and then i fell off a cliff

Legolas must be so confused about death

In the screenwriters’ and actor’s commentary/interviews for Lord of the Rings, they say they portrayed Legolas as an immortal elf who’s always lived among immortal elves, who has never encountered death or grief before. 

His “arc” in Lord of the Rings is about confronting death for the first time in his immortal life, and struggling to understand it.

But like…Legolas must be so confused by the idea of death??? Because everyone who “dies” keep coming back???? 

Just imagine: 

Legolas: So when is Boromir coming back?
Aragorn: Legolas…Boromir’s dead.
Legolas: Gandalf was dead. He’s back.
Aragorn: That’s different—
Legolas: You fell off that cliff, and you came back.
Aragorn: But I wasn’t really—
Legolas: Merry and Pippin were dead, but they came back.
Aragorn: But they–
Legolas: *busy looking around for Boromir*

1. I know letting go may feel like hitting pavement but sometimes staying is like getting hit by a train you’ve seen coming for miles.
2. There are symphonies that are screaming it is going to get better. Listen to the music.
3. The most fight you’ll ever feel is from inside your heart.
4. Nostalgia is only good for telling you bedtime stories. Don’t let it tuck you in at night, don’t let it keep you warm.
5. Keep the moments that you wish could live on for a gazillion years close to your heart, never let them burn out.
6. You’ll find someone that’s not them. You’ll love again and it’ll be pure and significant in its own way.
7. They remember it all. They’ll see how much you impacted their lives much later.
8. You may hate high school, but it’s when it’s almost over that you get flashes of when you were young and passed notes with your first love in art class and had talks with teachers that really mattered and you’ll want it to slow down. Take it in, there’s good in everything.
9. Sometimes the one that was your perfect match will be the one to watch you burn.
10. What’s meant to be yours will always find its way home.
11. It’s okay to change without them. Remember that you are the main character of your story.
12. Music cures it all.
13. Telling the story of how I fell in love with you still warms me from the inside out. Teach me how to let go of you.
14. Falling out of love makes you feel like you’ll never want to do it again, but the feeling of your heart dropping when he tells you he’s wanted you all these years is worth the stab at the end.
15. You jump off the cliff hoping there won’t be daggers at the bottom, and when you’re young you think you know how much it’ll hurt. When it comes, you’ll realize you had no clue.
16. My biggest fear was not being with you. I’m becoming someone without you, and it doesn’t feel right.
17. The nicer you are, the more beautiful you become.
18. One day you’ll meet again, and it’ll be just as scary and beautiful as the first time.
19. You’ll find your person. You may not recognize them at first because they’re not as shiny as they are in the movies, but you’ll know by the calm they bring.
20. Thank God for him.
21. The boy who runs in my dreams isn’t as dishonest. He holds my hand whenever I need to feel less alone and I sit around his kitchen table and talk to his mother about poetry. She goes on to say something about how statistically people are more afraid of love than anything else and the things I don’t say- tell her all there is to know about me. That I’m afraid beyond measure of what love can do to a person. Because I spent the last two years loving someone who didn’t know anything other than tearing apart the sole purpose of my existence. The boy who runs beside me in my dreams convinces me that love isn’t always teeth and bite marks. In my dreams, my scars aren’t there because I never tasted a bitter love before. The boy in my dreams loves me enough to let me meet his mother and destroys the idea that love is what I came here to die for.
22. Maybe love stays, maybe love can’t. Maybe love shouldn’t.
23. I glance off in another direction, but I always glance back at you.
24. Things that are sweet like this attract the worst kind of hungry.
25. I don’t think you’ll ever realize you changed everything for me.
26. I found faith that summer. The lips told stories I fell asleep to, the hands promised to hold on. But bliss is temporary when you pull your hands away from your eyes, and summer only lasts 3 months.
27. Let it pass; April is over, April is over. There are all kinds of love in this world, but never the same love twice.
—  27 Things to take into 2017, roseyheartbeats 
Idiotic Bardic Knowledge

Context: Our session is composed of a group of eager newbies being led by 2 people who know what they are doing, and one of them is the DM. Our characters are deep within a cave system, and have come up to a small room at the end of a hallway that cuts off at the end to a long fall into darkness. I (the druid) am at the top of this cliff while the rest of my party has all failed their strength checks, and fell into a pit occupied by fire beetles that have yet to attack.

Me: Wait, what the hell is a fire beetle?

DM: Are you asking that, or is the druid asking that?

Me: Both.

Cleric: Well me, as me and as the cleric, say, SHUT UP THIS DOESN’T CONCERN YOU!

Bard: Well me, as the Bard, ask, “what the hell is a fire beetle?” *rolls bardic knowledge a nat 1*

DM: I pity you. These are fire beetles. They spit fire. This astonishes you.


Me: I call down to the pit. “Hey what’s going on down there?”

Everyone in our session: SHUT UP!

me in a group of three random dudes on ovw: aw crap i fell off the cliff 

dude in the group: oh my god a WOMAN? 

other dude in the group: why does it matter 


Not Without You

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Rating: Adult, Explicit, Mature

Characters: Jim Kirk, Reader, Spock, Uhura, Bones

Situation/Scenario: Reader is trapped on a shuttle that is about to fail/explode/fall out of the sky (I don’t know how to word that) And the crew is struggling to get her back on board. She is beamed out at the last second. Jim has already convinced himself she is going to die, she doesn’t, he proves how much he needs her.

Warnings: Almost death, Angsty, smut, romance, unprotected sex, AN UNEDITED HOT MESS

Author’s note: Sooo, I have not written smut since I had a kpop smut page. I apologize in advance, my skills are ruuustty.

tags: @yourtropegirl

Not Without You

“Y/L/N to enterprise!” You yelled into your communicator. “I don’t think the shuttle is going to make it!” You yell as you try to pilot the damn thing closer to the enterprise. The ship had stopped at a class m planet to assist in delivering medical supplies to a research team. Everything had gone well, till it was time to return to the enterprise. The team on the planet had their pick of some supplies, and you had the remaining on the shuttle with you. You were supposed to have another crew member go down with you, but you had done this very trip to this team a few times before and didn’t feel you needed assistance.

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BTS Reaction to You Giving Them The Silent Treatment

Incognito; Could you do an Bts react to their s/o giving them a temporary silent treatment for something they did in their s/o’s dream?

Note: of course I can! I hope you like this ~

Jin ➳ You couldn’t see him the same way, he had murdered you inside your dream as he laughed — but as he still stared to you in innocent curiosity despite you ignoring him, you began to slowly get frightened. “Are you trying to observe which part of my body would be easiest to pierce?”

His eyebrows furrowed, the corners of his lips curling upward before he let out a confused chuckle. “What?”

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Suga ➳ You knew it was just a dream, but you could practically imagine him sleeping deeply as someone tried to abduct you from right beside him. You felt betrayed knowing it could actually happen, ignoring the man throughout the day but little did you know, Yoongi was slowly becoming salty as hell.

Holding his anger in, the next day when you became all happy and spoke to him; asking him if he wanted to go out to eat he only looked to you. “And who are you?”

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J-Hope ➳ You could remember it clearly, his face becoming nothing but stoic before a smirk grazed his lip — pushing you off the cliff as you fell down the never-ending air. And here he was, arms filled with milkshakes with that same damn smirk plastered onto his face. You were ignoring him as he spoke about his day while inhaling his milkshake empty before eying yours. It wasn’t long before he took yours from your hands, receiving an incoherent voice of refusal as he laughed. “You’ve been acting strange today,” he said, taking the straw out and placing the sugar coated end in his mouth, “I still love you though.”

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RapMonster ➳ He understood what you felt, knowing you had a dream about him once you took his arm off your waist when you had woken up. He didn’t know what he did, knowing it must’ve been something horrible since whenever he would reach for your hand you would flinch in slight terror. The day went on normal but quiet, and when you both soundlessly went out to grab a bite to eat — the food you both shared would be silently passed around as the birds singing was the only source to make the atmosphere more alleviating.

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Jimin ➳ “What did I do?” He suddenly asked as you didn’t kiss or hug him after he sang his solo to thousands. You crossed your arms with a pout on your lips, having ignored him all day but still going to his concert to support him.

“You cheated on me,” you growled and he instantly caught on — knowing it was one of your dreams yet his eyes still widened, “with Taehyung.” He began to giggle, looking away from you and wondering why you were being so cute before pulling you into a hug.

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V ➳ He straight up dumped you, telling you he didn’t want to have your ‘clingy ass’ around him anymore and when you woke up, the icy, cold glare was evident on your features. You ignored him all day, and he was being so kind to you but you didn’t give him any of your attention because in all honesty, he was the clingy one! 

“(y/n)~!” He’d sing, following after you and interrupting your inner turmoil as you stormed to the backyard. He would then begin to smack you with his sleeves, pushing you around until you finally give in and give him love.

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Jungkook ➳ It was something you always dreaded, finding him naked and sprawled across some other woman. You were devastated, soon ignoring the boy once you woke up and just giving him the cold shoulder until he finally put his foot down. “Hey!” He yelled, becoming smart since you weren’t clearly hearing him and you jumped from the loud tone. “Wake up! I’m not that same man from your dreams,” he exhaled deeply, his face impassive and annoyed as he grabbed your hand, “so don’t treat me like I am.”

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Dream Lord
Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy
Dream Lord

-I have had control of my dreams for so long that I’m worried if I go in…willy-nilly…the dreams are just gonna run rough-shod over my emotions.

-Yeah, the Dream Lord will be like “Finally, a weak point!”

-”Finally!  Now experience all the emojis you’ve been holding back!”


-“You’ve been holding onto these emojis in this bottle, I’ve been saving them, experience them aaaall~!  Have sex with the teeth that fell out of your head ‘cause you’re naked at school and forgot your lines at the plaaaayyy~!  And you’re falling–”

-”And you’ve forgotten how to run quickly and you feel like you’re moving through molasses!”

-”And also you’re flyyying off a cliff…and you’re on fire and your parents are there and there’s your grandma~!”

-”And you’re trying to punch the dude but you can’t remember how to make a fist!”

-”You can’t remember how to make a fist and your f–hands are bones and teeth~”


-”I am the dream master experience your emojis~”

Cherry Bomb - Steve Harrington

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A/N: I wrote this during class while listening to Cherry Bomb by the Runaways so…

Title: Cherry Bomb

Pairing: Steve Harrington x reader

Word Count: 1150

Warnings: ehhh nothing much

Billy fucking Hargrove was going to regret using y/n. Just because he thought she was ‘sweet’ and 'innocent’ it meant that it made y/n an “easy target”. Y/n was the simple nerd of the school. Long oversized sweaters and her skin covered from head to toe. It was like she was constantly wearing a blanket 24/7 to hide. The whole school wondered how she became best friends with Steve Harrington. He and y/n were best friends since birth, and Y/n thanked god that he was the sweetest angel in the world because, without him, she probably would’ve jumped off a cliff.

“He doesn’t deserve you, sugar plum,” Steve said, cuddling y/n into his arms on the hood of his car.

“I-I can’t believe I f-fell for his stupid lies,” Y/n sobbed into his chest.

Numerous students walked by the school’s car park, eyeing the two that were huddled up on Steve’s BMW

Steve started to play with y/n’s hair, it was something that he did to calm y/n down, “Aw c'mon, sweet pea, please don’t be sad anymore. You know I hate it when you’re sad.”

He tucked a lock of y/n’s hair behind her ear then wiped a tear away from her face, “Thanks for tolerating with my bullshit, Steve.”

Steve smiled back at her and shrugged, "What are friends for?”

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Welcome Back // The Loser’s Club

Word Count: 1488

Summary- After moving away, you return to Derry, Maine, and reunite with your old friends.

Warnings; N/A

A/n; This came to me and I would’ve been mad if I didn’t write it so enjoy x

Requested; Nope, just an idea I had!


6 years ago…

“Shit!” “Richie! That’s a bad word!” 7-year-old you scolded. “Y-yeah Richie!” A young Bill frowned. “LALALA, I CAN’T HEAR YOU!” Eddie cried, hands clamped over his ears dramatically. “Ugh, you all suck!” Richie cried, pouting. “You love us.” You winked, Richie opening his mouth to protest. “Yeah, we’re the only ones who actually don’t mind you.” Stan chimed in, making Richie pout even more. “Group hug!” You cried, squishing your friends in a group hug. Everything was great. Until you got home that day, when your parents suddenly had you pack up everything, very rushed, and leave the town the next morning.

You didn’t even get to say goodbye to your best friends.

Little did you know how much it hurt them to visit your house, and see it abandoned. They asked around town, and everyone simply said you had to go away. It was confusing for the 7 year old group of boys, and it broke their hearts to see one of their best friends go. Over the years, they made a silent agreement that they wouldn’t bring you up; the memories hurt them too much.

Present day

A lot had changed since that day. You’d grown out your hair; it used to be boy-cut (to match with the boys, you felt left out), now it fell past your shoulders, in loose Y/H/C curls. You wore makeup these days, even though you were only 13. You grew up in NYC, where you learned to fend for yourself and you didn’t take shit from anyone. You’d gained much more confidence; going from the little, innocent girl from down the road to the baddest bitch in town.

Now, driving past the sign ‘Welcome to Derry, Maine’, that confidence began to slip. You were nervous about coming home; it was no secret. You didn’t really want to come back, if you were being honest. You’d just moved on, forgotten the feeling to miss all your best friends, and made new ones. You finally felt at home in New York, after 6 years, and just your luck, your parents decided it was time to go back. You never did know why you moved, but you never really thought about it.

Now, as you saw the many buildings you used to bike past with your friends, you gulped. Your friends. You wondered how they were. You lost contact as soon as you left, and you hadn’t spoken to any of them since. It hurt, they were all like your brothers. Were they still friends? Would they even recognize you? 6 years was a long time, and not only your appearance, but your personality had changed drastically.

You were excited to see them; you hoped they were all still here, and still friends. Another feeling was locked in your mind, though; what if they didn’t remember you? You remembered all of them vividly; Eddie, the nervous boy with the inhaler, and the crazy mother, Richie, the boy who never shut up and had a potty mouth (as 7-year-old you recalled), Bill, the stuttering leader of your friends group, and Stanley; the smart brainiac who drove you all mad, but you loved him. You loved all of them. You missed all of them. You could only hope they missed you too.

Stepping out of the car, you took a deep breath as a wave of nostalgia filled you. Your parents never sold your house; again, another thing you didn’t bother questioning. You had asked time and time again while in New York to come back to visit, and now you were here, and ready to leave again. You glanced down the road, knowing Bill’s house was down the block. If he still lived there, anyway.

“Mother?” You asked, nervously. “Yes, you can go.” She immediately said, waving you off. “Bike?” She questioned, and you shook your head. “No thank you!” You called, running down the road. It felt odd, you never really rode it in New York. Not only was there nowhere to ride it, it just felt unusual, because you weren’t with the boys. Sighing, you went for a walk around town, taking in your old home.


Beverly was walking along the streets, smiling happily. She’d just been invited to the Quarry with the ‘Loser’s Club’ and she couldn’t have been happier. Not paying attention, she walked right into someone, slamming into them. “Oh my gosh, I’m sorry!” She said, helping the girl up. Confusedly, she looked the girl up and down. “Have we met before?” She frowned, the girl looked so familiar, yet so different.

“Oh my god.. Y/N L/N?!” Beverly exclaimed, shocked. You looked up, having been knocked over. Your jaw dropped. “Beverly Marsh!?” You gasped, jumping up. You two were quite close while you were younger, (obviously, not as close as you and the boys, but still close) and to say you both changed was an understatement. You tackled her into a hug, her quick to return it. “How have you been?!” Bev exclaimed, and you two chatted for a bit.

“Hey, have you seen the boys yet?” Bev asked, frowning slightly. You told her about what happened; you leaving abruptly, without saying goodbye. “N-no.” You stuttered, “They don’t even know i’m back.” Beverly pondered this for a second, before lighting up like a christmas tree. “Well, tomorrow the boys and I are going to the Quarry, why don’t you come with?! We can surprise them!” She exclaimed, and you thought about it, biting your lip. “Sure, why not?” You said, calmly, but your heart was racing. “Awesome, see you tomorrow!” She said, walking off. “Haha.. yeah, see ya..” You said, nervously. You returned back to your house, and the rest of the day flew by, as you anxiously awaited for tomorrow to come.

Time skip

You got dressed normally, simple undergarments and a nice dress. You didn’t really style your hair, brushing it out and leaving it down. You smiled as you biked to where Bev told you to meet her. She was already there, and her hair, which was long like yours yesterday, was cut very short. “I like your hair!” You complimented, and she blushed slightly. “Thanks.” The two of you biked up the hill, where all the boys were stood there, shirtless, and ready to jump. Well, they were dressed to jump. They all looked nervous as hell. There was another boy you didn’t recognize; maybe he’d joined onto the group after you left. You were just happy they were all still friends; it was one of your biggest worries returning here.

“Who’s gonna go first?” One of them said, you didn’t catch who. “I’ll go, Sissies!” Beverly called, catching the group’s attention. She quickly stripped off her dress, you following suit. The boys seemed confused, but you didn’t give them time to process it. “Come on, Y/N!” She screamed, grabbing your arm and you both together ran and jumped off the cliff. “What the fuck!?” You assumed Richie called.

Eddie turned to the guys, confused. “Did she say.. Y/N?” He asked, quietly. The loser’s, except Ben, tensed, looking to Eddie slowly. “No, Ed, it couldn’t be..” Stan whispered, looking down at you and Beverly, who were watching them impatiently. “Come on, guys!” You called, waving them down. Richie gulped. “Holy shit.. It is Y/N.” “Whose Y/N?” Ben asked, confused as hell. “A-An old f-friend.” Bill stuttered, shocked. “Seriously, are you coming?!” Bev called, confused. The boys all took a last glance, before jumping off the cliff, screaming and kicking their legs wildly.

You swam over to them, shyly, as they all settled. “So, uh, surprise?” You asked, scared. The boys all glanced at each other, and you sighed. “Look, I can explain-” You started, but Richie cut you off. “No, Y/N! What the hell? You fucking left us! You didn’t even tell us you were leaving!” The group fell silent, you gulping. “I-I didn’t know..” You whispered, knowing you deserved it.

“W-W-What d-do you m-mean y-you didn’t k-know?” Bill asked, confused. “That night we were out, all of a sudden, my parents said we’re going to New York, and to pack everything I owned. We just up and left. I begged and begged to say goodbye. It was like they couldn’t hear me, or they just ignored me.” You said, sadly. They all remained quiet, before Stanley swam over to you, giving you a much-needed hug.

You gladly hugged back, and one by one, the boys swam over, giving you hugs and saying how much they missed you. You were introduced to Ben, who you got along great with. “You know how we got picked on a lot, Y/N?” Stanley asked, as you all were relaxing in the water. “Yeah?” You asked, confused. “W-We gave ourselves a n-name.” Ben added, looking to Eddie. “Welcome back to the Loser’s Club, Y/N.”

oh my god He Did That - harry styles’ self titled version
  • “started off the first song with a whisper of “2,3,4” like who does he think he is
  • harmonies??? on verses??? high notes??? bye
  • 0:53 in only angel changed my life my soul my heart i am a New person
  • “i’m selfish, i know / but i don’t ever wanna see you with him” 
  • the yells in the background of sweet creature. pls send help
  • oooo ooooo” at the beginning of carolina 
  • the goddamn duck noise 
  • here’s a remix (x)
  • the album cover, i mean, “lemme just float around naked in some pink water” ICONIC
  • the feathery way he sings “how would i tell her that she’s all i think about? well i guess she just found ouuuut”
  • screaming in the background of Only Angel #NUT
  • two ghosts
  • just wow wtf who’s the biggest larrie? harry is the biggest larrie
  • during his sott performances towards the end when he does the stretch neck thing and you can see his veins and he screams “sIGN OF THE TIIIIIIIIIIIIMES”
  • “turns out she’s a devil in between the sheets” are u ok am i ok what is happen
  • ik it wasn’t on the album but hello when nick grimshaw asked if two ghosts was about t.swift harry just let out that inhumane scream “hnfhdnsjd nOOOOO” rip harrys vocal cords
  • “just let me know i’ll be on the floor, on the floor” now im imagining him on the floor and excuse me sir i hate youi feel personally attacked
  • “i met her once i wrote a song about her” ok buddy just serving heart attacks
  • u know what else he was serving? LOOKS and HIS VERY VERSATILE VOICE
  • “i must admit i thought i’d like to make you mine, as i went about my business through the warning signs” stoppp stop stoppppp stop making me feel this way stoppp stOP 
  • “played with myself, where were you / fell back to sleep i got drunk by noon / i’ve never felt this cool” bro. bro bro bro repeat that again i don’t think i heard you right
  • the way his voice sounds completely different on songs like only angel and kiwi and then sounds different on from the dining table and meet me in the hallway
  • “we dont know where we’re going but we know where we belong” BRB JUMPING OFF THE NEAREST CLIFF but fr where can i find a love like this
  • the way he insinuates his emotions through the lyrics and his tone in meet me in the hallway LIKE OH GOD YOU EMOTIONAL WRECK LET ME LOVE YOU
  • he fukcing flew in the music video for sign of the times i mean holy crap dude,, yer a wizard harry
  • “broke a finger knocking on your bedroom door / i got splinters in my knuckles crawling across the floor / couldn’t take you home to mother in a skirt that short” PARDON ME GOOD SIR WHAT THE EVER LOVING FUCK
  • the guitar chords in ever since new york make me cry
  • “i gotta get better, gotta get better” wtf u talking about you ARE the best
  • “i’m just trying to remember how it feels to have a heartbeat” im not crying youre crying actually i lied im crying 
  • “when i run out of ROPE, you bring me HOME” excuse my binch ass larry heart
  • “maybe one day you’ll call me, and tell me that you’re sorry too” IM ASCENDING like harry in sott
  • in only angel when he screams but right before it his voice is all deep and scratchy like “and there’s nothing she can do about ittttt, hey hEYYYY”
  • “there’s no antidote for this curse or what its waiting for” who is shakespeare lmao i only know harry styles
  • the moans in the chorus of woman. who is He i love him
  • “should we just search romantic comedies on netflix and see what we find”
  • the drums in all of the songs oh mygod
  • “comfortable silence is so overrated” dude u right
  • this album is so great 
  • i love harry and his music and his writing
  • he could deck me with his album and i would thank him
Meeting Me

Hey all! So, the votes are in, and people want me to introduce myself. 

Hey :) My name is Rekina! I’m from a small town In Saskatchewan where aliens invading would be the least strange thing Ive seen. It wouldn’t even crack the top ten. I’m 19, and working as a reporter at my local radio station (Yes I go on air, yes it’s fun) 

I’m a story teller by nature and by choice! I’m working on finishing and getting my first novel published. I just passed 45,000 words this morning. I’m also an avid reader, and I love music. I love to sing, and i play trumpet! 

As most of you have probably seen, i tend to end up in some bizarre situations, and I decided to share them with the world so you can all laugh at my pain.

I’m one of those people who went from hating everything about themselves to high self esteem and confidence. I interview bands and politicians without a problem, usually sassing their heads off and generally being witty.

 I figure introductions are best accompanied by pictures to get a feel for who I am.

some days i look like this:

or this

and sometimes this

But then i also tend to look like this

or this

and even this

You could definitely say I am a goof ball.

I’m very adventurous, which often leads to my strange situations. I’m a Gryfindor, and a Thunderbird (The reckless house and the reckless house dammit) I love hiking, photography, and cliff jumping!

I do a lot of travelling, and I always have a tendency to go off the beaten path

I am also a absolute klutz, which has lead to me almost dying many times

Yeah I almost tumbled off the top of Arthurs Seat, Edinburgh. Not particularly high, but it still would have sucked.

While i often find myself in many dangerous situations, I have a tendency to never actually get hurt. Survived a stingray: check! Got chased of a 40ft cliff by a angry chicken: sprained my ankle, but totally fine. Usually i end up in these situations by my own stupidity. For example:

So in this photo I made my travel buddy sit on my legs (as this is a very steep hill) so i could dangle over the edge and get a picture of some cool scottish grass.(Cough, nerd!) She snapped this photo to show photographers do ridiculous things to get a photo. However i didn’t check out the area first. At first I though the grass was just poking me extra hard, cause my arms and chest were stinging. It wasn’t grass

I had laid in a patch of stinging nettle which like poison ivy for those who don’t know. This was at the beginning of our trek to the top, so i just kinda dealt with it. I was covered in itchy red welts and blisters for the better part of 5hrs ( we moved slow because one of our companions was on crutches. I physically had to push her butt up in some spots, but we made it)

Due to my own stupidity i also almost fell off the Cliffs of Moher. (800foot cliffs in ireland) I wanted to see what they looked like straight down, crawled right to the edge, and stuck my chest over to take a picture looking straight down. This, however wasn’t the problem.

The sea breeze was so strong, that had I not been from Saskatchewan I would have toppled right over the edge. People behind me were screaming, “WE’LL CATCH YOU DON’T WORRY” as they, themselves are getting knocked about by the wind. I just kinda rock forward and look back like”chill ya;ll ive watered plants in worse than this” Because saskatchewan is windy af and i swear we are built with anchors in our feet because wind just does not phase us.

I’m a sassy lil canadian reportre, enjoying this incredible aliens and humans trope. And this is me! 


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Pairing: Harry x Reader

Request: It wasn’t it just came to mind

Warnings: Mentions of death and.. it’s basically trigger warnings I guess? 

A/N: I hope you guys like this :)

“I am not having this conversation right now,” I stated frustratedly

“Bloody hell, Y/N! Just answer the fucking question!” Harry yelled switching the gear

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s2e5 - jasper dies in the end


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I just find it hilarious that Trini just ran away when she ran into the other Rangers the second time because the first time she met them she

- Fell off a cliff that Billy blew up

- Got chased by security

- Got hit by a train when they were all driving away

- Woke up in her room with no idea how and with some weird new powers

So of course she would get as far away from them as possible lmao


I stumbled across a porcupine skeleton while hiking in a remote canyon near my house! The majority of its quills and decayed remains were laying beside of the cliffs edge, and there was no sign of a bullet hole or predation, so its very likely the little guy fell off the cliff. The skull was perfect so i took it home with me and left behind a little Rhododendron flower <3 

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Why don't you like Octavia?

All sorts of reasons, really.

Octavia is a reckless, naive, bratty girl who believes she’s a warrior without embodying the strength of mind, courage and intelligence of one. Kane said it best: “Lincoln taught you when not to kill.” She sees vengeance as justice, when oftentimes the two are so far apart, that having them as one is dangerous and damaging.

Don’t get me wrong, she was my favourite character in seasons one and two. I figured out how to recreate the grounder braids and I wore them for weeks; taking a good hour to get them all in the way I wanted. I loved her despite her flaws. She was strong and interesting and complex, and she fell in love with the grounder, and together the two of them were going to fight back to back forever.

But something I found was Octavia’s fatal flaw - one that is not her own fault, but Aurora’s. Octavia’s had a sheer lack of socialisation. If you ever want to research the nature vs nurture debate, do it, but nurture always wins out. Who we are is not our genes, it’s our experiences. As children, we are socialised by parents and teachers, friends and neighbours - they shape who we become, how we act. 

For example, my parents taught me table manners very strictly, but they didn’t for my older brother. Now, my brother doesn’t hold his knife and fork properly, he eats with his elbows on the table, and often uses his fork to cut his food, instead of the knife. I do none of the above. It’s called socialisation, and it teaches us how we act.

Octavia has had so little of it, that her first real experience of the world is when she hits the ground. I can’t fault her, necessarily, for this, but it does effect who she becomes. Octavia’s first experience of the world is Bellamy rebelling, is Jasper getting speared, is Murphy getting hanged, is Charlotte jumping off a cliff. It’s violence and danger and fighting and killing.

These are her only experiences, and so when she comes to problems like people not doing what she wants - she hasn’t learned patience and understanding. She’s learnt to kill that which does not go her way.

In season two, she hits Lincoln. They had the most beautiful relationship up until this moment - but Lincoln gets forced onto the Reaper drug. He’s forced into becoming a monster. He has to kill. I’m pretty sure cannibalism is involved, too. But he gets addicted to this drug because of the high - he gets addicted to a drug that he had no choice in taking. Octavia hits him because she thinks this is the best way to get him to stop. (And somehow this works, I don’t even know, but if you have a friend who is forced into being addicted to drugs, please don’t hit them to make them stop, it doesn’t work in the real world.)

Octavia also lectures him on his own culture. She lectures Lincoln, who has been a grounder his WHOLE LIFE, about his own culture, one that she has decided to join like a month ago.

In season three (I think), she hits Indra. There’s a pattern, by the way. There’s a pattern to the people she’s hitting. They’re all people of colour. They’re all people she perceives as family. They’re all people who are in significantly worse condition than she is. Lincoln was on his knees. Lincoln would never harm her. Indra was brutally injured and mourning the loss of her entire army, where she was the only survivor. Indra would absolutely hit Octavia back, but she couldn’t because she was on the ground, bleeding and injured, and Octavia knew that.

In season three, she beats Bellamy to a pulp. A man of colour. Chain to a rock. On his knees. Would never harm her. She beats him until his entire face is just covered in blood, and she does it to let her grief out. Because she thinks he deserves it, that she has a right to spell out her grief across her older brother’s face. This man had done nothing but protect her her entire life, nothing but love and care for her, and she does this. Then she says he’s “dead to” her. How fucking disgusting.

(I’m not even going to talk about people’s reaction to her, fandom etc. Just know that someone I know happily justifies and supports her actions and I refuse to discuss the show with them anymore, because I will not listen to someone thinking that she’s still strong and interesting and a good character anymore when she’s done such bad shit. Even in a show where everyone does morally grey things, Octavia’s awful. She’s not morally grey. She’s morally black and she knows it.)

In this season, Octavia has just completely overridden any other part of her with murder. She gives zero shits. She’s just gonna kill people, because that’s all she is now. She’s a murderer. I wouldn’t even call her an assassin - she’s just a coldblooded killer, not even told to kill these people but does it anyway.

And Gaia! She was going to kill Gaia before she found out she was Indra’s daughter. Because suddenly, suddenly, family is important to her? Mere weeks after beating the shit out of her older brother for something he didn’t even do?

When she fell off that cliff in the newest episode, most of me was really hoping that she’d just stay dead. I can’t deal with her on my screen anymore.

Me and Mine

“My Wife.” “My Husband.” It’s important to make clear what they are to each other.

It starts as a private joke.


My husband should keep in mind that his wife is perfectly able to let people down gently on her own. You didn’t need to scare him.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Sakura pitches her voice an octave lower than usual, she hunches her shoulders to her ears and fists her hands on her hips, “Hello, I see you are speaking to my wife Sakura, who is my wife. I am my wife Sakura’s husband.”

“I do not sound like that.”

Naruto, unable to help himself: “Woah, Sakura, where did you go? All I see are two Sasukes!”


When she’s not calling him Anata, she’s calling him ‘My Husband’, and it’s because she’s being a little shit.

“My loving, wonderful husband, will you please hand me that book?”

“Get it yourself.”

“But surely my husband wouldn’t make me walk all the way over there when he’s so big and strong and mmph-!”

He presses the book into her hands and muffles her ribbing with a kiss. Their lips part but he doesn’t pull away. He knocks his forehead gently against hers and smiles and sighs. He knows it’s silly, feels a little ridiculous because of it, but he gets warm all over whenever she calls him that.

Maybe that’s why he starts joining in on the joke.

If it felt lovely to hear her call him her husband, it felt stupendous to call her his wife.

Suddenly he couldn’t get enough. Every time he said it, it lost none of its surrealty and beauty. Surely eventually it would, with age and years and familiarity. But he wasn’t sure.

And so it went that soon he started saying it when she wasn’t around.

“My wife has a copy of that scroll, I’ll ask her if she’ll lend it to you if you like.”

“What the fuck, I know who your wife is, did you hit your head?” Naruto snorts, “I’ll get it when I come to dinner tomorrow.”

“No one invited you.”

“Excuse you, I am your boss. You’re cooking, right?”


It becomes something that keeps them grounded in their distance.

When Sakura tells a story from when she was young she says, “And then my husband threw his explosive tags in with mine and I had to catch him before he fell off the cliff.”

As Sasuke walks a foreign road and comes upon a small practice, he offers: “My wife is a doctor, she taught me which herbs to use for different ailments. I could collect them for you in exchange for shelter.”

“My husband is a good man,” she defends.

“My wife is waiting for me,” he reminds himself.


“You attacked my husband and my precious child.”

“My wife is not weak.”


At the edge of the earth, at the end of a decade, Sasuke readies himself.

He strokes his hawks head with the knuckle of his pointer finger.

“Tell my wife that I’ll be back soon.”

Billy: Did it hurt?

Steve: When?

Billy: I dunno when you fell off a cliff because you’re an angel or some shit.

Steve: That’s not how that goes.

Billy: Whatever. Can I suck your dick now?