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Lie to me - Dean Winchester x Reader - Chapter 3 (French Mistake AU)

Title: Lie to me

Pairing: Dean/Jensen x Reader x Sam

Word Count: 4,985

Warnings: None

Imagine: Imagine Dean and Sam getting transported to the French Mistake universe. Only for Dean to realize he is married to you, his best friend, love of his life and… Sam’s girlfriend.

Great thank you to @gaveherhearttotheliontattoo for being an amazing beta!

Read Part 1 here! l Read Part 2 here!

“What’s this?” his voice was shaking and as soon as you took notice of what he was talking your eyes widened.

“Oh crap, was that there all this time? I would have ruined the surprise.” you exclaimed, rushing to his side to take the photo – let’s say – from the fridge.

“Wait- wait-” Dean blinked “What surprise?”

“What do you mean?” you looked up at him, truly perplexed “The surprise. You know the one we have for Jared and Gen and practically everybody else in our fam- Alright, what is going on Jensen?”

“I’m- I’m alright, it’s just that-” he shook his head “I’m sorry it feels almost as if I’m not- not myself today.” he cleared his throat and in the end you sighed, giving him a sympathetic look.

“Baby” you cupped his cheek “Do you need to get some rest? Honestly just-”

“No, (Y/n).” he shook his head, cutting you off softly as he took a hold of your hand “Just- can you tell me what this is?”

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About Damn Time

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Anon request: could you please write a dean x reader fic where they end up locked in a confined space together that starts as annoyance but leads to more? and they’ve been hunting together a while but always had an antagonistic/teasing relationship to cover up that they have feelings for each other

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,000

Warnings: SMUT (that’s right, I wrote some smut. Can’t say it’s good, but it’s there) language, mention of death, minor angst, lots of sass

A/N: This is also for @wayward-marvel-sommer1196​‘s sarcastic writing challenge! Sorry I’m a little late - honestly I’m shocked and thrilled it didn’t take longer to finish this. Thanks for the fun challenge, and have a great semester, hun! (my prompt was "Oh, I offended you with my opinion? You should hear the ones I keep to myself…" and is in bold)

A/N/N: Look guys, a thing that isn’t firefighter Dean! It’s a miracle!

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BTS Reaction


To you being angry with them and punishing them no sex


Namjoon stares at you with a blank face “I don’t get what you’re mad about, it was just a joke” The unimpressed stare you give him is enough for him to back off with a long sigh “Fine, but you know where I am” you roll your eyes at him as he walks “JUST BECAUSE YOU’RE HOT DOESN’T MEAN THAT I’M GONNA GIVE IN! …asshole”

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“I don’t know if you’re underestimating me or overestimating yourself, but I think that we both know that you won’t be able to resist me for long” Seokjin had known that you’d been a little annoyed, but your threat had completely bypassed him and he had taken to being amused at you, and excited about what was surely to come.

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“Wha- but it wasn’t even my fault!” Yoongi complains hearing his punishment. “Wasn’t your fault aye? So I imagined everything last night and it wasn’t you that left all these marks on me?” you say raising an eyebrow. “That’s not what I meant. And don’t just say these marks, they’re MY marks. By the way Kitten, when I say it wasn’t my fault I mean that if you hadn’t looked so god damn sexy it wouldn’t have happened.”

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“No sex? I don’t think those two words go together in a sentence… Especially when it comes to us” Hoseok seems confused. You decided to ‘punish’ him with no sex for the next month, since he decided to keep going when you had to take your mum’s call earlier that day. Let’s just say that it’s a good thing that it was noisy on her side on the line…

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“I know that I’ve been naughty boy, but do I really need to be punished?” Jimin pouts. “I’ve upset you and that makes me sad” he says looking down. “Chimchim, it’s okay, but you need to make sure to listen to me next time, yeah?” you say reassuringly, lifting his head. “Okay, but I still don’t like it” you laugh “I know baby boy, I know, but punishments are supposed to be liked”

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“No sex you say? That’s fine babe” he says nonchalantly. You breathe a sigh of relief, honestly you thought he would put up more of a fight. “You’ll be coming to me begging for it later anyways” he says eating his lollipop seductively, walking away with a wink and you can’t help but feel like you’ve lost.

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Jungkook laughs at your sudden outburst, you hadn’t meant to tell him that you weren’t going to have sex with him, it just came out in your anger. “How long do you think you can go without sex for baby doll?” he says still laughing. “How about we make a bet, you go one month without sex or touching yourself and I’ll do whatever you want, you don’t.. and well it’s whatever I want” he says smirking when you hadn’t answered. “Deal”.

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Oops I overanalysed

I’ve got so many katsudeku feelings I apologise in advance.

I loved these panels because it makes so much sense to me. Bakugou is scared, and this can be interpreted in several different ways.

1. He’s scared that Izuku will become stronger than him.

This seems like an obvious conclusion due to his and Izuku’s confrontation:

He doesn’t want to be weak, he wants to be strong like All Might and the fact that All might chose Izuku ‘over him’ makes him think that he’s inferior.

2. He’s scared that he will hurt Izuku.

This seems like a less likely option but one I have considered nonetheless. Perhaps because of his strong quirk and his brash personality, he is afraid of hurting or corrupting Izuku. Of course he did hurt him, so I’m not sure how much substance this theory has.

3. He’s scared of his feelings.

The third option (my favourite lol) can also separate into different categories:

  • He’s scared of his fear (this sounds a little weird, but stay with me).
  • He’s scared of his hatred.
  • He’s scared of his affection.

I was considering option no. 1 when I thought huh, this reminds me of Harry Potter. In the third book, it is revealed that Harry’s boggart (his biggest fear) is a dementor, which is often described as the embodiment of fear. Therefore, Lupin explains that Harry’s biggest fear is fear itself. The more I think about it, the more I feel like this fits Bakugou. More than anything, he wants to be the No. 1 hero, and he believes that in order to do that he needs to be the strongest there is. And he believes he can’t be strong if he is afraid. Hence, he is afraid to be afraid… (this option doesn’t fully connect to Izuku, except for the fact that he is scared Izuku will surpass him).

Option no. 2 is also viable, although it makes a little less sense to me. Bakugou may think that his hatred towards someone innocent like Izuku makes him unfit to be a hero. He probably greatly regrets his former actions of bullying towards Izuku, now knowing that heroes don’t do such things. In result, he tries to distance himself from Izuku so he doesn’t do something unheroic. His explosive personality makes him distance himself from others as well, but mostly Izuku because of his deep loathing towards him.

Option no. 3 is a little hard to imagine with Bakugou in mind, but part of my thinking is that, possibly, as a child his affection towards Izuku was seen as odd. Like perhaps one day as a four year-old, he had been talking about Izuku to his friends or a family member and they commented on how weird he was to adore someone so much, especially a boy. This seems unlikely, so let’s consider some other ideas:

Perhaps (and this connects to the second option of being scared he will hurt Izuku) Bakugou is afraid that if he gets close to Izuku, he will get hurt. Bakugou’s goal is to be the No. 1 hero, after all, and in that line of profession it is quite possible that his loved ones may be targeted by villains. Through pushing him away, he is attempting to protect Izuku.

Yet another possibility is that he is simply in denial and unable to accept his feelings. Maybe he thinks the twisting in his gut is disgust and/or loathing. It wouldn’t be hard to believe that Bakugou’s character doesn’t understand/thinks that affection or romance is stupid (which could mean that he’s aro, but that’s another conversation). Taking a look at his family, he probably doesn’t understand conventional affection. That’s not to say that he has had a bad home life, but he is basically a carbon copy of his mother, who in turn doesn’t seem like a very affectionate person. So it’s perfectly feasible that Bakugou doesn’t know what he feels.

In conclusion, those panels could mean many things, but to me it makes a shit ton of sense.

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Hiiiii friend, it's your favorite typo buddy. Do #62. K thanks bye. 😘

@oh-styles, I know this is you gurly. YOU’RE MY ONLY TYPO BUDDY!

Prompt list

62.  “If you can’t sleep…we could have sex?”


“Y/N, can you for the love of god stop fidgeting for one second?” Harry said into the dark of the flight cabin where the lights were turned off and everyone, except you was sleeping apparently.

You frowned knowing that your sleeplessness was causing Harry to lose his too and you felt bad honestly but sitting in a plane all alone for three hours when you could be indulging yourself in your boyfriend’s company was not fun.

“I can’t sleep, can we watch a film?” You pouted at him knowing that it got to him every single time. Always worked on him like a charm and you were kind of hoping it would this time too.

He sighed knowing that there was nothing he could do get you to sleep. 

“Fine but I get to pick the movie.”

“Harry I swear to god if you pick Titanic or The Notebook or even Legally Blonde again, I’ll chop your balls. No joke.” You said trying to look as threatening as possible even though both of you knew that you only bark not bite.

He frowned at you, clearly not pleased by your words. “But those are the only good movies that I feel like watching and if I gave you the choice you’ll say that we should watch 10 Thing I Hate About You, again.”

“Heeyy! That is a fantastic film and Heath Ledger was a dream of a man, okay? He’s practically perfect and very pleasant to look at.”

He pouted at you, berry red lips protruding in the cutest way possible as he crossed his arms in front of his chest. You could only laugh cos you knew that every time you talked about someone else being beautiful, Harry behaved like a jealous little child.

“You know, I have an idea.” You whispered.

“What’s that?”

“Well if you can’t sleep and I can’t either, we could have sex?”

He smirked clearly pleased with your idea. “Well, lead the way. Bathroom, then? You have to be quiet, remember what happened when we traveled to Paris with my mum?”

“Shut up Harry or I swear you won’t get any for a month.”


Thoughts on Prince Liam’s Reaction (The Royal Romance, Book 1 Finale)

It seems like a lot of people were upset by Prince Liam’s reaction in the finale. I’m a Prince Liam stan through and through and this didn’t bother me at all. What bothered me more was that his duty as the next king forced him to choose Madeleine.

Yes, I am making a distinction between (1) Prince Liam’s reaction to the scandal; and (2) Prince Liam being forced to choose Madeleine. They are related but they are not the same thing, and it’s important to know the difference.

There are three parts to the way the Prince reacts when the scandal breaks. I’ll go through each and try to underscore why I feel they are justified and very much in character.

1.       As soon as Prince Liam sees the pictures, he looks for MC. I think this is the highlight of how he reacts to the scandal, because unlike others (e.g. other suitors, whose support we thought we had), he doesn’t immediately jump into conclusions. Prince Liam’s knee-jerk reaction – and I argue, his most important reaction, since this is his initial, unthinking response – is that he wants to find MC. He is arguably more shocked than anyone else in the room in that moment, but the first thing that comes to his mind is neither blame nor judgement; he just wants to see her.

2.       When the Queen tells Prince Liam that MC must have withdrawn, he counters that he has to speak with MC. At this point, he looks angry. We see the Queen pull him aside. 

I can only make a guess at this point, but she probably reminds him about his “princely duties” and compels him to choose his bride. It doesn’t actually matter what she says, because we know how seriously Prince Liam takes his responsibility to Cordonia and its people. As long as it’s for the good of the kingdom, we know Prince Liam will do it as long as it’s within his power.

Will you fault him for this? Remember, this is the conclusion of the social season and he is not only expected to choose a bride; existing rules in Cordonia require him to. If you recall what the Prince mentions a few chapters back, running the small kingdom is no easy feat. Scandals at court, among other things, can plunge its economy into a slump. Consequently, this can adversely affect its people. 

If anything, I think Leo’s presence in this chapter is also meant to be a reminder that no, Cordonia cannot afford to face another scandal at this time, not when the last one happened only very recently.

We have been told, again and again: Social season is not for Prince Liam to find the love of his life. It’s for him to find someone who will rule Cordonia together with him.

3.       The King announces that the Prince must make his choice. There is a pause, and here Prince Liam looks furious  – until finally he calls Madeleine. 

You can argue that the Prince could have said no; he’s a prince and he’s going to be the future king. But here’s the thing: being a prince doesn’t give him absolute power, and neither does being the future king. There is a reason why a Council exists, and that is for checks and balances. For those who are not familiar, this kind of setup is in place to make sure that whoever is sovereign cannot abuse his or her power. Again, the rules dictate that Prince Liam is going to have to choose his bride when the social season concludes; he cannot say no, regardless of his feelings about the matter. 

What do you think would have happened had he refused? Well, if we’re just going to consider him and MC, both the best and the worst case scenario end up with them being able to talk that evening, him finding out the truth, and everything being sorted out… eventually. Certainly not in one evening, whether we’re being optimistic or pessimistic about it.

Now here’s a more interesting question, since we’re involved with a prince: What happens to the people beyond him and MC? More specifically, what happens at court and the people of Cordonia? 

The obvious answer is that the Council will not be happy, since Prince Liam calling for a “pause” flat out defies existing rules and tradition. If the Council has members who put great importance on tradition, this can be seen as an act of disrespect, and they cannot be expected to support the Prince in his choice at all. On the other hand, if Prince Liam’s family has enemies who want to end their reign, it can be used as a justification to seize the throne from Prince Liam and keep him from being king at all. The timing cannot be more perfect, because King Constantine has already announced his abdication prior (during the Regatta).  

Let’s look at what will happen to the people of Cordonia from an economic perspective. Let’s consider one scenario, where investors considering putting up their business in Cordonia hear about Prince Liam bending the rules to suit his purpose and defying the advice of the Council. His actions will precede him moving forward. Tabloids can probably spin it as romantic, but business circles will consider it reckless, unwise, and not befitting of a future king at all. “If he’s already acting so whimsically before he is even king,” they will ask, “what keeps him from doing so after he is crowned one?” One of the basics of doing business is that your expectations of what will happen in the future will influence your decision today. If businessmen expect Prince Liam to continue this behavior when he becomes king, they will most likely move their business somewhere else. Not only will Cordonia’s reputation suffer, it will also lose employment opportunities and tax revenues, which would have otherwise helped its citizens and its economy. 

Considering the what-if scenarios listed above, do you really think Prince Liam had any other viable move at all? 

Before I conclude this, I have one more thing to say: It is a gross disservice to Prince Liam’s character to call him “a pushover”. Really? Have we been reading the same book? It pisses me off that anyone can possibly think of him this way, and I will absolutely not stand for it. He is many things – reserved, thoughtful, perhaps even overly cautious and selfless to a fault – but these are the things that make him a good man and a great future king. He has been preparing to rule Cordonia all his life, and he knows exactly what is at stake. He knows that what his heart desires has no value whatsoever when it comes to the decisions that he must make as a member of the royal family. This awareness, together with his genuine concern for his kingdom and his people, are what guides his actions and the way he conducts himself.

If you don’t realize that… well that’s very disappointing.

BTS Reaction to their little sister doing scandalous things on sc

request :I just found your blog and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. I’m new to tumblr and this requesting thing but I was wondering if you could do a bts reaction to their little sister or S/O doing scandalous things on snapchat with friends they don’t know (some being dudes that are a bit to touchy for their liking) while they are away. Them being absolutely furious and worried while you just think its fun?

[requests are open]

scenario: your older brother find out about your scandalous actions on snapchat

-Kim Seokjin-

Jin would be absolutely furious with you. He was shocked at how stupid you were being. Posting nearly naked pictures up on snapchat in the company of boys he didn’t know. He would call you immediately and begin yelling at you through the phone. At that moment he didn’t care if you got scared of him. Being your older brother he was supposed to guide and teach you, but it was obvious to him that his efforts, were wasted.

“How could you be so stupid?!” “After everything me and our parents taught you!”

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-Kim Namjoon-

Namjoon would be disappointed to the point where he couldn’t say anything. He couldn’t look at you the same after finding those things on snapchat. Not only scandalous pictures, but also videos of you doing dirty things with people he didn’t know. He was disgusted honestly. Namjoon had already told your parents because it was his duty as an older brother to do so.

“I’ve already told mom and dad.” “I honestly can’t look at you.”

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-Min Yoong-

Like Jin, he would be furious with everything he’s found. It was lucky that a friend of his had seen and showed it to him immediately, and it was even luckier that it had not leaked out to the fans. Yoongi would head back to his childhood home and wouldn’t hesitate to begin yelling at you for your stupidity. He didn’t care that your parents were staring in shock, anger and disappointment. As harsh as it was, he was sickened with the fact that you were his sister.

“You’re lucky it was Jooheon who had found it and not some fans!” “I can’t handle calling you my sister right now.”

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-Jung Hoseok-

Hoseok wouldn’t talk to you for weeks. He was absolutely disgusted. He thought that you knew better than to do these things, especially with boys who were too touchy for his liking. Hoseok’s usual happy, bright self was replaced by someone who would stay quiet and surly at the mention of your name. And no matter how much you apologized for your actions, he couldn’t forgive you.

“Don’t bring up her name.” “How do you think mom and Ji Woo would react to this huh?”

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-Park Jimin-

Any trace of this soft lil fluff ball would be gone in an instant and all that could be seen and heard was the screaming match that started between the two of you. Just like any of the other boys, he was filled with disgust, anger and disappointment. Jimin partially blamed himself for always putting up with your stupid actions, always coming to your rescue whenever you fucked up, but this was just too much for him. Unintentionally, the both of you would scream horrible things to each other.

“This is too much (y/n)! I can’t handle putting up with your stupid actions!” “You’re a disgrace. I can’t look at you.”

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-Kim Taehyung-

Taehyung wouldn’t stand for it. He will not tolerate those kinds of actions from his younger sister, especially since you knew that what you were doing was wrong. He would talk to you about it as calmly as possible, trying not to lose his temper on you when he found out it was because of the boys you hung out with. Taehyung would force you to delete every social media platform you had and find new friends. He wasn’t trying to be harsh at all, he was just doing what he thought was best.

“I don’t care. Delete them all.” “I want you to find new friends. The ones you have now are a bad influence.” 

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-Jeon Jungkook-

Jungkook would be saddened by the fact that you had made such poor choices. You knew what you were posting was wrong and that made him frown. He would try to handle the situation as maturely as possible, trying his hardest to not start a fight with you. He would talk to you about it and although he didn’t want to, he had to bring your parents into it when you wouldn’t listen to him.

“You knew it was wrong, but you still did it anyway.” “I’m sorry but mom and dad have to know.”

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♡ Preferences #3: How the guys react if you’ve died/been fatally injured - REQUESTED ♡

            ♡ How the GoT men react if you’ve died/been fatally injured ♡    



Jon Snow: Jon Snow would be completely distraught, refusing to accept that you’ve died/are dying. He would hold you close and cry in the crook of your neck, refusing to let you go. He ignores anyone saying things like “He/She’s in a better place now”, or “You have to let him/her go”. He can’t believe the love of his life is gone, and stays cooped up in his chambers for weeks on end, and ignores anybody who tries to speak with him, and often loses his temper very quickly, and shouts at anyone who pesters him. He never really lets go, or comes to the terms that you’re dead, and still often thinks about you, especially when he prays in the Godswood long after your death.

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Robb Stark: Robb Stark would be a complete wreck if you’re dead/dying. He holds your hand and cries, not caring of his bannermen see him being ‘weak’. He refuses to leave you alone while a maester is taking care of you, and once you’ve died he becomes a train wreck of emotions. He feels distraught that you’ve died under his care, and is angry at himself because he feels as if he wasn’t there to protect you when you needed him most. He shouts at everyone who tries to calm him, and tries to take his emotions by using his sword to slash trees, imaging the tree is the person/thing that caused your death. He blames himself for the longest time, and spends hours on end in the Godswood revising memories of the two of you, as it’s the only place he can cry freely without being interrupted/seen. He only lets his mother, Catelyn, and Grey Wind comfort him. As much as he tries, he is hardly motivated to carry on his duties as King in the North, and sends your body to be buried in the Winterfell crypts, despite the fact it’s only meant for Starks that have died.

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Jaime Lannister: Jaime Lannister is paralysed in shock. He can’t come to terms in the fact that you’re dead/dying. When he does overcome his initial shock, he’s a wreck, blaming himself for not being able to protect you, which he believes was his duty. He does not cry, but is instead angry at those around him, especially Cersei who constantly waves it off as nothing, saying things like “He/She wasn’t even worth your attention”, and Tywin who thinks it’s foolish and says it’s a display of weakness. The only people who he doesn’t lose his temper with is probably Tyrion and Brienne, who do their best to comfort him during his time of depression and alienation. As you’re dying, he holds your hand and kisses your forehead, telling you everything is going to be alright, still believing you can be saved, only to be crushed once you’re pronounced dead. He orders the High Septon that you’re to be buried in the Sept of Baelor, and refuses to listen to anyone who tells him that it’s not right.

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Khal Drogo: Khal Drogo is enraged as you’re dying. He drops to his knees and holds you to him, trying his best to be gentle to not hurt you even more, and constantly says things such as “It will be okay, moon of my life”, or “Just hold on, everything will be fine”, not caring if his bloodriders hear him. Whenever somebody tells him he looks weak to his khalasar, he rages on, and doesn’t care how important they are as he beats them senseless. After you’ve died, he refuses to take any woman into his bed, and refuses to seek help from anyone, and instead isolates himself from his bloodriders, and usually goes out to hunt as a way to try and cope with your death, and not look weak in front of his khalasar, fearing his bloodriders will attempt to kill him and declare themselves khal instead. After you’ve died, he burns your body in a large tomb, as it is Dothraki tradition, and considered terrible dishonour not to burn the dead. After your body is burned, however, he keeps your ashes, and when he is alone, he talks as if you’re there with him, refusing to let go the moon of his life.

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Petyr Baelish: Petyr is in shock. He has never really experienced real love prior to you, and you’re the only person who he hasn’t used for political gain, so he doesn’t know to react when he finds out that you’re dying. He’s so used to brushing asides one’s death, and he’s afraid to show others his weakness as he fears they’ll use it against him, but he doesn’t care, and instead refuses to any advisors telling him that your death is inevitable. He’s with you day and night as you’re dying, refusing the maester to give you milk of the poppy, as he can’t come to terms that you’ll die, and instead sits by your bed, whispering sweet nothings in your ear and talks about all the things you’ll do once you’re better. When you’re dead, he doesn’t physically cry, but instead ignores all his plans and doesn’t bother talking to anyone, and instead mopes around for weeks on end. He is hardly motivated to do anything, and ignores anybody mocking him about being depressed about your death. For the longest time, he doesn’t wear his smirk anymore, and doesn’t have his famous glint about his eyes. He instead has a weary, haunted look about his eyes, and visits your altar all the time, and thinks about all the pleasant memories he has with you.

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Tormund Giantsbane: Tormund is at loss for words when he finds out that you’re dying, and hugs you close to him, refusing to let you ago, even after you’ve died. He’s never cared for anybody like he has you, and holds on to you for as long as he can as you’re the only true love he’s ever known. After you’ve died, he blames himself for not being able to protect you, and is ever rarely as playful as he once was, and stops teasing the ones around him for a long time. He refuses to follow wildling tradition of burning their dead, and instead has you buried in the North’s ancient barrows, and every so often he brings flowers to your altar, and still talks to you. He especially likes to visit after battle, to remind you that he’s okay, and that he misses you being by his side.

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Sandor Clegane: Sandor Clegane is livid, mostly angry at himself for not being able to do his duty and protect you. He refuses to leave you as you’re dying, and threatens any maester who suggests giving you milk of the poppy, and he doesn’t care about a couple of angry tears rolling down his cheeks, as he doesn’t know any other way to react, as he’s never cared for anyone’s death beside his mother’s. He’s never had love in his life, and is even more upset when people talk after your death, and often takes his anger out on them, usually hitting or beating them when they try to insult you, as he doesn’t care when people mock him but refuses to let anyone insult you, as you were the light of his life. He often visits your tomb in the Sept of Baelor, and after your death he tries to numb his emotions by drinking, though it makes him even more depressed.

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Jorah Mormont: Jorah Mormont falls into a deep depression after your death. Once he finds out that you’re dying, he cries, and refuses to let you go, holding you close and whispering sweet nothings in your ear, constantly repeating “I love you, don’t leave me, please”. He doesn’t believe that you’ll die, even when you tell him it’s inevitable, and once you’ve passed, he’s an emotional wreck. He blames himself that he wasn’t there to protect you, and ignores all his duties, even to Daenerys, and goes into a numb trance, and feels completely alone and lost, despite having so many people around him, as you were the only one that made him feel loved, especially after his father exiled him and his family refused him. He refuses to throw out your things, and keeps your clothes, jewellry and possessions in a box as keepsake, ignoring anyone that tells him it’s a waste of time keeping it with him. He doesn’t let anyone burn your body, and instead has a tomb made for you, and visits all the time with flowers and small gifts to honour you.

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                                Gifs aren’t mine - Credit to owners :) 

I do get why some people would accept the hc (if it’s not in the books it’s a hc fight me) that andreil don’t say I love you, though personally I think that, even though it takes them a while to get there, they eventually do.

That doesn’t mean it was easy for either of them though. Both of them have so many issues and trauma that will last them a lifetime, most of which they will never fully recover from. I do think that Neil said it first. It might have taken him a year or two, but most of Neil’s isues were associated with his father, and the Moriyamas, and his life on the run with this mother. During those eight years he wasn’t allowed to get close to anyone, and because of it he didn’t know what it meant to fully let someone in. He never had those experiences that would help him navigate. And love is a big word. Not one he takes lightly because he never got to experience it like this. But now his parents are both dead, so is Riko, he has a deal with Ichirou, which let’s him live his life as normally as he can. The only things left from his past life are his scars, the recurring nightmares, the jumpiness, and neither of those is going away anytime soon. But here are the foxes, his family. Here is Andrew, who has proved himself so many times to Neil. It might take him a while but eventually he will learn to say the word ‘love’. He has someone to show him that.

For Andrew, though, it’s much more difficult. Because, whilst Neil had a lack of experiences with people, Andrew had a ton of them, and not one of them was pleasant. Throughout his whole life no one bothered to care for Andrew (well except for Cass), no one bothered to show him what kindness or love were. Everyone in his life ended up hurting him, lying to him, abusing him. Words became meaningless. – “Who said please that you hate the word so much? I did.” – And while all those people are gone from his life, the mark they left will always stay with him. And then there’s Neil, who Andrew was sure wouldn’t last. The bare thought of Neil terrifies Andrew. And years after they’ve been together, years after they’ve been safe, it’s still hard for him to say it. Because “love” is just a word. But it is a heavy word nonetheless. Even after everything, that word could still be used against him. That word could still hurt him. And he can’t afford to let anyone else in, there’s only Neil, there would only ever be Neil. That in itself is, was, too much. But years down the line Andrew can’t ignore it anymore. Neil is there to stay. Neil, who has never had anything to call home, sees Andrew as home. Neil loves him, and he has told Andrew that many times at that point, without ever asking for him to say it back. But most importanly, andrew loves neil. He’s never known what love is but he looks at Neil and what is that feeling in his chest?

But even after they both say it, it is not said often. ‘Love’ is too important of a word to be thrown around carelessly. They say it moments before falling asleep, when they’re laying in bed with their cats. In between those precious, gentle touches in the shower. Neil whispers it in Andrew’s ear before parting at the airport. Their 'i love you’s’ aren’t loud. They don’t shout it out for everyone to hear. No. They say them, quietly, in the moments when it matters most. When it’s only the two of them against the world. But those are ones that rattle the stars, right?

First Impressions (Part 5)

Prompt: Imagine your friend, Anthony Mackie, brings you with him to an event and introduces you to his friend, Sebastian, who’s blown away by you. He immediately starts flirting and acting silly because you make him nervous and he just wants to impress you

Warnings: flirting (adult style), language (always, with me, come on), and drama (later on in the fic)

Word Count: 1612

Notes: If anyone has kids or wives out of the celebrities mentioned, in this universe, they sort of don’t exist….Just for the sake of keeping it concise. Beta’d by @like-a-bag-of-potatoes (because shes perfectly amazing) and I could NOT, not, just not have done any of this at all without my amazing girl, @amarvelouswritings

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After a few days of sorting out Seb’s pay, schedule, and lines, finally, he was working with you. It was a slow process because he didn’t have much time to prepare, so you gave him as much time and patience to work as you could grant him. He did everything splendidly though.

During filming, you found yourselves always having lunch together. Having Sebastian on set was like a god send, a way to get your mind off your asshole producer who was always on your ass. So lunch with Sebastian was something you looked forward to every day. You always had something to talk about from work to hobbies to funny things you saw online to interactions with the new Marvel cast you were becoming quick friends with. He always seemed to find ways to brighten your day in the tiniest ways too, from bringing you your favorite drink, taking you to a good restaurant nearby, surprising you with a little bag of chocolates.

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Seventeen as things my cousin said while watching the lion king for the first time

(I just wanna say that I’m going to translate these, cause she spoke in portuguese, so this may not be 100% accurate)

S.Coups - “Is he his father?”

Jeonghan - “Look at her, so sensitive.”

Joshua - “Mom is always our friend.”

Jun - “Where is the mom? Sleeping? She sleeps a lot.”

Hoshi - “Why is he with those eyes?”

Wonwoo - “When they do like ‘rawr’ the bad guys will go away?”

Woozi - “Where is he? I can’t see him, he’s too small.”

DK - “Why are you laughing? Do you think it’s funny?”

Mingyu - “Is he king already?”

The8 - “Don’t be afraid, he won’t hurt you, he’s so small.”

Seungkwan - “But he is beautiful!”

Vernon - “Did they see the butt?”

Dino - “I don’t know you now, because you’re so grown up!”

Okay so first, I want to say that I don’t want to offend anyone in anyway. She actually didn’t said much, and I have to work with what she said (actually, I love these guys) This is meant for pure entertainment. Thank you! I hope you like it!

p.s about hoshi’s eyes, I LOVE THEM! I LOVE HIM. He’s my bias and my utt omg i’m going crazy. 
That was something my little cousin said when the lion was sad, okay? Okay.

danny rand is a good person

danny rand lived with no one but monks since he was 10 years old. he is probably still trying to learn how to be an adult, if not a person in general. and on the account of all the “take a shot every time danny calls himself danny rand of rand enterprises or the immortal iron fist”, what the fuck? have you considered that those are the only things he knows how to be?? like, actually?? 

no one is saying the kid isnt privileged as fuck, im certainly not saying that at all. but when luke gave him the speech on white privilege and having power since the moment he was born, danny didn’t have a single thing to say in argument because he knew that luke was right!!! 

danny rand is a good person with a kind heart who is trying to do the right thing. he gets caught up in that sometimes, obviously. he obviously is misguided a lot of the time. but jesus christ stop making him out to be some asshole who is purposefully trying to make things hard on other people, or purposefully trying to flaunt his money or power. 

if you didnt like the iron fist series for whatever reason. then fine, that’s your own opinion. but jeez, so many people are holding it against danny for not knowing how the real world works after he’s been removed from it for the past 15 years.

danny rand is a good fucking person. he’s trying. 

Graham's Tender guitar
Graham's Tender guitar


(Between 3-5 seconds in the beginning and in the end) he’s like playing up and down in a lower range, I don’t know how’s that called

I’m going to be honest, I literally cry listening to this exact part (specially those 2 heavenly seconds), it’s physically painful to listen this short solo because this part is just so UGH SO SO GOOD! It takes me to another place, you can feel the soul in that guitar, there’s something about it that fulfills me, it transmits that exact feeling of being in love and then losing it. For me, this is one of the prettiest parts Graham has ever played in any blur album.

Me and @mildlycursed where talking on discord and made this amazing Black Butler modern au

  • The twins are alive and well
  • Astre and Ciel are best friends
  • Tanaka and Victoria are those neighbors that where like grand parents for the twins
  • Undertaker is the funky uncle
  • Sebastian is the twin’s caretaker and is like and older brother figure for Astre
  • Astre loves to cook and makes little treats for himself
  • The servants are friends of Sebastian’s, Finny tries to be friends with Astre, but he is bad at talking to people so he doesn’t really say much
  • Finny teaches him how to take care of plants and the next thing you know
  • Astre’s room is like a garden.
  • Ciel runs a vlog channel on youtube
  • its mainly just him and his brother exploring, or him and Sebastian going to abandoned places
  • He once broke his arm doing a sweet fidget spinner trick and his last words before passing out was ‘It was worth it!!’
  • Astre is ace and helps his bisexual cousin Lizzy date a witch
  • Sieglinde was in a car crash when she was little that killed her parents and made her unable to walk
  • Wolfram is her caretaker
  • Sieglinde and Lizzy are very close
  • Hannah takes care of Alois and Luka
  • Alois, Ciel, Astre, and Lizzy have movie nights
  • People are surprised when they hear that Astre and Alois aren’t dating, they just happen to be very close
  • Sebastian once left the house to go on a business trip and came back with the house a complete mess and the twins passed out in the living room with a horror version of the titanic playing but with zombies
  • Astre watches anime. He is a weeb
  • He also has a art tumblr account where he draws fan art for anime
  • He is a very good artist and has a art tablet
  • The twins skin is very smooth and soft, there hair is nice too. And they don’t use anything, they just have good genes.
  • The twins parents died in a fire, and something fell on Astre and took his right eye out, and he wears a eyepatch to cover it
  • Ciel once got suspended for getting into a first fight with a kid (and winning) because he was bullying Astre for the eye patch
  • Astre’s first cuss word at Sebastian was when he was very grumpy and flipped him off and told Sebastian to, ‘go fuck yourself’
  • Ciel couldn’t have been prouder
  • Sebastian is a great caretaker
  • Astre once cried because his sweater that his parents got him (he keeps it as a comfort) got torn and Sebastian sewed it back together
  • Astre is very bad at talking to people
  • He suffers from anxiety and depression
  • Whenever he gets sad big-brother-by-5-minutes comes to help
  • “I’m your big brother I know be-”
  • Finny is genderfluid
  • Nina and Mey-rin are together

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Imagine you are part of team Voltron. Who is the one you get along with and who is the one you don't? (not fic related but hey! its important!)

:D A very pertinent inquiry, yes, I agree. Hmm.

Well, right off the bat, I would probably say I’d gravitate towards either Hunk or Pidge — as someone who is pretty shy/socially-awkward, those two would be the least intimidating to me, simply because they have personalities I can understand and relate to? 

Hunk seems warmly welcoming and sympathetic (mind you, he can be a bit self-centred at times, but hey, I get that too!). Pidge is kinda wrapped up in her tech-world, but she seems like she wouldn’t care about you hanging around her lab/work bench, as long as you weren’t in the way — and she’d be willing to explain things if you ask questions (not sure I would get it what she was saying, but, you know, it would be nice all the same.)

In terms of “not getting along” … It wouldn’t be that I wouldn’t get along with them, I would just be way too intimidated to interact with them often — and that would be Allura, Shiro, Lance, and Keith.

Allura because actual Princess.

Shiro because … Takashi Shirogane. 

Lance because he’s a bit too over the top for me, as a person — which is funny because he’s probably my fave, and I’ve had close friends who were super loud and bubbly before, but yeah — I might warm up to him in his quieter moments :)

And Keith because while I’m a quiet loner at times, I do not have the mastery of it that he does. Mind you, his own occasional awkwardness might give us something in common — but then his intensity when it comes to piloting/combat would be pretty scary to see firsthand.

Of course, at the end of the day, I’m probably older than all of these guys, and I might end up just hanging out with Coran in trying to shepherd all these idiots into taking better care of themselves. Actually, wait, scrap everything — Coran would be my uncle/best friend and I would learn everything I could from him, and be the nerd on all things Altean. Then I would find the library on this Castle and basically live there like a hermit. Maybe bond with the mice.  *nods decisively* Yep, that is my final answer.

(Still have a cold, hope this all makes some kind of sense — sinus headaches suck.)

musicalluna replied to your post “Ah Facebook birthday notifications. That by which I am reminded of…”


Re: the perineum story

Ok, this gets even weirder because at the time I myself wasn’t sure if I had the word right because this discussion took place partly in Japanese. So while I was living in Japan, I took yoga classes from a local woman who would occasionally have us try…let’s just say out there things. This is the class where on several occasions, I massaged a complete stranger’s butt.

A few of the other local foreigners would join us, and one of our once-in-a-blue-moon comers was this tall guy in glasses. I’m not entirely sure what he actually did, but the answer is probably teach English because that’s what every native-English-speaking person in Japan ends up doing. And his Japanese was functional, but not high level. And of course he showed up on one of those out there days.

So the teacher was having us walk in very strange ways. The one I remember most vividly (besides the one related to this story) was going on all fours, legs straight, heel of hand to toe and heel to toe. It’s hard to describe, but it was hard as hell and involved all of us shuffling across the floor like AT-ATs on Hoth with our asses in the air. And then our teacher pulls out ping-pong balls. Cue worried exchange of looks.

She explains that she would like all of us to grip these ping-pong balls with our ein and then walk back and forth through the room to build awareness of how our muscles have impact on our posture from the bottom up. I didn’t, at the time, know the word ein, but I had a sneaking suspicion based on the other body parts she was discussing. Then she demonstrated. Sneaking suspicion confirmed.

And I had the highest Japanese ability of the foreigners in the class, so I had to turn to the other three foreigners with me and explain, red-faced, what we were supposed to do with our ping-pong balls. One of the guys was like, “Right, got it” and took off and clearly understood what I was talking about. The other woman with us kind of glanced around and nodded, and I’m not sure if she got it or not, but she did not ask.

But this guy. This guy would not let it go. I was using the word perineum and he was just stumped. And it’s not his fault that he didn’t know–a lot of people don’t. But the fact that he just would. Not. Let. It. Go. “I don’t know that word. Do you mean my thighs?”

“No. No it’s higher than that.”

“So like…my butt?”

“No. No, not your butt. It’s…um…”

And then the teacher swept in and basically positioned it for him (OMG so AWKWARD), but he still wasn’t getting it and ended up wandering around on tip-toe with the damn thing between his thighs.

And you’d think that would be the end of it, but because it was a night class, everyone wanted to go for dinner afterward.

And lo, mid-way through some lovely sushi. “So what’s that word you were using before?”

And everyone exchanges looks again, because really, wasn’t the first time around mortifying enough? But by that point I was tired so I said, “It is the stretch of skin between your testicles and your anus. On women, it’s between the vaginal opening and the anus. I hope you’re happy you asked.”

That shut him up for a while.

And the dig about sex-ed was really just frustration that we don’t at least teach people the names for their body parts and their partner’s body parts. How many average women even know what labia are, let alone the fact that labia can be incredibly varied and they don’t always look like what you see in porn? /rant

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All those couples have much more celebrity than SC. Plus, they are not up & comers to acting. They don't have intense sex scenes on film with their real life partners. That's the difference here. If SC came out (however it was done) I believe they think it would discredit their acting abilities because they were really a couple. Plus, I did hear Sam say a few times he was 'embarrassed for Cait' during those scenes. I'm sure it's very difficult to do those scenes if they are a rlc because it's +

+ it’s a bit of voyeurism into their real lives and I’m sure neither one wants that open to public view and comment. So, the only thing they can do is play up the “We’re not together” angle and hope it finally takes hold of the audience and convinces them. I’m sure they also do not want all of Hollywood to know they are together in real life and have that detract from their “acting” abilities during those evocative scenes. I’m not angry, I’m just tired of being played & taken advantage of.

couldn’t your point about celebrity could be turned on its head though? I would think, and this is purely my point of view with no basis in Hollywood logic, that having less celebrity would make it easier to come out. Less press, less speculation, more privacy. No? I can see your argument though. Also, Keri and Matthew do film sex scenes (based on the 7 eps of The Americans I watched, just saying). I would think though, at this point in OL, it’s pretty clear they both have immense acting abilities. Cait’s already been nominated for a Globe twice and won a BAFTA. Not that I want any of that to go away but I feel like they’ve proven themselves a little at least? Maybe they’re waiting for Sam to get his dues? 

I think the point about the sex scenes is interesting and I can certainly see that being taken perhaps uncomfortably far but I feel like it’s already gone to that point a teensy bit with reporters talking about how comfortably Sam handles Cait’s boobs and how natural and real the Wedding ep felt. Plus, if the topic of them being together is mostly off limits to press, couldn’t the topic of their sex scenes, or that kind of comparison, also be off limits? Obviously fans are gonna discuss what they want but the press can’t. 

The specific “we’re not together” angle hasn’t worked, obviously. This forcing random unrelated people into their lives is just making the fandom angry and annoyed, as seen by you admitting your frustration, my last anon and shippers themselves, me included.  I’ve said it before, there were a hundred other classier, nicer, less degrading and insulting to their fans ways of saying they weren’t together. It’s done regularly. Kit and Rose, for example. The denials themselves have never been what makes me angry and I don’t think it’s what makes most shippers, yourself included, angry. It’s the treatment of their fans that enrages me. They can deny all they want. Stop treating your fans like we’re lunatics. 

lastly, I vaguely recall the thing about Sam being embarrassed for Cait but I also remember taking it as a joke. I don’t think he was being serious but maybe that’s just my memory of it, idk. 

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Ya know....what Dev is doing is almost physically impossible to do because, like the reason you script events in a game is because, it's REALLY hard to script thousands of options for different things. Like, it takes a 13 hours (I know from experience) to make a random number genrator game, and the majority of that is planned!! So when he's saying about making each tiny thing you do affect everything part of me cringes, because of how much LONGER it's gonna take.

(Part two) Especially with all those damn endings he’s planning? Like with so many endings, he’s hardly gonna mange to get anything done. Then he’d adding MORE mechanics in and a small thing in a game is ALOT of coding tbh. Especially if it changes the entire code after it. Sorry it’s just irratating me how he’s acting like all of the things he’s suggesting and doing aren’t big things and won’t make it any longer,when it will take longer to d if he adds them.

(Part 3) AND THEN he’s taking long breaks in between, he’s delaying everything, making the YouTube videos aren’t help in because let’s face it, they take ages to do in themselves. Instead of showing game mechanics maybe put everything aside and focus on em? He’s making it virtually impossible, he says he’s waiting on assets, but still thats no excuse, I’ve coded before making assets, just write the code while your waiting save a copy of it and make a new file and try it out in that so nothing

(Part 4) gets corrupted. Simple two game files to test things out on, if it works brilliant, if it doesn’t make try find the mistakes simple, he’ll at this point I’d get him to put his code on a professional website where experience coders check it out, it’s brutal but it’s useful. I’m sorry this was so long, it’s just his new video really irratated me. Plus all the coding for Kokona was actually really good, he should of kept it like that with a few minor changes.

Yeah, like im a fan of multiple endings and making things feel natural, but this should’ve been planned from the beginning and i dont think it was significant enough to warrant a video.

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“Are you sure?” biospecialist please

“Stay safe,” Phil says. There’s another word on the tip of his tongue, one he heard John call Ward by a dozen times. He won’t say it, not while those wounds are still fresh, but he does rest a hand on Ward’s shoulder the way his own father used to do. “Don’t forget to look out for yourself. Trip’s great, but he’s no you.”

A smile tugs at Ward’s lips, a self-conscious little thing that warms Phil’s heart.

“We’ll see you soon, all right?”

“Yes, sir,” Ward says dutifully. It’s a little stiffer than Phil likes to see him, but after today he supposes it’s to be expected.

That’s it then. Goodbyes are said. Order to return given. There’s nothing keeping Phil from letting Ward head into that hangar.

Except the fear that’s been tearing at him ever since he saw the word HYDRA spelled out on the Bus’s holocomm. He wants his kids safe on the Bus, not jetting halfway around the world out of some perverted sense of honor.

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So under the featured stories on snapchat theres this “last day of camp” one and one of the vids is a huge group of guys who all changed their tinders to dudes so they could match with each other and like… it just makes me really uncomfortable knowing some of the “jokes” those guys are going to make to preserve their precious masculinity, especially since the group was so big that there’s very little chance that there’s not a queer guy somewhere.

Like there is a 99% chance one of the guys will go “aw we matched, you wanna just go in the bathroom and do this thing now” and the other guy will have a man-crisis over whether his friends will think he’s gay and say something like “dude dont say that shit it’s gross” and the gay kid sitting next to him is just gonna think “oh” and suddenly this bonding activity isn’t so fun anymore. Or the gay kid is out and the dudebros dont trust that he understands they’re just screwing around so nobody swipes right on him while he is rapidly swiping right on everyone looking for validation bc he understands that this is a friend activity but apparently nobody wants to be his friend. Or even worse, one of the guys makes an openly homophobic comment whether they know there’s a gay guy in the room or not, like looking straight at him and demanding “don’t swipe right on me” or commenting to the group “let’s do this quick so i can switch back to girls before some random fag sees me on here”

If it seems like I’m speaking from experience it’s because I am – years of it, in “male bonding activities” all through high school and college, including this exact one – so you can miss the fuck out of me with that “you’re overreacting, nothing like that will happen” shit. It always does.