and then i just really wanted an au with an older stiles

Scavenger Hunt

Stiles/Derek, T, 2500 words, Meet Cute AU

Written for the following prompt:

“i picked up your bag at the airport but i can’t find your number so i’m about to embark on the largest scavenger hunt of all time by using your strange belongings to track you down” au

“Honey, I’m home!” Stiles calls out as he wrestles his roll bag over their entry mat.

“That’s still not funny,” Scott says, without looking up from his textbook.

“Once again, we disagree.”

Scott snorts. “How was the trip?”

“Fine,” he says, plopping down right in the middle of the living room to start unpacking. “Typical conference. Some sessions were actually interesting, most were boring as shit.”

Scott hums, already absorbed again in his reading. Stiles reaches for the zipper on his suitcase but then freezes—this is definitely the same brand as his suitcase, but he doesn’t remember this extra zippered pocket on the top.

“Oh, shit.”


Stiles grimaces. “I’m pretty sure this isn’t my suitcase. Goddamn it.”

Scott finally looks up, frowning. “Shit, really? How’d you manage that?”

“It was a redeye,” Stiles says, running a hand through his hair. “I was exhausted, in fucking LaGuardia, and I was just trying to get out of there as fast as humanly possible.”

“Is there a name on it? Are you sure it’s not yours?”

“Pretty sure,” Stiles says, feeling around the sides for the pocket. He sighs when he pulls out the little card and sees that it’s blank. “Motherfucker. This is definitely not my suitcase because I’m actually smart enough to put my name on it.”

“Sorry, man,” Scott says sympathetically as Stiles falls back on the rug with an anguished groan.

“What the hell am I supposed to do now?”

“Open it,” Scott suggests. “Maybe there’s something with their name on it.”

Stiles fiddles with the zipper. He’s nosy as hell, in general, and normally he’d be jumping at the chance to rifle through someone else’s personal belongings. But… 

“What if there’s like, dead bodies in there or something?” he asks, and Scott just stares at him for a second. Stiles rolls his eyes—that’s a perfectly valid concern. Or maybe he watches too many police procedurals, whatever. “Okay, fine.”

Stiles holds his breath as he slowly unzips the suitcase, but nothing happens when he lets the top part flop back onto their crappy, threadbare rug. There’s a Dodgers hat on top, and Stiles grimaces. “Well, they have shitty taste in baseball teams.”

He sets the hat carefully aside and keeps digging. The person is neat, whoever they are, because everything is folded, and all the dirty clothes are even all contained in their own zippered bag. At first glance, there’s nothing too out of the ordinary—phone charger, American Gods, Calvin Klein briefs. Fancy, he thinks. There’s a monogrammed leather toiletry bag (DSH, he commits those initials to memory), and he pokes through it.

“I’m gonna make an educated guess that it’s a guy.”

“Why’s that?” Scott says, finally looking somewhat interested in this mystery.

Stiles holds up an electric razor. “And that he’s maybe not totally straight,” he says, brandishing a little bottle of lube that’s about three-quarters full.

Scott rolls his eyes. “Lots of people use lube.”

“Yeah, but do you travel with it?” Stiles counters, and Scott sighs.

“No,” he admits. “Did you find anything with his actual name on it?”

“Not yet,” Stiles says absently. He continues to rifle through the bag until he’s pretty sure he has his plan of attack. “Okay. I’m gonna find out who it is,” he says with a determined nod, and Scott frowns.

“How? This is New York City! There are literally millions of dudes here.”

“It’ll be like a real-life scavenger hunt,” Stiles says dreamily, ignoring Scott as he carefully lays his three chosen items out on the coffee table. “This is awesome.”

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@lumenlight prompted me, “Sterek AU where Stiles tries to seduce Derek but Derek has the habit of only dating older people (Jennifer, Kate …). So he says no to Stiles and Stiles is really disappointed but by chance he keeps seeing Derek and with time Derek realizes that he may have made a mistake?”

Hope you like it!! 

~4000 words, rated M. (I don’t usually write smut, but I felt like this was that kind of prompt.)

on ao3

Stiles usually doesn’t venture as far out of town as the Preserve—there’s not much out here but trees—but today that’s kind of the point. If he’s going to start up a jogging regimen to prep for lacrosse in the fall, he’s sure as hell not going to do it in his own neighborhood, where all his neighbors can (and will) watch him flailing around looking stupid.

He doesn’t actually end up jogging at all, though, because before he finds the trail he’d marked on his map, his Jeep abruptly sputters and dies on him right in the middle of the road. That’s also about when it starts raining.

“Oh, come on,” Stiles groans, hitting his head on the steering wheel a few times.

He pulls out his phone to call someone—his dad, a tow truck, Scott—and there’s no signal. Right. Because he wanted isolated, and he got it.

There’s no sound at all except the drumming of the rain on the roof of the Jeep, coming down harder and harder, taunting him for being such a fucking idiot.

He thinks about waiting it out, but who knows how long that could take, and if he doesn’t make it back home in time for dinner or at least get somewhere where he can make a phone call, then his dad is probably going to think he got eaten by a mountain lion or something.

“Fuck it,” he mutters. He pockets his phone and keys, grits his teeth, and jumps out into the downpour.


He has to walk for about twenty minutes before he finds any sign of civilization. It’s a house, or at least part of one. It’s tucked away down a long dirt driveway on the edge of the Preserve and looks sketchy as hell. It’s been burned, badly, and even though it looks like maybe someone’s been fixing it up, it’s still not exactly what Stiles would call habitable. Part of the charred roof is caved in, and most of the windows on the second floor are shattered, their jagged glass gleaming ominously in the dim light and the rain.

Stiles would assume it’s abandoned, except that there’s a shiny black Camaro parked out front. That at least looks well cared for.

It’s that detail, plus the rather compelling fact that this is probably the only house for at least a mile and Stiles can feel his feet starting to rub raw in his wet tennis shoes, that finally gives him the courage he needs to squelch his way through the mud and onto the porch to knock on the door.

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anonymous asked:

I just had all the feels about baby Stiles, maybe two or three years old, meeting full-shifted eight-year-old Derek. And Stiles is just absolutely mesmerized by the shiny black pup with soft yellow eyes. They make friends. Stiles even sometimes naps with his head on that wolf's fuzzy belly. (cont)

And of course, as they grow up, he sometimes talks to the dog - as most pet owners do - about his day, or what he’s worried about, or how he has a huge crush on that boy Derek from across the street who’s WAY TOO COOL and would never notice him in a million years because Stiles is young and awkward and Derek is awesome and sportsy and older and did I mention awesome?


I originally planned to write a fic based on it but my brain is dead writing wise at the moment and going through my old drafts, this made me smile too much not to post. 

adore fics where Stiles doesn’t realise his friendly neighbourhood dog is actually one Derek Hale and I love even more when Stiles either hates Derek but Derek has a major crush on him or Stiles is pining hard after the cool boy at school/his hot neighbour and Derek is actually too awkward/emotionally constipated to try and snuggle with Stiles in any other way but in his wolf form. Seriously, I’d read this trope 1000 times over and never get bored. 

“He smiled at me today, Sparky.”

Oh god, why did he have to name me Sparky? Who names their dogs Sparky? It’s not even a cool loser name. 

I think I was cool?? At least, I was trying to be but then he did this thing where he tipped his sunglasses down his face and grinned and I kind of face planted the sidewalk. Fuck, I hope he didn’t see.”

I did.

And then, he came to History wearing a leather jacket. Can you believe it? It’s like he knows what leather does to me…I swear, it’s like he can read my mind sometimes.”


Kind of like last week, when I discovered I had a serious thing for guys in glasses after seeing Tyler Hoechlin in Supergirl. And then boom! He showed up to school, wearing glasses, Sparky. Oh my god, what if I have, like, mind control powers?”

How do I have a crush on you?

What if every time I develop a new fantasy, Derek feels compelled to do it? Shit. What if I end up into kinky stuff? What if he shows up to prom in handcuffs and a blindfold??

Very unlikely. Unless I work up the courage to ask you out by then and handcuffs and blindfolds are something you want to try out on prom night.

Maybe I should write him some kind of apology card. Would that be creepy?”

Probably not creepier than pretending to be a stray dog because every time I’ve tried to ask you out I forget how to talk.

Do you think I could ask him out in the card too? Like, P.S. I also think you’re really hot. Except for your bunny teeth. Which are adorable. Please consider dating me. This is Stiles, by the way.” 

Yes. Wait – adorable?

“I’m going to do it, Sparky.”


I’m going to do the deed.”


“I’ll start on the ten year plan tonight.”

Ten year WHAT? 

April 2017

This is a compilation of fics that I’ve read/re-read over the past month. Faves get a star ( ★ ). There is also a separate fic rec page for my favorites here and a fic rec sorter here, if you’d like to check those out. :)

MONTH: April, 2017 | (older lists)

▶▶ A Neutrino Walks Through a Bar by Moku
Teen And Up | 45,261w
Stiles had become the most popular matchmaker of Beacon Hills in less than a year. And he really didn’t know how that had happened.

▶▶ A Not So Easy Arrangement by hazelandglasz
Explicit | 5,314w
AU where Derek’s still the Alpha, and Erica and Boyd aren’t dead. Stiles and Derek have to fake-date because of werewolf reasons, but it shouldn’t be too hard because they’re already having sex together? And they’re great friends? Shouldn’t be too hard, Stile thinks, but he’s been pining away, and he was actually gonna ask out Derek for real, because he kinda loves him, but now he just feels weird. And he’s still finding ways to fall in love with Derek.

▶▶ accidentally? by bibliosexual
Mature | 3,683w
BOSS: “know why I called you in here?”
ME: “because I accidentally sent you a dick pic”
BOSS [stops pouring 2 glasses of wine]: “accidentally?”


Or, in which Derek receives a surprising email one morning.

▶▶ all stories deserve an end by bleep0bleep
Teen And Up | 2,351w
No one hardly ever comes up to this area of the forest, especially with the rumors of the “mad wizard.” Stiles encourages the rumor, because it means people leave him alone. It’s a good, solitary existence as long as Stiles pretends the aching loneliness in his heart isn’t there.

▶▶ anything, anything by drunktuesdays
Explicit | 5,242w
Prompt: Stiles wakes up in Derek’s bed in a world where they’re married now, and Derek keeps leaving the room every time he tries to have a conversation about how this happened, since they weren’t even dating.

▶▶ Bones Straining Under the Weight by weathervaanes ★
Explicit | 15,645w
One of Stiles’ favorite things about life is Derek Hale’s food blog. He never expects to meet the man in person.

▶▶ But, Doctor! by stilinskisparkles ★
Mature | 30,269w
“We had to splint a girl’s leg in a ditch,” Scott says excitedly.

“Bro, you sound way too happy about that,” Stiles complains, opening up his bag and pulling out a Twinkie.

Derek removes it from his hand silently and replaces it with an apple. Stiles scowls at him for a second then bites into it, regardless. Derek sits back and lets the group discuss the merits of dramatic lifesaving feats for winning over the ladies. Scott is convinced it’ll help impress Allison; Isaac thinks Scott’s a loser. Stiles—

Stiles is falling asleep on Derek’s shoulder.

▶▶ First Impressions Are Overrated by Leslie_Knope
Teen And Up | 14,634w
In Stiles’ defense, he didn’t deliberately ram his grocery cart into the (evidently precarious) pyramid of oranges.

▶▶ I Call You Names Because I Love You by tylerfucklin (Deshonanana)
Mature | 13,025w
Years of touring with Stiles would never have prepared Derek for the day his beloved techie fell in love with someone else.

▶▶ I Do Do You? by Captain_Loki ★
Explicit | 6,540w
Stiles and Derek wake up hung over and married in a hotel room in Las Vegas. It wouldn’t be so bad if the year before their relationship hadn’t fallen apart.

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Scott McCall AU

Plot: Any permanent mark your soulmate gets, you get. Along with a distinct, unique tattoo that appears after an important moment in your soulmate’s life, however, you have no idea how you get away clean

A/N: So I really don’t see a lot of these Soulmate AUs with the Teen Wolf fandom, or at least the tags I check don’t, but I’ve decided to write a series, which will finally get me on track for my writing schedule and hopefully inspire future imagines. Also this is a pretty long one… so enjoy!! AND LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!!!!


When you were younger it seemed you found new scars on yourself every few months, sometimes 5 a month. Your parents were constantly worried but once they realized that the scars appeared on below your elbows and knees, they just figured out that your soulmate was clumsy.

“I wonder what this kid does all day…” Your dad used to tell you.

“I bet he’s a superhero.” Your mom used to tease you, just to see your tiny cheeks warm.

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karlabperez  asked:

i WAS wondering do you have good fics where stiles or Derek is a prince and they fall in love with each other but one of them is just a regular boy

Originally posted by uniqueandsoulful

This tumblr fic.

Deep Waters by disturbed_hound

(1/1 I 1,815 I Mature)

Stiles is born into the Royal Stilinski family, and you know how boring it can be following all the rules every day of your life. So he doesn’t. He sneaks off to the forest from time to time, the behavior beginning when he’s just a child. All he wants is a place to himself where his father isn’t constantly looking down on him. What he finds instead is a boy living in the woods, a boy who wants nothing to do with Stiles. Too bad he doesn’t know how to be told “no”.

Or – the one where Stiles is a prince and finds himself befriending a werewolf, against his family’s wishes.

Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo by orphan_account

(1/1 I 2,349 I General)

“The Stilinskis are of royal blood, Lydia, and the Hales –”

“– are piss-poor peasants after having disgraced themselves in battle centuries ago?”

Derek looks away again. “Yes,” he says miserably. “I’ll never be good enough for him.” He feels more than hears Lydia sigh and step away.

“We’ll just have to make him forget about politics, then,” she says softly. “He won’t care what house you’re from the moment he sets eyes on you.”

“In these clothes?”

“Don’t be idiotic.” Lydia raises her wand and bites her lip contemplatively. “I’m your fairy godmother, Derek. I think I can work a little magic. But first – we’ll need a pumpkin and some mice.”

Unknown Kindness in a Cruel World by Dexterous_Sinistrous

(1/1 I 35,357 I Explicit)

The prince carefully observed Stiles. “Do you know who I am?”

Stiles knew he should have. “No,” he answered, knowing the pimp would be unhappy with that answer.

“Are you afraid of me?” The prince asked, his eyes never leaving Stiles.

Stiles’ heart was pounding in his ears, adrenaline pumping through his veins. He knew the pimp would want him to answer with a quip or flirtation. But Stiles didn’t want to lie—not to the prince. And he couldn’t tell why. “No,” he truthfully answered.

well it goes like this by maybehonestly

(9/9 I 41,112 I Mature)

Somehow Derek and Stiles have ended up close enough that Laura is able to stand between them and clap a hand each of their shoulders.

“Look happy, boys. Don’t you know you’re in love?” Laura teases.

Stiles rips himself away and is out of the room before Derek can even wrap his head around any of this.

Or: the one where Derek is a prince and Stiles is the one night stand who he has to pretend to date.

And We’ll Never Be Royals (Royals) by BonitaBreezy

(4/4 I 47,453 I Not Rated)

Stiles always figured he was a pretty normal seventeen year old boy. At least, he did until his estranged grandfather appeared from nowhere and informed him that he was, in fact, the only remaining heir to the throne of a tiny principality he couldn’t pick out on a map if his life depended on it.
Now, between trying to keep up with Cora, his best friend who always has a cause, and getting Lydia Martin to notice him, he also has to attend daily prince lessons with his overly critical grandfather while trying to cope with the reality that he never really knew his dead mother. If he can do all that, and maybe even figure out what exactly his relationship with Cora’s hot older brother is, he’ll be all set.

A Devotion by TroubleIWant

(9/9 I 77,076 I Mature)

There’s a boy exiting the doors as they approach. Where Derek is tan from hours outside, the boy is pale except for a few beauty marks on one cheek. He’s dressed in fine riding clothes, and flanked by a guard wearing the sign of the royal house. A noble, then. He’s younger than Derek, but, considering his higher station, a bow would be appropriate. Despite that, Derek can’t help looking curiously at the boy, who’s looking back at Derek with just as much interest. For a moment, their eyes meet - the boy’s are a deep amber in the sunlit courtyard, ringed by long, tawny lashes.

A gloved hand smacks the back of Derek’s head and he instinctively flinches away, hunching his shoulders. He loses track of the other boy as they pass one another, and as he turns to get another look, the knight grabs his shoulder and marches him forward into the stable.

“Keep your eyes to yourself,” the knight instructs. “And next time, show the proper respect to Crown Prince Stiles.”

Worlds Apart by siny

(16/16 I 92,506 I Explicit)

Derek Hale, Heir Prince of Betonia and Italy, meets Stiles Stilinski, college boy.

Late Night Wanderings

@d-athanasi | AO3I hope you enjoy this. I thought doing a diner AU would be a fun change; I hope you like reading it as much as I liked writing it!

by @nightlight9

Stiles doesn’t know how started spending all of his nights hanging out in a forgotten diner instead of getting a good night’s rest. Okay, so maybe he does actually know how he got here, and it might have everything to do with one surly worker with a quiet disposition and a big heart.  

Stiles doesn’t know how he got here. One minute he had been staring aimlessly at his computer screen, going crazy trying to figure out a good argument for his essay, and the next he was in his car, driving around town at 12:34 in the morning. All he wanted was to find something to do that would take his mind off of all the work he was avoiding. Ending up at Pop’s, a 24-hour diner Stiles didn’t even know existed, was a complete accident. But it turned out that it was exactly what he was looking for, even though when he first stumbled inside, all he could hope was that it wasn’t the start of a b-rated horror film featuring his death.

Now, most of his nights are spent at the small diner.

“I’m cutting you off.”

Stiles blinks up at the man towering over him, a pout pulling at his lips. Okay, so maybe he does actually know how he got here, and it might have everything to do with one surly worker.

The first time that Stiles saw Derek, he thought that the older man might be a tragically beautiful serial killer, because even though he was the most attractive man Stiles had ever seen, the frown pulling his lips down suggested violence. Instead he turned out to be the tragically beautiful owner of Pop’s, whose resting face naturally looks violent. And, after that fateful night, he also happens to be Stiles’ favorite unobtainable companion.

Except when he decides it’s his ‘duty to the public’ to cut off Stiles’ caffeine supply.

“That’s not fair,” Stiles whines, tightening his hands around the coffee mug and glaring up at Derek. “I’m a paying customer. You’re supposed to take my money without complaining or questioning my life choices.”

“If you expect that kind of service you should go somewhere else.”

“Derek.” His voice is all whine. “You have to give me more coffee. How else am I going to finish all of this?” He gestures to the counter where several textbooks have been left open.

Derek snorts. “Stiles, you’ve been staring at your books without doing anything for ten minutes.” He grabs Stiles’ discarded pencil (which rolled across the counter and was forgotten) as evidence of his lack of work. “It’s almost 2 o'clock, you haven’t done any work, and you’re cut off. “ Derek reaches over the counter and presses the pencil’s eraser against Stiles’ forehead. “You know, normal people would be thinking about going to bed.”

Stiles bats the pencil away and snorts. “Yeah, well I think we can safely deduce that I am in no way normal. Why else would I be hanging out with you practically every night?”

Surprisingly, Derek doesn’t take the bait. It makes Stiles pout again; he loves the way that they banter and tease each other. But Derek just calmly pries the mug from his fingers and replaces it with a tall glass of water, a smirk teasing his lips. Obediently, though with an eye-roll, Stiles sips at the new drink. In all honesty, he’s not even feeling jittery from all of the coffee. He’s long suspected that Derek swaps his caffeinated coffee with decaf, but he hasn’t been able to prove it. Either way, he’s definitely more than ready to head back to his dorm and sleep for a few hours.

But at the same time, Stiles doesn’t want to leave Derek alone. He knows that he must be used to it; obviously he was alone before Stiles wandered in and kept coming back. But Stiles hates picturing Derek wasting time by himself. The first night they met, Derek had been behind the counter waiting for orders even though no one was there. And he’s never mentioned having anyone to go home to.

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getmeoffthisplanet  asked:

First of all, LOVE your blog! Secondly, have any recommendations on Sterek Fanfics?!? I feel like I've read them all but I always need more!!!

Thanks! We’ve been mutuals for a while now and it’s always nice to see you pop up :) I actually have a sideblog entirely dedicated to TW so if you’re looking for a blog that focuses on it then maybe take a look at that, too. @wheredidhiseyebrowsgo is probably the best blog I know when it comes to fic recs/finding fics/etc. so you should give them a follow!

As for Sterek recs, oh geez… So, fun fact, on ao3 I actually have over 700 Sterek works bookmarked! And then I know there’s a ton of little ficlets in my likes on here, too, and really my point is just that there are so many great Sterek works and I will list some of my all time favs in case you haven’t seen them. And I do love all of these but my super-duper faves will have a ★ next to them. I started at the back of my ao3 bookmarks and went in about five pages I figured 25 would be good enough for now, especially since some of them are series so that’s actually more.

★ ★ ★ He Fucks My Best Friend by mydickisthealpha (667 words, rated M)

“I, for one, would like to vote to keep this as part of all the meetings,” Lydia announces and Stiles flushes scarlet basically everywhere. (My comment: short and funny, Stiles&Derek forget the pack is coming by and are having sex. Scott POV)

As the Lights Go Down by standinginanicedress (62,890 words, rated E)

Stiles is standing there looking bizarre – which maybe isn’t a very nice thing or even a convincing thing to say about a person that Derek’s basically invited over to hook up with (whatever that even fucking means to kids these days) – but he…does. He’s wearing dark jeans, a black hoodie with the hood pulled up so Derek can’t even really see his face aside from his mouth and jawline, and he’s got that metal baseball bat in his fingers again.
He looks like he’s come here to literally beat Derek to death.
Then, he grins, lifts one shoulder up in a half shrug, and says, “I can’t come in until you invite me.”
Derek is mystified enough that all he can say is, “really?” He thought that was a vampire thing.
(My comment: AU but they’re all still supes. Stiles is a spark and they are powerful things, him even more so because of plot you should read. standinginanicedress has several good ones you might want to peruse.)

★ ★ ★ The Domestic Series by thepsychicclam ( 149,239 words, various ratings)

First work’s description: 
It’s Saturday night, and Derek Hale is at Toys R Us. Shopping for Leapfrog games. If asked, it wasn’t exactly how he pictured his life. Or his Saturday nights. In which Derek and Stiles have been married for ten years, have two kids, and are planning their five year old’s birthday party.

(My comment: The domestic series is just parent Sterek fluff for the most part and it is absolutely wonderful. Realistic, I think, in the fights that happen and how Stiles&Derek fit together. I love the children.

Also @thepsychicclam has a lot of wonderful works besides this series that should be read if you haven’t but this is definitely my favorite.)

Nothing Short Of Perfect by GotTheSilver (27,019 words, rated E)

In which Derek and Stiles are made aware of their potential and have to make a choice about what their relationship will be.
“Let me get this straight,” his dad says. “You’re telling me a witch told Derek and yourself that you could be destined to be together and now Derek will be going to college with you?”
Stiles shrugs, resting his hands on his legs to stop himself from fidgeting. “That’s about it, yep.”

★ ★ ★ My Heart Comes Tumbling Down by DevilDoll (5,689 words, rated E)

“This is a casual, adult relationship based on sex, and it is awesome.” In which Stiles and Derek have a great time buddyfucking until a burrito ruins it all. 
(my comment: devildoll is one of those I see rarely recced outside of SFiYE [below] and they have some really good other stuff, too)

Stand Fast in Your Enchantments by DevilDoll (76,956 words, rated E)

“Stiles knew damn well what a pissed-off wolf sounded like, and every hair on the back of his neck was telling him that somewhere in this room was a very pissed-off werewolf.” An AU in which Derek is feral, Stiles is magical, and they eat a lot of fast food.

Won’t Do Me No Good Washing in the River by DevilDoll (5,939 words, rated M)

“Remember, Derek: you never get back what you lost.” Story by Devil Doll, artwork by Rahciach, podfic by Jinxy. This story has a happy ending, but please read the tags. (My comment: Angst with a happy ending. Major character death but they are brought back.)

★ ★ ★ The One with the Napping by Captain_Loki (4,768 words, rated M)

It is a unique and somewhat unhelpful talent, but Stiles can fall asleep anywhere. 

★ ★ ★ [Sleep]Walking After You by relenafanel (56,551 words, rated M)

Derek is a sleepwalker who keeps wandering into his downstairs neighbour’s bedroom.
Stiles is pretty sure the hot guy from the park is going to kill him in his sleep. He knows he shouldn’t have been so obvious about objectifying the guy’s really fine ass.
Too bad it turns out Derek is easier to get along with when he’s sleeping.

★ ★ ★ Play It Again by metisket (63,206 words, rated T)

In which Stiles goes along with one of Derek’s plans and ends up in an alternate universe as a result. He should’ve known better. He did know better, actually, and that means he has no one to blame but himself.
“Laura wants to lure the kid in with food and kindness and make a pet of him, like a feral cat. Derek wants to have him arrested for stalking. They’re at an impasse. (And the rest of the family is staying emphatically out of it in a way that suggests bets have been placed.)”

Hemingway Can Suck It by KuriKuri (10,054 words, rated T)

“For those of you who just transferred into this class or simply decided that day one wasn’t important enough to attend, I’m Professor Hale. Welcome to English 346, The American Novel.”
Stiles is pretty sure his mouth is hanging open right now and that his eyes are wide with shock, because holy fuck, he thinks he knows why his students transferred. Hell, if he was still an undergrad, he probably would have transferred, too. (Or: In which Stiles is a Biology professor and Derek thinks he’s a student.)

★ ★ ★ Baking My Way Into Your Heart by theSilence (178,630 words, rated M)

Derek is an uptight college student, all work and no play. His carefully scheduled life is thrown kilter when his regular barista is replaced with someone new. (My comment: Coffee shop/college AU with slowburn. It’s beautiful.)

★ ★ ★ The Well of Living Waters by Kalpurna (30,322 words, rated E)

King Derek takes a consort. (My comment: royalty AU. Demisexual Derek although I don’t think it’s explicitly tagged. So good.)

Pretty Human Virgin Boy Comes to the Pond- Feed Him All the Best Heads by Delta_Immortal (49,771 words, rated E)

Stiles knew it was a bad idea to go into the woods, but little did he know his actions would cause the death of everyone around him. Running from the thing that killed Danny, Scott and Stiles stumble upon a pond, which happens to hold a strange man named Derek who floats around in the middle of it. Derek assures them they’re safe now.
What appears to be salvation is nothing more than the start of the death of everyone Stiles cares about. The being known as Derek haunts him at every turn, unsatisfied until Stiles succumbs to Derek’s whims. Stiles isn’t sure if that involves sexing him or eating him, and he really doesn’t want to find out.

(My comment: pay attention to the tags! This is not a fluffy Sterek fic; what sex there is in this is basically Derek mind fucking Stiles and possessing him. It’s good, I love it, but definitely heed the tags.)

(Sacred) In the Ordinary by idyll (78,759 words, rated E)

The Pack, after college, graduate school and the starting of careers, comes back to Beacon Hills. Nothing’s gotten less complicated after all this time.
Based on a kink meme prompt that grew legs and got serious.
Note: This is a whole lot of pack!fic with a very slow build Derek/Stiles.

(My comment: I have read this fic like 8 times now. The pack dynamics are wonderful and the gang is all older here, coming back to BH after college. Set after season one)

When the Bough Breaks by The Feels Whale (12,068 words, rated T)

Look, Stiles knows he’s not really part of the pack, but really? He wishes the others aside from Scott and Allison would stay a little more up to date on what’s going on his life beyond how it affects them. (my comment: Stiles adopts a baby. Scott is having a pissing contest w/ Derek over Stiles and Allison so Derek and his pack doesn’t actually know Stiles is adopting a baby. Adorable chaos ensues)

The Time Travelling Werewolf’s Confused Spirit Guide also by The Feels Whale (4,832 words, rated G)

Normally you don’t imagine yourself as living in the dystopian future that hapless time travelers accidentally stumble into.
Or: that one where Stiles learns the hard way that reality is not static, time is not a river, and sometimes the way things are is not the way they were supposed to be.

How I Met My Werebunny by Moku (19,873 words, rated T)

“This is going to end in tears,” Scott told Derek while he watched the man easily lifting Stiles’ desk up with one hand and driving nails into the ceiling with the thumb of the other. “Probably mine.”
When a Stiles and a Failwolf love each other very much, they’ll engage in a prank war. Basically, it’s a mating ritual for dorks in love.

For better, for worse by Vendelin (13,336 words, rated E)

Derek and Stiles have been married for six years. Derek loves his job as a successful lawyer, loves his financial security and his large house. It isn’t until Stiles gets shot while working that he starts to understand that maybe Stiles isn’t loving their life as much as Derek is.  (My comment: human AU! Stiles is a cop and gets shot in the line of duty. Derek hadn’t noticed they were drifting apart. Realistic with the coming back together & even has couples counseling. Angsty with a fluffy, happy ending.)

the other shoe by stilinskisparkles (4,633 words, rated T)

They’re lounging on Derek’s bed one afternoon, Stiles halfheartedly trying to make headway on an essay, and Derek’s supposedly helping. Instead, Derek’s spent the last eight minutes mouthing lazily at Stiles’ shoulder, and Stiles is five seconds from giving up completely. (My comment: pretty much just fluff.)

Those Are The Days That Bind Us by s_a_m (52,171 words, rated M)

His father wasn’t stupid. He was an officer of the law, trained to look for patterns. He confronted Stiles about werewolves and they shouted and Stiles tried to explain but his father was so, so, so mad, more mad than Stiles had ever seen him, ever in all his life and then his father looked at him and said, “It’s like you’re not my son anymore.”
And Stiles broke.

(My comment: I love this one. Has some major angst and an unborn baby does die due to a possession kind of thing. But out of all the “Stiles is kicked out of/leaves the pack” things this one is my favorite. I think Stiles’ progression through this is so good. It does have a happy ending but not without a lot of healing on Stiles’ end. Heed the tags.)

Divided We Stand by KouriArashi (156,742 words, rated M)

Derek is being pressured by his family to pick a mate, and somehow stumbles into a choice that they didn’t expect and aren’t sure they approve of….

(My comment: This is the first work in The Searching Ceremonies. All of it is A++ and even has wolfcop (Peter/Sheriff Stilinski). It’s all AU and the world is very well developed, plus every part of it is over 100k words. KouriArashi also has a lot of other wonderful works that should be checked out.)

Stilinski’s Home for Wayward Wolves by owlpostagain (35,197 words, rated T)

“At least your puppies knock first,” Stiles snorts. “Here I thought their alpha raised them to be well-mannered.” 
“There’s a sign,” Derek responds stiffly. 
Stiles, whose curiosity outweighs even his hardest of grudges, abandons his chilly façade of nonchalance in a heartbeat. He jumps right up and all but pushes Derek out of the way in his effort to get to the window, and sure enough when he leans outside there’s a laminated strip of cardstock duct taped to the vinyl siding: DON’T FORGET TO KNOCK Stiles gets cranky when we scare him

Or, in which Stiles Stilinski moves to Beacon Hills for his junior year of high school and accidentally adopts a pack of teenage werewolves.

(my comment: fairly fluffy and humorous. owlpostagain is one of those that I never see recced and they have some amazing writing.)

here is the deepest secret nobody knows by owlpostagain (22,322 words, rated T)

“Derek,” Stiles groans. “You have me. You’ve always had me, you absolute moron, how many physically impossible feats of life-saving heroics do I have to perform before you get it?” (my comment: post s2 and the pack is just starting to come together. lots of pack feels)

will to follow through by owlpostagain (42,411 words, rated T)

“It depends entirely on how you look at it, I guess,” Stiles shrugs. “On the one hand, instant healing and the apparently inherited ability to pull off leather at all times. On the other, serious attitude problems and a suspicious disappearance of eyebrows.”
“Even Derek’s?” Danny snorts, “that’s a lot of eyebrow to lose.”
“I know,” Stiles agrees. “You should see, it’s so weird. Every time I want to ask him where they go, except he’d totally eat my face off.”
“There are worse ways to die.” 

(my comment: Danny&Lydia&Stiles ultimate friendship post season 2. So good.)

I would like x Peter Hale

Originally posted by rickdixonandthefandomlifeposts

Hi, here’s another one shot I’ve written a while ago, because exams are killing me ahaha. Hope you enjoy! xx
based on I would like by Zara Larsson. 

‘[Y/N], seriously, stop looking at Peter,’ Malia hissed at her. ‘He’s my dad, it’s kinda creepy.’
‘It’s not my fault your dad is hot,’ [Y/N] whispered back, grinning. Malia growled, making Scott look up.
‘Hey, you two, shut it, all right! We have bigger things to worry about now.’ Scott said, almost in a scolding tone.
Both [Y/N] and Malia rolled their eyes at him, but they did shut up. [Y/N] however, didn’t stop looking at Peter. It wasn’t that creepy, since [Y/N] was older then Malia. She had already graduated from Beacon Hills High a while ago, making her the oldest member of Scott’s pack. Most of the time it was a bit annoying because [Y/N] couldn’t just burst into Beacon Hills High whenever something happened there, but she always managed.
[Y/N] was back at staring at Peter, basically drooling over his muscled arms. Peter looked up, locking eyes with [Y/N] , making her weak in her knees. She quickly grabbed on to the wooden table, making Peter grin and winking at her.
He knew exactly what he was doing, and he enjoyed it.
[Y/N] had no idea what Scott was talking about, and apparently he knew that too.
‘ [Y/N] !’ He yelled. ‘We’re trying to save lives here!’
‘Focus, please,’ Lydia sighed, snapping her fingers.
‘Can you two,’ Stiles pointed towards [Y/N] and Peter, ‘please stop having eye-sex. It’s making us very uncomfortable.’
Peter laughed, looking at [Y/N] again.
‘ [Y/N] , I’m serious, if you can’t do this, then just go. There’s the door.’ Stiles pointed towards the door of the bunker.
‘Fine.’ [Y/N] rolled her eyes and walked out, without any explanation. They surely could handle it without her.
[Y/N] crossed her arms, while she walked out of the underground tunnels.
‘ [Y/N] , wait up!’
She quickly turned around, and saw Peter running towards her.
‘Shouldn’t you be in the meeting with Scott?’
‘Yes, but they all don’t like me anyways.’
‘That’s true.’ [Y/N] laughed, waiting for Peter to catch up so they could walk together.
‘So, eye-sex, huh?’ Peter grinned.
‘Oh shut up, Stiles doesn’t know what he’s talking about.’ [Y/N] quickly said, trying to hide her red cheeks by looking the other way.
‘Sure, if that’s what you want to think.’ Peter was quiet for a bit. ‘But I think differently about it.’
[Y/N] quickly looked up, not sure what to think or feel.
‘I think that Scott is trying to … Contain you. I feel like you’re actually a very bad person, you know. But you just hide your bad behavior.’
‘If that’s what you want to think,’ [Y/N] grinned. ‘But I think differently about it.’
‘Using my own words against myself, very smart.’ Peter said, cornering [Y/N] against the wall, placing both of his hands against the wall, right next to her head. ‘You can’t deny that we both feel the same, and we both know where this is going to end.’ Peter whispered, making [Y/N] a shiver go through her whole body.
‘I hope we feel the same,’ [Y/N] whispered back. ‘Because I don’t think I can’t help myself any longer. It’s human nature.’
‘Too bad we’re both not really human, Love.’
‘Whatever,’ She grinned, pulling Peter closer against her body by tugging at his white shirt. ‘Animal instinct then if you like that better.’ She mumbled.
‘As long as we’re on the same page.’ Peter said back, before crashing his lips onto hers.
Soft moans came from both of their mouths, and hands were all over their bodies.
‘Maybe,’ Peter said, taking a breath for a moment, but not hovering away too far from [Y/N]. ‘we should take this somewhere else. Some people here can hear a bit too good.’
‘You mean Malia,’ [Y/N] laughed.
‘I mean all of them.’ Peter grinned. He placed one last kiss on her lips, before they headed out of the tunnels.
‘I can’t believe we’re doing this,’ [Y/N] said, while they were running through the woods. ‘Malia is going to kill me.’
‘What she doesn’t know, won’t hurt. Now, shush, and let me take you with me.’
[Y/N] couldn’t say no to that.

10 Years (The Surprise)

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Warning: alcohol, cursing, mention of sex,

A/n: I don’t know how many more parts are left for this series, maybe another two? so I won’t be tagging anyone else in it <3 Enjoy this part. thank you to @dylan-trash-tbh and @golddaggers for helping me out with this <3

Tagging:  @chelseareys @nervousmemzie  @apollogirl13 @janeerikabrady @nerdishstylist @typingtwombly @maddie110201 @ashleyswriting @ashleyjeanvanheel @dtescohmi @atlas-of-the-world  @archiekins-ronnie @itsall-inmy-head @darlingimafangirl @ivette29 @henrietteoaks

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 (you are here) | Part 6

Found this gif on google images, credit to the owner. If I could make a gif this good I wouldn’t need to write!

“I could do this all day,” Stiles whispered against your lips, a sweet smile resting on his face. He hovered over you on your bed, his elbow propped him up, and he stared down at you. You giggled, biting your lip.

“Then do it all day,” He rolled his eyes, wrapping his arms around you protectively and nuzzling his face into your neck, the scruffiness of his stubble rubbing against you. “I mean it, I don’t ever want to leave this.” You whispered to him, getting comfortable on your bed. 

Stiles let out a soft sigh, nodding his head in your neck, “I know, and I won’t ever leave you.” Being with Stiles for the past year changed your life completely, he was the sweetest and most down to earth guy that you’ve ever met, and you knew from that moment, that you would never be able to leave him.

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

any scent marking fics? its hard to find new ones i just really enjoy lots and lots and lots of scent marking

So you like the sniffing thing, too? So do I, as Fluffy loves to remind (and when I say ‘remind’ I really mean ‘tease’) me about

So I’m going to split this list into two parts. Part One will be the older, more popular fics that have scent marking in them (either it’s the focus of the fic, or has scenes with scent marking in them). BUT since you wanted some new ones, Part Two will have newer fics! :D

Let us go then, you and I…


Window Sneak by starbeast

(2,216 Teen Complete)

Derek starts marking Stiles with his scent by wearing his clothes and touching all his stuff— and worst of all, touching him. Stiles is…confused.

It Makes Scents by stileskolpath

(3,837 Explicit Complete)

“‘So you’re saying that Stiles has a crush on me?’ Derek asked, and Isaac just gave him a stupid ‘are you kidding me with this?’ look that made Derek want to bite his head off.

‘Seriously? How could you not know?’ Isaac’s smartass look was frustrating Derek way more than it should. ‘Every time he’s around you he kind of loses the power of speech, and dude, he… smells.’

'Smells? Like what?’ Derek asked, no small amount of disappointment in his voice.”

a.k.a. that one where Derek is oblivious to Stiles’ scent until suddenly he’s not.

A Second Alpha by ali_inthejungle

(6,252 Teen Complete)

An eventful few weeks in the life of Stiles Stilinski, beginning and ending with awkward encounters at the supermarket with none other than Allison’s dad.

Perfume by pleasebekidding

(6,689 Explicit Complete)

Stiles smells ridiculously good. Fuck Derek Hale’s entire fucking life.

“I was gonna make a crack about not letting a guy lick his way up my snail trail until he’s at least bought me dinner but I guess you took care of that, huh?”

Scent Marking For Dummies by Hatteress

(8,824 Teen Complete)

Stiles is almost used to being chased around the school by werewolves at this point. Having to share a bed with Derek freaking Hale, on the other hand, is just needlessly complicating his life.

The Life of Stiles by rispacooper

(14,515 Explicit Complete)

First Stiles is in denial, then he is just confused.

I Ran (So Far) by thepsychicclaim

(33,794 Explicit Complete)

“But, you don’t run,” Derek pointed out, confused.

 “People can get new hobbies,” Stiles snapped. “Geez, if I’d known it was going to be this big of a deal, I’d have called you first. Want me to give you my workout schedule? That way you can coordinate your nose accordingly?”

In which Stiles’ summer starts off so badly he starts running, gets pelted by paint balls, and decides he is, in fact, going crazy if he willingly wants to hang out with Derek Hale.

Slow Burn by Boy_On_Strings

(69,728 Explicit Complete Part One of the String Theory Series)

Derek takes the pack on a vacation to a beach. Derek and Stiles are forced to share a room after Allison and Scott claim one room and Lydia claims another for her and Jackson. This leads the two towards bonding and more.

Alpha Spikes by starbeast

(70,140 Explicit Complete)

AU. Alphas are like royalty and are offered their choice of any age eighteen-and-up virgin Omega for each year’s heat season, as a ‘thank-you’ to all they’ve done for their compounds throughout the year. Derek is an Alpha and…yeah, Stiles. Stiles is an Omega. And still a virgin. In every way. And he’s just turned eighteen. This…is not his day.

(Sacred) In the Ordinary by idyll

(78,759 Explicit Complete) 

The Pack, after college, graduate school and the starting of careers, comes back to Beacon Hills. Nothing’s gotten less complicated after all this time.

Based on a kink meme prompt that grew legs and got serious.

Prince Among Wolves by tylerfucklin (aka zimothy)

(101,000 Explicit Complete)

Looking for full day/evening sitter. 2 twin boys age 4. Must have exp. w/werewolves. Must be human. No pedophiles. No teenage girls. Pay negotiable.

A Human’s Love, An Alpha’s Union by AngelsofGlory666

(219,246 Explicit WIP)

In a world where Peter Hale lived to create a pack—mayhem ensued and werewolves dominated humans. When Derek killed Peter the powers shifted and he became the new alpha. The only way to ensure peace between werewolves and humans is for Derek to marry the Sheriff; Stiles Stilinski.

Part Two will be up in a few minutes!


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I know that this is 100% a cat trait but like when cats do the fluffed up sideways crab walk and they're all arched and it's so funny to watch well that but for some reason when derek gets startled in his wolf form he does the thing and stiles falls over laughing because wtf even is that derek omfg

this is way too cute and made my day ahhh imagine the amount of floof with a wolf

Originally posted by rileyraiyne

((i can’t write but here have this? this got way out of hand, idek))

Okay but I love this so much because we have that grumpy cat picture with Ty and because I do see Derek as more of a cat person and I don’t even remember why right now (I know I had a proper explanation for this) but I see it. I see Derek being the special wolf who is liked by cats while they hate everyone else and Derek is PROUD of this, he is, and he will flaunt the cats and use them as his guardians because they will immediately hiss at any other kind of were around. Not to mention that if we go with kid!Sterek AU and Derek sneaking stray cats into his room as his loyal companions, they will keep his family out of his room but they won’t mind Stiles coming in and hanging out with him - and my mind is totally leading to a cat lady Derek Hale thing right now, Derek taking in strays all over, sick kitties that he nurses back to health and then finds good homes for, even convincing the sheriff to take an older cat home who then becomes John best buddy when he sits in front of the tv in the evenings drinking his non-alcoholic beer

Aaaanyway, Derek definitely picks up on the cat mannerisms and it actually helps him finally beat Laura in play fights for once, at first simply out of surprise, then because it makes him quick on his toes and agile. He gets teased a bit of course because “YOU’RE A WOLF DEREK ACT LIKE ONE” but he doesn’t care, he’ll take anything he can get because Laura has a few years on him and an automatic advantage, plus his cats are AWESOME okay and he loves them and everything they do is awesome

Also, picture Derek always with a cat on his shoulder – at all times, he lets them climb up his clothes, resulting in lots of holes in jeans and shirts which Talia is NOT happy about

Sticking to that growing up together au idea (because I love them as best friends so much), imagine Stiles does not know about the Hale secret, but of course he suspects, and he comes up with the wildest theories, including a werewolf theory because he has heard them mentioning the full moon, and where is that dog that they seem to have but also not have??? Derek’s not allowed to tell but he jokes about it and Stiles kinda believes it, because it all fits, Derek is really sensitive to scents and always makes that scrunchy face when he smells something Stiles can’t, and the collective hearing in the whole house is so good Stiles has learned not to ramble when he’s there, and Derek actually kinda growls when he’s angry and he totally has puppy dog eyes, but as Stiles grows he doesn’t believe in magic anymore and he gets more and more into the idea that humans invented all mythology unprompted, wanting to blame evil creatures for all the terrible things mankind does. Derek is nothing like the werewolves in the movies and in his online roleplaying game after all. He might be super strong sometimes and very playful and wild at certain times but he’s cute and has a dimpley smile rather than a toothy leer and he’s the first one to jump up and tend to any cuts or scratches Stiles has rather than trying to tear off his head in crazy blood thirst

Eventually at some point later in their teens, when there have been multiple close calls of Derek almost wolfing out in front of Stiles because puberty is messing with his abilities and control, and because he’s learning the full shift – there’s probably one VERY close call where Derek is shaking and panting and Talia and Peter have to swoop in and escort him away, leaving Laura to tend to an insanely worried, teary-eyed and panicking Stiles – that they decide to tell him. It’s all very nonchalant. Stiles is very clingy and careful with Derek and doesn’t leave him alone, and goddammnit he wants to know what’s happening, Laura promised he would get to know, so Derek has him over to the Hale house after school the next day and leads him to the kitchen where Derek makes them sandwiches while Stiles catches up with Talia. They sit down to eat and right before Derek takes his first bite he goes “By the way, you were right, we are werewolves” and then he just munches on his sandwich as if they were talking about the weather, and for a moment Stiles has flashbacks to his mom((idk why I keep going for alive Hale AUs but stick to Claudia’s illness, I really don’t know)) and he thinks oh god, Derek is starting to lose grasp of reality and will get sick just like his mom. A look at Talia immediately calms his nerves though because she’s still smiling, as calm and bright as usual.

“Um, what?” Stiles asks, dropping his sandwich to stare between them. Derek should’ve known not to bring this up before the food because there’s no way Stiles can think of his appetite when there’s something like this at hand. Talia just gestures to Derek to let him tell the story, but she stays for support. Not that either of them really need it because Stiles is absolutely thrilled and actually jumps off his chair in excitement when Derek flashes golden eyes at him. He proceeds to poke at Derek’s cheek when he refuses to chow him his fangs at first. Derek’s a little shy about it because he’s so used to keeping it within the family but the more questions Stiles asks and the more he raves about it, the prouder and more cocky Derek gets about it

Obviously from then on Derek has no qualms flashing his teeth when he playfully growls at Stiles and he’ll use his claws as can openers just to show off. Laura rolls her eyes at them, and blames Stiles for flattering Derek too much and letting him get a big head about it, while Peter keeps trying to intimidate Stiles and tell him not-so-fun stories about being a werewolf, and Cora just tells Stiles that if he thinks Derek is so cool he should just marry him, Derek cares for Stiles like a mate anyway

Needless to say they’re only just growing into their feelings and both decide to pine obliviously for a while

There’s one thing Derek doesn’t do because he claims he’s not that good at it though, and that’s show Stiles his full shift. Stiles has seen just about everyone’s full shift, Peter is always eager to show off his but Derek refuses is and Stiles is honestly kind of hurt because by all other means he’s basically part of the pack now, like Derek’s two year younger human brother and Laura’s twin. He knows everything he can get out of them all about the supernatural world, and Peter’s partner, who is some kind of druid, is also happy to share information about the more magical side of the world, along with the special currents running through Beacon Hills and the history to it. So yeah, he’s included in everything but Derek’s full shift and Stiles just doesn’t understand why

So one day he’s dealing with a particularly skittish and troubled kitty and he shifts to try and make her more comfortable that way and he’s fully focused on her. Stiles’ scent and heartbeat are so familiar that he isn’t consciously aware of them growing stronger, if anything it subconsciously calms him, lessening his worry about how much difficulty he’s having with little Cinnamon. He’s got this. He just has to-

“Oh my god, Der!” Stiles’ exclaims in excitement and Derek JUMPS. The abrupt movement startles Stiles in return for a split second but the wolf is staring at him wide-eyed, back arched into an impossible curve, his fur is puffed up all around him, especially around his neck, where he has the most fur, and he’s padding sideways with a sort of hop in his step. Stiles bursts out laughing, doubling over with the force of it, because he has never seen something as unexpected and cute as this.

“What are y- do wolves even do that?” Stiles chokes out between laughter and Derek stops moving as he realizes that there is no danger. But Stiles is basically falling into the floor laughing and Derek wishes he could hide. If he wouldn’t be completely nude after shifting back, he would’ve done so right away, but hell, that would make this so much more embarrassing for him so he pouts in his own wolfy way, pulling his ears back with a grumble. Stiles is trying to contain his laughter at this point, coming closer as he chuckles.

“Are you sure you’re not some kind of cat/wolf hybrid?” Stiles asks, plopping down right next to Derek, who steps back unsure. He’s not built as strong as Peter, doesn’t have sleek midnight black fur like Laura and doesn’t possess the natural grace his mother has. He doesn’t feel as much wolf as they are, which is only strengthened by the tie he has with the cats. He’s totally comfortable with his fangs and claws in his human form but sometimes he feels like he might not fit into the family as much as the other do.

But Stiles doesn’t hesitate to reach out and bury his fingers into his ash-colored black-ish grey spotted fur, running them up to his tucked ears.

“Oh my god, you’re so fluffy,” Stiles tells him. “I can’t believe I had to sneak up on you to get to see you like this. I mean, I wasn’t trying to sneak up, I thought that was impossible with you guys but hey maybe I do have some kind of spark… do you think I could also learn magic?” All the while Stiles is running his hands along Derek’s fur and he finds himself relaxing into it. By the time Stiles mentions how cool his fur color is Derek can’t remember what he was ever self-conscious about. He settles in for an hour of belly rubs and scratching under his chin and ears, eventually ignoring Stiles comparing his low satisfied rumble to a cat’s purring. Cinnamon the kitty even comes out when she sees that the two boys are calm and distracted.

Cinnamon of course ends up trusting Stiles first, and Derek is NOT jealous, he just likes nipping at Stiles’ ankles for fun – as well as revenge for the picture Stiles took of him in bed in his wolf form, a bunch of cats piled up all over him.

((Also this ask reminded me that so called werewolf cats are a thing soooo secretly Derek has a favorite breed, even if he always says breeds don’t matter since there are so many mixed strays, but he has a special fierce love for the werewolf cat even if he’s never met one because they are rare. He doesn’t let anyone call them ugly and will protect them to his last breath. One day in the future to celebrate 20 years of marriage or something, Stiles gets them a werewolf cat whom he dubs Lycaon just for the fun of it – Derek gives him an exasperated look, but his fondness shines through, and Derek forgets to hate the name within 5 seconds))

sassy--daddy  asked:

Could I get a update for the twilight tag if it hasn't been updated yet, thanks pretty ❤️

who would be the eddy in this situation???? 

White Nights by whatthefuckinghale (2/? | 5,886 | PG13)

After five years of living with his babcia in Florida, Stiles is returning to complete his last two years of high school in Beacon Hills. There he meets Derek Hale - the resident heartthrob with an obvious secret. Stiles, the little shit that he is, is curious about said secret and thinks himself quite the detective. What else is there to expect from the Sheriff’s son?

On the way, he makes friends, enemies and might even have found a bit of love.


The Twilight AU story no one wanted…but I still wrote. I apologize in advance.

Pale Skin And Fragile Bone by MyChemicalRachel (13/? | 32,073 | R)

It’s not like Stiles was looking forward to being uprooted and shipped cross country, but he knew why his father was doing it. He knew that living in the house his mother died in was hard for both of them. So when Stiles makes his way from sunny Beacon Hills, California to some dreary town in nowhere New Jersey, he makes the best of it. He doesn’t really have a choice. But when he starts to realize that the locals aren’t exactly normal, his whole life is turned upside down and he’s forced to question everything he believes, everything he thought was real. Because his new friends aren’t just unusual. They’re not human.

My Werewolf by Senowolf (13/? | 27,748 | R)

Stiles brought his hand to his lips as he weighed his options. Then he looked back at the wounded animal who was shuddering oddly. There were loud cracks and pops, and lots of unnatural body movements before Stiles realized that the wolf’s body was changing back.

He gasped as dark fur fell to the ground around the human like figure now emerging from the once wolf form. Pale skin. Jet black hair. Stubble. Pouty lips. Thick eyelashes..

Holy shit it was Derek.

* * *

In a universe where Werewolf packs exist alongside Vampires, Stiles is imprinted on by a large, black wolf who hates Vampires with every bone and sinew in his body. That’s the problem though, Stiles is a Vampire-Human Hybrid and stands at the age 146 years old. Derek is a Werewolf, just a little older than Stiles. That’s the issue. A half Vampire and a Werewolf, destined to be soulmates. As if.

OR: The Twilight/Teen Wolf AU nobody asked for. ALSO THIS STORY IS IN FIRST PERSON! SO IF YOU DON’T LIKE, DON’T READ! (Will sometimes be in third person)

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I've read through all of your kid fic tag. do you know any more fics where stiles and derek grow up together? thank you so much x

Hello Anon! Fluffy here to answer your awesome ask! And can I just say, KUDOS at getting through our kid fic tag. That’s not a small feat. Anywho, there might be some repeats from previous lists, but in general these shouldn’t be repeats. Without further ado, here are the fics where Derek and Stiles are adorable little motherfuckers who grew up with each other and ending up loving each other. Goddamn this shit is too fucking adorable.

Of First Names and Lunch Breaks by frozenorange

3,133  I  2/2  I  part 1 of 2 of this series

General Audiences

His mom had told him that the best way to dissuade a bully is by ignoring him. Stiles finds out that the best way to dissuade a bully is Derek Hale.

All Things Bright and Beautiful by Saucery

3,895  I  one shot


“Hey, remember when we popped zits together? So sexy.”

Thrill (like white-hot wire) by raisesomehale

4,737  I  one shot


Stiles made the decision that Derek was his new best friend (and that he’ll one day marry him) the day he shared his dinosaur chicken nuggets with him.

A Thousand and One Firsts, But Only One Forever. by TheLoyalFriend

6,048  I  one shot


When Stiles was eight, he had panic attacks. He would sleep walk, block by block going further until he finally reached the woods.

When Derek was eleven he found some brat in the woods, asleep on a rock.

They fall in love.

Finding My Way Back To You  by myshadesofblack

6,464  I  6/?

Teen and Up

Childhood friends, Derek and Stiles were always close, really close. They got together in high school but somehow, it didn’t work, no matter how hard, how much, they wanted it to. Even with that, they grew closer. But Stiles is tired of waiting for Derek to want to be with him again, so when cute Danny Mahealani asks him out, he can’t help but say yes. But then there’s Derek, who came back for Stiles, who waited for him when he did his year abroad, who thought he’d give him time before he tried to ask him out again only to watch Danny steal the only person he’s ever loved.

Kick by Unloyal_Olio

6,616  I  one shot  I  part 1 of 2 of this series

Teen and Up

Derek is still trying to figure out what to do about this when a woman’s frantic voice comes down the aisle. “Baby, baby, baby—no kick. I’m so sorry. It’s a thing lately.” She waggles a finger at her son. “We don’t kick.”

Capes are Cool (but they don’t make a hero) by chantelle82

7,068  I  3/3

Teen and Up

The story of how Stiles and Derek fall in love and became heroes - to each other

little life-giver by The Byger (Byacolate)

9,039  I  5/5  I  part 2 of 3 of this series

General Audiences

It looked like Stiles. Mostly. But there was hair growing out the sides of his face, and his teeth were sharp, and when he reached over to grip at the side of the stall, his hands had become claws. And Derek had to cover his mouth before he screamed because never, never in his wildest dreams had he ever thought he’d actually meet a fairytale monster.

Kiss it Better by rhymeswithmonth

13,795  I  2/2  I  part 1 of 2 of this series

General Audiences

Stiles at age seven had been thoroughly disillusioned about the notion of healing kisses. It hadn’t worked for his mama, despite his dedication to the effort, and hadn’t worked since for him. But one day while playing with his new friend Derek, Stiles had fallen off his bike and skinned his elbows, knees and palms badly on the pavement. He’d manfully tried to keep from crying, because Derek was older and would surly think he was a baby if Stiles burst into tears in front of him, but a trickle of moisture had escaped and leaked down his cheek. He’d been sure that it was the end, that Derek, cool, tall, fifth grader Derek with the shiny black mountain bike and best video games would realize that Stiles was just a wimpy little loser not worth his time.

AU where Stiles and Derek were best friends before the fire. Stiles deals with Derek’s four-year disappearance and the events that lead to their reunion. Stiles didn’t know about the Hales being werewolves.

The History Of Us by apostrophee

14,566  I  1/3 

Teen and Up

There isn’t a grand tale about how P.J. Stilinski and D.J. Hale became friends; it was really kind of a sudden, unexpected thing. They sat beside each other in class and one day D.J. asked to borrow a pencil. And that was that, a friendship was born over a needed-to-be-sharpened, dull number 2 Pencil and a mutual distaste for long division.

“Pretend this is our den, kay?” by Survivah

16,141  I  one shot  I  part 1 of 5 of this series


In which Stiles is raised by (were)wolves, and he and Derek are childhood sweethearts that never stopped. Also, Kate Argent is a homicidal maniac but a very helpful plot device.

Armor by Sarageek16

18,663  I  one shot

Teen and Up

Stiles is one of the seven Chosen, children born with the mark of Michael. These children could change the tide of a heavenly war. Derekel is the slightly jaded angel is sent to watch over him until that time. Though Stiles gets himself into potential crises more than any other Chosen that the other angels have—except, possibly, Dean Winchester, who actively hunts monsters—Derekel manages. It isn’t easy, but he does so with the help of the Timeline: an internal map of things that are meant to happen in Stiles’ life. So long as allows certain events to naturally take place without interference, he is able to see dangers and stop them. To deviate from the timeline is death. Every angel knows that.

Stiles doesn’t know the whys or hows of why a guardian angel popped into his life, but he’s having the time of his life teaching him about the Force and feeding him ice cream. And those eyebrows. Hilarious. Everything’s great—that is, until Stiles’ mom gets sick and Derek refuses to heal her. But Stiles will throw himself into dangers on purpose before he allows her to die because of some stupid timeline.

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

Some Walls Were Meant to Come Down by UnabletoPROCESS

20,293  I  7/?

Teen and Up

When Derek first met Stiles he crashed through the wall he had built around himself, literally.

the difference between going back and going home by thepsychicclam

34,219  I  one shot


Stiles and Derek were inseparable growing up, but then college, jobs, and life happened. When Stiles comes back to Beacon Hills a decade later, he doesn’t expect to reconnect with Derek, and he sure doesn’t expect to fall in love with him.

John Hughes Did Not Direct My Life by nascentgalaxies

48,666  I  3/3


Stiles and Derek are childhood friends who drifted apart. When Stiles joins the lacrosse team against his will, the universe (with a little help from Laura and Lydia) chooses to push them back together.

Lead You Home Again by GotTheSilver

49,962  I  one shot


The first time Derek meets Stiles, the kid’s brown eyes are wide, and he’s staring up at him with a mischievous grin as he tugs at the arm of Derek’s first ever Batman figure like he’s trying to separate it from Batman’s body.

An alternate take on Teen Wolf, wherein Stiles and Derek are childhood friends, and things unfold from there.

Dirty paws and furry coats by queerly_it_is

57,621  I  one shot


Stiles is eight years old when his dad brings Derek home.

[AU based on Disney’s The Fox and the Hound]

Yo! I hope you liked the list! Sorry it took us a while to get to it! College is a fickle and bitchy mistress. 

Love and internet hugs,

Fluffy Wolf

And as a bonus:

Deputy's Girl - Deputy Jordan Parish Prompt

Y/N was standing in the middle of her living room in a sparkly silver dress, matching high heels that showed off her tone legs. Curls hung nicely down to the middle of her back with only a touch of make-up, making her face look fresh and natural. The living room was filled with people she knew, family, friends, and cops, her dad’s co-workers. Even though, Y/N and her brother, Stiles, were two years apart they had most of the same friends, as they were both a part of Scott’s pack.

From where she was standing, she saw Allison sitting on Scott’s lap on the recliner in the back corner of the living room. Near the fireplace, Stiles whispered something into Lydia’s ear, making her blush as they held hands and stood close to each other. By the window stood a tall, lean man with his back facing Y/N. She’s rarely seen him in other clothes besides his uniform, but she knew by the figure, the short dirty blonde hair, and that bubble butt she’d recognize from anywhere. It was her secret boyfriend, Deputy Jordan Parrish.

Liam reached Y/N with two cups in his hands, giving her one of the cups, “Admiring the butt again, are we?” 

Y/N laughed. “You know me too well, Dunbar.”

“It’s a good thing he’s not a wolf and can hear your,” Liam shook his head with a smile on his face. “I got you a Sprite. I don’t want to get you the good stuff considering this is your house and you’re dad is here.” 

“Aww,” Y/N whined. “What’s a New Year’s Eve party without a little fun juice? I can’t kiss my boyfriend at midnight, so a little alcohol can cure the pain.”

“Your boyfriend also happens to be a cop. I’m sure he would disapprove of you drinking as well,” Liam took a sip of his coke. “Besides, when are you going to tell your dad? It’s been a few months already. Don’t you think it’s time already?”

“You’re right,” she grabbed a glass of champagne from a waiter who walked by. She chugged the cold drink and handed the empty glass to Liam. “Wish me good luck,” she walked away from Liam and towards her father who was in the foyer.

“Dead girl walking.” Liam mumbled.

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Let Me Be (Your Everlasting Light)

sterek bingo 2017: hogwarts au

this was stupidly fun to write, and it’s my first hogwarts au, so i feel like i passed some sort of line?

also on ao3


Stiles had never had the typical childhood. He was always a bit weird, only had one friend, and not the most normal of interests.

And then his mom died, and he was known as the weird kid whose dad was never home, only had one friend, and no mom.

And that was blessedly normal in comparison. He’d known of other kids that were weird, other kids that didn’t have many friends, whose parents overworked, who didn’t have parents. He wasn’t that different.

But then the letter came. He watched as his father read it over dozens of times with a pained twist in his eyes, then sitting him down at the kitchen table, pouring himself a glass of whiskey, and telling him about his mother. His mother, who was apparently a witch.

He didn’t know anyone else whose mother was a witch.

Then came the packing, and the hugs and the tears, and the train, and meeting Scott- who was no Heather, but maybe could be, someday. And everyone around him was just like him, in one way or another. He wasn’t the weird kid anymore; they all were, which made them all normal.

So of course something had to happen to give him back that title, and it happened his first damn day.

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motherfudginghufflepuff  asked:

Do you have a HP AU rec list?

Feb ‘16. Sure do! This is a long one. And thanks for the ask! 

★= fics that could use more love and appreciation i.e KUDOS & COMMENTS :D


Untamed by rosepetal42 (1/1 | 28,282 | Teen)

Of course, the transfer kid gets mentioned because transfers are rare, but the news isn’t that exciting. In fact, according to Laura, no one even seems to know his first name. The only thing anyone has really figured out about him is that he’s American. And that’s not exactly hard because he obviously has an accent.

The only thing Derek really knows is that, despite other reports, he seems quiet enough, prefers to work alone, and has the most amazing shade of amber eyes that Derek has ever seen.

Not that he’s looking. Obviously.

OR: A Harry Potter AU where Stiles is a Slytherin transfer student and Derek is the grumpy Gryffindor who falls in love with him.

There are also potions, elves, and falcons involved. Oh, and illegal use of magic. Obviously.

Adorable people doing adorable stuff: 

Mother of Dragons by Lissadiane (1/1 | 11,985 | Gen.)

Since Hogwarts had opened its doors to werewolves, many Hale children had apparently come through, wary and angry, refusing to socialize with the other students. And one by one, they’d been sorted into Slytherin, obviously, with the odd Ravenclaw to mix things up.

And then along came little Derek Hale, who’d barely gotten his ass on the stool before the hat was calling out Gryffindor.

Everyone thought it was funny, even now, when Derek was in his seventh year. Stiles, though, found it fascinating.

It helped, of course, that Derek was two years older and hotter than the sun.


I Can’t Get Enough (Of You) by elspethelf (1/1 | 10,480 | Teen) 

Fact: Derek Hale hates Potions.

There are a number of reasons why this is so. For one thing, Potions is reallynot Derek’s strong point. (There’s a reason he’s banned from using the kitchen at home.) For another, the Potions classroom is dank and dim and spending more than an hour down there at a time makes Derek’s skin crawl.

And then there’s Stiles Stilinski.

He doesn’t need an explanation.

This is simply the greatest!: 

★climbing up the walls with you by trilliastra (1/1 | 1,605 | Mature) 

It’s pretty much a friends with benefits thing, except Stiles is not sure they are friends. Sure, Derek stopped being a jerk to Scott, he even lets Stiles copy his Potions homework sometimes, but aside from some chit-chat while getting dressed, they don’t really talk much.

Still, sex with Derek?


Unbelievably adorable idiots! Such failures at life!: 

An Intermediate Guide for the Lycanthropic Lovelorn by ladyblahblah (1/1 | 3,165 | Gen.) 

Stiles doesn’t know why Derek Hale has asked him to go to Hogsmeade with him, but he’s preparing for the worst just in case.

The fluff!!: 

★The Boy Who Pined by lupus (1/1 | 3,676 | Teen) 

“That will be your legacy, ‘Derek Hale: The Boy Who Pined’, I like it, it suits you.”
“Laura I don’t care if we’re related if you say that out loud ever again, I will shank you.”

Hogwarts AU in which Derek likes Stiles but is too emotionally constipated to actually do anything about it.

I just love misunderstandings: 

★Teach me something, please by Nival_Vixen (1/1 | 4,825 | NR)

After an attempt on their family’s lives, Derek and Cora are transferred from Beauxbatons to Hogwarts. Derek needs help with Transfiguration, and Stiles is volunteered to tutor him.


★C’etait Salement Romantique by Swing Set In December (1/1 | 2,277 | Gen.) 

The Triwizard tournament is really about fostering wizarding relations. Ask anyone. Just not Stiles, he’s busy French kissing Derek.

Hogwarts really should teach some linguistic classes.


Get Me In Trouble by scottmcniceass (1/1 | 8,045 | Mature) 

Stiles is in his seventh and finale year at Hogwarts. Things were supposed to go smoothly– he’d work hard, hang out with his friends, the usual. Unfortunately for him, the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher has it out for him. To make matters worse, he happens to be the most attractive person Stiles had ever laid eyes on.

HOT!! with a touch of feels: 

got something to put in you by verity (1/1 | 2,236 | Explicit) 

The second time Derek and Stiles meet is in a gay bar.

A wizarding gay bar.

It’s very sparkly.

HOT!! with a touch of magical creatures:

it does not do to dwell on dreams (and forget to live) by HaleyElizabeth (1/1 | 23,429 | Mature)

After years spent abroad, Derek Hale is called back to the United Kingdom, and offered a job at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, as the new Care of Magical Creatures professor. After begrudgingly accepting, Derek quickly realizes that his students are a lot more than he signed up for- one of them in particular.

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anonymous asked:

hi guys, could you recomment Sterek child fics, where they are both children and somehow end falling for each other. i tried to look in the tags but couldn't find one


Anonymous said:Gurlsssss can y'all update the kid!sterek tag? Like Derek begrudgingly befriending annoyingly cute stiles and like saving him from bullies at school? They can grow up and stuff but it can also be just when they’re kids? Thank you!

Here’s our growing up together tag. And more fics. - Anastasia

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

Coming Home by Unelore

(1/1 I 2,492 I Teen)

Even if Derek knew a lot about Stiles, he didn’t quite know Stiles. But he would like to. His wolf became extremely happy whenever Stiles was around, Stiles smelled wonderful – he will never live that down, when he let it slip to his mother a couple of years ago. Which both where reasons he wanted to at least be proper friends with Stiles. If nothing else ever happened between them, that would be fine – it wouldn’t be fine, it would be ok and Derek would respect Stiles wishes.
But when Derek a couple of years ago decided to finally ask Stiles out, he came back from lunch to the news of Stiles having to leave early for school and had rushed to get on the next plane out, though he had figured he could always ask Stiles next time they saw each other - that hadn’t quite worked out either.

But after a broken down car and a fathers good intentions maybe they could make it work.

Crowned and Anchored, Bonded Forver by MelodramaticSalad

(1/1 I 4,260 I General)

With different kingdoms connecting across the land, there was almost always something going on, whether it be a battle, a treaty, a banquet, or even a marriage. Each time there was a battle, alliances were created and bonds were forged between each side.

One alliance that been strengthened with each passing year was the one between the Stilinski and the Hale royal families. The bond between the families had gone on for as long as their countries’ history could recall. There was a natural bond between their kingdoms, for those in the Hales’ kingdom were born werewolves, while the Stilinskis’ tended to have the gift of magic. Thus a bond was created between the two kingdoms.

They Don’t Know How Long It Takes (Waiting For a Love Like This) by crossroadswrite

(1/1 I 6,986 I Teen)

Everyone knows that soulmates have a 86% rate of successful marriages, but everyone also knows that for you to find your soulmate you’ll need an incredible amount of luck and to go through the hardest, most marking moment of your life for the bond to kick in and call them to you.

If you’re a werewolf, then you won’t need to wait that long. Some people will say you just know, others will call bullshit.

Derek is four when he meets his soulmate and he doesn’t know because no one will tell him. Not until he’s older. And it’ll be a bit of an unprecedent case given that he met his soulmate even before he was born.

Five Lessons Stiles Taught Derek and the One Lesson Derek Taught Stiles by lavieboheme0919

(6/6 I 8,348 I Explicit)

Snippets from the lives of Stiles and Derek as they learn from one another throughout their lives.

Forever My Gem by Signature_smirk

(5/? I 12,816 I Not Rated)

Stiles is five years younger than Derek. They grow up together, pining after one another, but never admitting to it.

Derek is a werewolf, which means he has a soulmate. It’s common knowledge now, but it used to be well hidden.

At first their parents think maybe it’s a fluke; Derek is just excited about the new addition to the family. As they grow older they grow certain that it is a lot more than that.

They watch their children awkwardly hide their infatuation for each other as they grow up and stumble through life together.


5 year age gap. Protective Derek. Clingy friends. Friends to lovers. Soulmates. Nobody dies. Hale and Stilinski families are super close and cute. Fluffy and eventually smutty.

Faux Pas and Fumbles (Love You Anyways) by Stereksale7

(1/1 I 19.444 I Explicit)

But, even if Derek grew some balls and finally made a move, and him and Stiles actually got together, Derek wouldn’t be fucking Stiles up the ass.

He means he could if Stiles really wanted him to, but Derek doubts it would be all that pleasurable for him.

Because Stiles might be a boy from the torso up.

But downwards he’s female.


Also known as the friends to lovers high school au that features Stiles magically having female reproductive organs due to Spark Magic, yet still being a guy

Part of Your World

Submitted by: dylanobrienstyler (prev holdyourbreathuntilyouseelight)

Description: ‘My kid is in your class and you called me in for a parent-teacher conference and I don’t know what she did but she didn’t learn it from me and wait what do you mean you think she should skip a grade AU’ stolen from this list (x) aka fluffy cute times followed by shameless smut

Genre: Fluff, Romance, Smut, AU

Rating: MA

Author’s Note: Previously posted on my blog last year - figured it couldn’t hurt to have it up here too. Hope you enjoy!

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