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3rd Birthday @ Acapulco’s Mexican Restaurant 

1/28/2017 - The triplets turned 3 years old!

I’ve been pushing this off because of the fact that I didn’t want to choose through 500 photos of the birthday and just choose a few (YES! There were many many more!) so bare with me here. It’s a long one

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Obsessing over my work outfit today!  I’ve had this top for a while and I’ve never worn it before because it showed too much!  But today I felt I could pull it off!

Super proud of myself because my boy wanted junk for dinner and I stayed strong and convinced him to have meal prep with me instead!  And turns out I must be a little bit serious about this at the moment because there were cakes put out at work and I didn’t even go and check them out.  When someone asked me if I knew what was there I surprised myself because I’d actually forgotten all about them.  Normally I would dwell and obsess until I ate them!  Winning!


i want to request where Pan makes the reader insecure which causes her to starve herself and when she gets unnaturally skinny and very unresponsive at times. Pan insults her but is really concerned. and the rest is up to you.. I LIKE YOUR BLOG BTW!! 

warnings: starvation tw, mild swearing, body image tw
740 words

“Well somebody’s hungry,” Pan drawled, spying you from across the fire. “Calm down, (Y/N). The food will still be here even if you don’t cram it into your pretty little mouth.”  The Lost Boys snickered, and immediately you regretted the small mountain of food on your plate. “Pace yourself, love. Eat too much food and you’ll be too heavy to run tomorrow.” His teasing turned the boys hysterical, and frowning, you swallowed, and refused to eat for the rest of the night.

And the next day.

And the night after that.

For the following week, you barely allowed yourself to eat, occasionally giving in to the temptation of a few bites of apple, and of course, the much needed drink of water. Of course, this diet was not at all acceptable for your body, but you fought on, triggered by Pan’s words a few days prior. Although you were strong, the lack of food was taking a toll on your ability to play games, you hunting skills, and of course, your health. You were healthily pudgy a few days before, and now you had shed quite a bit of weight. Too much weight, actually. But when you looked down, all you saw was flesh that needed to go, so you didn’t plan on eating anytime soon.

Thankfully, after your stomach had suffered a week of little to no food, Pan took notice of your unnaturally thin figure.

… … …

“(Y/N)?” Pan called you, breaking you away from daydream of nice, hot meal as you stared at the fire.

“What?” You snapped unapologetically at him. He was the reason you were stuck in this mess.

“No need to be rude,” he chided, his expression morphing into one of concern as he took you in. “Are you alright, love?”

You rolled your eyes. You didn’t need this. You were too damn hungry. “I’m perfect, Pan,” you seethed. What’s it to you?”

“It’s just, you’re not eating anything tonight.” He took a closer look at you. “Now that I think about it, I haven’t seen you eat dinner all week. (Y/N)-”

“Just leave me alone, alright?” Unfortunately, Pan wouldn’t be able to do as you requested, because as soon as you stood up to leave, you fainted.

He caught you in his arms.

… … …

When you awoke in your bed sometime later, Pan perched next to where he had laid you on your cot. His hands held a bowl of soup.

“What is that?” Your voice was low.

“Something you’re going to eat right fucking now,” he brought the bowl to your lips without hesitation.

“Pan,” you pulled back, resisting.

“Don’t speak,” he began, bringing a hand behind your head. “Drink,” he commanded.

Reluctantly, you took a sip, and sighed.

It was delicious.

You swallowed down gulps of the warm broth, taking no time at all to savor the soup. Your stomach swelled in appreciation. Pan eyed you with concern, unsure of what to say next. He fumbled with the words.

“(Y/N)…why? Why haven’t you been eating?” He was afraid of the answer, but he needed to hear it for himself.

You polished off the last off the broth, ready for another bowl. You saw worry in his eyes, and tried to soothe him. “It was fine. I was just trying to lose a little weight.”

“By starving yourself?” He was incredulous. “There’s no weight to lose, anyways. You were perfectly healthy-”

“I’m fine-”

Look at you!” He was right. You looked awful. Your face was sallow, and your cheeks were unnaturally hollow. “And I did this,” he whispered. “I’m sorry. (Y/N), I’m sorry.” The both of you thought about his teases the week before. Pan’s eyes lowered guiltily, and you surprised to catch him in this moment of weakness.

“Hey,” you nudged him with your leg. “It’s alright. You couldn’t have known I would do this-”

“But I’m the reason-”

“Then I guess we’re both at fault. How about that?” You refused to let him put this all on himself. “We share the blame.” Pan slowly nodded in agreement, allowing a small grin to grow upon his lips. “Now go get me more soup.” His smile morphed into a smirk.

“Of course.” Pan looked back at you as he left the tent, chuckling as he shook his head.

… … …

Five bowls of soup and three apples later, you slept soundly into the night, belly full.

(A/N): thank you to the anon for the compliment! don’t think i covered all aspects of your request, but i just didn’t want you to wait any longer. hope you enjoyed!

Roasted chickpeas

- 1 can chickpeas
- spices (paprika, salt, pepper etc.)

Drain the chickpeas and place them in a bowl. Add your desired spices, I used smoked paprika, bbq spice, sea salt and some pepper. Incorporate the chickpeas with the spice, so everything is covered.
Spread the spiced chickpeas on a tray and place them in the middle of the oven for 30 min on 200c (or until they turn brown and chrispy)

Enjoy them as a healthy snack or as topping on you lunch or dinner ✨☺️

BTS Reaction to you not wearing any underwear in public

Requested! another one (completely unrelated): bts reacts to finding out you arent wearing underwear under your dress in public 😏😏😏😎😎😎 also i love your blog and you as a person keep doin what ur doin 💖💖

Thank you so much! I loved your requests <3

Jin (Seokjin): He’d blush as soon as he finds out and he wouldn’t even be able to fully focus on the food in front of him. He’d try to control himself as best as he could in public as to not ruin your date because of him but he couldn’t wait to get home and show you what you did to him.

Suga (Yoongi): Yoongi would get turned on the minute you whispered into his ear that you didn’t have any panties on, he wouldn’t be able to keep his eyes off you and he’d get so heated that he would just ask you to leave the dinner early to go home because he couldn’t take it anymore.

J-Hope (Hoseok): He’d stare at you for a solid minute, not sure if he misheard you or not but as soon as he realizes that you’re telling the truth, he would constantly touch your hands or arms, bite his lips and stroke your face to a point where you both would get so worked up that you’d go to the bathroom to finish off together.

Rap Monster (Namjoon): Rap Mon wouldn’t be able to keep his eyes off you, he’d lick his lips all the time and keep touching you as if by accident. He’d undress you with his eyes but he’d try to keep it together while you’re still in public. As soon as you got home, he’d rip the dress off you and you both would be in for a wild night.

Jimin: He would act like he wasn’t affected by you at all, and he’d do his best to tease you back. In fact, he’d tell you that he wasn’t wearing any underwear either and when you asked him to prove it to you, he’d pay for the appetizer you both had and you’d both get in his car where he’d drive into a secluded alley so he could show you what was really going on in his pants.

V (Taehyung): He’d be startled at first as to why you would tell him that, in public, in front of everyone but then he’d just whisper into your ear what he’s gonna do to you as soon as you both get home since you were being such a tease.

Jungkook: Kookie would turn red as soon as he found out and he’d be distracted for the whole dinner. He couldn’t even look at you because it wouldn’t make the little problem he had any better but as soon as you got home he’d be all over you, teasing you back for doing something like that to him in public.

Credit to the gif owners~

As if I were king

Dan’s never been rimmed and it turns out Phil’s an expert. 

warnings for: swearing, rimming, smut etc  

extra tags:  masturbation, established relationship, oneshot, daddy kink, dirty talk, rim job,     

l think i’m just gonna use this blog to post fanfic tbh, but hey this one’s about rimming, which is a fave of mine but i dont tell ppl lmao. l put a few kinks  in this one because the other fic i did was a first time fic and realistically i dont think there would be many kinks 


“Have you ever been rimmed?” Dan asked nonchalantly.Phil choked on the mouthful of food in laughter. He’d know Dan for years yet he was still shocked at the things that came out of that boys mouth.

“Excuse me?” Phil laughed, patting his chest a little to stop himself choking anymore.

“Just wondering, I mean I’ve never really thought about it ‘till today and I’m curious.” Dan shrugged as if he and Phil were just discussing rent payment.

“Well, I’d rather not talk about this at the dinner table Dan,” Phil smirked, 

“Come on don’t be a prude have you or not?” Dan inquired

“Fine, so I’ve had it done and I’ve done it to somebody else.” Phil now on dans casual level.

“Did you like it? Did they like it?” Dan had never had it done and that was clear. 

“To be honest I didn’t. It was ok I guess, but the person I did it to loved it so much they came without me even touching their cock."Phil was bragging slightly as he knew he was good in bed and Dan knew it to. Dan sat back in his chair with an impressed look on his face. "Why so many questions?”

“I was just wondering.” Dan shrugged, forgetting Phil could read him like a book.

“I can rim you if you’d like. I like giving it more than receiving.” Phil said. Dan nodded with a grin.

Two showers (with thorough cleaning. On Dans part); the rest of dinner and a movie later; Dan and Phil were in one of their bedrooms lazily kissing and grinding against each other in tight jeans. They fumbled out of their shirts and Phil started kissing down Dans chest. Phil took his time to gently suck at certain parts of Dans torso causing Dan to squirm and buck at Phil for teasing so much. “Are you sure?” Phil mumbled while slipping off Dans jeans and boxers. Dan knew exactly what Phil was referring to. While waiting for a reply Phil started sucking the end of Dans hard length. 

“Fuck yes I yeah fuck just eat me out please,” Phil lived for Dans outbursts when Phil tried to talk to him during sex. He never made much sense and it always amused Phil. At that, Phil spread Dans legs and licked a stripe across Dans hole. Dan shuddered and clenched at the contact. Phil the pressed one lubed finger into Dan gently. Phil licked around Dans hole while moving his finger in and out of Dan. Dan was moaning and breathing heavy with slurs of phils name. Phil began licking deeper causing Dans back to arch off of the bed.

“Fuck daddy,” Dan moaned in a breath. Phil always shuddered when Dan called him daddy it was such a turn on. Phil found Dans prostate and began licking in time with his pushes on the bundle of nerves. This made Dans eyes roll to the back of his head and made him nearly scream in pleasure. Dan moans were filling the room as Phil lapped happily at Dans pretty hole. Dan reached down to stroke his own cock, using Precum as lube. He was chanting Phils name with curses in between. 

All of a sudden Dan sat up. Dan used one hand to work at his cock and the other to grab Phil by the hair and force him to lick deeper. This unusual dominance in Dan made Phil choke a moan. Phil was using his tongue and fingers to pummel into Dans ass causing Dan to grind down.“Phil Phil -oh fuck- daddy I’m so so close FUCK.” He was pulling at Phils hair and frantically pumping at his length. “Please ah shit, daddy! harder fuck fuck! In so close I’m gonna…” Dan was screaming out, overwhelmed by the pleasure. Dan brushed over his slit one last time and came in hot spurts and moans of Phils name. “You’re so incredible like you ate my ass as if I were king you’re amazing fuck I love you fuck how are you so? Oh my goodness fuck.” Dan rambled. Dan was vocal during and after sex and Phil loved that about him. Phil crawled up to lie beside Dan. He pressed a gentle kiss on Dans sweat clad forehead. “Do you want me to get you off?” Dan said between deep breaths with heavy eyelids. 

“I think you’re too fucked out Dan,” Phil said with a chuckle. Phil began palming himself to get him as hard as he was just a moment ago. Dan listened to Phils gentle grunts and moans in content. He fluttered open his eyes to see Phil stroking his length gently with his mouth hanging open. Phils chest was heaving as he became closer. Phil was pumping his cock faster and his moans got louder. Dan crawled so he was between Phils legs.

“Cum on me,” Dan murmured, Dan was a bit of a cumslut and lived for feeling of Phils cum on his face. Phil locked eyes with Dan. Dans eyes were still heavy in exhaustion and His cheeks flushed. “Daddy please cum on my face, you’re so good daddy you make me feel so so good.” Dans words were only edging Phil closer.“you’re so hot daddy, and you’re so good at getting me off, Cum on my face,” Dan was the best at dirty talk, he could never let Phil get off without it. Then Phil came undone hitting Dans cheek and chin with cum. Dan lapped it up without breaking eye contact with the older man. Dan collapsed on Phils chest causing a light smile to spread on Phils flushed face.“I love you bear,” Phil whispered with a kiss on Dans forehead.“I love you too Phil,” Dan mumbled with a slight grin. 

Modern Witchcraft Ideas

Originally posted by taissa-peters

So! We got a lot of asks with awesome modern witchcraft ideas. Thought I would post a few! You can find every suggestion people submitted in this tag, and feel free to keep sending them in! Please drop everyone who submitted and still submits content a follow!

  • “Modern witchy ways: I have a hard time collecting storm water but my alarm clock plays a thunderstorm loop all night long. Set your water, I use filtered water, beside the sound and you have storm water!” - @aliciadevraux
  • “Needing a little extra help grounding so you grab a packet of salt from the fast food joint and slip it in your pocket!” - @trixieone
  • “Drawing on sigils with your foundation before you blend it in ☺️.” -@pocketjosie
  • “Writing spells/intentions into the tags of blog posts.” - Anonymous
  • “Scrying with the screen of a turned-off phone/tablet. :-)” - Anonymous
  • “Naming a Pokemon after someone as a poppet, giving it berry shakes with certain berry combinations to achieve a purpose (Oran berry to heal a little, enigma berry to grow stronger from something bad, etc)”  -Anonymous
  • “Paint sigils on your nails with nail polish, then go over them with a solid coat so they’re invisible (or make ‘em look like a geometric design).” -   @lenyberry
  • “Lightly booping plant leaves affectionately to give them some positivity vibes!” - @hoodiecladknight
  • “Sea salt infused bodywash is an easy way to cleanse yourself every time you take a shower! “ - @Magick-dragon
  • “Song lyrics as spells!” - Anonymous
  • “Writing sigils on the labels of your clothes.” - Anonymous
  • “Enchanting makeup for magical intent.” -Anonymous

Hey guys! Recently I just hit 1K, and I am super excited to finally create my intro post. I know I’m super late, but better late than never, right? Let’s get to it! (:

  • My name is Alexis, I live in Florida the weird state, and I will be graduating from high school in May next year (turning 18 in June C;)
  • I hope to study creative writing or art in college, and I have a couple of scholarship offers now!
  • My dream is to become an author, or at the most a journalist, because writing is something I love doing!
  • I love reading, 80s music, Yuuri on Ice, Bangtan Boys, Seventeen, One Tree Hill, pandas, penguins, and food :D
  • I initially made this blog to reblog cute notes and bujo spreads, but this blog has become something so much bigger and I love seeing and reading tips on how to become a better student. (:

My favorite studyblrs (some who I’m too shy to say hello to //hi!!//):

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Here comes my cheesy thank you section:

I am so thankful to each and every one of you who decided to follow my blog. School has always been important to me, and unfortunately it became a drag and I didn’t find much enjoyment in learning anymore. Then, I made this blog, expecting to just see cute blogs with cute notes. Then, I found the fun in learning and studying again, through all the studyblrs I follow and the content I’ve created. Without you guys, I don’t think I would be driven to learn more and create more for you, so thank you! I hope in the next year, there will be more positivity and learning for all of us. Thank you for letting me be apart of the studyblr community, because it has helped me find the joy in learning again (:

What myths about reptile keeping did you learn weren't actually true?

For example, i learned ball pythons have a tendency to climb! Usually the thought is ball pythons are terrestrial and therefore dont climb. And they hide in holes until food walks in.
Turns out they use climbing things. Even when they arent stressed.
(I think @rainbowsnakes taught me that. they are a wealth of knowledge and you should visit their blog)

Does anyone else have stories like that?

Black bean brownie✨


Put one can of drained black beans in a food processor. Add applesauce, raw unsweetened cocoa powder, HUSK (egg substitute), rum extract and peanut butter. ( I don’t measure the ingredients but add after taste and wanted consistency). Blend everything together, so it becomes a smooth paste and roughly chop up some dark chocolate and turn it in the dough.
Place the dough in a ovenproof form and bake it on 185 c for 15 - 20 min or until a fork comes out clean.
Take it out of the form and let it cool! Enjoy ✨❤️

anonymous asked:

what about the other side of things? like clark's afraid of being a weird alien, but unpretty's fic Empty Graves made me think about how scared the Kents must be. like they love this kid, but for all they know he could turn out to be some crazy evil monster. Or, on the other hand, earth's atmosphere or food could be poisoning him slowly. Like they had no idea if things were going to turn out to be ok

i talk a lot about clark because this is 100% a clark kent appreciation blog, and i can be relied upon at any moment in time to tear open my shirt to reveal a superman symbol underneath 

like, could you imagine? could you just imagine, for a minute, having this kid who, by all rights, could be dying right now. at any moment, he could encounter a strange pathogen and drop dead in minutes, because no one knows how he works. you could lose your son at any time. at any time, he could go through some metamorphosis and come out the other end looking like a giant lizard-fucked-a-bug monster, and then proceed to fly off into space eating entire worlds because you have no goddamn clue how aliens even work. you have little to no idea what this particular alien even is, you just know that you love him with your whole heart and soul and that’s all you’ve got, so it has to be enough. 

imagine how terrified they were when he actually did start going through weird alien puberty, and accidentally tore the truck’s door off. any day now, they could wake up and their son would just not be there, and there was goddamn fuckall they could do. by all rights, they got off easy with clark being able to throw the planet into another galaxy. 

the kents, everyone

anonymous asked:

@gryffindor and slytherins, what's your biggest turn on

(There’s too many Gryffindors and Slytherins so going with the main ones from the blog)

James: Red hair, green eyes and a name like a flower…

Peter: I like food.  As in… food on the body.  That’s weird, I know.  *Hides*

Remus: Massages.

Sirius: Werewolves who like massages…. they turn me on so damned much.

Lily: Music.  Soft, romantic music with candles.  Just to make it all the more romantic.

Regulus: Kissing and… other stuff… in the dark.  And biting.

Barty: Whispering dirty things into someone’s ear or having dirty things whispered into my ear….

Severus: Nakedness.

Sweetheart - Rick Grimes Imagine

Anonymous said:
Can u write one rick x reader where the reader rick are a couple and but she is younger than him like 25-26 and he calls her sweetheart and she gets super awkward and blushes like crazy. what he finds very cute and teases her😁💓 love ur blog️ - Thanks for the request anon. I hope you like this and thanks for the kind comment about my blog <3 xx

You were stood peeling some vegetables in the kitchen, Carol opposite you talking away about ideas for pudding. You see his arms wrap around your waist and feel the corners of your mouth pull up. ‘Rick..I gotta concentrate..And I’m pretty sure Carol doesn’t want to see this.’ The woman chuckles and raises her eyebrows ‘It’s fine by me.’ She loves the way you have made Rick so happy, after so many bad times. You put down the food and turn to face him.

You’re younger than him but the age has never been an issue for you, you found him attractive from the moment you saw him, but never said anything. It was Rick that made the first move, pressing you up against a fence and kissing you after a particular heated discussion following a routine run that almost went bad. 

You smile at the man and wrap your arms around his neck, he looks into your eyes smiling ‘Sorry sweetheart..I just missed you.’ You feel your cheeks flush and can’t help the grin that spreads itself across your face. He smiles at you ‘Are you blushing?’ You slap him playfully on the shoulder but your feel your face grow more crimson ‘Shut up.’ He pulls you towards him and kisses your neck as you giggle. ‘You’re so cute when you blush.’ You push him away and try to look stern but know your face is betraying you ‘Rick..Get out..I need to cook!’ He steps away his hands up in surrender. ‘Sorry…I’ll leave you to it..’ 

He walks away smiling at you ‘Sweetheart!’ Your cheeks flush once more and your chest fills with warmth and affection at the man who holds you in his arms every night.

Apprentice shaming. Like dog shaming but with apprentices. A pouty Khadgar standing there with a sign around his neck “I polymorphed my master instead of the target three times today.”

“I don’t know how to cast frostbolt without giving myself frostbite.”

“my conjured food tastes like absolute shit”

“my master found me snorting apexis crystals again”

“I tried turning into a raven and ended up looking like one of the arrakoa but worse.”

“my invisibility spells keep making my clothes invisible. Just my clothes.”

“I blinked inside a wall and almost died.”

“I pleasure myself in the library and lie about it.”

“i steal from my master’s secret birdseed stash.”

“I check out my Master’s ass instead of listening to potentially life saving instructions”