and then i just wanted to throw photoshop out of the window

Color Adjusting for POC with PSDs Made for White People

Since there aren’t half as many PSDs or coloring tutorials designed for POC, I figured a better way is to show people how to adjust the PSDs or techniques they already have on hand instead.

Things we will look at:

  1. How to recognize white washed POC**
  2. How to fix it

I’ve divided it into 3 parts under the cut :D

**This is also for people who reblog things and want to know what is and isn’t white washing

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anonymous asked:

What advice do you have for a 14 year old who's trying to learn how to animate?

There’s a LOT of things that go into animation and I definitely can’t cover everything all at once (im sure you dont want me to either) so I’ll try to keep it simple!

But for forewarning, I take animation very seriously and can’t help but info dump.

1. Your animation isnt going to work immediately. it’s going to be awful. accept that and move on.

2. Don’t give up when your animation doesn’t work!!! i swear ive seen people try to animate for their very first time with like a walk cycle and immediately after the first test shoot they played they just dropped it and i was like honey!! honey no you made half of a single step and didnt in-between it. You aren’t done, thats why it looks bad! You don’t say a drawing sucks and throw it out halfway through drawing a single eye, you draw the rest of the face and see how it looks in the end. that’s how you have to look at making animation.

3. It’s a lot more work than you think it’s going to be. animation runs at 24 frames per second, that’s 24 drawings a second. some people do it 12 drawings or even 8 drawings a second, but no matter what it’s a lot of dang drawings.

4. Rough drawing rough drawing ROUGH DRAWING! when you start animating things, don’t even THINK about detail! for example, if you want to animate someone walking, animate a circle for the head and a rectangle for their body, that’s all the detail you need to start with. once that is COMPLETELY and i mean completely entirely animated to a point where you are satisfied, THEN you can start to add detail.

5. References!!!! they’re everywhere! and you need to use them! if you want to animate a bird flying, you either look out your window, find a video on youtube, or get a diagram but don’t just try to guess or it won’t work, i promise you

6. Try as many different methods as you can! everyone animates differently. maybe my advice won’t apply to you at all, these things are just what works for me! I have friends who animate from the roughest of rough drawings and others who start every drawing completely detailed. some friends animate from major pose to major pose and others animate frame by frame.

7. HAVE FUN! if you aren’t having a fun time animating, then what are you doing? Ask yourself this question and then figure out what you need to do to MAKE it fun! It makes the work better for everyone in the end!

Now get ready for a link dump!

other animation advice from yours truly! which will be somewhat repetitive

12 principles of animation

living lines library: archive of old animation tests for many movies

really good animation books (links to amazon)

animation programs

if you have any other questions, feel free to ask! some things here might sound like nonsense to someone with no prior animation knowledge and I will GLADLY explain in better detail

Editing Manga Icons for Skintone: A Guide

Well, as long as I’m in the process of editing these icons, I might as well throw a tutorial together for anyone who might need it.

As you’ve probably noticed, there are very few manga faceclaims out there with darker skin colors, which seriously limits FC options for some muses, since not everyone is comfortable with live faceclaims or can draw their own. SO, here’s a simple guide for how I edit my icons

I’ve found this method is easier with icons that are already cropped & resized, so it’s probably in your best interest to make the icons before editing. It’s pretty quick (even if you’re like me and use a crappy laptop trackpad); editing one icon usually takes under 1 min. once you know what you’re doing. 

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prince of cats

chapter four: my lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand

on ao3 || on ffnet
1 | 2 | 3 | 4

hey how is everyone? if you follow me on tumblr, you’ll know i wrote like 8k for this fic in one day, and hopefully i’ll be doing a lot more writing for it this week, so it looks like posting will be constant all the way through which is pretty nice!

thanks for reading! enjoy~

Marinette pulls her hair up into a messy bun as she makes herself a hot chocolate. It’s almost noon, and she slept far too late, but yesterday was a day. She had sat in Adrien’s kitchen for longer than she had ever imagined, familiarizing herself with the swoop of his hair and the way the corners of his eyes crinkle when he smiles.

And then she had gone over Alya and Nino’s and had screamed about it for almost an hour over dinner.

Marinette glances over to the window by the sink, where the window is cracked open. For some reason, she half expects Plagg to appear, purring and demanding something to eat. If she thought she had it bad before, after spending a few hours with Adrien, it’s infinitely worse.

She is totally and completely screwed.

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Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction writers I have sewing info to help you!!!

Miraculous ladybug fanfiction writers!!!! Hello! I absolutely LOVE reading fanfic for this show, I honestly have read 10x more fanfic than I have watched the show, I just love the characters and the wonderful stories you all create! One reason i love the show is because i am a fellow fashion designer student and I thought I would make a post to help out you wonderful writers who want some more fashion terminology or insight or whatever! Also if I say something wrong or if any other people want to add feel free to add and correct me I just want to contribute to this wonderful adorable fandom, I have only written one fanfiction before (danny phantom) and writing is super hard and i just wanna give some insight about being a design student!

- poking yourself with pins very true, happens all the frickin time, I have bled on things i’ve been making and have mini heart attacks

- college AU’s spending hours in the sewing lab and getting pizza and eating off of the pattern paper before a huge project is due 

- MOOD BOARDS!! making a board and using hella photoshop and illustrator, putting pictures to make a board of what inspires the outfit/line of clothing you are making 

- creating flat patterns on illustrator is something we have to do, it has the details of the sewing and stuff you gotta do

- I have read your saliva gets out your own blood so i literally started licking a light pink skirt i was making to get out the blood, which i didn’t even realize I was bleeding until the red splotch appeared

- I personally however have not cut myself with scissors while cutting fabric, you usually are laying a pattern on the material and will not have a hand close enough to the scissors to cut yourself, now Marinette is clumsy so if she tripped and fell and hit her scissors it that could happen but her cutting herself with scissors while cutting material is not something I have personally encountered

- when I make pattern for things i sit at my sewing table staring at a piece of paper trying to work out the math for different measurements, like how many inches do i need to make 10 pleats into a 26 inch waist skirt? how long of a hem do I need?

- before I went to college I would use wrapping paper for pattern paper when making my own patterns

- instead of using the word “mannequin” for what she is working on maybe use “dress form” both can work but this is just a me thing? idk

- another form of design is draping fabric directly onto the dress form and using pins to figure out the design you want

- forgetting you shoved a pencil in your bun and your parents looking at you funny, it happens

- spending WAY TOO FUCKING LONG in the fabric store, time moves differently there, you just stare and it can be really irritating to find the exact fabric you want to match the image in your head

- sewing for a few hours and forgetting to eat

- finding threads literally ALL OVER YOUR OUTFIT, if i don’t have at least 3 different threads on me did i really do anything?

- threads covering the floor bc you just throw them when you cut them

- dropping a sewing needle and doing a wide eye stare until you can locate the very slim sliver of metal before you stab your foot bc you should wear shoes but you don’t, (I have stabbed my foot with the non-sharp side of a needle, not fun)

- seam ripping, sewing one thing realizing you did it wrong and sitting there with a seam ripper for 10-20 minutes undoing what you did

- machine malfunctions: the bobbin (bottom thread) not matching up with the top thread and the stitches look all loopy on one side and you want to fucking throw your machine out the gosh darn window

- ironing fabric

- spending hours just pinning and minimal actual sewing, so many pins

- it has been X amount of days since stabbed with a pin (probably 0)

- everyone asking hey i need a button/hem/shoe/shirt fixed can you do it?(yes, i fixed the threading for a shoe some guy on my floor asked, honestly i did so much they knew me as the girl to go to if you needed something fixed sewing wise or anything arts and crafts related)

- also cosplays just today I was asked if i could make a shirt for my friend’s mom’s friend’s daughter

- i once drove to the fabric store to pick up more fabric and thought i don’t need to bring a swatch i know what color it is, it was ever ever so slightly off and i would have hated it so i had to drive back return it and get the right one (yes i brought a swatch that time)

- the smallest details bugging you: some stitches look a little wavy, the thread got tangled a little on the hand stitching, snipping the fabric a little too close to the seam, it’s the small things no one else sees that kills you

- cutting out fabric wrong and just getting frustrated and taking a deep breath, buying more and doing it right

- sitting down to work one day on a project, fucking up once, and just saying “nope, nope, i’m not even, i’m done for the day” , or after a long day and making a mistake and being like ok that’s enough i’ll fix it tomorrow

- almost knocking over the dressform and seeing your life flash before your eyes bc those are like upwards of $100

- SOMETHING REALLY CUTE: Last year i fixed two buttons and a sleeve of a shirt for this guy on my floor and i later learned he ripped off the buttons just so i could sew them back on and he could see me and talk to me (it was adorable but we didn’t work as a couple but still friends) but i figure maybe some chat or adrian would do bc he I had no idea i was just like how is this skinny boy popping buttons off his shorts??? (idk why but if you use this could you credit me? It’s a personal thing kinda and I also I just wanna know so i can read it and be like omg so cute)

- also one of my friends sometimes comes over and sits on the couch and we just talk and she watches me as I sew, its very nice and i feel like alya would totally sit and be on the Ladyblog and her and Marinette would just chat while she sews

I could probably think of a billion more but that’s all for now, if anyone has any questions or wants help or anything please let me know! I love sewing and miraculous ladybug but most of all is the beautiful stories you all create <3

(also if this does help you or you use stuff from this please lmk i would love to read your stories!)

I’m fucking in love with you - Luke Hemmings

Pairing: Luke x Reader

Word Count: 2,4k

Rating/Warnings: General Audiences, maybe some strong language. 

Summary: You are heartbroken when you see Luke with another girl at the magazines and you decide to end things. But someone has other ideas…

A/N: Please leave me some constructive feedback to improve my writing! Also, don’t forget to request new stuff here!

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Office Cohorts

fluff // There’s trouble bubbling up at work

With a screech, the chair in front of you was pulled up. You kept your face pointed down at your laptop, but your eyes didn’t dare take themselves away from the intruder who’d now sat down and placed his files and cup down. You waited for him to say something, better yet, stand up and sit at the other empty tables.

“Do you mind if I sit here?” He asked.

You inwardly scoffed. What was the point in asking when he’d already become well acquainted with the seat?

“Sure.” You finally said.

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Forgive Me Part 1 - Grayson Imagine

Hi guys, so this is a little story of where Grayson ‘cheats’ on Y/N in California, and she finds out when she’s back home in Jersey. It’s a little messy, but I can assure you guys it’ll get juicy.

It was a quiet Sunday afternoon in the small suburbs of North Jersey. You were sitting in your reading nook, off to the side of the kitchen, scrolling through what Twitter had to offer. It was a casual thing for you to browse through recent tweets subconsciously. You didn’t even know what you were reading half the time; as long as you were getting somewhat decently updated, you were content. It was until something caught your eye. You were almost too busy scrolling even to notice. Your thumb scrolled back up to retrieve the pictures that captured your attention. “Grayson…” your voice trailed off into a whimper. A bundle of pictures got retweeted on to your timeline of Grayson hugging and to what seemed like kissing another girl. ‘This can’t be happening’ you thought to yourself. It was as if a thousand knives got stabbed into you repeatedly. This can’t be 'your’ Grayson. Was he going to throw a year and a half relationship out the window for some hookup in Cali? Millions of thoughts ran through your head. 'Maybe it was an old photo that got resurfaced’ or 'maybe someone is just great at photoshop.’ You studied the picture until you realized all of your 'possible’ resolutions went in the trash. She was wearing your dress, he was wearing the shirt you got him for his birthday, and he was at the club he told you he was going to be at last night. Your heart sank further, and tears brimmed your eyes. How long was this going on for? Did Grayson have another girlfriend? Every time he left for California, was it just to see her? You knew it had to be more than a 'hookup,’ the girl was wearing your fucking dress. You couldn’t fathom cheating. Your friends always came to you when their boyfriends had an affair. But, now you? Now, I’m on the other end of the table. What was I going to do? I love Grayson with all my heart, but now you understand why your friends didn’t take your advice half of the time. Mixed feelings ran through your head. I wanted to curl up into a ball and just cry until human existence disappeared, but anger flourished through me making me want to punch a wall. You looked at the clock, '1:38 pm’ it read. It was 10 am over in Los Angeles, and knowing how Grayson is, there wasn’t one doubt in your head he wasn’t sleeping in. You were shaking at this point, your adrenaline pumping harder than it has ever before. “I love you Y/N. I’ll be good tonight and be a good girl for me back home ;)” That was the last text you received from Grayson. “What a hypocrite,” you muttered to yourself. You went back to your message log and decided to text Ethan. Ever since you and Gray started dating, you developed a brother-like relationship with E. He always gave you advice when you got into sticky situations with Gray. You couldn’t bring yourself to text Grayson right now, and by this time you knew Ethan would be up. He could never miss a Sunday morning breakfast with pancakes. 'Can we talk please’ was all you sent. Your hands were shaking uncontrollably, and a waterfall of tears streamed down your face. You brought yourself up to slug back into your bedroom. All you wanted was just to bury your face in pillows. You crawled into bed, already soaking your sheets with a wet face of tears. With that, you slowly drifted off into an afternoon snooze…

a match made in heaven //preview

Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader
Genre: Humor / drama / romance
A/N: Ah, yes, I’m posting another preview.. this one because I’m sort of iffy on it as a whole. I started writing it as a joke because of a group chat where me and my friends send each other the crazy shit we get on Tinder, but now that it’s shaping up to be a 10k+ monster of a thing, I’m just starting to reconsider it. I, ah, don’t really write outside of my niche angst comfort zone, so I’m just unsure about the quality and the overall feel of it. Do let me know if there’s any interest lmao. 

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear; you were not looking to get a boyfriend. After your last break up, a whirlwind romance lasting a whole three months with a boy named Jungkook who coincidentally both was and had a big dick, you had simply decided it wasn’t for you. Jungkook was not much in the way of stimulating and thought provoking conversation, but god was the sex good. The break up, on the other hand, was both messy and public and it had made you swear off relationships.

Congratulations! You have a new match!

It had not, however, made you swear off Tinder.

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every nancy drew game from best to fuckin bad

here it is, finally, my ranked list of nancy drew games. it’s fucking huge, so it has been placed under a cut. if you manage to read the whole thing, I applaud you. if you like LIE and manage to read past my scathing review of that, I REALLY applaud you.

my reviews of the games are subjective, which is to say only some of these games I find objectively bad (some really do have poor structure & handle themes badly), but then we all play nancy drew games for different reasons. what I want out of games is good mystery story with solid story structure, high verisimilitude (realism), and creepy shit. you might like them for a good emotional content, you might hate the scary games, etc etc. I bother saying this so that everyone will know I’m not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings with this; if we disagree on a game, we disagree because we have different needs/wants from these games. okay!

also, I missed a handful of games cause DAN was a mess and I abandoned them for a few years after that one. while I’ve seen walkthroughs of the games I’ve missed and am familiar w the stories & characters, I haven’t actually played them, so they’re missing from the review. those games would be: ICE, RAN, TRN, TOT, CRE, WAV. (maybe one or two more honestly idk rn)

with all that said, here’s a ranked review list of every nancy drew game I have ever played, starting with the worst:

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Monmongary Week: July 16-22

Due to a High Demand of like 3-5 people I with the power invested in me as The Official Conduit of the Ship Or Something declare the coming week of July 16-22 as Monmongary Week for some reason.

What is 

Once upon a time there was me, and back in like 2010 when I was on the verge of graduating high school in subrural Alberta I made OCs for the nearest urban population centres of importance, Edmonton and Calgary. These OCs have been in development for like over half a decade now and they’re very near and dear to my heart and you’re probably sick of me talking about them. 2010 me decreed for some childish reason Not to Ship Her Characters which of course made everyone ship her characters so around 2014 Hapo decided to Chill and Enjoy and Maybe Get Too Invested in the following stories

Once upon a time elsewhere across the country, one Windex Pasta Feta ( @randomoranges ) upon realizing that city ocs were popping up after some project revival thing decided to pull her garbage son Montreal from the trash where he was born to share with everyone in case someone else did it Wrong.

Once upon a time far closer to home, Edmonton resident Macher of Quatsch ( @quatschmachen ) after some particularly enticing creations by a Cowtown Coconut shipping both the Edgary and the Monmonton decided to bridge the gaps and start writing erotica for some reason because apparently that’s what you do when you are a grad student trying not to throw your suitcase full of library books out the window. 

The trio now takes turns thinking up angst between these three characters for some reason because we keep stumbling across songs or facts or weird ideas involving them just because we talk a lot for some reason and like causing each other pain. Apparently other people take delight in this as well. So Come on down, Other People! Have some fun.

How do

- Create a Thing about either the Edgary, the Monmonton, or even the Mongary or the Monmongary. It can be an art, it can be a story, it can be whatever you want it to be.

- It can be sfw or nsfw but if it is nsfw please tag it so we don’t get in trouble at work or we dont scar hapo for life before she’s had time to mentally prepare.

- Tag it as #monmongaryweek so we can all share

- Have a fun time, be nice, no need to be hatin’ on ships you don’t like or whatever. 

- Feel free to ask us any questions about the kids, we are all very open to that. Or you can just ask me and I’ll put all our answers in one place so you get a variety of perspectives or something.


Reference for Ed | Reference for Cal | Reference for Et and Et’s Tattoos

Quatschfic Masterpost | Pastafic Masterpost

HOT TIP: if you are a filthy mono-anglo like quatsch and i and you need help with your franch, pasta is a Certified Franco ™ and would love to help you.

Go Forth And Do the Thing

“I’m tired of being your dirty little secret-Nate Maloley

Everyone is always excited about school starting back. The new school supplies, clothes, seeing their friends, football games, parties every friday were all the rage. People see me as one of the ‘popular girls’ but those are my friends, i’m just me. I don’t even really fit in with my friends, I don’t really look like them, but that doesn’t stop me from loving them. They’re my rock, and I love them. They’re the only people I have let in. They’re the closest thing to a family that actually wants me. 

Originally posted by ithinkimightveinhaledyou

I like highschool, but I don’t love it. Its too much pressure to fit a certain way. Don’t be too fat, or too thin. Don’t be too sexual, bit don’t too chaste. Don’t be too smart or too dumb. Be yourself but make sure you fit in. Girls like my friends get boys left and right because they’re what highschool girls are ‘suppose’ to look like. Flawless skin, perfect shaped bodies, perfect hair, great GPA, amazing families, nice clothes and things. Me on the other hand is totally opposite. Boys look at my friends and fight each other just to breath around them, but not so much me. And its fine, I mean I’m used to it.

I love going to games and watching them get the crowd excited. I also like going to the games to see him. I’ve had a stupid heartthrob on this boy for years now. Number 90, Nate Maloley. He’s never noticed me and I never expect him to. 

Originally posted by accolalove

Tonight’s the homecoming game and I arrive early enough to watch the homecoming court be announced. I see my friend Elle walk down with her boyfriend and watch them smile and represent our grade. Then I see Nate and his girlfriend Roselyn walk down. He looked at her like she was the most extravagant thing in sight. You probably think I’d hate her or something, but I didn’t because she was the sweetest girl at school. We grew up together and still are friends today. She’s also one of my bestfriends and I love her. So I can’t be mad at her, its just a stupid crush. I’d rather her be happy then to ever know I like him. The crush will pass and everything will be ok.

Originally posted by iamnotimportant

“And this years 2016 Homecoming King and Queen are…..Nate Maloley and Roselyn Smith”,the announcer said. Everyone stood up and cheer.

“Hey (y/n), will you take a picture of Nate and I”,Roselyn asked handing me her phone. “Sure will”,you said taking the phone. They did the famous couple pose with her hand on the stomach and his arms wrapped around her. “Cute”,you said giving her the phone back. “These look awesome, you are seriously getting into that film school”,she said looking at the photos. “Yea, hopefully”,you said quietly. “Film school?”,Nate questioned. “Yea, its nothing though”,you said shrugging and looking around trying not to blush. Whenever he talked to you, you turned another shade of pink and you felt a swarm of butterflies fluttering around in your stomach. He made your knees go weak by the sound of his raspy voice. “Whatever! She took all of our senior pictures, and even got a letter from American Film Institute”,Rose said. “I was looking for someone to take my senior photos, can you do mine?”,Nate said. “S-sure, when is good for you”,you said nervously. “How about tomorrow around 3 right here”,he said. “Works for me”,you said giving him a soft smile. “Awesome, hey I wanna see some cheering for me in the stands tonight. Love you Rose”,he said giving her a forehead kiss and running onto the field. “I’m going to go get changed, i’ll be right back”,Rose said heading toward the gym. 

Originally posted by iaminfiniteus

It was now the fourth quarter and Rose never came back to sit with you. You sat there and watch as the boys scored another touchdown. The buzzer finally buzzed and the boys were still undefeated. You got up and walked down to bleachers to find Rose hanging out with another group of girls. You saw that it was the girls who made your life a living hell at school. They were laughing at something on the phone screen. “Hey Rose, are we still hanging out tonight?”,you asked. Her head shot up quickly and tried to get rid of the app she was on. You noticed it was some pictures of you someone had photoshopped making you look terrible. “Oh um nevermind maybe another time”,you said. The girls laughed at you as you walked fast to your car. “(y/n) wait, I can explain”,Rose said chasing you. “Its okay, I understand. I have to get home”,you said not turning around. You made it to your car and put your head down on the steering wheel and cried. “(y/n), cmon I wanna explain”,Rose said beating her hands on your window. You rolled down the window and faced her. “Did you make those photos?”,you asked hurt. “I did, but I didn’t do it to hurt you. I did it so those girls would like me”,she said. “Well it still hurt, and I didn’t expect it to come from you. If you were my real friend you would’ve never done that to me. I’m barely holding it together as it is, and you just made it a whole lot worse”,you said shaking your head. You rolled up your window and drove off. 

Originally posted by 0nly-an-illusi0n

The next day you wake up and get ready. You drive to the school field and see Nate is already there. You get all your equipment from your car and walk toward the field. “Here let me help you”,he said taking the tripod. “Thanks”,you said. “Ok, lets start with you wearing your letterman jacket and you holding the football. While he was posing, you got some amazing photos. You gave him three more ideas and got more photos. “I heard what Rose did and she cried all night because of it. I hope you know she is sorry”,Nate said while sitting on the goalpost. You took the picture and completely ignored him. “Okay, lets get you to pretend like you’re throwing the ball”,you said. “Hey, I know what she did hurt you”,he said. “No, no you don’t”,you said giving him a small laugh. “What do you mean”,he said. “You don’t know what its like not being at the top of the food chain here. You have it so easy, highschool lays perfectly in the palm of your hand”,you said. “How is highschool different for you then me”,he said coming closer to you. “Do you ever hear someone laughing behind you everytime you walk down a hallway. Or have boys bark at you or saying your friends are only your friends to make them look prettier. Or you’re bestfriend hurting you just to fit in with the other cheerleaders”,you said putting a piece of hair behind your ear. “Who are those assholes?”,he said getting angry. “Doesn’t matter, lets get these photos done”,you said handing him his jersey. “No, tell me who these guys are”,he said snatching the jersey out of your hand. “Some of the team”,you said looking down. “Why do you let those people get to you”,he asked calming down. “I don’t know, cause what they’re saying or doing is true”,you said quietly. Nate moved closer to you and you gazed up at his soft, brown eyes. “What those assholes are saying isn’t true. You’re the most genuine person I know. You’re beautiful, you’re strong, you’re brave,and full of light. You’re the strongest person I know for putting up with that everyday. You deserve more”,he said licking his lips.

Originally posted by lifeofvampirediaries

“And what’s that?”,you said starring up at him. He slowly moves closer and presses his lips against yours. It felt like magic, but also poison. The warm of this lips pressed against yours. The sensation took over your thoughts and began to kiss back. His hands inspection every inch of your torso and your hands found his hair. He bit your lips aggressively, and you tugged his hair. The image of Rose then popped into your brain. You quickly pulled away from him. He looked at you confused. You touched your lips and noticed they were numb. “I-I can’t do this”,you said collecting your equipment. “Wait, (Y/n)”,he said catching up to you. “Wait up would you”,he said pulling your arm making you face him. “What Nate”,you said embarrassed. “We were just, idk”,he said blushing. “I can’t be that way towards you”,you said adjusting your camera strap on your shoulder. “And why not, I like you. I need a girl like you”,he said. “A girl like me? What kind of girl am I?”,you questioned folding your arms across your chest. “A devoted one. A girl that will always be there for me. A girl who doesn’t care about status quo or highschool ranking. A girl who doesn’t care if i’m popular enough for her”,he said throwing his hands up. “I can’t do that to Rose, she’s still my bestfriend”,you said. “What she did to you, and you’re still trying to make her life better than yours”,he said raising his voice. “I’m sorry okay! I always make sure her happiness is better than mine. She’s the only person that gets me and I’m not losing her”,you said raising your voice too. “Why not, she’s terrible to you”,he said pulling you close. “Let me in and you won’t regret it”,he said. “I can’t do that to her, I’m sorry”,you said running to your car. You got into the car and saw nate running toward you. You quickly started the car and drove off. 

The next day at school you walked to your locker and saw your camera in there with a note: meet me in the janitors closet during 1st peroid -Nate. You took the note and crumbled it up. You walked to Homeroom and sat down. You saw Rose walk in and immediately sit by you. “(y/n), I’m sorry. I know what I did was terrible and I kno-”,she began to explain once again to me. “Its fine”,you said. “No its not, I know I hurt you and”,she began again. “Its fine”,you said interrupting her. You raise your hand. “May I go to the bathroom”,you asked. The teacher handed you a pass and you ran straight to the closet. You opened the door to revealed a boy sitting on the floor. “You came”,he said smiling showing me his cute little dimples. “I’ve decided I wanna be happy for once”,you said. “She came into class apologizing and I just couldn’t accept it and I-”you ranted but got quickly interrupted by Nate’s hot lips on your neck. The bell rand indicating it was 2nd hour. It felt as if time was going extremely fast while you two were in that closet. “We’ve gotta go, Chemistry test”,Nate said. “No, don’t”,you said kissing him again. He got distracted by your lips and dropped his bag. The second bell rang and Nate’s ear perked up. “I’ve seriously got to go”,he said kissing you once more and leaving the closet. You got your stuff and went to your locker. You grab your Chem book and walked into the lab. You noticed Nate was sitting behind Rose. He was leaning close to her, whispering in her ear and kissing her neck. You were disgusted and confused. You put down your book and got Nate’s attention. You were hurt, but for some reason you were expecting it. You felt tears spring to your eyes and you quickly got out of there. You ran to the bathroom and sat in a stall. “I can’t handle feeling like this anymore”,you cried to yourself.

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You dried your tears, fixed your makeup, and put on that fake smile you wear everyday. You held your head up and walked into class taking a seat. “Here’s your test”,the teacher said. You got out a pen and tried to concentrate but Nate kept trying to get your attention. You looked behind you to see he had moved up two seats so he was sitting behind you now. Rose wasn’t in the class room. “Shut up”,you whispered back. “Look i’m sorry. I didn’t mean for you to see”,he said putting his hand on your lower back. “Even though we all have the same school schedule”,you said shifting in your desk. “Look I was thinking maybe we could keep us a secret, you know sneaking around. Now don’t get offended, its actually really sexy. You and me being friends in the day, fucking at night”,he whispered in your ear making you shiver. Just then Rose walked back into the room. She noticed Nate switched seats and took the empty seat near us both. “Hey (y/n), we’re going to the movies tonight wanna join”,she said looking at her manicured nails. “No, I to watch my little brother”,you said finishing the test. “You have siblings”,Nate asked. “Yea, three older and two younger”,you said. You turned in your test and went back to your desk. You pulled out your headphones and turn the music up the the loudest setting. You didn’t want to hear about their date plans. You didn’t want to hear them speak to you or each other. You didn’t want to hear her giggle at his jokes. You drowned your sorrows with the graceful words of shawn mendes and gnash. Someone pulls out your earphone and you lift your head up. You noticed it was Nate. “Time to go”,he said smiling. You got up and got your bag. “Think about my propositon babe”,he said in your ear. Everyone was getting up and gathering their stuff. “No Nate, I’m tired of being your dirty little secret”,you said raising your voice. You did a sarcastic chuckle and shoot your head. You pushed past him and walked out of the class. The truth is everyone in that class either thinks theres three things about you right now: 1. you’re a badass’re lying or 3. you’re hurt. And the truth is number 3. Some people may have thought you were being strong but you were broken. You didn’t hate Nate, but then you also did. You still loved him and you began to cry.

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A really quick bouncing ball tutorial for Killian-the-meerkat . Click the pics for captions. Additional notes I wasn’t able to fit into the character limits:

This is a pretty standard animation exercise. There used to be a Disney test that if you could animate a decent bouncing ball in 30mins you got the job. The industry has become a bit more competitive since then.

But the bouncing ball stuck around because animation uses it in everything, and it teaches Volume Control, Timing, Squash, Stretch, Acceleration and Deceleration, Anticipation (the hang time), and Settle.

So, hang time. The ball spends a lot of time up there before coming back down. It’s pretty hard to get too much hang time. If your ball is coming down too quickly, throw in some in-betweens and put it on twos while up there.

Squash and Stretch: different from smears.  Smears are used for fast movements, and are animations answer to motion blur. You don’t have to maintain volume when doing a smear, but squash and stretch does need to maintain volume. Think of a rubber ball being pressed down. It’s getting flatter, but not smaller. That’s squash. Now imagine an elastic being pulled. It gets thinner as it gets longer. That’s stretch. Here stretch it being used a bit like a smear, but not quite crossing into that realm. Your muscles, skin and body fat have a lot of squash and stretch when they move.

Additionally, My ball’s entry is terrible. It should probably come in from higher, and my first bounce doesn’t have a very good arc. My settle gets a bit lazy too. Do better than me. 

I’ve got the walk cycle tut coming soon, but there some stuff I need to fix on it first. Plus you’ll want to know some of this stuff first because there is definitely a bouncing ball in walk cycles.

There are tons of really good bouncing ball tutorials out there, everyone does it a little different, but I find gifs convenient for these things, and wanted to animate one for practice.

I did this one straight ahead. You can also frame to frame it if you prefer, but this is simple enough to just dive into.

That’s all for now. Cheers!

emm-ey: Could you do a scenario were the s/o of the guys is taking secretly funny photographs of them and they discovered it wanting revenge 7u7.

(Yahoooo! Writer’s block is terrible and I’m honestly so glad I finally finished this! Please enjoy!)



“Why would you do this to me, (Y/n)-chan?” Kanato sobbed into his hands. The offending phone was smashed to little bits near the wall and you were really starting to get anxious.

You laughed nervously. “Would you be happier if I told you that you look completely stunning and drop-dead gorgeous in that pic?”

“Would you be happier if I told you that I want you to drop dead in front of me?” He spat at your person and wiped the flowing tears on his face.

You handed him a tissue. “I’m sorry,” you plainly apologized, “but if you’re in a wedding dress and Teddy’s the groom, it’d be a sin if I didn’t savor the moment.”

“It was a private affair of love and affection and you weren’t supposed to be there!”

Giggling, you shook your head in submission. “Okay, fine. You don’t have to worry about that anymore,” you stared pointedly at your beyond broken phone.

“(Y/n)-chan,” he sniffed, “you’ve made Teddy and I feel embarrassed and sad…” he tried to muster pity from you with his big eyes.

You looked up to the sky in exasperation. “I know, I’m a terrible person and I’m really sorry. Are you alright now?”

“No. I want you to do something for me before I can truly become satisfied.”

“Oh yeah? Tell me,” you were never one to turn down a challenge.

Kanato gently held your face in his hands and made you look directly at him. You blushed profusely and stared at him with the same ferocity he was giving you.

“You will wear a wedding dress that was made especially for you…”


“Then we shall head over to the nearest chapel…”

“Y-yes! Let’s go!”

“… and you will marry Teddy.”

“… Eh?”



“What is this, Bitch-chan?!”

Scratching your head nervously, you answered the distraught boy, “haha, oh! Um, you saw already? Oops.”

With a sheepish smile, you tried to grab your phone from his hand. Though his seductive green eyes were focused on the screen, Laito still managed to evade your grasp.

“W-when was this?! Bitch-chan! There are so many of them!” The pervert started to hyperventilate a little. He was the one who looked so distressed. As guilty as you felt, you were somewhat happy that you weren’t the embarrassed one in this scenario.

You raised your hands in mocking defeat. “It was a few days ago… I owed Ayato a favour and he told me to do it, I swear! I didn’t know you were scared of them!”

He looked at the pictures with a pale face. “My body has been defiled in such monstrous ways… and by my cute innocent Bitch-chan, too!” 

“Stop over reacting, princess. It was just a couple spiders and bugs I found somewhere! Besides, I made sure they weren’t poisonous!

“Bitch-chan,” he shuddered, “I can still feel their crawling hairy legs all over my body!

Rolling your eyes, you relented his dramatics. “Okay, fine. It was wrong of me to take advantage of your sweet vulnerable self. Are you over it already or do you expect some sort of ‘I’m sorry’ gift?” You raised a brow.

His seductive green orbs that were once filled with terror now shined with conviction as you said those words. Laito’s usual smirk was there, as if he were teasing. You glared at his change of attitude.

“Hey, pervert,” you bit your lip and said, “what’s got you smiling?”

“Ah, Bitch-chaaan~” he drawled your name. Laito sat on a sofa and pulled you on his lap. His heated breath grazed over your bare skin and you moaned in content. Your lips met in a lustful kiss and he could barely get his words out.

“Will it be wrong if I took advantage of your sweet, innocent and vulnerable self, Bitch-chan~?”




“What are you so mad about? It’s a masterpiece!”


“You’ll break Wall-chan again, I know. I crafted a monument! Also, I paid twenty bucks for that frame and I swear to god, if you break it, I will cut off that flowing emo hair of yours and sell it on Ebay.”

“Tch! Fuck off my hair! (Y/n), if my brothers see this, they won’t let me forget about this!”

“C’mon! It’s great! Just look at it! It’s beautiful! I made it the size of my window so everyone can enjoy!”

“Goddamnit! It’s not beautiful! You just photoshopped my face all over some car!”

“Awww~ don’t forget the texts, Subaru! I put in ‘such tsundere, so yelling’ and tons more! You gotta appreciate it a little, yah killjoy! Hey, what are you- DON’T THROW IT OUT OF THE WINDOW, IDIOT- great. Now you owe me twenty bucks.”

“Eh? Where are you going, Subaru? Off to get my money? Hehe, now that’s what- OI, whAT THE FUCK?! WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?!”

“I left it in my room when your mom gave it to me,” he wolfishly smirked at you, “Who knew you had naked baby pictures, (Y/n)?”

“Um, I, uh, I don’t-” your face flushed as you failed to remove the picture because it was too high up on the wall. Suddenly, your eyes snapped open in realisation as you figured out how to turn the tables on him.

“Ooooh. I see… You were lying to me, huh?”

“Lying? The hell are you talking about?”

“Mom didn’t give that photo… You probably stole it from my house, you pervert! Ew, are you some kind of pedo? I was a kid! You’re a lot grosser than Laito than you think, pervert! You probably have some of my panties, too!

“What?!” His face bloomed with a rosy red. You smiled devilishly as your plan to get him flustered succeeded. “I ne-never did that, (Y/n)! I promi-”

“Subaru’s a pervert! Subaru’s a pervert!” You screeched your mantra as you ran the halls of his manor.

“Fucking hell! (Y/n), shut the hell up!”


(Author-chan: if anyone can photoshop or find me Subaru edited in a Subaru, that would be great)

Reasons I Adore Undertale

In which I scream about everything about the storytelling to the visuals to the characters to the emotions to the complexity of this video game in a very happy, semi-obsessed rant. <3

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tutorial: hey amika how did you get that texture

ok a  bunch of people have asked me about my colours ive been posting lately and i think trade secrets are dumb and not hiding tricks up your sleeve keeps you on your toes. but yeah my textures are super easy, i consider it post processing.

- i’m using photoshop CC 2014 but im pretty sure you can do this with your version of photoshop. i’ve also had some people yell at me on twitter when i insinuate the GIMP isn’t a comparable program (unfortunately!) and insist that you can do anything in the GIMP that you can in photoshop, so, there you go.

- i’m doing this on a 300dpi image & you might want to mess around with some of these numbers if you’re working smaller than that.

Step 1: i colour my image. most of my shading happens in ink or not at all so my colouring is basically just flats & sometimes coloured lines. i only do shadow when i feel like i need to.

Step 2: i make a new layer on top of everything and fill it with any colour. then filter > noise > add noise, set it to 100%. i do uniform colour noise because i like the shimmery chromatic undertones but do w/e suits your purposes.

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Look Closer: the party scene just before the Couple's Game

Um, we really need to talk about something you guys. The scene after the Awkward Bay Window Moment. Trust. (And I don’t have gifs, so I’m just gonna do that thing where I throw this out there and hope someone gifs it for me. If you take it on and make gifs, would you do the whole shot please not a zoom in? Thank you in advance! 💛 @stilessdylan, @loveholic198, @girlmeetsship, @rock-for-ages any of y'all got a minute?)

For now, just cue up the episode and pay attention, I guess.

So, after the establishing shot of the house (complete with TERRIBLE photoshopped snow 😆), the first thing we get is this set-up shot, shown above. There’s a reason we got a panning shot giving us the geography of the scene beforehand. Cinematography grammar-wise, they did that so you’d know where everyone is. And you don’t need that information (i.e. where Maya & Riley are sitting) if the upcoming background stuff is just Lucas spying on Charlie. In a 22 minute sitcom, they wouldn’t waste time giving you that info about where everyone is if it didn’t matter (especially not in an episode like this one). They didn’t HAVE to show us, but they did. They want us to know *where* all the major players are. Very quickly we’re given the lay of the land. We get:

  • Riley alone in the Bay Window
  • Lucas behind the couch, (seems to be on his way somewhere but stopped? Also seems to be watching Maya.)
  • Maya walking by to sit on the couch (with a quick glance over at Lucas)
  • Charlie headed over to Corpanga
  • Dave & another kid heading over to talk to Lucas And then we have the Charlie/Corpanga scene, right?

Pretty straightforward, nothing else going on right?


Look again. And remember that TV IS NOT AN ACCIDENT.

Watch Lucas, just over Charlie’s shoulder whenever they cut to that angle. He’s having what amounts to probably his longest conversation with Corn Chip Dave ever. Lucas cranes his neck and looks over/through Dave & (?). You might think he’s looking at Charlie, but look again. We can see Charlie in the shot. If Lucas were looking at Charlie…well, he’d be looking at Charlie. He’s not paying attention to Charlie here at all.

Remember the geography of the scene. Lucas isn’t peeping at Charlie. He’s looking at Maya on the other end of the couch. He leans forward to get her attention and smiles a little at one point, look:

And that’s it. Lucas isn’t glaring at Charlie in the background, seething with jealousy. He’s also not looking up longingly at Riley, who is alone in the Bay Window. He’s carrying on what looks to be pleasant small talk with Dave & (?) while twice looking over at Maya on the other end of the couch, paying no mind to either Charlie or Riley.

When Riley comes down from the Bay Window, we see it at an angle which pretty deliberately shows us Lucas NOT paying any attention to her movement at all.

And remember, she’s been up there in the Bay Window ALONE this whole time. Lucas hasn’t looked at her. She walks right by and he doesn’t track her. For a boy who is, according to some, hopelessly in LOVE with Riley, Lucas sure is good at not looking at her.

Then we get “it’s the couple’s game, wanna play?” and THEN Lucas whirls around and says “what is it?!” and he’s looking at Charlie. And while you could spin that as being about Riley specifically, it’s kind of a hard sell as Lucas doesn’t even watch as Riley approaches Charlie right in his line of sight. If we take in the big picture instead of just the moment when Lucas says “what is it?!” through the end of the confrontation, then—given Lucas’s lack of any kind of overture or longing lovesick glances to Riley, his constant initiative in approaching Maya, and given the acknowledgment of awkwardness in the Bay Window scene, Lucas’s lack of concern for Riley and seeming lack of concern for Charlie in the intervening time, and given the way all THREE of them resist playing at first—the more logical explanation is that Lucas was seriously just “wtf gardner why would you pull out a couple’s game when you already know this is awkward as hell?” But then Charlie postures and basically calls Lucas chicken. And these are teenage boys, so…

And sidenote: Lucas asking Maya to be his partner is especially cute coming on the heels of “I’m not scared of anything!” considering what we know from the the sheep/bull metaphor monologue (“scariest moment of my life”), plus Lucas’s nervous wreck behavior. He looks pretty pleased when she agrees.

(Again though, I DO think some jealousy comes into play as Lucas realizes Charlie’s dates with Riley were similar to his—but more than that I think Lucas just doesn’t like Charlie and he can tell Riley doesn’t really Like him either. I mean she is SO SAD to know the answer to that card. And Maya’s initial reaction to that is EXACTLY like Lucas’s initial reaction.)

Anyway, I just wanted to point out what they chose to SHOW US on screen. You can disagree with my conclusions as to WHY we were shown this all you want, but the point is: we were shown Lucas’s behavior leading up to the “Ya scared?!” confrontation. And it was not the behavior of a kid who doesn’t like Maya/is leading her on, or who is desperately hung up on Riley, or was even LOOKING for a fight with Charlie…until Charlie busts out a couple’s game, that is. And that’s when Lucas finally starts to get PISSED.

He was already irritated at Charlie from the Awkward Bay Window moment (and just in general), but he seemed mostly over it for the moment. And then this dude who already called out the awkwardness breaks out the Couple’s Game? You’d snap at him too.

But yeah. Either way? Lucas tryna get Maya’s attention/look at Maya while he’s being nice and making small talk with Dave and the other kid whose name I don’t know? That happened. 😏

Windows laptops, basic principles.
Hey Jess, just a heads up that almost all the information about PCs in the PC post is… well… wrong. Windows 8/8.1 Pro IS supported by Adobe / Autodesk - it’s Windows 8/8.1 RT that is not. This is due to the actual hardware being different, not a protest about Windows 8. Essentially ALL laptops run the “Pro” version of Windows8/8.1 and will run all the software Windows 7 does natively.

If you have a Windows 8/8.1 PC / Laptop and want to make your desktop a bit friendlier (IE, start menu) there are MANY start menu replacements; just have a Google. Also be sure you are running the most up to date software version (Windows 8.1 Update 1, it’s free) as there are many fixes that make Windows 8 much more mouse friendly!

Personally I use and enjoy using Windows 8.1, as once you get used to the new “modern” environment (or disable it…), it’s a functionally better OS, is more secure, as well as being less resource intensive. However, there is nothing wrong at all with Windows 7, should your machine be running that. Please bare in mind that Windows 8.1 vs Windows 7 vs OS X is for the most part a user preference - all have drawbacks, all have benefits. Pick the OS you like to use; a Mac is not going to make you a better designer, and a PC is not going to make you a worse one ;)

About actual machines, you have a few ’types’ of laptops… It’s perhaps easier to understand when compared to a more streamlined selection like Apples;


These are pretty much MacBook Airs. Don’t buy one and expect to get serious work done. Sure Photoshop, 2D CAD, a little SketchUp will be possible, but you’re going to hit a performance ceiling really fast. These machines are designed for everyday tasks, email, browsing, some light content creation - not professional architecture software.

Entry Level:

Smaller, cheaper, less powerful machines like the 13 inch MacBook Pros (both retina and normal) fall into this category. These run on Dual Core i5 or i7 Intel CPUs, have integrated GPUs and usually have about 8GB of RAM (although this will vary per model). There are other differences like SSD vs HDD, “retina” vs “normal” displays, etc but that’s another discussion. Broad strokes here!

This type of machine will do you fine but you’ll still want to use the computer suite in your university. Photoshop, AutoCAD, InDesign (anything 2D) and a little 3D modelling should be perfectly possible - but due to the dual core CPU and the weaker GPU things like heavy 3D models and rendering are not going to go smoothly.

High End:

These machines will be spec’d similarly to Apples 15 inch MacBooks. They have Quad Core Intel i7 CPUs, Intel Iris (Integrated) GPUs, maybe a discrete NVidia GPU, at least 8GB of RAM (up to 16GB common), a good quality 15+ inch screen, and maybe even a Solid State Drive.

This is about as powerful as ‘consumer’ grade laptops get. If you want a machine that will handle almost anything you throw at it then this is your best bet.

You will pay for this kind of machine though, and such a powerful machine goes well beyond the “I want to do work on this” attitude, with such a machine it’s possible you wont need to use any computer suites at all.


These guys are the real-deal-no-compromise laptops, and Apple don’t sell anything like them. They are generally big, heavy, powerful and very expensive. Quad Core Intel i7 CPUs are standard (even more powerful chips available…), discrete NVidia Quadro or AMD Firebird GPUs, between 8 and 32Gb of RAM, Full HD to “retina” displays, SSDs very common etc etc.

All I’m going to say if all of the above is jargon to you then this is not a machine I would recommend you spend your money on. If you know you will push your machine to the absolute limit of what is possible on a laptop; it’s your money, do your research and enjoy your monster. But the average student running out and spending $$$$ on such a device when there is a computer suite filled with machines purpose built to make sure you don’t need to spent that money… well, it’s worth thinking about.

That list is the broad strokes of what kinds of machines are out there, there’s obviously everything in between… and everything below. It’s important you do your own research, buy a computer that suits your budget and usage - don’t spend £2k on a laptop when a £850 laptop would do you fine because you ”want to do renders” once a semester.

A few tips:

-Be sure the laptop you are buying has the current or last generation Intel i5 or i7 CPU (don’t go older, it wont last as long, don’t go for i3 or Pentium they’re not powerful enough).

-Be sure you are buying a laptop with a CPU with an “M” at the end of it’s unique name not a “U” or worse, a “Y”. “M” denotes that it is what is called a ‘full voltage’ CPU, in other words, it’s built for performance; unlike the “U” and “Y” (or ULV - ultra low voltage) series chips that denote a preference for battery life at the expense of throughput. (Intel Core i5-4200M Processor (3MB Cache, up to 3.10GHz) vs Intel Core i3-4010U Processor (3 MB Cache, 1,70 GHz) - which one is the correct choice?)

-Don’t underestimate the benefits of a high quality screen (ALL laptops shipped these days have “HD” screens, you want HD+ or FHD, or better).

- Try get at least 8GB of RAM, but you can often upgrade this later, find out if the RAM is user replaceable (Apples Retina MacBook Pros are a notable exception).

-Business class machines are not as pretty but last longer, have better warranties, use better components and often have more customisation options and less bloatware installed out-of-the-box… You will pay for these benefits, but don’t dismiss them as valuable features.

-An SSD can be a huge performance boost, if you’re debating getting a dual core  i7 over a i5 you’ll probably see better real world performance from upgrading the HDD for an SSD - it’ll cost about the same too.

-Your typical big brand high-street store will often rip you off. Know what you need, do your research, don’t get tricked into getting deal that sounds too good to be true - don’t spend more than you need to because the sales rep showed you their gaming laptops etc. Be smart.

Sorry for the worlds longest and most jargon heavy submission, but it really bothers me seeing people spending $$$$ on stuff they either don’t need or got conned into thinking is more valuable than it actually is (or less valuable). Your laptop could well be the most expensive single item you buy before starting uni, it’s important to understand what you’re getting so you can feel confident about it.


Awesome information about computers from anon!

Thanks for the submission ;)