and then i made some ghost dude idk

The Riverdaily Rundown - 08/20/2017

Alright bitches. Legit nothing happened today. So I’m just gonna do a really quick rundown and tag/link to some content!

Sprousehart fans, you’re moving on up! Instead of crumbs, you got a couple of cupcakes, today! Congratulations!

Pretty much, Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse were spotted by numerous fans in Whistler. It could’ve just been people looking for attention but nope! We got actual fan pics to confirm that they were indeed in Whistler. One fan claimed they were on a ski lift. Break a leg guys! (x) (x) (x@reinnarmy @captainethereal @amab1060

But don’t actually ‘cause we really need y’all to finish filming and I don’t think the writers are prepared to write your characters in with crutches…

In unrelated news, airlines across the country have been forced to run more flights to Whistler and Vancouver as all current flights have been booked and people are rioting. (That’s a joke. Shhhhh…)

KJ and Cami made an appearance on their Insta Stories! Excpet, they didn’t make an appearance. KJ’s driving somewhere. Idk where. Maybe he’s meeting up with Lili and Cole for some bro time. Maybe he’s running away from this fandom’s drama. Maybe he’s taking a well deserved trip to the Arctic to save the Polar Bears. What a good guy!

Well, we can’t complain too much. Let’s just celebrate for the new content.

Woohoo! New content. 

Charles is driving places too. Wow. What a coincidence. Two Riverdale cast members are driving places. They never drive anywhere. Ever. At all. (sarcasm @ y’all drama starters)

He also has a thing for kilts according to his insta story.

Us too, buddy.

The fandom is fighting again, but this time not with each other. One twitter user asked people to stop talking about the tweet she done diddly tweeted about spotting Lili and Cole in Whistler. According to her, she feels as though its an invasion of their privacy.

The fandom banded together to tell the girl that she should’ve known that the tweet would be shared and that it’s not an invasion of privacy. We’re making progress, kids. Instead of fighting ourselves, we’re fighting other people. I’m so proud.

Where do I stand? Nowhere. I’m too fucking lazy to stand; leave me alone.

Also, Mama Reinhart said to stop sharing the conversations you have with her. Idk. If it’s true, but here’s a post. (x) @zumpie

Probably shouldn’t do it just in case.

Legit nothing else happened. Here’s some content.

Great gifs! (x) (x) (x) @veronicadvalle @bughead4days

Cute fanart! (x) @gogenevieveart 

Just some posts! (x) (x@bettsjuggjones @riverdalevoid

Yep! That’s all I got! Sorry, guys! I was murdering myself (aka doing my Engineering Mechanics homework) all day.

Now, I’m just waiting for @lilireinhart to get back to me about that ghost audition. I’m whiter than a blank piece of paper, dude. I was made for this part.

*update* i put the wrong date earlier. fuck me *updated*

10 facts about moi

Got tagged by @spaceydragons and I’m tagging @christinaceles @awesome-nas @zer02721 @miyazaki76 and @innerpeanutexpert

1. I got kicked out of college because I can’t do math.

2. I’m in my second year of another college now.

3. I’m literally always tired. Ask me at any moment and any place and I will be tired.

4. I’ve dislocated every single joint.

5. I’m mixed race. Latinx/white.

6. I constantly forget to reply to people or start conversations and that’s how I’ve lost the majority of my friends.

7. For some reason Dude that’s my ghost won’t leave my heart. Maybe because it’s why I realised I’m not straight, maybe because I made many friends through it. Idk.

8. I have trouble letting go of things resulting in me still owning a VHS player, a giant TV, casettes and actually use them regularly.

9. I will eat pretty much everything.

10. Literal love child of eraserhead and present mic but I look like the entire Holt family.