and then he's like nahhh

@modelslovehim: you see that pringles on cole’s hands? yeah it was mine but he took it… @colesprouse you can take me out for dinner bc you owe me lol jk.

Ok so me and ash were just walking around dt, I was about to cross the street and I NEVER look back when I’m crossing, but I did. Cole and cami were right behind me so I ran back to them like HEY wtf I can’t believe lol I asked ash o hold my pringles for the picture and cole said “oh I’ll take  those” LANIHSJAHAHSHA after the pic he wanted to give me the pringles back and I was like nahhh just keep it.

Bad Boy Daniel Au Part 1.

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- okay lets get this out of the way cause Daniel is an actual fluff ball
- cliche scenarios ahead
- lets say Wanna One were the bad boys of your school
- Daniel loved choosing girls as a target for his teasing
- and of course, the girls he teased would end up falling in love with him
- but you, being the stubborn girl you are, was like nAHHH he isn’t all that
- One day you and your best friend Ann were at lunch talking
- “OmgI heard Daniel is gonna change targets,” Ann spoke
- “Why the fuck should I care? he’s nothing but a guy who plays shitty pranks,” you replied
- and Lord have mercy on your soul
- Daniel was walking right past you when you said that and heard everything
- And you, seeing Daniel walk by, instantly kept your head low and was like fuCK
- “Do you think he heard me?”
- “He definitely heard you, you’re fucked,”
- “Fuck my life I wanna die,”
- so its the next day
- and you’re trying your best to say as low as possible so he doesn’t give you shit for saying that
- but sIKE he finds you at your locker
- and like every cliche fanfic you’ve read
- he grabs your wrist
- flings it back
- takes your shoulder
- and sLAMS you against the locker beside yours
- and places his forehead against yours
- hes taller than you so you sort of need to look up to make eye contact but you refused to lift your gaze
- and of course he notices that
- so he takes your chin [oOoo boy] with his right hand and adjusts it so your eyes are looking into his
- keep in mind, everyone is watching this and murmuring to each other so your embarassed as fuck
- he smirks as you silently watch his lip tug up at the corner of his face
- “So you think all I do is play shitty pranks?” he questions
- and you, being you, you reply
- “hELL yEAh. I don’t even get how girls fall for you, you’re not attractive at all,” you blurted, trying to defend your opinion
- “oh really?” he questions in a low tone as his smirk grow larger and larger
- “yES REALLY!” you yelled as he chuckles
- “we’ll see about that,” he says as he pulls his hand off your chin and walks away, shoving his hands into his pocket
- you silently cursed at yourself as you continued to get books out of your locker
- so you headed off to your next class in which you wanted to kill yourself because, well
- it was math
- and not because you were bad at it but
- Daniel was in that class
- so you get into the class and everyones whispering about you
- and Daniel is nowhere to be in sight so you’re praying to god he’s skipping this period
- but sike, 10 minutes into class he comes through the door with a huge smirk on his face
- and the teacher couldn’t give him detention because he’s been late one too many times
- and he decides to make the person sitting beside you scRAM
- taking that persons spot
- so he’s sitting beside you now
- and you’re still not giving a shit
- untillll
- the teacher announces that the class has to work in pairs for a project oUTSIDE of school
- andddd just as you dreaded
- Daniel and you were assigned as partner
- you slaMMEd your head against the desk mULTIPle times as the boy laughed
- the bell rung as he passed a slip of paper with his number on it to you
- and you wanted to legit die
- could life get any worse?
- so afterschool you get a text from an unknown number
- “meet me at my place at 7” along with a address
- and you were so scared at first like
- who the fuck
- wrong number maybe???
- but then you remembered
- and pulled out the slip of paper Daniel threw at you and the numbers matched up
- “uhh okay” you texted back
- you went home
- and decided to wear sweats and a hoodie cause you aren’t exactly trying to impress the boy
- and show up to his house at exactly 7
- with you being ready for the worst

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Fam, does Eggman happens to have like a secret baby album from Sonic when he was younger?

Nahhh he’s the type to have it in his wallet. When someone (like an ally or something) asks about Sonic, even if Sonics next to him, Ivo just whips out the photos and starts embarrassing the poor hedgehog. Its great!


I AM SO EMBARRASSED!!!!! I was just minding my own Taylor Swift business on my porch with all my Taylor Swift watercolors in my Taylor Swift shirt with Red playing on my phone ….. AND TRYING TO TAKE SOME COOL PICS YA HEAR?! AND SOME GUY TRYING TO SELL ROOFING AND SIDING LEGIT CREPT UP MY DRIVEWAY MID PHOTO AND STARTED TALKING TO ME AND LOOKED AT MY WHOLE TAYLOR SWIFT GET UP GOING ON AND WAS LIKE WOAH THIS LOOKS COOL WADDYAAA DOIN?! And I was like shit dude you just caught me in my entire Taylor Swift glory over here, this is my shrine, this is my shirt, this is my life anthem - what else does it look like?! Jk I didn’t say that but I was like UHM EEEERRRMMM UH A PROJECT!!!!!!! And he like asked me if I was the homeowner and I said nahhh I spend all my money on TSwift merch I can’t afford a house. And then he left me his name and number so my parents could call about roofing and siding and his name was Thomas Key and I bet I really freaked him out that’s all, but all in the name of love for my girl @taylorswift

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We asked for a drink and he told us he was out then when we said just water he was like "nahhh I was messing with you!! Of COURSE we have that hang on" and he's so great OML😂😂😂

dude my fave thing when i was a server was telling people they’re not allowed to order that thing LOL its so fucking funny im so lame

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How do you feel about Jack/Trevor as a ship?

i’ve got nothing specific to say about them but i’m here for it!!! it’d be cute

Okay, the only thing all the hs au newsies have in common in their schedule is lunch. Like, they range from Katherine and Davey with all AP classes and Race who’ll never have an honors class in his life (and then there’s Jack, Crutchie, Specs, etc that are somewhere in between), but they all have lunch in common. There’s def at least one occasion where Jack’s just, like, standing there for the whole period and ppl keep offering him their seat, but he’s just like, nahhh I’m good, but he OBVIOUSLY looks uncomfortable and Crutchie’s just sitting there GRINNING like the cat that got the cream. Davey’s sitting there looking at them the whole time trying to figure out what the hell’s happening, and all of a sudden, he just yells OH MY GOD and looks at them like they’re godless heathens, like, really??? on a /school night???/ and Crutchie’s just grinning even harder after that as the realization sinks in among the group that oh, that’s his fault (but Jack is mortified)

| ♛ Happy B-Day Shibuya Yuuri!! ♛ |
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Happy B-day to our majesty!☆
This is my gift to Yuuri for his day! yay! I’m so happy with it because I work on it all night long lool whatever! I’m so exited for this day! I’m super honest! >anyway! If you want to have a good time for his day you just need to go to and look for his name in the tags (and Kyo Kara Maou tag too) that site is pure gold, I swear!  ; w ;)/

Ronan coming out to adam 

  • they’re alone at monmouth or adams apartment idk it doesnt matter which and its probs late at night or something and they’re just super tired maybe they’ve been out all day doing glendower stuff
  • and they’re just sitting on the floor talking and maybe they’re talking about blue and gansey getting together…which just leads to talking about relationships in general and they start gossiping over who’s their classmates are dating and rumors they’ve heard 
  • and ronan’s getting super Stressed. like he’s never ever ever ever felt the need to explain himself or anything
  • but adam keeps talking about girls…and tHEN adam’s like ‘do u think Tad Carruther’s gay??’ and ronan like…only hears the word GAY and he’s  like ‘adam ineedtotellyousomething..i…it’s no big deal but i want you to know???” 
  • and adam sits up all straight (lol straight) and gets super serious and he’s like “yeah sure of course u can tell me anything” 
  • so ronan takes a deep breath and he’s like freaking out, and he suddenly starts going thru a mental catalogue of memories trying to think if they’ve ever reaaally talked about sexuality before and would adam care?? fuck fuck i don’t know his stance on The Gays…
  • fINALLY after like 3 seconds of silence he goes “adam, i’m…i’m gay.” 
  • adam just sits there(probs does a *looks into camera like he’s in the office thing*)..silence silence..and then adam just tips is head back and starts laughing like he’s practically crying
  • ronan’s like “what? why are you laughing?” punches *more like gently nudges* adam on the arm. “fuck you, parrish.” 
  • adam finally calms down, wipes his eyes and he’s like “ronan, everyone fucking knows. why else do u think i was asking you about tad??” 
  • and ronan’s like….”the fuck do you mean ‘everyone fucking knows’?? how can they know? I’ve never…I’ve never like dated anyone or…like said anything about anyone…” and now he’s not looking at adam, he can’t look at adam bc he’ll blush and apparently he’s been fucking obvious this whole time because /everyone knows/ 
  • and adam nudges him back and he’s just like “come on, man, we’re your best friends of course we’d know.” what he’s not saying, what he wants to say is: i’ve seen the way you look at me. i used to think it was all in my head but…it’s the way you used to look at gansey a long long time ago, but even /more/  
  • He’s looking at ronan now, and ronan won’t look at him and the moment feels too intense all of a sudden. So then adam add, jokingly, “plus when blue came along, i mean, we were all a little gaga for her…but not you. You were just like nahhh.”
  • ronan rolls his eyes but he laughs and he finally looks back at adam
  •  “And you’ve never had a girlfriend in all the time i’ve known you…and i mean, you’re ronan fucking lynch.” 
  • ronan’s brows furrow at that and he’s like “what’s that supposed to mean?” 
  • and adam just shrugs, trying to keep his cool as he says “well i mean, you’re not bad looking.” ronan’s heart stutters. adam goes on. “you have to know how people look at you, like. You’re hot, okay.” 
  • they catch each other’s eyes again and now they can’t look away and now the moment is intense again but adam doesn’t have anything to joke about and so they just start leaning closet and closer and both of their hearts are pounding and ronan starts to think he’s dreaming but no no he knows when he’s awake and he is awake and then their lips touch and it’s like!!!! wow!!!!!!! 
  • and they kiss for a while, neither wanting to pull away like who needs air when they have thissssss
  • finally they do pull away tho and they just look at each other and let out nervous laughs and then ronan like swallows and looks away bc adam…adam never said anything about like…his sexuality and what if this was just like…a heat of the moment he just ducks his head and he’s like “that was…I mean…you’re not…”
  • and adam instantly gets what he’s thinking and he just smiles and says “i’m bi, and i like you,” and then he swoops in and kisses ronan’s cheek and ronan blushes and he’s like “oh. okay. good. me too. i mean. i like you too. not i’m bi too. bc i already said …i’m gay.” and adam just shakes his head like oh u nerd i love you.