and then i thought 'hold up for a second'

Can we talk for a second about my boy Jace Lightwood continuing to stand up to his abusive father throughout the episode even though he knew what the punishment would be? About how he heard that he was irrevocably tainted and he still tried to do what was right?? After having been tortured relentlessly? How he killed who he thought was Valentine twice, when before he hadn’t been able to raise a blade against him?? I’m just. So proud of my son for being so strong and trying so hard to hold onto himself in the face of all that

i’m reading this printout for adhd that the counsellor gave me and this part is just SO ME that i had to type it out. i just had to. so here you guys go. bolded are the parts i underlined for myself

“You begin to absorb all of the sensory information that has been given to you by the second task, while still trying to focus on the first. The new information starts a whirlwind of thoughts, to the point everything becomes a loud whir of information. Now, losing hold on your focus that you were putting into the first task, you begin to feel anxious.

Focus, your brain says, you have to focus - what am I missing?

You try to focus on the first task, but upon doing that, you find that you can’t. New information from the second is coming in and taking up all of your focus, leaving you in a deep whirlwind of panic. You need to focus on the first task, but you can’t choose to stop focussing on the second task. You try to shut it all out and start over, but you find your motivation gone, or your attention directed at another third task that suddenly appeared. It’s a losing battle, wherein you end up in a cycle of self-loathing for a perceived failure.

You wish to prove that you’re not a self-named failure to others, so you move onto another task - this time, one you’re sure you can complete. Herein is where ADHD can both harm and benefit a person and those around them.

a) The task highly interests you. You are able to ‘hyperfocus’ and complete the task, often better than expected by your peers. The praise validates you as not a failure after all. You gain a sense of euphoria from the task (my note: lmao) and often feel good after completing it.

b) The task does not interest you. Your brain is unable to put weight on the task enough to allow you to complete it satisfactorily, and often you feel excruciating psychological pain or a loss of motivational energy at the idea of doing something so ‘boring’ - even if it isn’t to others.  People in this category will often be called “lazy” or “irresponsible” by their peers, family, and loved ones.

c) The task highly interests you, but your brain is unable to put weight on the task enough to allow you to put your attention towards it. You deeply care about this situation, but your brain is unable to focus on it despite trying, which leads to feelings of self-loathing and failure. People in this category will often be called “self-absorbed” “uncaring” or “a slacker” by their peers, family, and loved ones.

Once you begin to apply this hypothetical set of situations to every aspect of your functional life, you begin to realise that it’s impossible to keep up with. Every task is an uphill battle, and often ADHD sufferers receive little support or assistance. Add in the responsibilities we have to loved ones, family, children, or co-workers, and you will often feel set up for failure. Your peers will often see you as ‘normal’ and hold you to their standards - if you are distracted, you’re not paying attention. If you change the topic, do you really care? If you don’t notice a detail, maybe you’re not as invested as they first thought.

It can be painful and an extreme strain on both the sufferer and their relationships with their peers.

You will often hear phrases like “Try harder.”

“What’s wrong with you?!”

“I just told you that.”

“You only care about yourself. You don’t care about me.”

and “Whatever, that’s just an excuse.”

Attention deficit is a state of caring, a state of high attention, not low attention - you absorb not only things you need to, but other tasks that do not need your attention yet. Your brain is unable to decide which tasks carry weight, and which do not. Often, ADHD sufferers care deeply about a situation, but are unable to express it without feeling overwhelmed by their own thoughts.

Soon, people begin to dismiss and isolate you. They may call you offensive nicknames, belittle you, give you the cold shoulder, or laugh at your failings. Often, you will be continually held to their standards, forced to do things on ‘their level’ - and when you fail, it’s perceived as all on you.

Meltdowns, similar to those with panic disorders, autism spectrum disorders, or sensory issues, are common under high stress or isolation, and can lead to unintended self-injury or injury to others; be it through biting, scratching, kicking, property damage or other acts of self-harm or violence. Often people who do this are regarded as childlike and unworthy of help until they ‘act like an adult’, when they cannot control themselves or their actions.

The main priority in a breakdown is safety, including removing the person from an endangering or public space to a calmer, safer one such as a car, bedroom, or quiet office space. Music, television, or movies should be turned off or removed from your line of hearing, and light touches such as stroking or use of the pads of the fingers should be avoided. Attempt to remove any uncomfortable or pressurising clothing, when in an environment that you’re able to do so. 

If you are able, request a massage, or a tight hug. Unlike a panic attack, the massage helps release muscle tension healthily, and a tight hug helps the meltdown-haver to feel secure and allow them a limited sensory input: the hugger. An environment with a lot of pillows helps in more violent meltdowns, as it allows the sufferer a range of movement without being prone to injury.

Once this happens, many people can feel defeated and enter a cycle of self-hatred, or in more extreme cases, self-punishment. Self-isolation is common, as you feel a danger or a burden to other people, and also as a way to limit your sensory input. Peers will often ridicule you for not ‘getting out more’ or spending most of your time alone, which can lead to a loss in quality relationships with others who are not tolerant of your strict adherence to solitary pastimes. You will often be perceived as selfish or uncaring for spending your time this way, and upon trying to stand up for yourself, will often find yourself more isolated than ever.

You know deep within yourself that you love and care for these people, and often blame yourself for not being able to participate as well in situations that seem easy to others - a conversation about your child’s latest drawing, or your spouse’s day at work, for example. You care deeply, but upon your personal failings and ostracising by your peers, you begin to see yourself as a bad person unworthy of the love or attention other people give you. You desperately want to please your loved ones and be accepted by them, but after neither of these things happen, a spiral of shame and self-hatred begins.

Often, ADHD sufferers will ‘step up’ or try harder for these loved ones to show how deeply they truly care, but as they’re now only seen for their failures and not the internal struggle that’s behind every success as well, a circle of bad self-image and bad emotions start.

Be it speaking on a topic you wish to say before your turn is there and seeming self-absorbed, to skipping to the end of a page on a book without willing yourself to because you became distracted and spoiling yourself, ADHD can cause a spiral of feeling not good enough. You want to try harder, to be better, especially for a loved one or family member who is demanding your full and undivided attention, but often find this is a battle you cannot win.

ADHD sufferers often receive a lack of compassion or understanding from those they love, and often feel the brunt of rejection, isolation, abandonment, or loneliness several times higher than that of the non-ADHD population. ADHD and suicidal behaviour share genetic risk factors and the suicide attempt rate is 9.4% compared to 1.3% in the non-ADHD population, often due to these factors listed above.”


Well and truly word vomit cause I was in a mood. Not proofread, not thought out, just… go with it. Sweet, short…. And, as I told @inkedferns, if there’s one lyric that could sum up this whole thing: “Lost my senses, I’m defenseless/Her perfume’s holding me ransom.” x

P. S. The ending is terrible.

You’re familiar.

He can’t figure it out when he first meets you, but he feels like he knows you. It’s only a quick, social kiss on the cheek, but he pauses for a fraction of a second and frowns in thought.

You’re familiar.

He doesn’t know your name, or where you’re from, or who you are, or what you do, but by the end of the night he does, and he’s discovered that your lips twitch if an innocuous word even suggests a double entendre. His own lips tremble when he watches you press yours together while you turn your head, compressing your snickers.

He’s got a suspicion and when he slides closer to impart a particularly filthy turn of phrase in your ear, on the verge of chuckling from his cleverness and anticipation at your response, fingers warm from the sangria he’s been sipping healthy amounts of all evening, he’s rewarded with a snort.

He catches a whiff of something familiar even as he laughs – that real laugh that reaches his belly and that makes his face split and his eyes crinkle and those dimples that make the girls scream dig into his cheeks – but he can’t be bothered to take the time to analyze what it is or where it’s come from. It doesn’t go away, though, with his nose all but pressed against your ear while he continues his monologue, always on the verge of laughter, and chuckling with delighted surprise when you chime in.

You’re familiar, and maybe that’s why although he’s only just met you, he feels like he can put his arm around you to keep you close to his side while the two of you continue to make jokes that wouldn’t be funny to any sober, sensible individual.

You’re the best company he’s found all night, and he’s concerned he’s lost you to the crowd at some point when the two of you get separated – he’s not got your name, or where you live, or anything about you other than the fact that you’d giggled into his shoulder like his shirt didn’t cost nearly six hundred dollars and he’s a popstar, or a rockstar, or actor, or whatever the hell he is now (he’s still figuring that out himself).

Thankfully, he finds you again – spies you passing by out of the corner of his eye – and he loops you into the conversation he’d found himself in and he listens to your animated chatter with that gleam in your eye and the faintest of change in pitch to your voice that would indicate you’re trying hard to ensure you’re speaking clearly despite imbibing.

Before the two of you separate again, he makes sure he learns your name (he likes the sound of it and the feel of it on his wide, clumsy tongue), where you’re going (you’ve got a taxi, thankfully), and he says he’ll see you around and he hopes he can mean it. He doesn’t know how good of a friend you are to whatever mutual one the two of you have, and he doesn’t know if you’ll be invited to the same type of event again – he’s always sort of dove headfirst into things without a guarantee – but he’s thrilled when the next month that’s just what happens and you’re familiar, again, for reasons he can’t quite put his finger on.

Two months later when he’s making out with you on your couch, two legs hitched up over his hips and two arms wrapped around his neck while he pins you against the couch with his pelvis and large, greedy hands, it’s almost overwhelming. He’s got to be positively insane when he thinks you smell like home… his home… him….

Two hours later when he’s lying in bed with you, muscles softer than warm butter and out of breath, face burrowed in your neck while he takes great, sucking gasps of air, he knows he’s going insane.

“What’re yeh wearing?” he rasps, demanding to know as he paws at your side.

“Nothing,” you giggle and he laughs helplessly at your stupid joke.

“Funny,” he says thickly, pinching you and squeezing you closer. “Know tha’?”

The subject drops but he spends the night breathing in your neck. You smell like him, and sex, and—


You smell like him.

He’s bleary eyed when he realizes it the next morning, the notes of your perfume still lingering under his nose. You smell exactly like him, and he confirms it by grabbing you at the bathroom sink and pressing his face into your neck.

“What’ve you got on?” he asks, ignoring your squeak of protest.

“What are you on about?” you ask him, squirming in the prison of his arms.

“Are you wearing my cologne?” he asks indignantly. It’s an illogical question – the both of you are at your place, not his, and strong as his cologne might be and as close as the two of you had been the night before, this is too strong.

“What? No,” you protest, finally freeing yourself from his hold.

“Smells like mine,” he accuses.

“It’s mine,” you snap at him, fixing your hair. “I’ve been wearing it for ages.”

The bottle on your dresser is small, but sure enough it’s the same as his. He picks it up and inhales, although he knows fine well what it smells like, and when he breathes in his shoulders relax as that same sense of familiarity settles in. It’s exactly what he’d smelled months ago when he’d met you and kissed you casually on the cheek. It’s what he’d smelled while he was wooing you with dirty jokes that he can hardly believe he’d told you, and what he’d smelled when you two had your first kiss.

He’d never been crazy at all (well, maybe, just a little, just a bit) – you do smell like home, his home, and him. You always have. A single whiff had been the line, he’d been hooked on curiosity, and he’d sunk when he found out that that your mind drifted to terribly filthy thoughts on perfectly innocent words. It’s like you were marked for him, he’ll think to himself hazily as he scribbles in his journal later that day. You are the fish he was meant to find in the sea – or maybe it’s the other way around, and if it is, he considers himself very lucky to have found your net.

Many years from now, he’ll admit that to you. Maybe not in so many words, and most often through song, but he thinks it was something that was a little like kismet that brought the two of you together. He smells like you, and you smell like him, and there’s a balance to the sentiment that reflects the equality of the handshake inked into the back of his arm. He’s no more of you than you are of him, and the horror that he might not have found out about you if you hadn’t smelled familiar is real in his mind – he’ll admit to having been incredibly stupid in his life, and he wouldn’t have put it past him to have missed out on you entirely without this red flag of that familiar scent.

For now, though, all he does is cock an eyebrow at you and tease you about how he wears it, too. You roll your eyes at him and murmur, “I thought it smelled familiar,” when you grant him his silent, puckered wish for a kiss.

hold up

i was just rewatching the ep 7 and i realized, victor says ‘should i kiss you or smth?’ so easily. then he kisses/hugs (((whatever that was))) yuuri on the ice. and yuuri is not all that shocked. 

like, yes he’s shocked for a second but not bc ‘omg victor is kissing me’ but he’s like ‘omg victor is kissing me in front of everyone’ and then that shock disappears too, very easily.

and now recall what we all talked about since last week: some significant time has passed between ep5 and ep6, and how they act very comfortable around each other all of a sudden and maybe smth happened between that period and now they’re dating.

this kiss wasn’t their first kiss. yuuri wasn’t surprised bc victor kissed him for the first time, but bc it was in public. victor wasn’t making a suggestive witty flirty remark. victor has been his boyfriend for awhile now so he just offered to kiss him.

i can’t believe they’ve been dating for a few months now………..

Bokuroo beach headcanons

  • they manage to get on a boat, however small, and use any sound system they can find to blare I’m On A Boat
  • while out swimming, Bokuto gets on the inflatable whale they brought and Kuroo tries to join him but the whale is no where near big enough. Bokuto reaches out to hold him up and says dramatically, “Don’t let go!” and Kuroo responds with, “I’ll never let go.” and Bokuto acts serious for all of ten seconds and then he’s pushing Kuroo under
  • both of them think they’re so clever making some stupid drawing on the other one’s back in sunscreen
  • sandcastles
  • Bokuto demanded they get a sandcastle kit before they arrived here, even if the tools are way too small for their hands
  • Kuroo wonders why he didn’t think of it first
  • Bokuto 100% picks up the towel to shake off the sand and ends up getting it in both his and Kuroo’s faces
  • staying long enough to watch the sunset
  • regretting staying long enough to watch the sunset because now they’re both freezing and their clothes are in the car
  • needing to wash off the sand and cautiously staring at the showers because wow that is going to be extra cold
  • Bokuto braves the water first and flicks water towards Kuroo, asking if he could be anymore catlike when he practically hisses at Bokuto
  • racing each other to the actual shower when they get home
  • very warm and very tired cuddling
the rat

inspired from this post by the awesome @marauders4evr 

@themaraudersmapforpranks @captofthesswolfstar tagging you two because you said let me know :)

“He got out”

James let the words sink in. He felt numb. He didn’t dare lift his gaze up to the others. He had gotten out.

“What the fuck do you mean he got out?” growled Sirius.

“I mean, Peter got out of Azkaban, Black. Be careful with the words you choose while you are talking to me or I’ll hex your tongue off” Moody shot back without a second thought, he was fuming. “Turns out Azkaban wasn’t a good place to hold a bloody rat.”

“Do you mean to tell us that Peter got out in his Animagus form?” asked Remus as calmly as he could.

“That’s the only plausible explanation and I warned them, I warned them about the risks but they trust those fucking cloaked creatures so much. The idiots,” complained Moody. “I am in charge of the hunt–”

“We are joining” interrupted James as he stood up trying to use the advantage his height gave him but failing miserably under Moody’s stern gaze.

“The hell you are. I can’t have you two bickering around. He is your friend-”

“That rat is no friend of ours, we want him caught as much as you do” hissed Sirius, hanging on to the last piece of self-control left in his veins. “That bloody prat tried to get James and Lily killed.”

“We are Aurors and bloody good ones at that.” asserted James. “We wouldn’t risk this mission, you forget that it’s my family’s lives on the line-”

“You are an idiot if you think the Death Eaters aren’t still hunting you Potter” argued Moody. “You are too valuable to go around throwing spells where I can’t keep an eye on you.”

Sirius grinned as he was about to counter his argument but Moody stopped him with a wave of his hand.

“You, too, are an idiot if you don’t think that lunatic Lestrange woman isn’t after you Sirius. You helped Potter and Evans escape when Voldemort disappeared,” added Moody. “I can’t have either of you on the field.”

“Actually, they are both adults entitled to their own opinion about this matter,” cut in Remus with an apologetic look on his face. “You know they are good assets Moody, you know they are better than most of your men and they know Peter like the back of their hands.”  

Lily walked in as Remus opened his mouth to convince Moody further. 

“Is it true?”

“I’m afraid so Lils” replied James as he threw his arm around the shorter girl’s shoulder. 

“I want to join the hunt” she said fiercely.

“Fuck no!” yelled Sirius and James at the same time. “No way Lily, not you” continued James.

“It is a no from me, too, Lily” added Remus.

“Why? Do you think I’m not good enough?” challenged Lily.

“Don’t be fucking ridiculous Evans, it’s like I’m the one with a baby in his belly,” protested Sirius and all of them looked at him like he was about to burst into flames. “Don’t you dare tell me you didn’t know Evans, Padfoot can smell it and you are glowing like the sun.”

Lily was staring at the floor as she pushed a lock of her flaming red hair behind her ear and she slowly lifted her green gaze to meet James’ eyes.

“You two are like bloody bunnies, I swear” said Sirius as he grinned. All of a sudden everyone forgot that their old best friend was on the loose.

James grabbed Lily by the waist and lifted her so he can kiss her easily, his eyes shined like he could see the galaxy in Lily’s eyes.

“We are building a Quidditch team” he teased as he slowly let Lily go and Lily smacked him on the head. “By the way, you are not moving out of the safe house Evans, I’ll permanently stick you to your bed if I have to.”

“Alright, alright” she gave up. “I’m going to go talk to Professor McGonagall. Carry on with your bloody plan” she said and got out swiftly with a huge grin on her face.

“Now I won’t ever take you with me Potter” 

“Why the hell not?” protested James.

“You already have a son that needs you, who is the Chosen One or whatever the fuck Prophet calls him these days with another on the way–” began Moody as he adjusted his glass eye who was threatening to come out of it’s place. “Do you know why I don’t have a wife or a partner or anything for that matter? I am not attached to anything Potter. There aren’t many people who would be affected by my decisions but you, you have a wife, a son and another on the way” explained Moody.  

“Whether you like it or not I am coming. I want to be the one to catch that fucker” objected James and this time he was standing tall. If they were going to raise two kids in this world, he had to do his best to make it safer for them.

“On that note, it is almost impossible to catch him with regular ways and Albus practically ordered me to ask you three if it was alright if the Aurors used Unforgivable Curses on Peter” said Moody slightly uncomfortable with where this conversation was headed. He was never a man of emotions but that was what made him so bloody good at his job. 

“If you don’t we will,” stated Sirius and Remus nodded in approval.


“I- yes, if that’s what it takes we can take Peter down” James felt like he was betraying the memory of the boy he knew but that boy he was sure loved him with every part of his fear had ratted him out and he didn’t deserve neither pity nor second chance. 

James didn’t understand where he went wrong with Peter, he felt like he gave everything he had to him. Lily never hurt him, she listened to him. Harry liked him, too. What happened that the shy boy he met on the train turned into a betraying rat? These thoughts went through James’ head as he lied in his bed with Lily on his chest after they talked about baby names. He had to be careful this time for their sake. James would never forgive himself if he left Lily and his babies alone.

I will write the rest in a separate post, promise.


Is it just me or is Molly one of the most talked about/mentioned characters that is never on screen, that is not a villan? I can’t stop thinking about it. Why is she talked about so much?

Molly organised cake, Molly can give Sherlock a second check because she’s seen through your bullshit so often, Molly can check Sherlocks’ urine, Molly can pick up Irene’s phone from the safety box (not actually there) etc. It seems to be John initiating the conversation about Molly most of the time (though I can’t be sure I’d have to go back and check), but I can’t remember Sherlock often bringing her up in conversation without prompting.

Having said that I am a shameless Sherlolly fan and therefore I am ever hopefully reading into the situation.

Then I had another wild thought: was that baby Molly was holding definitely Rosie?

Are we sure that was Irene texting Sherlock?

Who knows?

shit my teachers have said

sometimes going to school is worth it.

  •  okey, you press that button & i’m just going to stand way over here. 
  •  i could go slower, but i don’t want to. 
  •  i’m glad you’re entertained. that’s very important to me. now shut up. 
  •  you have six seconds to answer & tell them to shut their phone. 
  •  oh, that’s nice. i’ve always wanted an iphone. could’ve at least fixed the screen, though. 
  •  hang on, i think my pizza rolls are on fire. 
  •  who wants to jump out of the window for me? it’s for an experiment. 
  •  what did you draw for me? 
  •  i thought people drew dicks on tables only in fifth grade. 
  •  can you hold my gun for a second? 
  •  it was not my intention to shoot you. 
  •  you laughed, i didn’t, did you notice that? 
  •  the angle doesn’t matter, does it? 
  •  oh, yes, because heaven forbid people start kissing. 
  •  as everyone knows, kissing leads to sex. 
  •  oh no! a boob! whatever are we going to do!? 
  •  what are you—five?
  •  how do you accidentally fall out of a plane? 
  •  congratulations, you just killed everyone. 
  •  THIS IS NOT A DRILL. it’s a screwdriver. 
  •  don’t be rude. share your gummy bears. 
  •  you can’t substitute water with spit. that’s just gross. 
  •  you can totally make a bowling ball out of feathers. 
  •  bless your ass out of here. 
  •  don’t give me any of that cheap stuff. 
  •  jesus can’t help you now. 
  •  i refuse to believe you’re that stupid. 
  •  i am done with your sarcastic attitude. 
  •  the only excuse for not coming is dying. 
  •  the only size that matters is the size of the statue. 
  •  i don’t get payed enough to deal with this.
  •  don’t cry, you’re an ugly crier. 
You were in my dream last night, we were laughing and in love. You were holding my hand like your life depends on it, you wouldn’t want to let me go even just a second. You were kissing me like it’s a habit and your necessity every day. Your face was vivid, you were looking me in the eye and touching my face as you said, “Stay with me.” I woke up with my heart beating fast, disappointed that it was just a dream – a beautiful one. And quietly uttered to myself, “I will.”
—  // 9-17′16, 11:36pm
Why you shouldn't interrupt a person on the phone. A PERCABETH HC

Percy hard-core battling six monsters at once. A fight with lots of slashing with Riptide and ducking and sea water spraying involved.
Percy’s phone rings.
“Woah hold up guys”, he says to them.
“Hey babe” Percy says into the phone.
“Listen I would love to talk but I’m kind of in the middle of a…situation right now”
One of the monsters tries to attack him.
Percy rolls his eyes at it. “I thought I told you to wait!” and then disintegrates it in a second.
The other monsters stand shocked, that their supposedly powerful friend just got stabbed by a dude in a Aquaman t-shirt.
“No no Annabeth nothing to worry about. I got it under control”.
He glares at them over the phone.
The monsters shift closer to him, readying to attack him.
“ugh..Apparently SOME people don’t know what ‘wait’ means. Annabeth just hold on for a few seconds”.
A few deft strokes of Riptide and some more water up their noses and that’s all it takes.
The monsters are gone and Percy’s scuffed up jeans and the black sticky liquid (monster blood?) covering Riptide are the only evidence they were ever there.
Percy grimaces at his sword.
“So Annabeth we’re still on for tonight?”

Imagine queer platonic Stancest:

Stan and Ford having a blatantly intimate relationship that makes everyone around them uncomfortable but in that glorious way where they can’t say anything about it because they’d feel like the perv for implying that there’s something inappropriate going on.

After all, the boys don’t kiss and they don’t have sex, they just… live together, intend to always live together, cuddle up practically entwined together without a second thought, smile at each other lovingly, put arms over shoulders, hold hands, and all of it done so casually with the effortless comfort that they have with each other. They don’t act as if their behavior is problematic, they boldly express their affection for each other with no concern for what others think.

“The great love of my life just happens to be my platonic love for my brother,” Ford would put it.

Stan would say: “We’re like an old married couple. If I ever married someone for real it’d be bigamy, and they’d have to be cool with that cuz no way am I divorcing Ford.”

I don’t know what part of this screenshot I like more, Steven holding that shovel in the worst way possible, Amethysy digging in the sand like a dog or Pearl just… staring at that piece of the ship.

Garnet: “We could use the ship’s materials and technology to make something useful, but on second thought let’s just throw this into Amethyst’s room and forget it forever.”

Ruby: “Hey Sapphire did you like the plan I just came up with?”

Sapphire: “Huh? Oh yeah sure, sorry I was just thinking about mental sloppy makeouts with you.”

Yeaaaaah finally we’re adressing the Peridot thing. Something tells me it’s gonna be a few episodes before they catch her. 

DADDY (Chapter 5)


Characters - Jongin / Kai, OC
Genre - SMUT


I woke up feeling tired and achy.  That’s nothing new for me. Dance practices always take a toll on my body but I always manage to push past the pain and discomfort. What bothers me is the sunlight that is streaming through an opening in the curtains directly into my eyes.  That was unusual I sleepily thought.  I have blinds on my windows not curtains. I tugged up the blankets and burrowed deeper under the covers.  My eyes shot open, suddenly all my senses kicked in.  I realized two things simultaneously.  First, I am totally naked under the covers, and second, there was an unconscious female radiating warmth behind me, her arms draped around my waist limply.  I went still, holding in my breath, carefully so as not to wake her up, I turned over to gathered her in my arms.

Jin, MY JIN. I felt a smile on my face.

Finally, I woke up from a dream and find reality is not such a disappointment. The woman whose face haunted my dreams, the one woman who felt right in my arms, is here where she belongs. Even in slumber, she is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life.

Her moist pink lips were parted slightly as she slept blissfully unaware of her surroundings. She slept like this the last time too. I chuckled slightly when i heard her snore softly. Perhaps she heard me or what but she suddenly smacked her lips and started licking them as she begun to stir to wakefulness. I saw her beautiful eyes fluttering open just as I captured her lips for a kiss.

It was supposed to be a quick peck on the lips because I found her too cute and adorable. But I forgot she’s also sexy as hell. I felt her lips parting to let my tongue slide in which I eagerly did and before I knew it, the kiss got deeper and hotter. I felt her fingers threading through my hair, as my tongue continued to delve into her mouth, teasing, stroking and playing fire with her own.

I felt my shaft hardening as I covered her body with my own supporting my weight with my arms so as not to crush her beneath me. I knew she liked it too when she gladly laid on her back writhing sexily as her arms left my head to clasp me closer to her. Our lips never left each other, our kisses got more heated, I was fighting for control over my arousal but I know I am losing fast.

I moaned or she moaned who knows where she ended and where I begun. I had not realized I had been steadily stroking my hips and cock on her lower half. Like the siren she is, she parted her thighs and planted her feet widely apart on the bed. Her sweet pussy is now cradling my hardened cock. I continued to kiss her passionately and felt moisture leaking slowly from her nether lips to coat my now throbbing shaft that is slowly sliding back and forth between those lips.

She broke off from our kiss to throw back her head and moan loudly, her nails digging painfully at my back. I took my time penetrating her this time even though I wanted nothing more than to pound myself into her like a jack hammer. With a wicked grin, I pushed in slowly the bulbous head of my cock into her moist pussy. I felt her breath hitch in her throat. I slowly slid out. She opened her eyes and looked at me dazedly. I smiled at her with all my love in my eyes, then pushed back in with half my length. Her eyes rounded, startled at the sudden intrusion into her body. Before she could grasp what was going on, I pulled out again, intentionally dragging my shaft slowly out to tease her. I continued to smile at her as I repeated my action again this time pushing in about a third of my cock in. Stirring restlessly in my arms, she was about to protest when I slammed my entire length into her. I paused briefly while buried so deep inside her to let her breathe and adjust to my size.

When I felt like enough time has passed, I slowly begun to move, stroking slowly at first. Gradually, I started picking up the pace, going faster every couple of strokes. Jin, let go of my shoulders at some point, her hands now grasping tightly each side of the pillow under her head, her eyes screwed shut, her cheeks flushed, her lower lip between her teeth, distracting me with her sexiness. I had moved a bit to sit back slightly on my haunches and dragged her with me. Surprisingly, her pussy never lost contact with my cock despite the change in position. She simply raised her hips to meet each thrust i made.

I want to touch her so I reached over and placed a warm hand on her cheek, I waited patiently until she opened one eye. I took sometime, since she was too busy trying to stop her moans. When she finally opened her eye to look at me with inquiry, I trailed my hand down to her nipples, their pinkish color a pretty sight for my thirsty self. I continued to slide my cock in and out of her pussy, as I kept eye contact with her. I saw desire and arousal in her eyes as she felt me grasping her her breast lightly, my fingers lightly pinching her nipples.

“Jongin…” she breathed out and moaned. She couldn’t or wouldn’t look away. I trailed my hand further down her body until finally it found her hood where her now engorged clit could barely hide my questing finger. I coated my fingers in her moisture still looking at her eyes, then i slowly rubbed her clit. I rubbed faster and faster as my hips bucked my cock into her faster and faster.

“Oh God!” She screamed as she arched her back and came apart in my arms. I felt her orgasm rip through her. Her pussy walls clenching in waves around my throbbing cock as I continued to stimulate her, letting her savor this bliss. I paused my strokes briefly when she started coming down from her high. She slowly let down her arched back. Her pussy was still twitching and she smiled shyly at me peeking from under her lashes. I smiled back at her, amazed that after her glorious orgasm she could still be a shy woman in my arms.

“My turn!” I told her wickedly when she finally looked at me. She looked surprised, I can see from her expression that she thought we were finished. I’ve just gotten started. I did promise her to take my time next time. Before she could gather her wits, I gently raised her hips with my hands and let go. I pounded my cock into her pussy like I wanted to since she first looked at me across the dance floor months and months ago. Each stroke, each thrust, each kiss was for every day that i longed for her, when I couldn’t find her, when I thought I lost her. With a final thrust, I felt my own orgasm finally find fulfillment. I spilled my hot seed into her just as i felt her have another orgasm.

We were both panting breathlessly afterwards. I rolled of to her side and laid down. I didn’t really want to let go just yet. So I gently turned her on her side so i can spoon her from behind.

“Good morning!” I playfully told her as i dropped a kiss on her shoulder. I caught sight of the clock and snickered. She glanced at me and followed my line of sight. She grimaced and jabbed her elbow back to hit my rib. I pretended to be hurt and whined. It was past one in the after noon. We were sleeping close to four hours, and had been making love for who knows how long.

I stole a quick glance at her face to gauge her mood. She was trying to frown but a smile that she couldn’t hide kept ruining her stern expression. That is the moment I knew for sure I was a goner. I am in love with Jin.

I used to be jealous
I want to be her

It would be nice wake up to your sleep face every morning
It would be nice could hold you every time
It would be nice could enjoy your smile every second in life

But somehow,
Now I don’t want to be her

But, one body never make you feel enough
But, one love never satisfied you

She will never feels peace
She will live in worry every night
She will watch her years pass by as she waits for you to change

I feel sorry for her

Heroes (2/3)

Chapter 2

| O N E |

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Synopsis: You’re a retired superhero. But when you meet Steve, he tells you that he has an upcoming mission and wants you to participate. You deny, because you want to live a normal life, but Steve won’t let you. As he finally persuades you, you two are an amazing team, he wants you to join The Avengers. But you start having second thoughts when you meet Bucky Barnes.

Word Count: 1,283

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Tags: @swtltlmrvlgrl , @lilasiannerd

Warning: None

A/N: Here is chapter 2, I’m glad that you guys enjoy it so far! I hope you enjoy!!! ♥

Steve cheers in delight, his feet were jumping up and down on your wooden floor.

“Steve! Calm down before you break my floor!” you exclaim, holding Steve’s arms.

As you squeezed his arm, you jumped a little bit from surprise, his arms were very muscular. Much more muscular than you were expecting.

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What she says: I’m fine

What she means: Today I cried over twenty one pilots, not once but twice. Tyler Joseph means so much to me because he doesn’t know I even exist but yet he still acknowledges my feelings and hurt, he cares about a lot of people. He cares about us, dude. Don’t even get me started on Josh Dun, omg. Josh Dun, the drummah man, spooky Jim, jishwa. 10/10 that’s a lot of tallent for one dude. Oh my God. Everything they do fucks me up and I’m in tears in 2 seconds. One time I thought about holding Tyler’s hand and I was in tears a second later. Tyler and Josh mean so mu-

For a second there I thought I was in love. We coulda went a year without fucking. I thought you were sent from above. Girl, I just wanted to talk to you. Hold hands and take a walk with you. Do anything you need and put your mind at ease. Come home at night and rub your feet. Crack your beers and roll your weed. Help you conquer all your fears and follow all your dreams. Dry up all your tears and quite all your screams. I’d give you everything you want. I’d give you everything you need.

wait a fucking second. you know what I just thought of? how fucking great it would have been to have Isaac and Liam on teen wolf at the same time. like goddammit can you just imagine:

  • like when Liam is showing everyone up at lacrosse at the beginning Isaac just fucking decks him to knock him down a peg 
  • Liam takes the bite, Isaac laughs at him while helping Scott hold him down, but then he gets real for a second and tells Liam “yeah, it hurts and for a while it’s really hard to control but it gets easier, Dumbar”
  • (don’t you try to tell me for one second that Isaac wouldn’t love calling Liam “Dumbar” he’d think it was hilarious and clever and it would annoy Liam so fucking much)
  • Liam develops PTSD symptoms after facing off against the berserker so Isaac invites him to chill at the McCall house more often and admits to Liam that he has PTSD too from his dad’s abuse and he understands how hard it is, but it’ll be way harder if Liam doesn’t let his friends help him
  • hardcore big brother-little brother relationship
  • Isaac is the one who dares Liam to wolf out and run around beacon hills naked
  • when Mason gets brought into the group Isaac is like fuck yeah lets rip on Liam together and Mason basically falls in love with him lives for it
  • Isaac brings up Liam falling in a hole pretty much every day at school stupid loyal wolf puppies who are both obsessed over Scott McCall and are constantly competing to be president of his fan club 
  • Mason tells Isaac about the whole Hayden things and how Hayden basically hates him so Isaac tells Liam that he once ended up dating a girl who stabbed him “like 20 times with knives- I mean, chinese ring daggers” so it’s never totally hopeless
  • Isaac Lahey and Liam Dunbar ending up best friends and brothers and saltmates together like wow (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
20 things I learned by 20

1. Little kids are the light in this world. If you ever need be cheered up, spend some time with your nephew, niece, sister, brother, kid, or whoever. They will have you laughing in a few seconds and help you realize things are a lot more simple than you originally thought.

2. Women are the most incredible, strong, capable, generous, and devoted species to walk this planet. Hold each other up.

3. Do things. Go on hikes with your best friend even though the sun is disappearing. Get a little too drunk, figure out your limit. Go on drives and discover quiet roads. Go get a milkshake with your friend, even if you’re fighting–milkshakes help heal.

4. Compliment people. Tell the boy scooping your ice cream that he has nice eyes–he will tell you that you just made his entire day. If you are thinking to yourself about how much you like someone’s outfit, hair, makeup, laugh, positivity, smile, voice, hands, ideas, or whatever it is, tell them. Tell them because they deserve to know and this world is in dire need of a little more kindness.

5. Let go. Let go, let go, let go, let go, let go. Let it all go.

6. I know sometimes breathing feels like an impossible task, but just take a deep breath. Open up your chest, let the air fill that space, hold it for a second, and exhale all the bullshit. You’d be surprised how much a deep breath can straighten some thoughts out.

7. Feelings have one purpose, to be felt. Don’t let them sit inside you and resonate. Scream about them, run about them, talk about them, cry about them, learn about them, but whatever you do, don’t keep them inside.

8. Be gracious. To your parents, your grandparents, your best friend, your teachers, your boyfriend/girlfriend/partner/whatever you want to call them. Someone loves you, and when someone loves you, let them know how much you appreciate that.

9. Being able to laugh at yourself is one of the most empowering things you could possibly do.

10. Cuddle with your best friend. I promise nothing gets better than snuggling up to them and talking about anything from what you should eat for dinner to whether you should go to medical school.

11. Pamper yourself. Go to LUSH and buy face masks or bath bombs or their new massage bar–it’s okay to spend money on yourself, you deserve it.

12. Stress will literally sit in your body if you don’t handle it the right way. It can sit in your stomach, show up on your face, increase your blood pressure, impede on your sleep, etc. Make sure you have ways to deal with that stress–go get coffee, step outside, put away your study materials for a night, organize your time, get dinner, see a movie–just make sure you manage it.

13. Sometimes people, even family, can become too toxic for you. There comes a time when you have to decide if they are more harmful than loving–and when you decide, give them a respectful goodbye. Then, keep on living.

14. The best conversations happen in the car.

15. Your entire life doesn’t need to be figured out today. Take classes, talk to the nice man on the bus about his bowling team, go on trips with 11 other strangers, take a sign from a fellow feminist and stand up with them. Discover your passions in things you never thought you’d find anything in.

16. If you have the opportunity to travel, whether it’s to Paris, France or to Lexington, Kentucky. Go. Every single place has something there for you, to learn from, love, or recognize.

17. Dance. Dance when you need a break from studying, when you want to cheer up a friend, when you’re excited about something, when you’re a little tipsy, when you’re in the car (pay attention to the road though), or when you need to feel better. Turn up the music and just dance–you don’t have to be good at it to have fun with it.

18. Sitting in the kitchen with your best friend’s mom, your mom, or your grandma while they’re cooking can cure almost any trouble.

19. Dogs will always love you. They will always be there for you. They’re going to try to lick your scraped knee, they’re going to lay their head on your feet when you’re sad, and they’re going to let you pet them for hours because you can’t think about anything else.

20. There is so much more to learn. I’ve learned 20 huge things by 20, but the most important thing I’ve learned is that you can never stop learning.