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More Adrienette for the soul

“I wish the people complaining about rtte would just be grateful for once. Your negative comments are toxic and ruins the fun for everyone else. It was a gift from Dreamworks and to insult the writters just because you didnt enjoy it is childish. You don’t even know what the writters went through just to provide us with a show about the movie we love. It isnt perfect yes but I for one am grateful for it, just like how grateful I am for all the fanfic writters and artists here in this fandom. I appreciate and love all the fics and art you provide so please appreciate what Dreamworks has provided.”


Game Grumps Live was amazing!! I got to say hi to Vernon, and i made Danny and Arin laugh ♡

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As long as im respect as a guy. I dont care about my body. All of your art about trans tom has never felt like you were dehumanizing him. You didnt use bad terms and you made plenty fluff. It makes me feel like I can be loved and respect even if im not in the perfect body yet. Thank you.

You’re welcome and thank you :,3 that means a lot,man❤

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We didnt manage to break into Billboard top 200? :(

Billboard 200 updates every Tuesday in the US. And it’s Holiday today (Monday) over there so it might update on Wednesday is what I know.

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any idea why Jackie said she didnt feel anything in Jackie Bags Hyde when she kissed Steven? She was chasing him for a while and then once she kissed him she was like "oh i felt nothing"

The real answer is that the writers thought ending that story line like that wasn’t going to left as many questions as it did. Who knows why they decided to break it that way. One of the many things went wrong.

The in universe answer may be something I think most of us agree, that she just couldn’t identify was what she was feeling in that moment, because it was too diferent from what she once felt while with Kelso.

It’s not familiar and we tend to get scared at unfamiliar stuff, especially when is too intense. My headcanon is that she felt numb after the explosion inside her belly, because honestly this kiss looks like the bomb:

The other option is that she just decided to lie because of the intensity of it. Again, she has been hurt many times before and she knows Hyde’s story with girls. He doesn’t date, he has a record of having the same girl for the long of a week. What tells her it could work out?

He rejected her a million times, and would had he said the truth? We know that there’s a big chance that he would, but she doesn’t. She needed the Kelso experience all over again to finally understand that she doesn’t need that shit, and that she needs to start trusting him and her instincts.

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lolll so let's just assume it is about all that, it's a problem if men support feminism and a problem if they don't?

lmao ikr i actually don’t understand what’s all these fuss about but some people always managed to find a way to diss about everything bangtan does so *shrugs*

Anonymous said: I’m so so happy BTS is speaking about us girls and LGBT people because not many people are aware of what goes on but BTS is helping breaking those barriers and everything I seriously love them so much for that.

Anonymous said: “Namjoon talked abt the "glass ceiling” line on NOT TODAY. (glass ceiling=feminism); he said they didnt use it w/out proper knowledge of it. NJ said they used this word to say that they wont be silent on this kind of social issues/matters, they wanna help in breaking these issues.NJ: We still lack but we will improve more by listening on to criticisms. We will humbly accept criticisms and improve more.“ Honestly an other reason to love BTS i actual cried because this means a lot to me ❤

bangtan is the most open when it comes to things like this and personally i think not today can relate into anything like namjoon said, they let people to interpret the songs on their own. i’m actually glad that they dare to take the risk when they know some people would think negative of it, but we, intelectuals, know better than to diss them for that. at least they’re being honest about what they think about the society we’re living in rn.

First time Yuri visiting Otabek in Almaty. Beka takes him on a sightseeing tour on his bike. Yuri wears one of Beka’s old, worn-out sweaters. The kitten shirt was actually yuri’s gift.

I used @nikkiyan‘s Yuri for reference, since he’s unbearably cute and I didnt do him justice at all asdfghjklasdl!

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What ever happened to xingdae??? They never interact anymore and it's sad

gurl….if i had known what happened between them i wouldn’t be this emo chenlay trash i mean they still interact but things are not the same way as before. idk about you guys but from my point of view, i feel like jongdae was mad at yixing? something makes him mad and he can’t be mad for a very long time so they reconciled but things will never be the same again? that’s how i feel because i will never forget how yixing broke into tears in front of us but jongdae didnt even spare a glance at him, his face showed no feeling at all, i never see him being that cold and that’s kinda scare me out and remember when yixing made that birthday post for jongdae and he said he always sorry and thankful shit im gonna start again someone stop me please 😢😢😢

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Idiots: "Omg leave PewDiePie/Markiplier/Some other internet 'personality' alone. Stop being such a cyberbully" Those same idiots: -proceeds tho flood your notes with death trheats and hate-

right? had one dude make a pornhub account with pics of me and pictures of a fake dick, had another threaten to dox me (completely unsuccesfully), another tried to reset my twitter password (like. did they expect to be able to reset the password using their own email address?) and way others just sending me death threats and insults

just cause i made one (1) singular post on twitter where i basically said pewds is a shithead (didnt even say he was a nazi or anything like that)

The American quad and eyesight

Just a small headcanon I’ll dump here till I finish some of the requests. So you don’t getbored and leave us! Lol, but just know that this is my personal silly thing, the other muns don’t need to follow this and you also don’t have to necessarily agree with this, just wanted a reason for fluff x3

America - Alfred F. Jones

Alfred isn’t that bad off with his eyesight. He started wearing his glasses around the 1840s, (Around the same time that the state of Texas was founded) finding it difficult to make out things in the distance, or read fine writing. At first he was reluctant to wear them, but after some scolding from England submitted. After he put them on, his hero complex kind of came out, because it was like he was wearing a disguise that superheroes wear. Nowadays he takes them off only when he’s going to sleep or getting in water. However, the moment he takes them off outside those reasons and rests his face in his hands, it just means that his patience is running thin and he’s tired. It usually happens when he’s dealing with paperwork, when it does just silently pull him away from the work, sit him down somewhere comfortable, make him some tea and cuddle him. He’d more than likely come with you with no objections

2P!America - Allen L. Jones

So, um. Al’s eyesight is really bad. Like, seriously bad. The guy can’t make out most things that are over an arm’s length away. But don’t be fooled, just because he can’t see that well, doesn’t mean he can’t catch you and bash your face in… or initiate a tickle attack for that matter. He also refuses to wear glasses or contacts, not wanting to have something that makes him look like his shitty 1P. His eyesight also doesn’t mean that he isn’t handy, he can do pretty much anything, just finds it difficult sometimes, like, he can’t really tell if someone throws something at him. His eyesight got progressively worse from when he was younger, to nowadays. He’s still tough though, so most countries have at least a speck of respect for him. Don’t worry though, he would very much appreciate it if you decide to help him with something trickier, he finds at as a sign of affection and would adore you immensely for it.

Nyo!America - Amelia F. Jones

Amelia’s vision is probably the best out of the four. She almost doesn’t need any help with her eyesight. However, in those faithful nights with tons of paper work, where she spends more than an hour on, her eyes get so tired and as a reflex to tell her to chill for a bit, they get blurry, to the point where she could barely tell an ‘a’ from a ‘b’ to a ‘c’. But being the stubborn little shit she is, she doesn’t stop there. She actually got her England to help her get glasses and during the shopping the other woman suggested that maybe she should stop for a bit when those instances happen and rest, but of course why would an America ever listen to England? Just know, that if you see Amelia with glasses, drag her away from work even with her protests. You are doing her a huge favor, because she usually passes out on the work and wakes up with immense back problems. She’ll most likely thank you later.

Nyo!2P!America - Alexa L. Jones

Her eyesight is as bad as her male counterpart’s. But unlike him she isn’t as prideful and has both contacts and glasses. She wears the contacts when out outside because they’re more comfortable to move around in and her glasses at home. Most people find it a shock if they visit her urgently and she opens the door, wearing house clothes and glasses and each time she gets annoyed and would grunt out an annoyed “Wha’ the fuck do ya’ want?”. However, if you see her outside, kneeling on the ground and looking like she’s searching for something, she most likely dropped one (worst case scenario both) of her contacts. Help her out and search with her please and don’t say anything, it’s embarrassing enough for her as it is, because most people outside of her inner circle don’t know of her bad vision. She’d be immensely grateful to you if you actually found what she was searching for!

- Mun Rants

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i had this really uncomfortable experience where i felt threatened outside my loft and it wasn’t a real threat but it still kinda shook me. i biked home and there was a bright construction light near the loading dock area (where people throw used clothes, couches, etc) and so i went to check it out.

and then all of a sudden these four guys like come out from the other side and theyre talking and laughing and then all of a sudden they are silent and one of them points this thing at me that literally looks like a prop or toy gun (like it might have been a tripod because i thought they were filming but i didnt see any cameras or equipment). and i know it wasnt a real gun but i didnt know what it was and he just stared at me and pointed it at me and they all kept on walking towards me and then this lasts for like three long seconds and then they all burst out laughing and i run into my apartment and i ask if anyones home and nobody is.

and then my roommate comes home three minutes later and i tell her what happened and asked if they were just shooting a film and she hugged me.

i dont want to be paranoid but i literally felt threatened - why would four men ever do that to a girl who is alone? i should be able to feel safe within the boundaries of my building but i feel far from it now. i have been debating asking the super to pull out video surveillance even though i know nothing will come of it but i just want to know what they pointed at me and why they did that

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aggie !! whats madrid like so far

very cool! the architecture is beautiful & im getting to use my spanish which is nice lmao. we went to el museo reina sofía and saw the guernica by picasso and also a bunch of dalí’s and i love surrealism so that was fun

we got tapas a few hrs ago but i was feeling kinda sick so i didnt eat much and now we’re just kinda chillin in the air bnb we’re staying in & later we’re gonna get dinner

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omg i had no idea about elenour being nasty to lottie, i always assumed they were on good terms bc lottie and fizzy didnt know about hl back then , but jesus this is just ..... what a nasty person yuck. Also, @that anon about louis telling lottie on some anniversary?? could you come back and tell us about it bc im v curious haha

Yeah, she’s not a good person at all even if you believe it was ever real 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:okey but imagine how eleanor would feel if this was real, her bf’s baby mama, who he also cheated her on with, is literally a low budged version of herself, yikes

Tbh I hope he feels like trash but who am I kidding. People like her are evil and don’t care about feelings 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:how did louis’ own sisters not know eleanor was a stunt?? and when did they find out? sorry, i wasn’t here for Eleanor 1.0

They were all very young when Elounor started, so they probably didn’t thought it’d be safe to tell them. I think it was around 2103 that Lottie and Fizzy’s behaviour towards the whole Larry/Elounor changed. Before that they would fight larries and all that and then suddenly they stopped and started to behave differently (and now we have Lottie and Fizzy shading the hell out of everything)