and then he'd take the rest of it off

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Could you imagine after the aftermath of rough sex penny would clean you up and take care of the wounds? Like he'd pet your head and make you feel comfortable

He would depending on his mood. If he’s very agitated and moody, he’d leave you there; a crumpled up mess to think about what he’s done to you. If he’s in a more forgiving mood; he’ll scoop your tired body up and haul you off to the bathroom to get you cleaned up, bandage any wounds, and dress you. He’d spend the rest of the night holding you in his long arms and talking to you until you fell asleep. 🎈

  • Aaron: Robert, look, you did a bad thing, yeah, but Liv's all right now and Lawrence is still alive. No one died. And nobody else needs to know about this. You can still turn this round.
  • Robert: Aaron. It's too late for that now.
  • Aaron: Why?
  • Robert: Because it gets worse.
  • Aaron: Go on.
  • Robert: If I tell you, you're just gonna hate me even more than you already do, so what's the point?
  • Aaron: (takes the keys off him) Go on.
  • Robert: You said you didn't wanna know.
  • Aaron: Well, I wanna know now.
  • Robert: So Lawrence, the pills. It was to make him weak, confuse him, while I worked on the rest of the family. You see, they didn't trust me at first. So... I made them think they could. Lawrence even thinks I've killed for him.
  • Aaron: You haven't, have you?
  • Robert: If I wanted to kill someone, I wouldn't get my hands dirty. It was all a lie to prove myself so he'd trust me. It's taken months and now I'm back in the family. I'm this close to getting my hands on the business. And none of them have a clue... that I hate them. I hate their guts. I mean, yesterday he got us a room. If Rebecca hadn't gone into labour -
  • Aaron: Then what? Then you'd have slept with him?
  • Robert: Even I wouldn't do that.
  • Aaron: Don't kid yourself, Robert. You knew if it came down to... All of that just to get youur hands on Home Farm?
  • Robert: Rebecca broke us up, Aaron. She broke us up. I wanted to break them. If I couldn't have you, I was gonna get my hands on whatever they have. And then... and then I held my boy for the first time and it... it all changed. I should've felt all the things that dads are supposed to feel for the first time, but all I felt in here was shame. Do yo know, when she first told me I spent every night praying - praying that she would loose that baby... because if she had... there was a chance for us. My own boy... and I... I wished him dead.

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Shane has trouble taking off a band-aid, there's no way he'd be Axeman OR Razor Boy. He was supposed to be Axeman's(ryan's) next victim but he ends up letting him live because he accidently falls in love with him.

the first sentence had me like ‘fuck you’ but the second sentence had me like ‘FUCK YES’

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Heya friend. Life can be really freaking crappy sometimes. But it'll never last forever. Yeah, it feels like you're useless or a burden but I swear to you that you're not. We all really care about you here. Nothing would ever change that. It's hard to get through funks like this but trust me when I tell you it gets better. Try to keep your head held high, even if it's to cry. Drink lots of water, get plenty of rest. We love you. <3 if MT Sans were somehow here, he'd feel the exact same way.

Hey, sorry for taking so long to get back to you, parents shut off the wifi in my house last night and couldn’t get to this until now, but thank you, thank you so so much normally I don’t really get shown much kindness or anything (especially by family) and it just means a lot to me that you care (not just you but everyone else too @skelltales @letshaveskeletonsoffun @ohboy-anotheroneof-these @all-that-and-a-bag-of-trash @crappyartforyou @ksakura48 @narwhals-are-unicorns-of-the-sea and anyone else I can’t think of at the top of my head thank you, all of you I love you)

Accidentally making their lovers cry
  • Eren: Even if it'll hurt his pride, he would be the first one to say sorry. He would also try his best to make it up ASAP because it would kill him to have his lover upset at him for more than 24 hours. Call it cheesy, but he would try to buy affection with flowers, sweets, etc.
  • Armin: As soon as he sees the waterworks, he'll be so surprised that he'll immediately start defending his side. Once he's done with that, he would give a chance for his partner to explain their side. He would weigh both sides and try to make it better from there.
  • Reiner: The way he'd handle the situation would be quite unusual, because instead of being sorry and trying to make everything better, he'll tease his significant other even more. If his lover tries to hide their face, he'll be naughty and try to take a peek at their face, then tell them about how good-looking they are when they cry. Basically, he'd work his way out of the situation and an apology by joking around.
  • Bertholdt: If he doesn't end up crying as well, he would constantly ask his lover to stop and would apologize over and over. It may come off as annoying but he'll constantly poke or cuddle his lover to get them to stop being upset. He wouldn't be able to rest until everything's alright.
  • Jean: He would still be quite brash to his partner, and say that crocodile tears never work on him so they should stop. Once he sees that the situation's a serious one, he'll start softening up a little, and begrudgingly admit that he was wrong. It would take him a while to give a heartfelt apology, but he'd still say sorry in the end.
  • Marco: Instead of saying the usual "don't cry" or "stop crying", he would urge his significant other to keep on crying if that's how upset they are. He would give his partner a few moments to let out how they feel, then he'd have a sit-down and give a long, sincere apology. After that, he'll cradle his partner in his arms and whisper about how his actions were unintentional and he'd never, ever act like that again.
  • Connie: Along with him panicking would be him being defensive. He'll start an incoherent rant about how his lover did this and that, so he started acting this way and that way, and now his lover's crying. He would tell his partner to stop because it's making him panic more, and it would also break his heart to see that. After the whole fiasco, he'll be pretty embarrassed to face his partner again so he'll apologize with a letter.
  • Levi: The moment he'll apologize first and admit his faults would be the moment pigs fly. Doing stuff like that are the bane of his existence, so he'd just sulk and fume in one corner. He'd still constantly check on his partner to see if they're still upset, then give them a big hug since he's too proud to say "I'm sorry".
  • Erwin: After giving his partner a glass of water and a box of tissue, he'd subtly scold his partner about how they shouldn't have acted the way they did. When he's done with his mini-sermon, he'll walk out to get some air, then once his mind's clear, he'll head back in and just stay silent. Eventually, he'll break and apologize whilst admitting his faults and how he shouldn't have acted the way he did.
  • Mikasa: For the first time, she'll feel like a complete idiot for doing what she did, then she'll start to overthink on how the incident may cause her lover to leave her and all. Instead of analyzing the situation and apologizing, she'll start panicking and have a few moments to herself. Once she's okay, she'll give her partner a huge kiss and hug, along with an apology.
  • Annie: No matter how many times she'll say that she didn't do anything wrong and walk out, the guilt will still eat her up. Albeit her ignoring her partner for a few days, she'll be itching and dying to talk to them and apologize, but she just couldn't bring herself to do it. However, she'll still give in and mutter a "sorry" when she gets a chance.
  • Sasha: To mask her humiliation, she'll try to say sorry in a cute way. She'd also tell her significant other to get back at her for being totally tactless. It would most likely end up with her cuddling up while wiping her lover's tears away.
  • Christa: She would loathe herself for doing such a thing to the person she's supposed to love and care for, so she might end up crying as well. She'd apologize through her sobs, and that she should've just kept her mouth or kept still to avoid the situation. She'll feel very awkward about it for a few days, but she'll easy up and will be able to look her partner in the eye.
  • Ymir: After she's done feeling like a horrible monster, she'll start apologizing by doing small but thoughtful and loving acts. She'd start pampering her lover even more, even if the cheesiness would make her sick to her stomach.
  • Hanji: At first, she'd think that her partner's just doing it to make her feel bad, so she'll let out awkward chuckles and tell her partner to stop joking around. When she realizes the situation's serious, she'll feel bad but will still stay calm. She'll start explaining why she reacted that way to whatever her significant other said, apologize, and that she would never hurt them like that again.
  • Petra: Not only would she be disappointed in herself, but she would also feel that she's not good enough for her partner. She's have thoughts of leaving her partner since she technically broke her promise of not hurting them, but she'll just push it away and avoid bringing it up. Instead, she'll fight back her tears and apologize again and again until it's alright.

Imagine taking a bus all the way to California to check it off your bucket list, and on one of the buses you meet a man named Castiel, who you find out has never played ‘Cats In the Cradle’, so you teach him, and you play together in calm silence for the rest of the ride.

john would absolutely turn to mush if he and sherlock got a puppy, like imagine john having a bad day at work and he comes home exhausted and plops into his chair, feeling stressed and weary, but then he hears the pitter patter of tiny paws across the floor and then there’s this tiny bundle of fluff looking up at him and john’s chest is suddenly bursting with happiness and he picks up the little guy and watches as he curls up on his lap and john feels all the stress of the day practically melt off of him and he feels so much lighter and happier for the rest of the night :3



We’ve seen you push yourself beyond your limits, you putting a smile on your face even though you’re tired and sick, we’ve seen the disappointment and frustration on your face when you couldn’t dance during one concert. So for you to personally come out and explain that you need this time off to take care of your health, it says a lot about your condition. because i’m 10000% sure that if you could be on stage, smiling and performing for your fans, you would be.  But I’m glad that you’re taking the time off, focusing on your health, putting yourself first for once. 

All those times you had wet hair at the airport (probably because you were trying to get as much sleep as possible and got ready the last minute), you getting skinnier and skinnier, all those times you’ve had to face your fears of heights, the fatigue in your eyes, it’s hard for a fan to watch and not being able to do anything about it. We want you smiling that gummy smile, laughing your jaws off, showing off your thousand eye wrinkles and the spark in your eyes, being healthy and happy always. So I hope you take all the time you need to recuperate and get better. Come back to us healthy and strong. <3

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lin'k comes to a stop in the shade of some rocks, panting for breath as he looks up the path towards the top of the mountain. he'd heard word of the dragon living here and had set off immediately, hoping to finally get some answers about himself and his heritage, if the dragon hadnt already been slain anyway. as he rests for a moment he notices someone else coming up the path and moves a little further back into the shade, wary and cautious ((i hope this works ^^'))

Sheik had been tasked to take down the dragon Volvagia. Too long had the dragon been allowed to terrorize the mountain. As a warrior of considerable skill, as it had been put, he was expected to return only with the head of the dragon to show it had been killed. Otherwise he was not to return at all. However, he had not expected any others to be on the trail to the dragon. It must have been another ambitious warrior that sought favor with the death of the dragon. “I know you are here. What is your purpose for being near the mountain?” He demanded.

Sleepover and some intense shit||Rysher
  • Ryder: wasn't liking this new life in his foster home. He was separated from Natalia and Scarlett, like he predicted. He was glad that he was with Grace at least but still sad to be apart from the rest of his family. Especially his youngest sister who was all by herself. He had no idea what her family was like or even her foster siblings if she had any. He asked her where she was and told her that he was going to go see her once he got off of work. His foster parents seemed to be nice to him and his twin, it seemed like they lowkey judged his sister on her pregnancy but not out loud. At least not with him around. There were a few other foster kids in the home, so it seemed they couldn't escape a crowded house. There was one boy around his age that he went to school with. He never spoke to him until he got told he'd be sharing a room with him. Of course, this guy was homophobic and basically their first moment alone was him punching Ryder and pushing him over being gay. It made him hate being there even more, especially since he had to share a room with him. Logan was one thing, he didn't fear that Logan was going to randomly kill him in the middle of the night when he hated him for his sexuality. This kid however, he wasn't so sure. He barely said anything before hurting him. So here Ryder was, yet again, sporting a black eye. He didn't want to fight back in fear of having to go to a different home and be separated from his sister and risk any chance of Skye getting them all back. He would rather get hit than that happened. He didn't sleep much the first night in their home new temporary home. He should have been happy to be back on the North Side but all he was wanting was to be back on the south side. The next day, he quickly left the room to shower and avoid his roommate at all costs. He didn't want to get hurt yet again. He refused to actually tell Grace what happened, figuring she might know and if she didn't then he would tell her later. After he finished eating breakfast, he told his new foster parents that he had to go to work and that he'd be back later. He told Grace that he was going to pick her up when he got off so they could visit Natalia before going to his room to get his wallet. Unfortunately, his car wasn't quite at the new place so he had to take the train. Meaning he had to leave much earlier than he needed to. He walked to bus stop where he was taken to the train station. He rode on it till he reached the stop that he believed would be closest to his work. He walked the rest of the way, hoping he didn't make himself lost. Which to his luck, he knew the streets well enough to get there without ending up on the opposite side of town. He saw that Asher was already there through the window, which made him believe that he was late. He walked in the doors and smiled at the other boy before going to the back to clock in. "Sorry I am late." He said to Asher as if it was a huge deal. "Hope you didn't have to fake be nice to any customers in the time I wasn't here and you were alone." He said as he leaned against the counter and looked over at the boy he hated admitting that he was crushing on.
Last One Standing || Huntbastian & Klaine
  • Kurt: and Blaine hadn't been talking for a few days, well, not they'd been talking, but it was either through a text or a phone call. He even met up with Elliot one day just to tell him how much more alive he felt that he was able to breathe again He decided to take the night off from work and head down to Times Square to see Wicked. It'd been a while since he had seen Rachel too. Kurt stood to leave with the rest of the audience, as he quickly spotted a face, one that he never thought he'd see again; the stranger from the park. His heart practically stopped as he observed the area where the man was standing and he seemed to be alone. Kurt smiled to himself as he sucked in a breath and made his way over to the man.

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The sound of cats meowing in his ear pulls Kai from a less than restful sleep. He'd managed to sleep the whole night but not well, not well at all. He should get up and deal with the cats, he knows that, but he's tired and comfortable where he is. He snuggles in deeper intent on putting off getting up as long as possible and with how tired he is, it takes awhile before he notices the extra heat, or that his face is in the crook of someone's neck, or that he's on top of that someone.

Ozuma feels very warm and comfortable there in the sofa, strangely so. He feels a weight against him: pushing him into the cushions slightly. Odd. This is something he knows he shouldn´t experience right now. There´s a person on top of him. For a moment he thinks the past months were a nightmare and that he´s back before shit happened but the person´s scent is different, as well as their weight. Ozuma grumpily opens his eyes as the cats get louder, just to see Kai resting against him. He freezes, tenses. “What the…”

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"I'm sorry" Lou whispered. Harry stood, looking into Lou's eyes. "Please don't, L-Lou, you-we can't give up." Haz stepped closer to him. "Not now, not after everything. Please." Lou couldn't take his eyes off the ground, he couldn't look in Haz's eyes, because he knew if he did he'd get lost in Haz's eyes &drown. "I'm really sorry, I just- I can't." Lou mumbled. Haz grabbed Lou's face into his hands and fiercely kissed him, he pulled back and rested him forehead on his "Stay." That's all it took