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Prompt: Carver Hawke holding a baby.

“Okay, okay, easy now,” Dev says, carefully cupping his hands over Carver’s. “She’s not a sack of flour, Carver, now– Look, support her head, alright? There you go…”

Carver has never felt fear like this. He’s in his thirties, he’s been hunting down darkspawn since he was barely a man, he’s seen things he could never describe, horrors he’ll never forget. He’s cut down ogres, dragons, gone toe-to-toe with forces easily double, triple, his own. He’s seen friends and compatriots fall long before their time, heard the darkspawns’ haunting song in his nightmares. His heart’s never pounded like this, his hands never shaken or his palms sweated like this.

He has to hand the infant back to his brother so he can furiously wipe his hands on the coarse material of his pants, and he glares at Dev when he laughs.

“I can’t believe you’ve never held a baby before,” the elder Hawke teases, cradling the tiny thing in the crook of one bulging arm, her head pillowed comfortably on his bicep.

“Shut up, Deveraux,” he snipes back. “Unlike you, I haven’t been vacationing in Rivain playing nursemaid for the last six years.”

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@tallulalusa​ re FP vs. Clifford and Jason the Drug Mule (I’m trying to parse this out, so feel free to ignore):

To me it still seems like the same thing.  Yes, Clifford is running a large (international?) heroin drug trafficking ring, but Jason doing this ‘one time thing’ for FP to support Polly and the babies is still the same to me.  In one scenario Jason is threatening to send his father to the authorities, but does not actually do so.  (Why? If he was really against it, why threaten your father at all?  Why not just go to the authorities?  He has to have some ulterior motive - money? Power?) 

In the other scenario where Jason’s running drugs, he’s now getting his hands physically and metaphorically dirty by doing the exact same thing his father does.  Selling drugs for money.  Drugs that might have come from his father’s own drug ring, sending the money right back into Clifford’s pocket and further fueling his empire.

The only difference is scale.  Yes, Clifford sells to a larger client base and has a greater negative impact overall.  But Jason was planning on either handing the drugs off to dealers or becoming a dealer himself, thereby doing the same thing his father does, albeit on a smaller scale.  (Of course this also folds very neatly into the narrative parallels of the kids becoming their parents.)

Not only that, but Jason is now putting himself in greater danger by agreeing to run the drugs for FP, especially in regards to getting arrested and/or hurt by people wanting to get the drugs without paying, robbery, etc. etc., for doing so.  And since Polly was to meet him at the car that still had the drugs in it, the drugs he’s yet to deliver, he’s now putting her and the babies in danger by doing so. 

Again, Jason had access to liquid assets.  There’s no reason for him to be a drug runner if he’s that against Clifford selling drugs.  There’s something deeper in that refusal (akin to a Greek tragedy/insert son rebelling against the father sort of imagery here?), but the narrative refuses to delve any further on that point. 

The only side I can conclusively come down on is that Jughead still doesn’t know why Jason was murdered and so this is what makes the most sense to him.  That he didn’t want anything to do with Clifford’s drug empire.

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I painted my nails for the first time in approximately two months and they’re so obnoxiously sparkly and I love them. I also managed to do my makeup and feel confident about it. It’s sort of nice to feel good about my appearance after how rough things were earlier today.

Deku, once again rendering Todoroki awestruck 

(they’re 2nd years and Deku updated his wall to balance out his motivations)

morrigan in da:o: my mother taught me that survival and power are more important than beauty and pretty trinkets; one time she smashed a mirror i stole from a noblewoman just to prove her point

flemeth in da2, immediately after shooing morrigan off with the warden: (saunters up to hawke and co. like miss booty grandmilf wearing a custom qunari-horn wig, a corset that cost more than her house, and her titties hanging out of her shirt)