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Can You Keep It? [j.j]

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Title: Can You Keep It?
Fandom: Riverdale
Characters: Jughead Jones x female!reader, Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, Kevin Keller, Reggie Mantle
Warnings: Swearing, definitely not my best writing :(
Word Count: 1,185
Requested: Nope (because requests are closed y’all)
Short Description: You and your boyfriend, Jughead, are trying to keep your fresh relationship a secret after the town’s golden boy is murdered. You are unconvinced that he can keep the secret. As it turns out, it’s you that reveals your relationship.
A/N: This is my first Riverdale story and I don’t read much Riverdale fanfic so I’m not exactly sure if this fits in but… here we go!

Disclaimer: not my gif

[Y/N] = your first name
[Y/L/N] = your last name

The student lounge was, as always, fairly crowded. Students were lounging around the room, chatting, staying away from the outside or finishing any last minute homework. It was also an area where the primarily “popular” people tended to spend their lunch times, as they were “too cool” for the library. Quiet chatter was all that you could hear as you attempted to concentrate on your English homework, answering a ridiculous essay question for Wuthering Heights. You were sat with Betty and Kevin, working on some homework as Ronnie sat close to Chuck Clayton, undoubtedly chatting him up with her implausible Veronica Lodge charm as she sipped on coffee.

Then there was Jughead Jones, in all of blue-green eyed magnificence. Jughead was tall and lanky, with pale, creamy skin and his signature frown on his face. A bag was draped over one of his shoulders, a raven black jacket covering his maroon hoodie. He seemed to always bury himself behind clothing in dark shades, but you liked the way that it made his eyes stand out so much. His back was sloping alongside the wall next to the vending machine; people watching. Jughead’s trademark crown-shaped beanie was placed atop of his head of ebony hair, and the sight alone made me bite back a grin. Noticing your gaze, Jughead looked in your direction before sending you a quick and discrete wink. You winked in return before glimpsing over at Veronica to explain why your head was turned.

Jughead had been one of your best friends since before you could recall. It was virtually like Betty and Archie; you and Jughead been intimate friends since the single digit days. Any vital childhood memory you could think of had Jughead present; just the way you wanted it. Initially, you had presumed that Jughead had fervent, platonic feelings for you. At some point in the summer of Jason Blossom’s death, you were proven wide of the mark, when Jughead unpredictably declared his love for you. Fortunately, there was something inside of you that was sure you felt the same way.

On July 4th, Jason Blossom had gone missing and was presumed to be dead after his twin sister, Cheryl, emerged after their boat capsized. It was a scandal that had taken over the entire town of Riverdale, so you and Jughead had agreed to keep your relationship away from your friends until the right time to tell them came around. You were less than persuaded that Jughead would be able to keep this secret, but after his fall out with Archie over the summer, he didn’t have many people to tell. Usually, Jughead and Archie told each other everything, but it seemed that the both of them had been keeping secrets.

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hi! could i have some relationship headcanons with jesse and gabe? thank you!


• Is very stern but chill. He has to be, being commander of an illegal black ops division, only really showing his other emotions at something he is passionate about

• Like you

• Is an actual sappy puppy, but he’d never let Jack, Jesse or any recruits see

If they did he’d absolutely deny it

• Will do absolutely anything for you, even if that means going to the cafeteria at 3am to steal snacks from the vending machines

• And sneaking into Winston’s office to delete the footage

• Everyone gets bored of Gabe talking about you 100% of the time (so do you, you hate hearing about yourself)

• His favourite is when you’re dressed in his clothes because ohmygod you look so tiny and precious

Especially his beanie

• Does stupid shit when no one else is looking to try and impress you or make you laugh

• Like the time he got stuck in an air vent but we won’t talk about that

• Or when he accidentally shot a hole in the ceiling when he stole Jesse’s Peacekeeper and tried to copy his gunslinger tricks

• Has asked Jack on more than one occasion for you to join Blackwatch just so you could be closer to him

• But you’re happy with your position in Overwatch

• He of course supports that

• Has a photo of you and him on top of the lighthouse when you visited Ilios on his desk

• Loves the days when you can both just relax and watch crappy chick flicks

• He loves chick flicks

• Salted popcorn is Gabe’s favourite movie snack, but will definitely go half and half with you with sweet

• Has an album on his phone full of pictures from the countless times that you’ve fallen asleep on him from watching said chick flicks

• He loves it when you give him back massages

• He loves it even more when he’s giving you one

• Hardly ever says no to you, will give you the world and more

• Gabe has been told off several times for making you late to very important meetings

You enjoyed it though so you won’t complain


• Is always complimenting you on how you look, how good you are at your job

• The amount of different pet names he can call you in one day is unbelievable

• You love the southern charm he has, as it always seems to get him out of trouble and you just don’t understand how

• Even when he’s somehow managed to upset or annoy you, Jesse always pulls through by managing to make you laugh

• Mainly by forcibly having to tickle you

So. Many. Tickle. Fights.

• You love to challenge him to stupid dares, just to see if he will rise the occasion

• Most of the time you are left shocked as he actually does

It was Jesse that swapped Genji’s herb tea for actual drugs but nobody knows that

• Both of you get told off frequently by Gabe and Jack for giggling like schoolkids who are causing mischief

• Actual partners in crime

• No, seriously, you were there in his Deadlock days and you both survived through it, then being brought into Blackwatch

• You decided to become an item after a game of very drunken strip poker

• Since then you’ve been inseparable

• Always there to patch each other up after missions, just like the old days

• You worry about each other a lot. Deadlock was one thing but Blackwatch is another

• He constantly tells you he loves you

Especially when he’s had a drink

• You two are definitely the power couple around the base

• He loves to find rural places on the Watchpoints you visit, just so you can look at the stars

• He’ll tell you all about the different constellations and insist on trying to trick you into thinking there’s one with a crude name

• You’ve both been late for training the next day because you fell asleep starwatching

• Jesse being Jesse will of course try to make everyone think it’s because of other reasons

• Which makes you end up playfighting which then turns into full frontal fist fights, which you both pass off as training

• Both as stubborn as each other, but wouldn’t change it for the world

Missing You and You Only

“I’m glad you could make it,” Ethan rasped, his voice groggy from the morning and arising from the dead of sleep. Truthfully, he hadn’t had that peaceful of a sleep in a long time, more specifically, in a couple months -since the last time he was home with you.

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Crawl Home To Her - Part 1 - Smut

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Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader
Words: 3,644
AN: This is something I’ve been working on. It was originally going to be a long fic but I decided to split it up. Thanks to @writing-obrien as usual and also to @dylan-odome for her song rec for this!

Listen to THIS and THIS

Part 2
Part 3

You could still remember the way his brown eyes lit up when he laughed. It was the only thing that got you through the long, dark days in the basement you were being held in. You’d had such a crush on Stiles Stilinski all through high school, and senior year he’d finally noticed you as more than a friend. And then…this.

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Vampires Will Never Hurt You - pt 2

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Jin had been away for two weeks. He didn’t say anything once he came back either.

He just walked into class, took a seat next to you and put an arm around your shoulder. He put two fingers under your chin and brought your lips to his.

“I’m sorry.” He whispered in your ear before leaning back, paying attention to the board once the professor came into the room.

What could you say at this point?

Everyday you told yourself he had to have a good reason for leaving.

An hour and a half passed by and the professor finally called for fifteen minute break. You began to get up from your chair but he wrapped his arms around your waist and glued your body to his.

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Who Do You Love More? (Part 2)

Pairing: Archie Andrews x Reader

Requested: Yes

Warnings: Cursing

Part 1

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Hot Enough

Was it hot?

Someone save my soul because Leo has stolen it. Ten pages, single spaced. I literally got thirsty when writing this and had to drink water. xoxox Admin O

Warning:  Smut

(someone find the owner of this pic so I can give credit)

Your feet hurt. By the way that they were being squeezed in your shoes, you could tell that they were nice and swollen. “The perks of having to stand for eight hours,” you thought to yourself. Sighing deeply, you unlocked your apartment door and flung it open. Scowling, you carelessly kicked off your shoes and dropped your purse somewhere in the general vicinity of the shoe rack. Feeling along the wall with your fingers, you flicked on the light switch. As soon as you were blinded with brightness, a loud cheer of “Surprise!” rang out.

Shocked stiff, you gawked from your tiny foyer at the crowd of people crammed into your apartment. Poppers burst and a cloud of streamers obscured your vision before you could properly take stock of who was there. A myriad of colored crepe paper and latex balloons clinging to the wall with tape served as a decorative background to the warm welcome. A small hand wrapped around your wrist and tugged you in. Compliantly, you followed, brain working overtime to catch up. The group erupted into a thunderous offbeat rendition of “Happy Birthday” and your good friend Mina emerged from the back of the apartment carrying a cake with lit candles. It was only then did you realize that you were being led along by Sojin. Finally able to make some sense of the situation, you broke into a toothy grin.

As you leaned in to blow out the candles and make a wish, Mina caught the side of your face with a finger full of frosting. Playfully, you laughed, feeling a hundred times better than when you had first walked in. You shut your eyes and made a simple wish before blowing hard. All the candles went out with one try and applause followed suit. Mina quickly took the cake back to the kitchen to cut and plate. Sojin ushered you out of your coat. Slowly unbuttoning the garment allowed you scan your unusually packed space. All your friends from school plus a few semi-familiar faces were there.

“When did you guys plan this?” you asked when Hyeri floated by. “Did you think that we were going to let you just work and do nothing on your birthday?” Yura said, appearing behind you. She took your jacket as if you were a guest in her home and not the other way around. Sojin had found a napkin to wipe your face off with just like the mother figure she was. You could hear the sudden exclamations of excitement when Hyeri and Mina started to distribute slices of cake. “Wait! The birthday girl gets the first bite,” Mina announced just as Ken from the Music department had reached for a piece. A fork of mostly butter cream was thrust into your face and conveniently used as a distraction so that Hyeri could glaze your other cheek in frosting. Ignoring her antics, you ate the wad of sugar and smiled just to show off your now blue teeth.

Just beyond the giggles, you caught sight of Leo from the theater department already halfway through a slice. You wondered how he had managed to hijack it without anyone noticing. However, before you could give it any more thought, you were being steered towards the sofa. Yura was directing you to the coffee table which was covered in bottles of various liquors. Taking the fresh paper towel being offered to you by one of the girls from class, you cleaned off your cheek. “Time to open your gifts,” she stated and pushed you down to sit. The entire table was so filled with alcohol that you could barely make out the wood top underneath.

Glancing around, you tried to look for a box or at least a gift bag. “What gifts?” you questioned when you spotted none. Hyeri kneeled in front of the table and gestured to the rows of glass, “These.” Gaping, you reevaluated the number. There were over a dozen liquors, some clearly imported. There were also a few packs of beer on the floor off to the side. Each person must have brought at least a bottle for there to be so many. “Let’s get started,” Sojin said as she took a seat next to you with a bottle opener in hand. A couple of people from your major gathered around, waiting for their chance at a drink like the college kids they were. Cracking open the Smirnoff, you filled a line of mismatched shot glasses before giving a short toast. Everyone drained their cups all at once and someone turned up the music.

The atmosphere was lively with everyone finding something to do. You noticed Leo leaning against a wall with a beer, observing the clowning around of his friends. It reminded you of the day you first saw him, bracing against the vending machine outside of the library with his headphones in. He was just as pretty to you now as he was then. Yura grabbed your shoulder and shook you, refocusing your attention. She handed you another shot and clinked glasses with you. Happily, you drank and after that the booze flowed freely. Mingling with the new faces became considerably easier as time went on. It wasn’t long before you found your stomach grumbling with a lack of dinner. Sneaking into the kitchen, you found Mina trying to secretly munch on a piece of cake. She smiled sheepishly with crumbs all over her mouth. “Eat before Sojin sees,” you ordered as you set your cup down on the counter, taking note that there wasn’t any more cake left. Her dieting was probably killing her. Mina was still hesitant, stabbing at the plate in contemplation. You realized you were hungrier than you thought you were when you watched her. “Who are all those guys?” you asked as you walked over and had Mina feed you a bite. “Some boys from the Arts Department that Hyeri invited to even out the guy to girl ratio,” she answered while shielding her plate from you when you went in for another nibble. You curled your lip at the overprotection of her cake and took a swig of your rum and cola instead.

A noisy shout from the other room had both of you snapping your heads around. Chuckling at Mina who remembered to set her dessert down, you headed out first. You paused for a second at the sight of everyone sitting in a circle around the coffee table that had been cleared off. The girls were on the sofa and the boys sat cross-legged on the floor. In the center of them all, there was an empty bottle of whiskey lying on its side. Too late to retreat, Yura and Hyeri were already waving you over. The boys scooted back to make room for you and Mina nudged you forward. Meekly, you took your place, glad that you were wearing pants. Mina made herself cozy on the couch’s armrest. “It’s truth or dare,” Yura explained. Nodding, you carefully peered anywhere but in Leo’s direction. Looking everywhere but there, you took note of how handsome all the Arts boys were. Not a single one of them was less than one hundred eighty centimeters tall. Even sitting on the floor they were a full head above you. Maybe the alcohol was altering your vision. You lightly slapped yourself and a moment too late hoped that no one saw.

Thankfully, Ravi the music major chattered loudly enough to distract everyone. His voice was deeper than you expected as he reached out and spun the bottle. It landed on the tallest of the boys and he grinned mischievously. “Truth,” the blonde picked and received a bunch of boos. “You’re ruining the mood, Hyuk. You have to pick dare,” N the dance major complained from his spot near Sojin’s feet. He had smartly perched himself where he could rest against the base of the sofa. “Truth,” the other boy reaffirmed. Another round of groans followed, but Ravi looked intent, “Is it true that you walk by the Biology department every day on purpose?” Your jaw dropped. You weren’t expecting the game to be so indiscrete. Hyuk was turning red from his neck upwards. It looked like he wasn’t expecting such a personal question either. “Yes,” he mumbled quietly. Immediately, a mix of jeers and cheers filled the room. Unable to help yourself, you laughed along with everyone. You were going to have to watch out for Hyuk creeping around the labs from now on to see which girl he was trying to catch sight of.

He irately spun the bottle, still trying to swallow his embarrassment. Using too much strength, the bottle flew off course and Hyeri caught it before it could smash on the floor. She gave Hyuk a good scolding before twirling it herself. It slowed until it pointed at the other blonde boy that you had been stealing glances at all night. The way Leo rested his weight on his palms was reminiscent of the way he sat on the university stage when you had gone to watch Mina rehearse for a play. Leo had been cast as the male lead and every time he opened his mouth it was like your ears were being filled with liquid gold. His voice was soft and sweet and entranced you. It didn’t hurt that he was beautiful. Leo was attractive in an unconventional way. His eyes were sharp and dipped in the inner corners like a cat’s. His lips were baby pink and as full as his cheeks. Though he had the face of a child, his body was all man with broad shoulders and lean muscle.

Hyuk’s purpose was revenge and though it wasn’t on the person he really wanted, anyone would do. You could see the malice written in his expression and were relieved to think that you weren’t on the receiving end. “Truth or dare?” Ravi asked all too pleasantly. “Dare,” came the gentle reply. Like a mouse had run directly into his trap, Hyuk pounced, “I dare you to play too hot with the birthday girl.” It took you a long moment to process his words and you laughed along with everyone before completely freezing with stun. Wide-eyed, you panned from Hyuk to Leo who was clearly blushing back to Hyuk who was looking more like Satan. At full volume, the boys shouted encouragements and the girls giggled. Someone removed the bottle from the table and then Leo was sitting on it, his legs on either side of the piece of furniture. You weren’t sure when Yura had moved but she not so covertly pushed you forward from behind. Catching yourself on your knees, you popped up with the purpose of yelling at Yura but Leo took your hand. He wrenched you closer, all the while hanging his head in shame. Someone wolf whistled and teasing ensued. You sat facing Leo, legs dangling since you were too short to sit like that and still have your feet touch the floor.

The music switched to something sexier and you tried to ignore your blatant audience. Leo finally looked up, but he was biting his lip in frustration. The sight did nothing for your nerves and you found yourself gulping hard. You were at a complete loss. You had no idea what to do. Should you just go along and take advantage of the situation or be as ashamed as Leo? Sensing your discomfort, Hyeri wedged a glass of who knows what into your hand. Leo was also given a drink followed by a supportive clap on the back by the guy with dimples flanking his smile. Too anxious to say thank you or even form words, you silently raised your glass. Leo tapped his can of beer against your liquid courage and you both downed the alcohol. After the fire in your throat had cooled, you concentrated again on the gorgeous man in front of you.

You could tell that something had shifted when you looked into his eyes. The overbearing awkwardness had been replaced with determination. His name suited him best in that moment because he looked like a lion ready to consume you whole. Licking your dry lips, you averted your gaze. As if to force you to look at him, Leo made his first move and ran the backs of his nails down your arms. Unintentionally shuddering at the startling touch, you earned yourself a few taunts. The noise rapidly died down though and stillness once again reigned. You were initially taken aback but it seemed that the booze had made it past your stomach and into your bloodstream because the next thing you knew, you were tipping forward to run your palms over his muscular thighs. Proud with your bold move, you retracted your hands. You hadn’t realized that you had just started something you couldn’t finish.

Igniting the competitive monster within Leo, he locked his hands behind your head and jerked you forward. Faces mere centimeters apart, the air in your lungs got caught as you forgot how to breathe. He smirked smugly and glanced at your lips before making eye contact again as he retreated. A collective “ooh” sounded, but you paid it no mind. It was only when Leo returned to bracing himself on his arms did you remember that you needed oxygen. “Cocky bastard,” you thought to yourself and resisted the urge to scowl. Two could play that game.

Sliding closer, you rested a hand on his shoulder so you could run the tip of your nose up the side of this throat. Once you got to his ear, you laughed in provocation that only he could hear. One of the girls gasped and you sat back with an eyebrow raised, daring him to do better. Briefly, dark lust crossed Leo’s face. But it happened so quickly that you could have easily imagined it. Lithe fingers traced your jaw line before gripping it. Tenderly, his thumb stroked your cheekbone. The gesture would have been endearing if it weren’t for his other hand slipping under the hem of your shirt to press against the skin of your tummy. Lingering, Leo was slow to end his turn, leaving you reeling in the electricity of his touch.

Praying that he didn’t notice the goose bumps he had caused, you knew that you had to get even. Tank top visible under his knit sweater, mimicking him was ruled out as an option. A sudden idea popped into your head and you couldn’t disguise the naughtiness you had in mind. Scooting even closer, your knees pressed directly against Leo’s, leaving minimal space between you two. Then your notoriously freezing fingertips plunged below the neckline of Leo’s shirt and traced along his collar bone. Reflexively twitching at the unexpected cold, Leo inhaled sharply. For a finishing flourish you let your nails lightly scrape against his Adam’s apple and applied a hint of pressure mischievously at the base of his neck just to show him who was boss. You were done with the barely there caresses. You wanted to win.

“Aren’t you guys being too timid?” N’s voice cut the silence that the room had unconsciously fallen into as they enjoyed the show. “It should be like this!” he drunkenly shouted as he jumped Ken, attempting to plant wet-looking kisses on Ken’s face. Ken feigned a brief struggle before turning the tables and knocking N to the floor to climb on top of him and pretend to make out. And like that, the atmosphere was broken and the game was over.

Truth or dare continued but eventually some people went off to their own nooks to socialize before heading home. One by one, your friends old and new, thanked you for a good time and left. Around midnight the group of tall boys departed, practically dragging a very inebriated N along. You couldn’t help the way your eyes followed Leo, who didn’t even look back. Mina was no more sober than N, slurring her words and standing upright only with Hyeri’s help. You waved bye to the girls and eased the door shut before you could fall through the doorway. The alcohol didn’t spare you either, especially since you hadn’t had a chance to eat. You all but sagged into the wall when you turned back to the living room.  Bottles and cups were scattered everywhere. Sighing, you decided that you would deal with the mess in the morning.

Just as you moved towards the bathroom to wash up, a strident knock came from the entrance. Without missing a beat, you turned on your heel to follow the sound. Figuring it was probably someone who forgot something, you didn’t bother to check the peephole and flung the door wide open. Leo stoically standing on your welcome mat was the picture that greeted you. His hands were shoved in his pockets and he seemed to be studying the ground. Thinking that you were drunkenly imagining things, you chuckled. But when he stepped nearer, your laughter was harshly cut off. There really was a beautiful man gracing your doorstep.

Wordlessly, he stepped past you and strayed into the hallway. Shutting the door in disbelief, you tactlessly asked, “What are you doing here?” Leo paused to take in the disaster zone that was currently your apartment before turning to face you. “We never determined a winner,” he replied. Laughing in amazement, you questioned, “Are you serious?” Leo simply nodded in response. Fleetingly, you considered taking another shot to quell the sudden apprehension gnawing at your belly. You were intoxicated and alone in your empty apartment with your crush who wanted to continue a game of too hot. You closed your eyes and took a few deep breaths to will yourself to calm down. Looking back up, the table still full with at least four half-empty bottles seemed eons away as Leo regarded you with parted lips. It seemed that the alcohol still had a hold on him too as his eyes were painted with curiosity.

Good judgment was something that had left once you blew out the candles on your cake. You were attracted to Leo, that much was painfully obvious. Now he was requesting to play a game that you couldn’t possibly win in a situation like this. But for some odd reason, you weren’t all that adverse to it. Maybe it was the mix of cocktails blurring your reasoning. Without warning, long fingers raised your chin up so that you could concentrate on him. Doe-eyed, you didn’t know how you were supposed to resist the temptation. Leo tapped a soft tune across your jaw and down the side of your neck. Indulging in the sensation, you tilted your head to the side. Just as you had begun to shut your eyes, the touch was gone.

“You know what I want.”

Peering back up, Leo wore a triumphant smirk. If he wanted to play, then surely it was a game he was going to get. Grasping hold of his forearms, you dragged him in until your chest was plastered against his. Not even flinching, his dusky brown eyes searched yours for your aim. It was his unspoken way of asking if you were sure. And you were. To prove it, you walked him backwards towards the sofa. His calves hit the base of the couch and he lost balance. Leo involuntarily plopped down. You remained standing, relishing the way you got to tower over him. Swiftly, Leo’s wiry arms clasped around your middle and tugged. It was your turn to fall and he didn’t miss the opportunity to haul you into his lap. Your knees settled on either side of his thighs and you gripped his shoulders to steady yourself. Surprised by his uncharacteristic forwardness, you gawked as he interlocked his fingers behind your back. He held fast, not allowing you any extra room to escape as he pulled you flush against him.

Any conceit you felt was overcome by the apparent slyness that Leo was now donning. The hesitant lanky boy from earlier had been replaced by a completely confident man. You wondered if it was the lack of spectators or the intoxication causing the change, but honestly, it didn’t matter. You enjoyed both sides of him. Seeing that his move was over, you let go of you inhibitions fully and did what you had been thinking about doing all night. You kissed him. It was a firm press of your lips against his, nothing more and nothing less. A second ticked by and he dipped his head to deepen the kiss. His mouth moved in time with yours, eventually working its way to prying your lips apart. Leo’s breath was sweet and you vaguely wondered if he had some of the plum wine that Yura had brought from Japan. Then you could taste the sugar on your tongue when he slid his taste buds against yours. It was clear that Leo had been eating strawberry candy and the thought made you smile.

Realizing that you were smiling, Leo pulled back and you could see the grin etched on his face as well. Pleased, you cupped his cheeks and kissed him soundly again. He slanted his head and kittenishly licked into your mouth. Startled by the foreign feeling, you gasped, literally stealing the air from his lungs. Leo froze and you immediately went to apologize. Before you could get the words out, his fingers had curled into the bottom of your shirt. He yanked upwards and after a moment of confused flailing, your shirt had been tossed haphazardly into the abyss of long forgotten streamers and balloons.

His digits determinedly dug into the flesh of your sides before gliding up to snap the band of your bra. The unanticipated aggression caught you off guard and your abdominal muscles clenched at the development. Refusing the urge to plead too hot, you matched punch for punch and stripped Leo of his shirt. There was considerable fumbling since he wore long sleeves but it was worth the trouble as you drank in the image of his wide shoulders and thick biceps in his undershirt. Taking it as if your turn was over, Leo smoothed a hand over your upper arm as his fingers tiptoed straight up from your navel to between your breasts. The rush of stimulation made your head spin and only worsened the pleasure you were drowning in.

There was no way you were going to win but you were too stubborn not to try. Incited, you took the delicate skin under Leo’s jaw between your teeth. Open-mouthed bites with your lips followed as you made a path down his throat and between his collarbones. Leo radiated heat as his blood ran hotly with hunger. Hitting fabric, you retraced your steps with more force, sucking and nipping until purple bruises bloomed beneath your lips. You could hear the way he was breathing harder and were glad to have such an effect on him. Running a hand through your hair, you sat back just enough to survey your handiwork. Hickeys littered his pale skin and a faint rosiness had settled in his cheeks. His lips were red and swollen but it was his eyes that started an ache between your legs. They were dark, almost black, and glazed over with raw desire. They saw right through you and made your heart pick up pace.

Sighing, he commented, “You don’t give me a second to rest.” Large hand finding its way to your backside, Leo gave your ass a tight squeeze. His hand lingered on your butt as the bridge of his nose met your shoulder and ran horizontally until he could grip your bra strap with his teeth and slip it down. The move was probably the most sensuous thing you had ever experienced and had your head falling back as tingles shot down your spine. You were going to go crazy you concluded. Leo was going to drive you to madness and you were going to love every bit of it.

Returning his half-lidded stare evenly, you didn’t know what to do next. All you knew was that godforsaken undershirt needed to go and now. A stitch audibly ripped as you all but tore the material off of him. Your mouth watered as you took in Leo’s evident abs. The lines of each muscle were contoured just enough to your liking and you had to swipe at your mouth to make sure you weren’t drooling. Amused by your reaction, Leo piqued an eyebrow. The self-satisfied expression coupled with his bare skin was almost too much to handle. You could feel your folds getting damp and he hadn’t even touched you there yet. Fingers tangling in his bleach blonde hair, you rolled your hips down onto his bulge as your lips grazed just below his ear.

Leo shuddered, feeling the heat from your core on his half-hard length. With unmasked strength, he clutched your hips and delivered a blunt thrust to your center. Amply riled up, you moaned from where you perched your head in the juncture of Leo’s neck and shoulder. Your breath tickled the fine hairs at the base of his scalp and the resonance of your pitched voice spurred him on. His fingers skimmed under the clasp of your bra as he tapped an impatient rhythm against your spine. Torn between just giving in and playing a little more, you opted for the latter. Kissing your way back to his lips, you let your nails rake down his torso and settle on his belt. Without looking, unbuckling the darn thing seemed to be impossible, but you had all the time in the world to try as Leo seemed unwilling to untangle his tongue from yours.

Finally getting his belt undone, you set to work on the button and zipper of his pants which seemed to be considerably easier to deal with. Hard work paying off, you were granted more access. Intentionally slipping your hand over his underwear instead of in it, you rubbed Leo’s growing erection. His back arched ever so slightly and you dipped down to flick your tongue across his nipple. He groaned melodiously and you were immediately addicted to the sound. Teasing complete, you recoiled your hand. Dissatisfied, Leo threw you off of him. Alarmed, you teetered as you got back on your feet, trying to avoid falling backwards on to the coffee table.

Before you could even get upset at the carelessness, Leo was up and over you, hand flat against your shoulder and pressing you down. Body still uncertain if it could correct the disequilibrium, your knees bent at Leo’s command. Less than gently, your back met the cold wooden floor and you shivered. Leo dropped as well, kneeling over you. Your comfortable dress pants meant for long hours of work posed no threat to Leo as they easily slid right off under his persuasive grip. More skin met with unheated floor and you trembled. But then fingers stretched over the tops of your thighs and long thumbs dug in between them far too low to be satisfying. Leo spread your legs as wide as they could go between the sofa and the table, which was adequate enough to fit his narrow hips snuggly against the seat of your panties.

The dominance of it all had you wet enough to feel the cloth of your underwear stick unpleasantly to your folds. Smoothing over your hair far too gently to be comforting, Leo asked, “Hot enough?” The cockiness written all over his face wanted you to admit defeat, but while you were being assaulted from all sides by want, you rejected the idea of losing. As if to reinforce total obedience, Leo drove himself again into you, now fully erect. Whimpering, your toes curled and your hands balled into fists as the undeniable delight rocketed through you.

Leo sunk on to his elbows, enabling him to lap at your over-sensitized neck before biting down hard enough to leave marks. Reaching your breaking point and needing more, you gave. “Too hot,” you mumbled airily, feeling the vibrations of your voice bounce off Leo’s lips and back against your skin. He scoffed and pushed himself up on to his palms. For a horrific moment you thought he was going to up and leave now that he had won. However, that worry quickly disappeared when his hands molded to your breasts and pulled your bra down. He stared at you with his lip caught in his teeth and longing readable in his features. Your pert breasts emerged and instantaneously Leo was squeezing, pinching, and massaging your flesh. Your nerve endings sizzled as he lavished your chest with attention. Reflexively, you twitched, seeking more contact.

Opening your legs further, pushing the table aside with your knee, allowed Leo’s pelvis to sit even more solidly against your core. Your clit throbbed, lust tunneling your vision to nothing but Leo. Leo too had come to the point where he could bear no more. Pushing his pants down only far enough to get his length out, he resettled on his elbows. The moment only allowed a short-lived glimpse at his member, but the sight had you salivating. His cock sprang up to his bellybutton, long and proud and leaking from the tip. Nose to nose, Leo demanded that your eyes never leave his. A single digit pushed aside your panties. Sufficiently wet to soak his erection, he slid effortlessly along your slit. Nearly too much to take after the endless foreplay, your head fell back again in bliss. Unhappy with the broken eye contact, Leo’s fingers tangled in your hair and tugged sharply so that you could once again look only at him.

The rounded head of his dick pressed against your entrance and you had to deliberately relax to accommodate him. A low extended moan was ripped from your vocal cords as Leo sunk centimeter by centimeter into you. Hitting hilt deep, you begged him to stay still as you adjusted to his size. Walls unaccustomed to such a stretch, they fluttered and clenched around his length. Grunting at your tightness, Leo struggled to remain in control. His abs flexed as drew halfway out and slowly plunged back in. You keened, needing to hold onto something and finally finding his arms after searching blindly.

Panting, you felt lightheaded at the ridiculous amount of pleasure coursing through your veins. It should have been impossible for one man to feel so fucking good, but it was Leo, and you shouldn’t have been surprised that he could have you wavering on the edge so quickly. Experimentally, he thrust a bit more powerfully. Hitting your cervix just right, you dug your nails into his biceps and held back a scream. Trying to keep your eyes open was a fight as all you wanted to do was let your eyes roll back when Leo picked up tempo.

In a small retaliation, you canted your hips up, driving him deeper. He groaned, feeling the shift in angle. “Too hot?” you taunted. “Baby, hot enough,” he whispered breathlessly. The jab had him pumping vigorously, getting that one spot that had you seeing stars each time. Matching thrust for thrust, you wailed as your hips moved restlessly to keep up. The build was fast and had you grunting with each snap of Leo’s pelvis until you were wailing brokenly. “I’m already about to lose control,” Leo said through grit teeth and buried his face in your neck, “Just cum.” The command had your thighs shaking and the coil in your stomach winding taut. Nails on the verge of piercing skin, you held on to Leo for dear life as he pressed inside of you hard enough to have you jerking back with every plunge. Tense, everything went tense as you came, back bowed right off of the ground and muscles pulsing rigidly.

Your orgasm gave Leo that last bit of incentive to let go and he pulled out before spilling hotly onto your belly. Trying to catch your breath, you could feel the strain in Leo’s arms relax as he came down from his high. Straightening your spine, you let him collapse on top of you. Sticky, skin clung to skin with sweat. “You’ve melted me,” Leo murmured and gave you a gentle peck on the cheek.

Last Straw / Reggie Mantle

Words: 1112

I was supposed to be meeting Reggie in the student lounge after class but I was running late because my teacher wanted me to stay back. I took my time, knowing he was probably hanging out with his friends while he waited. 

The halls were practically empty as I made my way to the lounge, which meant they were silent-leaving me alone with my thoughts. 

I came face to face with the entrance just as another student was leaving, “Thank you,” I smile as I walk into the room, passing the boy who was holding the door open.

Not expecting to be met with the sight of my boyfriend jumping over the back of the couch aiming for Jughead, I’m brought to a sudden stop.

“Hey, shut the hell up Reggie,” Archie intervenes.

“Boys,” Veronica interjects.

“What do you care, Andrews?” 

“Nothing. Just leave him alone.”

“Holy crap. Did you and Donnie Darko kill him together? Was it some sort of pervy blood-brother thing?”

“Reggie!” I yell out, shocked he would suggest such a thing-but he didn’t hear me. I was merely acknowledged by Veronica and Kevin who both shot me a sympathetic look.

Archie shoves Reggie, an action that angers him. The taller boy pushes back, shoving the redhead against the vending machine and it wasn’t long until Reggie had him on the floor.

“Reggie!” I scream, finally getting his attention. He got back on his feet, stepping away from the boy on the floor-whose friends had already rushed to his aid. “Seriously?” I demand, turning back and storming out of the room. 

I wait in the hallway, expecting him to follow. Soon enough he made his way out of the lounge, hesitantly hovering by the door watching me. 

“I can’t believe you,” I spat. “Why would you do something like that?”

“He pushed me first,” he argued.

I scoff, “You were asking for it, Reggie! You were purposely provoking them!”

“Why do you care?”

“Why do I care?” I scream. “Because they’re my friends and maybe because I’m sick you bullying people; hurting people; putting them down! There’s no point to it, it only causes them harm and makes you look like a douche.” Reggie remains silent, avoiding my eye. “I can’t do this anymore,” I tell him.

His gaze snaps to mine, “What are you saying?”

Seeing him take a step closer, I shut my eyes and take a deep breath. I feel his hand rest on my arm, the other gently pushes my chin upwards. When I finally open my eyes, I’m face to face with him.

“Don’t,” I whisper, stepping away from his hold. A heartbreaking expression crosses his face, making my chest tighten. “I just-” Unable to word what I want to say I release a frustrated groan, running a hand through my hair. The door to the lounge opens revealing Archie, Jughead, Veronica and Kevin. They look over at us, spotting us immediately. “We’ll talk later,” I tell him.

Walking across the hall, I find myself standing in front of the redhead. “Are you okay?” I ask softly, feeling an unexplainable sense of guilt.

Archie offers me a kind smile, “I’m fine.” His eyes flicker behind me and he sends me a questioning look. I shake my head and link my arm with Veronica. 

“We should go,” I suggest.

“(Y/N),” Reggie sighs. “Please.”

“I can’t do this now,” I insist. Hearing the crack in my own voice, my grip on Veronica tightens. “Let’s go to Pop’s,” I mumble, starting to pull the girl along with me.

I press myself further into Veronica’s side after feeling her arm wrap around my shoulder. “Did you want to to talk about it?” she asks me. The sound of Jughead typing away on his computer momentarily stops as he glances our way. “Did you two have a fight?”

I nod, taking a quick sip of my milkshake. “I’m just so over it all.”

“Over Reggie?” Jughead asks, raising an eyebrow, looking completely confused.

“Of course not,” I sigh. “I love Reggie. I just can’t stand his behaviour. Sometimes his actions…I just can’t accept that side of him. He can’t expect me to either,” I reason. “It’s not right what he does.”

“But he’s not like that with you,” Archie offers.

“That’s not enough. He can’t be one way with me and completely different to the rest of the world. It doesn’t work like that. I don’t want to be that girl and expect him to change for me. I would never ask him to do that. But he needs to grow up. He needs to see his words and actions can have serious consequences.”

“Maybe you should-” Archie’s words are cut off, distracted by something behind me.

Turning around in my seat, I find Reggie walking towards us. He stops when he’s at our table, his gaze meeting mine. “I’m sorry,” he says quietly. 

“I’m not the one you should be apologising to.”

Reggie’s jaw clenches, looking over at the two boys sitting opposite me. “I’m sorry for today. And all the days beforehand,” he sighs. 

“Are you apologising because you think it will make me happy or because you actually mean it?” I ask crossing my arms.

He closes his eyes, “Both? I don’t know.”


“No,” he interrupts. “I’m sorry, okay? I hate that I was stupid enough to give in to my anger when I should have handled everything differently, I hate that I hurt my teammate, but most of all I hate that you’re mad with me and that you just walked off before without actually talking with me-that you’re disappointed in me and that you’re questioning our relationship.”

“Remember to breathe,” I mumble, turning my attention to my hands in my lap.

Veronica lets out a small chuckle and squeezes my shoulder before unwrapping her arm from me. Out of the corner of my eye I see Reggie sink to his knees beside me. “(Y/N)?” he asks. “Please forgive me. I promise I’ll make it up to you. I’ll make it up to Archie and Jughead, too.”

His hand rests on my knee and I grab hold of it, clutching it tightly with both og my hands. “I’m sorry, too,” I admit.

“You have nothing to be sorry for.”

“I do,” I nod.

“Fine. Then I forgive you, just please-look at me.”

Lifting my head, I’m met with Reggie’s hopeful expression. I kiss his forehead quickly and rest mine against his. He lets out a breath of relief and squeezes my hand. “I love you,” he whispers.

“Sorry to break up this…momentous occasion,” Jughead speaks, “but I think all our drinks need a refill.” 

The Playbook (Jughead Jones X Reader) prt. 2

summary- Reggie puts the reader in the playbook and Jughead finds out. Things go down, but not without a little romance first.

warnings- fluff, fighting, kissing.

requested- no but I got positive feedback on part one!

A/N- i have a math benchmark tomorrow wooooo kms. 

Read part one or this will make no sense! 

part 1

You ran after Jughead. Ran into the school. Into the student lounge. 

You stopped yourself in the door entrance, looking at the scene.

An angry Jughead, yelling at an angry Reggie. Archie was trying to stop them, but it wasn’t working. Betty, Veronica and Kevin stood anxiously away from the scene, all with frightened looks on their faces.

“You idiot!” Jughead was yelling at Reggie.

They were both standing by the vending machine, all in each others grill.

“No, it seems like your the idiot here!” Reggie shot back, “You just can’t understand that your crush wanted a good time. With me! And not you!”

“She didn’t do anything with you!” Jughead spat.

“Oh ya? Got any proof?” Reggie said, cockily.

That was it, Jughead launched himself at Reggie. 

Reggie was not expecting it, and Jughead hit him in the nose, hard.

Blood gushed from Reggie nose and he grunted in pain, stumbling backwards.

“You’re gonna pay for that!” Reggie yelled and tried to attack Jughead.

“Jughead!” You and the rest of the gang yelled as Reggie’s fist collided with Jughead’s eye.

Jughead stumbled back, holding his eye in pain.

“Oh my god!” You exclaimed and rushed over to him as the rest of the gang did too. 

“See, you got what you deserved, dim whit.” Reggie said, still holding his bleeding nose.

you turned to Reggie.

“Get out of here!” You yelled and he did as you said, with the rest of the football team, laughing their way won the halls.

You kneeled beside Jughead who was now sitting not the ground.

“God, Jug, I told you not to do it.” Archie said as he shook his head.

“Worth it.” Jughead said flatly.

“You shouldn’t have done that.” You told him.

He looked up at you, with his green eyes. 

“Yes, I did…Even if I got beat up a bit, it was worth it.” He told you.

You smiled at him. You then touched his bruised eye.

He winced in pain, “Ow,” 

“Sorry!” You replied, taking your hand back.

Veronica then butted in, “We are going to get ice. You guys can… Stay here.”

And the rest of the gang went out of the room to get ice, leaving you and Jughead alone in the quite and empty room.

Veronica knew when something romantic as going on, so she obviously sensed the vibe and left you two alone. And you were relived about it. 

You needed to talk about that kiss.

“Juggie, I’m really sorry about your eye.” You told him as you sat beside him, resting our back on the wall.

“It’s ok.” He responded.

There was a moments silence before you shifted uncomfortably and said, “The kiss.” 

He turned to you, looking into your eyes.

“The kiss was… A kiss.” you said awkwardly. 

Jughead chuckled, “Ya.” 

“Ok, I’m sorry about that, I was caught up in the moment.” You assured him.

“It’s ok…” He replied, then silence, and then, “I liked it.”

You quickly turned to him. “You did?” 

He nodded.

You giggled, “Ya, uh, I did too.” 

He laughed and so did you. It was weird, having feelings for one of your best friends.

He then took your face in his hands and brung your lips to his. A soft and loving kiss. You broke away and rested your foreheads on one another’s.

“Wow!” What is going on here?” A loud and sarcastic voice came from the doorway. 

“Oh hey Ronnie…” You said as the gang came into the room.

“I knew it.” She said, “Yep, I just knew it.”

And you knew something too. You had the best friends and the best new boyfriend in the whole world.

The Journey - Part One

Hey everyone,

So, I am starting this new project based on something that I am sure every Omelia fan can relate :) I am positive that, just like me, throughout the past three seasons you have wondered many times over what happened in between episodes.

For example, how exactly did Owen and Amelia end up in an on call room in the beginning of episode 11x16? How did they go from having pizza at the end of 12x10 to waking up together in bed in episode 12x12? So much happened in between the lines but we never got to see it.

Whoever follows my My Boys Universe knows that it follows up with Omelia’s married life, right after their wedding on the 12x24 finale. But instead of going forward with Owen and Amelia’s lives, this time we will take a look back and basically go through the developments that happened offscreen between the episodes. And just like in MB, everything that happened on the show, happened. I don’t change what’s canon. I merely add. Everything Amelia and Owen lived before and after these scenes have also happened in these stories. As always, I will remain loyal to the show. 

Before each new part, I will explain the timeline in which it sets and we will move forward little by little.

And now, I invite you to explore with me the missing parts of Owen and Amelia’s interactions, from their first encounter, through their ups and downs, all the way to their wedding day and subsequently, their married life.

This is called The Journey.


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“Don’t Call Me a Midget!”

A Brett Talbot imagine.

You got up from your lunch table and walked over to the vending machines in the hall outside of the lunch room, pulling out your wallet to buy a bottle of water. As you did, someone came up next to you, but you thought nothing of it, thinking they were just going to get something from the machine next to the one you were at. 

“Oh, hey, it’s you!” the person said and you immediately knew who it was. You glanced up, locking eyes with Brett Talbot. “Short stuff,” he laughed. 

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Mine: Finale (Part 3): “You Are the Best Thing That’s Ever Been Mine”

A/N: After three days and just shy of 2,000 words, part three is here! I hope everyone’s enjoyed reading this series… I’ve also included an epilogue as a bonus. Message me for anything :) Much love x

Part One: “We’re Taking On the World Together”

Part Two: “We’ve Got Nothing Figured Out”

“Three-month-old female,” one of the EMT in the ambulance spoke into a walkie-talkie, “unable to breathe. Had an allergic reaction to a prescribed antibiotic. Stand by for drop-off.”

“Oh God,” you cried. Tears welded up in your eyes at the sight of your baby daughter with an oxygen mask over her nose, IV needles inserted into her tiny arms, and the sound of her small gasps of air. Rosy’s skin was pale, her green eyes closed. The only part of her moving was her stomach.

You buried your face into Harry’s chest as he enclosed his arms around you. Muffled sobbing came out of you while Harry was completely silent. It took every bone, every muscle, every nerve in his body to keep himself from falling apart. “She’ll be okay,” he managed to choke out.

Rosy was undressed and left only in her diapers. One of the EMT men took an antihistamine and injected it into Rosy’s left thigh. You squirmed at the sight. You felt every needle they put inside Rosy. Everything your daughter felt, you felt.

Around 4:30 in the morning you arrived at the hospital, just minutes after paramedics received your call. The sky was still dark and the air cool and misty. The ambulance doors swung open, and Rosy was transferred onto a stretcher and taken into the emergency room by a team of nurses. You and Harry jumped out of the ambulance and followed quickly. The nurses took Rosy through a set of double doors.

“I’m sorry,” a male nurse said, stopping you in your tracks. “You have to stay here.”

“We’re her parents,” you tried to look through the small rectangular windows of the double doors, the sight of the stretcher fading.

The male nurse shook his head, “We can’t let you in at this time. We’ll keep you posted. Please have a seat, and wait here.”

“It’s alright, luv,” Harry said, wrapping an arm around your shoulders. “Okay, we’ll wait here,” he told the nurse, “Please make sure our daughter’s alright.”

The nurse nodded then entered through the double doors.

“Baby, let’s take a seat,” Harry suggested. He motioned to the empty chairs at the corner of the emergency room.

You must have looked a mess that morning. Your eyes bloodshot from crying for hours—first after your big fight with Harry then again inside the ambulance. Pieces of your hair was falling out of your already messy bun. Harry didn’t look great himself. Exhaustion was written all over him. Dark circles formed under his eyes. He threw dirty clothes on just before paramedics arrived.

A few individuals waiting in the emergency room eyed you and Harry, probably wondering why you both looked familiar— or Harry, at least. Granted, they had bigger problems to worry about than where they had seen the curly haired man before. But at that moment, he definitely looked worse in person.

Media vans began to pull up on the streets.This was the last thing you needed. The rest of whole world judging your poor mothering skills. As if your husband wasn’t enough.

“Mum,” Harry said, holding his phone to his ear. “Mum— We’re at the hospital.”

“What!” You heard Anne yell through the phone. You couldn’t decipher the muffled words that followed after.

“Rosy had an allergic reaction. She couldn’t breathe,” Harry explained to a frantic Anne. “No, we didn’t… yes, bu’—… I don’t know, Mum.” Harry shut his eyes and rested his head on the wall. He listened to his mother speak, responding with a mixture of “Mhmm,” “Yeh,” and “I don’t know”. “Alrigh’, see you soon,” Harry finally said before hanging up.

“What did she say?” you asked Harry.

“Mum, Robin, and Gemma are on their way,” he said. “Luv, about what I said earlier, I—“

You stood up from you seat. “I’m going to take a walk,” you said abruptly before walking outside of the emergency room. “Could I join you?” Harry tried asking. You shook your head. “Alone,” you added. Harry nodded and watched you at you go. His head fell to his hands, tears finally breaking through him. “Christ,” he cursed, rubbing his eyes in frustration. He felt completely defeated.

The two things he valued more than anything were drifting farther and farther away from him.

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Originally posted by peridoxxx

Jonghyun X Reader X Taemin

Word Count: 1,237

Summary: Taemin confronts you about an incident.

A/N: This is part two of The Hustle, but if you didn’t read that I don’t think its too big a big deal; there really isn’t much Jonghyun in this part, but don’t worry there will be later.

Warnings: Pretty Angsty, Guns, implied smut, drinking, cursing

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Dont tell!

My husband often thinks I just fuck and suck master off at work or home. He doesn’t know that twice a week or more I go to drain masters two sons from another women. I suck there cocks usually, swallow and clean and drain the remaining seed then leave. Somtimes they want to fuck and I never deny them unless its period time. Even then I would if they wanted.

Then I see Marcus usually twice a month in a hotel. I spend the night and say I am baby sitting my nephew so he gets every use out of me as he can. I suck him to life and he eventually pulls away to fuck me. He will take me for 20 mins and leave my pussy ruined and swollen. After that he always finishes in my ass. He gets off knowing that I have never let a white man fuck my ass only eat it. I take it like a good slut untill he pulls out and claims me by seeding my face and taking pictures. After I shower I give him a passionate round of cock worshipping starting at his balls It takes about 40 minutes before he uses my face to fuck and empties his load down my thoat. We sleep naked and in the morning he mounts me and roughly uses me and degrades me. Last time he slapped me with his hand four or five times as well as with his cock as I chase it. He dosent know much of my husband but enjoys making me do things like hold my ring in my mouth while He seeds it and me or having me fuck the bed post while he uses my mouth. He even had me lick his ass in my wedding dress that he has me bring . He likes me to take his load in a shot glass and drink it or masterbate with it. He makes me stay naked and puts a leash on my choker has me walk like a dog on all fours with no top on to the vending machines in the hotel.

Another guy is from the grocery store and he had seduced me to his car one day so now we both go at the same time each week so I can have him unload in my mouth and give me a happy belly😍

My Husband has no idea and I like it he even got some really fucked up pictures of me being fucked by two Black realtor’s in a empty house that kept holding Black power fists up and saying nasty things to my husband threw the video.

anonymous asked:

how would the boys react to their usually sleepy s/o falling asleep in weird places? :o (ex. standing up, on the table, drapped on the tv) this blog brings me life btw i love all of u mods!! :')

This hits home for me…

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TalesFromTheFrontDesk: "Owner only knows if you tell him!"

There’s this douchey sort of dude staying with us right now. He seems to think we’re friends because we shot the shit about tattoos yesterday. Today I caught him turning on the juice machine. We only offer juice during breakfast.

Bran- I’m sorry sir, we only offer juice during breakfast.

Douche- Oh, you do?

Yeah, that would be why it’s off.

Bran- Yeah, sorry.

Douche- Why is that?

So that you’ll buy the (actually very reasonably priced) drinks from the vending machine instead. No, but seriously. Can of Rockstar for $1.50, that’s cheaper than the gas station.

Bran- It’s the owner’s policy.

Douche- Owner only knows if you tell him!

Cue a very forced, thin lipped smile from me. As thin as my lips get anyway, I’ve got like Angelina Jolie lips over here. Makes me look like I’m pouting all the time. But to be fair I frequently am.

Bran- I’m sorry sir, but the juice is only available during breakfast. We have free coffee available all day. You’re welcome to as much of that as you’d like.

Douche- What if I just take one cup?

What if you just take ‘no’ for an answer like a big boy?

Bran- Sir, if I let you have juice outside of breakfast, I’d have to let anyone who asked.

Because you’re not special, you just think you are.

Douche- I’m not going to tell anyone.

That’s because you’ll have nothing to tell them.

Bran- I don’t make exceptions to the rules, sir.

Unless you give me a terribly compelling reason. Which you have not done.

Eventually he gave in, after whining about it with another guest who came in for coffee. Then when another guest left in a huff because I couldn’t make change for him he gave me shit.

Go throw a tantrum somewhere else dude.

By: mstarrbrannigan


{mingyu and reader, fluff}

In this world that you’re living in, there’s this special connection between two persons and it has been named “soulmates”, a very special affinity shared by two that no science can explain. Soulmates are found to have a cold and warm touch each, along with colours of their own. The only way to know the colour and type of touch of your soulmate is when there is physical contact involved. Once there is a touch, both your individual colours will have a faded tint of the other person’s colour, and the person with the cold touch will feel warmth, while the one with a warm touch will feel a slight cold sensation. The colours are located on the collarbones of everyone but will only show after the touch.

You have an aquatic cold blue touch and you get cold easily hence you always have a jacket with you wherever you go. You knew that your soulmate would be someone of a warm touch and you envied how people of warm touches need not feel cold all the time. On the other hand you found it really cute how your soulmate can bring you warmth, an experience you’ve longed for.

It was a new start in university and you made your way to school feeling excited about this new beginning, meeting new people, and learning new things. On the way to the classroom, you saw new faces, and a thought of your soulmate popped in your mind.

“Will my soulmate be here as well?” you thought quietly as you looked around but the thought vanished when you reached the class. You were slightly nervous as you entered the room with almost half the class sitting down, some already making new friends, while some doing their own thing. You walked up the stairs and took a seat in the fourth row. There were a few students seated a few seats away from you and you waited for more students and the lecturer to arrive.

As you were looking through your phone while waiting, someone took the seat beside you. You looked up and saw a very good looking guy, he had black hair and his fringe was styled up that showed his forehead. Your heart skipped a beat and you gave him a polite smile, in which he returned one. During this whole time while sitting next to him, you felt a sensation throughout your body, a very faint warmth was flowing in your blood, but the thought of him being your soulmate didn’t occur. You noticed him looking over at you from time to time, and you were blushing a little, probably because he’s cute.

Soon, everyone, including the lecturer arrived. He introduced himself and welcomed all the students in embarking on a new journey as university students. Since it was the first day, he didn’t start teaching, just went through the overview of the module, and some module information. While he was speaking, you felt really cold, and kept rubbing your hands together to keep yourself warm. In addition, you put on your jacket as well, something you’d never get rid of. You were so engrossed in the speech that you didn’t realise that the boy beside you had been stealing glances at you. After an hour or so, everyone had to leave for their next module, and you smiled at him before leaving. You wondered if you would see him again, as everyone’s courses were different, hence having different modules, and chances of seeing one another again wasn’t very high.

You had some time before the next class so you decided to get some food and walk around the school, and little did you expect, you bumped into the same guy that sat beside you. You were going to get a drink from the vending machine when you realised that you didn’t have enough coins, and just when you were about to press the refund button, someone from behind added in the amount that you were short of. You turned around and saw that it was the guy earlier on.

“Oh hey it’s you, thanks,” you smiled and now you took a better look at him and boy, he was so tall, you were only about the height of his shoulders, and he was wearing ripped jeans, one of your favourite.

“Welcome,” he shot you a smile and his vampire teeth were visible.

“I’m mingyu, you are?” he suddenly asked as you took your drink.


“That’s a really nice name. By the way, which course are you in?”

“Psychology, and you?”

“Same! I’m also taking psychology,”

You couldn’t help but smile at the fact that you would be seeing him every day. With that, both of you walked to class together, and sat beside each other again.

“So, I’ll see you tomorrow?” he asked after class had ended.

You nodded as you packed your stuff. You noticed that he seemed to be hesitant about wanting to ask you something so you looked at him, prompting him to say whatever he wanted.

“Wanna meet for lunch before class? Since it starts at 1.30pm tomorrow,” mingyu gave you a hopeful look, really wanting to hang out with you.

“Sure,” both of you exchanged numbers and you left school feeling all happy and smiley because you made a new friend who so happened was in the same course. 

He texted you that night to arrange for lunch and ended up texting about other things till it was late, and you fell asleep before replying. The next day, you overslept a little so you rushed and ended up leaving your jacket at home. You didn’t realise until you were in the bus, on the way to meet mingyu.

Shucks, what are you going to do now? You’re going to get really cold later. You sighed at the thought of it and at that moment you hated the soulmate idea. A text from mingyu disrupted your thoughts.

“I’m here already”

“I’m in the bus! Another 10 mins, sorry!!”

You alighted at the stop and walked quickly to find mingyu. You saw a tall good looking mingyu leaning against the wall using his phone. He was wearing his usual black ripped jeans, but this time he wore an coffee brown sleeveless top that showed off his toned arms, and you suddenly wondered if he was a cold or warm touch, and what colour he was.

“Hey! Sorry I’m late!” you apologised as you walked towards him.

“It’s fine,” he smiled and the both of you went to grab lunch.

After eating, both of you took a bus to school and you sat on the inner seat while mingyu took the outer one. The air conditioner was directly above you and you started to feel cold, but you tried to ignore it. You rubbed your palms together and crossed your arms, biting your lower lip, wishing you could hurry get off. Mingyu noticed so he took a jacket from his bag and handed it to you. You mouthed a thank you and just as you were taking the jacket from him, your hand brushed against his. You quickly put on his jacket and you felt a warm gush of blood being pumped out from your heart into the rest of your body.

After brushing your hand against his, mingyu felt a cold sensation around his body, especially his heart, and before you put on his jacket, he noticed something on your collarbones. Your colour was visible, he saw the aquatic blue, and that was not only it. He saw his own colour on you, his coffee brown faintly overlapping yours. He knew he was warm, and seeing that you felt cold, he assumed that you were the opposite of him. If you really were cold, that means you were his soulmate.

“What’s wrong?” you asked after seeing his reaction.

“Your-” before he could reply, both of you had to get off the bus.

As you stood up, you realised how big his jacket was and it actually looked good on you, even mingyu thought so.

“You look good in my jacket,” mingyu complimented you and forgot about the issue earlier.

“Thanks, guess I’m gonna steal it from you,” you teased.

While waiting for lesson to start, both of you were randomly talking about things when your arm brushed against his again, and your collarbones reflecting the colours again. This time round, you saw his collarbones with coffee brown and a little of your aquatic blue. You frowned and stared at his collarbones, and a you suddenly felt so warm.

“Your collarbones… my colour…” you muttered as you touched the colours.

“You have it too,” mingyu said and looked into your eyes, “just now in the bus i gave you my jacket, we touched, and I saw my colour on yours,”

“Coffee brown?” you asked.

“Yeah, and yours aquatic blue?”

You nodded, not knowing what to say. You didn’t expect mingyu to be your soulmate, and it probably explained why the both of you had affinity and became friends on the first day of meeting each other.

“Wow,” you muttered.

“Your colour is so beautiful, I always had a thing for blue, especially a colour like yours, and I secretly hoped that my soulmate would have this colour,” mingyu broke into a smile and held your hand that was resting on the table.

“Your colour is so cool… coffee brown, and guess what, I love coffee a lot,” you grinned.

“How is it like being cold?” he asked, looking very worried, knowing that you must have had a terrible time dealing with being cold and always having to bring a jacket no matter where you go.

“It was very tough initially, but I got used to it, it’s okay, just a little troublesome bringing a jacket along,” you laughed and continued, “what about you? having to deal with heat all the time, is that why you’re in this?” you teased and pointed to his sleeveless top.

“It’s tiring, it’s so hot all the time, sometimes I wish I was cold,”

“Oh no, you wouldn’t. I wanna be warm, but I guess the grass is always greener on the other side,” you shrugged.

“And now that we have found each other, we’re complete, we have the best of both worlds,” mingyu said.

He looked into your eyes and you looked into his, and you muttered loud enough for him to hear “I can’t believe we’re soulmates,”

“Why? Did I not meet your expectation?” mingyu asked, sounding a little worried.

“No, you are… more than what I could ever ask for,”

“I didn’t expect my soulmate to be this cute and beautiful,” mingyu patted your head and caused you to break into a shy smile.

The colours on both your collarbones were reflecting faintly, and even though both of you just met not long, it seemed as though you knew mingyu for a long time, and he felt the same. The feelings were so strong and unexplainable. This soulmate tradition does wonders and the power of affinity is indeed very strong and nothing can explain the science behind it.


Funkytown, Part Four.

A/N: I haven’t written a part for Funkytown in a LONG time, so I hope it still carries the same type of vibe. Enjoy! (Oh and the gifs depict them MUCH younger than they are here, sorry!) 

Warning: Kidnapping, fire

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

A hand covered your mouth as you screamed and thrashed against whoever was pulling you.

“I’m gonna kill you!” You shouted against his hand. The man lifted you up and threw you into the trunk of a car. Then it became dark.

You pressed your palms against the trunk door and tried to push. Then you raised your knees and tried to kick it open, but you couldn’t even dent the damn thing.

When the car finally stopped you tried screaming, maybe a passerby would hear. Instead your throat was left dry, and voice hoarse.

“Castiel” you whispered to yourself, “Help me.”

– –

Sam and Dean practically ran to the Impala.

“Wait!” Ben shouted swinging open the door of the car. “I’m coming with you.”

“No. You aren’t.” Dean said.

“I know you aren’t from this time, Dad.” Ben began. Dean blinked at being called dad.

“But right now I’m a hunter. And a pretty good one too.”

“I understand that, Ben.” Dean said, “But this is too dangerous. You don’t know this demon like we do.”

“I don’t care!” He shouted, “It took Y/N! She’s all I have!”

Sam clenched his jaw. “Get in.”

Ben sat in the backseat quickly.

Dean looked at his brother with wide eyes.

“What would you do if the demon took me?” Sam asked Dean. “They’re just like us.”

To that, Dean started the car and began to drive.

– –

Finally, a crack of light entered the car. You looked up and saw the man who took you earlier. His eyes flashed black and you kicked him in the stomach.

“Bitch.” He mumbled and grabbed your arms. He quickly gagged you, his harsh hands were tying the cloth tightly against your head.

You looked around and saw suburbs. The demon’s hand squeezed your arm and began dragging towards the front of a house.

It looked strangely familiar.

The demon opened the door and all you saw was dust. This house had been empty for a while.

In one swift motion he pulled the cloth out from your mouth.

“Don’t make a sound.” He commanded and shoved a knife against your side. The tip of it pressed through your skin quickly and you winced. Blood dripped onto the floor.

He grabbed your other arm and began pushing you up the steps.

You moved one foot in front of the other until you were taken to a small room upstairs. A window faced the street you were just walking across beforehand.

“You’re a spitting image of your daddy.” A voice sounded from the other end of the room. You swallowed harshly and stood up straight.

“I’ll take that as a compliment.” You answered, voice still raw.

The voice chuckled.

You stood silently. The floor began to creak as the his figure stepped out from the shadowed corner.

The first thing you noticed were his eyes. A bright yellow that sent chills up your spine.

“Oh, I never properly introduced myself.” He stepped closer to you, “I’m Azazel.” He stuck his hand out.

You stood still.

He dropped his hand and smiled, “Same attitude, too.”

“Why don’t you take a seat?” He said and you were instantly thrown into a chair by the window. You tried to move but his demonic force kept you down.

“Why do you need me?” You asked.

“When the news that Sam Winchester had a child spread throughout Hell, I knew I had to get out. It took a long time, sweetie. But I’m here.” Azazel grabbed another old chair and sat directly in front of you.

“You see, I realized quickly that the news of Sam’s child wasn’t exactly what I thought. It turns out… you weren’t even born yet. Your arrival rippled time so deeply that Hell felt it.” He leaned back and smiled at you.

“So while I was looking for a little baby, I was wasting my time.”

“Sir” The demon in the corner began to speak. Azazel waved his hand and the demon was shoved against the wall. The knife he held up to you earlier skid across the floor.

“Never interrupt a good story.” He looked at the demon.

“Anyways” the yellow eyed demon continued, “It didn’t take long to find you after that. I had my people watching Sam for weeks. Finally you cropped up again and now here you are! Perfect plan, huh?”

The clock on the wall ticked away second after second. And then you heard a familiar noise.

“You shouldn’t have stopped your demon from talking.” You smiled up at Azazel. “He can hear it, too.”

Azazel stood up and looked out the window. The Impala’s engine was roaring in the driveway.

– –

“Do you think she’s in there?” Ben asked.

“Only one way to find out.” Dean got out of the car and opened the trunk.

Sam and Ben followed.

“We don’t have the colt.” Sam looked at Dean who clenched his jaw.

“Use the blade.” Dean said and Sam nodded.

Ben stood next to Dean, just about his height, and Sam watched his nephew reach in and grab Dean’s gun.

“It’s so clean.” Ben turned the weapon over in his hands.

“Of course it is. It’s mine.” Dean opened his hand.

“In this time, it’s mine.” Ben smiled and switched the safety off.

“I hate time travel.” Dean mumbled and slammed the trunk.

– –

“Let the games begin!” Azazel exclaimed.

The front door to the house came down with a crash.

“Keep them busy.” Azazel said and the demon nodded, running down the steps. In seconds you heard a fight ensue, then a body drop.

“Well, this is fun. I could’ve killed you a hundred times today but this…this is worth the wait.“ Azazel turned to you with a sick smile. Suddenly you were off the chair and your back hit the wall.

“Y/N!” You heard your dad’s voice screaming. “Y/N!” His feet pounded up the stairs as you were dragged higher up the wall.

Sam swung the door to his old nursery open and stopped breathing.

“Stop!” He shouted and froze. 

“You grew up so fast!” Yellow eyes smiled at Sam. “Say, when did you grow your hair out?”

“Dad!” You screamed as you felt yourself sliding onto the ceiling.

Dean and Ben ran into the room. Dean looked at Sam with fear. You’d never seen your uncle afraid. 

Why was the room getting so hot? Why couldn’t you scream anymore?

You watched Ben shoot at Azazel but the demon wouldn’t stop.

Sam watched flames dance around the ceiling and his legs couldn’t hold him up anymore. 

The room was getting hotter.

Your stomach was hurting and you couldn’t move. It was becoming unbearably hot.

Uncle Dean tackled the yellow eyed demon. Sam snapped out of it and stabbed  yellow eyes in the chest. Over, and over, and over again until Dean pulled him off. 

Immediately you went tumbling down and into Ben’s open arms. It was so hard to breathe.

Slowly he lowered you down and lifted up your shirt.

“She’s losing a lot of blood.” Ben looked up at his uncle. “She needs to go to the hospital.”

Sam quickly lifted you into his arms and ran down the stairs. He laid you down in the backseat of the Impala.

“Can you hear me?” He squeezed your hand. You squeezed it back.

Dean floored the pedal and sped his way towards the hospital.

“It was so hot” you whispered, “Why was it so hot?”

Sam didn’t answer.

Ben looked into the backseat where you lay.

“She’s a lot stronger than you think.” He said. “Y/N’s been through a lot. She’ll pull through this also.” He said, half to himself.

Dean rolled up to the emergency entrance quickly and Sam slid out of the car.

Ben climbed into the backseat and pulled you out before picking you up. He ran through the front doors.

Sam and Dean ran in closely behind him.

All the nurses rushed over. Two lifted you from Ben’s arms and onto a gurney. Sam and Ben began to follow it but were pushed aside while you were rolled into a room.

“Dammit!” Sam shouted, slamming his hands on the door.

“Let’s go.” Ben brought Sam to the waiting room where Dean was already sitting.

Sam sat next to his brother while Ben took the seat directly across.

“How did she look?” Dean asked.

Sam was too busy staring at your blood stain on Ben’s shirt.

“She’ll pull through” Ben answered for his uncle. “She’s had worse injuries.”

“What?” Sam stared at Ben. “Worse?”

Dean looked at his younger brother.

“What do you mean worse?” Sam leaned forward. “Yellow eyes tried to murder her like he did Mom!” Sam shouted and a couple seated behind him turned around.

Ben clenched his jaw.

“Neither of you ever told me how she died.” Ben gripped the armrests of the chair and stood up, walking towards the hallway.

Dean looked down at his hands. Sam threw his head back and sat silently.

It took hours until a nurse came into the waiting room.

“Mr. Braeden?” She asked and Ben stood up. “You may see her now.”

Sam elbowed Dean who got up.

“You two family?” The nurse stopped Sam and Dean before entering your room.

“Yes.” Sam answered harshly and opened your door.

Ben sat at the foot of your bed.

“Y/N” Sam said and sat in the chair.

“Hi” you whispered. Bandages were wrapped around your stomach, and Sam stared at the burns on your fingers.

A knock sounded on the door. Dean opened it for the nurse.

“She’s lost a lot of blood. Her hands and legs suffer severe burns. How did you say this happened again?” The nurse asked.

“Some guy grabbed her in an alley and when we finally found her…” Ben said.

The nurse nodded and exited the room.

“I’m sorry.” Sam said suddenly.

Ben furrowed his brows.

“For what?”

“I was rude to you earlier. You’ve been taking better care of her than I ever could.” Sam tucked his hair behind his ears. “Thank you.”

Dean gripped his son’s shoulder and nodded in agreement.

“We should let her rest.” Ben stood up and opened the door.

“You coming?” Dean raised a brow at Sam.

“I’ll wait for her to wake up completely.”

Dean shrugged and asked Ben something about a vending machine as they left.

An hour passed before you were able to speak again.

“Dad?” You whispered, looking at your sleeping father. “Dad!”

Sam’s eyes shot open and he smiled at you.

“How you holding up?”

“Pretty good.” You gripped the bed bar to lift yourself up only to gasp and let go.

“Your hands are burned badly.” Dad said.

“They’ll heal.” You said and Sam placed another pillow behind you to lean you up.

“I’ll have to leave soon, Y/N. And Dean.”

“I know.”

“But I want you to know what happened.” Sam pulled his chair closer to you. For the next half hour, you lay there listening to your father tell you everything from the start. You went through what killed the grandmother you never met. You listened as he told you about how Azazel pinned all the children he tainted against each other, and how that got him killed.

“I never knew.”

“I thought you should. I don’t know why we never told you while you were growing up.”

You shrugged.

“Sam?” Dean swung the door open. “Cas is here.”

“I guess this is goodbye” You said.

Dean walked over and gave you a hug.

“Get better” he said and you smiled up at him.

Sam leaned down and placed a kiss on your forehead before hugging you.

“I’ll visit again soon” you whispered and he nodded. “I promise.”


High School!Au Series

Word Count: 2130

Genre: Fluff

(A/N): 神祕 (shenmi) means “mysterious” in Chinese. Also, “Seo Myungho” is the Korean version of Xu Minghao.

The melodic riffs of a xylophone sounded off on your phone. That alarm sound was supposed to be calming, possibly even pleasant to wake up to. But sadly, it was yet another cruel reminder that school was going to start, and that you needed to go. Thankfully though, it was Friday and the week would soon be coming to an end.

In the midst of going about your morning routine, you received a seemingly random text from Jeonghan. It read,

“I’ve got big news!!”

Seeing that Jeonghan was among the less excitable of your friends, you believed that his news was actually big. In return, you texted him,

“What is it”

“Wow (Y/N) don’t sound so excited”

“Sorry.. I’m just tired”

“Ok well then I guess you’re not gonna hear my big news, Sleepyhead”

“If it’s that you’re pregnant with Seungcheol’s child, believe me, it’s not news”

Unsurprisingly, you didn’t receive any other texts from Jeonghan after that.

Finally arriving at school, you spotted your long-haired friend as soon as you entered the lobby. He was standing against a wall, conversing with a freshman girl. Undoubtedly, he was trying to reject her without crushing her heart too much. As the girl walked away, Jeonghan’s gazed shifted toward you, his expression lighting up as he called out your name.


“What’s up, Jeonghan?” You asked.

“I have something to tell you,” He began, “Well, I had something to tell you before you were so rude to me earlier.”

“Listen, I’m not in the mood. I’ve had a long week so just tell me.” You stated, earnestly.

“Remember my Chinese penpal from a while back, Junhui?” He asked.

“Of course.”

“Well, he’s finally coming to our school! His plane landed last night, so he and another student are going to be staying here for a semester.”

Hearing this, you opened your mouth and widened your eyes, in an attempt to look excited. Although, this big news of Jeonghan’s didn’t really concern you in any way, so your facial expression didn’t match your actual emotion. In a second attempt to seem interested, you asked the first question that came to your mind.

“What’s the other student’s name?”

“I’m not sure, but Mingyu would definitely know. The second Chinese student was Mingyu’s penpal.”

With the abrupt interruption of the first period bell, the conversation was cut short as you and Jeonghan headed to your respective classes.

After you’d somehow drifted through seven classes, the bell rang again signaling the start of eighth period. You skipped happily out of the classroom, knowing that eighth period was special because you had lunch. Feeling adventurous, you stopped at the vending machine on the way to the cafeteria, to buy a bottle of water. You bent down to collect your change from the machine, and as soon as you turned around, you noticed two unfamiliar faces. Remembering what Jeonghan had told you earlier in the day, you realized that the two boys must’ve been the foreign exchange students from China. The two were both quite handsome, and one appeared older than the other. The younger of the two noticed your blank stare in their direction, and waved at you. Though it was embarrassing, you also felt welcomed since the boy was so friendly to you.

When you finally managed to snap out of your half-trance, you were already in the doorway of the cafeteria. Peering around, you discovered Joshua seated at a table by himself. Just as you sat next to him, Mingyu appeared at the table. Beside him stood the two boys you saw at the vending machine before.

“Hey guys, these are the exchange students from China, Minghao and Junhui.” Said Mingyu.

Mingyu gestured for the two boys to sit down, and they complied whilst greeting you and Joshua.

“I’m Junhui.” Said the older of the two, with the wave of his hand.

“Hi, my name is Minghao.” Said the younger, an infectious smile upon his face.

As he looked to you, he most likely remembered you from the vending machine, and shot you a special smile. You tried your hardest not to blush, but Minghao was so endearing.

One-by-one, the rest of the guys began to sit down at the lunch table. Everyone was chatting innocently amongst themselves, then suddenly, the final member of your friend group bursted into the room.

“JISOO, I’M RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT.” Exclaimed Seungcheol as he slammed his registration form onto the table.

As you watched the expression on Joshua’s face turn sour, you decided that you didn’t want to be involved in yet another of the boys’ soap operas. You collected your backpack and water bottle and got up from your seat.

“I’ll see you guys later,” You said, putting your backpack over your shoulder, “I have to go to the library.”

“Can we come?” Asked Minghao, gesturing to himself and Mingyu.

“We both have to write essays about our experiences as penpals.” He added.

“Actually,” Mingyu began while reading Seungcheol’s election registration form, “I’m going to write mine at home, but you should go. The library is in the part of school I didn’t get to show you earlier. (Y/N), you wouldn’t mind showing him around right?”

“Of course not.” You replied, motioning for Minghao to follow you.

You exited the cafeteria with Minghao at your side, giving him a quick tour of the parts of the school you both passed. Finally arriving at the library, you agreed on sitting down on one of the couches before doing any actual work.

“So,” He began, “Did you sign up for the penpal program?”

“No, to be honest, I didn’t even know it existed.” You answered honestly with a chuckle.

“Oh, when I saw you at the vending machine I thought you knew me. That’s why I waved to you.”

“Sorry about that, I was trying to figure out who you were. That’s why I stared at you.”

As the period went on, the two of you conversed comfortably, asking one another various questions about your personal lives. Then suddenly, Minghao paused and tilted his head slightly to the side, as if he were contemplating something you’d said.

“Can I ask a weird question?” He inquired.

“Go ahead.” You replied.

“Earlier, when Junhui and I were introducing ourselves, you were kind of blushing. What was that about?”

Taking a moment to really think about your response, you cautiously answered, “Well, my friend Jeonghan told me about you guys before, specifically Junhui…”

You trailed off a bit, anxious about what to say next. But before you could say anything, Minghao came to his own conclusion.

“You didn’t expect him to be so handsome, did you?”

Your eyebrows furrowing and cheeks reddening, you said, “Well, no but-”

“I knew it,” Minghao interrupted, “Junhui was popular with the girls in our hometown too.”

Sensing the flustered expression hidden behind the hand you held in front of your face, Minghao added, “Don’t worry, he’s not as cool or… What’s the word… 神祕… Oh! Mysterious! He’s not as mysterious as he seems.”

Your rosy blush faded, as you began to feel comforted by the sincerity of Minghao’s smile. Then, as the bell rang, you realized that you’d left the impression on him that you had the hots for his friend. Minghao left very quickly to go to his class, so your attempt to clarify your intentions was ineffective.

After school ended that day, the uncool side of Junhui revealed itself to you when he’d missed his bus. Since he didn’t know how to get home by himself, you offered to walk him to his host family’s apartment. For the most part, the walk was silent. However, at one point he turned to you, seemingly out of nowhere, and asked you a seemingly random question.

“Are you free on Sunday?”

“Yeah, why?” You asked in response.

“I invited Jeonghan to this kung fu performance, but he has other plans. If you want his ticket, we could go together.”

“I’d love to go.”

“Great! It’s at the temple near the edge of town.”

And with that, the trek to Junhui’s apartment became totally silent again. Although, there was a new level of comfort to the atmosphere that made things less awkward.

Sunday night had finally arrived, and you readied yourself to meet Junhui at the temple. You got there earlier than you expected to, but much to your surprise, Minghao stood at the entrance of the building. Seeing you, he began walking over.

“(Y/N), what are you doing here?” He asked, smiling.

“Junhui invited me. And you didn’t tell me you’d be here too!” You stated, pretending to be angry at him.

“I’m sorry,” He laughed, playing along, “You didn’t tell me you were coming!”

The two of you continued to chat, making yourselves comfortable outside the temple as you awaited Junhui. Somewhere in the conversation, the topic of after school activities came up.

“Are you going to join any clubs?” You asked him.

“I don’t know. I would love to join the a cappella choir, but you have to audition to get in. Jihoon hyung and Jisoo hyung keep telling me I should try out, but I don’t think it’s worth it if I’m going to get rejected.” He replied.

Hearing this, you felt sad for him, as that was the first time you’d ever seen his expression darken. But even though he was talking about his own rejection, he still ended the thought with a smile. His innocence and purity was so admirable, and admittedly very cute.

“I think you should try out. If you set your mind to something, there’s no way you won’t accomplish it! I mean, look at how you’ve come by yourself to a foreign country. Your perseverance will get you through anything.”

You saw Minghao’s face begin to form a grin, but before he could reply, Junhui appeared and corralled you both into the temple.

The performance in itself was quite interesting, not only because of the fact that the martial arts was fascinating, but also because of way Minghao kept pushing you into Junhui’s side throughout the entire event. You sat in between the two, and because of the constant nudging on Minghao’s part, you found yourself leaning a bit in Junhui’s direction for the whole length of the show. It was somewhat strange, but you decided to forget about it.

The next day arrived, and it was none other than Monday. Another dreadful start to another dreadful week. However, this Monday had more of a purpose than most, as auditions for the a cappella choir would be held after school. You managed to trudge through all nine of the day’s periods somehow, though it was more agonizing than usual since you had to skip lunch to work on a science project. The only class you had with any of your friends was ninth period math with Jeonghan, but even that class was just another pain as the teacher decided to give a pop quiz.

After the school day had ended, you decided to pay Jihoon a visit in the chorus room, since he would undoubtedly be helping run the a cappella auditions. Though, as you approached the classroom, you saw a familiar face. Not Jihoon’s, but another very familiar face.

“(Y/N),” Minghao called out, “Did you see Junhui today?”

Furrowing your eyebrows at the abrupt question, you asked, “No, why did I have to see him?”

“Aren’t the two of you dating?” Asked Minghao.

“No… Why did you think that?” You inquired, absolutely bewildered.

“Well, I saw you guys walking together. I thought you were on a date.” He explained.

“Is that why you kept pushing me into him at the temple?”

“Yeah, Junhui used to make me do that to girls he liked in our hometown.”

“Oh, well, I don’t like him. At least… In that way…”

“Honestly, that’s a relief.”


Taking your hand, his expression became serious as he looked into your eyes. You could tell he was about to speak, but before he could, Jihoon flung open the nearby classroom door.

“Seo Myungho, you’re up.” He said, reading from the clipboard in his hand.

Noticing the scene he’d interrupted, he bowed his head a bit in apology before disappearing into the chorus room again.

With Minghao’s hand still in yours, you decided to speed things up by saying, “Good luck, Minghao.” As a final gesture of prosperity, you gave him a quick yet meaningful peck on the cheek. His face quickly formed a satisfied smile, as he ventured into the classroom.

A smile spread across your own lips, as you knew that that day was the start of new beginnings for everyone.

-Written by Admin Cali

is nobody going to talk about the CUTEST and most heartbreaking part of the episode (Ok bear with me) where Lucifer took something from the vending machine and then LEFT MONEY!??!?!?!? 

Like he didn’t even steal, knowing too well he was a hot god damn mess wanting to die. Nobody was watching him. Chloe was distracted. He pulled money out of his wallet and stuck it in the place where he took his snack and then scurried off. And LATER WHEN THE SHOT SHOWS CHLOE OBSERVING THIS. 

very symbolic. clearly despite all he’s done and how fucked up he is in this episode we are seeing a side from Chloe’s POV- She’s recognizing this isn’t really him, he’s not well, and in her eyes he’s not the monster he’s been acting like. proof in that he still took time to leave a stupid amount of money in a vending machine that he clearly broke open and hijacked some chips from.

TLDR big dumb devil baby in a lot of pain still left money for a snack he couldve stole and chloe noticed