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Secrets Masterlist

We have compiled a list of 250+ possible character secrets. Some are secrets we’ve seen used before, and others are ones we have thought of. Some of these secrets may be seen as triggering, so please be aware of that before reading. There may also be a few repeats if we find that some secrets fit in more than one category. Please like or reblog if you found this useful. This list was last updated on 1/25/2015. Enjoy!

I posted this before when it was my sister and I, but I’ve since changed my url. I’m reposting because the links have been broken. 

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Hey! so I passed another milestone not so long ago and decided to make this.
Edit:Passed another milestone !

⋆must be following me
⋆reblog this post
⋆must reach at least 40 notes or i’ll lose my motivation to do this
⋆one winner and one runner up to each category (except last one)
⋆ends March 1st
⋆results will be published asap afterwards

☐best url
☐best theme
☐best posts
☐best tolkien
☐best multifandom
☐loveliest blogger
☐one that is precious

❀follow of course if i’m not already
❀a place in my update tab for a month
❀promo for each
❀one edit\playlist for each based on a character of their choosing
❀a special place in my heart

If you wanna know anything else feel free to ask!

MORE OR LESS around eight months passed since I did louis and here I am with over 1000 you. haven’t done many of those list so just let me express me how thankful I am through this one. so many amazing porayals of canon muses, so many so well developed original characters. ADMIRE & LOVE YOU ALL. thank you all for sticking with me <3

PEOPLE I ALMOST HAVE CONTACT WITH IF NOT DAILY ALMOST ALL DAYS OF THE WEEK, help me always get my muse back and plot with me million of things. people who know me the best. just people I can’t imagine being on tumblr or skype without. 

diigitalisunhumxnitygroundfallen​​ fouriiismspraecantatriixmegapcwerfulburiedherghoulardiigriefexpert

THE ONES I often rp with or have on my dash. make me always laugh and admire a loads. dash would be empty without. 

boundinwolfsbaneheoruwulf dontdoboyfriendsbellexmort houndxdferaliityunhclydemon haylethewolfchangemeback thiievery ofignorance manictwink voiiices sonofshadow georgie-mccall tobeblamed notsodeadmikaelson thegoldengirlsavior whowails royalfcngs notsodeadmikaelson killerwxtch gemikai egxistichxn inhvmanism witchmonkey lamourhaine exitiosaxe sthlinskhx shehound oflazaruspit satirxcal deathsiren deflectentes 

ugh I love all here and we need to do more things. and start having things if we haven’t already. 

claustrophcbia liitlewolf fugiitiive whowails noroomforliars anotherargent lastscreamer littlehuntxr progeniitor urbanangelisms sarcastiiles theoriginalbarbieklaus werxcoyote ofmassacrescrookjawed hxrmosa hypnxtica nonvinctus notboywhousedtobe laughteratafuneral allthesin compelamaserati crescentcityhera decxptiveflower destroyshimself

PEOPLE I STALK, not really have interacted with and idk if we ever will but totally look at their headcanons and threads because totally quality and pretty awesome. would totally recommend.

explcsive ghostbxster deathsiren hestiiajones elijah-thenoble postvoided lilmisslydiamartin thewebcrawler mapetitpoupee orphcn parasitiisms argentumsavoir fromtragedy parkerwitch gentlx lazaruscomplex iintoned


Hey everybody my name is Jonda and this blog has reached a milestone!

1000+ followers, can you believe it??? I’m still in shock to be honest, ha ha! To show my gratitude I’m doing a giveaway!


FIRST PLACE WINNER gets a copy of Undertale! (If you already have the game, feel free to suggest a friend for me to pass it to instead!) First place winner also gets ONE FREE CHARACTER BUST ART drawn by yours truly!

Three more winners will also get free character bust art from me!


  • You do not have to be following me, but I would appreciate it if you were!
  • You must have a Steam account to receive the copy of Undertale!
  • Tumblr’s rules state that reblogs, likes, and follows cannot be used as a method for contest entries, so I have found an alternative- to enter, go to this google doc and answer the question with your tumblr url. Please only enter once! 
  • You have until December 9th to enter! 

If you win the free art- you may request any single character for your prize! (No nsfw requests, sorry.) You may request a real person, but be aware that I have little to no experience drawing actual people.

Thanks for following, thanks for reading, and good luck if you decide to enter!