and then he says those things

You know, the thing is...

…Dean doesn’t truly think he’s a “hopeless romantic” as he says it mocking- and self-deprecatingly (and him “scraping heart from the bar room floor” just shows how he thinks he does not deserve any true hearts but only those covered in dirt, cause he’s unclean with the mark or evil or whatever), but he totally completely is. And not just because Crowley called him “Romeo” and was right on about that, but because he’s proved it plenty of times. And maybe I’m having a very twisted way of thinking of romance, but seriously, the most romantic thing Dean imo may have ever said is this:

“And if leviathans want to take a shot at us? Let ‘em. We ganked those bitches once before, we can do it again […] Let me bottom line it for you. I’m not leaving here without you. Understand?”

Cause that’s romance right there. That’s Dean taking the pain and the fight and the danger and quite possibly death. Choosing all of it over and again rather than leaving this place alone, rather than leaving Cas behind. 

I’m sorry, but… sometimes I remember this and get all kinds of emotional of just how much Dean loves and cares (and doesn’t think he deserves to be loved back) and how he doesn’t even realize how much he does half the time and how it’s one of his most beautiful assets. Just… Damn you, Dean Winchester. Damn you, for taking my heart in one swift motion and making me a tin man too. For you. <3 <3 <3

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When Iris and Barry kiss and he says ‘I love you too’ in 2x13 you also hear a snippet of what played during their first kiss.

YUP! Those violins are playing the Flash theme, but the fact that they’re being played so slowly is pretty much because Iris is involved. If you listen to ‘Best Friends Since Childhood’, which is their theme, those violins are the first thing you hear, and the part you’re talking about is during ‘Reveal to iris’. The reason Iris shares the Flash theme is because she’s important to Barry and his powers. Like I said, they’re not subtle.

Daniel Sousa + love

Guys.  IT’S TOTALLY POSSIBLE TO LOVE TWO PEOPLE AT THE SAME TIME.  The idea of “one true love” that’s above and beyond anything else you will ever feel is a MYTH.  It’s a social construct meant to encourage stable romantic pairings.  Stable romantic pairings equal kids, kids equal family units, family units equal social stability. It’s a romantic and lovely idea but it doesn’t really jive with reality.  You can love as many people as you can make room in your heart for.  How that love gets expressed depends on things like social convention and sexuality and how the other people feel.

That’s not say that you love each person the same. There’s different shades to each relationship, but those don’t necessarily mean one is better than another. Just different.

That’s what makes Sousa’s arc in The Atomic Job so painful to me.  He really did love Violet.  Yes, Peggysous is the OTP and I still think it will work out alright for them.  But his feelings for Peggy IN NO WAY INVALIDATE his feelings for Violet.  If he didn’t really love Violet, he wouldn’t have asked her to marry him. He wouldn’t, he’s not that guy.

If you focus on the dialogue when Violet confronts Daniel, she starts with “YOU DIDN’T TELL ME.”  I think the betrayal, to Violet, is not that Daniel loves someone else but that he never shared that with her.  He was busy trying to repress it himself, so I don’t think he was being sneaky or a jerk when he did that.  But to Violet, she’s been through some sweaty, tough, intimate times with Daniel (in pt if nowhere else) and she’s planning on marrying him.  And then she finds out not only does he work for this shady secret government agency, he has this whole other love–clearly still alive and kicking– and he’s never mentioned it.  He goes on to try and reassure her that nothing happened between him and Peggy, but she brushes this off.  It doesn’t matter then that Sousa wouldn’t cheat, and that he does love her. He still broke her trust, if inadvertently. 

I’m sure in there is some fear that Daniel loves Peggy more, or deeper, or something. And maybe he does–he’s known Peggy a lot longer, seen her in more difficult situations than he has Violet.  But it’s so much more complicated and painful than that.  And it doesn’t mean that his feelings for Violet weren’t true and honest. 

Bucky Knows

Summary: Yes, there are lots of things about her he knows. He could say he knows everything. And that makes him smile brighter than the sun, because all those little details are the ones that make him love her more and more.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (OC)

Rating: fluff. A lot of fluff. And some angst, eventually (because i’m shitty at controlling my angst-writer personality)

Word Count: 1012

Notes: Well, that’s the first oneshot I’m posting. Feel free to request anything you want me to write! I hope you like it and thanks for reading <3


Bucky knows a lot about her.

 He knows that she was born in a small town. And that she hates it, even though she visits her family there every month and spends the whole weekend dealing with people she hates so she can be around the ones she love.

 He also knows that she likes popcorn. And movies. And everything that has to do with it. That’s why every night she likes to watch her favorite shows and movies like she was seeing it for the first time. She laughs like the first time, she suffers like the first time. She cries like she never really cried because that someone died. And Bucky is always there to comfort her.

 Bucky knows that she doesn’t like making up the bed or washing the dishes. But she does like to cook, and she is amazing at it, even if it’s just for fun. She loves doing chocolate cookies and strawberry cake, even though he eats the biggest part of it because her appetite is really small.

 He knows very well that she likes to cuddle, and that she fits perfectly into his arms. He knows that she likes when he plays with her brunette curls or when he cups her face before kissing. He knows that she loves when he calls her “baby doll”. He is aware that her feet are always cold, and that he always warms them with his own - even though he also knows that they will be cold again in the next five minutes that she pushes it afar from his. And when they wake up - mostly because she moves to much and ends up waking him -, they just smile to one another, kiss smoothly and go back to sleep.

 He knows that she likes to dance when she’s not feeling good - that’s why she likes being alone when it happens. Even though he knows she’s an awesome dancer, she doesn’t like when he watches her do it. Something about her being dull because she does that. He doesn’t really mind - that’s because he loves seeing her dance. Her moves always stun him, because she’s pretty good at it and never did any kind of classes. And, in the end, they two end up slow dancing to an old song.

 He has known for a long time that she has her ups and downs - just like he does. Sometimes, she’s all sunshine and rainbows, singing happily while she drives downtown to work or to have fun with him. But sometimes she’s as cold and lonely as the dark side of the moon. She doesn’t like talking, barely looks at him and prefers sleeping rather than going out. And he is always there for her. In those days, she really needs kisses and hugs and “I love you"s. Especially because, in those days, she feels unloved and unwanted. And she thinks that he doesn’t love her anymore. That’s when he has to explain to her that it’s never going to happen, because he’ll never stop loving her. After that, she just smiles and kisses his cheek, laying her head in his shoulder and saying “I love you too, handsome”.

 She is also aware of his problems. She knows that sometimes he has nightmares and that they break him in a way that nothing else can. In those moments, when he wakes up in the middle of the night crying, she wipes away his tears and hugs him like her life depended on it. He knows that she’s trying to steal all the pain to herself, so he doesn’t feel it anymore - and he thinks that’s the worst thing she does. She shouldn’t feel his pain - it’s his and his only. She doesn’t deserve that. It’s not her fault that he is broken. But, when he says that, she just smiles gently and goes “We are a team, right? So we have to deal with things together”. So she asks if he wants to talk about the nightmare. He normally doesn’t, but sometimes he has to. She listens to it calmly, giving him strength just by looking at him the way she always does. When he finishes it, she hugs him again. And both of them feel fine again.

 He knows how she feels when he goes out in missions. She gets depressed and anxious. She barely pays attention to what she’s doing because she’s worried about him. Sometimes she hurts herself doing that - drops glasses or cuts herself with some papers at work. And he knows the only way to heal that is coming back home right away and hugging her until she sees stars.

 There are plenty other things that Bucky knows about her. He could keep listing it for a month - he knows all her likes and dislikes, the people she trusts and the ones she doesn’t, every single thing she does and how she reacts to certain situations. Like how she bites her lips until bleeding when she’s nervous. Or even how she looks at him when she catches him lying about something, like she already knows everything and is going to tear him apart if he doesn’t tell her the truth. He knows every single curve of her personality like if it was his own.

 Sometimes he thinks about it. Bucky thinks about her a lot, even though he doesn’t often state it. In the biggest part of those, he realizes she brings out the best in him. She is the reason he wants to be better. That’s also when he understands why he’s so protective of her - she’s the fucking why he comes out of bed in the morning.

 Yes, there are lots of things about her he knows. He could say he knows everything. And that makes him smile brighter than the sun, because all those little details are the ones that make him love her more and more.

And that’s good enough for him.

I was telling my husband about the way some are bending over backwards to say E2 Westallen means E1 Westallen isn’t in the cards. He was pretty blase about it. Just shrugged and said “Yeah, okay.”

So I pressed him. “That’s it? Okay?”

“Honey, I don’t know much about your crazy fandom world, but that seems like one of those things. The show will be off the air for a year and people will still be arguing. "Well, I know what the ‘show did’ and I know what everyone involved said the 'writers intent’ was. But REALLY…”“

I laughed and then remembered the bullshit Chlois theory. For a man who doesn’t get involved in fandom, he sure knows how it works.

FINALLY! So the past three days have been RI-DIC-U-LOUS-LY BUSY! >:(((((( But now I’m back to entertain you! I’m finishing up a reaction as we speak, but first, I felt like sharing a thought:

MacCready is such a dad. Like the really dorky kind of dad whose kids are always rolling their eyes at the embarrassing things he says. For instance…

  . “Oh, it’s one of those toy ponies. “Get Up Buttercake” or something like that.”


  . “It’s quiet out here… Too quiet. *Laughs* Oh man, I always wanted to say           that.”

I’d bet money he has an arsenal of “dad jokes” at his disposal too.

(In-game quotes btw)

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How about Osiris x edmond taking a bath together? Non sexual.... suuuure. Ehehehe

This is for @darth-nimue too, who requested the same thing. Thanks! :) Btw, this is set not too long after Trespasser, but before they get married.

The day was grueling, to say the least. It was not that Osiris needed to do all those extra training, but he wanted to push himself as hard as he could. At the very least, keeping up with the exercises made him feel less like a useless cripple. 

He had never even thought about how much tasks that required the use of both hands. Not until it was gone. It was needed for balance for one thing, and various other everyday tasks as simple as tying his hair. (Yes, he needed help with that now, but Edmond insisted that he shouldn’t just cut his hair, and he had agreed. Osiris wouldn’t admit it, but his own vanity was something to do with the decision too.)  

His right arm trembled with fatigue as he pushed the heavy door open to his bedroom, which was technically Edmond’s room that he now shared. It was much bigger and more luxurious than his old quarters at the Skyhold, and even had its own bathroom, which was filled with steam, judging by the white tendrils coming out from its door cracked open a tiny bit. 

Inside, Osiris found the large bathtub filled with steaming hot water. Creators! That was a welcoming sight! He took no time shedding his clothing, and carefully lowered his tired body into the tub sighing loudly as his knotted muscles started to relax. 

“Now would be the good time to thank me,” said Edmond emerging from the steam in a simple but elegant black robes he preferred. The elf hadn’t noticed him before, but him being there didn’t exactly surprise either. 

“This is indeed entirely thoughtful of you,” said Osiris, his eyes following the human’s hands slowly unbuttoning the robe. “but I sense an ulterior motive.” 

Edmond’s lips tugged up to one side as he tossed his clothing to the side, and started on the laces on his trousers. “What makes you think that?”

“Experience, ma’fen,” said Osiris, his heat flushed cheeks getting even more red as he reminisced the last time he shared this tub with Edmond.

The human casually positioned himself behind the elf, his hands almost too gently tracing the lines of his neck before resting on his shoulders. “You’re tense. Perhaps today, you may find me entirely at your service.”

“Well… we’ll see about that,” said Osiris with a grin. He leaned back and rested his head on the hard muscles of the human’s shoulder, who wrapped his arms around the elf almost like a reflex. They stayed like that for some time, savoring each other’s company, until  Edmond’s strong hands started massaging the knots from the elf’s shoulders. 

“Thank you, ma’fen,” Osiris whispered with a deep sigh of relief. 

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Idk if you like headcanons or something but...just picture Bucky crying at liking and stitch cause Stevie never left me behind...

I do love headcanons! I assume this is about “Lilo and Stitch” and your autocorrect just is rude to you like it’s rude to me.


Bucky uncontrollably sobbing just saying “ohana means family” and Steve at first is like “okay, what did this little disney movie do to him?!” But then see *sees* it and knows it’s about the “no body gets left behind” and Steve’s just holding him saying over and over “I’m not gonna leave you behind.” 

And Bucky’s just sobbing into Steve’s shoulder, clutching into his shirt and sniffling into Steve’s neck because he knows that what happened all those years ago WAS NOT Steve’s fault. Steve DID NOT leave him behind. Steve did the only thing he could, which was presume Bucky died because…who survives a fall like that?? He knows that Steve would NEVER leave him behind because when there was just a slight chance that Bucky was alive, Steve raised all hell to come find him.

So he just cries into Steve, holding him and wrapping his limbs so tightly around his lover because he knows. He knows that he’ll never get left behind, even if some people think that’s what happened to him.

Bucky knows better. 

(Bucky also goes out and instantly buys a Stitch plush and sleeps with it at night when Steve’s not in bed with him…eventually….he starts just holding onto it even when Steve’s in bed with him. Steve hates it cause he feels inappropriate when he wants to make love….. 

He gets over it eventually)

Idk what made me think about this but the funniest thing about the Slim Jesus Drill Time thing is the disclaimer in the beginning of the video- I can tell a fake gun from a real firearm with probably 90% accuracy, and close to 100% if I see it actually used, and those are definitely actual firearms he and his underaged buddies are like. Waving around in his video. Every few weeks I get an image of his little tiny bug head and I’m like “Why can I not be allowed to forget this.” Anyway I know he gave that interview saying it’s just music and he’s not into that stuff but I’m NGL I think that skinny white boy has shot that gun AT somebody before. I just can’t decide whether that is more wild or less wild than him saying it is all a game in an interview and saying “this ain’t just a fuckin rap” in the song.

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A different Anon here. I was kind of in the same boat as you with Hawke helping me out. This was back when I was still in the closet. So romancing Anders as Hawke was sort of my only way at the time to get away mentally to some place where there wasn't a huge homophobic Grandma nearby. Also holy crap I still think the kiss between Hawke and Anders is one of the best video game kisses ever. So even if I'm super attached to my Inquisitor and Dorian I still have a soft spot for DA2

i feel you anon. my hawke helped me come to terms with a few things esp with reference to gender and sexuality and i know he’s a fictional character but i want to personally thank him for that. and i 100000% agree on the kiss thing. i just??? im a sucker for the handers romance especially bc it mirrors malcolm and leandra and i love those parallels??? rebellious apostate (that bethany says reminds her of malcolm!!) falling for a rich noble??? both of them running away together at the end of the game??? hawke throwing everything away for anders??? sign me tf up. i got sidetracked but god the handers romance is so good and i wanna personally thank hawke and anders for everything. :’)

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wasn't popstar bubblegum??? i was like 99% sure bc hoo damn thats my shit right there (what did he fight dave abt in that au though?)

no popstar wasnt bubblegum :O! it was basically broadway karkat actually

and in the au i was mentioning the fighting uHMMM i dont believe that was a public au. that was one cats and i did and it had been one of those dave and bubblegum were totally gay but kept saying fwbs w no strings and dave said one thing too far abt karkat sleeping around or smtn and karkat went off on him and they got into a huge pissing match and yeah. karkat ended up spiraling p bad tbh.

After The Rain

For the AkaKuro Valentine Event, spesifically Akashi #27

Ahhh I hope you’ll be satisfied with this story, and since I cannot write something like Romeo and Juliet AU, I’ll try to compensate with this royalty AU. I hope you’ll still like it nontheless! Also inspired by Arslan Senki and French Revolution~

Rating : T

Warning : None

Word count : 1.576


“Now, things are not like those times. Even if we have the memories, we are now different people. He is free, and so are you. He no longer has responsibility to bear.” I said.

“With all ties of obligations disappear, when all that’s left is his free choice and your longing for him… Isn’t that what they call love?”

Read it at : FFn | AO3

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I need to speak about something. this picture. People may say it’s a hickey, others may say it’s a shadow. I’m one of those people that is saying that there is a high possibility that its a shadow. If Phil had’ve given Dan and hickey, don’t you think that he would give it him in a place that’s easy to cover up or Dan would’ve covered it up as best he could?

it’s annoying me now bc the phandom takes things way too far. yes we know that they could well be together but then they might now be and might just be best friends. but if something like this is just a shadow and some members of the phandom know it might be a shadow they will still say it’s a hickey. I know there are mixed opinions on this and I’m probably gonna get ‘corrected’ BC “im in the wrong.” go ahead. I’m just expressing that the phandom do take things too far and they are real people too.

okay this is gonna cause a shitstorm now…..

Photobomb | Kenji | Closed for Felix

After chatting up Senko for a while, Kenji had parted ways to give this place a little bit of exploration. He’s rather disappointed that they weren’t assigned a proper tour guide or something, those girls really hadn’t offered much of an explanation, but whatever Kenji can roll with it. He’s the SHSL Improv Artist, he can roll with anything!

Including the presence of a weird keycard in his pocket that says he has a coin? He’s not sure what to do with that at first, but when he stumbles onto the weird vending machine thing in the back of the catering area he has an idea. Not like it’s rocket science. He holds the card up to the machine and attempts to use the coin, and…


There aren’t any buttons to press, and the front of the machine isn’t open, so Kenji has no idea what kind of ‘prize’ to expect but fortunate favors the bold, so they say. He pulls out the object and…

Photography Book:  A paperback copy of The Art of Photography by Bruce Barnbaum

“Aw, this really isn’t that exciting.” Kenji sighs, disappointed again, but quickly perks up. After all just because he doesn’t like it doesn’t mean no one else will. This could be the perfect opportunity to make a new friend!

Kenji holds the book aloft and steps away from the area with the vending machine, darting over to jump up onto one of the tables. Kenji oh my god. Is this some sort of universal constant or something.

“HEY WOULD ANYONE LIKE A PHOTOGRAPHY BOOK? I JUST GOT THIS OUT OF THAT MACHINE AND I’M SURE SOMEONE ELSE WOULD APPRECIATE IT MORE!” Holy shit this kid’s got a pair of lungs on him. He’s so small but he can project.


“You where so close to him Eden!”

“I know I was.” I said and the smile on my face grew. 

‘But you say nothing is going on between you two? Why do you have to lie to me?” Cyndi fake pouted 

“Because there is nothing going on between us.” I said “We are just friends.”

“But the thing on the beach! THE THING!” 

“He doesn’t know how I feel about him yet.” I admitted quietly. Shocking myself at those words. I hadn’t even admitted it to myself yet. But here I was.

“You totally have a crush on him.” Cyndi teased and I felt the fluttering in my stomach again. There was no denying it anymore. I had feelings for my ex baby sitter.

“Yeah….I suppose I do.” I admitted, both to Cyndi and to myself. 

So I’m getting some flack for not wanting to dance on the grave of a guy with some shitty political views. And I feel the need to explain myself.

I do not support many of the things Scalia said, but after being forced to read his opinions for the last 6 months and have come to realize the guy was somewhat more complex than many sources make him out to be. The entire supreme court is much more complex than the media makes it out to be. Few things are black and white, and this is one of those things.

Are we better off without him on the court. Yes! Is he a scum sucking dillhole who I’m going to condemn and wished death upon? No.

I could explain at length what I mean, but I doubt anyone particularly wants to hear it, so I’ll just say:

I apologize if I upset anyone.