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Kanan Sanchez places a word ‘sound’ over the stone at the Garden of Legends section of the Hollywood Forever Cemetery
during Chris Cornell memorial service.

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What do you think about Yuzuru and his possible retirement after Pyeongchang? He hasn't given a concrete answer, and I think he's mostly avoided questions about his retirement, but he had mentioned it before? I feel like he gave a lot to figure skating as a sport, but I'm not sure if I'm ready to see him go quite yet. ((If he turns out to be retiring, that is.)) thank you in advance!! I love reading your opinions and thoughts on skaters!

i don’t really have any thoughts about it. i can see why he might continue and i can see why he might retire. if he wins in pyeongchang, i think there’s a higher chance of him retiring. he’s done a lot in his career, and though i think he can still do more, i’m fine with whatever decision he ends up making. i’m just glad he didn’t retire after sochi lol. lots of skaters who win the olympics at a very young age end up retiring early.

gregor in battle

so you know in incorpageddon and deck of disaster it was played kind of as a joke that gregor went around to everyone asking their surrender, but in the gods are gone we finally see gregor in actual battle and it’s just kind of sad to hear gregor’s reaction to the slaughter


*horaven, covered in blood, charges past with a yell*
gregor: whoa, uh, okay i haven’t even-
gregor: uh, surrender!

*gregor’s going to smack this ban in the face to see if he’s still alive*

*wild-eyes, horaven jumps over, coated in blood, lobes an ax he picked of this man at *this* man, cleaves him instantly, jumps through the air, screaming*
gregor, sounding tense: okay.. uh, if you’re ready to surrender after seeing that

*they attempt to smash through the blockade made by the ban, many are taken down instantaneously*
gregor, sounding increasingly tired: oh- ugh god…

gregor: are any ban still alive?
*ah, no. there is a giant pile of bodies, horses, everything else, to the left
gregor: oh god. oh…

gregor, again sounding tired and resigned: okay… well, we have to keep pushing forward
gregor, more focused: gotta save those people. hopefully we’ll just intimidate them so they know that they can’t keep doing this

kyr: i know i said those things i said, but this is still pretty morbid
gregor: yeah… yeah
kyr: i think i drastically underestimated how much xincalans love violence
gregor: well… i guess we’re using it for a good cause

gregor: let’s not go kill-happy
gregor: we need to go save-happy, and ‘dissuade them’-happy

*you notice that the soldiers that charged past you earlier are scattered around with holes bored through them*
gregor: (ughh.. i wish they had stayed behind us)
*immediately professional again: alright, everyone fan out


he just honestly tries so much. he’s not necessarily always right and he certainly doesn’t hold back, but he wants to do what’s right

At this point, I want to see Kaneki and Urie reunite so badly that I might explode if I have to wait another month.

some dynamics i’d like to be touched on more next season:

  • allura and pidge
  • hunk and allura
  • allura and lance
  • shiro and hunk
  • lance and shiro

prince lotor is certainly quite a beautiful creature isn’t he?

And through the flames, she sees you, Magnus, alive.

🌠 Welcome back, Shiro.

Hello and this is what happens when I experiment with thumbnails and dynamics they “Magically” turn into space dad… yeah ‘magic’