and then i cried all the way home

there’s a comfort in sadness when it sticks around long enough, i mean, when all i can see is the dark, after a while, i’m not afraid of it anymore. maybe there are no monsters under the bed, maybe
the only monster was ever me. when you were a child. didn’t you think anything you could touch was yours? i think i lost some wild wanting along the way, that fearless claim of everything, no matter how much it hurts to hold. now, all that’s left is this starless dark,
this heart, this beating thing in my chest that cries out for something i could never give it, says here, take this bleeding ache and make it yours, take this sorrow and make it safety i mean, god,
didn’t anyone ever tell you that to be loved is to take something that was never yours and call it home? that want is just another word for loss, and i, who have always been so good at losing, cannot help the desire that claws at my chest. maybe it will take
a hand drawn map and a decade to take back my heart, but someday, i will look up
and see only stars.
—  a.s.w.

just so many rogue one emotions, spoilers ahead:

  • i thought being spoiled would mean i’d be prepared but NO. cried my way out the cinema. thanks disney.
  • ppl calling jyn unemotional and detached and like???!? she puts herself in very immediate danger to save a little girl and probably feels so much all the time she eventually shuts down cause SAME
  • cassian andor is every sexy girl love interest that’s been in the shit so much longer than the chosen one and is capable and dangerous and so emotionally closed off she should honestly not grow attached to one person so quickly but goddamn he didn’t even feel her steal his blaster 
  • welcome home JUST FUCKING DESTROY ME 
  • poe dameron always wanted a pet robot cause cassian andor had a pet robot
  • …what is saw’s deal i want a mini-series about him and the fact that the rebel alliance considers him an extremist though he was the one trying to protect a baby girl from being a pawn
  • baze no longer believed in the force but he sure as hell believed in chirrut and i want to cry
  • baze is actually 25 
  • living around chirrut ages a person
  • bodhi’s reaction when face to face with saw’s breathing apparatus makes me convinced he had a terrifying run-in with vader 
  • speaking of bodhi this man was a born leader and i’m so pissed he never got to do that
  • krennic’s crumpled-ass cape was a disgrace. no wonder no one likes you
  • so okay vader’s corridor fighting was awesome but what i most enjoyed about his return apart from his dramatic sauron tower was that they kept his fucking dorky finger-pointing hand gestures
  • the hugging at the end destroyed what was left of my shriveled husk of a heart
  • people knowing the odds and choosing to sacrifice themselves because someone has to fight, someone has to resist, someone has to draw that fucking line in the sand is the surest way to wreck me 
  • so fuck me this movie has left me void
Are you cut out to be a Sugar Baby?

I remember trying out for the basketball team in high school.

The coach said, “Others are better.”

And that was it. I was cut. 

I cried as I drove home.

I realized: This is not my magic. And I found a bunch of other ways to create magic.

Why did you decide to be a SB? What makes you special? Why are you magnificent? 

Do you know?

I know that this is the future and it sounds super cool and fun to get flown to Paris and wear Louboutins all the time.

And sure, some people get that.

Those that do have some kind of magic and they are willing to hustle.

But most people won’t.

I like to play chess. But when I started attending local tournaments and sat in front of a chess board for 5 hours for one game, I knew, “I don’t like chess *this much*.” A quick game, fun. Practicing for hours every day: nah.

The people who are pros love it. They thrive on it. They can do it all day longwhatever it is.

Sure, every job has things that aren’t so fun–and I do encourage you to look at this like a job–but you want to be able to bring yourself fully, focused and concentrated to it if you are going to make a living out of it. 

I’m talking about dedication.

If you can’t bring the time, focus, and dedication to this that you would to a job or career, don’t do it. Do something that you are more passionate about instead.

Being a SB is about knowing yourself, knowing men, and learning how to give and take in a way that works for both of you. It’s not easy. Don’t treat it like a hobby that you spend time on only when you want to, if you really want to succeed like the stories on the sites.

I’m just warning you.

You should know
that I know your favorite lipstick is cherry,
the exact minutes and seconds of your
favorite scene in your favorite movie.

the lyrics of the song that reminds you of me,
the entire mental video I did of you
witht he song that reminds me of us.

your feet are always cold
and you get red when I kiss them.
we don’t fit on my bed
but we do in each other’s arms.

I’m sorry, doll,
my answers aren’t enough,
and you deserve the thruth.

Turns out, you are my hopes,
all my dreams,
my home,
and my future.

I know the times you cried because of her,
because of me, and because of him.
Also, I learned all the ways to make you laugh,
I know the 143 strawberry marks in your body
(you have one between your legs, 
where you can’t see it. 
I also know that you giggle when I kiss it,
that’s my favorite secret).

You ask me for things 
I should had let you known 
with my arms and mouth,
and every time I don’t have an answer
a part of me dies,
wishing I could stop everything and say:
I do, I do, I do.

—  you are all i want. // jackie on my mind. nc.

Inspired by this post–a quickie AU Bawson drabble–

“I need you to come home with me.”

Ginny raises a delicate eyebrow and tilts her head waiting for Mike to continue. 

“I mean,” he begins, “for the weekend. I need you to come home with me for the weekend.”

“That’s not better, and what?” Ginny responds.

Mike sighs and sits down beside her. “It’s my gram-grams 90th birthday, and I really would rather not have to deal with her trying to set me up with her bridge partners’ grandchildren. The last time I had to go on a date with one of them, she cried all the way ‘til dessert over her ex-boyfriend.”

“Okay, first, it’s adorable that you call your grandmother gram-grams, and second, you want me to come home with you and, what? Pretend to be your girlfriend?”



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The Scenic Route

MariChat Week 2 Day 1: Kisses. Didn’t think I’d pass this up, did y’all? *flashes Certified MariChat Trash badge* FEATURING: The Sidekick!Adrien AU.


Twenty-one year old Marinette Dupain-Cheng walked the lamp lit streets of Paris on her way home from work. As she passed an alley, an engine revved. Headlights blazed to life and half blinded her. She shielded her eyes. “Chat Noir,” she cried, “what would Ladybug say if she caught you stalking civilian women in the dark?”

He pulled up beside her, the LED screen on his cat helmet’s visor set to a mischievous smirk. “You tell me.” He patted the seat behind him. “Need a ride? We can take the scenic route.”

“I’m tired, kitty. Aren’t you tired?”

“Oh, absolutely. The life of a trust fund baby is so exhausting.”

Marinette put her hands on her hips. The LED visor changed to sad kitten eyes. She laughed and slung her leg over his bike. “Fine,” she said. “I didn’t feel like walking anyway.”

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Ever have one of those days?

Today was a long day. One irritation and frustration after another at my job, most of which are not new and are starting to wear on me. I’m also particularly emotional right now, so today left me feeling lonely and vulnerable and a little unsatisfied with myself. I ugly cried the whole way home (which is an hour long commute).

I will feel better tomorrow.

But for tonight, I am just going to curl up on my couch with my dog and my favorite blanket, drink some wine, and watch the new episode. I’m going to allow myself to be broken until tomorrow morning. Sometimes that’s what we need.

Love you all!

KakaSaku aesthetic

“I can see every tear you’ve cried like an ocean in your eyes. All the pain and the scars have left you cold. I can see all the fears you face through a storm that never goes away. Don’t believe all the lies that you’ve been told. I will show you the way back home, never leave you all alone. I will stay until the morning comes.
I’ll show you how to live again and heal the brokenness within.” 

rollflasher  asked:

I saw once that someone asked you who would win between Eggman and Scourge, well. Can you think of a ''The reason you suck speech'' from Eggman to Scourge?

You think you scare me, huh? Think I’m gonna back into a corner and weep pathetically as a little green hedgehog threatens me? Looking like that, no less? I’ve dealt with gods of destruction and devourers of time, rodent. You’re not even a blip on the radar.

But that’s not how it is to you, is it? You think you’re the best of the best, the king of the world, the one who deserves everyone’s eternal fear. But there ain’t anything to fear about a guy who cried all the way home when his lookalike’s daddy gave him a stern talking to, is there?

You wanna know the difference between us two? I worked to get to where I am. I worked to become the world’s greatest genius. I worked to improve and perfect my scientific achievements… What have you done? What have you truly achieved in your own path? Nothing, that’s what. Behind all the grinning, the romancing, the crowning, you’re just a common idiot who got lucky. You don’t have any intelligence or foresight to back any of it up. Not like Master Planner over here, yours truly.

So please forgive me, my liege, if I’m unable to conform to your demands just because you’re a hedgehog and hedgehogs are the craze of the month or whatever. I don’t bow down to anyone. But I will promise my friend, in this time or another time, you’ll wish bowing down to the real deal was the only fate I had in store for you.

Go on then. Run away in a huff. You scattered away with your tail between your legs once already. Might as well go for two, eh?

2nd Annual Richonne Fanfiction Appreciation Week (RFAW)

Day 7 – Anything Goes

Letting Go

A/N:  I know we are celebrating Richonne Fanfiction but I asked myself what or rather who does Richonne love and of course the answer is Carl (and Judith) so here’s a little something I decided to write.  Hope you enjoy.

Rick holds Michonne tightly as she cries herself to sleep again.  She lets it all out in front of him as she doesn’t want Carl to know just how much his choice to move to the Hilltop is affecting her.   She knows he’s grown now and he has to make his way in their world.  She just wishes he’d do it from home.

He kisses her shoulder, wishing there was something, anything he could say to make her feel better.  Tomorrow is the day.  They both insisted on taking the journey with him so she’s letting all of that emotion out now in hopes that she can see their son settled in his new home minus the water works.  He knows she’ll be glad to spend a night or two with him before they return to Alexandria so that’s exactly what they’ll do.

The next morning, everyone is up early, excitement and dread filling the air.  At least they will see Maggie, Glenn, Little Herschel, and Paul again.  Michonne is distracting herself with packing up some food for Carl, Rick and Judy are finishing up breakfast and Carl is gathering the last of his things from his room.

“He’ll be in Barrington House where Maggie and Glenn are.  They already have a room ready for him,” Rick reminds his wife.

She only nods as she continues to pack with a heavy sigh.  As soon as she hears her son on the stairs, she perks up and plants a smile on her face.

The journey to the Hilltop passes all too quickly despite Michonne’s repeated glances at Rick, warning him that he was driving too fast.  Maggie, Glenn, Little Herschel, Paul, and several others are at the gates to welcome them, everyone exchanging warm hugs and excited greetings.

Later that night after dinner, Michonne walks out onto the front balcony to overlook the land and bask in a slight moment of solitude.  The sadness and uncertainty are ever present but she suppresses them, realizing that she has so much to be thankful for.  This world is unreasonably cruel and yet she has a family…..again.

The doors swing open as Carl makes his presence known.  He gives her a small smile as he steps up to the rail by her side.  “I’ve always thought this place was nice but it’s going to be different living here.”

She looks at her son, noting that he is just as tall as his dad now.  “You can always change your mind.”

He nods.  “Would that make you happy?”


“I know you have mixed feelings about this but if it’s going to make you sad, I’ll stay home.”

Michonne frowns just a bit.  “Did your Dad say something to you?”

Carl shakes his head.  “No.  I know you almost as well as he does.  Remember?”

“I just….I don’t know what I’m going to do not seeing you every day but this will be a good move for you.   Just promise you’ll try to visit at least once a month.”  Her eyes shine with unshed tears as her son envelopes her in his arms.

“I promise.”  He steps back.  “Just be sure to look after Dad….and Judy.  He tries to be strong for you but I know he’s having a rough time too.”

“We’re so proud of you and we knew you had to grow up but seems like it happened a lot faster than we anticipated.  And Judy’s getting so big….”

“Maybe it’s time for you and Dad to have a baby.”

Michonne gasps.  “Carl!”

“What?  You mean you haven’t even thought about it?”

“Thought about what?”  Rick asks as he and Judy walk onto the balcony to join them.  He hoists his five year old daughter onto the thick oversized rail, holding her around the waist as they look into the night’s sky.

“I was just telling Michonne that you two should have a baby,” Carl relays to his Dad.

Rick’s eyebrows shoot up immediately as he looks from his son to his wife.  “Huh?”

“Our son is just full of surprises isn’t he?  Let’s not take him seriously.”

“Mommy’s having a baby?!”  Judy asks excitedly.

Rick and Michonne answer “no” simultaneously then look to Carl with duplicate scowls.

“Hey Judy.  Let’s go see if Little Herschel wants to play a game.  Mommy and Daddy need to discuss some things.”  Carl retrieves his sister from his Dad, smiling widely and ignoring Michonne as she calls his name.

Her husband looks at her with a shy smile.  “Your son may be onto something.  A baby would take your mind off of how much you miss him.”

“Rick Grimes, we are not having a baby………are we?”

He laughs at her uncertainty, knowing her mind is turning with the possibilities.  He leans forward and kisses her cheek softly.  “Well it sure will be fun giving it a try.”

“Are you serious?”

“Are you?”

Her eyes grow round with excitement.  “Do you want to?”

“I do.”

“Really Rick?”

He steps even closer to her and takes her into his arms.  “Let’s just see what happens.”

She returns his hug eagerly, breathing him in deeply.  “How did we get so lucky with Carl?  He always knows how to make me feel better.”

Unbeknownst to them, three faces are peering through the window, witnessing their embrace and eventual kiss.  Carl, Judith, and Little Herschel smile at each other then continue to stare at their mom/aunt and dad/uncle.

A poorly put together rant by a sad person

Hello, space fandom. How are you today? What a coincidence: I am also doing very badly. But it’s okay, because we are all doing very badly together. 

When Neil Armstrong died, I was a high school freshman at a soccer game, diligently holding the bench down for the team because I was bad at soccer. Dad told me in the car on the way home. I was so shocked and saddened that I did not know what to do with myself and cried in a cornfield for an hour. I was still wearing my soccer jersey, which was number 20 because the first moon landing was July 20 1969 and the number 11 jersey was taken. The next week was very lonely because nobody else I knew looked up to Neil like I did. 

And that’s when I found you guys.

I don’t know when and I don’t know how, but I came across a ton of Tumblr posts about Neil and all these wonderful pictures and poems and stories about his life and I spent hours going through them, so happy that I wasn’t alone in my grief. Tumblr got me through the pain of losing a childhood hero. 

So it’s really gonna be okay. We’re all here and we have each other and even though it’s been an awful day for John’s family and friends and those who looked up to him, it’s going to get better. I know it’s odd to say this, but I’m looking forward to the coming week and to seeing all my favorite pictures and stories of John. He was such a great person. 

It is a privilege to be a part of this community and to know that we’re all here supporting each other.

Kid IwaOi Headcanon 1.0

Their First (and only) ‘Break-up’ (Age 7)
  • Oikawa always goes to Iwaizumi whenever he feels upset and wronged.
  • Oikawa isn’t good at words to express his feeling though, he cries instead and Iwaizumi would comfort Oikawa by patting his hair and walking Oikawa home, holding Oikawa’s hand all the way.
  • (Sometimes it’s just a walk from the Iwaizumi household to the Oikawas right across the street. They manage to make the 10-second walk into a five-minute one.)
  • Mrs. Oikawa finds it cute and jokes about it when she visits the Iwaizumis. Small Iwaizumi hears a part of it (“Tooru just cries so much around Hajime-kun.”) and misunderstands.
  • Iwaizumi thinks he’s the reason that makes his friend cry so much and since crying means sad, it must means that he’s a bad friend for Tooru.
  • Iwaizumi tells Oikawa the next day that they can no longer be friends.
  • Oikawa is crestfallen and starts bawling his eyes out.
  • Iwaizumi still walks Oikawa home, holding hands extra tight. Iwaizumi feels both guilty and sad and starts crying as well.
  • Mrs. Oikawa is incredibly worried when she opens the door and sees her boys both crying and small Iwaizumi keeps saying “I am sorry.
  • Mrs. Oikawa calls Mrs. Iwaizumi over and they comfort their son’s best friend respectively, trying to figure out why the boys are crying. (They learn the reason and laugh.)
  • Mrs. Oikawa reassures Iwaizumi he’s a great friend and he has taken a very good care of his best friend and that she expects him to be always this kind and reliable.
  • It takes Mrs. Iwaizumi a little longer to calm down Oikawa because he keeps insisting that “Hajime-chan hates me.
  • (Iwaizumi provides his mother some help by standing next to a crying Oikawa, reaching a hand for a hand, and mumbles he really want to be best friends again. Forever and ever.)
  • (They make up right after and Oikawa becomes a bit clingy for the next few days.)
  • Oikawa tries to hold back tears when he goes to Iwaizumi after their grand break-up but fails anyway and ends up looking more miserable (in Iwaizumi’s point of view) because he trembles too much and snot keeps running out of his nose.
  • Iwaizumi’s way of comforting Oikawa changes from patting his head to wrapping both arms around Oikawa then patting his head. (Even after Oikawa outgrows Iwaizumi in height, Iwaizumi still cradles Oikawa in warm hugs when Oikawa feels sad.)

    I’ve grown familiar
    With villains that live in my head
    They beg me to write them
    So I’ll never die when I’m dead

    I’m bigger than my body
    I’m colder than this home
    I’m meaner than my demons
    I’m bigger than these bones

    And all the kids cried out, “Please stop, you’re scaring me!”
    I can’t help this awful energy
    Goddamn right, you should be scared of me
    Who is in control?

    I have not been this terrified for a fictional character in a very long time.

    endernat589  asked:

    I know it's not Valentine's day anymore but how would Lillie react if their s/o broke up with her on Valentine's day

    - ok first of all: why? why would you do this? to lillie? but tbh out of all the people you can break up with, she likely takes it in the calmest way possible. she probably accepts it, leaves you, goes home, and cries into a pillow when she thinks shes completely safe of having anyone finding out
    - bc she knows half of alola will kick your ass if they find out what you did, she likely keeps it a secret til a few days after valentines day has gone by (so u dont look like a dick. lillie is too kind)
    - if someone had found out, you bet ya ass would have to pull a red and disappear for a few years lmao…rip


    Her entire performance was just LIT AF
    This one meant more to me than last year’s Superbowl.
    When Beyoncé performed, there were papers that the crowd held up to spell out something like “Love is Love” or something like that (I completely forgot! >.<)
    This year.
    When she sang Born This Way.

    Every time I saw other people perform it on TV, they always omit: “No matter gay, straight, or bi, lesbian, transgender life, I’m on the right track baby, I was born to survive.”

    With all of the discourse since the election, inauguration, and the first two weeks of presidency, I nearly cried hearing her sing those lines like her life DEPENDED on it on stage. In front of my lgbt-phobic family members at home, too!

    It just meant SO much to me, and just, if Lady Gaga EVER gets to see this:

    I, Michael, am so proud that you sang those lyrics since I felt like I still mattered to someone out there, and if I EVER get the chance to meet you, you are HIGH on my list of celebrities I have respect for.

    Bully Pt. 2 (Sehun x Reader Angst)

    Part 1

    Summary: After three whole years of bullying. You’ve stayed strong… But this time was way too far. You’ve had enough.

    ~Here it finally is the much resquested sequel. Hope this isn’t a let down ^^~

    “And I hate you.”

    After the words had finally slipped from your lips you spun around on your heels and stormed your way out of there. You didn’t bother going to your last class that day, well , it was more like you couldn’t. Instead, you darted your way home, sat yourself down in the small corner of your room, and cried you’re little, bruised heart out. All while repeatedly mumbling and whimpering sad ‘why’s just until your tiredness had gotten to the best of you causing you to fall asleep right in the position you were in.

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    We stayed up all last night. I was sobbing uncontrollable telling him how I felt, telling him that I cant see things ever working out, I cant see myself ever being happy with him with things the way they are. I cried and told him everytime he leaves it feels like hes cheating, or not going to come home to me and Koby. I told him I cant live like this anymore. That im so broken and sad. And I want to be happy. I told him Im so torn because I love him so much but he treats me so badly and Ive had enough.

    But then he told me that he will do anything for us to stay together, that he loves me, and he wants to be with me more than anything, that he wants us to be a family, he wants to marry me and have more babies. He doesnt want to lose me. Whatever I want he will do.

    So then again, I sit here, pretending im okay, waiting for the next mistake he makes so I can finally say ‘thats it. no more chances. you said this time would be different. And you have lied to me for the last time’
    Until then. I will sit in numbness. Reminding myself that I can be alone. And I will be okay. Working on myself, working on my health and body. Because at the end of the day, its probably just going to be me against the world.

    anonymous asked:

    Romacan (Romano x Canada) for the ship meme thing.

    (i got so many roma ships omg)

    • insists that they are an awesome dancer even though they’re terrible

    Canada doesn’t insist he is, but he isn’t too good a dancer unless it’s on ice. that boy owns ice skating.

    • likes to watch reality tv

    Romano watches it way more even though it pisses him off. Canada is more into shows on Animal Planet.

    • refuses to wear pants when they’re home alone


    • is the jealous / protective one


    • goes all out on the holidays

    Canada loves decorating the house and such.

    • cries over books

    Canada does. He gets attached too easily.

    • is terrible with kids

    Neither are.

    • drinks too much caffeine

    They both drink a lot of coffee honestly.

    • could sleep for twenty-four hours straight


    • never wears matching socks

    Canada thinks it’s cute to wear mismatching socks and Romano is disgusted.

    • punches a tree when they’re angry


    • gets scared by the toaster

    Romano. Canada thinks it’s adorable

    blackcanarydinah  asked:

    do nyssara pretty please? and maybe dinahfelicity too? pls pls pls

    Nyssa x Sara

    • insists that they are an awesome dancer even though they’re terrible: Sara’s not necessarily terrible, but she’s the only one that dances so
    • likes to watch reality tv: Sara
    • refuses to wear pants when they’re home alone: Sara “Screw Clothes” Lance
    • is the jealous / protective one: Both, but Nyssa is like 100x worse than Sara. She’ll cut a dick off if anyone tries to hurt her little bird. Or you know looks at her in the wrong way. (i’m surprised Oliver has all of his extreminites tbh)
    • goes all out on the holidays: Sara. Nyssa’s not much of a holiday person, but she will do anything to make Sara happy, including celebrating silly holidays.
    • cries over books: Nyssa, but don’t say anything about it because she will kill a bitch
    • is terrible with kids: Nyssa “My love why is it screaming.” “She is hungry.” “That is no reason to scream.” Okay maybe not that bad, but her experience with children is very limited
    • drinks too much caffeine: Sara. She definitely keeps cans of Monster around and Nyssa thinks it’s disgusting.
    • could sleep for twenty-four hours straight: Neither
    • never wears matching socks: Sara
    • punches a tree when they’re angry: Sara. 
    • gets scared by the toaster: Nyssa got startled by the toaster once. It met a quick death with her sword. 

    Dinah x Felicity

    • insists that they are an awesome dancer even though they’re terrible: Felicity
    • likes to watch reality tv: Neither
    • refuses to wear pants when they’re home alone: Both
    • is the jealous / protective one: Dinah. She’s protective of little ladies in general, but when she’s friends with/dating someone you had better watch the fuck out.
    • goes all out on the holidays: Felicity
    • cries over books: Felicity
    • is terrible with kids: Dinah
    • drinks too much caffeine: Felicity
    • could sleep for twenty-four hours straight: Neither
    • never wears matching socks: Felicity
    • punches a tree when they’re angry: Did you mean… screams at a tree until it blows apart. “What did that tree ever do to you?” “Would you rather it had been a person?” “Uh no.” “Didn’t think so, sweets.” 
    • gets scared by the toaster: Felicity