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I'll never get over Kylo's heavy breathing, quivering lips, and trembling hand in that moment. NEVER. Maybe that's why #reachgate is such a thing, it must be terrifying for antis to see him like that because he's so clearly sharing that scene with Rey. Goddamn, Adam is giving it all he's got.

I think that’s ABSOLUTELY why reachgate is a thing. Reality is finally starting to crash in that this movie isn’t going to go the way they thought it was going to go, so they’re doing one last-ditch scramble to come up with alternate explanations, either focusing on the scenes being cut together (which doesn’t MATTER because Kylo is still being thematically presented as the answer to her dilemma) or desperately trying to come up with an alternate explanation for who he could be reaching out to.

But it’s so obviously Rey. All you have to do is look at his face. The softness, the trepidation, the vulnerability, the halting hope (and no, it’s not Leia because the trailer already took pains to show us what he looks like when Leia is involved–like a sad, scared little boy). He doesn’t look like a little boy here, he looks like a man, a man holding out his heart and hope in his trembling hand, and Adam the king of microexpressions knows EXACTLY what he’s doing. 


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Referencing two places, because I live in CF but the rubber capital of the world (Akron, OH) is where my heart is.



Nick & Fiona discuss going to the pub with Harry
  • Nick *reading out a review* : "the person I'd like to go to the pub with is Nick Grimshaw or Harry Styles, or both"
  • Fiona : I can confirm that going to the pub with Harry, and you, and I've done both, is really wonderful
  • Nick : Do you like me on my own, Harry on his own or us together ?
  • Fiona : I like you on your own or you both together. I don't want him on his own
  • Nick : Why ?
  • Fiona : 'Cause it'd be awkward and I wouldn't know what to say. He's quite quiet
  • Nick : True. He's a wallflower
  • Fiona : He just doesn't fancy me, that's the problem

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