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Sigils and Wards

On the edge of town near campus, in the basement of a bar, there is a tattoo parlor. There is a rumor on campus that the tattoos there provide protection that you all desperately need, that the artist uses salt and iron in her inks. These statements are true, to a degree. There are no signs to guide you there; you will need to find it by yourself. You should have no trouble, if you truly need it. Knock five times in the familiar rhythm: “Shave and a haircut…” You may feel the sensation of a pair of eyes watching, like a spider on the back of your neck. Ignore it, and the door will swing open. Turn around to see whom it could be, and you will never find your way home.

 Inside, you will find the artist. The many inky lines that traverse her body obscure her age and facial features; if you stare at them too long, you may get dizzy. She always knows what you want. You want protection, like everyone else. She will tell you her price. This is your only chance to leave. If you do not accept the price, you can turn around and go home. If you accept, then the work begins.

 She starts by giving you a strange drink that tastes of honey and mulled wine, but also of iron and acid. You will both recite a prayer, as her eyes roll back and her tongue lolls and she speaks in a language you do not understand. Then, she will begin the tattoo. You do not get to choose the design, but then again, neither does she. If you could ask her about it later, which you can’t, because you will never see her again, she would tell you that her trances let her connect with her god, and that your blood is only a part of the sacrifice that you eventually make. That iron and salt embedded in skin are not the only protection this will provide.

 When she is done, your skin will be raw and bleeding, and she will tell you how to care for it. Wash it three to five times a day and then apply ointment derived from wool wax. Should you follow the instructions, and the tattoo heals well, you will never need to carry iron or salt again; the sigil on your skin is that of an older god, one that even the Gentry would not cross. Should you neglect your new tattoo, you will wish the Fair Folk had been able to get to you first; this being does not take kindly to sacrilege. You will see other students on campus that bear the mark; on the new moon, you will meet them in the woods and dance. The morning after, you will wake up in your dorm, with no memory of the night before. But you sleep soundly, knowing that nothing will take you. Not yet, anyway.


The Reunion

The happily married Emma and Killian attend Emma’s high school reunion, but what happens when Emma’s high school bullies show up to cause trouble? 

{Oneshot based on a prompt by Millie}

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Emma reaches down to smooth the corner of her jacket, catching her finger on the zip as she does. She winces in pain, cursing herself for not choosing the pink dress instead – actually it’s Killian she should be cursing, he insisted his favourite of the two outfits was the jeans and boots with the embroidered black top. Which of course she then had to put the black jacket with.

Inwardly she sighs, but her annoyance is soon brushed aside as she turns to look at Killian, who’s nervously stroking his stubble, – his perfectly chiselled features are easy on the eyes and just one of the many perks Emma has learnt to appreciate even more since their marriage. “Are you ready?” She whispers, realising they’ve come to a somewhat abrupt halt just outside the faded red door, the same one Emma lined up outside when she was younger; freezing to death in shorts and a t-shirt as her class waited to be let into the gymnasium. The window in the centre of it vibrates gently, indicating the steady throb of the bass emanating from the disco, and the promise of a long night ahead.

“I think the real question is are you ready, love?” Killian replies, slipping his hand into hers and interlocking their fingers, a simple gesture to let her know that they are in this together and he’s by her side no matter what. Tentatively Emma nods, breathes deeply and then nods once more, this time with a sense of purpose.

“We’ve got this.” She states, reaching out for the door handle and pushing it down slowly. The door appears to swing open in slow motion, revealing everything in half speed, and allowing them both to take in the sight before them. Round tables, adorned with glitter and old polaroid photos stretch from wall to wall, whilst a silver and blue balloon arch indicates the entrance to the dance floor. People stand in groups, milling about – most seem to be carrying wine glasses and a few are laughing, whether at their high school antics or the woes of family life, the pair can’t tell. A ‘Class Of 2001’ banner takes centre stage hanging down in the middle of the room, Killian is stunned by the effort that has clearly gone into the planning, Emma on the other hand is struggling to keep in her laughter and after a few seconds of holding her breath lets a giggle escape. A few heads turn as her and Killian walk past, her giggling steadily increasing in volume. When they reach a secluded table in the corner of the room he playfully elbows her and raises his eyebrow. “I’m sorry.” She says, catching her breath. “It’s just all this…” She removes her hand from his and waves her arm towards the rest of the room. “For a class reunion. When this was and always will be the crappiest school in the district.” A red flush has swept her cheeks and somehow Killian manages to find the absurdity of his wife’s reaction endearing. Somehow.

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(Just a psa, I really want fanart of Jake, Brooke, and Christine hosting sceens in Michaels basement. Also Jeremy could control any light or audio cues.)


HarryxUma vs HarryxGil (Spoilers from junior novel)

So after reading the junior novel and screaming several times, I re-evaluated my ships. Yes, Mal and Ben are still going strong, #Devie is forever, Jane and Carlos is sweet and adorable, not sure how I feel about Jay and Lonnie, and then the ship that I grew to love with all my heart, Harry and Uma, is ultimately crushed (with an exception) by the following line from the junior novel: “Harry locked lips with Gil.” While I’m all for a gay couple in this movie, I have no idea where it came from. In Rise of the Isle of the Lost, they hint at Huma so freaking much. There’s the “princes over pirates” line and the whole “first mate but first date if ur lucky” convo that reveals that Uma could never hurt Harry’s feelings. I just think it makes more sense because Uma and Harry were always partners-in-crime while Gil was in and out and back in (backstory told in Rise). So while the gay couple is great because Disney is acknowledging that not all couples have to be heterosexual, I just think it was forced. Of course, there is the lingering possibility that they are all Poly, which would be a bold move for Disney. Also, how can you have this part and no Huma?

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What if the secret behind Pippi Longstocking’s superhuman strength was that her mom was an Amazon from Themiscyra?