and then i asked her to be my girlfriend

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How would a Naga girlfriend show her girlfriend she loves her even when it's rainy and cold and she's too lazy to move? ( I love this blog btw, thanks! ❤️)

Thank you, Anon! :)

You’re not sure exactly how fast she can move in the cold, but currently, your estimate was: not at all.

With every blanket piled upon her, along with two sweaters and a large cup of hot tea, you finally get a conscious response from her. She smiles sleepily at you.

“You’re so…*yawn*…sweet,” she says as she flicks her tongue over the cup to test the temperature. After a moment, she sips, and you see a shiver run down her entire spine to the tip of her tail. “Oh, that’s nice.”

You smile happily, and stand up to go and fix lunch, when she grabs your hand, a frown on her face.

“I’m so sorry I’m useless when the weather’s like this,” she says, gesturing expressively at the window. Thunder rolls in the distance. You smile again and kiss her forehead.

“It’s perfectly fine, dear. It’s the downfall of being half snake,” you say with a giggle, and she smiles slightly.

“I just wish I could help around the house like I normally do,” she sighs. “After all, we both know you’re completely helpless without me,” a large yawn stretches her last syllables, and you poke her nose as she finishes.

“I’m the one who’s helpless?” You lift one of the blankets, and she shivers.

“Hey, stop it! I need that,” she says, and you laugh. You kiss her again, and she smiles.

“I’m just going to make lunch, okay? I’ll be back with it in a minute, and then we can cuddle up and watch movies or something,” you say, and her face lights up. 

“Yesssssss, I get to steal your body heat,” she hisses with a playful grin, and you laugh as you walk out toward the kitchen. From behind you, you hear her call out gently.

“Just… come back quick, okay?” You hear the frustration in her tone, and you can’t but smile as you call back to her.

“I love you, too. Drink your tea so you’ll be awake when I do.”

‘Thwarted’ Chapter 70

The next chapter is up!  Galactic Idiot and Galactic Girlfriend act like adults for once. Then Galactic Idiot gets some news about Galactic Girlfriend’s family. He finally hashes things out with his uncle, then Galactic Middle Management has had enough of Galactic Idiot’s nervous excitement about Galactic Girlfriend’s impending arrival.

*Please note that my nephew is visiting next weekend so there likely won’t be a chapter next Monday*


“Sir, before you go, we finally have that information you requested about a baby girl named Tren from Preslan.”

He goes perfectly still. Rey … he’d asked for any information on her family. After everything that had transpired with Rey’s mother, Kylo had let the whole matter drop. He’d completely forgotten about his request.

He’s silent and Yatall continues, “I do apologize for the length of time it took. One of our analysts went a little above and beyond. He’s new. He was supposed to just provide the initial findings but … well … the ship does talk and we … we figured out that this was about … Lady Rey. So he dug deep and I hope you’ll forgive him in light of the results.”

His heart thuds in his chest. Does Rey have more living family? What if it’s just another utter disaster?

“Go on,” Kylo says with no inflection.

“Well, he found several possible family members, Tren is such a common name of course. So … well I’m afraid he took it upon himself to … contact them,” Yatall says hurriedly. Perhaps he’s not quite so unaffected now that Kylo is Supreme Leader.

“And?” Kylo prods, vague threat in his tone.

“Most had no relation, but … he found her maternal grandparents … sir.”

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I'm an ace who's sexually indifferent. I've had sex before with my non-ace girlfriend and I've actually enjoyed it but lately I just haven't been wanting it at all. I told her this and she's been avoiding affection. she has a fear of disgusting me and I've been reassuring her that she doesn't and that I just dont want sex, but it just feels like she's a bit resentful... I feel like I make her feel unwanted or that I'm just boring... I know it's irrational but I can't help but feel that way.

My advice here is asking yourself if this is the first time this has happened. If so, it might just be growing pains and her getting over her baggage around sex. The key here is trust in your relationship, and continue to communicate. Don’t force it if she don’t want to talk, or you are too emotional to discuss it more, but talk about things in general. If this is say the 3rd sex drive flux and your gf still is struggling with it there might be a bigger problem that isn’t properly addressed. The exception is if this is the 23rd time and your partner has shown you that she always gets over it and it’s always been your anxiety making a 2 on the pain scale feel like a 20. 

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For the ask thingy!! 5,7, & 8 ♡

Cutest date: ummmm the cutest I’d have to say was either with my first girlfriend, where we walked downtown and then up to a parking garage and looked down at the city and kissed under the stars

Orrr my last girlfriend who took me to our local witch shop and we looked at all the crystals and magic stuff and candles and she bought me some gay witch stuff 🔮🕯️💕
(and then we got pizza and went back to her place and watched a mermaid show while munching on pizza it was my favorite thing to do)

Morning or night gay? : night!! I will stay up with you every night and watch TV and kiss u and point out what planets and stars we can see and get so sleepy under the moon and hsdhcjfdn everything is good about the night

Nap dates? : YES let me sleep on you and talk drowsily about how much I love u while we fall asleep with our fingers intertwined 💓🌙

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Can I have DiE x YR?

“Usually, I’m the one patching you up.”  Ara laughs at her own joke.  The laugh turns into a cough.  Add grimaces as blood splatters across his face.

“Hold still,” he snarls, configuring his Dynamo.  “Dammit, I didn’t have a seal of time on you-”

“Awww, you care!”

“Of course I care, you’re my girlfriend.  Isn’t that a normal thing or something?”  Add isn’t paying much attention to what he’s saying.  He just knows that the time equation he’s working with now is very, very delicate, and he had better have not made any stupid addition mistakes.

“Hold still.”

And then he twists his hand on his screens before Ara can say anything.  There’s a physical jolt.  The world seems to bend and shatter in a purple stained-glass picture, revealing the exact same world, just with an Ara that’s not torn up and bleeding out.

Ara stares up at him in shock.  Add lowers his Dynamo.

“Did it work?”

“You called me your girlfriend.”

Add blinked.  Ara, slowly, began to smile, then sat up and threw her arms around Add’s neck.

“I love you too, wet noodle that you are.”

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Can I get some headcanons or a short scenerio for a shy satyr lady, please?

It takes a while for you to convince her that you’re really just there to talk to her. You’ve been visiting this clearing for years. She’s been observing you from afar for a while, but whenever you would try to approach her, away she’d go. It’s understandable, though; it must be hard for her as a mythical creature.

When she finally does work up the courage to come up to you, you are careful not to make any sudden movements. You’re pretty sure that would make her run away again. She sits sort of near but separate from you, nervously picking at the grass, braiding it together while it’s still in the ground. When you speak for the first time, she flinches noticeably.

After a fair amount of mono-syllabic responses, you wish her a good day and get up to leave, only to hear her make a protesting sound. When you look back, she apologizes and starts talking rapidly, explaining her nervous situation and her community’s general attitude toward humans. You sit back down, and as she finishes talking, she seems a bit more relaxed. Now, the actual conversation can begin.

She’s very sweet and intelligent, and more than happy to answer all of your questions, and ask some as well. It honestly seems like she’s having a good time, which makes you happy. After a long afternoon of chatting, you part ways with a promise to meet the following day. As she turns away, you see her smile largely. You walk away, glancing back, and when she thinks you can’t see her, she stamps her hooves and hops around, giggling. Looks like tomorrow was going to be a good day.

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I've been identifying as demisexual, but I have my doubts, I identify as demi because when I was dating my ex-girlfriend, I wanted to be intimate with her, but it was never in a sexual way (someone told me that was sensual attraction, not sexual attraction), and that's what makes me doubt, I was really close to her when I started feeling that way, and I had never experienced that feeling for anybody else

Demisexual is a hugely important term, but personally I stopped using it because I didn’t feel like I was demi in a way that was usefully predicable. If you are the same maybe the umbrella of asexual gives you a better fit. It’s okay to shift ace labels. Grey also works. Or you could just say this is what demisexuality looks like on me. It’s a very what makes you feel the best


I glanced at the clock that read 4:48 in the morning. Wasn’t it just one something? I guess I did manage to get some sleep after all.

Becca layed next to me with her arm across me. I should get up now but I didn’t want to wake her by moving her arm off me. It was hard to believe this is the last time she would sleep with me as my girlfriend- In just a few hours she would become my wife.

It’s amazing how fast things could change. If someone would of said just a few months ago we would adopt kids and get married, I would of said they where crazy. In fact, I’ve told my parents a few times when they’ve asked when we was tying the knot. I let out a long sigh, look who’s crazy now. I can’t wait for this evening when it all happens!

Even asleep she looks irresistible. I guess one of the perks of being married is I don’t need to feel bad about waking her up. I looked at the clock again. Okay close enough! I rolled over onto my side and kissed her on the side of her mouth while moving her hair out of the way. Becca stirred as I kissed her again “Mmmm…again? You’re unsatable, you know that?” Becca moaned. “It’s your fault. I was going to get up and make some breakfast but…"I kissed her again. This time she turned her head to meet my mouth. "looking at you, I doubt eggs and bacon could really compete.”

Becca giggled. “All those silly romace novals you read and write… and you compare me to eggs?” She rolled over on her back as I swung my leg over and moved on top of her. “I thought you woke me up for sex but…” She pushed me off of her then rolled over on to her stomach facing away from me “I’ll just go back to bed then. You don’t need me to have breakfast. ”

I climbed back on top of her lifting her nightshirt and kissed her along her spine “I figured I would just have you for breakfast.”
“Mmmmm you just don’t know when to quit, do you?” Becca rolled back over pushing her pelvis up and causing me to lift up just enough for her to get a hold of my shirt. It was all but off when I landed back on her, her mouth going right for my nipple.

I layed in bed as the sweat flowed from every pore. “Satisfied now?” Becca said with a smile. “I suppose it will do until tonight.” She closed her eyes while shaking her head “Ungrateful as always. ” Becca kissed me then grabbed her robe. “I’m going to check on the kids and start breakfast.” “Oh honey, not even serial killers deserve that. Let me hop in the shower and then I’ll make breakfast.” She turned towards me in shock “And what the hell is wrong with my cooking?” I stared at her with eyebrows raised. Her cleaning skills had improved somewhat over the years but not her cooking. She damn near burned the house down six months ago when I was with my parents and she decided to make a grilled cheese sandwich. I got notified the smoke detectors had gone off and Becca was hysterical. She had tried cooking it on high, then left it. She would find a way to burn water I swear… I walked over and put my arms around her “I love you, I really do, but you don’t have the first clue about cooking” She tsked “Well in that case I also want hashbrowns and toast to go with the bacon and eggs I so remind you of.” I swatted her butt and gave her a quick kiss “I’ll see what I can do.” then went to hop into the shower.

I turned the water on and got in. Wow! What a morning! I let the water run over me for a few minutes before grabbing the shampoo. I had just had a thick lather built up in my hair when the curtain open “They’re still sound asleep. With such a busy day today I figured why not let them sleep a bit longer?” as she pushed me up against the wall.

I tried looking at her but the shampoo was burning my eyes so I kept them closed. “Ummm I need to wash the shampoo out of my hair.” “It can wait. ” she kissed me hard. “Honey, I didn’t think I needed to tell you not to get soap in your mouth. I favor the taste of you far more than Paul Michell.” I spit some out trying not to laugh. “I told you I needed to wash the shampoo out.” She placed her finger on my lips “And I said it can wait.”

“You didn’t say you were satisfied yet and I know i never said I was finished with you.” Becca said in a bossy tone that always made me weak. “But…” Becca tapped my lips several times. “You just can’t ever shut up, can you?” She pulled her hand away. “That and you constantly being ungrateful…” She let out a slow sigh. “I think it’s about time I did something about that.”

She took my hands and lifted them up to the curtain bar. “Hold onto this! Don’t let go!” She slid her hands down my arms while kissing me. “Oh! And try not to break it.” Again some of the shampoo got into my mouth. I could feel the huge smile on her lips no doubt from knowing I wanted to spit it out and without moving, it would hit her. I was surprised how Becca seemed to be handeling it. I haven’t noticed her spit at all, is she swallowing it?

She kissed my chest as she worked her way down. Right before reaching my nipple her left hand left my side. A moment later the water went from warm to cold. “Ahhhh!” I Shreeked. “Don’t let go!” Becca warned. “It’s cold!” “Really?” She continued working lower till she was between my legs. The heat from her mouth contrasting with the chill of the shower had me heading into orbit while my legs struggled to keep me standing.


All my muscles felt like rubber. Who knew one could have so many orgasms in just a few hours it certainly made making breakfast a chore. Becca was taking great delight in watching me. Never once trying to hide her grin.

Caleb and Mariah was up and of course they picked today of all days to fight over breakfast. Not to mention I wasn’t even near ready as my lovely wife-to-be arranged for Susan to come do my makeup. Normally I would of drawn the line as I’ve never been someone into that as she is, but it is my wedding and I do want to look good even though its just going to be a small one with just some family at the courthouse.

I was hoping Kaitlyn would be able to make it but apparently some emergency was going to keep her from making the wedding. That only caused my brain to focus on Madison and how she also won’t make it much longer. I missed everyone. What I wouldn’t give for all of us to be back at college again. I’m sure Professor Vazquez would of had me writing about everything today even though Becca handled the plans… I think i will.

Becca got up from the table and wrapped her arms around me kissing me on the forhead. “Hey, what’s with the sad face?”
“I was just thinking about everyone who would miss the wedding, especially Madison. She’s been our best friend for almost ten years! It will be just…” “I know, me too.” Becca kissed me again then stepped back holding onto my shoulders “We’ll have lots of photo’s for her and video too. She’ll think she was there, I promise.” I nodded and gave her my best smile. This is to be a happy day. No more sad thoughts!

…To Be Continued

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Oof...okay. So I got outed at school today and this super conservative Christian girl who I'm sorta friends with asked me if I had a girlfriend. I kinda shrugged and said it's nothing really serious and we're basically bffs in a relationship. She facepalmed and said "I'm literally going to kill myself." She treated me normally throughout the day, I'm just worried she'll tell her parents who will make a fuss to my homophobic school and me/my gf get outed to homophobic familys. What should I do???

Try maybe having a conversation with the other girl that you would like to keep this quiet- honest and clear communication can go a long way. 

Other than that I’m not sure there is much to do besides be prepared for some remarks made by other people. Stay strong! Come here if you need help if further things happen, or just need to vent!

-Mod Rowan

here’s my first ever po / tg!!!

“but jessica,” you say, “you were fighting against AIs and missing almost every shot–actually you accidentally hit the bell and your team’s zen / yatta!”

ok yes to every point BUT BUT BUT my 💘 girlfriend 💘 @ilikeyoshi said over mic that oh she died SO I ASKED WHO KILLED HER & SHE SAID IT WAS M / EI so i held the left button down attacking anything in my way looking for her so that’s why you see me stopping trying to smash her ice block open and hitting her one more time just in case after she died

nothing against m / ei but she killed my FRIEND my GIRLFRIEND so uhhh!!!!!!!

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I met my girlfriend (now fiancee 💞) at a blueberry farm. She had three baskets and I offered to help carry one. She let me and then I asked her what she was going to use them for, she said she was making blue berry pies. We chatted for about an hour and after all three baskets were filled, she offered for me to eat a slice w her!! Anyway we traded numbers and she texted me when they were and they were THE BEST. I'm so lucky, she bakes me sweets all the time. I guess you could say shes p SWEET!!


YEEESSS!!!! **loudly loving and appreciating girlfriends INTENSIFIES**

“I met him six months ago at work. I’m the manager of a store. He was a delivery man. He was playful and fun. He’d bring me coffee and buns in the morning. He started driving me home at night. We began dating and recently moved in together. But a few weeks ago I called his cell phone and a woman picked up. She started asking who I was, and said she wanted to know why I was calling ‘her man.’ Afterwards he told me it was a big misunderstanding. He said it was his ex-girlfriend, and he’d been with her for nine years, so he still feels a responsibility to provide for her. He swears it’s just a material relationship. But she calls him all the time now. He’s not my property, and I don’t want to lose him, but I just want him to make her go away. But he acts like it’s my problem. When I tell him it bothers me, he just says: ‘I’ll ask her not to call at night.’”

(St. Petersburg, Russia)

One of the little things I love about Dirk Gently season one is how pre-Rowdy 3 Amanda is so terrified of something as simple as applying eyeliner because the stimulation could set off a pararibulitis attack.

While post-Rowdy 3 Amanda has eyeliner game that I would literally sell my first-born for.

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So I'm a closeted afab nonbinary. I'm going to homecoming in a skirt with a dress shirt and a jacket and I love the outfit but idk if I would feel comfortable getting ready with girls cause they would judge me. Once I'm there I will be fine and I know regardless they won't be rude but I don't really want to force my date to get ready without her other friends. SEND HELP!

Are you 100% sure they would judge you? If you aren’t, you can maybe ask your girlfriend how she thinks her friends would react. They might be nicer than you think. 

Even if they judge you, you could just rock it. Gotta ignore negative people sometimes. If, as you say, it doesn’t have consequences once you get there, it won’t change anything. What they think of you doesn’t matter.

Otherwise, if you really don’t want to, maybe your girlfriend and you can get ready separately and then meet up, so that she can get ready with her friends but you also get to go together. To me it seems like a good middle ground.

Hope it ends up working out, and have fun at homecoming!

-mod Ink

Jeremy Shada Is MY Wingman. LITERALLY

I cosplayed Klance with my platonic girlfriend… and we meet Jeremy Shada at Rose City Comic Con… I asked her out on a date in front of him… by saying “will you be my space ranger partner?” Shaking and blushing… SHE SAID YES!!!

Klance is Cannon you guys dont argue!!! Jeremy LAUGHED WHAT A QUEEN!!!!

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