and then i laughed and stabbed myself

So a demon is possessing the body of my rogue’s adoptive-brother. She obviously doesn’t want to hurt him, but she doesn’t want him to hurt the rest of the party.

Rogue: Well that leaves one person. I stab myself in the stomach.
Everyone else: WHAT THE FUCK.

The DM laughs a bit, making some rolls as I get yelled at for stabbing myself.
Fighter: “The fuck is that going to accomplish-”
DM: The demon seems frazzled for a moment before rushing over to [rogue’s] side and using a cure spell on her.
Demon: “The fuck was that?! How did you do that?!”
Rogue: “You’re possessing my older brother. Unless you got rid of him completely, I doubt he’s suddenly going to become passive rather than fussing and obsessing over me when I’m injured.”
Demon: “Well-”
Rogue: “Try your luck at killing me. See how that does over in my brother’s body.”
Demon: “Bullshit! I’ll deal with you and your gross sibling love later-”
Rogue: I stab myself again.
DM: *More rolls* He returns and heals you again.
Rogue: “Thanks for the healing.”
Demon: “Quit it, can’t you see I’m trying to kill people!”
Rogue: I stab myself again.

My confused party takes this as permission to attack him, knocking him out pretty quickly while he’s distracted with me.

Fighter: “…what just happened?”
Wizard: “Familial bonding.”

TL;DR: Rogue beats demon possessing her brother by distracting him and tricking him into healing her from brotherly instinct.

(Note: anything in quotations is in character, if not, it’s ooc)

12x23 Coda

Dean stares at the wisp of darkness in his fingers. So soft, he thinks. So fragile.

“What is that?”

Sam’s soft voice pierces Dean’s thoughts. “I–it’s–it was–Cas gave it to me.” Dean hesitates, then opens his hand to show Sam.

Dean doesn’t look up at Sam’s inhalation. “After that day in the barn, we…talked. I asked about his wings…and he showed me. Even worn and frayed, his wings were so…”

Dean drifts for a time. “I wish you could have seen him that first time, Sammy. He was a giant. All sparks and lightning. And I…” Dean laughs, a half-mad sort of laugh. “I stabbed him in the chest. His eyes were so blue, like fallen stars. I stabbed him…”

Neither brother can take his eyes from the small black feather lying across Dean’s palm. So insubstantial; even among its fellows, how could it have held such greatness aloft?

“I asked, and he showed me. I couldn’t help myself, I stroked his feathers like he was a fucking bird or something.  He was so still, and then he…he smiled. I’ve never seen him smile like that, Sam. I don’t think anyone touches an angel’s wings. When I stopped he reached back…so many of his feathers were already gone, but he plucked this one anyway…” He gestures at the angel’s gift. He can’t see it anymore, there are too many tears. He doesn’t remember how to blink them away.

“Did you ever see his wings, Sam? Before they were bur–” He stops, choking on the word. Sam wants to remind Dean they saw the wings together once, but realizes Dean won’t hear him anyway. “They were perfect, Sammy. And when I touched them I could hear them singing. Singing. Angels don’t sing, but their wings do. And the music…”

Dean closes his eyes. “Until yesterday, this feather sang to me, Sam. But it’s quiet now. Everything is quiet.”

He looks at the pattern burned into the ground.

“Everything is quiet.”

Rain or Shine

Request: “heya! i loved ur draco fic “sanctuary” it was incredible! could i make a request for a long ish draco fic about the reader having a shitty few months and it feels like everything sucks, but draco her best friend starts saying all the wonderful times they are like yet to have, and includes them falling in love by accident, and then confesses his love for her and then smut? Xoxox”

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader

Word Count: 2.2k

Warnings: depression, self-harm, negative thoughts. A lot of this writing is easy for me because I’ve been there, and I’m okay now. But if you’re not feeling too good, I’m always here to talk, I love you. P.S. I made this super fluffy bc Draco cares about you a lot :’) 


Originally posted by littleshivers210

The light peeking through the window stirred you, awakening your mind but somehow not your body. With lead in your arms and legs, you rolled to the side of your bed, checking the clock. You were once again late for class. Already a steady stream of tears was beginning to slide down your cheeks, and you pulled the duvet over your head. The last time you had slept in, you had received a very stern talking to by Professor McGonagall. And you were already so far behind on your transfiguration homework, your pile of responsibilities seemingly never ending.

Once again you let your thoughts wander where they should not go. To blood filled bathtubs and rivers running red. To the sound of a swinging rope, weighted with something heavy. To the feeling of nothing. You argued with your inner monologue, talking to yourself as you sobbed under the covers.

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Amarte Es Un Placer (Part 14)

Summary: Soulmate AU. You and Draco share each mark, bruise, and marring on your skin. As life progresses and each mutual marking is worse, you grieve for your hurting soulmate. And he steps into your life when you least expect it.

Word Count: 2,574

Warnings: Angst.

“Amarte Es Un Placer” Masterlist

A/N: We are nearing the end, y’all. I feel like I have tortured you enough.

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“They left,” your dad said, trying to quell the fear he saw in your face. “They thought you were here with us and I had to put my foot down and threaten to give ‘em hell. If not, they would have teared this house apart looking for you.”

“Oh, dad,” you muttered, a hand flying up to your mouth. You could feel the tears prickling at your eyes, making your vision blurry.

“Sir—” Draco stepped up towards your dad. “I’m—”

“What did you two do?” your dad inquired, voice firm and demanding. “You fled Britain. That is quite clear. But why?”


“I want answers!”

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Let’s live for real

Reader x Kim Namjoon
Genre: Neighbor!AU
Contains: Smutt, fluff, comedy?, angst?
Warnings: Mentally abuse, depression, anxiety, low self esteem but also 18+ stuff, if you know what I mean ;)
Words: 5K+
Note: I wasn’t supposed to upload my writings here, only write for myself beacuse it’s a way for me to relax. Some things that are mentioned, I have and are going through myself (not the 18+ parts lol). It’s deep and serious but also fun and kinky. It has little bit of everything. I’m happy with the result and I enjoyed writing this so much and I even thinking of countinue writing stuff and post here. But the mainpoint is to make myself relax while writing, so we’ll see haha. And I’m sorry for any mistakes regardning the spelling and grammar, English isn’t my first language hihi :) To not make any misunderstandings, I will NOT take requests. At least not now.

You were always the quiet one. You listens, thinks and observes. To be able to figure out your mood, where your energy is and how to take the next step in life, you need alone time. You feels deep and thinks even deeper. But just beaouse your the quiet one, it dosen’t mean you’re weak. You’re strong. You sheds tears for a moment and then picks up your sword and fights again.

You have always been misunderstood at school. Either you’re bored, depressed, shy, stuck up or judgmental. People fill your silence with their own interpretation. They write their own story, not always the one that’s true to who you are.

You have just broken up with your boyfriend. Throughout the past two years, you’ve been hurt mentally by him. You have often apologized for being angry about it but he have never apologized to you for hurting you. He have never hit you but he destroyed you. He abused you but honstely, he may never realized it was abuse, beacuse it never was physical. When you broke up with him you felt all kind of emotions. You were sad, heartbroken but also very proud of yourself. You realized what your relationship were going and when you found out he was cheating, you knew that this was it. You couldn’t take it anymore. You ended it in a mature way, it was hard and you were angry at him but you had to do it. When he asked you what he could do to make things right between you two, you said-

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anonymous asked:

I love your blog and was wondering if you could do a Sherlock x Reader where the reader is doing her makeup and Sherlock comes into the room and sees her tearing up but she accidentally poked herself with a makeup/mascara brush. Thank you!

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Reader x Sherlock

You snapped your eye shut as a string of curse words left your mouth. It was too early, you thought, too bloody early. You capped your mascara and grabbed  a tissue, wiping the tears and excess mascara away from your eye. 

“Y/N,” Sherlock knocked on the bathroom door before coming in. When he saw your tears, he rushed over to you in a panic. “Y/N, darling, why are you crying?”

“Well-” Sherlock cut you off before you had time to answer. 

“You’re absolutely beautiful, Y/N. With or without makeup. You shouldn’t let others get you down.” Sherlock pulled you into his embrace. “You’re perfect. I wouldn’t want to change anything about you and you shouldn’t either.” 

“Sherlock,” You began, but he cut you off once more.

“Who told you that you weren’t good enough? I swear, I’ll give them a piece of my mind.” Sherlock held you tighter. 

“Sherlock!” You all but screamed, gaining the detective’s attention. Letting out a deep sigh, you muttered, “I just bloody stabbed myself in the eye with a mascara wand.”

Sherlock let out a hearty laugh and let go of you before standing up. “Y/N, you’re the clumsiest person I know.” 

As Sherlock began walking out of the bathroom, you stood up and screamed, “Thanks Sherlock, that’s great.”

You grabbed another tissue and continued to wipe the tears and mascara away from your poor, red eye.

You’re Perfect

A/N: Hi there everyone I’m so sorry for the lack of updates but I lost all of my work except for 3 lines from this imagine so I do hope you’ll forgive me if the one you requested isn’t up yet. 

Self-conscious and Paranoid is one way I could describe myself. If handed a piece of paper and told to write down all the flaws I had, I would be able to do it in seconds probably asking for a second page while I’m at it. That’s just how I have always been. I’ve always felt disgusted at how big my thighs look or how my stomach gains an extra roll when I sit down. I’ve never known what it feels like to not have my thighs touch or my stomach bulge when wearing tight clothing, its just always been like that for me.
Lately my insecurities have been gnawing away at my sanity once again, creating doubts and destroying whatever confidence I had built up after being admitted to Arkham.

“Hey! Are you even listening?” Barbra said shaking me slightly, I shook my head to clear my thoughts and looked at her with a smile. “Yeah sorry, I’m just tired” I lied as I stabbed my food with a spoon, she shook her head and continued talking about a someone named Lee and her Ex Jim. I zoned out and looked down at my thighs hoping that my gaze would somehow shrink the fat that surrounded the muscle. I was jerked out of my thoughts when a hand rested on my middle back, I was about to snap at the person for touching me until I noticed it was Jerome. I offered him a small smile but I could see he was concerned with my behaviour, normally I wasn’t as quiet and reserved but lately I have been retreating into my shell ever so slightly. I guess it was because of Greenwood constantly comparing me to Barbra. 

“Barbra you do look ravishing today, unlike someone over here” Greenwood said shifting his stare over to me, “You look like you just came out of a pie eating contest” I furrowed my brow in confusion before wiping my face. ‘There is nothing on my face so why did he say that?’ I wondered looking at the spot on my arm where I rubbed my face. “Why do you say that?” Barbra asked genuinely interested, she hadn’t heard this one before. “Because her cheeks are fat and her belly is bulging” He said nonchalantly sitting down across from Barbra. I instinctively covered my stomach with my arms and tried to make myself as small as possible. 

Jerome looked at him with disbelief before sitting down beside me, in a matter of seconds I was pulled from the seat and positioned on Jerome’s lap as he hugged me from behind. "Why do you care about how she looks? You’re not her boyfriend I am” Jerome stated glaring at greenwood, I buried my face in my hands and let out an embarrassed groan which prompted Jerome to continue. “You think she’s fat, I think she’s slightly chubby and curvy in all the right places” he paused for a second before pointing a finger at Greenwood “unlike you” he said childishly before laughing at his own remark.

“And besides, who cares if she has a little extra meat, it just means more places to kiss when we-” a tinge of scarlet coated my cheeks “JEROME” I yelled getting flustered at his blunt words. Greenwood’s smirk fell from his face and was at a loss for words, Barbra stood up and cracked a smile, “I’m gonna call Jim!” she announced before striding off towards her cell. Jerome shook his head before burying his face into my hair. “You are perfect just the way you are, I love you and your body. Every little thing you see as a flaw or imperfection I see as something more to love” I smirked; shifting in the embrace I looked up at him and kissed his jaw, “you’re turning soft~” I said jokingly knowing that he was only like this with me. He grinned before lowering his lips to my ear “I thought about stabbing him repeatedly but I knew that It would mean less time with you” I laughed at his reasoning. No matter how bad I would ever feel about myself Jerome would always be there to stab or shoot my insecurities down and rescue me from my own deep thoughts.

I used to think that if I was handed a piece of paper and told to write down all the flaws I had, I would be able to do it in seconds, but now I’m not so sure. After that little incident with Greenwood at breakfast Jerome made sure to show me just how much he loved me, in more ways then one.

Roses Are Red, But So Are Gingers: A Valentine's Day Short

It was Valentine’s Day and Jerome did everything in his power to make sure you were happy. He was always sweet to you, but every time February came around, he would only get sweeter. Jerome was currently in the kitchen making you your favorite breakfast food. His red robe swayed with his hips as he danced to a tune.

“Morning, Ginger.” You chuckled, looking at his dance moves. “Nice moves if I do say so myself.”

“Doll face.” He smirked, with his back to you. “Happy Valentine’s Day! Breakfast is almost ready.”

“Smells good, but you promised me something fun this year.” You sang.

“Yes! Right after breakfast! It is the most important meal of the day…well after you.” He wiggled his eyebrows.

“Hardy har har.” You nudged him. Grabbing yourself a plate, you sat at the table and Jerome sat across from you.

“So, I was thinking,” Jerome started, digging into his pancakes with a knife and fork. “How about we wreck some havoc on Gotham?”

“Gotham’s dull, but it’s night life sure isn’t. How about we go on a killing spree instead? After all it is Valentine’s Day. Why not paint the town red?” You mischievously smiled, taking the knife and stabbing the table with it.

Jerome sighed. “You are so sexy when you speak like that.” He dropped his knife and fork on his plate and stood up. “What the heck! Why not?! We should get ready now.”

“But its only morning, Jerome. What are we gonna do until then?” You said, taking the dishes to the sink.

“I have a few things in mind.” He eyed the bedroom.

“It’s only eleven…we have a few long hours to kill.” You smirked. “But I do feel the need to take a shower alone.” Laughing, you took off all of your clothes and ran to the bathroom.

Jerome chuckled darkly, running after you. You of all people should know not to tease me, Mrs. Valeska!“


Eventually you two passed the time with some holiday romance, keeping not one sound to yourselves. The next door neighbor and next door neighbor’s next door neighbor, wouldn’t let you two hear the end of it. So of course you and Jerome went to pay them a visit.

“Mwah!” Jerome kissed his finger tips. “A masterpiece if I do say so myself!” He looked towards the once white walls that were now covered from top to bottom in deep red blood.

After giving Miss Bailen one last stab to the heart, you walked towards Jerome and mesmerized your “artwork” together.

“I agree. How much you think it’d sell for?”

“A million smackers at least.” He chuckled.

“Van Gogh has nothing on us!” You laughed. “Now come on. We have a few more neighbors to take care of. Then we terrorize Gotham.”

Jerome only smirked. “Again…that turns me on.”


Body after body forced off of buildings, by the two of you. Innocent, guilty, you could care less. The piercing screams, blood, and thrill of the kill was the only thing you needed. In only two hours, you and Jerome managed to kill 40 people. No bombs, just pure skill…in murdering others.

A woman was knelt down in front of you begging for her life. “Pl-please don’t kill me! You can have my money! Take it!”

“Ooooh let’s see how much we got here. 1, 2, 3-3000 dollars. Can you believe they busy carry this on them?” Jerome said waving the wallet around.

“She’s rich, babe. Check out her necklace. They’re real diamonds. Very expensive too. And that’s a good thing too. Cheap jewelry always breaks me out.” You said, with a sinister tone in your voice.

“Bu-but my grandmother she-” The lady cried.

“-Is probably rolling around in the grave somewhere. Now give her the diamonds or I blow your brains out.”

“Thank you!” You told her putting the necklace on. “It really compliments my skin tone.”

“Ready to go?” Jerome asks you, putting a few more dollars in his pants.

“Yep. Now can we say Bye Bye Birdie to Ann Margaret here already?”

“Eh why not?” And with a pull of the trigger, the rich woman falls off of the building.

A satisfied smile on your face, you took Jerome’s hand and you both hurried down to the car.

“Wait wait wait! I wanna frame this!” You took a picture of the dead bodies and laughed. “Okay now we can go.

“This is why I love you, (y/n).” He kissed you, before driving off.

“We’re just like Bonnie and Clyde, aren’t we?” You asked.

“Well of course we are. The famous crime duo.” Jerome smiled. “The only difference is they’re dead and we’re alive!”


“Jim! You gotta see this!” Harvey screamed to him.

From atop the building that death fell from, your message was red with blood.


Jim only looked at Harvey in answer. He knew you two weren’t coming back unless you had a good reason. “They’re done here. They won’t be back anytime soon. Let’s go, Harv.”

That night, Gotham went up in flames. The GCPD just couldn’t catch the two of you. Love, screams, and death was in the air. And nothing could have ever smelled better.

Klaus Mikaelson

I sighed contently as I felt the warm sweet taste of blood run over my tongue and down my throat into my favorite, quenching my hunger. I drank and drank until I felt the body in my arms fall limp. As I throw him to the ground I looked around at the floor full of almost lifeless bodies. “Well, that was fun. But I am all too sure that there is a reason you’re here. So other than dinner, what are you doing here Rebekah?” I asked, standing up and walking over to my best friend for over 900 years.

“Who said I wanted something, Y/N? Maybe I just wanted to see my best friend.” Rebekah pouted at my accusation. I looked over at her raising an eyebrow, making her roll her eyes at me in response.

I rolled my eyes back and turned to look at all the bodies lying on the floor. I snapped my fingers and raised my hand, willing the heads of our latest meal to look my way, into my eyes. “You will leave this bar after a shot of our blood and go home. Sleep this off and when you wake you will only remember a good night of drinking, dancing and loud music.” I said compelling them all. Rebekah handed them each a shot glass of blood and we both watched as they downed the shot and left the building, tired and seemingly hung over.

After everybody had left I grabbed a bottle of bourbon and walked over to a booth where Rebekah Sat with two glasses. “OK, so, maybe there is a reason I came here.” Rebekah smiled as she took the bottle from my hand and poured two drinks.

“I know this is, We have been best friends since before you turned me all those years ago.  Bekah, I’m the only one knows you that well.” I laughed as I took a glass and drank from it. “So, what is it?” I asked, a little serious now, placing the glass on my lips and shifting in my seat.

“Well, I want you to come back to New Orleans with me.” She said quickly, making me choke a little on my drink. “Look I know it’s not the greatest place on Earth but I could really use you there with me.” She explained, standing up, and moving to sit by me. I just watched her as she made her case.

“Look, I don’t know about this Rebekah. I like it here.” I replied, but I had lied and I could see she knew that. Moving to New Orleans was something I could never do in the past, too many bad memories there. “Bekah, the last time I was there, I was captured and used for my never ending supply of hybrid magic. Going back there, It would just bring back too many memories…especially of me and…”

“I understand that Y/N, but I need you. HE needs you. Plus you’re always telling me that I’m about how much you’re always wanted a family. but you already have one. Me, I have always treated you like a sister, and I hope that’s enough.” Rebekah said truthfully. I nodded and smiled.

“I know that Bekah and of course it’s enough. You’re my sister, not by blood but by heart and choice. In my eyes that’s the best kind of family. It’s just what if i’m not wanted.” I sighed, I knew it wasn’t true, I was loved by the Mikaelson family, but that was a long time ago.

“Y/N, you and I both know that won’t happen, my family love you. besides, Elijah is quite excited to see you again and Kol…well, Kol is the same annoying arse you know and love.” She told me.

 "And Niklaus?“ I asked.

"Well, to be honest, he is still the same old narcissistic, back stabbing wanker, who will do anything for you.” she laughed, a small smile appeared on my face. But it quickly vanished once I remembered the last time I saw him.

“I just can’t Bekah, the last time Nik saw me I was being held captive by Mikael and was forced to use my magic to find him. I don’t think he will ever forgive me for that and even if he did, I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself for betraying him.” I whispered sadly as the memories came flooding back.

“Look, Mikael is dead, not coming back. You did nothing wrong. Nik knows that and he always understood why you did it. Y/N you did it to save me from my father. After you left with him we knew there had to be a good reason for you to go. Elijah found out about my fathers threat to hurt me. we all did everything we could to get you away from him.” She spoke soft and comforting. I know she was right after Mikael found out about me being half vampire, half witch hybrid, he caught me and used the once I loved against me to make sure I did what I was told and use my magic to find Nik.

It was quiet for a while, so I used this time to think about the pros and cons of going back with Rebekah.

First the pros: I wouldn’t be alone anymore and I’d have my family back, which is all I ever wanted. I’d get to speak with Rebekah more and see Elijah and Kol. I could start over, maybe even get back to the old, adventurous, fun loving me.

Cons: Nik may very well have not forgiven me and throw me on the streets. I might not be able to handle being around him, it’s been a long time and I really don’t like the thought of being around him and not being happy.

I thought for a little longer and soon enough I came to a decision. I turned to Rebekah and smiled, “OK, I’ll come home with you. But, first, we need to make a stop a my flat to pick up a few essentials, the rest I’ll just buy new I guess. Most of it is out of date anyway.” I laughed, grabbing my jacket and standing up. Rebekah Let out a small squeal and dove at me wrapping her arms around me.

“OK, come let’s go.” She shouted excitedly.

*Two hours later*

After a few hours of shopping and Rebekah telling me stories of the Mikaelson family adventures since I left, we finally reached my apartment building. “OK, come on, I’ll get what I need and we can get on the road.” I told her as I unlocked the door and walking inside my small apartment.

“Wow, this is quite cozy, isn’t it?” Rebekah laughed as she looked around my tiny one bed apartment.

“It’s not much but it’s only for when I’m bored for the big city and need a bit of peace.” I told her. I lived in New York most of the time, but every now and the I like to stay in this tiny apartment, just me, where I can get some peace.

I walked into my bedroom and grabbed  small travel case and opened it, placing it on my bed. I packed a few things that I couldn’t but anywhere. My photo albums and a few bits from over the years. “Bekah from in the an you grab that box from on that shelf, please.” I asked her, rearranging a few things so the box could fit in.

“Crap.” I heard her mutter as the box landed on the floor at her feet, “Sorry Y/N,”

“It’s fine really.” I laughed as I walked over to help her pick it up.

“What is this stuff anyway?” she asked rummaging through the old paintings Klaus had given me and letter he had sent me. She soon stopped when she found a small black box. she opened it and I watched as her face dropped a little once she saw the ox was empty, which of course made me laugh.

“Do you really think I would keep a ring and not wear it? Really Rebekah, I thought you knew me better than that.” I asked, pouting a little. She gave me a confused look and lifted my hands up.

“I don’t see any ring,” she retorted. I nodded and rolled my eyes.

“I never said I wore it on my hand.” I replied, as I smiled, pulling the ring that hung on a chain around my neck. “It hurt to wear it all the time, but I couldn’t part with it so I came up with this alternative.” I explained. She took it into her hand to get a closer look. It was a very old and very beautiful diamond ring.

“Who gave it to you?” She asked, letting the ring fall against my chest. I raised an eyebrow and gave her a look as if to say ‘Really’. “Oh, well why not wear it?” she asked.

“I didn’t feel I deserved to. He gave me the ring as a promise of his love and I didn’t feel I deserved his love.You know after everything that happened. But I also couldn’t let it go. It always felt like if I were to part with it, I would be parting with Nik forever and I guess I still had hope he would still love me.” I explained as I absentmindedly played with the ring. “Right, I got everything, lets go.” I said bringing myself back to reality.

*The next day*

The car ride here was enjoyable, music playing, us singing along with it. It took us a little longer because we ended up spending the night in a hotel because we got tired and its like an 19 hour drive from NYC to New Orleans and we both got tired of driving. The nerves set in when we were about an hour away but Rebekah help by taking my mind off of things. Once I saw the lights of New Orleans, where I had been trying to avoid for many years, I suddenly felt like I was coming home. I was so excited but nervous at the same time. it felt really good to know I still get a funny tummy when I am close to my family.

“Welcome home Y/N!” Rebekah cheered as she pulled up to a big house. I smiled and laughed as I looked around, taking it all in. “Well, Well, Well. If it isn’t Y/N Y/L/N.” I heard someone shout. I turned to see my other best friend standing at the top of a set of stairs. A young woman, holding a little girl was standing behind him.

“Elijah Mikaelson. How lovely to see you again.” I laughed as he 'ran’ down the stairs and over to me into a tight hug and spinning me around. “God I’ve missed you Elijah.” I sighed burying my head in his shoulder.

“As have I.” He replied kindly.

As we hugged a little longer I heard a low growl and a clearing of a throat. I looked up to see the young woman holding the baby starring at me. “Easy there little wolf, I’m just saying hello to an old friend.” I smirked at her as she made her way down to Elijah’s side. “Besides, he’s not my type.” I smiled.

“Yeah, you prefer the Psychotic murdering type, right?” Rebekah called from the car. I turned and smiled.

“Exactly.” I called back.

“Y/n this is Haley and her daughter Hope.” Elijah introduced, I nodded and smiled.

“Nice to meet you Haley.”

“You too…So how do you know the Mikaelsons?” she asked, shaking my hand.

“Oh she used to date Niklaus.” Rebekah answered, now standing by my side.

“Oh nice. you weren’t kidding about the psychotic Murderers being her type.” she scoffed.

“Easy there little wolf, I might not be with him anymore but you say anything bad about him I will not take it lightly.” I snarled, slight.y raising my hand as if you harm her.

“Y/N, don’t, I doubt she knows about the two of you. It’s not like we tell her every family secret.” Elijah reasoned.

“ OK, you’re right. Besides, if I recall correctly he was your type at one point too.” I replied pointing at hope.

“You know about Hope?” Elijah asked confused.

I smiled and nodded. “What, you didn’t think I would not keep tabs on you all. besides, when Rebekah was hiding her a while back she came to stay with me for a bit.” I explained, waving my hand towards hope to which she just smiled at.

“You took my daughter to stay with her.” Haley retorted. I raised an eyebrow and smirked.

“Don’t mess with me pup, I have been around for a hell of a lot longer that you and I can do things you have never dreamed of seeing. I have power beyond your tiny little wolf brain can handle.” I sneered. I watched as she handed Elijah the baby and turned to me.

“Haley, don’t.” Elijah warned.

“What’s she gonna do? Because honey, I’m not someone you want to mess with. I’m a hybrid, you know what that means. Half vampire, half Wolf. One bite could kill you.” She snarled. I nodded and looked to Bekah and Elijah. Before I flicked my hand up and Haley began to lift into the air.

“ I’m not sure you understood me when I told you I was powerful.” I spoke calmly. I put her back on her feet and smiled. “I am the most powerful being on the planet, half vampire half witch. so I wouldn’t brag about you being a wolf/vampire hybrid, because I can take that away from you just as easily as it was given to you.” I laughed before walking off to pick up my bags and walk towards the house.

“Wow, not even back in town for five minutes and already you’re starting trouble with the wolves.” I heard Kol laugh from the top of the stairs were he had been watching.

“Kol, Hey.” I smiled wrapping my arms around him the best I could. As I pulled away my eyes looked about, looking for someone in particular I guess.

“He wanted to keep his distance. Didn’t think you wanted to see him.” He smiled, know who I was looking for. I nodded and shrugged before following Kol, making my way to my room, which was, by some accident I’m sure, opposite Nik’s room.

I spent a couple of hours unpacking the clothes I had bought while out shopping with Rebekah. I put my photo frames and albums on the shelves. Then I pulled out the 'Nik’ box. I sat on the now made bed and began reading the letters, smiling as I could almost hear his voice read every word in my head. It was a voice that could make even the most bravest man shiver with fear. nut me, it made me shiver for a whole other reason.

Klaus Mikaelson was thought to be the most feared man in the whole world. He was thought to be evil, psychotic and a monster. But me, I knew him better than that. He was kind, thoughtful and would do just about anything for the ones he loves most. That was the man I loved, and he still is the same man today.

Back when I first met the Mikaelsons, I quickly became close to Nik and Rebekah. Rebekah treated me like a sister from the start and Nik…well he treated me like a princess. protecting me, caring for me and loving me the best he could, with his whole heart and I loved him just as much as he loved me. Rebekah turned me so Nik and I could be together forever because she always believed he deserved to be loved, even if he didn’t believe it because Mikael always told him otherwise. After everything with Mikael happened I ran away. The only person I told my whereabouts to was Rebekah. Of course she told Nik who sent me letters, he first told me I knew I needed space so he wasn’t gonna come after me unless I wanted him to.  

“I see you kept his gifts and letters” I heard Elijah speak.

“Every single one.” I smiled up at him, putting down the letter I was reading.“ I missed him El. Everyday I would come home from what ever I was doing and for a second I’d be so excited to tell him about my day, then I would remember and the pain felt bad all over again.” I sighed as he made his way over to my bed. He sat next to me and nodded.

“He missed you too, just as much, i’m sure.” I reassured me. I nodded and he picked up a few of the painting Nik had sent me. “ You want help putting them up?” He asked. I nodded and stood up picking up the hammer.

“Let’s do it.” I replied.

It took about 30 minutes to get the drawings and painting up on the wall. We sat and admired hem for a little. I liked how Nik sent me picture of his memories. It felt like I was with him through out his adventures. I had a few favorites. One was of Rebekah and I, One was of Hope as a baby and the third was what he thought our wedding day would look like.

Elijah soon left, being called away by Haley so I was once again left with my thoughts so I sat on my bed and just looked at all the paintings and drawing he had sent me.

“Has anyone ever told you, you should be thinking so hard…Dangerous things happen when you hatch a plan.” A voice I knew all to well spoke throw my closed door.

“It’s only dangerous for those involved.” I laughed softly. “Usually ends well for me though.”

“Yes if I recall correctly the last time you plotted something dangerous we ended up killing a whole lot of people. You almost died in the process.” He spoke sadly. “Then you left.”

“Are you gonna stay out there or are you gonna co me in here and speak to me Nik? I don’t wanna speak through a door.” I told him. I didn’t move from my bed because if he waned to see me, he would come in. I didn’t wanna force him to see me if he wasn’t ready.

The door swung open and there stood the breathtakingly handsome Niklaus Mikaelson. “Hello love.” He smiled as he entered my room. I sat up a little and smiled subconsciously reaching for the ring that hung around my neck.

“Hi.” I whispered.

It was quiet fora while, we just looked at each other, not knowing what to say. I say thee on my bed as he looked around my room, looking at the art work on my wall, the photos of us ans the box of letters. then he found the ring box. He opened it and I could see the hurt in his face as he saw it empty. “You didn’t keep it?” He asked sadly. I shook my head and smiled.

“No, I wear it, all the time. see.” I told him taking the chain from around my neck and handing it to him.

He took and and smiled a smile that still left you breathless. “I remember the day I gave this for you. I had finally gotten you back from my father. I told you that if you had to leave, you had to promise to let me know you were safe.” He reminded me. I replayed the day in my head.

“Yeah and I promised you that when I was ready, I would find you again. I would do all I could to win your heart again.” I remembered.

“And  told you my heart would always belong to you. I swore that when you came back I would never let you go again.” He smiled down at the ring. “And that I would marry you.”

“Yeah, I remember. I took the ring and promised the same.” I nodded, taking a deep breath.

“So, are you back?” He asked hopefully.I looked around and it was then I noticed Rebekah, Elijah and Kol stood by my bedroom door, waiting for my answer.

“I never stopped loving you, you know. I left because I couldn’t bare the thought you didn’t love me anymore. I wanted you to know that.” I told him.

“Do know that, and I love you, I have everyday since you left. You are the only person I am meant to spend the rest of my life with, so..are you back?”

I nodded and smiled, “I am.” I laughed. I had never felt so happy than right now.I was back, with my family, the family who, even though I abandoned them, they still love me and seeing them all smile at me gave me an overwhelming sense of Joy. “I’m back for good, to win back the heart of the man I gave everything to."I said calmly. declaring my intentions.

I watched as Klaus took the ring from my chain and knelt on the floor. "You have always owned my heart Y/N. Nothing has changed that, even after all this those years and I do intend on keeping my promise. So once you had said yes to forever, But I’m asking you again, will you do me the honor of being mine forever. Will you marry me?” Nik asked taking my hand in his.

“I would love nothing more than to marry you Niklaus Mikaelson.” I whispered, to happy for words. Tears began forming in my eyes as Klaus slipped the ring onto my finger and kissed my hand.

“Forever and always.” He smiled up at me.

“ Maybe even longer.” I replied pulling him to his feet and bringing his lips to mine.

“I love you Y/N” Rebekah called over to me.

“I love you too Bex” I called back laughing, as everyone ran into my room and they all wrapped their arms around me.

“We all love you Y/N” Elijah smiled.

“I love you all too.” I smiled as we stayed like this for a while. I just wanted to stay like this forever.

“I love you Y/N” Klaus smiled over at me.

“I love you too Nik” I smiled back. this is the happiest I’ve ever been and I have a feeling things are only going to get better.

Creepypasta #1123: Pac Man Fever

Length: Medium

This happened in 1995, but I still remember it clearly. I was 24 years old, hard at work on a novel about love and loss and redemption, and working third shift at a convenience store just off the college campus to make ends meet. My manager, Todd, was a dick; my girlfriend, Sage, was probably cheating on me; and the stray cat I’d taken in, Kurtd, liked to crawl into my closet and piss on my Doc Martens.

The night I’m talking about here was in October, and it was chilly and clear and I remember the moon was big. If we’d had text messaging back then I’d have texted Sage something poetic about a big orange moon (something about ‘kurious oranj’ because you couldn’t go wrong making a Mark E Smith reference) but back then we just kept that shit to ourselves and everybody was just as happy. I’d covered up my uniform shirt with my old reliable blue and orange flannel shirt, the way I did every night, and Todd the Dickhead would have thrown a shit fit if he’d seen it.

When this all went down I was actually feeling pretty good about myself, because I’d just made a little coin on a shady deal. It was a Friday night and a party at the Sig Chi house had run out of booze. So around 2 in the morning, a couple of Sig Chi bros came in and tried to buy a 30 pack.

We were absolutely not supposed to sell beer after 1 AM, I said. It would be a real risk for me to take, I emphasized. I cleared my throat. Looked around and pointedly saw nobody in the store. “A real risk, dudes, a real risk,” I added. 

Two of the three guys turned around to leave. The third guy, a handsome fellow wearing beer stained Abercrombie khakis and a violent green polo with a little alligator emblem on it, said in a low, raspy whisper, “And what would a risk like that be worth to you?”

So ten minutes later I was at the back entrance, out of camera range, handing them a 30 pack of Natty Lite and counting my money. I walked back into the store and saw a dude standing there playing our Pac-Man game.

Now what you may or may not know is that 80′s nostalgia among college kids goes back to, well, the 80′s. By the mid 90′s, 80′s nostalgia was in full fabulous swing and every bar on or near campus had an 80′s night or two every month, and every frat house and off-campus frat apartment had several 80′s parties every semester. The owner of the convenience store where I worked, a big Falstaffian goofball named Peter, partly as a nod to the college kids and partly because he was a lovable dork himself, bought and refurbished an old Pac-Man arcade game and set it up in the corner near the entrance.

Now the kid who’d come in to play it while I was hornswoggling the frat boys out back looked like he’d just come from the ultimate nostalgia splooge-fest. Dude could have just stumbled in from the big Shermer High School Winter Wonderland Carnival. He was wearing a clean, crisp jean jacket with the word Disappearer airbrushed in neon pink and green letters on the back. He had big spiky blond Club Kid hair. This guy was skinny–we’re talking “Lives on vodka tonics and Bolivian Marching Powder” skinny–and had the sleeves of his jean jacket pushed up to reveal jelly bracelets up and down his right arm. White Guess jeans were stretched tight across a round, muscular ass that I’m sure Sage would have gone wild for, and the jeans were rolled up to show he wore his white Gucci loafers sockless.

This boy, The Disappearer, was really into his Pac Man too. He was bobbing his head and swaying his hips and gobbling up ghosts. It was pretty fun to watch at first. Almost on cue, the local radio station started playing Duran Duran’s “Girls on Film” and I jokingly said, “Hey dude, did you call in a request?”

No response. Not a talker. Fine with me! I sat my ass down on some egg crates I kept behind the counter (Todd kvetched about it but fuck him) and started scribbling in my notebook. This time of night I didn’t do much cleaning and there weren’t many customers, so if he wanted to stand there and feed quarters into an old arcade game that was fine by me.

Except I was actually kind of cranky he hadn’t answered me. Who did this shit think he was? Just because I work in a convenience store he thinks he can just blow me off? A Depeche Mode song came on the radio, Strangelove, and in addition to giving the game some body English I noticed he was kind of shaking his ass to the song. I decided to try being friendly again. 

“Must be 80′s night somewhere around here, huh?”

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Tattoo Parlor || Joe

Joe masterpost found here

Word count - 1,119

Summary - The one with the additional service.


You had been a tattoo artist for a while now. It was your passion. You were always an artistic kid in school so to be able to apply that in your career was a dream come true. You had a half sleeve yourself and a few tattoos on your back and torso. Decorating your skin was your favorite way to express yourself.

The bell above the door to get into the parlor dinged and you walked over to the counter. You were the only one in the shop as mid-day on a Tuesday was always pretty empty. “What can I do for you?” you asked the guy who walked in. He looked a little nervous and was alone.

“Uh, I’m scheduled to get a tattoo at 2:00?” he said cautiously.

“Joe?” you said, looking at the calendar on the front desk.

“That’s me,” he said.

“Alright,” you smiled. “Here’s some paperwork, and I’ll need your ID.”

“Thanks,” he said. You handed him the papers and you noticed he took it with a shaking hand.

“This your first tattoo?” you asked him.

“Is it obvious?” he laughed.

“Don’t be nervous,” you told him. “It’s really not that bad. Where are you thinking?”

“Right shoulder blade,” he said. “I have a picture of what I want.”

He handed you his phone as he continued to fill out the paperwork. The picture he showed you was simple: an outline of England with a red x on a certain spot. “What’s the x for?” you asked.

“It’s about where Wiltshire is,” he said. “That’s where I’m from.”

“Got it,” I nodded. “That’s nice.”

He smiled and thanked you then sat down to finish the paperwork. You had him send you the photo so that you could print it off, which he did. As soon as he was done, you took the paperwork and told him to sit down again and wait. “Let me get set up and then I’ll call you on back,” you said. He nodded, still seeming a little nervous.

When you were all ready for him, you called him into the back room. “You’re still nervous,” you commented with a small grin.

“I can’t help it!” he laughed. “You’re about to stab me multiple times with a needle and inject permanent ink into my skin.”

“Why didn’t you bring someone with you?” you asked.

“All my mates are busy and I knew if I didn’t do it now I wouldn’t do it at all,” he said. “Spontaneous, you know?”

“Right yeah I get it,” you laughed. “Anyway, I haven’t properly introduced myself. I’m (Y/N).”

“Nice to meet you,” Joe smiled.

“You too,” you said. “Alright well, let’s get started. Go ahead and take off your shirt,” you said to him. He obliged, pulling his shirt over his head and put it on an empty chair. “Well shit,” you mumbled. The words tumbled out of your mouth before you could stop them, but you couldn’t help it. Joe had a fantastic body, and you were already attracted to him the minute he walked in.

Joe turned around and smirked at you. “Funny,” he said, taking a step closer to you, “I was thinking the same thing when I saw you.” The next move happened so quickly. Joe took another step closer to you, pushing you up against the wall, and pressed a firm kiss to your lips. With no hesitation, you kissed him back. Your hands pressed against his toned chest as his gripped your hips.

Things escalated quicker than you could process. You fumbled with his jeans right after her pulled your shirt over your head. Just as quickly, Joe pulled your leggings and underwear down just enough to show how soaked you were. Joe grinned and kissed you again, this time letting his fingers press up against you. “Oh,” you gasped, tossing your head back.

“You’re fucking soaked,” he groaned against your neck.

“So are you gonna do something or are you just gonna talk about it,” you mumbled back. You felt him smirk against your skin just as he shoved two fingers into you.

“Oh shit,” you groaned. Your nails were digging into his shoulders as he worked his fingers skillfully inside you.

“You’re so tight around my fingers, baby,” Joe mumbled to you. “I can’t imagine how you’ll feel around my cock.”

“Shit,” you said again, feeling like that was the only word in your vocabulary.

“You’re already close, baby?” he said, almost taunted. “How close are you?”

“So close,” you mumbled. “Joe-”

“I don’t want you coming for my fingers, babe,” he said, a smirk evident in his voice. Just like that, he pulled his fingers out of you. You let out a disappointed whimper and opened your eyes, not even realizing they had been shut. Joe reached into his back pocket and grabbed his wallet, fishing quickly for a condom.

Once he rolled one on, he pumped himself in his hand a few times before thrusting himself into you. “Oh fuck,” you cried out.

“So tight,” Joe groaned. He lifted you up so that your legs were wrapped around your waist, then pushed you even closer to the wall. “You feel so good.”

“Shit, Joe,” you cried out, your head falling onto his shoulder. “Shit, shit, shit.”

“Are you getting close again, babe?” he asked, pounding even harder into you. You nodded as you bit onto his shoulder to stop from screaming out. “No, I want to hear how good I make you feel,” he said almost sternly. “Come on, scream my name (Y/N). I want to hear how loud you can be.”

“Joe,” you called loudly. “I’m gonna come.”

“Let go, baby,” he said. “I want to feel you let go.”

You tossed your head back again as you felt yourself come undone. “Shit,” you shouted again. “Oh fuck!” Joe kept pounding into you, not yet having reached his own high.

“Come on, Joe,” you said, your lips sucking along his neck. “I know you’re close. I feel so good, right? So good and tight around your cock.” With a muffled fuck, Joe came and let out heavy breaths. Once he had come down, he pulled out of you and dropped you gently to the floor. You pulled up your pants with a smirk and put your shirt back over your head. “I have to say,” you said as Joe pulled his pants back on, “I don’t usually do that for every customer.”

“I’m honored,” he grinned, running his fingers through his hair. You grinned back and sat down on the stool beside the black leather chair.

“Now,” you said, slipping on a pair of black latex gloves, “are you ready for that tattoo?”

anonymous asked:

Knowing I have both a katsudon son and a Tayaki son is so good

Isn’t katsudon Izuku’s fav food too? :D

Anon said: In your head do any of the characters in Boku No Academia have weird kinks?

Sorry anon, I don’t really ever think about that sorta stuff so I’m definitely lacking in that type of headcanons (try @syblatortue‘s blog for that sorta things!!!! nothing especially weird imho but I’m 100% sure you won’t be disappointed :D)


I’M GLAD TO HEAR THAT!!!!!! Honestly I don’t think he used to be generally a sad kid? He seemed pretty fired up and ready to do good, generally!! I loved it t b h !!!!! So I’m, like, pretending there’s no angst for now. Cause I’m a weak baby.

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College!AU Seokmin
  • major: predentistry
  • minor: none
  • sports: baseball (pitcher) 
  • clubs: a cappella, sometimes does stand up comedy at the campus talent night
  • probably the most likeable person on campus, is literally friends with EVERYONE
  • like he’s predentistry so you think most of his friends would be in the pre-med field but nope, he’s got friends from the history department to the math department to the french department. if you ever need a favor from someone, ask seokmin because he probably knows them and can help you out
  • is the pitcher for the baseball team and he’d wanted to be the catcher originally but he heard about a horror story where a catcher didn’t have his mask on and got hit straight in the mouth and as an aspiring dentist seokmin was kinda like Yikes
  • when he wears the baseball cap his ears stick out really cutely
  • has won the comedy portion of the campus talent night three months in a row and counting
  • seokmin’s moto is “a good smile makes everything better.” and jeonghan was like “you should license that and put it on your business card when you become an actual dentist.” and seokmin was like jeonghan my man you are a GENIUS 
  • is the type to make the teeth molds talk in funny voices when the teacher is distracted during lab
  • so how do you meet giggly dentist-to-be seokmin???
  • WELL it’s 2 am and you’re in the communal laundromat on campus. usually this place gets locked up at 10pm but coincidentally your roommate works the last shift there and they passed you the keys in secret so you could come down and do your laundry in peace
  • that and because you fell asleep on your textbook at 7, woke up and it was past midnight, and since you need clean clothes you begged your roommate for the key and to make a long story short you gave up morning shower privilege to get to be able to do your darn laundry this late
  • so anyway you’re sitting there, reading over some old notes when you hear a knock on the door
  • and your first instinct is to grab the big bottle of detergent and throw it at whoevers there because knocking outside of a laundromat at 2 am??? has to be a serial killer
  • but then you’re like let’s be rational, it’s probably just another student
  • and it is. you open the door to see this boy, completely out of breath holding a bright yellow laundry bag over his shoulder and wearing like flannel pajama bottoms and you’re like
  • “????are you ok???? you seem……like you ran here??”
  • and the boys like “yeah i did, im fine!! im glad this place is still open though hoshi told me it’d be closed for sure but i had to run here to check-”
  • and he finally like stops and catches his breath and looks up and you’re like,,,wow he’s cute but yes anyway,,,,and then he smiles before he continues 
  • and you swear its 2 am its dark out but
  • that smile? 
  • sunlight. pure sunlight
  • but aside from being blessed by some sun rays at this dark hour of the night the boy is like “i ran here to check and thank god it’s open!!! and someone’s here, which is even better!! im seokmin by the way!!”
  • he sticks his hand out and you shake it and kind of look over your shoulder to your laundry still in the machine and you’re like
  • “well the other machines are all yours, so-”
  • but seokmin like drops his bag and fishes out what looks like a ??? doctors coat ??? like a white lab coat and holds it up and is like
  • “how much detergent should i use just for this, do you know?”
  • and you’re looking at it and then at him and you’re like
  • “you……came here at 2 in the morning to wash your lab coat?”
  • and he’s like
  • “yeah! i was just about to go to sleep, but i was eating some chicken and the sauce dropped out of my hand and well-” 
  • he like turns the lab coat upside down and right beside the front pocket there’s a bright splotch of orange but honestly it’s only the size of maybe your thumb
  • and you’re like
  • “you know, don’t put it in the machine. i have a bleach pen you can just rub it on this small of a stain and it’ll come right off.”
  • you go over and shuffle around the bag you brought with you and bring over the pen to seokmin who’s looking at you with wide eyes 
  • you flatten the lab coat on one of the folding tables and use the pen to whiten out the stain and after a couple of rubs the stain is completely gone and you hand the coat back to seokmin
  • who’s expression is just beyond shock and you’re like ???
  • and seokmin looks down at the coat and he’s like
  • “are you a miracle worker?” and you laugh like “no, but this bleach pen is. it’s expensive too like seven bucks at CVS.”
  • seokmin starts like digging around in his pockets and you’re like ?? and he’s like “i think i only brought quarters with me and i don’t think i bought seven dollars worth, but i promise to pay you back just give me a-”
  • and you put your hands up like !! dude it’s fine, really
  • and he’s like no no i insist and you’re like “i didn’t use up the whole thing, it’s nothing - really.”
  • and seokmin smiles again and this time maybe it’s even brighter honestly you can’t tell but he smiles and he’s like “well the least i can do is stay here until your laundry finishes. if you want the company.”
  • somehow just the little sentiment makes you sheepishly shy, but you like nod because yeah why not, seokmin’s nice and you’ve got another fifteen solid minutes till your laundry’s done so….
  • (and also seokmin doesn’t explicitly say it but he’s worried about you walking home back to the dorm after you’re done. actually, when he saw you were alone there - he was pretty worried already but like he keeps that to himself although,,,,isn’t he just the softest to worry???? hehe…)
  • so seokmin sets down his laundry bag and like hops up to sit on the folding table and pulls out his phone and he’s like 
  • “wanna have a sing off??” and you’re like “…… the campus laundromat…… 2 am?”
  • and seokmin grins and shrugs his shoulders like “yeah, why not. i have that group’s new album the one everyone’s crazy about - seventeen?” and you’re like “….why do i feel like there’s a catch?”
  • seokmin wiggles his eyebrows like “wELL it’s not like im in a capella club or anything and…’s not like i have a GREAT singing voice…..”
  • and you’re like nO WAY A CAPPELLA and he’s like (—–: and you’re like “well now i know i can’t have a sing off with you, ill lose!!!” 
  • seokmin chuckles and he’s like “fair enough - dance battle then?”
  • you and seokmin don’t really battle but you do spend the rest of the time talking about your favorite music and singers
  • seokmin hands you his phone so you can look through his library and you guys bond over all the favorite albums you have in common and you even get seokmin to sing a little for you
  • and honestly fifteen minutes goes by in a flash, actually you and seokmin forget about the laundry until you get a text from your roommate like ‘dude it’s already 4 am - are you ok’ and you’re like wE’VE been TALKING for OVer an HOUR 
  • and seokmin’s like “I HAVE LAB AT SIX HOLY SHIT” and you’re like aweighfw GO What
  • and seokmin takes his stuff and is like “gonna go take power nap rip!!” and you’re like “im so sorry” and he smiles once again and he’s like
  • “don’t apologize. this was the best hour of college so far.”
  • and he waves goodbye, but like stops in his tracks and he’s like “actually, let me walk you to your dorm if that’s ok, it’s just late and ill get worried if i leave you here.”
  • you’re like oh my god not only is he funny and charming he’s also sweet am i going to crush on the guy i met at 2 am doing laundry
  • but you like scurry to get your laundry into the bag and you come up to seokmin and he takes your bag, throws it over his shoulder as well and is like “do you live on the north or south dorms?”
  • and it’s so nice of him to take you all the way to your dorm even though his is across campus and he carries your bag the whole way
  • and when he finally says goodbye he’s like
  • “i hope ill see you around!” and you’re like “yeah, me too!!”
  • and you watch as he like turns and starts to make a run for his own dorm and you’re kinda like,,,,,,,,,i really really do hope i see him again,,,,,
  • anD YOU DO !!! you see seokmin literally 5 seconds later when he runs back and he’s like
  • “if it’s cool with you, can i get your number?”
  • and in your head you’re like o H THANK GOD HE ASKED i WAS TOO SHY but on the outside you’re like “oH yeah!!! sure!!!”
  • and when you type it in seokmin like grins and again you cant stop from just falling for that smile that makes his eyes into pretty half moons and makes all his teeth visible 
  • like you don’t know what it is but you fall for that,,,it must be his charm 
  • and like the next morning you’re on your way to grab some lunch when you see someone running toward you waving their arms and like you can tell by the lab coat flapping in the wind that it’s seokmin
  • and he’s like “Hey!!! where you headed?” and you’re like “gonna get some food, how was six am lab?” and seokmin laughs and points to the dark circles under his eyes like “can you tell? it was horrible. we were making crowns too and i kept almost falling asleep and stabbing myself in the eye with one of the hooks. the person next to me kept kicking the back of my chair to keep me up.”
  • you frown and you’re like “tell me you at least ate something before the lab? drank some coffee?” and seokmin rubs the back of his head with his hand and is like “if i tell you i ate a piece of candy before lab started, does that count?”
  • and you’re like sEOKMIN FIRST of all you’re a dentist you know how bad candy can be sECOND of ALL that isn’t a meal
  • and without really thinking you take his hand in yours and and he’s like ??? and you’re like “c’mon ill treat you to a sandwich or something.”
  • and it’s kind of cute you buy the both of you lunch but for some reason as you’re about to eat you own, seokmin keeps leaning over to take your wrist and bite into your lunch instead of the perfectly good sandwich you got him
  • and you’re like “this is mine!!!” and he’s grinning while chewing like “yeah, but your’s is better!!” and you’re like “heY be thankful the sandwiches here aren’t che-” but seokmin is like reaching out to take a sip of your drink and you’re like SEOKMIN and he’s like “hehe i can’t resist soRRY!!!”
  • and it’s just a giggly casual lunch and you keep thinking that seokmin really looks good in that white lab coat like he looks like a friendly doctor that you can trust but also ….acuteboywhowouldprobablybeagreatboyfriend. what no you didn’t say anything.
  • and when he checks the time he’s like “i gotta go!! talent night starts at 9 and i promised hoshi id meet him there!” and you’re like “talent night? we have those?” and seokmin’s jaw drops he’s like “yOU DIDN’t KNOW?? it’s every other friday and you’re talking to the three-month-in-a-row champion of the comedy section.” and you’re like “huh, really? but you’re not that funny?” and seokmin gets this look of straight up HORROR he’s like “SAYS yoU wHOSE BEEN LAUGHing AT my JO-” and you start giggling like im KIDDING ofc you’re funny and seokmin calms down and just pouts like !!!! you can’t say it all serious like that
  • and you get up and poke his cheek like “THATS what you get for eating most of MY lunch.” 
  • and like seokmin smiles but you guys kind of are looking at each other and standing pretty close and it takes a moment but your face heats up and seokmin looks away and you two just kinda nervously shift further apart
  • but seokmin’s like “you…..should come and watch. if you’re free tonight, you know, no obligations or anything!!!” and you like bite your lip but ofc you tell him you’ll go because saying no to seokmin is virtually impossible
  • so before the show you fret about texting seokmin something to encourage him and like you pace back and forth in your dorm until finally you just write “good luck!!” with some emojis and like
  • throw your phone into your bag because you’re too nervous to see if he’ll reply
  • and you forget about it because you notice you’re late to get down to the talent show and you like change quickly and grab your bag and basically run out
  • you arrive out of breath and the place is cramped but in the middle of the huge crowd you can see seokmin, smiling and talking to another boy who you guess is hoshi and when seokmin sees you he waves you over
  • and shyly you come and hoshi introduces himself as seokmins best friend/wingman and seokmin elbows hoshi like Shut!!!Up!!! and hoshi just winks @ you and seokmin is like EXCUSE ME NO
  • and they bicker a bit, but you can tell it’s all in good fun until seokmin is like “gotta go get ready, see you guys when im on stage!!” and he disappears and hoshi’s like “isn’t he great?” and you’re like “yeah,,,,he is,,,,” and hoshi’s like “he deserves someone that’ll really cherish him you know?” and you’re like ……where is this talk coming from……but hoshi just smiles again and the lights dim before you can ask and the talent show starts
  • and all the acts are great but you’re excited to see seokmin and when it’s finally his turn you expect he’s going to come out in some kind of silly attire or with props because he said he’s won three months in a row with comedy
  • but instead he comes out and music starts to play and for a moment you’re in disbelief because it’s the instrumental to one of your favorite songs that you told seokmin about in the laundromat last night
  • and seokmin starts to sing 
  • and it’s ,,,, it’s the most beautiful sound in the world and his face is so full of emotions and you’re sitting there with your mouth open
  • hoshi is also sitting there with his mouth open because seokmin has only ever sung publicly with the a cappella club. he’s never sung solo. this is a FIRST
  • and literally the song and seokmin’s voice makes you fall even harder for the boy you liTERALLY met less than 24 hours ago and you don’t know if he’s doing this on purpose
  • but when the song ends he finds you with his eyes and does that charming smile
  • and you’re like oh my god my heart and when the shows done seokmin comes up to you and hoshi and ofc hoshi jumps infront of you with three hundred million questions and seokmin looks over his shoulder and goes; “you told me you liked that song. did i do it any justice?”
  • and you’re like speechless so you can only nod and seokmin steps closer to you and hoshi is like this is my cue to get out isn’t it and he does and seokmin doesn’t wait one more second 
  • he leans in and just carefully places a kiss on your lips and you’re like !!!!! and he pulls back like “oh god was that too fast? it was too fast. im s-”
  • but you’re like “no no no. it was perfect. it was what i wanted.” and tbh seokmin is like “should we wait around to hear the winners?” and you’re like “you’re the winner. to me.” and he’s like foesdawergo and gets blushy
  • but he does win and seokmin lets you wear the like fake gold medal that he gets while he walks you to your dorm (this time you two hold hands!)
  • and like you lean in to kiss him just before he goes because you’re like “you need another trophy, not just the medal.” and seokmin’s like “your trophy was better than the medal.”
  • ANd this is how a BEAUTIFUL albeit meme filled RELATIONShip BEGINS
  • from that day forward you and seokmin are sharing much more kisses
  • even though once seokmin told you to close your eyes and when you leaned in you kissed a plaster of fake teeth and not him and you litERALLY chased him around campus like I WILL KILL YOU and he was like iM SORRy IT WAS A JOKe FORGIVE ME
  • to get him back you jokingly bought him a toothbrush for your 100th day gift and he was like ????? are you telling me my breath is bad???? and you’re like “oh! i thought you’d know since you’re going to be a dentist-” and seokmin was like no way. i brush my teeth thREE times A DAY and you’re like “well—–IM JOKING here i got you this baseball hat actu-” and seokmin is like shiodeghfdnwf iS THIS BECAUSE I maDE YOU KISS the TEETH MOLD ONCE and you’re like YES IT IS
  • you go to watch seokmin’s baseball games and he gets distracted because he’s always waving at you and the catcher has to cough like fivE times to get seokmin’s attention so he finally pitches
  • but the team thinks he’s all cute and keeps wolf whistling everytime you give him kisses before a game or you visit the locker room with snacks for everyone
  • and seokmin’s ears that stick out from his cap get all red hehe
  • seokmin: “here, this is a baseball bat. i know you said you have a late night study group today so when you’re walking back to the dorm, use it if someone attacks you.”
  • you: “you’re telling me to hit someone with a baseball bat?”
  • seokmin: “only if they attack you.”
  • you: “do you want me to get expelled?”
  • seokmin: “what no i want you to be safe!! but anyway here let me teach you how to swing this-”
  • you start encouraging seokmin to sing more on his own and it’s cute because when he’s tired he’ll lay his head down in your lap and softly hum words to your favorite songs together 
  • he really likes it when you fix his lab coat. like he’s always in a hurry so when he meets up with you you’re always like “seokmin!! the collar is inside out!!” and you lean in close to fix it and seokmin just grins and you hit him playfully like stop and he’s like “sorry. sorry, you’re just so damn cute up close like this.”
  • hoshi gets your number exclusively to text you photos of seokmin doing silly things. like once seokmin got his hand stuck in some molding clay in lab and hoshi was like “ill help you bro, don’t worry - but im taking a picture to send to your significant other so they can laugh at you with me.”
  • whenever you do laundry at 2 am now you call seokmin and have more dance battles but now they end up with the two of you like kissing the heck out of each other while you wait for your clothes to dry (thank god it’s 2 am no one walks in on you)
  • except that one time jeonghan walked in on you two and was like “im never doing my laundry here again.”
  • seokmin writes a comedy skit about it and wins first place aGain
  • you’re always like “seokmin you can’t be this silly, you’re going to be a doctor some day!!” and he’s like “im going to be a dentist, so really-” and you’re like pinching his nose like !!!!! still a doctor!!!! 
  • but it’s fine, you love his silly side and his charming smile and his gorgeous voice
  • and seokmin just wants to hold you around the waist and kiss you while spinning around 
  • and you both just love each other (but also play pranks on each other like you’re 5)

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and please look forward to more college!seventeen + special college!aus

Day 1: The Royal and the Ruffian

Note: I haven’t written fanfiction in a looooong time, but I had the time so figured I’d give it a shot, and chucked this junk out in a couple of hours, I hope people enjoy it!

“Marco Diaz to the principal’s office! Marco Diaz, to the principal’s office!”

It was far from the first time this particular announcement had been made in Ms. Skullnick’s class, but it caused the assembled students to groan all the same as they turned to stare at the bemused student sitting in the back of the classroom.

The girl sitting beside him sighed, rolling her eyes and shaking her head. “Marco, what in the world did you do this time?”

“Oh Jackie, wouldn’t you like to know?” Marco Diaz said, giving a coy smile.

Jackie shrugged, laying her head back down on her desk. “Not really, no.”

Basking in the stares from his fellow classmates, Marco Diaz slowly rose from his seat and stretched. By this point, the procedure was routine-not that it did much for his infuriated teacher’s blood pressure.

Locking eyes with Skullnick from across the classroom, Diaz confidently began strolling down the aisle, pretending to pay no attention to the various whispers that were already fluttering around the room. Reaching her desk, he leaned down on his elbow and smiled. “So, Miss S, do I… need a hall pass?”

“Just get out of here, you miscreant!” Skullnick shouted, showering Diaz with flecks of spittle. Chuckling, Diaz strolled out of the classroom and into the hallway just moments before Skullnick had a chance to explode again. He wasn’t afraid of her-honestly, he wasn’t sure how anyone could be-but she’d already saddled him with nearly a month’s worth of detention already, and even Diaz had limits.

As he walked down the hallway, however, the grin slowly faded from his face. The truth was, he didn’t have any idea what he was being called in for. By his standards, he’d practically been the exemplary safe kid all week. Not that half the teachers at Echo Creek wouldn’t have pinned any trouble on him without a thought, mind…

As he rounded the corner, he saw Principal Skeeves leaving his office beaming like a madman, his arms filled with some kind of wooden chest. Trailing behind was…

Diaz rubbed his eyes and looked again. No doubt about it, there was a girl exiting Skeeves’ office practically dressed like a Disney princess. It wasn’t a cheap costume, either-even from a distance, Diaz could tell that whatever the tiara was made from, it wasn’t cheap plastic. Even the wand she held in her hands, as ludicrous as it appeared at first glance, looked solid, to the point that Diaz felt hesitant to even get near the thing, lest the girl try and take a swing at him.

Shaking his head at the strange site, Diaz turned his focus back on his jubilant principal. “Hey, Eddie. Where you going with that, the ice cream shop?”

To his amazement, Skeeves practically skipped in response. “Oh, why a matter a fact I… Oh, hello, Mr. Diaz,” he said, his voice dropping from delight to disgust the instant he recognized the student walking up to him. “You’ve got a lot of nerve, walking by here without a hall pass.”

Diaz gave Skeeves a quizzical glance. “But… you called me here.”

“I did?” Skeeves replied. “Oh right, I did! Mister Diaz, meet Echo Creek’s latest transfer student, Star Butterfly!”

Princess Star Butterfly, daughter of Moon, heir to the throne of Mewni” the girl said, dipping into a practiced curtsy. And, after glancing quickly at Diaz’s torn jacket, dirty hoodie, and various scratches and scars, continued “And may I say it is such a… delight to meet you.”

“Oh please, Princess, the pleasure is all mine.” Diaz replied, giving an exaggerated and clearly sarcastic bow.

Going by the Princess’ furrowed eyebrows, she was not amused.

“Uh Princess, can I have a moment with Mr. Diaz?” Skeeves asked, and, moving quicker than Diaz had ever seen, cornered the surprised student.

“Okay Eddie, what is this about? Who is this crazy chick?” Diaz whispered.

Skeeves bristled at Diaz’s use of his first name, but quickly brushed past it. “This girl has very influential parents, and you are going to start making up for your dismal academic record by showing her around and keeping her from any bad influences.”

Diaz frowned. “Like me?”

Skeeves nodded. “Exactly. And maybe, if there’s any good fortune to be had, you might even pick up some of her good habits!”

Diaz chuckled, stepping away from the principal. “Yeah, good luck with that.”

“Pardon me, are you two quite finished?” Princess Butterfly asked, glaring impatiently.

“Oh, absolutely. Mr. Diaz is just about to give you the grand tour!” Skeeves said. “And don’t mess this up”, he hissed to Diaz.

Shrugging, Diaz walked forward. “Well, Princess, after me.”

Leaving the Skeeves behind, the two began walking through the halls. Given the chance to look at the Princess close up, Diaz could tell there was definitely something off about her. It wasn’t the outfit-given the material and the haughtiness behind it, he could definitely see her as being some out-of-touch royalty from the Kingdom of Wherever. But there was something else there-something from the way her eyes darted constantly, the way her hands gripped that ridiculous wand, the way she kept stealing furtive glances at her guide…

“So, uh, Mr. Diaz…” Princess Butterfly began, breaking the silence.

Diaz laughed. “Please, call me Marco.”

“Yes… Marco. Tell me, are you not supposed to be showing me around? Seeing how I’ll be here for… quite some time, I would like to know more about this place.”

“Oh, sure.” Diaz began looking around for things to point out. “Well, that’s the dumpster where I found that cool knife a couple weeks ago. Oh! And you can still see the blood where I accidentally stabbed myself!” he said, laughing.

Princess Butterfly gave him a sidelong glance. “That’s… interesting, but I was hoping for some more… how should I put this… useful information.”

Diaz put up his hands. “Well, if you want useful information Princess, don’t worry, Diaz here has you covered. You see that dark, spooky hallway right there?”


Great place to hang out if you want to scare the crap out of someone. Heck, just last week I snuck up on these two nerds walking by, and I’m pretty sure I gave the tall one a heart attack!” Diaz paused to wipe away a tear from his eye. “Ah, classic.”

“Uh… huh…” Princess Butterfly replied nervously. “It certainly sounds like there’s plenty of excitement at this school!”

“Oh, for sure.” Diaz replied. “You like excitement, Princess?”

“I mean, in moderate amounts, I suppose I do like a certain amount of excitement in my life.” Princess Butterfly replied. “Just last week, for instance, I assisted my dear friend Princess Flying Pony He-“

The Princess was stopped in her tracks as a massive, meaty fist hurtled out from behind a corner, missing Diaz by scant inches. Shocked, she raised her wand and began to speak-but stopped when she noticed her companion had barely flinched.

“Oh, hey Lars.” Diaz said as he nonchalantly stepped around the corner, ducking another fist. “You still mad about last week?”


“Look Lars, it’s not my fault you thought taking candy from literal babies was a good idea.” Diaz said, continuing to effortlessly sidestep each one of the larger teen’s slow, heavy punches. “Maybe getting grounded will be good for you, let you step back, examine your life.”


Diaz shrugged. “Suit yourself.”

Before Princess Butterfly or Lars could react, Diaz ducked underneath Lars’ arm and delivered a solid blow to the brute’s stomach. As Lars reflexively doubled over, Diaz swept the taller boy’s leg, sending him off balance and crashing into the linoleum floor.

Shocked at the violent display before her, Princess Butterfly slowly began to back up. “Well, uh, Mr. D-I mean Marco, this has been educational and all, but I really should get going!”

“Oh yeah? Well, seeya later, new friend!” Diaz replied, smiling and waving before turning his attention back to the enraged Lars.

“Yes, well, farewell!” Princess Butterfly said, and took the opportunity to retreat as quickly and as dignified as her poofy dress allowed.

When the awful Diaz boy and his assailant were finally out of sight, she sighed and took a deep breath. She knew that coming to Earth would be a challenge, but this was almost too much. To think that the schoolmaster had paired her off with such a brute!

But then she remembered the alternative, and involuntarily shuddered. As bad as Earth was, it could never compare to the horrors of Saint Olga’s-and as long as she drew breath, she would do whatever she could to avoid going back. Even if it meant forever being forced to act as the spitting image of her mother-and even if it meant having to deal with such ruffians as Diaz.

“Yo, what’s up with the dress? You going to a ball or something?”

Startled, Princess Butterfly instinctively pulled up her wand and pointed it directly at the unforeseen foe-only to find her humming, glowing want inches away from the face of a mildly beamused teenage girl.

Sighing, Princess Butterfly lowered her wand. “I apologize, I’ve been a bit… distracted as of late. I didn’t mean to threaten you.”

The girl shrugged. “Whatever, it happens. Name’s Janna, you new around here?”

Princess Butterfly nodded. “Very. The schoolmaster assigned me a guide, but he’s proven to be… less than reliable.”

The girl nearly chocked from laughing. “You mean Marco? Man, what a loser.”

Princess Butterfly looked curiously at Janna. “You know that boy?”

Janna nodded. “Oh yeah, we go way back. He used to be a lot cooler, before he started trying to impress Jackie and went ‘bad boy’. Now he’s not even any fun to mess with.” She shrugged. “That’s life, I guess.”

Princess Butterfly nodded sagely. “Say, if you are familiar with this area, could you assist me? I’ve been given an address where I’ll be staying-I’d been hoping my guide would show me the way, but…” she sighed.

“Oh sure, give it here.”

Thankful she’d managed to find the first helpful person in the Earth Dimension so far, Princess Butterfly quickly opened her handbag and passed Janna the parchment she’d received from the schoolmaster.

When Janna saw the address, however, she frowned, then shrugged. “Yeah, that figures. I can take you there right now though, no problem.”

Princess Butterfly gave her a confused look. “But won’t you miss your studies?”

Janna laughed. “Yeah, I’ll miss them terribly. Come on, let’s go before a teacher spots us. Or,” she whispered, “Diaz comes back.”

For the first time in what felt like years, Star Butterfly giggled.


The journey home for Marco Diaz was painful, but satisfactory. As dumb as Lars was, he was still dangerous in a fight-and he’d managed to paint a black eye on Diaz for his troubles. Still, Diaz had managed to give more than he’d taken, and in an extra stroke of luck a couple other kids had seen Lars throw the first punch, sending the bully straight into detention and Diaz home scott-free. That, plus his encounter with the weird Princess girl getting him out of math early, put the day into a solid ‘victory’ category.

Humming cheerfully to himself as he approached his house, he walked straight to the door and swung it open. To his immense surprise, he saw the girl from before sitting daintily on the couch with his parents, sipping a cup of tea.

“And then, my dear friend Flying Princess Pony Head said-YOU!” Princess Butterfly spat out her tea in a blind panic.

“Surprised not everyone is named Diaz, huh?” Diaz said, chuckling. Ol’ Skeeves had mentioned the Princess was a foreign exchange student, but Diaz had completely failed to connect the dots that she’d probably be staying here. And apparently, to her dismay, so had the Princess.

“Marco, hello!” Angie Diaz said as she rose from the couch to greet her son. “Is that… a black eye?”

“You didn’t get into another fight, did you?” Rafael Diaz said.

“Oh please, it’s just a scratch.” Diaz replied. “And besides, the other guy started it! I just, you know, ended it.”

Rafael glared disapprovingly. “Son, we’ll talk about that later. For now, why don’t you show Princess Butterfly to her room?”

Diaz nodded. “Sure thing. Well, come along, Princess.”

Resigned to her fate, Princess Butterfly followed Diaz up the stairs. Following him into the first room, Princess Butterfly found herself in, by her standards, a relatively small room with sparse furnishings. Despite her best efforts to keep a straight face, she couldn’t prevent Diaz from catching a glimpse of her disappointment.

“Not good enough for you, Princess?” Diaz asked, smiling wryly and leaning against the wall. “We would’ve given you the executive suite, but that one’s booked solid through January, and it’s $650 a night on top of that.”

A spark of rebellion flashed within Princess Butterfly, and she drew her wand. Her mother had been very firm on the subject-any unauthorized or unnecessary use of magic would be grounds to send her straight back to Saint O’s.

But, for Star Butterfly at this very moment, no other action could come even close to feeling as necessary or proper.

“Sparkle Glitter BOMB EXPAND!” She shouted, feeling the magic energy pulse through the wand. In a flash, the sparse guest room was replaced by a golden Mewnian tower, identical to the one that housed her room back home.

Diaz, for his part, fell back the moment the wall he’d been leaning against vanished. Slamming against the floor, he gazed up in wonderment at the expanse above him.

“You… you…”

Princess Butterfly deliberately ignored him as she went to sit on her new four-poster bed. “Hmm, yes, I think that will do, don’t you think?”

“You cast magic!” Diaz shouted as he scrambled to his feet. “That was magic!”

Princess Butterfly rolled her eyes. “Yes, what an astute observation.”

“Hey, can you do my room? That was so cool!”

Surprised, Princess Butterfly turned to look at her new housemate. Instead of the aloofness and ‘cool’ Diaz had been putting on full display the entirety of the short time she’d known him, the boy appeared legitimately excited and eager.

Princess Butterfly grinned as she leaped off her bed. “Well, I suppose I could take a look…”

Diaz immediately ran out of the room and down the hallway, leaving Princess Butterfly to follow him as quickly as she could. Rounding the corner into the next room down, she found a room that was spaciously similar to the former guest room, but decorated much more to Diaz’s… tastes. Posters hung from every available surface depicting what Princess Butterfly could only assume were musical acts of some variety, decorated with fonts stylized to the point of illegibility. There were also pictures of carriages in the earth style, particularly the seemingly highly impractical variety which only had two wheels. In the corner sat what appeared to be a strange type of lute. Everything else, unfortunately, was practically covered in discarded or dirty clothing.

Princess Butterfly had a flashback to when she’d once spied her father’s room in the castle, and nearly retched.

Diaz ignored her completely, and was already gushing over his desires. “So, could you, like, put a skylight in here? Or, oh, maybe a spot where I can set up some amps! And oh, man, if you could fit a motorcycle in here, I bet Jackie would freak when I told her! She’s really into that skating stuff, but I bet a motorcycle would-“

Princess Butterfly smiled. “Alright, Diaz, hold on, I have this.” Holding the wand aloft, she began speaking the words as they appeared in her head-but almost immediately, she could tell something had gone wrong.

Mystic Room Suck Transform!”

Almost immediately, a black portal appeared in the center of the room. Objects throughout the room began shooting through the portal, and Princess Butterfly was nearly knocked off her feet by the onrush of wind. Grabbing onto the shocked Diaz, she latched onto the doorframe and pulled them both through, slamming the door behind them.

Before she could catch her breath, Diaz was already standing and shouting. “Suck? SUCK? Why was the word suck in that spell?!”

Princess Butterfly could barely respond. She hadn’t meant for it to come out that way-of course she didn’t-but she couldn’t find the words to defend herself. Instead, she merely stood up and began walking down the stairs.

“Hey! I’m not done… wait, where are you going.”

“I’m leaving!” Princess Butterfly shot back. “If you’re going to be here, then I’ll just find someplace else to stay!”

“Wait, Princess-“

Ignoring the boy behind her, and filled with rage and embarrassment, Princess Butterfly marched right out the door, and slammed it back shut with her wand the moment before Diaz could reach it. Grinning slightly at the loud wooden THUNK, Princess Butterfly continued right down the driveway and didn’t look back.


Diaz had messed up, and he knew it.

He’d known right from the second he saw the Princess’ face that she hadn’t meant to destroy his room, and he’d exploded at her anyway. Between that and his cheerful abandonment of her earlier in the day, and he wouldn’t have blamed her if she hated him. And, for the most part, he’d earned it.

Sailing on his bike through the warm autumn night, Diaz continually looked for any sight of the Princess and her poofy blue dress. It had already been several hours since she’d disappeared, and he was slowly giving up hope-but he knew that, even if she was magic, she was still lost and alone in an unfamiliar place. And, though he hated to admit it, he would have never have been able to forgive herself if she became lost or injured because of him.

Then, he spotted the golden crown of Hamburger Monarch.

Peddling as fast as he could, he was rewarded by the relieving sight of Princess Butterfly, standing right in the middle of the drive-thru lane, shouting at the ordering window.

“I have said it once and I’ll say it again, I demand to speak to the sovereign of this realm!”

“Ma’am, please, this is a drive-thru.”

“Princess!” Diaz shouted, waving with an outstretched hand.

Startled, Princess Butterfly turned and immediately buried her hand in her face.

“Hey, wait, wait, I just want to say something.” Diaz said as he rolled to a stop, and hopped off his bike. “Look, I know I was being a jerk before, and it’s not your fault. You didn’t have a choice to live with me, and heck, I bet you didn’t even have a choice to come here.”

Princess Butterfly looked up, and suddenly stared at something behind him. “Uh, Diaz-“

“And I get it, that’s not fair. So look, I don’t know how long you’re gonna be here, but I’ve got some other places I can stay until then. You seem like a nice person, and I don’t want you to-“


“Get hurt because of something dumb that I said, since-“


Finally getting the hint, Diaz turned around and found himself looking straight into a menagerie of horrors. About a half-dozen monsters were arrayed in a semi-circle in front of him, all surrounding what appeared to be some kind of diminutive bird… thing.

“Well, Princess Star Butterfly, we meet again!” the creature chuckled. “You may have escaped Saint Olga’s, but you won’t escape my clutches this time.”

“Woah, hey, hey, what’s going on here?” Diaz said, raising his arms. “You guys all know each other?”

“That’s Ludo!” Princess Butterfly exclaimed. “He’s after my wand!”

“And you guys are like, monsters and stuff?” Diaz asked, walking over to one of the hideous creatures before him. “What are you, like a deer… guy?”

“My name is-“

“HIS name isn’t important right now!” Ludo shouted. “What’s important is-“

“Hey there, buddy, just relax!” Diaz said, resting his hand on the confused deer-creature’s shoulder. Twenty feet away, Princess Butterfly was practically dancing with confusion and anticipation, but Diaz put her out of his mind. “Why can’t we all be friends? I mean, I just met this girl, there’s nothing saying I can’t help you get that wand.”

Princess Butterfly looked like she’d been shot. “Diaz, what are you saying?!”

“REALLY?” Ludo said, and began walking forward. “You know, we could always use some extra muscle on our team, and-“

Before he could finish, Diaz swung his foot forward as quickly as he could. Connecting his foot solidly with Ludo’s chest, he sent the monster flying straight through the take-out window of the neighboring restaurant.

Before any of the other monsters could react, Diaz reached into his pocket and wrapped his hand around a pair of gleaming gold-plated brass knuckles. Twisting around, he sucker-punched the deer-creature as hard as he could, sending the creature down and wheezing.

But the deer-creature was just one monster-and it didn’t take long for the rest to come to their senses. Rapidly, the monsters began to surround Diaz, and then slowly closed in.

“Run for it, Princess!” Diaz shouted, glancing nervously at the approaching creatures. “I’ll hold these jerks off!”

Almost too quietly to here, Princess Butterfly replied “I’m not running anymore.”

A second later, one of the monsters-some kind of overgrown frog-leaped at Diaz, only to be caught in midair by a pink blast and sent flying into the pavement a dozen yards away.

Shocked, Diaz turned to Butterfly, still clutching her smoking wand. “You can fight with that thing?”

Grinning, Princess Butterfly nodded.

Smiling from ear to ear, Diaz turned back towards the now clearly nervous monsters, and cracked his knuckles. “Well then Princess, let’s dance.

The fight, as it was, ended shockingly quickly. The monsters were tough, there was no doubt about it-but between Diaz’s honed street-fighting skills and the Princess’ mystical wand, it wasn’t long before the assembled monsters had found themselves groaning and lying face down in the broken pavement of the ruined Hamburger Monarch parking lot.

Breathing heavily, Diaz watched as the monsters slowly crawled away, escaping through some strange portal. Then, without warning, he felt a gentle hand upon his shoulder.

“Diaz… thanks for the help back there.” Princess Butterfly said. “I really mean it.”

“Aw, it was no sweat.” Diaz replied. “Those guys weren’t even that tough. And besides, it was your wand doing most of the work. I couldn’t believe that thing!”

Princess Butterfly nodded graciously. “Well, you certainly weren’t letting up any slack with that weapon of yours.”

“Oh, you mean this?” Diaz lifted up the gold knuckles. “Cool, huh? I lifted them off some kid heading to Karate practice.”

Princess Butterfly laughed, shaking her head disapprovingly. “Diaz, you’re such a… ruffian!”

Diaz smirked. “Well, pardon me, my gracious, perfect Princess.”

Princess Butterfly flinched involuntarily, then laughed again. “Well, I suppose we should head home.”

“We? Oh, so you can stand me, now?”

“I suppose you’ve proven your more… admirable qualities.” Princess Butterfly replied. “Perhaps I may even make a model citizen out of you!”

“Pff, please. Hang out with me, and you’ll be helping to bring down civilized society in no time.”

Princess Butterfly looked up at the night sky, and began walking back in the direction of home. “I suppose we’ll have to see.”

Diaz paused for a moment before skipping forward to follow. “I suppose we shall.”

(submitted by aceb133)

Dangerous Eyes

Originally posted by franceskray

Warning: swearing, alcohol, and hints of smut 

“I don’t want to repeat myself again,” the drunken man said as he slowly approached Michael with a knife in his hand pointed straight at his chest.

This has been a normal scene for Michael ever since you left him four weeks prior. He never fully got over you and it didn’t help that you left some of your clothes in his flat. He spent his nights drinking at varies pubs in Birmingham and days secretly watching your every move. You became some sort of obsession to him, an unhealthy one. And all of that led up to this night…The night you moved on.

Like clock work you left your job as a nurse at exactly 6:10 right before Claire comes in for her shift. You walked down the familiar streets and alley ways to get to your flat. You knew he followed you…how could you not. He had heavy footsteps!

You had a date tonight. One of the doctors at the clinic you worked at asked you to dinner. James. Tall, sandy blonde, brown eyes James. James was the opposite of Michael in every way. James listened to your problems at work, all Michael did was suggested you quit and work at the bidding house with Pol and Esme. James eyes held love and kindness behind them. For James grew up in a nice family in Northern England. Michael eyes looked…wrong. Like something was constantly giving him grief. His eyes changed since the first time you met him. Those eyes held wonder and joy yet didn’t look innocent. These eyes only knew pain and hatred. He’s eyes scared you now. 

“Michael if you’re just going follow me then can you be a gentleman and do it by my side,” You called out behind you to the stalking boy.

“(Y/N), I’m not following you. Just walking home, that’s all,” He quickened his pace to match yours. Hands tucked in his pockets, hat covering his eyes.

“Why do you lie to me,” You chuckled and continued your walk home.

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I Would Do Anything For You

One shot
Summary: reader, (sister) was in school, and a demon comes across the reader and Dean and Sam come to the rescue, along with a new character, Jake.
Reader: 14
Sam: 16
Dean: 18
Warnings: Language, graphic?

Tell me if it doesn’t work! My past fics have had some trouble with the keep reading sign so please tell me if it is being stupid so I can try and fix it!

Readers POV

As you walked out of the office of your new school with your brothers by your side, you immediately knew that this was going to be an unbearable month. You never wanted people to see that your older brother, Dean, was your older brother. You love him, but the girls in every school you go to, always fall head over heels for him. Sometimes literally. You just wanted to be able to fit in, and now that everyone saw you with Dean, you knew that you are going to be known as “the girl with the hot brothers.” Girls thought that Sam was cute, or so you heard, but according to them, he is nothing compared to Dean. I never understood this.

“Looks like I got to go to my first class, see you after school.” You say quickly to Sam and Dean as you start to speed walk away from them to your first class.

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Imagine: Jimin (Water Works)

Imagine you are sitting in front of your mirror, carefully removing the make up you had been wearing during the day. It’s late at night, and you and Jimin are just about finished getting ready for bed. In fact, Jimin was laying over the end of the bed, half asleep as he watched you clean your face.

You glance back at him through the mirror as you remove eye make up, seeing that his eyes are closed and his chest is rising and falling steadily with sleep. Unfortunately, glancing back at him was a mistake and you promptly stab yourself in the eye with a swab. Immediately the make up remover beginning to burn at your eye. Reflexive tears well up and fall down your cheeks as you let out a sound half way between a gasp and a shriek. 

“Y/N?” Jimin asked sleepily, half opening his eyes a looking towards you. He saw the tears and assumed the worst, sitting up in an instant. “Why are you crying? Don’t cry!”

Still half asleep, he came across to wrap you in a hug, kissing your cheek a couple times to get rid of the tears. “Don’t cry” he kept repeating, “Don’t cry.”

“I’m alright” you said with a slight laugh. “I just stabbed myself in the eye.”

Jimin drew back slightly to look at you, trying to be stern before giggling. “Aish” he said, flopping back down on the bed. “You scared me. I thought you were actually crying.”

You rolled your eyes, having finished cleaning your face and putting all the things away. It wasn’t long before Jimin spoke up again, his voice slurring with drowsiness. 

“Now come and cuddle me before I fall asleep.”


I was going to work on requests but unfortunately I have to write a report about the French Revolution, the people who live in my dorm are very loud and very drunk and I lack any kind of focus haha…

I’ll try again tomorrow. Until then, enjoy sleepy fluffy Jimin.

- Quillfire

“She Wants to Sit on Your Face.” [Dylan O’brien]

Originally posted by noches-de-llanto

New writing style. From now on I will be writing in First point of view instead of third person unless I feel the need to write in third person. Hope this doesn’t change anything :). I will still continue “can you let your baby be my girl” in third person though but not new imagines like this one.

Warnings: a little bit of oral smut. Time-Jump.

y/bf/n: your best friend’s name.

y/n: your name

Song to play while reading. 

Another song to play while reading this.

I have been standing in line to meet the cast of teen wolf for about thirty minutes. The line had been long, my best friend and I were finally two people away from coming face to face with an adorable sex god, of course the rest of the cast was there and I have been really excited to meet them especially tyler as well, but Dylan. Oh he was another story, I was basically how Stiles was with Lydia in season one. 

I loved his acting, and when he’s not acting, his ability to be such a funny person without ever being rude. From what I’ve seen. Fame hasn’t changed how he portrays himself at all. I really wished I knew him personally, but the chances of that can make me laugh for hours. 

The person in front of us has finally got to the front. Since I was closer now, I could hear his voice, and it was angelic. After two-three minutes, He hugged the girl in front of us as she was starting to move to the rest of the cast. 

Everything started going in slow motion now or at least it felt like it. I couldn’t believe it, he was right in front of me. My best friend started approaching him as so did I only slower. She greeted him first as he smiled beautifully as he hugged her.

His eyes then narrowed to me and I felt a little anxious. His smile disappeared as his eyebrows raised a little. Instantly I felt subconscious. Did I have something on my face? Was my outfit not good? Did my hair look like a mess? 

“Hey, come here!” His smile returned, as he was now greeting me with open arms. Suddenly everything I planned to say to him vanished.

 I couldn’t remember what I wanted to say. Do you ever plan a conversation in your head in case a certain situation comes up, even though you know the conversation won’t turn out that way because people don’t follow your brain’s script? 

Yeah well my brain’s script was corrupted right now. I quickly hugged him hopefully he liked the scent of my perfume. Yes I know, pathetic but I couldn’t help it.

“Well aren’t you a shy one?” I started pulling away, I could still feel the vibrations of his voice. Amazing.

“Shy?” y/bf/n chuckled.

“This little shorty is far from shy.”  Oh please don’t do it y/bf/n. Please don’t bring up something embarrassing. 

“She once told me that she wants to sit on your face.”

“No I didn’t.” I denied like a logical person would.

“Oh really Then who is this? ‘Oh my god I want to strangle him with my legs!!’” She moaned a little mocking me.

Dylan was watching this whole exchange and I was embarrassed by every second of it.

“I do not talk like that!”

I was cursing so much in my head right now. I could feel my cheeks heat up as I was face-palming myself. Dylan literally heard all of that come out of her mouth! I didn’t know what to do, but I knew I had to look at him again some time.

“Why.” I glared at her, as I face-palmed myself for the second time but this time for a shorter amount of seconds. I decided to glance at him now, he was laughing shyly looking down. I’m sure he didn’t hear that from fans often. 

Of course in person I mean, online people even say they want him to stab their pussy along with calling him daddy or dad. 

“That’s very, descriptive.” He replied. 

Well this day turned out way different than I thought.


Dylan’s POV.

The day went well. I was getting ready for bed in my hotel room, brushing my teeth and face was the last task of the day.

As I finished, I laid on my bed. There was something I couldn’t get off my mind. It was that sweet fan and her best friend that confessed A LOT about her in a matter of seconds.

I remember her name very quickly. Y/N. She was so beautiful, I couldn’t help but stop my tracks when I first caught a look of her. Not to mention, she smelled heavenly. My thoughts soon started drifting to heroutfit though, and that skirt she wore.

The words, She wants to sit on your face and strangle him with my legs kept echoing through my head when I thought about her outfit. I started to imagine myself underneath her, eating her out, and It made me hard.

Did I stop these thoughts of mine? no. Did I feel guilty about thinking about a fan like that? yes. It felt unprofessional of me. 

But. I. Just. Couldn’t. Stop. So I just drifted to sleep as the imaginations became more vivid.

My dreams were very interesting that night.


(Time Jump)

Two years later, Y/N and I were now very close friends. It just happened, she started working on making films and tv shows, she was in charge of the editing and capturing the scenes together once they were filmed. This made it difficult to not bump into her.

She had worked with two movies I had done. Of course, when I saw her again last year she wasn’t the shy fan I had met.

She still was a fan last year but she had hid it well. Now, she sees me as an annoying dork who always texts and calls her about the most random things. 

Your POV.

My phone kept ringing making me lose focus every minute Dylan called. What did that annoying bastard want now? I was getting sick of it, so I gave up.

“What.” You sighed picking up the phone.

“It’s about time women.” He did a funny accent.

“Dylan I’m working.” I  laughed. I couldn’t stay annoyed with him for long.

“You’re still at work? It’s so late, I bet you’re just doing tomorrow’s work like you always do. I bet you’re even the last one there.”

I looked around, yep. No one else but me. How did he know this?

“Because I’m outside and no other car is parked here except yours.” I didn’t realize I had blurted out that question out loud until he responded to it.

 “Let me in”. his laugh was heard from the other line as soon as he knew he was right.

I quickly walked out of the editing office, as I passed the current movie set.  Unlocking the door, there he was in the flesh. Walking him to my dark office that only had a little lamp on, he set himself on the couch I sometimes slept on when I had to work a lot.

He was wearing light grey sweatpants and a black shirt. His hair was up in the usual way, and I could tell he recently shaved his facial hair. I see Dylan as a regular friend now but sometimes, I still want to jump on him like I wanted two years ago.

That feeling lasts one second before I stop myself though. 

“Are you hungry?” He spoke interrupting my illegal thoughts, that’s when I noticed the plastic plate with a wrapped foil around them as he was also carrying one soda with a straw. 

“Yes! I was craving tacos so much right now. Could you read thoughts?” I smirked, Dylan knew my appetite too well.

“I wish.”


I grabbed the food and sat next to him on the couch. He watched as I ate the first out of three tacos I had. Good thing I didn’t notice until now because I hated when people stared at me while I ate.

I always felt like I looked like a dumbass eating. Once I noticed his stare I turned to him as I finished eating the first taco. It made me wonder what he was thinking.

“Oh my god did you eat already? Sorry, here.” I offered him a taco, his face only refused. “I ate a while ago, thank you. I’m not hungry,” I nodded and kept eating. I was kind of glad, I was really hungry.

“-for that at least.” The last few words of his sentence caused me to turn around again, he was staring down at my bare legs. Shit did I miss a spot when I shaved my legs?

After five minutes, I finished eating. He kept giving me those stares again though. Annoying because I was now aware. What was happening with him today? He was more serious than usual. 

“Remember the first time I met you Y/N?” My eyes widened at the thought. The things that were said still haunt me.  

“When your y/bf/n said that you wanted-” This is the first time he had brought this up.

“DON’T you dare say it Dylan.”

“You really had a thing for me back then didn’t you.” He cracked up.

“Well I don’t. That was before I knew how you really were.” I felt a blush creep on my face.

“You wanted to sit on my-” That was it, I was getting fezzed up. I decided I was going to cover his mouth to prevent him from saying what he was going to keep mocking me about.

He unexpectedly moved back as I had to hover over his stomach to shut him up. I didn’t noticed the distance between our faces because my main task was to stop him. 

“Okay. I won’t say it.” My oblivious self believed it as I removed my hand and backed up a little. 

“Sit on my face.” Dammit. 

My eyes snapped back at him in annoyance, “You said you weren’t going to say it! Ugh!” Just as I was about to get off him he grabbed my wrist and pulled me as close as he could to him.

“No. Y/N. I mean, I want you to sit on my face.” His expression showed something I’ve never seen before. Lust. He didn’t seem to be joking. Where was he going at?

 His hands started roaming my hips, he kept them there for a little. His lips suddenly attacked mine. I was struck.

Of course kissing back wasn’t a problem for me. His lips felt so good. It made me crave more. I wanted them everywhere. I wanted his lips to kiss all over my body. 

His hands unzipped my skirt. “You were wearing this skirt when I met you. That’s why when I saw you today, it made me think of that day. Today I wanted nothing than to rip it off you.”

“That night I wanted so badly to pleasure you. To make you moan my name.”

He literally just said he was thinking about me sexually that night. Holy shit. What. the. Fuck. I turned him on. Damn.

He continued as my panties were taken off quickly.

“I want to taste you so bad.” His voice shivered through my ear. 

He wasted no time as he pulled my legs closer and wrapped them around his face. It was as if I was wrapping paper and he was the birthday present. The second his tongue touched me. I melted.

He was licking my clit so eagerly, it was as if it was his job. His hands tightened my legs and pushed them further into him. It was as if he didn’t want to miss a single place. “oH my god.”

“DON’T STOP.” His mouth kept going at it for many minutes, touching me more harsher the more I begged. 

I didn’t know I needed this so bad until it happened.

He felt so good, I gabbed the back of his head and pushed him more into me. He soon hit the right spot. Causing me to let out more various moans and cursing.



I finally cummed as I felt him smirk under me. “Let’s go to my house.” He seductively said referring to what we just did. “I want you to ride me on my bed.”

I repositioned myself next to him, as I put my clothes back on.

He looked at me and shrugged, “Guess I was hungry.”


HAHAHAHA. AHAHAHA. So I’m going to go take a cold shower now guys. Goodbye. I’m going to hell along with all of you sinners.

anonymous asked:

Hi i really love your blog! can you do a scenario about "You are Seventeen's stylist. Wonwoo see you as a little sister and friend but accidently he fall in love with you". I hope you can understand me because my English is bad, sorry.. loves xoxo 💚

Word Count: 1093

Genre: Fluff

|| Feminine

hun your English is great! No need to apologize!

Originally posted by allurity

Work was hard, and he wouldn’t stop telling himself that until you had arrived. You made his days brighter, you were like his best friend, his sister even and he knew he loved you. He’d be excited to get to work and mess around with you when you were choosing clothes for him and the boys to put on. He seemed to find joy messing around with you until you got angry.

“(Y/n)!” He yelled as he walked into the your office, attacking you from behind as you looked through the clothes. “(Y/n) (Y/n) (Y/n),” he said in a sing song tone. “How is my favorite stylist doing?” He asked as he pecked your cheek, causing you to wipe his affection. “Wow… I’m hurt,” he fake sobbed. Pulling a chair beside you, he looked at your laptop screen and smiled.

“Choosing outfits for our first performance?” He asked as he took hold of the mouse, placing his hand on top of yours thoughtlessly.

“Yeah, but I’m not sure what to get because they said cool and chic, but I’ve read the script and I’ve seen the dance and I’ve heard the song, but nothing seems to fit.” You complained, taking your hand from the mouse and pressing the down arrow to scroll through more clothes. “I mean I’ve got a gist of what I want, I just can’t find it.”

“Well maybe I can help you!” Wonwoo beamed, “but first, let’s go get lunch.”

He took you out for lunch at your regular eatery -the cafe down the street, and ordered the usual as you paid attention to your tablet. You looked at the different outfits and accessories you had narrowed it down to and rubbed your temples. “Wonwoo, how about these?” You asked lively, trying your hardest to throw your stress away.

He nodded his head as he chewed his food deliberately. Taking the tablet away from you, he scolded with a full mouth and picked up your fork, stabbing a piece of your food and shoving it in your mouth. You chewed thoroughly before swallowing and yanking your fork from his hand. “I can feed myself Wonwoo.”

He laughed joyously as he leaned over the table and patted your head as if you were a child, praising you for how well you were eating. “Good job (Y/n), ahh~ you eat so well my dear child.” He exaggerated, giving a hearty laugh as he saw you getting annoyed.

You stood backstage, handling the outfits like you normally did as the boys went and got dressed, scattered among the room. “(Y/n)~” Wonwoo sang, a sweet smile spread across his face as he approached you. “How do I look?” He asked jokingly, posing stupidly to make you laugh.

“You look nice,” you smiled, giving him a thumbs up as you turned back to the rack of clothing. You counted the outfits and gave a large sigh as you realized the person who was in charge of handling them had missed one. Mumbling obscenities to yourself as your gripped your pencil, almost breaking it in half as your hands grew red.

With a sigh, you took your phone from your pocket and searched through your contacts. “T’ what the hell?” You yelled angrily into the phone, scaring Wonwoo who was standing behind you, clueless as to what was going on. “Where the hell is the outfit? … Then why the hell do I only see 38 outfits?” You asked as you tried to calm down, your face turning red from stress. You hung up the call in anger and threw the device onto the couch beside you.

“(Y/n) are you okay?” He asked worriedly, his hand going up to rub your back instinctively. You nodded your head in a frustrated way and he sighed, pouting as he realized how mad you really were. The stage directors called them to the stage and he realized he had to go for filming, “I’ve got to go, but we should talk after this okay?” He suggested.

Preparing to walk away, he turned around towards you one last time before giving you a hug and pecking you on the forehead. “Please don’t stay mad for long, I don’t like it when you’re angry, you get scary.”

Wonwoo came back from the stage with a large smile as they had just won first place. “Hey (Y/n)” he sang happily, pulling you into his embrace he gave you a cheeky smile. “We won first place!” He yelled excitedly, jumping in place with you still in his arms. You smiled as you jumped happily with him, completely forgetting your anger and going along with his happy vibes.

“That’s great! Jihoon is one great producer huh?” You stated proudly, bringing your hand up to ruffle his hair as if he were a child. He gave another cheeky smile as he went up to grab your hand, accidentally looking you in the eye.

You both grew red as you stared into each other’s eyes, feeling a bit more than the normal friendly love facade. Wonwoo let go of you, bringing his hand to his nape awkwardly. “I… uh- I gotta go, I think we’re doing a V-Live.” He said as he ran out the room, blushing an extreme red.

You were in your office a week after SEVENTEEN’s promotions ended, resting from all the stress of putting thirteen individual outfits together for the boys to work with on stage. You lay your head down on your desk and hope to get a little rest, praying your boss wouldn’t come calling or one of the boys come knocking at your door.

Wonwoo peered into your office, smiling to himself as he saw you sleeping on your desk, a bit of drool falling from your mouth. He giggled childishly as he walked behind your desk, picking you up carefully from your uncomfortable spot, he walked you around your desk and laid you on the couch, resting your head on his lap.

He watched as you cuddled up to him, grabbing his arm as if it were a bear and shrinking yourself into fetal position. “You’re such a child,” he laughed. “An adorable child.”

He brushed your hair from your face and saw your sleeping figure, smiling joyously to himself as you adjusted yourself comfortably. Leaning down, he kissed your cheek and sat back up, holding his head up with his hand.

“What have you done to me (Y/n)?” He asked with a sigh as he closed his eyes

|| Admin Angel

Just Friends~Part 7

I can’t believe how fast this is going, I mean it’s already part 7 :’) 


-4 493 words 

~Rose is sinking in the thoughts of Jungkook.~

prologue, part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9, part 10

Originally posted by jiminiemini

It had know been weeks and I hadn’t talked to Jungkook again.

I had had the opportunity to see Yugyeom, he and I had started being friends again but not as much as before. The atmosphere had became awkward between us after that day when I told him I didn’t have feelings for him, I knew how it felt to be in a one way love and I felt terrible. It was the night I had went out with Jungkook. The night I had let Jungkook get a hold of me, when we had dry humped in the garden. “Rose. I love you. Please don’t let him hurt you.” were the words Yugyeom whispered to me. I can’t even imagine all the courage he had to gather to tell me his feelings and all I had managed to say was “I’m sorry.” Sorry? I couldn’t believe I had the nerve to say that, after all he had done for me, I could have at least tried to talk it out but in the end there wasn’t much to talk about. I was in love with Jungkook he and I both knew it and there was nothing either of us could do. I can still remember how disappointed he looked and it broke my heart. I wished things had been simpler. If only I hadn’t fell for Jungkook the fuckboy, I would have probably been going out with Yugyeom. Yugyeom was perfect boyfriend material. He always knew how to make me smile and how to treat me right he was ready to do anything for me, but my feelings ruined everything once again. They always did, because of them I had let Jungkook toy with me, something I never should have done because now being apart from him was even harder than before. I spent my nights waiting for sleep to take me away from my thoughts that consisted only in Jungkook’s pretty smile and soft lips pressed against mine. More than once I had let myself get off to the thought of his touch on my body and I hated it. Every time I would moan his name it burnt my lips. That name shouldn’t be coming out of my mouth but it did more often than I was willing to admit. It was wrong and I knew it. I was only doing myself more harm,  it was as if he had stabbed me and I kept turning the knife in the deep wound he had left. It was torture. I loved him and I hated him. I loved him because even though he had changed I still had hopes that the old Jungkook was there. I had caught glimpses of him through his sparkling eyes and joyful laugh and I knew in that somewhere was the Kookie I once knew. But I hated him more than anyone, I despised him. He had used me, he had took me and threw me away so many times, but my heart still couldn’t let go of him. It felt like it never would. 

Yuggyeom and I still went out for coffees nonetheless, I enjoyed being in his company. He and I had the same sense of humour and it felt like hanging out with an old friend even if sometimes the atmosphere was pretty awkward. I understood why he stayed with me, I was the same with Jungkook. I didn’t leave his side because even if it was a one way love I enjoyed seeing him smile, but unlike Yugyeom I hadn’t told him my feelings since I was scared of his answer. I was a wimp. I didn’t know how he coped with seeing me so often knowing that I loved someone else. Maybe he still had hope. Each time we laughed together I could see it in his eyes that I was breaking him a little more and it hurt but probably less than him. Just by hanging out with him I was destroying him but he insisted on seeing me. More than once I was tempted to cut everything off with him but seeing him made me feel loved so being the selfish person I was I never did such a thing. It was another reason that I couldn’t sleep at night but I couldn’t stop. 

It was coffee break at work. Because of my sleepless nights I needed all the coffee I could get. Jinyoung and I were drowning in work lately since Seunguri had enjoyed the party we had put together. I sat down at a table my gaze wandering over the big city underneath me, and I sighed. God I was tired. As I was stirring my burning hot coffee I caught myself thinking about him again. Jungkook. Why didn’t he call me that night when I left him? At the party I had left him just as he was unbuckling his belt. If I hadn’t got up he and I would have fucked. I knew it was the right thing to do, we used to be best friends and lately the only times I saw him it seemed like the only thing he wanted was sex. I wasn’t one of his whores I wouldn’t accept that but I still wondered what the feeling of his length inside of me would feel like. I was a bit disappointed  he didn’t  hold me back.  He let me leave and didn’t even try to contact me again. I had set my hopes too high as always. I drunk up my coffee piles of work still waiting for me and headed back to my desk. When I got there Jinyoung told me I had a couple of missed calls. When I checked my phone the 3 missed calls were from Jungkook. I suddenly felt anxious what was he calling for?

Why aren’t you answering?

I guess you’re at work.

I’ll come and pick you up there tonight.

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