of day. The tapes would upset the carefully cultivated story as much as they would also humanise Eric and Dylan.

Also, it is the impression of many researchers (myself included) that the transcripts/descriptions we have of the tapes may not be entirely complete and that it is likely that some things on those tapes may be very instigative or may contain material that law enforcement wants to omit from the narrative altogether for whatever reason they may have. Law enforcement’s unfortunate habit when it comes to Columbine is to be deliberately vague and obtuse in the information they do release to the public, which is something that becomes increasingly clear when you compare various evidence parts about the same moments to one another and find a multitude of discrepancies. Their actions concerning the basement tapes are directly in line with their desire to sweep certain things under the rug.

Thoughts about Goblin, Part 1
  • I think Grim Reapers choose to forget their past memories because of the overwhelming guilt  they felt about the crimes they’ve committed. They repent by  seeing to it that the departed get the peace or the punishment they deserve, something that is out of reach for them.
  • I like how the show is letting Eun Tak grow up, even just in the sidelines. While haters might find her relationship with Kim Shin nauseating, I like seeing them together because it somehow brings light into Shin’s world. You see an almost-millenium old man who is grasping straws about his very first romantic relationship with a girl who is simply making the most out of her life. Hate her and them together for all I care but I like them. Eun Tak, as his bride, is the beginning and end he desperately needed, but he wouldn’t gain that without a transformation with him.
  • If I have every moment to dissect Wang Yeo and Kim Shin’s relationship, I will. I love them. They’re brilliant together, which should have been the case about 900-and-so years ago had Wang Yeo listened to him. I am definitely looking forward to their confrontation. Wang Yeo needs to hear it, and him as the Reaper will definitely listen. Kim Shin, on the other hand, will definitely be full of rage, something that is understandable. I want them to get on with it, because this is their second chance.
  • Sunny continually gets torn between her brother and lover, which saddens me. I want Grim Reaper/Goblin reconciliation for her! I want Eun Tak to be her support (because she’s the variable, stop dissing her) because Eun Tak could provide her the perspective to decide to save herself. (Girl got to have self-preservation after eons.)
  • I really have no idea what will happen to Wang Yeo in the end. I want him to gain his second chance as a person, but will God give him? Will he be given the chance to choose? For me, he deserves it.
  • BUT GOBLIN. PLEASE PLEASE LET HIM LIVE. I think I’ll cry buckets when he “goes to nothingness” because why in the world did I invest myself in this drama if not for him? Lol. I want him to live. He may/may not remember, but just like Sunny and Reaper, the goblin and his bride deserves to eventually find their way back together.
  • Seriously, I just want to cry watching the last four episodes of Goblin (or maybe cry because I have so many school related things to do while waiting for it).

Most of these titles will be relatively modern, since I’m not a big fan of vintage comics. It’s just a personal preference. Bolded ones are my personal favorites. I’ll skip around in terms of chronology, and I’ll be avoiding major events like Infinite Crisis, Identity Crisis, Final Crisis, etc. 

  • The Death and Life of Superman novelization by Roger Stern - If you want to get the whole story behind Superman’s iconic death, it might be more economical to buy this novelization, instead of the individual (and sometimes pricey) comics. The background that this book provides on Superman is really invaluable and tells the story better than the comics did, in my opinion. Introduces Steel and the 90s Superboy! Adapted into the Superman: Doomsday movie. 
  • Superman: For All Seasons - this origin story ties into John Byrne’s Man of Steel series, but you don’t need to read that to enjoy this. Norman Rockwell-esque art and some very heartwarming Superman tales. 
  • Superman: No Limits! - My favorite of the “new millennium” Superman stories. Involves the return of the Daily Planet, Mongul, Kryptonite, etc. 
  • Superman: Return to Krypton - A very interesting exploration of Superman’s home planet, even if it is a tad confusing. Krypto’s preboot origin is here. 
  • Superman: Birthright - In my opinion, the best Superman origin story ever written. It really captures the essence of Superman, while maintaining modern relevance and an almost cinematic quality. This kept becoming canon, then not-canon, then canon again. I consider it canon on principle. 
  • Superman/Batman: Public Enemies - A really famous and well-written team-up series between Clark and Bruce that emphasizes their friendship and their complementary skill sets. (Adapted into a movie of the same name)
  • Superman/Batman: Supergirl - Kara Zor-El’s preboot, modernized origin. If you’re interested in Superman’s conflicts with Darkseid, and Supergirl in general, I’d definitely check this out. (Adapted into Batman/Superman: Apocalypse)
  • Superman: Emperor Joker: This comic is just wild. Basically, what happens when the Joker gets unlimited cosmic power? You don’t really want to know – but at the same time, you kind of do. 
  • Superman: Ending Battle - Someone is targeting people that Clark Kent knows. Almost every supervillain on the planet is thrown at Clark in this volume. Superman gives one heck of a speech at the end. 
  • Superman: For Tomorrow - A really deep look into the philosophy of Superman, which focuses on Clark’s tendency to walk the line between a man and a god. In the story, he has recently suffered a great personal tragedy, and as he tries to retrieve what he lost, a few major complications and mysteries arise. This has, in my opinion, some of the most beautiful Superman art ever pencilled, and a story that is so poetic that it needs several readings to be fully understood. 
  • Superman: Unconventional Warfare - Enter Ruin! A really, really insidious villain who’s desperate for revenge against the Man of Steel. With tons of tech and intelligence on his side, Ruin proves to be quite a problem – and a mystery. Also – this is where Lt. Lupe Leocadio enters, and she is so badass. 
  • Superman: That Healing Touch - Not a great volume, but necessary for the context of Ruin’s continuous story. Some OMAC stuff gets introduced around here until Infinite Crisis, which can get confusing in terms of chronology. 
  • Superman: Sacrifice - I’m not sure if this is a controversial storyline, but overall, I found it to be one of the few truly well-written superhero vs superhero tales (it’s Superman vs Wonder Woman, ultimately). But the context of their battle is the real substance of this story. (This volume also definitively proves why Superman, if he is really trying, will beat Batman)
  • Superman: Ruin Revealed - Ruin’s story gets wrapped up, as the title suggests.
  • Superman: Strange Attractors - Gail Simone writes a wonderful Superman (and Lois Lane, incidentally). This Superman has an abundance of heart and power, as evidenced by battles with Doctor Polaris, Doctor Psycho, Black Adam, the Queen of Fables, and even Livewire (in her first comics appearance). 
  • Superman: Up, Up, and Away! - takes place after Infinite Crisis, and is directly affected by its events. Even if you don’t read that event. PLEASE read this comic. It gives a wonderful look at how a human Clark Kent may behave considering how, in this comic, he’s no longer Superman. Few Superman stories humanize and characterize Clark like this one does.
  • Superman: Back in Action - I loved seeing Superman team-up with a variety of heroes that aren’t necessarily considered A-List. 
  • Superman: Kryptonite - How exactly was Kryptonite discovered? Nice Superman characterization, even if the ending is a little confusing. This ties into For All Seasons, though it was written long afterwards. More art by Tim Sale, if you like that style, is contained inside. 
  • Superman: Redemption - For some reason, few people know about this truly AMAZING story in which Superman deals with his connections to religion, and how people relate him to different faiths. I feel like this story really showcases Superman’s steady moral compass and compassion.
  • Superman: Last Son of Krypton - Superman finds a little Kryptonian boy and decides to adopt it. It was lovely to see Superman try to fulfill the role of a father, because frankly, he fits the part perfectly. 
  • Superman: Brainiac - One of Superman’s most famous rogues is Brainiac, and he was due for a modern makeover. This comic does it nicely with great art by Gary Frank – not to mention that it gives Supergirl a big role. (This comic was adapted into the movie Superman: Unbound)
  • Superman: Grounded - Not the best set of Superman stories, but the heart’s there. I’m putting it in the reclst because the art is decent most of the time, and it provides some background for the New Krypton arc, which I will not put on this reclist because I did not enjoy it. 
  • Superman: Reign of Doomsday - I will mention that you should read both volumes of Superman: the Black Ring to fully understand this arc. Basically, this is the final curtain on preboot Superman, with Action Comics (which was pretty much the longest running comics series) wrapping up with over 900 issues! Gorgeous art by Kenneth Rocafort is inside, and almost the whole Superfam plays a part. 

Random issues: 

  • Action Comics #775: This is where Superman gave his most influential speech to Manchester Black. Adapted into Superman vs the Elite AND MUST BE READ BEFORE ENDING BATTLE. 
  • Superman #661: I just really love this team-up between Lois Lane and Wonder Woman, in which Superman becomes a sorta damsel in distress (but still kicks butt, nonetheless). 
  • Action Comics #791: A tale from Clark Kent’s past, about his high school years.
  • Action Comics #792: Some old-fashioned investigative reporting starring Clark Kent and Lois Lane. 
  • Action Comics #810: The heartwarming New Years issue with lots of neat art styles and stories. 

Not in the main universe:

  • Red Son: I liked this story, but didn’t love it as much as the critics did. The story centers around what might Superman be like, if he was raised in the Soviet Union during the Cold War. 
  • All-Star Superman: This is a truly iconic set of Superman stories, set around the idea that Clark is dying from radiation poisoning, and trying to get his final affairs in order. Everything in here is pretty fantastical and disjointed, but still magically written. Great art by Frank Quitely. Adapted into a film of the same name. 
  • Superman Adventures: This series is based on the 1990s Animated TV Series (which is great, by the way). If you like that, check these out. 

If you didn’t watch Smallville as a Superman fan, I seriously recommend that you do. It may not be true to the comics, but it was one of the first superhero action dramas on primetime television, and thus, very influential to the trends we see today with Arrow, the Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, etc. The series was continued in a comics series called Smallville: Season 11. It’s actually one of my favorite comic series of all time. Here are the volumes: 

  • Guardian - Hank Henshaw’s introduction and Lex Luthor’s return!
  • Detective - Smallville’s version of Batman introduced, with Barbara Gordon as one badass Nightwing! 
  • Haunted - delves into Smallville’s version of the Flash. 
  • Effigy - Batman and Martian Manhunter team-up in a side story. 
  • Argo - Legion of Superheroes, Kara Zor-El’s gorgeous costume, and more!
  • Valkyrie - Team up with Lois Lane and Lana Lang, kicking serious butt! 
  • Olympus - Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor and Felix Faust are all introduced to Smallville continuity.
  • Alien: The world deals with revelation that Superman is an alien, and the Monitors – the biggest villains – are introduced. 
  • Lantern: Superman becomes a Green Lantern alongside John Stewart! 
  • Chaos: Lois and Clark get transported to various universes and have to fight the Monitors. 
  • Continuity: the Monitors come to destroy Earth. Smallville’s Justice League defends it. 
Episode 7 Goblin Review: Is the thing that I’m trying to steal one more glimpse of… my own immortal life? Or, is it your face?

What a beautiful episode! There were scenes that I was looking forward to and then scenes that I honestly wasn’t expecting… scenes that made my heart race quickly to my heartbeat stopping. I’m sure we’re all thinking of these questions: 1) Why did GR cry upon seeing the portrait? and 2) Why was Eun-tak able to touch the sword? Again, I’ll be reviewing GR and Sunny’s relationship separately (probably ep 7 & 8 together for more content).

It’s important to analyze this episode from both Shin’s and Eun-tak’s point of view. Shin is obviously shaken since Eun-tak couldn’t touch the sword, he didn’t die, and he probably wasn’t expecting her to kiss him… let alone find out that it was her first kiss. As for Eun-tak, we can see she’s confused and a little disappointed in herself since she wasn’t able to help Shin in the end; thus she became desperate and was willing to try anything to touch the sword (hence her first kiss). Therefore, she even resorts to mentioning what may trigger her to touch the sword… true love. This is ironic because Eun-tak doesn’t quite understand what true love is and has a naive concept of what it represents… is it saying “I love you?” Is it “kissing?” Well so far, none of these has allowed her to touch the sword.

It’s hilarious to point out how, “I love you,” was often nonchalantly said by Eun-tak, Deok-hwa, and even the Grim Reaper. Perhaps this was to foreshadow that it’s not necessarily love that is important in all relationships. I’m sure we’ve all used/said the word “love” with an empty meaning. 

The discussion between Shin and grandpa was very interesting as he questions Shin to “focus on living” rather than “trying to die.” This is very important, since for 900+ years, Shin has only focused on dying but has he truly tried to live despite being an immortal? Though Shin doesn’t answer back, I believe the episode itself confirms that Shin subconsciously wants to appreciate his life and to enjoy living every day ever since he met Eun-tak. After all, Shin admits to himself, “At any rate… it’s nice to be back. Truly.” It’s also important to note that even though he didn’t die and Eun-tak may or may not be his bride, it was still “blindingly bright” to be with her, to see her, and to talk with her. If you didn’t notice or you’re still against their relationship, we can see how pure and innocent the progression of their relationship is and how Shin is slowly NOT subtle with his feelings (Shin takes the lead!):

  • He teases Eun-tak into washing the dishes, doing the laundry, paying rent, and even giving her the answers to the exam (he’s such a kid!!). 
  • He smiles when looking at the contract and get’s easily flustered over the “first kiss” and “first snowfall,” even more than Eun-tak who initiated the kiss lmao. 
  • Shin packs a nutritious lunch for Eun-tak for her exams ^^ 
  • Shin and Eun-tak were literally lost in each other’s gaze for 30 minutes and missed the bus!! He calls himself her boyfriend! xD
  • Shin wishes Eun-tak good luck on her exams and the boys got her a cake to celebrate (omg this scene was too adorable and I teared up along with her T.T what a lucky lady she is!!!) 
  • Shin immediately grants her wish to spend the day together of watching a movie while eating popcorn; again, Eun-tak could have wished for anything but all she wanted was to spend time with Shin.  
  • Fact: Despite being a god, he cannot defeat the claw machine! xD Again, I must point out that she could have chosen a cute stuffed animal, but she chose the lighter instead… hmmm… I wonder why?? 
  • Fact: Shin wants to show that he’s a tough and reliable guy… but he’s a huge scaredy cat of horror movies. 
  • Shin obviously enjoys teasing Eun-tak and eats the sandwich in front of her! But then he is quick to tell her that he doesn’t want to go even if his bride does show up. While Eun-tak hasn’t realized that pulling the sword means his death, but she thinks Shin will instead abandon them. 
  • HE BOUGHT HER A BOUQUET OF WHITE FLOWERS!!!!!! I can’t confirm the identity of the flowers (maybe peonies, marigolds, or hydrangeas) but white flowers represent a pure, honest, innocent, and undying love. OMO, JUST LOOK AT HOW LOVING HE LOOKS AT THE FLOWERS. 
  • He got extremely jealous, competitive, and depressed when he saw her with Tae Hee. Lol, the confrontation was priceless!
    • Fact: Correction to my previous statement… Shin didn’t suck at Baseball but he deliberately pretended to suck so he could grant Tae Hee’s wish… lmao but he sure did a great job of being terrible that I even believed him along with Tae Hee xD Thanks to @tereishqnachaya for pointing this out to me!
  • Shin is over-protective of her!! Omg, he even backed her ghost friends into a corner just to find out where she is lmao. 
  • THEY ARE STARING AT EACH OTHER WHILE SHE IS SINGING!!! (I’m low key hoping Eun-tak got jealous that Shin “forgave his 1000 yo grudge because of a female idol group” and decided to pick up a singing part-time job lmao). 
  • Eun-tak has quietly been suffering all this time despite showing off a cheerful and happy persona. She feels extremely guilty for not being able to touch the sword and has been preparing herself to leave Shin’s place. While Shin genuinely hugs her and doesn’t want to let her go. T.T
    • Can I also just comment how they were matching… it was cute ^^

To summarize Shin’s POV: Shin gets a taste of what it truly means to enjoy life with the person he loves; however, reality hit him hard when Eun-tak was able to touch the sword (that’s why he pushed her). Also, this episode was to show a shift of Shin only thinking of Eun-tak as his bride to someone who he wants to cherish even if she isn’t his bride (adding this in case I didn’t make it clearer enough from my analysis). I can imagine how it must have felt to finally get a taste of happiness after 900+ years for it to quickly vanish when the very death you’ve been focused on is right before your eyes… or in this case to find out that Eun-tak is really the bride after all. As for Eun-tak, we don’t really get her POV as explicit as Shin’s, but it’s very important to note that Eun-tak has a very strong personality despite being a 19 yo in her senior year of high school. You can call her immature, spoiled, and childish all you want - it’s very admirable how she continued to show a happy and cheerful attitude, despite shouldering the guilt of being able to see the sword but not being able to touch it. I’m sure that when she reunited with Tae Hee, it must have allowed her to forget her guilt, reminisce in her childhood memories, and enjoy the company of a friend. 

What’s amazing is Eun-tak’s continued character development. We start to understand her way of thinking and why she did/said things for a reason. First off, I’m truly enjoying the development between GR and Eun-tak; they’re confiding with each other, talking casually with each other, and in the end it was GR who interrupted her little date with Tae Hee (NOT SHIN LMAO - our boy has manners haha). But the greatest characteristic is how family is very important to her despite her own family treating her like shit. Everything that she did and expressed in this episode reflects how important the concept of family is to her morals, values, dreams, and her relationship with Shin: 

  1. She received her second cake given to her by Shin, GR, and Deok-hwa. This is very significant because we get a flashback of her thinking of her mother when she sees everyone else being greeted/congratulated by their family. She was genuinely touched and made a very selfless & innocent wish: to spend the day with Shin. She could have made any wish for all the riches in the world if she was truly “spoiled” and “greedy”… after all, Deok-hwa is an heir and GR & Shin are gods. 
  2. She is afraid of the idea of Shin leaving… especially leaving her behind. Hence, she says “No, I’m not going to let you go, so just ditch me and go…. I’m going to leave you when your bride appears - no, even before that. So just leave me when I’m not there. Without me knowing.” Instead, she’d rather have Shin leave her by her “disappearing first” because it would be painful to be abandoned again. 
  3. THE ENTIRE FUCKING LAST 10 MINUTES!!! Marriage seems like a nightmare for Eun-tak because she has no family and no friends, but she continues to say all of this with a smile on her face. It was so heart wrenching when she said that meeting Shin felt like fate… that she was given a chance to have a family again, but because she failed her purpose - she just wanted enough time to pick herself up to prepare for leaving Shin. THE GUILT OF NOT BEING ABLE TO HELP SHIN WAS TRULY WEIGHING HER DOWN AND SHE WAS SINCERELY SORRY FOR NOT BEING ABLE TO PULL THE SWORD. 

So, why was Eun-tak able to touch the sword this time? I believe all the requirements were in place: 1) Shin genuinely enjoyed his life (didn’t want to die) and 2) Eun-tak sincerely wanted to help him. Think about it… the first time, Shin accepted his fate and quickly chose death while Eun-tak went along with his decision because he kept pushing it on her. This second time around, Shin doesn’t want to die and is open with his feelings (He wasn’t even thinking about dying when it happened), while Eun-tak genuinely wanted to help him despite not being able to do it the first time. In the end, being able to touch Shin’s sword had nothing to do with “true love,” but being sincere with your feelings and actions. That is absolutely beautiful! It’s not necessary for Eun-tak and Shin to be in love with each other (not all relationships are built on love), but Eun-tak genuinely cares for him just as Shin genuinely cares for her. This was the first time they were both open with each other about their feelings and how they expressed their feelings. I would also like to mention that the sword pulling must be done on Eun-tak’s conditions and not by conditions set by Shin… this would make sense cause the prophecy clearly states that only his bride can pull the sword (thanks to @tereishqnachaya for discussing this with me!).

So, what do I anticipate for the next episode? I think Shin might be close to figuring out what allows her to touch his sword, which I think he’s going to express his true feelings for her (hence his last words before the episode ends sums ups his feelings - an immortal trying to get a glimpse of a human). It must feel even more painful to want to continue on living now, but the only way to attain peace is to let go of this newfound happiness and Eun-tak genuinely wanting to save him. I also think Eun-tak will soon figure out what really happens when she pulls out the sword. She’s getting very close to figuring it out and I believe this will influence her feelings towards Shin. I don’t know about the bus accident, but it’s definitely going to be an episode filled with angst and lots of feelings. Again, the fuckin cliffhanger better not be the bus accident or else I’mma flip a table (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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Important Anon Question regarding Pedophilia

To celebrate Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Day, I have decided to, for once, create a rec list of a ton of my favorite sterek fanfictions. These are not all of them of course. I have over 900 bookmarks, okay, and you can find all of those here. But these are ones that have stuck out to me, been read tons of times, and that I truly love. Over two hundred are listed here, so this should keep y’all occupied for a while, lol.  It was so many, one post could not contain them all. This is PART I. You can find Part II here

And because I also love and appreciate myself, and I put a lot of hard work into what I write, a few of my own fics may be sprinkled in here as well. ;)

I hope you all enjoy it! 

1. Don’t Speak by fatale | Completed | Words: 68,916 | Chapters: 13/13 | Teen And Up Audiences

The Alpha pack has systematically attacked Stiles and his friends for months, testing their strengths and weaknesses. When one of the Alphas goes after Stiles, he awakens in the hospital and realizes that something’s wrong. Very wrong. All sounds seem to hurt him, he can’t understand what anyone is saying, and when he tries to speak, it’s gibberish. How is he supposed to deal with the fact that he’s lost the ability to communicate with his dad and his friends?

Without his ability to talk, his sarcasm, and his wit, what does Stiles even have left? Enter Derek, the only one who seems to make it better.

2. ‘Linski’s Late Night Antidote To Lame by WhoNatural | Complete | Words: 13,865 | Teen And Up Audiences

Where Stiles has his own college radio show, and the mysterious, faceless Derek is his number one fan.

Also there’s this really hot guy he keeps meeting in the library who totally hates his guts.

3. 9/10ths of the Law by tsukinofaerii | Complete | Words: 6,875 | Teen And Up Audiences

Stiles discovers the hazards of growing up a real boy when, at heart, he’s not a real boy at all.

4. gave your smile to me by Sarageek16 | Complete | Words: 4,784 | Teen And Up Audiences

In which Stiles is a hooker (but not really), Derek wants to feed his skinny little body, and there is soup. Not necessarily in that order.

5. Pack Up; Don’t Stray by the_deep_magic | Complete | Words: 55,220 | Chapters: 7/7 | Explicit

AU – Werewolves are an enslaved underclass, collared and tagged by human masters. Detective Stilinski’s on duty the night they bring in an untagged stray.

6. Fireman Derek’s Crazy Pie [Cheeseburger Baby] by owlpostagain | Complete | Words: 17,698 | Teen And Up Audiences

“He can’t blame me for the fact that I live in a building full of people united in the singular effort to ogle Hot Fireman as often as humanly possible.“

Laura laughs, loud and echoing in the empty restaurant.

"Hot firemen can make a girl do crazy things,” she agrees, nodding towards her brother’s name on the menu. “Derek won’t let me date anyone from his company, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the eye candy.”

“Send them my way,” Stiles suggests, finally loading up a forkful of pie. “Apparently I’m incompetent enough that I need to be babysat at all times, because it would be cheaper than dispatching a truck every time I try to use a kitchen appliance.”

7. Practice Makes Perfect by blacktofade | Complete | Locked | Words: 21,061 | Explicit

In his sophomore year, Stiles gets dragged to lacrosse tryouts by Scott and ends up practising alongside the senior captain, Derek Hale. Stiles just wants to live long enough to become a junior.

8. You Can Cry Wolf, But Stop Running by iamursforevrmre | Complete | Words: 16,615 | Explicit

Derek Hale is the third baseman for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Stiles doesn’t know why he has an apparent thing for third basemen and he has no clue why he’s even watching the Dodgers. He’s a Mets fan.

9. I Feel So Close to You Right Now by grandeur | Complete | Words: 4,117 | General Audiences

It’s late at night when Stiles spots the diner off of the side of the road, makes an illegal u-turn to actually get there, and does a horrible parking job right outside the front window.

10. You Can Do It (Put Your Back Into It) by p1013 | Complete | Words: 10,324 | Teen And Up Audiences

“Oh, ballet. I used to dance, when I was a girl. Are you a dancer?” She’s looking at the magazine he’d grabbed at JFK and stuffed haphazardly into his carry-on on his way out. You can barely see the title, but BALLET is in full block letters on the front.

“I used to,” Derek says, then stuffs the magazine further into the bag.

“That’s a shame,” she says, smiling. “You look like you’d be a wonderful partner.”

“Yeah.” He feels himself flushing and turns away. “Not anymore.”

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We didn’t realize (KBTBB Group)

Lol so guess who finally found some inspiration/stopped having writers block/finally got too frustrated with my essay to continue?!?! That’s right! This girl! *points to self* (Also, I recently watched ‘The Duff’ and IT IS AMAZING. I OFFICIALLY LOVE THAT MOVIE AND I WOULD BUY THE DVD IF MY PARENTS WEREN’T AGAINST SWEARING AND DIDN’T ASSUME I HAVE THE INNOCENCE OF A 5 YEAR OLD) but anyway, this request was from a long time ago but I suppose I never really knew what to write (tbh, I still don’t XD OOh! and I’m 17 away from 900 (followers) whooooooooo XD) so here it is!



Prompt: Can I request a group KBTBB where the bidders are watching MC in her bedroom on the monitor and they notice huge scars going down her back and legs? And they end up finding out that MC was in a horrible accident when she was younger resulting in her losing her mom dad and sister? And for the following days they keep watching her on the monitor & see that everytime she sees the scars she cries? and the bidders comfort her? Sorry so long!!😺😺

Also, before I start, can I just say that installing cameras in someone’s room is wrong and creepy? (I know that goes without saying but still) and to anyone who may have lost family members or people dear to them, I’m very sorry for your loss. Know that the person (or people) who were cruelly taken away from you will always stay with you and watch over you. ^ ^ I wish you happiness in life not only because you deserve it, but also because I’m sure your deceased loved one would have wanted to see you smile.


It had started just a few days ago. Eisuke was checking CCTV footage when he noticed that there was a camera…in your room. He wasn’t a man of no morals so he knew that he had to have it taken down immediately but just as he was about to send out the orders, you began to change. As you pulled your top off, back towards the camera, he noticed a long, dark scar the stretched down the length of your back. He was speechless. “Oh? What’s this boss? I come here to check on you and I catch you watching the pretty lady get chang-” As Baba came up behind Eisuke’s shocked form, his body tensed up in surprise as he too saw the scar that damaged your skin. It wasn’t ugly, or unsightly but it pierced their hearts with the curiosity of how you could’ve obtained such a painful looking scar.

The next day, they showed the others who each, in turn let their mouths hang open, unsure what to say or do. “What could have happened to Koro…” “The poor kid…” *click* “Whoever did this is going down.” Hastily telling Soryu to put his gun away, Eisuke turned to face the others, a new resolve in mind. “You know what to do right?” Nodding simultaneously, the bidders walked out of the room, each knowing what they need to do.

A few hours later, they met up in the lounge of the penthouse to report back. “Alright. Now that we’re all here, I’ll start things off.” Rising from his seat, Eisuke addressed everybody before he began to share what he had found. “_________ grew up with her mum, dad and little sister. It seemed that they were a very loving family and though they weren’t that financially well off, they were…happy.” “Apparently,” Baba continued, “When she was 5 and her sister was two, the pretty lady’s dad won a competition and was able to take the whole family on a trip.” “The kid and her family were overjoyed or whatever and began packing immediately.” “But on the way there, poor Koro and her family got involved in some kind of car crash. Judging from the reports, it was due to the heavy rain and wet road on the way to the airport.” “Though the other car survived with injuries, _______’s parents and her sister…died.”

As Soryu finished off the story, the end was greeted with silence. A silence that was only broken when you entered the room. “I’m here to clea- huh? What’s with the long faces?” You giggled in amusement at the sullen faces all around, each one reflecting pain and worry as 5 pairs of hurt eyes looked back at you. “G-guys?” Forcing a smile, Baba walked over and flung an arm around you. “I-It’s nothing pretty lady, but how about you and I go out for a date?” Feeling relief rush through your body after his normal advance, you shrugged him off with a laugh and made your way to the first room you needed to clean. “I don’t think so Baba, I gotta clean.” They continued to stay silent as you walked away, laughing quietly to yourself. “I thought she was just another ditz who didn’t understand real pain…” “but she knows too. She knows how hard it is to lose your loved ones at such a young age…” Each of the bidders found a new sense of respect well up inside of them. Hearing about your pain hurt them so much more because each of them knew pain too. They knew how hard it must’ve been…and so, they made plans for the next day.

~The next day~

They had all gathered into the CCTV supervision room yet again and were watching the screen intently. Eisuke had given you the day off so after some grocery shopping, you had gone straight home to get some well deserved rest. “Ok. If we all did our parts then everything should go as planned.” Staring intently at the screen, they watched as you threw yourself on your bed after an exhausting morning, only to be forced off the mattress by a sharp knock at the door minutes later. Holding heir breaths, they watched as you opened the door to see a box at your doorstep and chuckled fondly as you looked around outside your door to see if anyone had put it there by mistake. Gently, you lifted the box and took it into your room, putting it down on the floor with caution, curiosity and excitement filling your eyes.

The sparkle in your eyes was immediately clouded over when you saw what was inside the box. They watched as tears began to fill your eyes, falling steadily as they streaked your cheeks. Silently, you lifted up the items one by one. The first was a picture of your parents and sister, laughing together as they prepared for your 5th birthday, it was a photo that you had never seen before but the love and warmth in their expressions touched your heart. Turning the photo over slowly, you saw, written on the back in your mother’s swirly handwriting were the following words: “Preparing a birthday surprise for our darling _________. The little one made a fuss at first but she immediately lightened up when she realized the surprise was for her sister <3″ “…Mum…” you hugged the photo to your chest as you remembered her warmth. The second item that you held up was a plastic tiara that had been given to you for your fourth birthday. You remembered how that time was a rough place for your family as your little sister had just turned 1 and so the financial situation was…less than desirable…and yet, your parents had worked extra hard to get you a present. On the back was engraved the words, “Our Princess~” Fresh tears filled your eyes as you remembered the dark circles that had decorated your fathers eyes as he set out to work more shifts. He never said a word to complain and when he had presented you with the gift, love and care in his eyes, he had simply shrugged saying: “I would work for a thousand hours in a row if it meant that I could make my princess smile. Now, as you held the child’s accessory in your hand, remembering your fathers image, you stroked the glued on gems, whispering to the memory of him. “Oh Dad…I would throw away all the jewels in the world…if only I could see you again…” The third item was a drawing. By your sister. “My sister,________.” was the label. It was nothing but a child’s scrawl but to you, it was a masterpiece. You could almost see the pride in her eyes and her anxious expression as she gave it to you, desperately willing you to like it. Oh how you missed her. There were so many things you could’ve shown her, so many talks the two of you could’ve shared…Gently, you stroked each line of felt tip with your finger, imagining how intense her look of concentration must have been as she drew it for you. Quietly, you laid the drawing to the side, scared you would ruin the paper with your tears. The fourth was a blanket. It had been carefully knitted by your mum, her love for you poured into every stitch. Muffling your cries, you nuzzled your face into the soft fabric, savouring the faint smell of home that was still woven into the wool. Carefully, you wrapped the small fabric around your shoulders. It was made for a 5 year old version for you and so barely covered your back but as you draped the material over your shoulders, you could almost feel the warmth of your mother’s embrace, wrap around you. Wiping your tears away desperately, you lifted up the last item. A letter. A letter that you never received. Cautiously, you removed the paper from its envelope and began to read.

[______, our dear child,

You’re already five now, growing up to be a big girl. We’re so thankful to have a wonderful daughter like you, and your sister is so lucky to have you prepared to guide her when we can’t. You’ve always been a considerate child, constantly putting others before yourself. You need to do things for yourself sometimes as well. We don’t know how much of your life we can spend with you, but never forget, that no matter what happens, we will always love you and your sister more than anything in the world.

Love, Mama and Papa]

As you read the short but heartfelt note, your shoulders began to tremble as fresh tears welled up in your glistening orbs. Hugging the letter, you let yourself cry out for the first time in years. “Mama! Papa! My dear baby sister…I miss you guys…I miss you, so, so much…” After you had spent a good few minutes, finally letting out the grief and sorrow you had experienced from your loss, you looked up to see there was one last note in the box:

[No matter what, you can come to us. We will be your shoulders to cry on.]

Immediately, you led from your room, knowing exactly where you needed to go. As you disappeared from the screen, the bidders leaned back in their chairs, unsure how to react to the scene they had just witnessed.


Before anyone could say anything, they could hear your distant voice, calling out to them from the penthouse lounge. Exchanging looks, they made their way out and appeared before you. Seeing them, you immediately ran to your boyfriend, burying your face into his chest as you hugged him tightly. “It was you guys…wasn’t it?” “…” You felt the other bidders crowd around you, sharing a group hug, each of them unsure what to do in such a situation. “…thank you. Thank you for bringing me back a piece of my family. They will forever remain in my heart but now, I can see them every day too…”


“We’ll always be here for you __________”


Aaaand done! Sorry you had to wait so long nonnie >.< Lol, the original anon probably doesn’t even follow me anymore XD *sigh* Oh well X3 Hope you guys enjoyed it ^ ^

…This is gon’ be really a real pain to proof read…isn’t it? XD

Stay Beautiful~


Episode 6 Goblin Review: If you had really been a bad person, he only would’ve created a goblin, and not the Goblin’s Bride.

Episode 6 definitely changed the mood from episode 5 and left us with another epic cliffhanger. We are given more progression of Sunny and GR’s relationship and Eun-tak was the star of this episode. There were so many good scenes, but one of the most important scenes (which also answers one of the biggest questions of the series thus far) is when it is revealed that Eun-tak can’t simply “pull out” the sword at any convenient time. Sorry Shin, you can’t die at anytime and anywhere, unfortunately.

So, there needs to be a trigger. But what exactly is this trigger?

This episode had so many hints and references as clear as day, lol.

At this point, we know that Shin is in love with Eun-tak and it’s causing him a lot of grief debating over life and death; therefore, he is in a rush to get it over with. As the episode progresses, we learn that Eun-tak is genuinely interested in Shin’s past and wants to understand him better. She’s trying to learn Chinese so she can read his journal! Some people are saying she’s being immature by asking him all of these questions and for being difficult, but we should try to understand where she’s coming from. Eun-tak has the right to know since she is his bride and she was thrusted with the responsibility whether she wanted it or not. She’s trying to understand her role in Shin’s fate. “It takes two to do the tango.” As she learns more about Shin, she begins to understand who he is: a loyal servant, a soft-hearted god, and a kind person. I have never cried and seen so many heartfelt tears in an episode as this one T.T (That dog scene killed me tbh). This line sums up how Eun-tak feels about the situation thus far; she doesn’t want to feel pity for Shin when helping him. Also, I’m thinking this line hints towards the idea that there needs to be something reliable or a trigger to release the blade from Shin. Hmmm, true love???

Alright, so for everyone (especially for those who say Eun-tak is immature and spoiled) - here is the episode that we see some amazing character growth from her. This episode delves deeper into Eun-tak’s character development as she will soon turn 20. We see that she and the GR are becoming friendlier with each other while having very serious/mature conversations. “Life is full of giving, taking, borrowing, and moving on.” This is one of my fav lines of Eun-tak in this episode. This basically sums up her relationship with Shin from her POV; she’s returning the favor to Shin for his kindness by helping him with his sword but, after that, she’ll move on with life and he’ll move on with his. She’s able to converse with the ghosts openly compared to previous episodes and she’s thinking about her future. What’s most important, she is able to express her thoughts better and approach/comfort Shin without feeling uncomfortable or quickly getting angry - it’s actually Shin who is doing the avoiding this time around (this head stroking scene hit me right in the feels).

I would also like to note, Shin’s poem about Eun-tak being his life and death was absolutely beautiful. But what’s more important to highlight is when he said, “I am not sad. That’s all I needed to say. It is finished.” Even though she is both life and death to him and she gets closer to his heart, he is actually happy despite knowing that she is the end of him. However we actually didn’t hear the end of this poem!! There was a left off “And…” before his poem was interrupted! I honestly wonder what else he was going to say Dx

However, Shin is making it pretty difficult for Eun-tak to understand his feelings and it’s sending her mixed messages. Whenever Eun-tak shows care and interest towards Shin, he quickly avoids her and denies his feelings. (The most confusing thing one can do to a girl is lie that you don’t love them but then shower her with praises and gifts lol) He wants to die but at the same time he wants to live another day to see her, to walk with her, to be there for her, and to talk with her. What’s most heartbreaking is when Eun-tak questions if there was love among the gifts Shin had given to her - it’s almost as if she’s looking for some confirmation that she has some special place in his heart, other than just fulfilling her role as his bride. Therefore, the contract serves as some connection between her and Shin before their “relationship” ends - that they had a tangible relationship where she was needed in his life. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that she loves him, does it? 

Look at this kiss… it’s awkward, clumsy, innocent, sweet, and has good intentions. I don’t really understand why some people are saying there are no feelings and not enough romance for a kiss to occur? No feelings?? Not enough romance?? Were you expecting a hot french kiss or something?? You must not see how Eun-tak is struggling on her tip-toes while giving him this hesitant-innocent peck to turn him into a “pretty prince.” You must not see how shocked Shin is as he can’t even lift a finger, his shoulders are slumped over, and his body basically goes lump - he’s a friggin god but becomes weak and vulnerable in front of this supposedly small & defenseless girl. An interesting analysis of this kiss is that it was initiated by Eun-tak; therefore, I interpret it as Eun-tak being the initiator of their possible relationship but Shin has yet to respond back. This kiss is not meant to instill romantic feelings but to show how these two are at stage one of understanding what love encompasses. What is love? If you didn’t noticed, there were so many references throughout this episode of what may represent love… is it a house? Money? Diamonds? Gold? Credit Cards? Presents? Promises? I believe this will lay the foundation for solving the puzzle as to why she couldn’t grasp the sword initially and how she will be able to touch the sword in the future. Wow… let’s give a round of applause to Kim Eun-Sook. First she beautifully sets up Shin’s first love revelation… I wonder how Eun-tak’s first love revelation will happen… 

I just want to point out how the use of 9 years may be significant. Since Eun-tak’s age is the incomplete number 9… I’m thinking this symbolically represents Shin and Eun-tak’s relationship because she is the missing incomplete piece in order for him to attain true perfection because he rounds his age to 900 (so technically it is a multiple of the perfect number 10)? Idk… it’s harder to explain in words xD.

So for the next episode, I honestly don’t know if the accident is going to happen but we can anticipate that Eun-tak and Shin’s relationship continues to develop (they’re running hand in hand together and I think I’ll die of happiness), as well as, the introduction of a potential rival love-interest ( I was wondering when the love triangle would start). I hope nothing terrible occurs from the accident, but it might be a way to introduce a “time-skip” if that is going to occur or add some angst/drama to progress the storyline (amnesia, death: If she dies… what if Shin exchanges his life for hers?? idk but that sounds like a plausible way of the Goblin’s Bride removing the blade). But honestly, I don’t see a huge need for a large time-skip… I can already imagine how anxious Shin will be when he sees the accident. I don’t think my heart is ready for this… T.T 

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I’ll be doing a second review of episode 6 of GR and Sunny’s relationship in a separate post. 

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Summary: Your mission is to kill is infamous demon, Yoongi.
Genre: Angst/Fluff/Demon AU
Member/Band: Yoongi BTS
7 Days of Halloween
-Admin Zar  


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You layed on the couch, cuddled up with Yoongi. You could feel the heart radiating off of him as you buried your face deeper into his chest. You sighed heavily, remembering the day you met him.

Your boss had assigned you to kill a well known demon around the world. He was around for hundreds, even thousands of years. There were myths about the ruthless demon who terrorized villages, cities, children. Many had took on the challenge on killing him and not a single soul came back alive.

You walked through an abandoned building, it was rumored this is where he currently resided. Your boss said that the electricity was still running, which was important for a electric manipulating or thunder kitsune. A kitsune is a fox spirit and there were different kinds of kitsunes but too many to name.  

You started to feel weaker as you walked deeper in the building, your hand stayed on your sword as you as did so. You finally came upon a gate. Reaching your right hand out, you tried to push the gate open but instead you felt a sharp burning sensation in your hand and you screamed out in pain.

“Mountain Ash?” You screamed out painfully. Mountain Ash was a type of substance that does allow Kitune’s or Werewolves to pass.  

You heard a menacing chuckle come from behind you and you turned around while gripping your right hand in your left one. Unfortunately for you, your right hand was the one you wielded your sword with. You were now face to face, with the iconic demon. He was cuter than you expected. Actually he wasn’t what you expected at all. His black hair fell over his forehead and besides his short stature, he looked more intimidating than menacing.  

“I haven’t been face to face with a Kitsune is a few hundred years. This should be fun.” He spoke as his eyes turned the darkest shade of black.

“I didn’t some here to talk, I came here to do my duty and kill you.” You spoke after you wielded you sword.

You swung your sword at him a few times but he just simply stepped backwards and dodged it with an annoying smirk. This was going to be as hard as people said it was. You ran towards him a full speed with your katana in the position to stab him but, you ended up flying against the wall. He wiggled his eyebrows at you and a boyish grin. He wasn’t taking this a seriously as you were, almost like child’s play. This continued for a while until you the last time you hit the wall, you looked up to find an abundance of electrical cords. You held onto them as you absorbed a large quantity of electricity into your body. For some reason after you did that, you fox’s fiery aura appeared around you and you blacked out.

You don’t remember what happened between Yoongi and your fox but after you woke up he was taking care of you. You felt a connection towards him. He tried to apologize and prove himself to you, but you still didn’t understand what was happening and why you were feeling love towards a complete stranger. A demon. A vicious demon. But your fox told you to stay.  Every time you asked him about what happened, he said look it up.  

Remembering he said that you pulled yourself out of his sleeping grip and called your mother. She answered on the second ring.

“Y/N? What’s wrong?” She answered.

“How did you know there was something wrong?” You asked with a giggle.

“I’ve been around for 900 years and I have a mother’s instinct. Now tell me what’s wrong.”

You began to explain your situation and how you met Yoongi and she only replied with a girlish giggle, “Ma! stop giggling and tell me what happened.”

“Y/N, like werewolves, every kitsune has a mate. A soulmate. And yours just so happens to be a demon. I don’t know how that works but it just does. Look, I have to go. Your brother is trying to summon Oni again.” She ended the conversation.

You heard Yoongi’s voice from behind you, “How could you not know about soulmates?”

“My mom never told me…”

Yoongi shrugged and pulled your body against his, “Take a nap with me.”

“You just woke up from a nap!” You giggled. He groaned and turned away from you, drifting back into his nap.