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Rey is unable to sleep and so she tosses and turns before glancing at the broken saber on the old hologram game table. As if her sudden anger summoned him, he's suddenly there next to it, and asks rey what happened. For some reason, they can't block out the connection and so they're "forced" to either stare at each other or chat. Perhaps smut ensues?

Good prompt! I confess, I got kind of carried away with “the feels” on this one, so it’s not very smutty…but I hope you like it anyway! ~~~

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           The blankets tangled around my feet as I flipped over onto my left side for the trillionth time in an hour. Frustrated and tired, I viciously kicked them off, successfully losing the blanket onto the floor in the process. I glared up at the ceiling of the Falcon, cursing my own brain for not shutting up and letting me sleep in peace.

           Sans blanket, I drew my knees up and squished the pillow under my head. I tried, I really did, but my eyes would not stay closed. The black canvas of my eyelids did not once fade into unconsciousness. I gave up, then. I knew I was not getting to sleep tonight.

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Safe - Chapter 2

Originally posted by rapgodv

I would like to say thank you for all the love and support so far! I was really surprised with the outcome from this fic, it really really made my day :’) Enjoy this new chapter~

I’ve also made a hashtag thinking maybe it’ll be easier for you guys to find the fic! the hashtag will be under “wowiejimin safe fic” :)

Pairing: Gang Member!Jimin x Poor Heart!Genius!Reader

Genre: Angst, Romance, Lots of Action, Humor, Fluff, & Smut (In the Future)

Length: 5.0K

Warnings: Swearing, Blood, Death, Smut (In the Future), Blood

Members Included: All of BTS, other KPop groups in the future

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In his world, being a part of a mafia gang, known as Bangtan Boys, is a bit terrifying. They were truly a filthy rich and powerful group that everyone feared. 22-year old Jimin was described as the stealthiest and most skilled member of Bangtan, playing an important part in their group. Whereas for 20-year-old (Y/N), a genius with a weak heart is suffering inside the cruel world as she is experimented on on the daily basis. Jimin finds himself protecting a gifted girl whose memory can hold numerous things in a blink of an eye. Jimin finds an interest in her, visioning that she may be a valuable asset to their group. Jimin has never paid attention to girls. However, that started to change when he met her.

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But imagine Cedric in ootp, returning from prefects meeting, where umbridge tricked prefects into drinking veritaserum. She didn't ask dangerous questions yet, but it's first time she used veritaserum on students, so it's big deal and Cedric goes to tell this to Harry. But Cedric doesn't know that veritaserum STILL works on him the entire time ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  • Cedric asking anyone and everyone he could find because he needed to tell Harry.
  • He almost let some stuff slip but he had managed to resist the Potion, though he was sure with some more grilling one of the other prefects might give in.
  • He finally finds Harry and says that she knows “about everything with the D.A, but I don’t know if she knows about you yet." 

"What about me?”
“You?” Cedric says, forgetting about telling Harry about the worst part; the Veritaserum.
He gets totally distracted by Harry’s question, which he takes in a very different way to how Harry intended it;
“Well, you’re so funny, you know that? You’re good looking and an amazing seeker, and honestly I’ve wanted to snog you for two years now, and-”

  • He clamps his hand over his mouth and stares at Harry as his eyes widen. 
  • Oh god he needed to shut up right now. 
  • Harry laughs nervously and looks around thinking Cedric is trying to play a prank on him or something. 
  • All Cedric could think was When is this godforsaken potion going to wear off? If I don’t get out of here I’m going to tell him that his smirk does all kinds of things to my brain.
  • He somehow passes it off as a joke, while a confused Harry really does not get the joke, like, at all.
  • Cedric then abruptly turns on his heel and walks away and Harry doesn’t get a chance to get a word in edge ways.
  • Cedric seems confident as he walks away but if Harry could see his face he would see Cedric going bright red and muttering to himself about being an fumbling idiot, Oh my god honestly, how did you resist Umbridges questioning but the second you look at Harry’s face you go all moon eyed?
  • For the whole of Potions, his next lesson, he just berates himself and cringes as his confession.
  • He also can’t seem to control his mouth, much to the frustration of his friends:

“Pass the flobberworms Ced.”
“Sure… I’m also sure that I like Potter.”
"Oh my god, you’ve told us that at five minute intervals throughout the lesson. How much Veritaserum did the old bint use on you?”
“Too much, it’s getting bloody ridiculous…You know what else is too much?”
“Don’t you dare-”
“The amount I like Potter”
*everybody groans*

  • He slowly packs up his things groaning at the thought of facing Potter, and is the last to leave the classroom. 
  • He walks out into a quiet corridor, seriously considering skipping lunch altogether because he doesn’t think he can handle letting something slip to Harry because what if he doesn’t like him back?
  • Cedric jumps three feet in the air as he turns right down the corridor and sees Harry leaning on the wall:

“Avoiding someone?” Harry asks, totally oblivious to the fact that that someone is him.
“It’s you actually,” Cedric replies and immediately wants to hit himself.
“Oh, you’re avoiding - I’m… I guess I’ll go then?”
“No, no wait, I didn’t, I didn’t want you to go it’s just, I like you and you’re really cool and I drank Veritaserum and I don’t want to say something awkward but oh my god - I just admitted that I really like you, I’m an idiot-“

  • He is barrelled over as Harry interrupts him with a kiss.
  • After a while they stop for breath and just look at each other with huge smiles on their faces.
  • As they’re walking to the Great Hall hand in hand, Cedric thinks about the fact that the reason he had been so frantic to find Harry afterwards was probably so that he would have the confidence to tell this boy how he really felt, not because of the urgency of the situation with Umbridge.
  • Perhaps if he’d been able to wait until later, after the Potion had worn off, he may have been a little smoother and not had that little outburst. But then, he thought, if the result was kissing Harry and becoming his boyfriend, perhaps he should have told Harry a lot sooner anyways.

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yoonseok fic where they're researchers on an arctic expedition to save the planet and "oh no the heat stopped working" pretty please <3

Where has this au been all my life???? I had to do some research on current-ish Artic expeditions and such, and I really enjoyed writing this!! (I still know nothing about the Arctic but!!). I also felt it was rather fitting to post this today bc it is literally -40 here asdaejdf save me

(Also p.s., climate change is a real issue)


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my ultimate anime guide for people who want to get into anime and want info
  • free!: hot gay swimmers
  • haikyuu!!: kawaii to the max volleyball players that use metaphors 24/7
  • ouran high school host club: *starts pointing at people* gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, seems gay but not, also seems gay but really just likes dressing like a boy, crossdressing mom
  • aoharu x kikanjuu: like ohshc but with bb guns mixed with 50 shades of gray
  • angel beats: pew pew nvm welcome back but you will die but you have to deal with our weird jokes until then and then you're all gonna cry
  • charlotte: x-men parody with people who look like they're from angel beats so I think animators just got lazy and they're just like "yknow what just make that girl's hair poofier and that guy's hair brown"
  • kamisama hajimemashita: basically like beastiality in kimonos but it's cute
  • toradora: smol feisty cinammon roll accidentally falls in love with tol cinammon roll
  • kimi no todoke: lots of misunderstood cinammon rolls falling in love with each other with sO MANY MISUNDERSTANDINGS IT MAKES ME SO MAD
  • diabolik lovers: imagine like twilight if every character was a mix of james and edward from the first twilight
  • code geass: hot people covered in blood fighting in robots
  • no game no life: ambiguously incestual geniuses who are also fuckin otakus
  • love stage!!: weaboo cinammon roll and sinammon roll turn out to be gay for each other and turns out everyone else is pretty much gay too
  • one punch man: guy who mocks every fighting anime because he basically just likes fighting because he's bored and everyone's a dick to him because his bald head makes him look like a dick but a gay cyborg like worships him
  • noragami: ever see the movie "ghost town" with ricky gervais? it's like if ricky gervais was a schoolgirl and grew a tail
  • hotarubi no mori e: spirited away but if your heart is ripped out and cut right in front of your eyes
  • say I love you: two teens trying to be together while everyone else is just super horny
  • aoharu ride: it's cute and everything but everyone's pretty much a dick imo
  • my little monster: nerd and psycopath fall in and out of love constantly it's so fucking frustrating
  • inu x boku ss: literal foxy bodyguard
  • shugo chara: it's like winx club when everyone had small pixies with them but with a hot guy in it
  • soul eater: hogwarts if your best friend can turn into your wand
  • attack on titan: people slicing necks of naked derpy children on the loose that have no genitals with catchy opening theme songs and strategic stupid jokes
  • death note: you have faith in everyone but then everyone just lets you down with how stupid they really are

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I just found your AfO au today and I honestly love it so much! Do you have any hc's regarding all might as a teacher with Izuku since they're so close? I imagine that he would try not to show any favoritism like in canon but would fail so badly (but the rest of the class doesn't mention it because they're so obliviously adorable)

Hey friend! Thanks so much for your sweet words! And yes, you’re absolutely right, All Might completely sucks at not showing favouritism XD And the students would be annoyed, except that All Might is completely oblivious, and Izuku is such a sweetheart that no one can find it in themselves to be upset at him.

Especially since All Might’s favouritism is really quite harmless.

He marks them all equally, and he doesn’t give Izuku any extra extensions on his schoolwork or any of that other stuff.

All Might’s favouritism comes mostly in the form of him taking millions of pictures of Izuku during their Foundations of Heroism classes and gushing about how adorable he is.

It actually isn’t that long before his students learn to take advantage of All Might’s utter adoration of his son. One of their favourite tactics is to ask for childhood pictures, because All Might is basically the Maes Hughes of their universe. It’s a win-win situation for everyone except Izuku because they get out of class, and they get to see a bunch of adorable pictures of ten-year-old Izuku in little sailor boy uniforms and hugging giant stuffed animals at the amusement part.

(All Might and Izuku are both pleasantly surprised when Bakugou tells them early on in the school year that his mother had a lot of Izuku’s childhood photos and clothes that she’d been keeping for him in the hope that he’d come back one day).

And All Might isn’t the only teacher they have wrapped around their fingers. No matter how much he tries to act like a hardass, Aizawa is just a big mama bear, and the students have no qualms about manipulating him either.

It’s only a week or two before summer vacation, and the kids are restless and don’t want to pay attention to their class. Aizawa-sensei is in the middle of writing out a few problems on the blackboard when suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, he notices a bubble float slowly forward, and pop against the blackboard. 

The class erupts into giggles. He turns around to see that the entire class is full of soap bubbles, with no source of where they came from. Some of the students (Kirishima and Uraraka) aren’t even pretending to pay attention anymore, giggling as they poke and prod and pop all the bubbles in their vicinity. Aizawa immediately turns to glare at Yaoyorozu, correctly guessing it’s her quirk that’s the source of this newest irritation.

He erases her quirk, but somehow the bubbles keep coming, and she keeps smiling innocently. He groans as he realizes Izuku’s done another switcheroo. He whips his head around without warning, and sees Kouda startle and hide his face in his hands as the bubbles that were bubbling out of his head and hands suddenly pop. 

Aizawa is about to give them all detention when Izuku looks up at him with those wide, earnest eyes and wobbly lips, and Aizawa relents with a frustrated growl. “No more bubbles,” he orders Kouda, who nods frantically while still hiding under his hands.

He turns around without another word and continues his lesson.

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Kacchan accidentally getting one of Minetas balls stuck on his hand. As he's fuming about not being able to get it off, he swings his arm out... and gets it stuck on Dekus hand too. Now they're stuck together and the time frame for how long this would last is unpredictable. How do you think they would handle a day stuck to each other?

Damn that bastard. 

No matter what he did to this thing nothing seemed to help, and nothing was making it go away. He couldn’t get it off with an explosion, and no amount of heat seemed to help. It was pure chance that it happened in the first place. Raising a hand up during P.E. and that thing collided with his palm, and now to make matters worse, as soon as he brings his hand down, it collides with him and now they’re stuck together. 

Katsuki hadn’t thought it was possible for Izuku’s eyes to become any wider then they already were but he was proven wrong in that moment. His face flushed quickly and it seemed his tongue was already stumbling over it’s self which left the blond with the urge to scream from his quickly growing headache. 

Izuku jerked his arm backwards but it only caused Katsuki to stumble forward and the two of them to topple to the ground.  The entire class turned, the urge to laugh painted on their faces, but at the same time all of them enjoyed life and none of them were willing to say a word when the blond looked up with a furious glare. 

“I swear to fucking God, this had to happen and it had to be you.” Katsuki cursed all around him in the moment, damning the world and the stars above as he struggled to pull himself to his feet only to realize that if he wanted to stand he was going to have to help Izuku. A low hmph’ed growl left him as he pushed his strength against the ball that was stuck to his palm and forcefully pulled Izuku to his feet. 

This was quite possibly the worst day of Katsuki’s life. 


Izuku couldn’t stop sweating, nervously at that. As if it wasn’t bad enough trying to get out of their P.E. uniforms and back into their regular ones, They were now setting awkwardly at their desks trying to find a comfortable way to co-exist when the fingers of Katsuki’s right hand were so close to Izuku’s left.  

It’d been an interesting story to explain to Mr. Aizawa to which there was a minor amount of snickering in the background of the class - mostly from the direction of Mineta- to which Katsuki glared and Izuku simply shifted his gaze away and gave out an awkward laugh.  There had been an inquiry made to the state of their dress. P.E. Uniform tops and regular uniform bottoms…. but Katsuki gave a quick, “How the fuck am I supposed to change when my hand it stuck to his?!”  and the matter was dismissed all together.  When in reality, Izuku could tell from their homeroom teacher’s exhausted expression, he really just didn’t want to deal with the mess that was Katsuki’s anger.

The day felt like it took forever, classes dragging on and on, Katsuki being sure dug nails into Izuku’s fingers when he started muttering under his breath while working on assignments, and small yips of pain escaping from the freckled boy that would disrupt the entire class’s focus. Katsuki wanted nothing more than to scream, while Izuku just wanted to slink away and hide. 

It only grew more complicated when the day finally ended and the two of them made their way back to the dorms. This clothing situation needed to change - and quickly at that. They both just wanted a shower and maybe something to eat but literally nothing they did would get this thing off of them.  

“This is all your fucking fault, Deku.”  

To which Izuku only gave the remark a flat look and resisted the urge to say something sarcastic because doing so was not about to help the situation. 

Instead there was an awkward twist of limbs after Katsuki had drug Izuku through the common space and to the showers on the first floor of the dorms, and proceeded to attempt to take his clothes off. He was not about to stay covered in the film of sweat that the day had brought and in the same clothes he’d spent the last eight hours in. He was uncomfortable and this damn nerd was just going to have to deal with it. 

“K-Kacchan. What are you doing?!”  Came the jumpy stammer as the blond turned and unzipped Izuku’s top.  

A snarl, a glare, but no real answer.  The blond just continued to fumble with the fabric that refused to leave their bonded arms causing him to finally let out the scream he’d been suppressing for most of the day. 

“I just wanna take a fucking shower but I have to be stuck to you.”  

It was the first real time that Izuku could ever remember hearing some form of defeat in the elder’s voice. He had to admit that the entire situation was beyond frustrating but it seemed to be bearing down on his counterpart far more than himself. Izuku looked to the fabric of their shirts, sighed, and then returned his gaze to the frustrated blonde and smiled. 

“Kacchan. Just take a deep breath.” He spoke for a moment, hoping he could stop the explosion that he knew was already building. “My mom knows how to sew, I can just bring them to her over the weekend and she’ll fix them.”  He explained, leaving a confused look plastered across the face the blond. 

Again, Izuku only smiled, lightly tugging at their ‘connection’ in order to urge the other to follow. Shirts slipped back over their shoulders, Izuku guided them back out to the couches of the common space, until he could dig through his backpack that had been discarded.  A soft ‘Ah ha!’ left him as he pulled out a small pair of scissors and merely clipped the edges that bound them free. 

For once, Katsuki looked at him like he actually had a good idea.

But the rest of the night lead to the two of them spending the rest of the night completely shirtless. Katsuki would only glare should any of the other members of their class attempt to sneak a peak, where as Izuku was a constant mass of blushing when he noticed he was almost constantly the focal point of someone.  

They slept in Katsuki’s room that night, because like hell was he about to sleep in a room with so many eyes were there to watch him, even if they were the Symbol of Peace.  Izuku had offered to sleep on the floor, but again, Katsuki wasn’t about to let his life change to accommodate Izuku and thus he forced the younger to sleep in his bed, next to him. Like hell he was going to let his arm hang off the side all night and get all cramped and uncomfortable. 

Katsuki just didn’t want Izuku sleeping on the floor, but he wasn’t about to say that. 

Both of them ended up having a hard time sleeping that night, if it wasn’t for Izuku’s persistent ability to pose a question at the very moment Katsuki was about to fall asleep. And it was things that weren’t even important.  Stupid things like 

‘Kacchan do you remember when we slept at each other’s houses when we were kids?’ 
 Kacchan, do you remember the first time we met?’ 
‘Kacchan, do you remember when we used to skip rocks?’ 
‘Kacchan, do you remember…..?’ 


‘Kacchan… do you hate me?’ 

The last one made his heart stop. 

Katsuki jerked up right in bed, looking to Izuku with wide concerned eyes. He was breathless… speechless… what was he supposed to say to something like that?  

Why did he even think that?

A sigh left him, as he closed his eyes and laid back down next to the other. Izuku simply let out a sigh and rolled to this side to face away from the blond. A sniffle was enough to let Katsuki know he was trying not to cry. Honestly, he hadn’t really stopped to think about any of it, but as he lay there staring at the back of the other’s head, he couldn’t stop the memories from coming back. 

Laughing and smiling while playing ball at the park. Sticky faces covered with Popsicles that had melted all too quickly. That sad look on Izuku’s face when his Mother brought him in for the first day of school.  He could remember all of it. How he wouldn’t stop crying unless Katsuki held his hand during that first day of school and that after that they’d been…able….


Time slowed in that moment, as if he could see the other walking away from him, and feel him slipping through his fingers. Arms moved forward, wrapping around the smaller boy and tugging him backwards until he was pressed against the blond’s chest. Katsuki rested his head next to Izuku’s pressing his forehead against emerald curls. 

“I don’t hate you, Izuku.” Katsuki spoke softly holding onto his friend as tightly as he could., while the dark colored ball that had rested between their hands rolled to the floor. 

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4/4 they're an asshole to you around their friends? I LOVE UR WRITING OK BYE

Thank you so much :) and sorry I only wrote Cal cause I’ve been super busy lately… but I hope you enjoy it anyway!

“See you at lunch, babe?” Calum asks, his hand still tightly gripping your waist.

You nod, offering him a fake smile. 

Calum kisses you lightly on the lips before exiting the janitor’s closet that the two of you have been hiding in for the past five minutes.

Calum has been your boyfriend for almost a year now, but nobody knows except for the two of you. Cal is the most popular guy in school, and you’re kind of a nobody. You understand why he doesn’t want people to know about your relationship, but it still hurts to know that he’s ashamed of you.

To make matters worse, he doesn’t just ignore you in public, he’s a complete ass to you. It’s frustrating because sometimes you can’t tell which personality is the real Cal. Which one is just an act: the one that treats you like dirt or the one that loves you?

You take a minute to gather yourself before exiting the closet. You get a few strange looks from other students, but you ignore them. You’re used to it by now.

Your next class drags by slowly as your thoughts keep roaming to Calum. Part of you just wants to end things. The whole situation is taking a toll on you emotionally, and you’re not sure how much more you can handle.

The bell rings to end class, and you feel relieved. It’s finally lunch time. You and Cal have plans to meet in the same janitor’s closet toward the end of lunch period. Maybe being with him will help you make up your mind about your relationship.

You walk out of the classroom, but you only take a few steps before the teasing begins.

“Hey, look! There goes (Y/N)!” One of Calum’s jock friends yells from close behind you.

You sigh and keep walking, hoping to avoid a confrontation. Your hopes are crushed when a foot comes out in front of you and makes you trip and fall to the floor. You look up and see Calum and two of his friends standing over you with sick smiles on your face.

Your eyes are stuck on Calum, but all you see on his face is hatred. You get an uneasy feeling in your stomach and tears start to come to your eyes.

“Aww, boys,” one of his friends says. “She’s crying!”

The sarcasm in his voice makes the other two laugh and you scramble to your feet. You start to walk away before they’re able to make an even bigger fool of you, but someone grabs your arm. You look back again and see Calum with his hand wrapped around your wrist. There’s a hint of regret in his eyes, but it’s overpowered by the smugness on his face.

“Where are you going, huh?” He asks.

You rip your arm out of his grip and glare at him. “Fuck you, Calum.”

You spin around and run out of the school building, ignoring the strange looks and the three boys that are still taunting you from behind. You don’t want to be here anymore.

You run out of the building and all the way home. You take the bus to and from school every day, but since it’s not the end of the day yet, the buses aren’t running.

When you reach your front door, you pull your house key out of your pocket and walk inside. You slam the door shut with a bit too much force and stomp up to your bedroom.

You don’t know whether to be upset or angry right now, so you’re just a mixture of both. You can feel your phone vibrating in your pocket, and you know it must be Calum. He’s probably wondering where you went. After all, you should be used to him being an ass, right? Today wasn’t anything different.

Except it was different. This time, you’ve finally had enough.

Your phone keeps ringing, and you finally just turn it off. You aren’t in the mood to deal with him right now.

You let tears leak out of your eyes and you quickly soak your pillow. You don’t hear the front door downstairs open or close, but then you hear someone call your name.


He walks up the stairs and stops in your doorway. His face falls when he sees you crying and he immediately runs over to your bed. He sits down beside you and tries to pull you into his lap, but you push him away. You sit up and wipe your eyes, but you don’t look at him. 

“Go away,” you whisper, your voice hoarse.

He reaches out to grab your hand, but you slap it away.

“I’m not going anywhere until you tell me what’s wrong,” he says, genuinely confused. “Did Landon hurt you when he tripped you?”

You look at him, an incredulous look on your face. “Seriously, Calum?”

His face is still full of confusion and hurt and you realize that you’re going to have to spell it out for him.

“The only one who’s hurting me is you!” You yell, your anger coming through. “You act like you love me, but then you turn around and do this shit to me! You’re fucking ashamed to be seen in public with me, and sometimes I can’t tell which Calum is the real Calum!”

He casts his eyes down, clearly feeling guilty about what he’s put you through.
“I’m sorry, (Y/N),” he says softly.

“I’ve heard that before,” you scoff. “And sorry just won’t cut it anymore. You’ve kept your reputation, but you’ve lost me. Congratulations.”

You try to push him off of the bed, but he doesn’t budge. His eyes come back up to look at you, and you see tears pooling in his brown eyes.

“No,” he whispers. “No, I don’t give a fuck about my reputation! I’ve been so fucking stupid for treating you like I have, and I’m so, so sorry. (Y/N), please,” he whispers, a single tear falling down his cheek. “Please don’t leave me. I promise I’ll tell everyone about us, I’ll make sure the whole damn town knows that you’re mine! I won’t let anyone at school ever treat you badly again, and I swear I’ll never hurt you. Please, just give me the chance to fix this.”

You sigh, wanting to forgive him. You want to have a normal relationship with Calum, but you just aren’t sure that he’s going to keep up his end of the deal.

What if you forgive him and then things go right back to the way they were? He’d have made a complete fool out of you.

He senses your hesitation, and he scoots himself closer to you. He wraps his arms around you and buries his head in the crook of your neck. You try to wiggle out of his grip, but he just holds you tighter.

“Please,” he whispers again.

You groan. “One more chance, Calum. And if you ever pull this shit again, we’re done. Got it?”

He looks up at you and nods quickly. “I promise I won’t let you down.”

sunshineandsuggestions  asked:

What would the 2p's be like around their crush, if they're crush was already in a relationship. Sorry if this is already done and I love your blog!!

((thank you!))

2p!america: he’d try to make light of the situation, but he’d be very open about it. he’d do casual things like rest his arm on your shoulder while jokingly telling your boyfriend, “you better take good care of her before someone else comes in and steals her away.” he’d still flirt with you a bit when you’re alone and tell you things such as, “i could totally rock your world– gimme a call whenever you want, got it dollface?”

2p!china: he’d be entirely fine with waiting for you if he had to. he’d still try to be your friend and/ or get close with you, flirt with you all the time, always make sure you’re safe/ taken care of, and always teasingly compliment you around your boyfriend so that your lover knows that he’s interested and won’t hesitate to go after you. “you’ve got such a cute face… i can’t wait to call you mine~ oh, you’re taken you say? heh, well that just makes it more interesting, doesn’t it?”

2p!england: depending on how hard he fell for you, he’d probably try to respect the fact that you were in a relationship. if he was head-over-heels for you, he might end up losing some self control– but he would never touch you or go too far over the line. he’d probably write you love letters, sometimes anonymously. he’d always tell you how precious you are and at some point, he’d finally confess his love to you–even if you were still dating someone else.

2p!france: in all honesty, he’d be furious at himself for falling for ‘a taken chick’. since he doesn’t develop crushes often, he’d be pissed off at the world for making him like someone he couldn’t have. he’d probably try to distance himself from you for a bit, but eventually he’d realize it didn’t help. he’d find himself watching you with your boyfriend and he’d feel both emotions of jealousy and self-pity. he wouldn’t try to talk to you often, but he would still be a little bit kinder to you compared to how he is around other people.

2p!russia: he’d back away immediately upon discovering you were already in a relationship. much like francois, he rarely experiences romantic feelings. however, he wouldn’t feel upset at the world or become a miserable mess. he’d try to shake off the occurrences and attempt to go on as if he’d never met you. if seeing you was unavoidable, he’d have to constantly tell himself he couldn’t fall for you and that he’s better off alone.

2p!italy: he’s used to getting what he wants. if he couldn’t have you, he’d make sure to change your mind about that. he’d avoid coming in direct conflict with your boyfriend, but he’d be cunning and sly about getting you alone. he’d turn on the charm with his usual gentlemanly composure and try to convince you of how much happier you’d be with him. he’d do anything he could to win you over, but he’d never resort to force or violence.

2p!germany: he wouldn’t be neither devastated nor angered about the situation– in fact, he’d handle it the best out of any other 2P. he’d basically shrug and think something like, “hey, shit happens.” he knows he can’t have them all. he’d be a little bummed, sure, but he’s decent enough not to go after someone else’s love. occasionally, he might wink at you or blow you a kiss, but never anything too overbearing and never in front of your boyfriend.

2p!japan: the news that you were dating someone else would affect him much more than he’d like to show. he’d try to act like the information didn’t leave him bothered and insecure; he’d try to seem like he was indifferent towards it. he’d avoid coming in contact with you for a while, but after some time he’d be over it. he’d still occasionally watch you from afar and admire the traits about you that he liked, but he’s too noble to hold on to any lingering feelings.

2p!canada: undeniably, he’d feel frustrated and annoyed by this situation, especially if he found out you were in a relationship after he’d started to like you. he’d feel bitter about it and perhaps even give you the cold shoulder for a while, but only because of his own wounded heart and inability to deal with things well. afterwards, he’d feel guilty for acting cold towards you and recognize the fact that he had no real reason to be upset with you. he’d try his best to forget you, but would eventually succumb to your friendship.

2p!romano: he’d be disheartened to hear that you’re already taken, but that wouldn’t stop him from wanting to get close to you. he’d want to become your very best friend who you’d come to care about more than your actual boyfriend. he’d sometimes slide in flirtatious comments such as, “darling, if i was your boyfriend, i’d bring you flowers on every date and always compliment your fabulous outfit~”

2p!austria: upon finding out you were already in a relationship, he’d basically stomp his foot and pout, “i can not believe someone else stole her heart before the glorious me! i never even received the proper chance… this is truly unfair…” he’d then feel the need to impress you, such as presenting you with gifts that reminded him of you, serenading you, writing you poetry, and expressing his feelings for you in the most classiest of ways, or so he believed. his ultimate goal would be to get you to like him as much as he liked you.

2p!prussia: if he found out you were dating someone else, strangely he’d feel the slightest bit relieved. whenever he develops a crush on someone, his anxiety worsens and his self-esteem is lowered due to worrying thoughts such as, “she’d never pay attention to someone like me.” if you were already in a relationship, he’d actually find it easier to talk to you. he’d still be very nervous and shy about it, but he’d try his best to interact with you if he knew you were open for friendship.

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17. things you said that i wish you hadnt

“You know, Sasuke-kun, we’ve been together for quite a while,” she says to him one night, as they are both walking home from their monthly Team 7 meetup at Ichiraku’s. He simply hums in response, and lets her snuggle up closer to him as his hands remain shoved in his pockets. This makes her frown. Matter of fact, Sakura reminds him, “Five year now, actually. And we’ve been living together for four of those years.”

He spares her an amused glance, the corners of his lips lifting in a small smirk. “I’m aware of this, Sakura,” he says, looking at the road ahead of them once more. She watches his lips twitch into a small, teasing smile. “I think you’re forgetting which one of us actually remembers anniversaries and appointments,” he adds.

She gasps and elbows him lightly, cheeks flushing as he chuckles softly and tucks his arms into his body, pulling her even closer. She smiles a little, and leans her head on his shoulder, relaxing. Neither of them say anything as they listen to the sound of their footsteps and crickets in the still market. Most people have gone home, and Sakura thinks it is because everyone can smell the rain in the air. 

Even so, it is a nice, quiet night, she thinks to herself.

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Now or Never (Bias x Reader) Pt.8

At the concert in Japan, B/N performs with a clear mind. He doesn’t let his thoughts get in the line of work until the music stops and he’s off stage. 

At the fansigning event, he puts on a smile. Signing everything being shoved his way. He holds basic conversation, amused at many of the fans behavior and messages to him. But he can’t help but think of Y/N. Would she act like this if they hadn’t met the way they did? Would she be screaming and jumping up and down? Would she be neutral and calm? 

By the time it’s over and they get back to the hotel, B/N is more exhausted than usual, all this thinking taking a toll on him. 

“What am I doing?” B/N asks himself.

“I told you so,” his members ruthlessly chastise him.

Was he way over his head here? What was he doing moving so fast with a girl he just met? He was someone always on guard with his feelings, not giving in so quickly. Why this sudden change? He can’t imagine the mess he would be in if his manager found out. 

He checks his phone and sees the few messages of encouragement Y/N left him. He feels the tug of a smile forming on his lips but sighs instead. He tosses his phone but it misses the bed, falling on the floor.

She didn’t bother him as he worked, already grasping his hectic schedule. But why was she so understanding? Call his phone endlessly, be clingy and psycho. Give him a reason to do what he’s about to do.

He falls on the bed covering his face with his hands, “I can’t believe I did this,” he’s mumbling to himself aloud, but of course everyone else hears him. 

“Was she that much of a bad kisser?” 

“Far from it,” 

They’re yelling now and jumping on the bed around him, teasing him endlessly, “So you did kiss her!”

“She couldn’t possibly be a bad kisser. You saw her lips, imagine how they felt,” 

“You always move so fast,” 

“Is she no longer interested? Were you a bad kisser? That’s a huge turn off for some people,” 

“Shut up,” 

B/N covers his face with the pillow, his mind drifting back to her again. She had a normalcy about her that he didn’t know he craved. Someone that didn’t jump at every opportunity to be with him. Someone who actually questioned why he was interested in her. Majority of the girls he spoke to either attempted to use him for their own gain, or were so caught up in the stage version of him that they didn’t bother to actually get to know him

He groans into the pillow, trying not to think of those brief moments with her. He wants to think rationally, something he’s supposedly good at. 

“Just call it off, say our manager found out,” 

“That’s cold,” 

He thought about that option. Many idols have done that, taken the easy way out. They pay off the girls figuring that’s exactly what they want and they’re on their way, relationship forgotten. But remembering how she spoke to him, the sincerity in her words and the look of affection in her eyes… Could he do that to her?

“Do you not like her anymore?” 

He exhales sharply, getting more annoyed by the minute, “I do but-”

“You’re scared,” B/N says nothing because they’re right. They know him so well.

If he wasn’t a celebrity, if he was unknown like before, he wouldn’t hesitate. He’d flaunt their relationship and wouldn’t be afraid of displaying his affection towards her. 

But he has to be careful with the life he has. Careful of the people he wants to get close to, wary of them stabbing him in the back. He couldn’t trust just anyone. Even people like Y/N. 

“What are you going to do?” 

B/N sits up, “Something only a coward would do,”

None of his members tell him if it’s a good idea, but they don’t stop him either. 

In a few days B/N returns and you’re more than excited to see him. You know he’ll be tired but he insisted on seeing you anyway. 

“Look at you,” Kara puts her magazine down as she watches you get ready. You’re wearing a pair of jeans and a sweater, but you’re makeup and hair is what will draw the attention. Casual tire, flawless face, “You’re even wearing perfume, God must be coming,” 

You can’t help but smile. Kara is dressed as well, but she’s going on a date with another man you haven’t met yet. A new date this time.

“My date is hotter than yours though,” she teases. 

“How well does he kiss?” 

“He needs a bit of work but-” she suddenly gasps, “You kissed him?” 

“Well, he kissed me,” you glance at her, “Twice,” 

She slaps the magazine on the table, “How was it?” 

You feel shy at the thought of it, your face heating up, “You know that thing they do with your bottom lip when the kiss is about to end?” 

Kara sinks into her chair with a satisfied sigh, “No he didn’t,” 

You fan your fake tears dramatically, “He did,”

She suddenly yells in frustration, frightening you, “This guy better not disappoint me!” 

Your phone goes off then and you see the text from B/N saying that he’s here. You jump up and grab your bag, waving Kara bye. 

B/N is parked farther away this time. You get in, bashfully greeting him. He’s prepared food for a picnic this time, since going to an actual restaurant is out of the question. 

“How was the concert?” you ask him as he drives. The sky is bright and blue, not a cloud in sight. 

“It was great. Crowd was lively too,” you watch him as he drives, realizing his hands are gripping the steering wheel too tight and that he’s barely looking at you. 

When you arrive, there’s barely anyone. You sit on the blanket by the lake, B/N setting the food out. You’re curious about what has his mind so occupied, so you take his hand, “Are you okay? If you were busy or even stressed out, we could’ve put this off for another day,” 

He shakes his head with a smile, “No. I had to see you today,” 

You almost don’t like the way he said that. He sits beside you with a smile, “I hope you like it,” 

He starts to eat but you’re stomach is uneasy, remembering the way he looked at you a few days back to the way he’s behaving now. 

“Why aren’t you eating?” he asks, still stuffing his face with food. 

“Why can’t you look at me?”

He pauses mid-chew, waits until the food is down before turning to you, “My manager found out,” 

Your heart sinks, “About us?” 

He nods, “He told me to call it off,” He sounds too casual about this.

“And you complied, just like that?” 

He puts his food down, “I didn’t have a choice,” 

You’re quiet for a moment, “When you looked at me the last time, you looked as if you were ready to say goodbye. So right now I think you’re lying. Am I wrong?” by his silence you know you’re not.

He sighs, “Y/N we both saw this coming. It wouldn’t have worked.” 

You feel so stupid, “Wow. Was any of this genuine? You were the one pouring your heart out to me before and now you’re stone cold? I think you’re a scared little bitch who couldn’t come to me and explain that you’re terrified. How many girls have you done this to?” 

He turns his face, the muscle in his jaw moving. You hate that your eyes are flooding. You hate that you’re feeling so betrayed.

“I understand if you hate me,” he says softly. What you hated was the fact that he’s not fighting for you. Fighting for someone he barely knows…

“I would’ve understood if you had just explained to me. I have to leave in about a month, I know how this will end.”

He bows his head, “I’m sorry,” 

You’re infuriated, but you know it’s because you’re hurt. You’re still holding the food he made for you and it’s the only thing you can throw at him without it actually hurting him. The food stains his clothes. He finally looks at you and you can’t stand the softness in them.

“I wish I could hate you. You were just the last person I expected to do this to me,” 

chiomies  asked:

Open ask box (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و!! If it's okay, can I request a scenario where Kiyoshi, Kasamatsu and Takao comfort their super stressed s/o, who feels like they're working themselves to the bone handling everything at once? Thanks Tia-senpai, you're the best!

AH! Jamjam! Of course you can ask! This is something I need for myself so i’m glad you asked for Kasa bby! I hope this makes you feel better! (More under the cut because it got ridiculously long xD)

Kasamatsu: “I’m done.”

Those two words send dread down his spine and he felt his breathing was cut off. You were facing away from him, but your tone is what made him feel ice in his veins.. 

You don’t mean…

“I’ve had it! I can’t…” you paused, shaking your head and throwing the towel down, “I can’t do this anymore!”

He wasn’t sure if he should approach you or not, considering his legs felt like jelly, and he was a bit faint.. Despite that, he found himself walking to you, tentatively placing a hand on your shoulder, immediately feeling sick when you shrugged him off..

yeah.. He fucked up..

“Don’t fucking touch me..” you muttered, wanting nothing more than to yank your hair out.. “Have you seen this mess?!”

He blinked, turning his head, only to feel a lump in his throat at the variety of garbage littered all over.. Not to mention the juice stains on the brand new curtains and a couple broken bottles on the floor.. 

“I leave for one night… JUST one night..!! And this is what I come home to?!” you laugh, though it’s ugly and disgusting.. You just.. You want to cry..

“You’re so irresponsible… ALL OF YOU.”

He really didn’t think the party would’ve turned into this mess.. He’s a complete moron.. With Kise and his old team.. Yeah.. He really should’ve seen this coming.. God he’s an idiot..

“I don’t want to see anyone right now…” you shook your head, trying to find your words.. “I just.. I need a damn nap..” you curse, pushing him away to go to your shared room, collapsing on the bed in tears of frustration. You don’t even bother taking off your coat, or your shoes, too tired and pissed off to care.. Why should you? Clearly no one else did.. 

Behind the door, a very upset and distraught Kasamatsu was on the phone, immediately calling for help.


When you woke up, it was probably mid afternoon. You were so angry you’d wasted your entire morning sleeping and crying.. Honestly… Why did you take it out on Kasamatsu?! It wasn’t ENTIRELY his fault.. 

Great.. You feel worse now..

You left the bedroom after getting into pajama’s, scuffling down the hallway.. You’ve been so stressed lately, and you took it out on the one guy who’s been with you through everything.. It made you feel more exhausted.. 

However, you were stunned when you walked into the living room, seeing it completely spotless and a fresh plate of pancakes were sitting there, with your favourite juice.. 


“I was just going to wake you…”

Your head snapped around, meeting the ex-captain’s sheepish smile as he scratched his head.. You were confused.. What.. 

“I got the guys over here and made them clean up..” he explains, immediately coming over to wrap his arms around you. “I’m sorry I didn’t stop them last night.. I really didn’t expect them to get out of hand..”

He blushed, helping you sit in his lap as he brought the food over, along with the remote. His hand absently rubbed your leg, a soft sigh leaving his throat..

“I should’ve noticed sooner how stressed you really were ____. I’m sorry it took me so long to do something..”

You blushed, turning around to shake your head, but he pressed a finger to your mouth.

“Don’t say anything.. As your boyfriend, I should’ve offered to help and I’m sorry I was too much in my own world to support you.. So.. Just let me do this.. Let me support you…”

Rather than say anything else, you nodded, watching him cut a piece of pancake and feeding it to you.. Okay.. maybe you could be a little more vocal.. But having your stern boyfriend feed you once in a while wouldn’t be so bad..

Kiyoshi: An aggravated sigh left your lips as you cleaned yet another messy table at your job.. You knew teenagers were messy.. But come on! This is literally disgusting! It was like cleaning a table filled with children!

“Ah! There you are ___-chan!”

You blinked, lifting your head to see your cheery boyfriend standing there waving his hand happily. Wait.. he said he’d be here at six… It’s not..

“I came to get you! It’s Six..”

Startled at his words, you turned to look at the clock, mentally cursing upon realizing he was right.. Where’d the time go?! You nodded, grabbing the dishes and ushered him into a seat.

“P..Please wait for me Kiyoshi! I’ll be right back!”

He just shrugged, idly sitting in his usual spot as he waited for you to come back.. You felt so embarrassed being caught like a deer waiting in headlights.. Were you really that stressed out you didn’t notice the time?

Letting your hair down, you shook your hair, trying to clear your mind before your boyfriend saw the stress. You didn’t need to worry him.. Not with this.. You then walked out, seeing him talking with your boss, before he caught you staring, making him smile.

“Ready to go?”

You wordlessly nod, waving goodbye to your boss as Kiyoshi grabs your hand, giving you a cup of hot chocolate. He took your bag from you, carrying it and kept you close.

“I’ve noticed you’ve been tired lately..” he states, keeping his eyes on the road. “Are you getting enough sleep, ___-chan?”

You nodded, trying not to fidget too much around him. “O..Of course! I always go to bed before ten!”

Which wasn’t entirely a lie.. You normally DID go to bed before ten.. But lately you’ve been staying up until midnight, sometimes one, because you had to study after coming home from work. Your boss noticed your behaviour, asking if you needed a day off, but you shook your head, wanting to take as many hours as possible..

“You’re spending the night with me.”

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I received this beautiful request from @yourozness a while ago and planned on writing a short little blurb about it but then something went horribly wrong and it’s now just over 3.5k words and I have no regrets. Whatsoever.

I’m not sure what genre this fits in, but hopefully it’s enough to soothe your little Klance shipper hearts.

Lance wasn’t sure if it was cool or creepy that, after spending so much time with their lions–bonding, as Shiro so loved to call it–the giant robots started acting like their paladins.

It wasn’t like the green lion started programming computers or the yellow lion turned strange alien plants into a three course meal. No, it was more subtle than that. The black lion became more prone to polarized action, almost like it was feeling Shiro’s PTSD along with him and either fought like mad or couldn’t move at all. Keith’s lion grew impulsive, and when Lance was in his lion she felt more enthusiastic about making flashy maneuvers than she used to. In the few times the lions had ever moved without their pilots, they ended up together in positions so characteristic of the paladins, it was uncanny. The yellow sprawled across the ground, the black curled protectively around the green, and the red and blue poised to fight at a moment’s notice.

Okay, so it was pretty cool.

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Reader finally has the guts to ask Trevor out, but he rejects them. They're so upset that it takes one or some of the other AH members to finally get them to talk to Trevor again. Bonus: Trevor tries his best to fix the issue on his own without the others' help, so he doesn't tell anyone about what happened, but the other Hunters figure it out. Sorry, this is so long.

Word Count: 1,106

“Look, there he is. Now’s your chance,” Andy urged nudging you towards Trevor before slipping out of the room.

You stood there staring at Andy’s empty spot. He had been the first Achievement Hunter you bonded with but part of that may have been that you both started as interns at the same time. The next person you grew close to was Trevor. He had shown you the ropes and the two of you bonded so quickly. You had quickly grown fond of him in a more than friend way and the second Andy had caught on he was determined to make it happen between the two of you.

“Hey, Y/N,” Trevor called from behind you, “Are you busy? Because I could really use some help.”

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hi! i love your writings, they're really awesome, congrats on them! :) could you write the kiss from lysander's pov?

Hello dear! Thank you so much, I’m happy you like the writings! Normally, I wouldn’t be able to get to this one so quick and focus on some of the other requests first but since this relates to the new episode, I wanted to get to it right away!

Dialogue straight from episode- Episode 28 Spoilers.

Lysander walked through the halls, planning on heading toward the gym, with furrowed brows and a large weight on his shoulders. His mind was spinning from everything that had happen. The events from the diner with Rosayla and Leigh was on a repeat in his memory. He didn’t have the best memory in the world and yet he could remember, in perfect detail, everything about Candy that night- all the way to what she was wearing, to the cute fluster she seemed to have, to even every word that she said.

He would like to think it was a date. A double date with his brother and Rosayla- which was still a tad strange for him to think about. He even walked Candy home. He was going to give her a goodnight kiss to complete it all off- make it clear where they stood and make sure that she did feel the same and wanted to make their relationship more official. Of course that was all ruined by her father rudely interrupting without even hearing Candy, or Lysander’s, side of the story.

It still bothered him to think about it. If her father hadn’t come when he had, Lysander would have finally been able to kiss Candy. Finally know what it was like to taste her cherry chapstick. Know how her lips felt and if they were truly as soft as they looked.

Though it didn’t bother him as much as Candy’s own behavior today. She seemed aloof. Almost non-caring. As if she didn’t want to see him or dive into last night’s events. As if anything that had together just faltered.

Before he could dwell on it any longer, he heard a soft oh come from a familiar voice causing him to look up. Candy stood there in the hall outside of the science room, right across from him with wide eyes and a slightly pink face.

He almost got flustered himself, but he composed himself rather well. Just how long had she been standing there? Not too long, he hoped, but he tended to get so involved in his own little world that it was easy to not notice someone.

“…Are…Are you going to the gym,” Candy asked softly.

To be honest, he was a bit surprised she was even talking to him. After her strange behavior today, he wasn’t even sure that she would be willing to talk to him so openly- and alone, at that.

“Yes,” Lysander kept his answer a bit curt.

“C-Can I come with you?”

She had a flushed face, avoiding eye contact as she spoke, keeping her head bowed to the ground in a way that made him frown a bit.

“Of course.”

Together, they walked toward the staircase, yet Lysander’s mind was still miles away in his own thoughts. For a moment, he thought back to her father- and not about how he interrupted his would-have-been kiss. No there was something else about her father that unsettled him slightly. The over protectiveness. The anger. The force. It caused an unsettling feeling his gut.

“Is something wrong,” Candy spoke up hesitantly.

“Actually yes,” Lysander admitted, “Your dad’s reaction last Saturday night…. I won’t hide that it made me uncomfortable.”

She sighed slightly at his words, shaking her head a bit,

“I figured… I’m really sorry for how he talked to you. You know, it wasn’t your fault… Well, my dad does get upset by the thought that boys can get close to me, that’s true,” Candy admitted slightly, though her face seemed a bit sheepish.

They descended down the stairs as they spoke, Lysander glancing back to her every now and then to listen to her a bit better. Her words caused a small frown on his face. Of course it was his fault. It usually was his fault, to be honest. Her father was too over protective, forceful, and angry for Lysander’s taste… But in her father’s defense, I was walking her home in the middle of the night alone on the brink of kissing her.

“The whole thing was my fault,” Candy continued softly, causing Lysander to stop in the middle of the stairway.

He turned to her with wide eyes, confusion in his features. Surely she doesn’t blame this all on herself? If she does, then it would explain her behavior… If she blamed herself, then it would make sense for her to avoid him, believing him to be mad. It caused his stomach to turn to think of her walloping in self-hatred, blaming herself for something she just couldn’t be blamed for.

“Why’s that,” Lysander questioned gently, ready to comfort her if need.

“Well,” Candy drew in a sharp breath, “I wasn’t allowed to go out with you on Saturday. So my parents were furious when they found out.”

Lysander’s expression softened, his eyebrows furrowing slightly as he held back a sigh. That… actually would explain why she blamed herself. Because she did do something wrong- as hard as it was for him to swallow. Any parent would worry when they found their child not at home and out doing who-knew-what with who-knew-who.

“I understand now,” Lysander just couldn’t hold back the sigh any longer, “They must have been worried.”

Candy’s cheeks puffed up a bit, her face turning even more pink than before as she huffed.

“I had to come,” she explained, “I wanted….I wanted…”

She trailed off with a bit of frustration in her voice, causing Lysander to grow even more concerned for her. What was it that she wanted so bad that she just had to go against her parent’s wishes? What was it at the restaurant that was so important that she just couldn’t reschedule? That made her so passionate, she was determined to get to it.

When he felt her hand hesitantly place itself on his chest, he knew the answer. Him. She came because of him. Because she wanted to be him. Because she just had to go out on what he was sure was a double date. With him. Of all people, she wanted him.

“I’m happy you came,” he admitted.

A large blush started to tinge his cheeks. It was very apparent to him at just how close they were. How their bodies were inches apart. That her hand was like electricity against his chest, sending jolts through his body. He wanted to close his eyes, soak in that feeling, remember it forever….. He also wanted to just close the distance between them. His gaze went to her mouth.

“M-Me too,” Candy gulped, her voice wavering, “I don’t regret it….”

For a moment, they were in silence. He could hear his heart pounding wildly in his chest, so wildly that he thought for sure that Candy could feel it considering her hand still hadn’t left his chest.

“W-We should probably go now,” Candy whispered.

Neither of them moved and to be frank, he didn’t want to move. Not yet. Not until he got to do what he had wanted to do last night. Not until he finally made it clear to her just how he felt.

“We should….” Lysander’s voice was soft and gentle, “But… I would really like to kiss you before we go.”

He stood in tense silence, neither of them moving or making a single sound before, after what felt like an eternity, he finally made a move. The second she gave any indication that it was unwanted, he would stop. His hand slipped under her chin, tilting her head up as he leaned down before pressing his lips against hers.

Hopefully, the gesture would explain what words could not. He hoped the kiss would qualm her worries, prove his affection for her, conceal their relationship with certainty.

His heart pounded in his chest, but he felt electric. Energy surged through him, fueling him. Time itself even seemed to stop. All that mattered was her. Her lips. Her pleasure. Her taste. Just her.  It was already becoming addicting and he knew in the future, that he would want many more kisses from her (if she would allow it).

He almost groaned when he had to finally pull away from her, wanting nothing more than to just kiss her for a lifetime. And who knew? Maybe in the future, that’s  just what he’d be able to do.

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Prompt: They find out Jon's parentage and it's decided Jon and Sansa should get married since they're cousins and could rule together; they have feelings for each other but have fought against them because they think it's impossible for the other one to feel the same way. They wed and when they go to their chambers for the bedding Jon can't stand it anymore and stops fighting his feelings so he kisses her desesperately after closing the door. Feelings confession and wedding night. Thank you xoxo

So I took some liberties with this prompt, I hope you don’t mind. This kind of called for some smut, which I don’t write for some personal reasons, but I think it still came out fairly steamy ;)

Either way, Jon x Sansa wedding night au is always a win in my opinion! Thanks for the prompt.

It took them three whole days after Jon’s true parentage was revealed for the council to suggest he marry Sansa.

“She’s my sister,” he told them, stubbornly avoiding eye contact with the girl in question.

“She is the true daughter of Lord Eddard Stark, something you can no longer claim,” Lady Maege insisted.

Just like her daughter that one, every word out of her mouth was as blunt as lead.

“Besides which, you now have a true claim to the Seven Kingdoms,” Lord Davos continued.

“I don’t want the Seven Kingdoms,” Jon reminded them.

“What you want is not the point,” Davos said, somewhat regretfully. “What we need is as many men as we can get to fight the Others when they come, and we’ll have plenty more if we manage to take the Iron Throne. Her ladyship is kin to the Lord of the Vale and the Lord of the Riverlands. If you were to marry her than you would earn the loyalties of three kingdoms without a drop of blood shed.”

Jon pounded his fist on the table in frustration.

“I will not force Sansa to marry again,” he told them. “She has been used quite enough as it is.”
“You speak of me as if I am not here,” Sansa finally spoke up, catching Jon’s eye.

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magical-pink-lion  asked:

"You’ve got a bully breed, which means you’ve got an animal who (no matter how sweet), has to some degree a genetic disposition for dog reactivity" I see this sometimes, but never any evidence. I'm not out to criticize, but between the two extremes of "bully breeds should not be trusted" and "they're the sweetest dogs and wouldn't hurt anything ever" it's hard to find non-biased info out there. From what I can tell they are like any other dog. Is there any empirical data on their disposition?

I’ve been sitting on this a while because it’s something I wanted to make sure I had the time to respond to it fully.

It’s pretty hard to find empirical studies on bully breeds in general, except in relation to dog-bite studies. Why? Because it’s hard to find the funding. Not a lot of people in the scientific world feel like the misconceptions about a single breed or group of dogs are worth disproving, except when it relates to human safety. Which means a lot of the studies out there are pretty biased.

In the dog and dog shelter world, bully breeds are anecdotally pretty well known for a couple qualities: low frustration tolerance, a tendency towards barrier/leash reactivity, potential for dog aggression, and a high prey drive. A lot of this comes from the fact that most of the breeds considered ‘bullys’ are either terriers (who are notorious for their intensity and prey drive) and working breeds (who have also been bred for pretty specific intensities and personalities, due to their use as guards for livestock or humans). Taking into account that a lot of mixed-breed bullies (especially ones that might end up in shelters) have somewhere in their genetic history breeding for ‘bad dogs’, ‘guard dogs’, or just ‘mean-looking fuckers’ by irresponsible people, you can sort of see where that comes from.

I did a little bit of searching, and found an interesting study (Turscan et al., 2011) of 94 breeds that looked at four quantified dog personality traits and grouped types of dogs that display similar ones into clusters.

To break it down: Traits studied were trainability, boldness, calmness and dog sociability. Trait rankings were acquired by scoring multiple individuals (10+) from each breed, and then averaging their scores for a ‘breed rating’. Here’s how the study described what a rank in each trait category meant:

“Dogs that scored low regarding the trainability trait are described by their owners as uninventive and not playful, whereas dogs that scored high on this trait are regarded as intelligent and playful. Boldness was related to fearful and aloof behaviour with a low score corresponding to a high degree of fearfulness/aloofness, and vice versa. The calmness trait describes the dogs’ behaviour in stressful/ambiguous situations. A low score on this trait indicated stressed and anxious behaviour in these situations, while a high score referred to calm and emotionally stable dogs, according to the owner. Finally, dog sociability refers to their behaviour toward conspecifics, with a low score indicating a high tendency for bullying or fighting and inversely high scores related to a low tendency.”

One of the interesting things about this study is that, because it was looking to see if there was any correlation between personality and genetic relatedness, they grouped the breeds of dogs into five general “clusters” of relatedness - and the terriers and mastiff/working dogs ended up in the same group. So there’s a great cluster of our ‘bully’ breeds right there (although obviously there were other breeds involved). That cluster was actually the second-highest populated in the study, with a little over 1000 dogs contributing data, so there’s a pretty good sample size. It turned out that the Mastiff/Terrier group showed a strong tendency to be bolder than most of the other clusters of dogs.

Then, they study categorized clusters of breeds based on the outcomes of their trait scoring. Here’s where the breeds that apply to our discussion fell into clusters based on traits:

High calm, medium trainable, high sociable, high bold: Bulldog, Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Low calm, high trainable, low sociable, low bold: American Staffordshire Terrier, Boxer, Rottweiler

Low calm, low trainable, low sociable, medium bold: Bull Terrier,  Perro de Presa Canario

So our common traits among all these breeds are a tendency towards low calm, low sociability, and a range of boldness. That fits pretty well with the stereotypes of a dog that reacts easily, doesn’t do well with stress, isn’t necessary good with other dogs, and can run anywhere on the spectrum of being confidant or nervous.

When we talk about bullies being prone to developing dog reactivity, what we’re saying is if they’re exposed to stressful situations involving other dogs, they’re more likely to develop behavioral problems based on the experiences. Same with barrier reactivity. A dog that doesn’t do well with stress isn’t going to do well being separated from something that is causing an emotionally aroused state. Same with leashes - a dog who isn’t super bold or super sociable isn’t going to do well being restrained around other animals, who might either antagonize it or just push it’s space boundaries. 

So, basically, what this all says is that in bully breeds you’ve got a dog that is more prone to developing these behavior problems because to some degree the pump is already prime, genetically. Bullies often can be and frequently are amazing family dogs - they’re bred to be great with people, just not other dogs - but they require a high degree of early socialization and careful management to help prevent them from having negative experiences that might encourage the development of those behavioral issues. Is it necessarily going to happen? No. But they’re more likely to end up having dog reactivity issues, say, after getting attacked by another dog, than a golden retriever might. That’s something to work on especially with young dogs, since it’s always harder to break a habit or un-learn reactivity (which is often rooted in feeling unsafe or nervous) than it is to prevent the behaviors from ever occurring in the first place. With such intense dogs as bullies tend to be, that’s why managing social experiences with young dogs is so important - the more you make sure they only have positive experiences with other dogs, the more you set them up for a lifetime of success. 

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*Flails* Hi! If you're comfortable doing this, may I request scenarios for Asahi, Hinata, Noya, Suga, Oikawa and Kuroo when they're on a date with their girlfriend and someone starts catcalling her and wont leave them alone? Thank you! ♥

Oh no! I’ll catch you Anon-chan! But of course I am comfortable with this. If you don’t mind I’m going to start the stories off with the girlfriend getting hit on and the boys reactions. Hope this okay for you! (。・・。) For Noya, I kinda just made it a regular day, I’m sorry! And I apologize again for this taking so long. Writing this took so long, I hope its enough for you guys! It took a bit out of my soul to write these many characters (@ ̄Д ̄@;) I mean it was fun, but… MY LIIIFE. Hahaha. But here you go, enjoy!


Asahi closed the bathroom door behind him in the brunch cafe. As he began to walk to the table you sat at, he could see a male talking to you. He pouted at the view. Asahi could hear the male talk to you.

“Hey, cmon. You can just walk home with me.” the male insisted persistently. Your eyebrows furrowed in annoyance to this male’s determination.

“I already told you I’m on a date with my boyfriend. Now leave me alone.” you demanded strongly. The male laughed nervously.

“Ha, cmon. Dont be a grouch, you’re too pretty to be mad.” the male reached a hand out to touch your face. You faced him with a sharp turn of your neck and smacked his hand out of your view.

“I told you to leave me alone. I dont want my boyfriend to see this and ruin our date. So leave me alone. I was having a good day.”

But the male stayed longer. If you werent in public or on a date with you sweet Asahi, you would have walked away. It was the easiest solution. The difficult solution for this male would to give him a round house kick to his face.

Suddenly you heard your boyfriend’s timid voice. “Hey, she said to leave.”

“Hey, give me five more minutes,” the male began to turn to face Asahi. You smirked, knowing exactly what was going to happen. “I dont care if you’re her boyfr-”

Asahi towered over the male bothering you. The male whimpered as he saw how much taller Asahi was. You could see the male look at Asahi’s muscular arms and became petrified. You assumed he went through the many possibilities of Asahi handling him violently in his mind. Your smirk grew bigger.

“You-you’re her boyfriend?” the male’s voice was shaky and squeaky. You laughed at his change of act. It was always the same. Big bad boys think they can handle Asahi until they actually see that he looks tough. Only if they knew how Asahi really was.

“Yeah,” Asahi replied flatly. “So could you leave her alone please?”

Somehow, no matter how nervous or flatly Asahi talked to guy who hit on you, they were always terrified. You looked over to your boyfriend and noticed something different. Even though he spoke the same as always, his eyes were determined. His mouth frowned, seemingly annoyed. If Asahi was acting tough, you believed he was mad as well.

“Yeah, dude. I’m out. Sorry for the inconvenience.” the male walked away, looking back at Asahi. He bumped into the door on his way out and you laughed.

Asahi sighed frustrated as he sat back down at the table with you. You propped your head up with your fist and tilted your head towards your boyfriend. He really was annoyed. All you could do was place a hand on his tight fist that rested atop the table and smile at him.

“Honey, are you really mad?” you questioned with a concern. “You know thats always going to happen when you show up. So there’s nothing to worry about.”

“Yeah I know. But it’s still troublesome. And what if I’m not with you?” Asahi looked up at you with tense eyes. It shocked you how annoyed he was being. You havent seen him like this since the training camp in Tokyo.

“Dont worry, nothing will happen. I’ll kick their ass. I love you.”

Asahi looked at you with concern. “You’re amazing.”

“I know,” you replied joyfully. You both smiled at each other happily.

Asahi grabbed your hand and brought it to his lips. He kissed the top of your hand slowly and for so long. You couldnt help but blush across the face at your boyfriend’s sweet gestures.


“Wow you got yourself a hottie!”

You and Hinata turned your heads to see three males averting their attention to you. They all had devious smiles across their face. They reminded you of some punk band because of their black clothing and strange hair styles. The guy who had spoken out to you had a purple streak in the middle of his low cut hair. The two behind him seemed to coordinate their styles together because they both  had mohawks but one had red dye on his mohawk part and the other had blonde. Their clothing would be their indicated color but black over powering the whole outfit. You frowned at their comment towards you.

“Huh? Are you talking about my girlfriend?!” Hinata exclaimed nervous. You looked over to him worried then grasped his hand. You gave him a tug and he looked at you nervous. Once he saw how tense your face was, he calmed down.

“Hey, hey now. Dont go away. I just wanna see how she looks under that sundress.”

Hinata’s ears twitched at that comment. He looked furiously at the leader of the group as he stood in front of you. “Hell no you’re not looking at her.”

The leader raised an eyebrow to Hinata, smirking. “Ha, move shorty. You’re not gonn-”

You couldn’t help it. Hinata stood up for you, and you appreciated it. He usually would be too nervous to say anything. Sometimes he would say something. But you saw how furious he was. And you could hear it in his voice that this wouldnt be the last time this would happen. You needed Hinata to know that if this happened to you while he wasn’t around, you could handle yourself. So you couldn’t help but walk passed Hinata and slap this guy who disrespected you and your boyfriend the hardest you could.

How dare he ruin your relaxing date at the waterfront. You were enjoying the light breeze and the lively people around. You and Hinata were enjoying watching the live entertainment. You were going to cherish these memories. Until this ass hole came into the picture.

You hear a yelp from him. You could see his two friends eyes widen and their mouths fell to the ground. As you turned to Hinata to see if he was mad, he grabbed your wrist and pulled as he started to run.

“Li-little bitch! How dare you!”

You both looked back to see the guy flailing his arm around while holding his cheek. His two friends tried holding in their laugh. But you and Hinata turned a corner and another just in case they were going to try and look for you.

“___-chan! You’re crazy!” Hinata exclaimed nervously.

“Haha I’m sorry. But that was rude of him to say. And I appreciate it, Shoyou.” you kissed Hinata’s cheek. “I like when you stand up for us.”

Hinata couldnt look you in the eyes. It was so cute how Hinata would still get flustered from a peck on the cheek and you two have been dating for a year. You giggled.

Hinata calmed down and saw your smile. His eyes glistened as he realized how lucky he was. He cupper your face and gace you a deep kiss. You leaned into the kiss and held onto his shirt.

“I love you ___-chan. And I like that dress on you alot. But maybe you shouldnt wear it anymore.”

You backed away from Hinata but still held his hand. “Haaa?! I like this dress. If a guy does something like that again, I’ll take care of him too.”

Hinata laughed as you threw your fist into the air. You joined his laughter happily. No one could replace Hinata. He was the sun in your life. He was the reason you were so happy all the time. He was everything to you.


You left Noya to talk to you doctor about an appointment you had just been to earlier in the week and the store was a little loud. So Noya told you he would meet up with you outside when he was done buying his new volleyball gear and kissed you on the cheek with a smile. You could see from his gaze once he stepped out the store he wasn’t too happy anymore. No matter how many times you tried telling him you had an important phone call on the line, this random guy wouldnt leave you alone.

“Cmon, you dont have to pretend youre on the phone to avoid me. Or pretend to have a boyfriend. Hey I can change that. I’ll be your real boyfriend.” the guy flirted obnoxiously.

Noya’s eyes flared with anger and began walking up to you. He stood in between you and the guy. You watched the two while on hold with your doctor. They were both annoyed with each others presence. “She has a real boyfriend already. Me, now leave her alone.”

“What, you short piece of shit is this hot girl’s boyfriend? Please, you’re a joke.” the guy scoffed, shoving Noya aside. The force wasn’t enough to push Noya to the ground but his new volleyball gear had fallen onto the floor and out the bags. Oh no.

“Yu-Yuu!” you called out.

It all happened so fast. First you could see frozen as he stared as the guy tried to reach out to you. Then you hung up the phone as Noya ran and jumped onto the guy’s back. You took a few steps back as you watched these two try to fight each other. When two other guys came to break up the fight, the guy left you two.

“Yeah, you better walk away!” Noya called out still caught up in his emotions.

“Yuu! Its okay, just let it go now.” You grabbed onto his arm looking at him with a frown. You couldnt let Noya let his anger put him in anymore trouble.

As he looked at your face, he frowned. That was the last thing he wanted, was to have you worry about him. He turned to apologize to the guy that held him back. You also turned and thanked him for his help. The guy nodded happily. As he walked off, you watched Noya pick up his new gear. He took your hand and you walked back to the car together.

The car ride home was silent. It made you feel uneasy. You were picking at your nails while Noya drove. Thoughts endlessly went through your mind as to how to break the awkward silence. Here goes nothing.

“Are you mad at me?” you both asked simultaneously. You both looked at each other shocked. Noya returned his eyes back to the road.

“Why would I be mad at you, baby?” Noya asked curious.

“For trying to stop you from fighting him. Or because he wouldnt leave me alone.” you said quietly. Noya peeked at you playing with your fingers. He reached over and intertwined his fingers with yours. You looked up at him.

“I wouldnt be mad at you for any of those reasons. Are you mad at me for fighting him though?”

“Oh. Well no. I’ve gotten used to you getting mad at any other guys.” you laughed nervously. Noya’s grasp on your hand tightened and you saw his face tense up. “Baby?”

Noya slowed at the red light. He looked down at his steering wheel worried. “Am I too much for you?”

Your eyes widened with confusion. “Of course not. You’re everything to me. I love you no matter how out of hand you get.”

Noya straightened his lips and looked away. He knew the delinquent he was, but he assumed he had calmed it down ever since you two had started dating.

“I love you too.” Noya said as he took his hand out of your grasp and cupped your face. He brought your face closer to his and lightly kissed your soft lips. You deepened the kiss, craving him. It honestly made you hot when Noya would protect you. “Mmm, baby. Wait til we get home, I need to drive.”

Just then a honk behind Noya’s car sounded. You both quickly returned to your seats and noticed the green light. You laughed at Noya as he drove with a straight and pink face.


As you and Suga walked through the beach hand in hand, Suga was aware of the staring eyes. But he didnt care. You both were enjoying each other’s time together. Until the lifeguard came up to you too.

“Do you guys need any help?” the lifeguard asked casually.

Suga and you looked at each other a little confused. Neither of you were lost. Neither of you were suffocating from water violating your throats. Neither of you were a crying lost child. You both shrugged.

“No I think we’re good, sir. But th-”

“Oh I was just talking to her” the lifeguard said, ignoring the fact you two were holdings hands. You pouted annoyed with this lifeguard. “So do you have plans later, missy? I could show you around the good spots at this beach.”

You peeked over at Suga. He was smiling nicely, but you could see in his tense eyes he was really annoyed. You smiled up at your boyfriend with a pity. He was so nice, too nice in fact. You looked back at the lifeguard with a nasty smug look.

“I actually do have plans. With my boyfriend.” you said annoyed as you waved Suga’s and your hands in the air, fingers still locked together.

“Oh well how about going out with me after you’re done with him?”

“Or you be respectful, and let us enjoy our date, sir.” Suga spoke up with an annoyed smile. “Have a good night.”

Suga walked away with you behind him. The lifeguard scoffed and tried to keep talking to you. But you watched as your boyfriend’s lips tightened in annoyance. You fastened your walk to catch up to him, holding his arm with your other hand. Suga looked down at you calmly as you rested your head against his shoulder.

“Sorry, I just got really annoyed.” Suga apologized feeling guilty. You raised your head and looked at him. It stopped you both in your steps.

You got onto your toes to reach up to Suga. Your pressed your lips against his, holding onto his shoulder. He brought his arm around your waist, bringing you in closer. “No need to apologize. He was rude.”

As the sun set, you both continued your walk along the beach. The tide was rising, the water was cold against your skin. The breeze had become colder as well. But having Suga next to you, hand in hand, it felt warm. You rested your head on his shoulder as you both walked, happy to be with such an amazing and respectable man.


“Hey, Toruu, whose that?” Takeru asked as he took another lick out of his ice cream.

Oikawa looked at his nephew then turned his gaze to what he was pointing at. You were talking to an older male who had a dog with him. Oikawa’s eyes had a cloud of annoyance within them. Takeru looked up at his uncle expecting the worst.

The one day you and Oikawa were able to go on a date, Takeru had to come. You didnt mind but Oikawa obviously planned to do other things today. Which required a bed and some latex. But you loved Takeru. Takeru was excited as well to spend time with you. You both teased Oikawa on your way to the park that he could never against you two. It had started out fun. You all played volleyball together since Takeru was about to start playing in official games. After hours of playing, you noticed an ice cream truck pulling up. You were too tired to go so you gave some money to Oikawa to get all three of you ice cream. Being the gentleman he was, he made you keep your money as he took his nephew to the truck. But being the jealous boyfriend he was, he didnt like this guy around you.

“Ah, whose this, ___-chan?” Oikawa asked as he and Takeru came back from the ice cream truck. Oikawa handed you the strawberry ice cream on a waffle cone with a smile but looked over to the guy with keen eyes. He didnt flinch, his eyes only squinted. There was a tension between the two. You looked down to Takeru, licking his ice cream as he enjoyed the awkward situation between Oikawa and this guy.

You took the ice cream as you replied sheepishly, “Ah, I dont know. His dog just ran up to me with his ball.”

“Oh really?” Oikawa looked down at the happy dog. The corgi was looking up at the four of you happily panting, waiting for one of you to pick up the tennis ball resting in front of his small stubby legs. Oikawa bent down to pick up the ball then threw the ball across the park. You squeaked as the male grunted annoyed. Oikawa and the guy had returned a challenging look toward each other. “You should go after your dog before he decides to walk too far.”

“To-Toruu, don’t be mean to the dog!” you hit him lightly on the arm as you complained about his attitude.

“Yeah, Toruu! What did that dog do to you?” Takeru instigated behind you two. You looked back at Takeru shaking your head with eyebrows furrowed. Oikawa looked back at his nephew with a tense and devious look. Takeru knew he was going to get lectured for that later, but he didnt care. He stuck a tongue out at Oikawa.

“If that happens, you’re going to have to help me,” the guy said to you with a flirty smile.

“Ah sorry, this is actually my boyfriend.” you apologized nicely, following a nervous smile as you noticed Oikawa’s proud smirk.

“Oh well sorry to you as well.”

You raised an eyebrow to him and he continued.

“Your boyfriend is so rude, I know you could do better.”

Oikawa smiled at him annoyed. Just as he opened his mouth to argue back, you cut him off. “He’s not rude. He’s just jealous and loves me. I’d rather have that than a guy who cant respect my decision to leave me alone.”

Your eyes were tense with annoyance. Oikawa and the guy’s eyes widened at your blunt comment. You could hear Takeru yelp at your comeback to the guy. You continued to stare at the guy until he decided to leave. He scoffed at you three and walked away slouching.

As Oikawa waved to the guy with a pitiful laugh, you hit him simultaneously with Takeru.

“Ouch! What?”

“How could you say that about the dog?!”

Oikawa, Takeru, and you argued about the values of animal lives. The arguement went on longer but with the expected outcome of Oikawa losing against you two. Just as always. But as all three of you walked home at sunset, Oikawa held your hand tighter.

“I love you. Youre only mine. Okay?” Oikawa said jealously.

“I love you too. And I know. I’m also Takeru’s also.” you replied with an innocent smile.

“Yeah, Toruu! I like hanging out with ___ too!”

“How mean!” Takeru and you shared a laugh as Oikawa couldnt argue back with you two. He was tired of losing against two important people in his life. But he didnt mind. He loved you two immensely, nothing was going to change that.


You awaited at the front entrance of the ferris wheel with Kuroo patiently. You guys were planning the next thing you wanted to do at the fair.

“But Testuuu,” you whined, “I want to play games. Let me at least try to beat you!”

“But those guys always try to take all your money! How about we just go to the scary house?” Kuroo rose his eyebrows with a sly smile. You blushed at his indication.

“Testu, no! I am not going into their. You just want me to cry and hold onto you, like every other time we go into one of those things!”

“What, its because you’re so cute.” Kuroo leaned in and kissed you as he finished his sentence. You groaned into the kiss. “Oh don’t be like that, you know you love me.”

You rolled your eyes at your boyfriend’s confidence. But he wasn’t wrong. You loved him with all your heart.

“Come over here sweet heart, I’ll play a game with you if you want to so badly!”

Kuroo and you simultaneously looked behind at a couple. The male was looking to you with indecent eyes. You grew annoyed of his inconsideration to his date. But she seemed to shy to even complain. Her arm was shaking and she bit down onto her lip to hold back your thoughts.

“She’s fine over here. With her boyfriend.” Kuroo put an arm around you. His eyes threatened the guy. But you didnt see what the guy said because you both turned your attention to the line moving. Just one more group to go on the ferris wheel then it would be yours and Kuroo’s turn.

“Oh cmon, it was just a joke. Be nice, just let her play one game with me.” the guy pestered with a snarl. Your cheeks grew warm with anger. How could he talk like that with his date right next to him. Kuroo grew annoyed of it as well. After you two continued to ignore the guy’s determination, you both overheard the girl.

“Hey, I thought we were on a date.” the girl said timidly. She couldnt meet his eyes as the guy looked down at her confused.

“Oh you really believed me?” you bit down on your lip as you heard him talk to the girl with such disgust. He continued talking to her loudly. “I didnt even really want to go on a date. I just wanted to see the hot chicks here, but I didnt want to come alone. So I saw how you were always lonely at the shop so I thought you’d be better here alone than being alon-”

That’s all it took. Both of you weren’t thinking clearly, there wasnt a single care in your body. You took the girl’s shaking arm and pulled her towards you. You held her as she was sniffling, trying to hold in her cries. You looked at him with resent. Kuroo grabbed the guy’s collar and held him close. Kuroo stared at him furiously.

“How dare you treat her like that,” Kuroo hissed angrily.

“He-Hey! Back off! What do you care? You don-”

“I dont give a damn, you dont treat a girl, or anyone like that.” Kuroo pushed the guy out of his grip, causing him to fall to the ground. You both looked down at him with disgust then looked to the girl crying in your arms with concern. “Cmon, you can ride the ferris wheel with us.”

She looked up at Kuroo then you, jerking her head. You held her closer. She looked back to you, tears falling. All you could do was smile and insist more. “We really dont mind. I dont care if I dont know you, no one deserves some jack ass to treat them like that.”

Without letting her answer, you guided her to the back of the line. She quietly thanked you both as you looked down at her with a smile.

“Come back in the front!”

“Yeah! You guys were next!”

“Whoo, you two are awesome! Dont hang with jerks, honey!”

All three of you looked up to the line for the ferris wheel. It hadnt occurred to you and Kuroo that people were watching. You three looked to each other and sighed nervously. You thanked everyone as Kuroo led you two through the line. As you passed everyone you heard everyone cheer and say sweet things to the crying girl. As you three walked to the front of the line, you heard her cries quiet.

You guys looked out at the view, appreciating the world’s creations. The girl had introduced herself as Miyuki and thanked you two gratefully.

“Dont worry about it,” Kuroo said. “He got what he deserved.”

“Yeah. And if you want to meet nice guys, they’ll come. Just be patient.” you added on with a smile.

“Ah thank you. You guys are good together. Youre both so nice.” Miyuki smiled to you both. Kuroo and you looked to each other and shrugged.

“Four years being together and we’re basically the same person now,” you said slyly. But you smiled proudly. “But I honestly couldn’t be with anyone but Kuroo.”

Kuroo smiled down at you bashfully. “I couldnt agree more.”

Miyuki watched you both, a little jealous. The aura around you two was so happy, in sync. She could tell in just that moment the world you two lived in. How in love you two grew to be with each other. You guys have been through alot, and to end up together happily in peace, it was a long journey. The way you smiled at Kuroo, the way Kuroo laughed in tune with your smile. You two were perfect together. Miyuki thought back to how you two came after her. She didnt realize it at the time, but it was obvious now. You two really were one person. One person who could agree on everything, one person who fought for love and what they believed in, and one person who learned to love oneself with all flaws. Miyuki smiled, jealous of your love.

Unintentionally, Miyuki took a picture with her phone. You snapped your neck to the sound of her phone’s click.

“Ah, Miyuki-san!!” you raised your arms out, your face a little red.

“Ah, sorry! You guys were just so cute together. I can delete it! Here!” Miyuki insisted nervously.

“Eh, its okay. Can you actually send it to us?” Kuroo said calmly.

Once the three of you got off the ferris wheel, you stood together about to say your good byes.

“Are you sure you’re going to be okay the rest of the night?” you asked worried. Kuroo shared the same worried look to Miyuki.

She nodded with a smile. “I couldnt intrude on your date any longer. I’ll be fi-”


All three turned your heads to a timid boy blushing.

“Ah, Haruko-kun! Hi, how are you?” Miyuki asked with a smile.

“Uhm, I saw what happened,” Haruko looked to you and Kuroo still incredibly nervous. You both gave him a slow wave, hoping he wont jump at your gesture. He seemed like such a fragile soul. Somehow his personality reminded you of Kenma, even though they werent the same at all. Haruko continued. “I just wanted to thank you both. I can hang out with you if you want Miyuki. I came alone to see the fair.”

Kuroo and you looked to each other with mischievous smiles. Miyuki was about to refuse, but you both gave a gentle push behind Miyuki. She looked back at you two over her shoulder and saw a thumbs up. Suddenly a flashback of you talking about nice guys came to her thought. She looked back to her friend and blushed.

“I would like that.” Miyuki said with a nervous smile. Haruko slowly grew a big smile. You smiled to the two reuniting. You took your phone out and sneaked one picture.

As the four of you departed, you snickered to yourself. Kuroo looked to you curious as you began messaging Miyuki.

“What are you doing, baby?” Kuroo asked with a raised eyebrow and smile.

“Getting my revenge on Miyuki-san.”

Miyuki squealed as she opened your text message.

“What’s wrong, Miyuki-san?” Haruko asked concerned.

Miyuki put her phone away embarrassed. “Ah nothing! Its just ___-san telling us to have a good time.”

As Haruko smiled and led Miyuki through the fair, she thought back of how to reply to your text message. It was a picture of her and Haruko smiling with both their faces different shades of pink.

You couldnt miss the opportunity to tease Miyuki as you captioned the picture.

Enjoy the fair! Make sure to send us an invitation to your wedding. Ps, this is your new contact picture because I know you set Kuroo and I as our contact picture.

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Since you like forehead kisses can I request an Angst with either Akaashi or Iwaizumi (whicheveryouprefermaybebothohoho) where they stop giving their SO forehead kisses(whichislikeaniloveyou) so she noticing this aswell as how distant they're becoming? Angst from start to finish? (Ijustneedagoodcry) Thank you and Love you and your work (both of yous)

oya oya? why you need a good cry? :( feeling some angst? sad? I’ll give you a happy ending though bc I want you to cheer up!!

(note: I’m always a slut for Iwaizumi, my beef cake)

- Natsu (temp admin helper person) who has the hots for iwa-chan

You breathed in; your breath shaky as you try to stop your tears from falling. You closed your eyes, and touched your forehead, remembering the sweet kisses your boyfriend loves to plant on you…

It’s been a few–you lost count already–weeks since you’ve received a kiss from Iwaizumi. He’s been really busy juggling studies, Oikawa, and the volleyball team, since he chose to stay even after their defeat against Shiratorizawa.

He had forewarned you about this months ago earlier into the school year, and you know that Iwaizumi would continue playing volleyball with Oikawa, so you pretty much saw this coming… but it doesn’t mean that the hurt is any less.

As third years, time is really important for you, especially for both Iwaizumi and Oikawa, who want to contend against Shiratorizawa up to the end. You felt it wasn’t your place to make Iwaizumi stop, because you know that he’s passionate about volleyball as much as Oikawa is, and you want to support him in doing what he loves to do. But deep down inside, you wish you can also have some of that attention Iwaizumi is pouring in his team, his best friend and his sport.

You received a text from your boyfriend, apologizing that he’ll be even busier since InterHigh is quickly approaching. You knew this, but it still stung you. You wrote a quick reply that you’ll be okay and that he should do his best.

This is the first time you’ve seen Iwaizumi shed tears.

You knew he has done the best he can–all the players have done the best that they can, the team was at that 100% of their ability peak and Oikawa has utilized them flawlessly… but who knew that the “Fallen Crows” has risen back up, stronger than they had been.

You felt your heart aching, seeing your man cry in the presence of adults and students alike. The stinging didn’t stop until Iwaizumi glanced up at Aobajousai’s side of the audience, and seeing the tears on your boyfriend’s exasperated face also made you teary-eyed.

You didn’t take your eyes off him even as he bowed with his team, their tears staining the shiny and squeaky court. After bowing, the boys had proceeded to pack up and leave, but you were so lost about what to do. How many months has it been since you had spoken to him? Surely he wouldn’t want to see you now, after their bitter loss and all, but what if he wants to? You can comfort him, and maybe you’ll somehow get back together… It’s not bad to hope, right?

You decided to leave. That’s right, Iwaizumi doesn’t want to see you right now. You don’t even know what’s going on with your relationship anymore, and if you’re still valid to be called as his girlfriend. 

You were almost at the doors exiting the gym when you felt a hand tugged on your arm, forcing you to stop on your tracks. Please, not right now…

You turned around to the voice of Iwaizumi breaking as he spoke your name. Your heart sank, thinking that your presence has only made him feel worse. He began dragging you with him, weaving through people who are trying to get out, getting a few dirty looks as they kept going the opposite way of the current.

Iwaizumi led you outside, to a deserted side of the grassy area around the Sendai City gymnasium, his grip around your forearm going tighter and tighter.

“Hajime-kun, please let my hand go,” you pleaded. “It hurts!”

As you said, he lets your hand go. “I’m sorry.”

Your heart sank again. “Why did you take me here?”

He turns around to face you, his head still drooped. “I… want to talk to you.”

You sighed, taking control of your tears that are tempting to fall. “We can talk some other time. Oikawa-kun needs you right now,” you said, as you turned around to leave. Yes, Oikawa needs him, and you’ve always taken the backseat anyway.


You froze in your tracks. Wide eyed, you turned around to see Iwaizumi, shedding more tears than he had in the gym. You shut your glassy eyes tightly, and huffed your insecurities out. Iwaizumi said he needs you right now!

You ran to him, and received him into your arms as he faltered a bit, and you two sat down on the grass, his head on your shoulder as he cried all his frustrations away.

After a slight pause, he continued, “But you know, I’m so frustrated at myself for neglecting you, for leaving you by yourself, for making you feel the way I made you fell, and you didn’t deserve to be treated that way. I’m an idiot, and didn’t know how much I was hurting you–”

You silenced him by kissing his quivering lips. “Hajime-kun, I love you. And since I do, I wanted you to be happy and you were happy playing volleyball. It wasn’t my place to get in the way of your passion, and I love watching you play your heart out on court. But I guess I wanted a piece of your heart too.”

Iwaizumi’s face softened. “I’m really sorry. I love you too.”