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So there’s this unoccupied house near mine. It’s obviously a little suburban and they take pretty good care of it. It’s securely locked, no vandals, etc. A few times I have seen cars in the driveway, and once a truck full of stolen lawn machinery, but nothing totally out of the ordinary. I was driving by the other day, however, and see this weird little fucker hanging out in the driveway. Just chilling. He stayed there for a few days and then was gone. The house is still unoccupied.

Now that’s some @sixpenceee shit.

Family Secrets

Context: The party has spent the past 3 months following a lead on an individual called Thorn. I am the DM and had detailed the backstories and secrets of all the characters. The half Dragon Ranger just found a soul powered computer.

RANGER: “How far has Thorn gone with his experiments”.
COMPUTER AI: “He’s progressed the knowledge of bloodlines and lineages of power by a lot. Testing his theories on “acquired” Dragons.“
RANGER: "Wait…is a white dragon among the acquired?”
Computer: “Titiana the Winter Scourge is the only white dragon in Thorns arsenal”.
RANGER OoC: “Wait… wait… did you… no… no you didn’t… please”.
ME: “You’re one of Thorns experiments, you just didn’t know until now”.

~Leaves the building screaming no.

like fizzled out fireworks

pairing: marcus flint x oliver wood
setting: best friends au, summer before oliver’s sixth year
wordcount: 1852
a/n: a foray into one of my favorite au’s for flintwood

They’re stargazing on a clear summer night in the field that separates Marcus’ house from Oliver’s and he rubs his bare heels against the grass, knowing he’ll have stains on the bottom of his feet when they finally part for the night.

It’s late and quiet. He’s got the bridge of Oliver’s nose in his peripheral, and content washes over him. Normally he gets fidgety this late in the summer, the premise of school drawing ever closer a damper on the holiday spirits, but they’d flown and practiced for hours in the evening and it’s quieted his nerves.

When they go back, it’ll be another season of rivalry and biting remarks. But for now, Marcus breathes in the sweet scent of grass and broom polish, relishing how similar it is to their first summer together in little league, and every one after that.

Oliver’s voice breaks the silence. “Look,” he points towards a cluster of stars, “Didn’t we learn about that one in astronomy?”

“Probably,” Marcus rumbles, “S’ probably one of the boring ones, though.”

They’re so close that he can feel Oliver’s chuckle on his left side, but he doesn’t look over.

“What do you consider interesting, huh?”

Marcus pokes his tongue into the corner of his cheek. “I dunno. The stories, you mean?”

“Sure.” Oliver props himself up on one elbow and Marcus steels himself to avoid the warm brown gaze that he’s gotten so used to over the past few months.

He grips a handful of grass and pulls, feels the give of the roots in his palm. “I guess Eridanus is cool.”

Oliver snorts. “With the son trying to drive the sun chariot?”

Marcus can feel Oliver’s gaze on his face. “Yeah, that one.”

“You have weird taste.”


Oliver lets himself fall back onto his back, shifting restlessly to get comfortable again, and Marcus watches the faint spiraling of the stars. He wonders if he’s imagining the movement, wonders if he’s imagining how Oliver seems to be just the slightest smidgen closer.

Maybe it’s better that they don’t really have the space for this, for these moments, at school. Marcus doesn’t think he could take that much of Oliver in one bout. He’s sure he’d drown too quickly.

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Genre: Fluff / Humor (??) / Romance / Very slight smut 

Word Count: 5,065

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Request: Can you do a fic of having Jungkook (my bias oh muh gosh) as your neighbor and you having to stay at his house while your parents are away??

“We’ll be gone for awhile and I think it would be best if you stayed with Jungkook while we’re gone! You guys are the same age, he’s only a couple months older. I think it would be really nice.”

Masterlist ♥︎


A/n: This is really long omg w o w. I hope this is what you wanted ^-^. Thank you for the request ❗️😊♥️ I’ve actually always wanted to make a fic like this lol. jungkook feels are too real. I did sort of a new style of writing (?) kind of, idk, you guys can tell me if you like it. sorry about the ending lol. sorry not sorry for thAT SINFUL GIF.  

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I just finished the finale of SVTFOE


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#BillPaxton made everything he was in better, deeper and funnier with his big open heart and his world-class artistry

He was an actor’s actor, a talented filmmaker, a warm, hilarious mensch with an endless supply of epic stories. It sucks that he’s gone.

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Well, the change in body language between T2 and last night is indeed alarming, but I don't think it's surprising or confusing. Considering the narrative we've been presented this past week and the extra work to keep their ~distance, I believe they must have been hyper aware of photographs last night (hence the lack of) and set on Elza mode ("Conceal, don't feel") since their dates were around and all. They probably chose to lay low not to bring extra attention to themselves… Makes sense to me.

Maybe. I don’t know. I just feel sad about this whole situation. Sam said once he was worried the magic would be gone if they talked about whether or not they were together…and after all this bullshit the last couple weeks, I wonder if I’m going to get my shipper mojo back because the magic feels gone for sure. It just feels different this time. I don’t know why. 😔

Guys you don’t even understand how impressed I am with Ludo’s character development. He started off as one of those stereotypical comedic villains that’s there for laughs, up until Toffee arrives and was then played like a fiddle and lost everything? His minions, his castle, everything is gone.

Then he actually gets the other half of Star’s wand. Then that’s when he gets slightly intimidating. Ludo got the one thing that was practically hammered into our brains that if he got it, it would be bad news. And oh boy was it ever bad news not just for the protagonists, but for Ludo himself.

Then he got the spell book and the ep The Hard Way happened. The fact that Ludo staight up said he needed guidance and the fact he seeked validation from Glossaryk (hope I got his name right) hit a bit too close to home for me. And then you see his family for the first time and find out that he was most likely royalty, or at least high status due to his parent wearing crowns and the fact that his castle was actually his parents and he’s officially not apart of the family anymore due to the fact he kicked them out.

Oh God and the conversation between Ludo and Moon was the most surprising thing for me. Ludo started ranting about some of the things that happened in his life that affected him negatively and you can kind of see why he probably didn’t like his family as much, except for his brother Dennis, which he asked Moon how he was doing. And the fact that it seemed Moon was concerned about Ludo like holy shit. I thought she would be furious at him so I wasn’t expecting that.

Like holy shit I like where his character development is going. I hope we get to see more of that in season 3!

In one episode we had 3 different times referring to when Jeremiah disappeared...
Jeremiah said 14 years (or 15, I’m not sure)…Mon-El said over 15 years…And Alex said more than a decade…

Mon-el is okay because he doesn’t know shit except for what Jeremiah had said when he and Kara had been captured by CADMUS but the difference between what Alex and Jeremiah said, I think it’s VERY deliberate. 

Jeremiah has said two times that he has been gone for 14/15 years yet they especifically had an episode to celebrate Kara’s 13th Earth Birthday and we all know that Jeremiah was captured 2 years after Kara’s arrival, so he was captured 11 years ago. Not just that but in tonight’s episode they had Alex say “over a decade” and not 14/15 years like Jeremiah had done. This was their subtle way of not giving their cards away and at the same time have it make sense in the long run because in fact, Jeremiah has been gone for over a decade and 14/15 years is over a decade.

This leads me to believe that either Jeremiah has been working for CADMUS even before Kara had arrived on Earth or that Jeremiah isn’t actually Jeremiah but is someone else that was captured by CADMUS 15 years ago and CADMUS did something to make that person believe they are in fact Jeremiah.

Either way, I don’t think this is a timeline mistake made vy the show. I think it is a very deliberate choice.

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How do we think the Habs will treat Jordie?

I swear to god if they don’t play him right or treat him with the damn respect he deserves then we will have problems. I don’t know what Montréal’s defense situation is but he better not have gone there to be bottom pair because he is damn better than that. I’m hoping that him leaving Dallas will finally get rid of the stigma of his last name and be able to prove that he’s a damn good hockey player

(written by @hellisterxx)

Alrighty, here it is then:

“It’s his birthday…” Shiro says with a sigh, as he holds Keith’s hand in his own.

The rest of team voltron is reunited around Keith, who lays on a bed, unconscious, with multiple broken bones and a concussion, on his eighteenth birthday.

They came unexpectedly, those pesky galra ships, to the planet they had stopped at to create diplomatic relationships with. It wasn’t a long fight, but it wasn’t an easy one either. When it was over, the red lion was roaring loudly, almost begging for help for his paladin.

Keith had gone for hand to hand fight, seeing as he had been outside his lion when the attack begun, and some of those galra soldiers were not only quite strong, but also twice his size. In the ground lay a big, purple muscled body, indicating Keith had won that small battle, but hadn’t escaped unscathed, for just a few meters away, Keith’s broken body fell on an awkward position.

It was an unfortunate time for him to get injured. Cryopods, built for Altean living beings, healed, but slowly damaged the human body, so there was a clear limit of how much time the Paladins could spend there. Keith’s training accident and bad cold in the last two weeks had Coran completely forbidding Keith to be put on a cryopod.

So healing would have to be done the old, painful way.

He had been brought, unconscious, to the infirmary, where the bones in his right arm and leg were set and heavily bandaged, a splint straightening his leg from knee to ankle, and a tight sling strapped to his chest, securing the broken arm. There wasn’t much they could do about the broken ribs, so Coran, with Shiro’s help, stitched him up, leaving trails of black thread of varied sizes running across his forehead, cheek, shoulder and back.

There was still the concussion to be dealt with.

He was unconscious, so they couldn’t exactly wake him up. The only thing they could do was wait and hope the concussion wasn’t too severe.

It was hours later, half past midnight, when Keith did wake up, and Shiro almost wished he hadn’t.

It had been nine hours and Keith had been asleep for three, after a long night of throwing up violently, with Shiro and Coran bringing him buckets and rubbing his back whenever his body shook forward and tears rolled down his cheeks as his ribs protested.

Once they concluded the concussion wasn’t too bad, they let him sleep, and after a few hours he still hasn’t woken up. It’s only when everybody is sitting around his bed that Shiro remembers.

It’s just one more sucky birthday for the list.

Shiro remembers dragging a feverish younger Keith to the car and speeding up to the hospital, and holding his hand after his appendix was removed on his fourteenth birthday.

Shiro still remembers closing the blinds of Keith’s room on his sixteenth birthday, as silently as he could, and running to the pharmacy to get meds for a migraine that would last three whole days.

Shiro really doesn’t want to think about Keith’s seventeenth birthday, all alone in that desert cabin doing God knows what, grieving his loss while he was still captive by the galra.

And now this.

They all go back to what they were doing, although distracted. Shiro stays though.

It’s a few hours later and Keith stirs awake, opening his eyes slowly, and immediately frowning. Every inch of his body protests in pain, and he feels a strange tightness to his face, where his cheek and forehead needed stitches.

“Hey,”, Shiro squeezes his good hand, “how are you feeling?”

“I - what happened?” His voice comes out huskier than usual. He shifts a little in the bed, trying to find a comfortable position, because everything just feels so sore and restricted, but immediately stops as sharp shooting pain crashes in waves through his body, and he suddenly feels like crying.

‘Galra happened.“ Shiro answers, taking Keith’s hand in his as he feels his own heart sink with his muffled sob. “How do you feel?”

“…bit sore.” Keith squeezes his eyes shut.


So it’s not quite finished but yea. This blog gives me inspiration!

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I had never really noticed ryan's love of food until I saw a post somebody made about it, and then the other day I was rewatching ten little roosters and the first thing he says when he realises he's stuck in the edgar hole is "I wish I had snacks" and also somehow finds a banana in the sunken prop room

Ryan’s love of food is so relatable and also the greatest thing ever because as soon as he’s presented with free food he races towards it and it’s gone in three seconds

A true shitbag

My father went back to stephanie. Has been talking to her for almost a week, since my mom was gone. They are separating but he doesn’t want to move out right away. Because that would inconvenience him. He said no one understands how HARD this has been for HIM because stephanie is his best friend and he hasn’t been able to talk to her. Can’t wait for my therapy session with him Wednesday

The bed moves as Keith sits up, shifting closer, looking frantic and elated.

“No! I want this one. I-I’ll take it… if… if you’re really okay with giving it to me….” Lance just nods, dumbfounded, looking up into the eyes of the most beautiful man he’s ever seen and he’s gone. He’s so far gone, down a bottomless pit of attraction, where he’ll keep falling and falling, not wanting to climb out.

Had to draw my favorite scene I wrote for the latest chapter, chapter 8!

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SGSW XXVII: Rest in Peace

27th: Have your character write their own eulogy.

Faervell Bael’Nar was an excellent man of outstanding accomplishments and the such. He traveled far and wide, met many wonderful people, and was known by many as a great man. The warlock community will sorely miss his contributions that made leaps and bounds in the field of felmancy and the surrounding magics.

He was the writer of fifty volumes that are used in a multitude of studies, high accredited and beloved by many. His close friends adored him and will always remember him as one who could always be trusted to help, even with the most difficult of tasks.

He leaves behind a sister, his beloved wife, and perhaps even maybe a family. He wasn’t completely sure when he wrote this, but if he did, then they’ll miss him too.

In short, it really will suck that Faervell Bael’nar, the greatest warlock alive passed away. He probably won’t be gone long, if he was smart about it.

May you all remember me as the best,
Faervell Bael'Nar

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