and then i melted in the theatre

Today was precious. My YummyMummy gangalang and each of their daughters (5 mamas, 5 daughters) had a Day Out. We bought matinee tickets to the ballet, dressed the girls as ballerinas (yep, deliberately matched our coats and hair), met up for lunch, walked over to the theatre, bought sweets and enjoyed the show. It was fantastic! The girls are all in the same ballet class together so it was really special for them and they were absolutely enthralled at such a grown up experience as real ballet in a real theatre. My heart melts that I am fortunate enough to do these things with Darcy and also that we have such a great bunch of friends to share it all with too. To top it all off, the sun was shining as well! Hurrah! 👯💕✨

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41. Comfort Food, anyone but Hunk--everyone has comfort food, not just foodies ;3

(send me a number and I’ll write a micro story using the word or phrase!)

“Popcorn,” Lance says. “Like, movie theatre popcorn. With extra butter.”

“Gross,” Keith says, shuddering.

“Oh yeah? What’s your comfort food then, mullet man?”

“Don’t call me that.” Keith crosses his arms, considering the question seriously before he answers. “Hot chocolate, maybe.”

“That’s a drink,” Pidge says, pointing at him. “Doesn’t count.”

“I think it’s okay so long as it’s real hot chocolate?” Hunk says. “You know, actual melted chocolate with milk, not that powdery crap.”

“Ah, but is melted chocolate a food, or a liquid?” Lance asks.

“Both?” Shiro offers, looking up from his datapad.

Lance wags his finger. “Nope, no no no, we don’t do that middle of the road stuff here. Gotta pick one.”

Shiro shrugs, pushing away from the table and wandering towards the fridge, ducking inside for a water bottle.

“I like my middle of the road approach,” he says.

“My Dad–” Keith starts, only to cut himself off, nearly choking on the words. Everyone turns to him, startled and wide-eyed, uncomfortably attentive.

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You know what direction getting-back-together aus never go in? The it-didn’t-work-out route.

AU where Harry and Louis are madly in love in London, where Louis is a wildly successful chef in a famous restarting, who is only getting better, and Harry is still trying to get his big break as an actor.

One day Harry gets a call from a huge film producer in LA who wants him, offers him a position as a lead in a huge new tv show, and Harry wants it so so bad, but Louis is HERE, in London, and Harry figures if he keeps trying he’ll eventually get something here.

But Louis sees how much harry wants it, and does the selfless but horrible choice; he breaks up with him. Tells him he expects amazing things from Harry and doesn’t want to hold him back.

So harry is absolutely DEVASTATED, but he goes to LA to follow his dream like Louis wanted him to. They film a whole season of the show that is supposed to be the best new thing, but when it’s finally aired, it gets cut after the pilot because viewership is too low. And Harry’s been over here with only work to distract him from his heartbreak but now he doesn’t even have THAT any more, and he’s pining for this boy who left him, but he feels like he can’t go back home because Louis expected him to be this great success and he’s nothing but a terrible disappointment. He can’t go back like this, Louis deserves more than a boy who ran away only to wind up a failure.

So he’s taken up a job as a server to pay the bills, although he can barely find it in himself to keep trying out for parts when all he’s known for is a failed pilot episode. And one day months down the line, he’s serving a couple their quail compote and in the door walks Louis Tomlinson. Of course the chef of the restaurant is star struck because “that’s Louis Tomlinson, the top chef in London!” And Harry’s just standing there trying not to cry because Louis looks so much better even than Harry’s memories of him. And Louis locks eyes with him and Harry DOES start crying then.

But suddenly he’s enveloped in Louis’ arms and Louis is crying too and whispering things like “you could have come back” and “I watched the episode you were amazing” and “please let me not be too late” and all the fears Harry has of coming back a failure sort of melt away because THIS is so much more important than any career decision.

And Harry does get his big break in acting two years later, back in London, in Theatre instead of television. Louis sits in the front row for every performance.


In Schindler’s List, Steven Spielberg’s masterful contemplation of the Holocaust, the face of evil has gentle eyes and a runny nose, cherubic cheeks and a quiet voice. It is that improbable-looking villain, Nazi commandant Amon Goeth, who follows you home after the credits roll and the audience files silently from the theatre. This was a man who would stand on his balcony, bare-chested and bloated, aiming his rifle at children; a man responsible for the murder of 4,000 Jews his first month as a commander of the Plaszow labour camp.  When I look at Fiennes during our interview, it’s those same gentle, ice blue eyes glaring back at me. It’s a bit unnerving. However all the other elements of Amon Goeth have since melted away – including roughly 25 pounds he gained by way of alcohol, cake, and weight-gain powders for the role. Fiennes tells me he spent countless hours searching for any signs of Goeth’s humanity. He couldn’t find much. “It may sound glib,” says Fiennes, “but I think the killing of human beings that capriciously is like the [grown-up] version of the little boy with the air rifle who is blasting at sparrows or smashing wasps with a fly swatter. And obviously, it was something that turned him on.” - Entertainment Weekly Interview, 1994


Theatre Challenge ✻ [7/10] Performers ✻ Ruthie Ann Miles

If you look at America, you don’t see this one kind of person. It’s a huge melting pot. I grew up in Hawai’i, the melting pot. I mean, it’s beautiful, but […] you look around and I think it’s very easy to be sheltered and to think a certain kind of way about certain kinds of people because you don’t get to know them as fellow Americans. Some people who look like me have been in America as long as the next person. And we don’t have an accent, we’re not just the nerds and the nurses. I think it’s important to see Asian American people—American people—who look like me telling American stories.

To Be Honest

1. To be honest I wish I had said something to you that night. The night I saw you dancing. Your sensual moves, they seduced me and now you’re stuck in my head. I cannot get you out. Don’t want to get you out. Tell me, what’s your star sign? And your middle name and your favourite colour? These are the kind of things that I would like to know. Just the little things. And the big things too but we’ll get to that later. Firstly, tell me your name so I can pretend that I know it because you told me and not because I stalked you on Facebook and ‘cos your brother’s kind of famous. Just tell me what your name is. So I can say it. Because I’d really like to say it.

2. To be honest I should have said sorry. For loving you too soon. For loving you too much. It got all fucked up. You got me all fucked up. Felt like I was tripping on a thousand psychedelics. Like your face was a Van Gogh painting framed in an antique shop and all the colours were swimming around and melting together. I had my head in the clouds and my feet very far from the ground. Must’ve fallen upwards when I met you. And in the end I fell face first onto the pavement but to tell you the truth I don’t regret it. Should’ve said it when the words were with me: I love you. And maybe I still do but not in the way that I did. ‘Cos I’ve lost a little innocence. Tends to happen when you start growing up.

3. To be honest I hate the way you look at me sideways when we’re in the movie theatre as if we’re gonna have some sort of interaction, we are not gonna have some sort of interaction, I am watching the movie. To be honest I keep my distance from you because you’ve got a negative energy and I don’t want it to affect me. When you speak to me my anxiety skyrockets. It’s contagious. And I can see that you’re unhappy but when I point it out to you you take it personally and everything gets a thousand times worse. I am not trying to insult you. I am just making a suggestion. So you won’t come home every night and leave your stress in every room.

4. To be honest when I look at you it is as if I am a sculpture made of ice and you are the sun. I melt and drip and sweat and just get generally wet and then I mop myself up because that is my responsibility and not yours. Maybe there will come a time when you will hold me in your arms and we will have our uninterrupted moments of intimacy like those that I have always dreamed of but that time has not yet come. We keep on running in circles. You turn me on like a gas stove and then let the whole house burn down. I sift through my own ashes. Amongst them, I find your name.

Newsies “Show Business Is Gay” AU:
  • an alternate universe inspired loosely by personal experience

  • Okay so basic premise: Medda Larkin is the owner of a somewhat questionable, rundown theatre known for one thing, and that thing is a specialization in hiring young queer people to fill the cast and crew

  • Medda is like a trans mother duck and all the newsies +Katherine and Sarah are her queer backstage children

  • Jack does sets of course
  • Katherine is stage manager and Les is assistant stage manager and they will put the fear of god in you - Medda’s theatre has the quietest wings and the smoothest-running set changes of any theatre in New York.

  • If you’re supposed to be off book and you still don’t know your lines, Katherine will come back to your apartment with you after rehearsal and run them with you until you could recite them in your sleep.

  • Les is - occasionally more of a hazard than an asset because the ‘close eye’ he keeps on the techies more or less equates to getting underfoot and it’s hard to move set pieces around when you’re always worried about tripping over a nine-year-old. Boy pulls his weight though - he’s got Kath and Medda’s coffee orders memorized, and everyone is happier when those two have had their coffee.
  • Davey does sound or lights or something technical. He’s really good at it, but if you get him started on explaining what he does, you’ll be there forever. There are a lot of buttons and levers and such on that board, and he will tell you, in detail, what each and every one of them does.
  • Crutchie is props master. He’s very good at coming up with ways to refurbish old props or to find or make new ones for cheap, which is good, because the theatre has an annual budget of like ten bucks. You wouldn’t expect it, but that boy is also viciously protective of the props table. You are not getting your hands on so much as another actor’s pocket watch, because Crutchie sees everything, and he shows absolutely no mercy.

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I can get over 2 seconds of kylo in the trailer how can I survive the whole movie and when he speaks? :(

I don’t know, anon. We’re all going to be a melted puddle in our theatre seats.

Honestly, the only reason why I gave in and got tickets to TFA (I honestly wasn’t going to go) was because of the original costumes displayed in a Bloomingdale’s window that I happened to pass by in the city. That led to me taking a look at a couple of trailers and thinking, ok, I’ll give it a go.

For the second half of the movie I had my hoodie up around my head and I was curled so hard into my seat that there was probably an indentation left over when I finally got up. I was in a daze when I left- I don’t even remember going home.

That was me with zero expectations, expecting a bad or mediocre film honestly, so I can’t imagine what state I’ll be in, what state we’ll all be in, walking into TLJ with so much at stake and to look forward to.

Basically, I’m just gonna enjoy the ride. There’s no use rushing- won’t make time go any faster! So just give me the breadcrumbs and I’ll make do- it’s kinda fun that way, weirdly enough. xD It’s RL slow-burn, isn’t it? hahaha…

Not Only In My Dreams

I finished a JackCrutchie fic. Someone give me a cookie.

In all seriousness though. Youtube Christmas-y AU thing.

Crutchie doesn’t mean to do it; really he doesn’t.

But it’s been nearly two weeks since Jack last skyped him, and even though they text and email, it’s not the same. He knows Jack’s been busy with exams, but Crutchie could really use his voice right now.

Which is why he types “Jack Kelly” into YouTube’s search bar.

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Markjin College AU no one asked for

•mmhm kay so Mark is your average college boy

•But he’s studying abstract algebra or algebraic topology or mechanics of deformable solids or some edgy math bs that like three other people truly understand

•he also took a skip year to “find himself” so he’s still in college at age 23

•he skateboards to class with earbuds in and nearly hits at least 1 person a day

•his roommate is foreign exchange student Jackson Wang who’s a World Languages major and is the poster child for the college fencing team (shocker I know)

•Jinyoung on the other hand is your standard English major with a minor in theater

•"oh he’s hot" “yeah but he’s gay”

•Mark gets dragged from doing another ten page long math problem to go party with Jackson and BamBam and BamBam’s really tall bf Yugyeom because “dude, you are getting out of this room.”

•"Not like that though.“ Fashion design major Kunpimook Bhuwakul to the rescue

•they get to this party and it’s pretty great

•On the other hand there’s Jinyoung who cannot believe his somewhat fuckboy swimmer roommate Jaebum managed to throw a huge party without even asking him

•"The house is going to be fucking trashed”

•"Let loose!“

•"I can’t ‘let loose’ when there are people snorting cocaine off some guy’s abs!”

•Jackson and crew show up and Mark hides because he knows no one

•unfortunately he chose the front porch, where the fuming Jinyoung is


•"They’re trashing my house!”

•"So you’re Jaebum? You don’t look like a swimmer"

•"I’m not that jerk. I’m his roommate Jinyoung.“


•"You don’t want to be here either?“

•"Jackson begged me to come.”

•"Wanna go get something to eat?“


•"Do. You. Eat. Food?“


•"Let’s go.“ Jinyoung takes Mark’s hand and tells him to get into his shitty 2002 Camry and takes him to "this great Chinese restaurant.”

•it’s not great. it’s affordable.

•they bond over sesame chicken and having athlete roommates

•"How haven’t we met before we’re both friends with Youngjae?“

•and "What the hell is a deformable solid?”

•"It’s like… okay so most solid objects aren’t perfectly rigid, right? And they changed shape when encountered with a force. It’s like analyzing stress on an object.“


•"I know, but it’s kinda cool.“

•They exchange numbers at the end of their meal. It’s 2:00 am and they’ve been there for like 5 hours.

•"I should really make sure the house isn’t destroyed.”

•Jinyoung drops Mark off at the dorm and Mark goes to hug him but he goes in for a handshake and it’s just awkward

•They text back and forth and one day Jinyoung bemoans his Math 101 test because he hasn’t gone to classes and he also didn’t take it until Junior year of college

•and Mark’s like “bro I am the TA”

•"Can you tutor me?“

•"it’s not that hard you just have to-”


•They meet up at the ironically named campus coffee shop and study

•but as these things go along they become study-dates

•Mark gets very excited for every Tuesday

•Jinyoung is literally never late to these things

•are they even studying math anymore? No

•Jaebum one day is like "Jackson have you been noticing this shit?”

•Jackson is like “They’re practically dating… we gotta do something”

•Jinyoung has a show coming up and can’t make their now daily sessions because of his killer rehearsal schedule

•Mark brings coffee for him every night after rehearsal

•"You really don’t have to do this.“

•"But I want to.”

•Tech week (aka hell week) hits and Jinyoung is just dying

•Rehearsal doesn’t end until 1:00 am. Jinyoung finds Mark asleep outside the theatre with a lukewarm cup of coffee next to him

•his heart just melts because?? Mark did that??? For him????????

•he sits down and is kinda just admiring the quiet on the theatre steps and Mark jerks awake

•"What time is it?“

•"1:31 am.” (I am sorry for the reference)

•"Okay.“ Mark lies on Jinyoung’s lap, really not caring. "You have nice eyes.”

•"thank you.“

•"And nice lips.”

•"Are you drunk?“

•"No, just” He pulls on Jinyoung’s shirt, dragging him down toward him. They kiss. “There.”







•"I liked that.“

•Jinyoung drives Mark across campus back to his dorm. There’s maybe a second kiss

•There’s this really stupid smile on Mark’s face that he can’t erase

•Mark comes home and Jackson is like "Why are you coming home so- oh OH.”

•On opening night, there’s a bag of Mark’s favorite candy at his complimentary seat.

Which is more mortified: a live Electra or a dead Agamemnon? Chorus is interrupted in melting stasima.

In a live father, only a brimful of response in the country where they say I am not and those who wonder find justice in this rendition. Children like marriage to rise and live again. The most trusted prepares the greatest coalition of gold masks. Welcome to our sheltered aim. At the close of the play he recounts the brotherhood-in-law. View them, share them, discuss them. First destination: all the stats. Glad to get the latest live position (stably the House of Atreus).

Dead daughters prosper in a police raid. The case of a mother who wants to use her late eggs as patient dreams. A box of bedsheets. Hopes to crowdfund three people. Cancer of rights, a woman has won, not the workmate. Mourning narrative. The elegist’s gaze remains object of the highest contract of love. You lost too much fatalness fetalness. Update at the scene where we become a surrogate at peace watching cartoons. Charges of adduction. Normality has once again been in the headlines. All too late prematurely and asexually abused. All hail the bridewell in imythaction.

“Okay, yes, I was a theatre kid.” said Tony. Natasha smirked and reached for her glass “I knew it.” Tony cursed himself, why he always got himself this kind of situations. It was all of the team’s one of the very rare free days, so Rogers decided it was perfect bonding time for all team. Barton suggested Truth or Dare and if T’challa hadn’t had here, Tony would find an excuse for not playing this stupid game. But his boyfriend asked him to play together with his little smile which makes Tony’s heart melt, he didn’t have a chance. Game started with stupid dares and questions about embarrassing secrets about each others. When bottle stopped him and he saw Natasha’s predator smile, he knew he was in trouble. After he confessed his embarrassing secret, all of his teammates started talking at the same time.

“What do you mean you knew it?”

“Wait, I thought everything about you, beloved?”

“Excuse me? I am his brother from another mother, we grew up together, Tones how could I don’t know this about you?”

“Yeah Stark, I want every dirty details okay? Which plays you participated? Did you dance? Did you sing? Did you wear costumes?”

“Okay Merida, calm down. Also I think you could only ask one questions, I mean it is the rule of this game.” said casually while trying to reach his water. Sometimes he regretted his decision to quit drinking and this was one of those times.

“Oh no Tony, you can’t get away with this. You are going to tell us all of it. Wait Nat how did you know that Tony was theater kid?” asked Bucky, he tried to sound casual but he couldn’t help himself. When he first came the tower, Tony was his only friend other than Steve. Tony was always there for him, they watch movies together, talked about the things Bucky still didn’t talk with his therapist, and it was so easy to fall in love with Tony. But Tony already has a loving relationship with T’challa and how could an ex-murder machine compete against a king. So Bucky kept his mouth shut but he couldn’t help himself he wanted to know everything about Tony.

“Oh, simple I found a few pictures. But I’m sure Tony want to be the one who explains everything.”

Tony blushed while his boyfriend kissing crown of his head. “Okay I’m going to talk about it only once and none of you will make fun of me.” He waited until all of his teammates swear “I played a part different plays when I was a high school student, my teachers thought it would fix my problem with authority figures and make me a team player. It was fun but as you can say it didn’t help so much.”

“I can’t still believe that I didn’t know this side of you.”

“Don’t worry about Rhodey-bear, I kind of ashamed about it. So I never talked about it, until today.”

“So which plays you played? Romeo and Juliet? Twelfth Night?”

“I’m not answering this question. Can we get back to game?”

“Bucky?! You played as Bucky in high school?” asked Wanda with an awe, everybody turned Tony again.

“Wanda? What did I told you about reading other people’s mind?” said Tony with a small voice. He looked like he is second away running away from the room.

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t help myself. It was the only thing you can think about sorry Tony.” Tony sighed and kept his eyes on the bottle.

“Yes, I played as Bucky, our school thought it would be the tribute for our great heroes Captain America and Howling Commandos. You know what I had a thing in the workshop, I should go, have fun guys.” Tony left before anybody can say something.

“James, can I talk to you alone?” said T’challa with his calm voice. Bucky didn’t want to stay alone with the boyfriend of the guy he was in love, but T’challa’s voice said that he wasn’t going to accept any other reply. So he got up and followed T’challa. When they walk away enough, T’challa turned to Bucky.

“What are your intentions with my boyfriend?” asked T’challa with a calm but firm tone. Bucky froze in his place but he knew he couldn’t lie so he kept looking T’challa’s face.

“Look, I see the way you are looking at him. How could I not? I’m sure there is same look in my face whenever I look at him. And I know the way Tony looks at you, because it is the same look whenever he looks at me. We talked about this situation before, and Tony decided to wait for you. He thought you would talk with him whenever you are ready. But my insecure boyfriend forgets that you will never come at him even if it makes you miserable. Because you know he is happy with me and you don’t want to lose his friendship. I get it, okay? I care about him too. And Buck if you are okay about this polygamous relationship thing, Tony and I want to try it. But we don’t have to rush anything, just think about it okay? Now I have to go and find my boyfriend. Just think about it and whatever you decide talk to Tony, he doesn’t want to lose your friendship too.”

After the talk with T’challa, Bucky went to his room but he couldn’t take his mind of Tony. He didn’t want to rush anything because Tony means so much for him. So he decided to make some research about polygamous relationships and talk about it Steve.

“Okay, I can understand your points but Bucky it doesn’t have to end badly. You can have this beautiful relationship. Don’t you think you deserve good things in your life? You gone through a lot of bad things Bucky but you deserve your second chance.”

“Yeah but I don’t know Stevie, I mean yes I love Tony but T’challa, I never thought about him.”

“Oh really? ‘Oh Steeeve, T’challa is so intelligent he can keep up with Tony.’ ‘Oh Nat, T’challa is so handsome he and Tony would make the most beautiful babies in the whole world.’ ‘Oh Wanda T’challa is so generous did you know he gives a lot of money to children’s hospital?’ and I can keep going like that hours. Hours Bucky!!! And how can we forget that time T’challa and Tony decided to train without shirtless, we thought you were having a stroke. And you know that they were trying to impress you, right?”

“Oh my God! How can I be so stupid? I think I soul go and talk with Tony and T’challa.” said Bucky “Also I don’t sound like that, punk.”  

He waited for gaining his courage in front of Ton’s workshop. Tony was dancing with a song while working his project. Bucky watched his dork with a smile and he realized that he wanted everything, kissing Tony, holding him while watching movies, dancing with Tony and he can imagine himself with doing same things with T’challa too. So he opened the door and cleared his throat. Tony turned to him and gave him a little unsure smile.

“I talked with T’challa.”

“I know he told me and I was waiting for you. But you didn’t come and I thought-”

“I love you. I love you Tony, I love your voice, I love your smile, that little dance you do whenever you finish a project, and the way you smile when you drink your first coffee in the morning. I want to see your face first thing in the morning and last thing before I go to bed. I love you Tony Stark with all of my heart. And I know I will never deserve you and T’challa but I want it. I want to be us and if you have me I’m all yours.” said Bucky and looked Tony. Tony smiled like he always did when he saw Bucky and T’challa, the smile that makes Bucky to feel like he is the only person in the world, and kept walking to Bucky.

“Oh Barnes, I waited so long for this. But I’m ready to wait for you if this is what I came to, my home.” said Tony before kissing Bucky. And Bucky for the first time in his whole life felt like he is finally found his home.

The wicked soundtrack can make you do weird things such as: running around your house dramatically saying “PLEASE SOMEBODY GO AND MELT HEERR!” or hoping the neighbors don’t tell your parents you have boys over when they’re not home for the simple fact that you’re constantly yelling “FIYEROOOOOOOOO” every time they go out.

12 Imagine Your OTP prompts

1. I am studying in the library and you’re at the table next to me. The girls at the far side of the room keep glancing at you and giggling. Finally I ask you to shut them up. You look completely surprised and I realize that you have no idea how hot you are and what it does to people and goddamnit you’re making me melt. au

2. I am a huge fan of this one authors book series. Naturally when the movies come out, I’m sitting in the back corner of the theatre on premiere night. Through the movie, I pick out everything they did wrong. At the end of the movie, you turn to me and thank me for realizing how badly they screwed up your masterpiece and I’m all ‘shit you’re him/her’. au

3. I am leaving class when we brush arms and ‘oh shit my sweater is totally stuck to your bag’. You keep walking and the threads start to pull so I basically jump on you to make you stop. Then I’m crying over the fact my new sweater is ruined and you’re too sweet by offering to buy me a new one and taking me to coffee for making me cry. au

4. You wake me up at four AM by knocking on my dorm room door looking for your best friend. Unluckily for us, he’s the next door down. You are super guilty but I tell you not to worry about it since I have a massive test on something I don’t understand tomorrow. Then you tell me you’re majoring in that and I actually pass the test. au

5. I am a photography major and I needed photos for my 'humanity in truth’ album so I take a few of you kissing your baby on the forehead, but the flash goes off and you notice. I immediately apologize and realize it’s your sister and my god you’re even prettier up close. au

6. We bought gifts from the same store for our friends and ended up taking the wrong bag at the bus stop. Now I have your phone and your best friend is sending me on a wild goose chase and then when I get home you’re there with my friend’s gift and I figure out you’re her cousin, that she failed to mention is really attractive. au

7. I am in a bookstore looking for a gift for my friend. You are a staff member in training and are a foot shorter than me. You can’t reach the top shelf to put a new book up there and the whole thing starts to tip. You get covered in books that fell off the shelf and I waste an entire afternoon helping you reorganize because dammit your smile is gorgeous. au

8. You’re humming along to your music at the bus stop and then you start singing. No one tells you you’re singing too loud but they’re all staring at you. So I join in and we sing an epic duet which ends in a mother pushing her stroller away and us bonding over terrible song music tastes. au

9. I’m a TA of your math class even though I’m just a year older. I know you’re really smart and that you keep making up problems to come ask for help with. But you’re adorable when you approach me and can’t stop stuttering so I won’t tell the teacher because I kind of like teaching smart people, even if they already understand, especially you because you have these little dimples in your cheeks. au

10. Your cousin is my roommate and he’s super drunk. You come over because you’re supposed to be going out tonight but then you see that I can’t get him to stop singing My Little Pony and we ditch him there. You invite me along to your reservation and when we get back we see that he wasn’t really drunk at all. au

11. You live next door to me and 'oh god please help me my sink is exploding’. We spend an hour trying to stop the water but end up soaking each other more effectively than stopping the leak. You barely know me and yet you let me crash on your couch because my house is now flooded and I’m wearing your shirt, and goddammit why do you smell good. au

12. You and your friend just broke my satellite disk with a baseball the day before my favourite team plays. So then I demand you let me watch it at your house. To make up for it, you set up your TV with surround sound and make me dinner and popcorn and end up getting just as into the game as me. And then after I replace my satellite, it still becomes a weekly thing. au

I hope you like it sweetheart! Feels so good to be back writing again I’m sorry if it’s was a little short <3 <3 <3

Anon- you should do a smut about Brendon where you go to the movies and he starts rubbing you and touching you and when you get home you guys have some “fun” against the wall and then you can add on whatever else you think would make it work.


Popcorn and Surprises

was just getting ready when I heard an impatient whine from downstairs, the sound of pacing and finger tapping made me giggle.

“Ugh come oooooooooon, you’ve got to be ready now, the movie is in twenty minutes!” Brendon grumbled from downstairs, we were only going to the movies, nothing fancy or date like, it was purely because we were both bored between his tours and the new Captain America movie had just come out.

“I’m just putting my shoes on!” I yelled back, giggling slightly, I did love winding my boyfriend up.

“You were ‘almost done’ like half an hour ago come ooooon!” He whined again, I chuckled checking myself over in the mirror, I had opted for casual clothes today, just jeans and a cropped tshirt. I never left home without doing my hair and makeup anymore since being mobbed by paps was all too common, I always had to look my best. Satisfied with my outfit I grabbed my jacket and headed downstairs, Brendon bit his lip, eyes roaming over me.

“Well hey there gorgeous.” He purred, pulling me close, his lips pressing against my neck gently, teasing me, I pulled back, pushing him off playfully.

“Not now, we have a movie to go see.” I giggled, grabbing my purse from by the front door, waiting expectantly, receiving a dagger stare from my rather impatient boyfriend.

“Oh come on! You dress exactly how I like just to tease me then show it off right before we leave so I can’t act on it… so unfair.” He grumbled again, opening the door and walking to our car in a mock sulk.

“Make your mind up… do I need to hurry up so we can leave or not?” I teased him as we walked out to the car, he gave a resigned sigh, knowing I had won this one, I joined him in the car, flicking the radio to Kroq. During the drive we both sung along to the radio, he had a habit of putting sweet, soppy songs on in between the ones playing on the radio and serenading me, it was the best feeling, he sung so beautifully it always made me melt. The drive to the movie theatre was a quick one, only a few songs managed to play before we got there and had to rush into the theatre so we didn’t miss the start of the movie. Brendon collected our tickets and bought a huge bucket of popcorn for us to pig out on with a bucket sized drink to match, I hoped I wouldn’t have to pee because of this, I’d been waiting for this film for what felt like a lifetime. Sitting down just as the movie started, both getting over excited about it because we’re both nerds, he slung an arm around me as we both pigged out on popcorn, watching the movie intently. The first half of the movie was amazing but I started to notice Brendon fidgeting a lot and looking over to me and then squirming in his seat, I tapped his shoulder to see what was wrong.

“Nothing… I’m just, a little agitated.” He smiled awkwardly, pulling the arm rest up so he could pull me closer to him on the seat, we were near the back, to our surprise the theatre was actually empty, no one behind us at least. He was quiet again for a little longer before I felt a hand on my jeans, tugging on the waistband, fiddling with the button. I tried to protest but I felt his lips pressing against my neck, slowly ghosting up along my jawline to my earlobe, his teeth pulling it lightly, hot breath sending a shiver down my spine. I tried to pull his hand away playfully but he continued, popping the button open and ever so slowly pulling the zipper down, his hand sliding down into my jeans and panties. His finger found my clit, rubbing it in slow, small circles as he continued his sensual assault on my neck, biting and teasing my skin way more than I could handle, my back arched up as I held back a moan, gripping onto his arm as I tried to keep myself as calm as possible. God forbid someone turn around and see me squirming and moaning in my seat. Suddenly he gave more force, his hand moving further into my panties until he slid two fingers into me, his hand moving at a slow rhythm as his nimble fingers curled up towards my spot, rubbing it in a come hither motion, I knew now that I was totally squirming in my seat, whimpering quietly, my head lulling back slightly into his shoulder, hand gripping onto his arm, the other gripping the arm rest on the other side of me, he groaned out in pleasure against my ear, I felt him writher in his seat, his hips shifting slightly. He began to pump his hand, curling his fingers more, thumb on my clit, still kissing all over my skin, pulling me into a kiss with his free hand, I felt my body arching up, beginning to tense as I tightened around his fingers, I knew what was coming and I knew it was going to feel so good.

“That’s it…cum for me.” He growled into my ear, pumping his hand faster, thumbing my clit, I was so close already, body writhing in the seat.

“Shit Brendon!” I squeaked out quietly, feeling my walls contract around his fingers, his hand pumping faster to elongate my orgasm, he moaned out as he bit my earlobe again.

“That’s it… such a bad girl doing this in a movie theatre.” He purred as I writher again, my body calming down a little. He withdrew his fingers but kept teasing me through the rest of the movie, his hand moving over my body then back into my jeans, rubbing my clit, fingers teasing me again. By the end of the movie I was so worked up, he knew exactly what he had done to me but absolutely loved to play the innocent one with me, walking me back to the car like a gentleman and being his usual sweet self in the car like nothing at all had happened in the movie theatre, I was beginning to wonder how long this pretending it didn’t happen would last, I sure hoped it wouldn’t be all night because if it was going to be all night he was in trouble. As we pulled up at home I hopped out the car, walking over to the front door, he unlocked it, letting me in first, I turned as he closed the door, met by intense eyes. He practically pounced on me, gripping my body and pinning me up against the wall, lips crashing down against mine roughly, so it didn’t last long after all. I gripped his shoulders as he kissed me aggressively, growling against my lips, his hands sliding down to my ass and gripping.

“Such a bad girl…” He growled out, stepping back from me to practically rip my shirt off of me, throwing it on the ground as he kneeled to take off my jeans.

“What did I do?” I asked innocently, watching my boyfriend take my jeans off, once again almost ripping them off of me.

“Letting me do that to you in the movie theatre, cumming all over my fingers in a room full of people.” His sexy words caught me off guard as he pulled my panties down, standing and stripping his own tshirt off. “Kneel down for me baby.” He purred, biting his lip as me as I obeyed his demand, kneeling down in front of him and looking up through innocent eyes. I felt one gentle hand slide into my hair, his eyes watching expectantly, I placed a gentle kiss on his stomach, nipping the skin of his hipbone causing him to hiss out slightly in pleasure, he chuckled darkly fingers curling ever so slightly in my hair.

“What?” I asked, allowing my tone to turn teasing and antagonistic as I nipped his skin again, gently trailing a hand up the inside of his thigh then back down again, he groaned, fidgeting on the spot.

“How about you use that pretty mouth of yours?” His voice was so silky I felt a shudder move through me, I toyed with his belt buckle slightly, his eyebrow cocked as he looked down at me. His hand tightened slightly in my hair, pulling my head to look at him. “Do as you’re told sweetheart.” His slightly stern words made me giggle, I slowly unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his jeans, slowly pulling them down along with his boxers, I held his length in one hand, placing a small kiss on the tip, he sighed slightly. I took the tip in my mouth, slowly pushing my lips down, my eyes looking up to see his lip held firmly between his teeth, head lulled back against the wall. I allowed my head to start bobbing up and down, my lips sliding as I built up more spit, moving my hand in time with my head, pumping up and down slowly, swirling my tongue over the tip whenever my head came up. I pressed a little deeper, preferring to ease into it, he always seemed to enjoy it more when I took my time, slowly taking him deeper with each movement, he shifted slightly, so my back was pressed against the wall, pinning me in place, his hand gripping my hair tighter, guiding my head with more force, moaning as the saliva built up, god did he love it like this, messy and heated, his hand controlling my moves.

“Mmm Y/N… you’re too good at this.” I felt the pressure on the back of my head growing as his moans turned more animalistic and dark, clearly growing more and more turned on, I gagged a little as he gripped, holding onto his hip with my free hand, I felt him twitch in my mouth followed by him sharply pulling my head back. “Stand up.” He ordered, I quickly obeyed, I was so turned on from this whole evening I needed him so badly.

“What now?” I asked biting my lip

His hands slid under my ass again, lifting me off the ground so my legs were around his waist.

“Now because you’ve behaved like such a slut tonight I’m going to fuck you like one.” He growled, slamming into me in one swift thrust, his fingers and body forcing me against the wall as his hips began to slam into me aggressively, grunts and groans spilling from him as he moved, the sound of his belt jingling in my ears. His hips were pounding into me so fast, he was clearly so wound up from earlier.

“Brendon!” I whimpered in pleasure, gripping onto his shoulders as I moaned, throwing my head back against the wall as my back arched against off the wall, I was so turned on from earlier.

“Look at you, wet already, you’ve been wet since we left that movie theatre haven’t you?” He grunted out, my head lulled back, I moaned out, unable to answer his question as his hips continued their relentless pace. He growled out, gripping a fistful of my hair in one hand and angling my head to face him. “Answer me! Have you been wet since we left the movies?”

“Yes!” I whimpered out, the pain of my hair being yanked turning me on so much, I dug my nails into his shoulders, tensing up in pleasure.

“Oh see… you’ve been imagining this all evening haven’t you?” The way his spoke, his voice so gravelly and turned on, dominance making him this dark figure looming over me, it was such a huge turn on when he got on these power trips in the bedroom. He kept his hand balled up in my hair, holding my head where he wanted it, my eyes closed as I whimpered in pleasure, gripping desperately to his back, his face inches from mine, hot breath on my lips. He pulled me into a rough, hungry kiss, speeding up in his movements so my back slammed against the cold wall. Pleasure began overtaking me, I felt my body beginning to focus on that one spot, his moans turning me on so much more, my body jolting up with each of his thrusts, sweat clinging to his forehead.

“Fuck fuck fuck I’m close!” I yelped out, gripping his back harder, my nails digging in roughly to his shoulder blades, scratching upwards as he moved, he snarled at me, lips capturing mine in an aggressive kiss, pulling my lip between his teeth as he pulled away, pulling my hair so my head leaned back and my back curved away from the wall.

“Not yet! I wanna feel you cum when I do.” He snapped, speeding up, knowing I’d find it hard to hold myself back, I felt the sensation in my stomach growing stronger, out of control, my body letting itself go. I fought with every ounce of self-control I had to stop myself cumming but it wasn’t working, I was still so close, on the brink of losing it.

“Brendon please… I cant hold it!” I whimpered, clawing my nails along his back in desperation, trying to cling onto rational thought.

“You’ll hold it like I’ve fucking told you to!” He growled, I felt him twitching slightly, his thrusts growing just a little bit sloppier, harder and more desperate, I knew my own release was coming, if only he would just let go. “I’m gonna cum baby…” His own pained whimper pulled me so close to the edge, my mind hazed over, only able to focus on him as he sped up, hard thrusts practically slamming my back into the wall, I was all but yelling in pleasure by this point.

“Please!” I whimpered again, shaking in pleasure, sweat forming on both our bodies, desperation fuelling me.

“Cum for me baby…” His words were all I needed, letting go as my orgasm hit me hard, shuddering in pure pleasure as I felt my walls contract around him, tightening right up, he groaned out loud, his own head lulling back as his eyes rolled back.

“Brendon!” I yelled out, feeling him throbbing and twitching inside me, warmth pooling in my stomach as I felt relief rush over my body.

“Fuck yes… Y/N.” His low groan followed, sloppy, slow thrusts riding out both of our orgasms, his hand slid out of my hair, instead cradling me close to his body, moving close to better hold me up. I shook as I clung onto his shoulders, my head lulling forward into the crook of his neck. He stilled, carrying me through to the living room and flopping down onto the couch with me in his arms, we both remained silent for a while as he cradled me close to him. “Jesus.” He finally panted, stroking my hair gently.

“That was amazing.” I mumbled back, pulling my head up to face him, he placed a gentle kiss to my lips, smiling weakly at me.

“It was… remind me to tease you more often.” He chuckled, both of us smiling now, I felt so tired, weak from sex, he knew how to wear me out that’s for sure.

“You’re such a sex pest.” I teased him, giggling at him, he shrugged as I laughed, basically admitting it’s true.

“You love it!” He stroked the side of my face gently, smiling, he looked so cute after sex, all tired and smiley.

“I love you.” I kissed him again, stroking his mess of floppy black hair.

“I love you too. Now… bed you tire me out.” He picked me up suddenly, carting me off to bed through my fit of giggles, no doubt after all of todays activity I was bound to pass out instantly. Best movie trip ever.

I hope you enjoyed it sweetheart <3 <3

I just have so much feels about Sam liking boys and realizing it when he’s young

Just imagine 12 year old little Sam, not bitter about life yet, dating other little boys who kiss him on the cheek because he’s just so cute and gets flustered every time a boy looks at him

Little Sam keeping names and addresses and pictures of boys he liked and promised to write to in a secret little box

Little Sam trying to be confident and bold and making the first move to hold his friend’s hand in a dark movie theatre

Little Sam in front of whom several boys of the class want to show off their skills on the running track

Little Sam letting himself be loved for who he is


This post was created in partnership with Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker. All opinions are my own.

Heat and heat and heat and rows and rows and rows of soft serve ice cream machines. The streets of Avignon, France were a convection oven, circulating 100º air in and around honking cars, cursing pedestrians, centuries-old building facades. Everything was old, and beautiful, and sweaty. Which is where the ice cream came in. Flavors my twenty year-old brain had never imagined before: licorice, pink grapefruit, bacio, amarena, gianduja, all dispensed from gleaming, golden soft serve machines.

It was the summer between my sophomore and junior years of college, and my friend Julie and I were there to study and attend the Festival D'Avignon—Europe’s biggest theatre and dance festival. In true French fashion, the performers went en grève (on strike) that season, and we were left to our own devices of ice cream eating and ancient city exploration. The days were sticky with a rainbow of melted soft serve and the wilted efforts of a few performers still willing to go on stage.

Read more and get the recipe here.

Я тороплюсь к тебе навстречу,
Кружится шар, мы вместе с ним.
Взглянуть в глаза, обнять за плечи
Прикосновением весны.

Задача вроде бы простая,
Но я в лучах твоих растаю.


I spur forward to meet my goddess.
The globe keeps spinning and we’re also taking a spin.
I want to look into her eyes and hug her shoulders
Warm and softly by the touch of a Spring.

It seems like a simple exercise
Until I melt in the rays of her eyes.

Paris Ballet AU: Ben Solo x Rey.

Struggling artist Ben Solo sneaks into the Theatre De Paris (a world renowned ballet institution) to get in some sketching practice. Though, what was only supposed to be a one time gig soon becomes a routine; Prima Ballerina Rey has unknowingly become his muse. 

“She’s resplendent, so confident. I realize, I’m hypnotized. I hear the moon singing a tune. Is she divine, or is it the wine?”

Her movements were fluid, each new step melting into the other —A summer breeze drifting through mid July, airy yet still grounded. It was a dance born of various leaps and composed, sweeping gestures; It was a dance of enlightenment. Ben could feel himself let out a dreamy sigh as he let his chin come to rest in his palm and his head tilt in an attempt work over the full range of her body. 

There was a melancholy type of distress to her dance that seemed to ensnare his senses —a tug of war between passion and controlled motion: Desire and responsibility swirling around each other like oil and water. It was a dance of give and take, sprinkling star dust into his eyes as the girl flitted across the stage like a weightless butterfly. 

There were hundreds of years worth of tradition and discipline twinkling across the polished oak floors of the Theatre De Paris. Though, they seemed to be hindered by a newer, youthful spirit —jovial and less uniform. Something more relatable… something more inviting. There was a chasm between Rey’s style of dance and the other ballerina’s identical habits —a modern form of the old dialect.  Ben smiled with the thought, reaching into his satchel and pulling out his sketchbook.