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cute but subtle ways to dress little!
  • PATTERNED SOCKS!! Whether they’re cute animals, or little drawings, or just pretty colours, they’re bound to make you feel little! No-one will notice them unless you pull them up high.
  • Overalls! Wear them over t shirts, sweaters, anything! They’re actually pretty fashionable at the moment, and they work for all genders :)
  • Headbands and bows! I’m in love with headbands right now - I have a collection of adorable headbands, some of them are plain, but some have little bows and flowers, 10/10 would recommend. Also, hair clips and barrettes are awesome!
  • Ribbons! You could tie them into your hair, around your braids or ponytails, or even into your braids - it looks super cool! And there are bAJILLIONS of colours and designs, you can get them from dollarama for basically no money! 
  • Some more things you can do with ribbons: tie them around your wrist to make a cute bracelet! You can also replace your shoelaces with your favourite ribbons to spice them up a little.
  • LOTS OF COLOURS! Just mix and match, throw in the entire rainbow into your outfit if you wanna!
  • Hairstyles: if you have long hair, you can try out fun things like pigtails and braids!
  • If you shop online or go to places like gap kids, you can find kiddie clothes that are big enough to fit you! You can find things like cuddly shirts or sweaters with bright colours and cute drawings, or character t-shirts, and it’ll just look cute, not necessarily kiddy!
  • Cute little accessories! For example, I have some cute ear muffs for the winter that are super fluffy and have little panda bear faces on them! You can get gloves and earbuds like this too!
  • Funky tights! i have some rainbow striped ones that i always wear with skirts and it makes me feel super little! You can get ones with patters and stars and hearts and designs that look amazing! You can also do this with leggings.
  • Sparkly nail polish! 
  • Heelies or light up sneakers, if you wanna!
  • Do you remember sillybands? Well you can still get them online for barely any money, and they look so cute! When you’re wearing them, they just look like colourful elastic bands, so it’s not super obvious
  • if you’re carrying a bag with you, decorate it with stickers and buttons and keychains! You can make it all pretty and jingly :)

I hope you find these helpful!! I’ll be posting similar posts this week :)

- Evie

best friend! Hoshi

anon asked:  ooooh thennmaybe i can request some best friend!hoshi headcanons to *w*

a/n: im sorry if this is late :((

  • the two of you met in a smelly taekwondo studio
  • your dads knew each other from highschool and as your dad decided to move back to Namyangju,
  • he of coursed had to introduce you to his dad and son
  • this is how you meet kwon soonyoung
  • by awkward parent introductions that should make you guys avoid each other when meeting on the street
  • but it didn’t because when you guys were forced to sit in the corner and ‘get to know each other’ 
  • and you found each other soooo hilarious and such down to earth people and hit it off so well
  • and as soon as you start your first day at your new middle school
  • he comes up to you begging you to be in the dance club
  • you like ehhh i can’t dance,,, but he’s making it sound so fun so you agree to go to one practice
  • the whole time he’s so supportive even when you squash his toe
  • seems like he can make anyone a dancer because in a year your,,,, about as half a good as him LOL
  • everyday after practice you since walk home together and take turns spending money on snacks
  • and one tradition you have is every friday you guys would walk the little extra distance to get the best potato tornadoes in the city
  • and then walk home talking about school and how your both not doing to well
  • and agreeing to work harder
  • aka switching between each others houses and studying with many study breaks that consist of your moms cooking and the snack stash you both have built 
  • him teaching you many shinee dances 
  • you becoming almost as obsessed as him
  • and whenever ‘ring ding dong’ comes on, you’ve promised to dance together no matter where you guys were
  • and one day at practice your having a full out jam session to shinee
  • then you both sit down and he whispers shyly like “how good of a dancer do you think i am”
  • and your like yeah and IVE SEEN SOME OF THAT CHOREO your a talented mofo
  • so when he tells you nervously about pledis
  • and he’s never told you but he always thanked you for that because even when some of his other friends were telling him idol life is impractical and he’s not good looking enough omg f them
  • you were always there
  • you were there to send him a little package every two weeks, whether it was all his favorite snacks, little toys, or photos or your self eating two potato tornadoes to tease him
  • you watched all of his Andromeda’s and told him your username so he would know your comments, and laugh at your jokes 
  • you supported him through and through
  • and when he finally debuted you personally came to the concert and went backstage, meeting the other members for the first time, and handed soonyoung a package
  • a package pranked into exploding with confetti as soon as he opened it
  • a moment you got on video OF COURSE
  • and you tell him about how your mother effing moving to seoul because you got transferred to a college in seoul
  • and he gets all excited and shit and you have to be like chill out i got into a college you freakin debuted
  • but he’s like yeah but it isn’t easy to get into that college either so CELEBRATION TIME!!!
  • and two years later, when soonyoung is having a freakin world tour, with a well earned successful career,
  • and you, who is half way through your degree, top of your class, attend the concert in seoul
  • like before you, go back stage, where sweaty soonyoung is waiting for you with a smile on his face
  • you bring him a package
  • “just like old times?” he giggles, taking the box from you
  • “yeah just like old times, meat restaurants pays better so you’ll be surprised”
  • he looks at you kinda shook, “you shouldn’t have” 
  • and you just think lol he wont be saying that after he opens it
  • “yes i should have~” you sing brightly
  • he smiles and starts ripping it open
  • the bomb of rose quartz and serenity glitter and confetti floating through the air, landing on his hair and outfit
  • “MMWWOO???” he looks at you with a wtf look, the members and staff passing by laughing at him
  • you immediately start giggling before transitioning into full blown laughter
  • and of course he can’t keep the straight face and immediately bursts into laughter 
  • he looks at you creepily with an evil grin on his face 
  • and your like “no. stop. SOONYOUNG”
  • he responds of bearing hugging you transferring the glitter all over you and your outfit
  • “you’ve updated it from rainbow to seventeen colors” he grins, finally pulling away
  • you smirk and wink, “don’t worry i actually got you something else”
  • you pull out the bag from you bookbag, and he immediately knows what it is
  • “it isn’t the exact of course but I think it tastes pretttyyyy similar” you say,
  • pulling out the potato tornadoes and handing him one
  • he gets this look in his eyes and full out grins, his eyes disappearing just the way you remember as kids
  • “i really love you you know” he says, sighing and about to take a bite
  • you take your own potato stick and use it to shove his away from his mouth
  • “i love you too, but i wont if you put that in your mouth” 
  • you fake glare at him and hold the stick in front of you expectantly
  • laughing sheepishly, he clinks his stick to your, “cheers~” 
  • “cheers~” you laugh, finally taking a bite 

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Louis: So you got the luggage- right, babe?

Harry: of course! 

Louis: Did you remember to pack the bears? 

Harry: Yeah, well I mean, I couldn’t bear to leave them behind. 


Harry: Sorry, I think the connections bad, just bear with me.

Louis: Can you not do this right now, babe?

Harry: Are you saying you want me to… paws?

Louis: I want a divorce. 

Harry: *giggles* I must be getting pretty unbearable. 

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can you do me the biggest favor and like just explain the bears shortly because i haven't got the time to read through your whole tag and i am so freaking confused ??

Get ready for a long post ahead.


This is a massive topic, and it involves a lot more than just 2 bears in rainbow gear, so I am doing my best in placing you back in the time and show you the atmosphere and the happening with the band. I am trying to explain it without making a monster post. EDIT: I failed.

I have a tag /tagged/rbb-history where it is explained that a rainbow bear wearing a cute hairband with a bow on it was thrown on stage in Manchester during the WWA tour. Then a few (?) shows later it appeared in full bondage gear, we called it rainbow bondage bear (later RBB) and the bear kept appearing at the shows. 

Then it accompanied the band to the US leg of the WWA tour, and we saw the bear for a few shows, even surrounded by policemen (I think it was in Philly). 

They created a twitter account for the bear, advertised the name under the bear, asked for a follow, I think Josh was the fourth follower. It was a mystery who was behind it. Josh was the primary suspect, he tweeted he is not involved with it, then Ant their sound engineer (?) also tweeted he is not taking care of the bears. We then enjoyed the frequent photos they posted on said twitter account. There was drinking, watching Judy Garland movies, being hungover, more drinking, he had quite the life. 

Important to mention that the band had a palm tree (Eric) as a mascot as well, this tree also had a twitter account and was involved in massive drinking. 

I think about three days passed and the RBB twitter was gone. People said it was because of the drinking but the funny thing is that the palm tree could stay and if I remember correctly that account is still happily alive, but not posting anymore pictures.

All in all, the twitter disappeared, the bear did too. We were outraged, Rainbow Direction got attacked, member of RD posted their seats in one of the asks and for the entire show their concert experience was destroyed by a security guard and Magee/Griffith’s death stares, the LGBTQIA+ members of the fandom felt unsafe, as their team was so homophobic that they are pressed by a rainbow stuffed bear, and as a reaction we started to see rainbows everywhere, Niall went to the NASA with a rainbow cap and got pictured with everyone and their grandma, Anne, Jay, Gemma, even Julian posted/liked/favorited something related to rainbows, Liam wore a shirt at one of the shows which was the album cover of their opening act, and it had rainbows, the acts individually would be taken as coincidences, but looking at the big picture it was quite deliberate.

We mourned the bear, there was some attempt as a pink pony appeared, but we kept getting the reports from concert goers that confirmed RBB was nowhere to be seen.

A few shows later though it appeared, no longer in bondage gear, and that was the show where Harry deliberately sang the line “At first I was afraid, I was petrified” instead of “Happy birthday”.

So the big gay war was massively happening, we had THAT week in August, and soon we understood that THAT show was the last when we saw RBB during WWA.

OTRA started with Josh posting a picture about RBB, in total Freddie Mercury gear, we even started calling him Teddy Mercury, and the world was a nice place again. The bear kept appearing at shows, frequently changing outfits, wearing tutus, and t-shirts with My favorite color is rainbow written on it, the CSI part of the fandom even found these gears at build a bear pages on the web.

The bear only missed the Japan shows, and we understood later that probably because it was an Arena, and they did not find a place to put it.

Then RBB introduced SBB to the fandom during the EU leg of OTRA, and soon they started to put these mood stickers, and there was a very visible attempt to distinguish and make RBB as Harry, and SBB as Louis. 

A couple of examples: RBB: banana, microphone with green, froyo, green mood sticker. Louis: skateboard, baby bottle, blue mood sticker, McDonald’s..

There were also some framed pictures associated with the bears, and those were all closeted celebrities who in some way were forced to hide their true selves, their sexuality/ forced to have a grueling schedule and some even went to the court or was dragged to court. We found a ton of links to the X factor, and Simon Cowell himself. Those researches soon made clear that there is a bts war between the boys and Simon, which was already clear by the smear campaign started by Simon and co.

RBB/SBB missed a few shows, and these occurrences can be linked to massive attacks (Babygate announcement, Attitude article, someone with fake baby bump appearing at shows,.. etc). As crazy as it sounds the bears became message bearers, and they gave a ton of hints, soon the boys themselves started rebel like crazy against Simon. Beats interview: complaints about being tired and overworked, then at the Apple Music Festival shading the merch like a pro, Harry shading the record label execs that they are bored, then some massive Simon shades at the London concerts: Niall’s Not Anymore Simon, Liam wearing a Simon mask during Little White Lies and Harry putting a stuffed animal under his tshirt symbolizing a pregnant belly during Little White Lies.

The bears disappeared later, and then came back after a massive rainbow countdown on their newly created twitter account, they made their first text post a few minutes after midnight on Nov 1st, and we were blessed with some pictures there. One even had Louis on it, which I cannot believe is a coincidence, those boys really made sure not to give hints, so it was deliberate, since then they are being a bit more careful. I think the message was received that Louis is definitely behind the bears with Harry, so there is no need to out them every single time. Both of them tweeted even a minute apart from RBB, and it is undeniable that HL are involved with the bears.

The bears travel to LA, and now to Mexico with them, and keep us updated almost every day now. They frequently change icons and headers.

The bears are amazing at dragging, see Kimmel’s attempt at mocking the fandom with a potato, the boys posted a pic where they made sure we understand they are on our side, not letting a showman mock their fans.



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I saw this leak where in the end Jon realizes that he loves Sansa in the end, Dany will not sit at the Iron Throne and Jon will go to the Wall. I can't help but be slightly hopeful that this means Jon may come back from his OOCness and that Dany will die at the end. I mean, to be honest I'd rather have Jonsa separated *sob* than causing more emtional trauma onto each other. I may hate Jon right now but even he doesn't deserve the character assassination from D&D. Whatcha think?

Dear Nonny,

I wouldn’t call that a leak so much as a theory.  There’s all kinds of theories about the story’s end.  I have my own theories about how the books will end but I could be way off.  If the show is truly committed to giving Martin’s intended ending, then we’ll see what happens next year.

My personal theories are under the cut but it’s long and feel free to disregard.

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Submission I got:

Hi Sterre, if you decided to publish this just keep me anonymous please. I don’t know what’s going on and why suddenly everyone needs proof of Louis being supportive of the LGBT community but I want to tell you a story. I’m 35, I always knew I wasn’t heterosexual because I always felt different and attracted to different things but I was so sacred to admitted. I’ve been in this fandom for 3 years and I remember the first time I heard “Home” i felt so happy! I identified myself as Bi-demisexual. I’m still scared and I’m still closeted (just my 3 best friends know it) but to have someone like Louis, an example of strength and kindness and acceptance has been way too important for me. I don’t care if he’s not waving flags around on stage or wearing a rainbow flag pin or being ambiguous when he talks about his sexuality. I don’t need those things, the fact that I know he was behind the bears and he is well educated about his community and supportive on his own way is enough. I love him and I admire him because thanks to him I learn to accept myself. I’m still new and still scared but knowing that there’s people out there like him is enough. So if you don’t want to see it, if you don’t want to acknowledge that he’s doing the best he can and being supportive on his own way, then I feel sorry for you. I feel sorry for you because you’re missing on loving and supporting someone like him. But it’s ok I guess, he doesn’t own you or me anything, he is doing what’s best for him and if you don’t believe he is proud of who he is because he’s not waving flags around then I don’t know what to tell you. I guess you can leave…so I guess all I want to say is THANK YOU LOUIS, for giving me the strength I needed to accept and love myself as I am…

Thank you for sharing and I’m happy you’ve found a safe space in Louis <3

Me: *unlocks my phone*

My friend’s boyfriend: hey who is that on your wallpaper?

Me: *casually shows it.* louis tomlinson from one direction.

FBf: that one eh? You like him? But isn’t he the gay one? Oh and that curly lad too.

Me (outside): uhmm, really?


and that my friend is how I handled a personal experience about someone whose not a fan of 1D (just casually listens to their music because of his girlfriend)

Safe Shooting 101

We can all agree that it is not safe to inject drugs into our bodies. However, we also know the nature of addiction and curiosity, so here are just some important tips on safe shooting/slamming.
1. Rubbing alcohol! (Do you remember those alcohol wipes, which smell great, that your nurse would wipe on the injection site before drawing your blood? Go get yourself a bottle of that cheap shit [legit 2 bucks] and some paper towels or a cloth, cuz you’re going to need them.)
2. Bleach! (NEVER EVER share needles or someone else’s used, saved up cottons. If you’re going to reuse your own syringe, don’t forget clean it out with bleach or rubbing alcohol and sterile water STRAIGHT away after injecting. You can buy sterile water, or boil some and use that.)
3. Always check your syringe for cotton! (Cotton fever is no joke. Seriously. Look it up. If you don’t know how to check: hold the syringe up to a bright light. If you don’t know how to get the cotton out: squirt the drugs back into your spoon, clean the syringe, roll up a new ball and try again. Rinse and repeat.)
4. Always check your syringe for air! (Long story short, air can cause your heart to stop. Flick the tip, push the plunger just a bit, and get all those bubbles out!)
5. The word is intraVEINious for a reason! (Learn the angles in which you’re supposed to inject. Watch informative videos, and not the ones on Tumblr. YouTube is a decent place to learn how to NOT miss. Missing a vein can be extremely painful, and in the long run cause infections and cysts.)
6. Slower is safer!!! (I watch videos of complete idiots not only pumping their veins full of air, but also pushing the plunger SUPER fast. They end up missing because they don’t check to see if they’re in the vein. You have to pull back to check multiple times, people, DURING shooting! Not just before and after, during!)
7. Untie first! (Firstly, untie and THEN remove the needle from your arm or leg. It gets messy, and I’m sure it wastes drugs! Also, don’t use your finger to wipe off the injection spot. That’s gross, use the paper towel soaked in rubbing alcohol.)
8. WAIT. (Don’t do more after a minute of simply “not feeling it.” Walk around, pour yourself a glass of water, and if within a few minutes you find yourself sober or more than you’d like to be, then do more. Drugs these days are cut with all sorts of dangerous chemicals, for example, I know for a fact most of the east coast powder is over 50% fentanyl. That is a MUCH STRONGER opioid than heroin, so please be careful.)

9. Drink plenty of fluids! (Drugs can cause dehydration. It’s no joke, so, it bears repeating: drink plenty of fluids!) 10. Taste the rainbow! (This may sound odd, but remember those aforementioned dangerous, potent drugs [fentanyl] heroin is cut with nowadays? If your heroin is white, or has specks of it, [if you can wait this long before setting up] taste a TINY bit [no drugs will be at waste] of it. If there is a strong, repugnant tingling sensation, congratulations, you’ve most likely just bought some fentanyl! In this case, or in any case, be careful. Certainly do not inject AS MUCH as you usually would of this heroin than other kinds.)

You with the sad eyes
Don’t be discouraged, oh I realize
It’s hard to take courage
In a world full of people
You can lose sight of it all
The darkness inside you
Can make you feel so small

Show me a smile then
Don’t be unhappy
Can’t remember when
I last saw you laughing
This world makes you crazy
And you’ve taken all you can bear
Just, call me up
‘Cause I will always be there

And I see your true colors
Shining through
I see your true colors
And that’s why I love you

So don’t be afraid to let them show
Your true colors
True colors are beautiful
I see your true colors
Shining through (true colors)
I see your true colors
And that’s why I love you
So don’t be afraid to let them show
Your true colors
True colors are beautiful
Like a rainbow
Ooh ooh ooh like a rainbow

Ooh can’t remember when
I last saw you laughing
Ooh oh oh
This world makes you crazy
Taking all you can bear
Just, call me up
‘Cause I’ll be always be there

And I see your true colors
Shining through
I see your true colors
And that’s why I love you
So don’t be afraid (don’t be afraid)
To let them show
Your true colors
True colors are beautiful
Like a rainbow
Ooh ooh oh like a rainbow

Important Things To Maintain Upon the Discovery of Larry Discourse
  • Self-appointed “Larries” are a diverse group of people. Yes, some are teenage girls, but our ages, genders, sexualities and personal beliefs vary greatly. We do uphold the protection over the teenage girls and their rights to exist, like things, and be the fun, accepting, intelligent and individual people that they are. 
  • The Larry discourse and all surrounding activities are not representative of how we spend all our free time. Critiques of how we “don’t have a life”, or a life outside of One Direction, are hyperbolised caricatures that are nonexistent. Everyone here is a different person with different habits, interests and personalities.
  • The acknowledgement of PR (including PR relationships and exaggerated or dishonest images) and abuse of power in the entertainment industry are paramount to understanding our position. These things do occur within and throughout the entirety of the entertainment industry. I cannot emphasize this enough. 

(VIDEO: Artifact Trailer, includes Irving Azoff)
(VIDEO: Excerpt from ‘Artifact’ - “How The Music Industry Works”)

  • Our beliefs of #BabyGate and/or Harry and Louis’ relationship are not based on a want (or jealousy) of the One Direction members for our own romantic fantasies. From experience it can be gauged that people simply see something ‘off’ about something pertaining to One Direction, see a relationship with The Closet that they too have experienced, find the handling of #BabyGate rumours and/or Larry bizarre and have questioned it further, or something similar.
  • The actions of one ‘Larrie’ does not represent the actions of every Larrie, the same goes for any other demographic of 1D fans.
  • Apply a rule of patterns. One thing that doesn’t make sense is an outlier, ten things that don’t make sense is a pattern. Larrie beliefs are based on contextual evidence that have built up patterns. We maintain that our arguments and opinions remain contextualized to the situation, so change with changing information.

(VIDEO: Crash Course on Argumentation

Resources for Beginners to Larry Discourse:

(x) (x)

I remember when I was a kid I had like 3 care bares one where it was that teal one, and the other was the one with the four leaf clover on it

The one I remember I loved the most though was the pink one with a rainbow on its stomach and it had work out equipment on and it would dance and move and I remember it being so serial

“I was told to ask you guys about the rainbow bears?”

Niall’s thoughts: *Oh the bears, yeah they’re cool, hey this is a question for you lou, why aren’t you answering?? oh wait goddamit Niall this is supposed to be secret, ah fuckkk, turn around quickly, look at harry, act normal, ahh shit I don’t know where to look, what is my face doing ,mmm larry.*

Liam: *Oh no, was not expecting that, must remain calm, must pretend I know nothing, maybe if I raise my eyebrows questioningly? Ahhh fuck niall just looked at louis, sah obvious ,why Ni why, you are ruining our flawless coverup pls stop*

Harry: * They really do know about louis’ babies, ahhh, umm, remember what you practiced harry, the crew kept it, right, yeah , oh god is it hot in here? Do I look as uncomfortable as I feel ? Louis help me*

Louis: *Yall Motherfuckers know nothing bout my babies lol*

anonymous asked:

Well personally I belive that Harry is really three care bears standing on each others shoulders, wearing a very real looking human mask. That's why he's waving rainbow flags, and posting rainbow pictures. He's just showing his love for his home country. And if you tell me I'm wrong and shouldnt post such things about other "people" (Care bears remember) then you are a bigot. Shame on you you bearophobe. I'm feeling so attacked right now.

Why else would he speak to us through teddy bears unless they were his human form?

I’m with you, he’s obviously communicating to us about issues on his home furrie planet, it’s a pity those messages involving bananas and skateboards and pimp robes are just really hard to translate into human language.