and then i had the data anyway

so the last time i noticed i had a nǝonɐzi follower i crunched through some us census data to find that racial income inequality is… about at the same state now as it was in the 60s; like, there was some progress towards equality among the lower two quintiles for part of a decade but that all got cancelled out by (iirc) the end of the 70s? or possibly it was the 80s… in any case it’s been flat/trending slightly towards more unequal ever since. So to repeat it looks given the data like from an economic inequality perspective, the gains made by the civil rights era were reversed and nothing’s changed since.

anyways i made a post about that because it was interesting? like to me it was unexpected; I really didn’t expect the graph to be completely flat, going into it… racial inequality’s been a… focus of civil rights activism for that entire time, yes? I’d been told the institutional modifications had changed things permanently for the better and at worst we were locked in an activism-counteractivism stalemate on our way to equality; not that essentially everything’d already been reversed and there’s no (economic) gains to celebrate at all…

but also i made the post because my theory going in was that, fundamentally, whatever I found in the census data, it would probably bode poorly for that specific person’s worldview. Either that or I’d be wrong, and knowing when you’re wrong is always useful.

anyways they just unfollowed immediately after seeing the post, so… idk. i guess it’s possible it had an effect.

anyways. i’m… well, the rather more detailed study of my followerbase i’ve performed — following back all the people who are regulars in the notes — has revealed to me that there is a small portion of all of you (<0.5%, i would estimate) who appear to have… politically adjacent beliefs.

and i’m very tired and not in the mood to… do the social triangulation required to be quite as underhanded this time as i was the previous time.

so, at the risk of putting all of this particular population on the defensive this time, what do i do.

The quest for knowledge gets really frustrating when what you want to learn about is such a niche topic that like only 2 fucking people in the world actually have information on it like do you know how many fucking people I had to email to get my hands on papers about hot subdwarf stars I fucking,, Skyped people in GERMANY just to have them explain to me how they came to some frankly ludicrous conclusions about submass white dwarf supernovae and how the fuck they think it ties into hot subdwarf binary systems and how I had to compare data that they had to the data that some other dude from North Carolina had from some data sets from NASA’s swift satellite oh my god anyway moral of the story is don’t let anything stand in your way in your quest to Know Shit

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Hiii do you know anything I can do to attract a job? I've been applying like crazy but it's a year now and I'm using all the help I could get! Thank you x

Great question and I would be happy to help.  A bunch of my friends joke around about me being able to find jobs in a snap.  It is one of my “magic” powers.  

Before we get to any magic, might I advise a couple of different routes you may not be considering?  I always like to take a real world approach before handing out any spells.  I am not an old lady by any means, but I have learned a thing or two, and I think I might be able to help.  (Whether you like this type of advice is entirely up to you, but take it from me: the job market can be tough to navigate and sometimes it helps hearing this kind of advice from someone who has been down that road.)

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1.  Have you recently updated/revised your resume and cover letter?  Seriously, sometimes people do not hire you based on the content in your cover letter.  The wording could be off-putting, it could be too long (or too short), it could be not informative enough.  Cultivating your cover letter and resume is like crafting a spell; it needs to be worded correctly, express who you are as an employee in a concise manner, and make you seem as hireable as possible.  (You could also put a sigil on your cover letter and resume without anyone ever knowing using invisible ink or printing in white.) . A great website for formatting your cover letter and resume to make it look like THE BOMB DOT COM is CVMKR.

2.  Have you applied for every available job, including the ones that you may think you are “above”?  Listen, I have a BFA in Photographic Imagery; I didn’t exactly choose the most profitable and available field in the world.  I loved every bit of time I spent in college learning about art (and other various topics) and I am incredibly proud of what I accomplished.  I am still very passionate about my work, but the fact of the matter is that dream jobs are incredibly hard to come by.  There were plenty of times I had to suck up my pride and apply at places I thought I was too good for.  That includes fast food chains and restaurants, data entry, and even sales positions for companies I knew were absolute bullshit (the sales companies, not everything else.)  It took me years of gaining experience, freelancing, working for next to absolutely nothing, and busting my ass to get to where I am today.  So, if you haven’t gone down to McDonald’s or Walmart, you might want to lace up your boots and get to walking.  Money is money anyway you slice it, even if it means working at a place you aren’t necessarily are proud of.  I know that seems like tough love, but it is true.

My dad once told me, “You only get out of life what you put into it.”  I put in hours upon hours of literal blood, sweat, and tears, sleepless nights, going hungry and almost being homeless, paying thousands upon thousands of dollars back to student loans, and I have only JUST gotten what I would consider to be a dream job.  I believed in what I was doing every day.  I got up even when I didn’t want to.  You just have to keep trying, even when things seem grim.

3.  There are quite a few spells involving careers and money.  I am going to refer you to @urbanspellcraft and @flowing-to-the-ocean’s spells.  I trust their work to help you along the way, but just know that magic can only take you so far.  In the amount of time you would spend working during an average work day (8+ hours), you need searching and applying for jobs, calling employers for interviews, and going to temp agencies.  If not, you won’t find a job.  Take it from me, as someone who spent the better part of a decade struggling to find a career and finally–FINALLY–got her dream job.  You can do it, you just have to try.

* Spell to Get the Job You Want
* Spell for Job Seekers

  • Counselor: I believed in the wrong people. By the time I realized it, the damage was already done.
  • The Director's ghost: You mean the damage on Florida? That you caused? By BLOWING IT UP?! I didn't tell you to blow up a fucking state, Price. I just wanted you to delete his data from our system but NO, you had to go the EXTRA mile!

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Mutual pining coworker fic for Elriel. 😍


My head snapped up to find Cassian lazily leaning over the divider that separated our cubicles. 

I blinked.

“Az,” he sighed, dramatically, in that way he often did, “you’ve been staring at her for a solid ten minutes, and if you think that every person in this office has not noticed that….you are highly mistaken.”

Heat rushed to my cheeks, and I cursed myself for getting sidetracked. Shaking my head, I said, “No one’s noticed.”

“Whatever you say, sweet Azriel,” he mocked, sliding back down into his chair and out of sight. 

Less than a minute later, a crumbled up piece of paper landed on my keyboard. I heard him chuckle as I began to open it up.

Go ask her out, Idiot.

You went from sweet Azriel to idiot in a matter of seconds,” I mumbled, but rose to my feet.

I tucked in the corner of my shirt that had come undone and straightened my tie, although I was fairly certain it was still askew. 

Everyone in the office had noticed her beauty, her kindness, her gentleness, and her wit. I couldn’t shake it off, though. Since she began working there the week before, she was all I could think about. I sat at my desk, writing reports, constantly finding upon review that I had entered her name in the data multiple times. I would think about her long after I went home for the evening, as Cassian and I would sit down in the living room for dinner and play video games….she was in the back of my mind, slowly moving her way up.

Today, her golden-brown hair was in a loose bun at the top of her head, giving me a perfect view of her face. Her eyes, watching me as I gingerly approached, and her smile, small and amused against her pink lips, were all I could focus on.

Well, that and the nerves.

I felt my palms grow sweaty, so I pushed them into my pockets as I stopped at the corner of her cubicle. 

Her fingers stopped typing and her chair swiveled toward me. “Hello.”

It was not until Cassian cleared his throat from behind me that I realized that she had said something and I had not replied. 

“Oh, um, hey,” I nodded, and I didn’t know why I was nodding but I couldn’t stop. “Elain, right?”

I knew it was Elain. I don’t know why I asked. I mentally face-palmed myself as she replied, “Yes. Azriel?”

I didn’t need to nod, because I was already nodding, so I didn’t stop, I just stood there.


“Are you okay?” she let out a soft giggle, forcing me to snap out of it.

Cassian cleared his throat, again.

I grabbed the keys from my pocket and shot them behind me. Judging from his grunt, I assumed I hit him right where I was hoping to.

The amusement in Elain’s eyes grew. 

“So, listen,” I began, trying my best to keep eye contact, but failing miserably. “I’m terrible at these things….I’m sorry….I, well….um-”

“Would you like to take me to dinner on Saturday night?” she interrupted, writing down a string of random numbers on a sticky note.


When Cassian cleared his throat for the third time, I was tempted to grab Elain’s desk and slam it over my roommate’s head. Instead, I let out a slow breath and smiled, as charmingly as I could, “Yes. Yes, I would love to take you out on Saturday night. Is, uh, seven okay?”

“I’ll be ready by 6:30,” she smiled, sending chills down my spine.

“Great,” I took the note from her hands and our fingers brushed, gently. “I will see you, then.”

“I wouldn’t be mad if you called me before then,” she bit her lip, gesturing at the neon pink note in my hand. 

I glanced down and felt my eyebrows raise. “I- oh, yeah. I’ll, uh, I’ll do that. I’ll call, yeah. On the…phone.”

“Good,” she smiled, and turned back to her computer, resuming her report. 

When I sat down at my desk, Cassian was, once again, leaning over our divider.

“That went….well,” he smirked, sneaking a glance at Elain. “Good thing you clarified about the phone situation. She probably assumed you were going to call her on the t.v.” 

“You were no help,” I mumbled.

“You’re right,” he admitted. “You were so incredibly smooth on your own. If I was a woman, I’d let you pin me against the wall and take me right here.”

“Shhh,” I shook my head, glancing around, not that anyone took Cassian seriously anyway. “Don’t you have a job to do?”

“I do,” he nodded. “But, to be honest, I’m surprised they haven’t fired me. I haven’t submitted any data sheets in two weeks.”

I couldn’t help but laugh as Cass slid back into his chair to do Mother knows what. 

Taking a deep breath, I pulled out my phone and typed in the numbers Elain had written down.

What’s your favorite flower?? I typed, and only hesitated for a second before I pressed send. 

I like them all. Surprise me. ;)

I glanced over to where she sat. She wasn’t looking at me, but she was smiling at her computer screen, her phone lit up on her keyboard.

It was only Thursday, and Saturday night could not come soon enough.

Hope you enjoyed, friend. 

Now I’m itching to write about their first date….

- Tara, fellow Elriel trash.
Survey Results
2017 Whump Survey Results Introduction Hey all! It’s been a little while, but here are the results from that whump survey I did a while back. It’s been a fun little project the past month or two :) I was hoping to do a lot more with the data, but I just don’t really have the time or motivati...

It’s been a long time, but I FINALLY have my whump community survey results from last month up. I wasn’t able to do as much as I would have liked with the data, but I figured I’d post what I had for you guys to see anyway:) 

Taking The Lead (Spencer x Reader)

A/N: guys I am so sorry for not posting in such a long time! The only Internet I had was at school because I ran out of data and my parents changed the wifi password. I had internet at school but Tumblr is blocked on it (of freaking course) so I couldn’t go on and I missed you guys so much! Anyways I really enjoyed writing this unique imagine and thanks for requesting it anon!!
Warnings: slight smut
Pairing: Spencer x reader
Prompt: the reader is the new British member of the team and Spencer secretly has a thing for English accents and the team tease him about it because he constantly blushes and he hides his lower half whenever you talk, the reader hasn’t quite caught onto the fact that spencer likes her so she’s asks why he covers his crotch when she talks and he ends up having to explain that she turns him on
Request: ✅
Upcoming Imagine: reader is victim…
“Attention, this is SSA Y/N L/N from the Behavioral Insights Team in London. She will be replacing JJ until further notice.” Aaron Hotchner said introducing you.
“Hello. I’m Y/N.” You said shaking a black haired lady who open her mouth in surprise at your accent.
“Wow not only are you from London you’ve got the accent as well!! It’s nice to meet you.” She said shaking your hand.
“I’m Jennifer Jareau! I’m excited to work with you.” A blonde lady said shaking your hand.
After shaking everyone’s hands, you noticed you missed someone.
He was tall, definitely handsome, and looked a little socially awkward.
“Hi.” You said waving to him, who was standing behind everyone else.
“H-Hi! I’m Dr. Spencer Reid but you-you can just call me Spencer or Reid what-whatever works.” He said stumbling over his words.
“It’s nice to meet you.” You said holding your hand out to shake his.
“Oh he doesn’t really shake…” Emily said before he firmly took it.
You were a little confused as to what she was saying but you thought it was probably a misunderstanding.
He shook your hand just fine.
After a little while you settled with the rest of the team for a case.
“Alright two women have been found dead in back alleys behind restaurants. One woman was named Kylee Carey and the other Lauren Reeves. Both are blonde, successful woman. We believe a few witnesses can tell sketch artists a brief description of what he looks like. They are coming in around noon today so we can deliver the profile before the end of the day.” Garcia explained showing pictures.
“He has a preference for victims so that makes it easier to warn the community.” You said noticing the common similarities in the victims.
You saw Spencer shift next to you, which you just ignored.
But throughout the day he kept doing it and you started to notice a pattern.
Do you make him uncomfortable?
You two were sitting in a room alone with the evidence board, while everyone else did their tasks.
“Are you okay?” You ask him noticing his back facing you.
“Yeah. Yeah I’m okay.” He said slightly turning around.
“Are you sure? Do you need anything? I was actually about to make some tea if you want some.” You said with a small smile.
He turned his whole body towards you for the first time today and nodded softly.
“Alright, do you like Earl Grey?” You ask digging in your purse for some tea that you brought.
“I do yeah.” He said with a smile.
That’s the first time you have seen him smile and it made butterflies explode in your stomach.
You left the little room to the coffee pot, where a kettle was and you warmed up some water.
Then you heard walking behind you.
“Hey sorry umm if I’ve been distant around you. I’m just kind of umm… awkward I guess. I’d like to get to know you a little better.” Spencer said standing on the other side of the counter.
“I would love to get to know you too! First question I’ve been dying to ask is how come you go by ‘doctor’?” You asked handing him the cup of warm tea.
“First thank you for the tea and second I have three PhD’s. One in Engineering, Chemistry and Mathematics. I also have three BA’s in Philosophy, Sociology, and Psychology.” He explained.
“Wow that many in such a short time. How did you do that? A lot of free time on your hands?” You ask walking towards the small room again.
You noticed Spencer almost panic as he followed.
“I have an eidetic memory, an uh IQ of 187 and I can read 20,000 per minute.” He said clearing his throat.
Something is off.
Then you saw it.
As he sat down he grabbed his messenger bag and covered his lower half.
Do… do you turn him on?
What could you possibly do that gives him a boner?
“Spencer can I ask you something? I mean you don’t have to answer, but if you don’t answer your kind of answering it.” You say.
“Go ahead.” He said with a small smile.
“May I ask why you keep covering… um yourself when I talk to you?” You ask awkwardly.
“Oh um heh it's… it’s embarrassing I’m sorry you noticed umm… I guess I kind of um have this thing for… this is stupid.” He started.
“No it’s okay. Finish what you were saying. I’m interested.” You say walking closer to him.
“Umm I have this thing for accents, I guess, British ones really get me off.” He said looking into your eyes.
His hand were folding over his crotch as you stood in front of him.
“So… your saying I turn you on?” You ask biting your lower lip.
“God yes.” He said waiting for your next move.
You grabbed his hands and pulled them apart, interlocking your fingers with his.
“Well, I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel the same way.” You said standing on your tiptoes leaving your lips centimeters apart.
“Really?” He asked cheerfully, not taking the opportunity to capture your lips in his.
“Your not really the dominant one are you?” You ask shutting the blinds to the small window and locking the door.
“What-what are you doing?” He asked as you approached him again.
“Taking the lead.” You said pushing him against the wall and taking his lips in yours.
His lips were soft and innocent, as well as his hands.
They stayed at your mid back as you loosened his tie.
You took his wrists in your hands and slid them down to your hips.
“Don’t be afraid, Doctor.” You said as he looked into your eyes.
A spark of confidence lit his face up when you called him ‘doctor’.
He spun you around, pinning you against the wall with his hips as his hands rummaged through your hair.
You dropped to your knees but right when your hands went to his belt there was a knock on the door.
“Y/L/N, Reid? Are you in there?” You heard Aaron Hotchner say.
“Yeah.” You said mouthing to Spencer to fix his tie.
He frantically did as you opened the door to half of the team.
“We found a diameter of our UnSubs disposal sites.” Spencer said inconspicuously, trying to play it cool.
Hotch looked from both of you and left, leaving Derek Morgan.
“What were you two pretties doing in here?” He asked teasingly.
“Working out the investigation.” You said avoiding eye contact with the dark man.
“Reid your hair seems more bed-headish that usual.” He said ruffling Spencer’s hair.
“Knock it off.” Spencer said swatting his hand away.
You smirked a little as you looked at the evidence board.
You followed Derek out but before you left the room you turned around.
“To he continued.” You said to Spencer, who’s eyes got big as he followed you out.

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Hidden (Part 1)

Jinyoung loosens his tie as he settles at his desk. It’s been two years since the disappearance. Even with search teams, his mission never succeeded. The locked away drawer at his desk holds all of the past and as tempted as he is to get a glimpse of it, he fears of the emotions it’ll bring him.

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So I love tiny!Obi, but I am super curious about him as a baby in the crèche. Were the crèche masters worried about accidentally squishing or loosing the super tiny baby? Did they just never set him down anywhere? And then when he was a toddler omg, like the stress of a super tiny toddler!

A sealed box had been delivered to the Jedi temple early one morning. There had been no sender, no note, nothing.

Just an anonymous, heavy box that held no explanation except for a flimsi that said it was to be delivered to the Council. And so it was once it was cleared the inspection it was put through by several Jedi.

“No other notes with it was?” Yoda asked, raising his eyebrows at the young knight who shook his head. “No Master Yoda. It arrived, the person who delivered it was cloaked and we could not get a positive ID on them, the only thing clear is that they were of humanoid origins.”

Yoda hummed and looked at Plo who shrugged in return. “Open it we should then. Anonymous information it may be?”

It was not.

Ploo stared into the box on his lap, his shock pinging through the Force.

In the box was a tiny humanoid, no bigger then an index finger, kept in a stasis field with soft tufts of copper hair. What more, they couldn’t be more then six months old, swaddled in a pale green blanket in the stasis.

“What in Force name…”


Little Obi-Wan Kenobi was all of four centimeters long and six and a half month old.

Little Obi-Wan Kenobi was fully human but had been ill at birth, as a result, he had been given over to doctors to try and help him who could do nothing. He had then been given over to scientist who had given him experimental drugs.

Little Obi-Wan Kenobi had shrunk and it was now an irreversible state.

And the scientists who had done it feared repercussion.

“Their guinea pig he was I suspect.” Yoda tapped his cane against the floor, frowning as he looked at the sleeping baby. The moment the stasis had been removed, Obi-Wan had woken up and started to cry until he had been picked up and held as gently as possible by the Kel Dor.

The only reason they knew any of this was the stick of data that had been in the box.

“But why send him our way?” Sifo questioned.

“If his parents gave him over to doctors, they may not have wished him in return.” Plo murmured sensible as he tucked the tiny baby to him.

“He’s Force sensitive, that’s why they sent him this way.” Jocasta pointed out, gesturing to where she was still scrolling through the information. “He has a midi-chlorian count of 1736 it says her though I suspect we’d have to confirm it ourselves.”

“He’s so small though, is there anyway he could be a Jedi?”

“Size matters not.” Yoda cut in then sighed. “Unsafe to send him from the temple it would be. Unsafe for him. Unsafe for his abilities. Stay here he will, let the future unfold we shall.”


Little Obi-Wan had a specially built crib, it was made strong with high walls in a gyroscope as it hung from a cord around the creche master’s neck. Inside it Obi-Wan slept or cooed at the world as he watched it.

But he was safe inside it, that was the most important part as he was slowly integrated into the Jedi Order.

It would be a long and difficult road for the little crechling, but Yoda had a feeling that Obi-Wan would manage it just fine. Beside, it was nice not to be the smallest creature in the Order.

Workout Log 4-19-17

Woo, boy. Getting back into the swing of things. Noooooo. It sucks, but it must be done. For–sanity?–I kept it simple and low-key, though. I did a very short and basic upper body dumbbell routine for the sake of routine itself. In a few days, I’ll probably feel right at home again.

Treadmill Warmup
Bicep Curls: 15 lb dumbbells 3 x 12
Hammer Curls: 15 lb dumbbells 3 x 12
Triceps Extension: 20 lb dumbbell (single)  3 x 12 (+5)
Front Raise: 15 lb dumbbells 3 x 12
Lateral Side Rise: 15 lb dumbbells 3 x 12
Push Ups: 35

I’m sure I’ll be an overachiever by the end of the week, but here’s gettin’ started!

Playlist Picks: Oh, man. I missed music. I would have used too much data, no devices on WIFI during my trip. It was tough. Google Fi should seriously just let music data not count; I mean I’ve bought enough of their stuff, yeah? Anyway, that was brutal. I’m back this morning with Red Hot Chili Pepper’s Hump de Bump and Modest Mouse’s Fly Trapped in a Jar.

I like to think that every Fitbit recording tells a little story. Notice that huge drop in my heart beats a few minutes in? The story there is my fiance beefed it on the treadmill and busted his elbow open. I had to tend to his boo-boo. See, putting those band-aids in my gym bag made me a genius!

  • If ever Sana and Jihyo were scientist and they had to report a research on some boring sciency stuff
  • Jihyo: *talks all scientific and all that*
  • Jihyo: so in order to find this specific object we need a--
  • Sana: Gaydar
  • Jihyo: --radar. And while we find the target, this device will analyze some--
  • Sana: Gayta
  • Jihyo: Data. *glares at Sana*
  • Jihyo: Anyway i hope our research information can useful for everyone in this
  • Sana: Gaytion
  • Jihyo: Ffs this lil gay, i swears, everything u hear is gay here, gay that. Clean them ears of urs cause ur either deaf or ur head is blocked by all ur homosexual thoughts. God why am i stuck with her

Ink, I don’t think that’s how you conquer someone…

I miss drawing Errorink, so here’s a little piece of those two dorks together! I was originally going to draw Cross and Dream (like I always do), but I had this idea and just… aklsmfmcsfasfmkkwqnrjwda; anyways, hope you guys like it! 

Ink!Sans belongs to @comyet and Error!Sans belongs to @loverofpiggies.

(ah, e feliz dia dos namorados pros BRs aí o/ me esforcei pra terminar isso e não perder a data -q)

All For The Game hc

Okay so there’s this experiment that was done and I don’t remember the details, but basically they had a group of people wear shirts and sweat in them. They later had the people smell the shirts(sweat) to see which smelled the most pleasant/least gross. The people who were biologically different in some way (this is what I can’t remember) tended to like their shirts the best. Biological opposites attract to diversify the population. Anyway so what if Andrew and Neil were in one of these experiments but they didn’t know they were both in it. And then Andrew smells this one shirt and he’s just like, ‘this is the worst, disgusting, I hate this shirt’ and it doesn’t fit with the data. But he recognizes that is most likely Neil’s. Neil sweats a lot, he probably nervous sweated a lot when he was first around Andrew, they play exy and he sweats, he sweats when they make out, and he runs All The Time. So, Andrew is very familiar with the smell of Neil’s sweat and he recognizes it, and it makes him feel things. He has feelings in reaction to Neil’s sweat/shirt and he hates that. So then when Neil gets to Andrew’s shirt he’s just like, ‘is someone I know in this experiment’ because his memory isn’t as on point but he is also around Andrew and his sweat a lot. So Andrew hates Neil’s shirt and Neil kinda smiles sorta dopey at Andrew’s and the kids conducting the experiment are like What’s Up? Why Do The Exy Kids Know How Each Other’s Sweat Smells? Werid

The License Job

Hardison and Parker don’t get married. Well, not in the usual sense of the word. Like everything they do, it is slightly illegal and highly unusual.

Hardison asked. He took her night repelling at the Eiffel Tower and popped the question (with a stolen ring of course, because he pays attention.) She said yes while trying to untangle Hardison from his ropes.

Parker had already watched Sophie planning her wedding and decided that it was like Sophie’s obsession with shoes; fine for other people but not something she could understand or wanted to do herself. Uninterested in planning a wedding of her own, Parker stole one. Well, technically it wasn’t a wedding. She stole a marriage license from a mark. From Hardison’s research before the job she knew the mark was getting a divorce anyway, so she figured he didn’t need it anyway.

She handed Hardison the data she retrieved from the office.

“You know how you asked me to marry you? Well, I got us a marriage license. That makes us married, right?” She handed him the license and he choked on his orange soda.

Hardison had Parker call Nate and Sophie. He was glad, if a little disoriented, to be so suddenly married but he definitely didn’t want to be the one to break it to Sophie that she wouldn't be able to help plan the wedding. He also hacked the county records to make it, well, legal wasn’t exactly the right word, but semi-official at least.

Nate and Sophie flew in for a very impromptu reception which consisted of just the five of them and a cake Eliot made.

From that point on they were married. Sure, it wasn’t technically legally binding, but neither of them held to the letter of the law anyway so that didn’t matter. And sure, their marriage license didn’t have their names on it, but neither did their driver’s licenses so neither of them were inclined to quibble over that particular detail.

For their honeymoon they planned and carried out a heist to steal themselves wedding rings.

Hi everyone :)

Sorry I’ve been absent so long but I’m on uni break again and super bored so get ready for heaps of new images!

Anyway, I’m just going to tell you guys about something cool I did during the semester. As one of my units I had the opportunity to do a research project in astronomy. I collected data from various telescopes and used it to put together several spectra for active galactic nuclei (these are galaxies that emit huge amounts of energy from the region around their central black holes). Even though it wasn’t too challenging a project, combined with my regular coursework it was the hardest semester I’ve done so far. Being able to present a final product and report was so rewarding though and it was my highest grade for the semester, which will hopefully work in my favour when applying for honours (I’m not the best student so I need everything I can get!) If anyone here is considering doing something similar I’d highly recommend, it is so different from regular coursework and is definitely worth giving it a shot.

Let me tell you guys the story of what happened today.

I participated in a competition at my college called “Dolphin Tank”, which was supposed to resemble the Shark Tank show (though it didn’t for several reasons; I think it was just marketing). Essentially, teams of students had 5 minutes to pitch their company to judges to win one of three cash prizes of up to $1,000. Naturally, everyone who presented was a Business Management major except for myself (physics and chemistry). But there were only 9 teams who presented, so I had a ⅓ shot of winning a prize.

Frankly, there were a couple ideas that were highly nonviable (collided too much with legal restrictions and/or technical promises hard to fulfill) or had so much market saturation (ahem, restaurants) that there’s no way they were going to get backing. So my chances seemed pretty good.

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