and then he runs away

honestly season 2 proved that lance is as much of a conspiracy theorist/believer as keith was but obviously doesn’t want him to know about it.

keith: *walks into lance’s room* hey lance can yo-

keith: oh. he’s not here. hm. well i’ll just-

keith: *sees his shrine and conspiracy board dedicated to the Jersey Devil*

keith: oh my god…

keith: OH MY GOD?!

keith: *sprints out of the room*

keith: *eventually finds lance*



Yoonbum: I should just run away! I have so many opportunities! He won’t notice me! He’s really abusive and can be such an asshole!

Yoonbum: suck his dick




Yoonbum: wait what does that have to do with anythi-

I want Keith and Shiro to be having another private moment before they head off on separate missions like they did in season two, and even though they’re dating Keith is expecting a hug goodbye like always, but instead Shiro just straight up kisses him full on the mouth and when he pulls away, he just winks and says “For luck” before running off to his lion and Keith D I E s. 

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bts reaction to their gf storming out of the room when they say something hurtful to her


He would curse at himself and think about what he should do, pacing a few minutes before he’d run after you and apologize. He didn’t was still upset but at himself now. He was hangry please forgive him.

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He would hate himself but let you go. He’d call you a little bit later after he figures you cooled off to apologize and ask if he could see you. If you didn’t want to see him right away he’d ask you for a day to meet.

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He would run after you to apologize right away. He regretted the words as soon as they left his mouth. He’d give you your space if you needed it or hold you if you let him but he wanted to let you know he didn’t mean it.

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He would beat himself up and let you leave. He’d contact you the next day after you both had time to think and cool down. The first thing he’d say was that he was sorry. No excuses, he fucked up.

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He would rush after you and apologize. He would let you know that he didn’t mean it and that he wasn’t going to let you stay out of his life because he was stupid. He’d give you space and time if you needed it.

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He would let you go. He’d wait for you to talk to him first. If you didn’t after a few days he’d send you a text asking if you two could talk. He’d want to apologize face to face so he could fix it better.

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He would start texting you right away after you left and he realized he fucked up big time. He’d only stop texting if you told him to. He’d apologize constantly and ask what he could do to make it right.

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scariest part of who took johnny was that it’s the only place to see a lot of the America’s Most Wanted investigation into Paul Bonacci’s claims

and they discuss and show how Paul testified about Johnny Gosch, as a child, being branded by a man called “The Colonel” because he tried to run away.

AMW got all these letters from people corroborating Bonacci’s claims, including one man who came forward who had an identical brand to the one Bonacci had described.

Bonacci also talked about a house out in Colorado where the kids were kept, and about a secret underground room where they were put. Eventually, AMW flew him out to Colorado and, on camera, he brought them to the ranch in the middle of nowhere (now abandoned), and they even found a large room carved out in the dirt under the house, with a tunnel leading to it which was hidden under the large deck, and they found all these initials of various kids carved into the wood beams and shit

and yet none of these people have ever had to answer for what they’ve done, and the few people who have ever come out publicly to say this happened to them as a kid have been ignored, discredited, institutionalized, imprisoned, or killed

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pining lance who is in so deep that he just starts complimenting keith outright to his face without even realizing it and keith gets all flustered like "um... did you just? compliment me???"

lance does the best thing he knows how to do: he finger guns at him smugly winks and runs away

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Okay but I had an idea. Imagine Dipper opening a business for people dealing with problems with monsters and stuff. (specifically the unfriendly murdery kind) Of course he acts like a human, but that doesn't stop people from being a little unnerved by how evil creatures run the frick away from him, or how he's a little bit strange in general, but he's typically regarded as very effective-and not to mention cheap. Sometimes people with more serious issues end up learning his true identity.

Sometimes Dipper decides to try a human masquerade with a little more zest than a translator, teacher, or accountant. Sometimes this actually goes well. Others…not so much.

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How would the Aola guys react to their kids wandering off and disappearing for like, three days in a row every month for like 18 years. No contact or warning. They just disappear and come back filthy from wandering for three days.

* He knows his kids does this, but he worries about them everytime it happens. He’s so relieved and happy when they come back, even though they look like a mess. His kids tell him where thy go whenever they do this and tell him what happened while on their adventure.

* He’s worried sick the entire time they’re gone. Did they get kidnapped? Did they run away? Where did they go?! He’s on the borderline of having a panic attack the entire time, even though this happens multiple times. When they come back, he’s both relieved and angry. He wants at least a warning before they disappear like that again.

* The first couple of times this happens, he loses it. He’s searching high and low for them, having any membr on Team Skull helping to search for them. When they come back, asks them where they hell they’ve been. When he sees they’re not hurt though, he’s relieved. After a few more times of this happening, he’s used to it. He’ll just remind them once in a while to be careful and tell him when they’re going.


The theme of this day was ‘ATLAB’ au. Lorence would be a coward of a fire bender. Johnny, Richie, and Flynn would be from the Earth Kingdom and have a traveling show to con money out of people. Johnny would be a Non-Bender but deal with hyping up the customers. Richie would a Earth bender and is probably the most talented of the group. Flynn would be a metal bender, only he is really bad at it and can only move metal a little bit. They would dress Flynn up as a psychic and use his metal bending as proof of his ‘psychic powers’. Lorence would run away from the army because he’s a coward and Johnny, Richie, and Flynn would find him. They would befriend Lorence and use Lorence to make special explosions effects in their show.

Shotgun Sammy Theory

So I’ve got this fic I’ve been working on since before episode 40 that I might still put out even though now it’s really canon divergent, and in the fic I kind of imply that Sammy was running away from some sort of abuse when he moved to King Falls, only now I feel like episode 42 might have confirmed that bit?

I’m just thinking back on how adamant Sammy was about Cecil getting away from Hershel if he was being abused. He said it multiple times, that no one deserves that. That verbal abuse is just as bad as physical. Like it was personal to him. Like he’s been through it before.

If anyone else thinks that’s a little fishy, I’m always available to scream about my boys!

I hope we are not ignoring one of the most important parts of this episode: Chopin.

We saw him playing and having dinner with the others: no boxes of oranges, no computers, no anything. Maybe it was Liszt that dragged him out of the room, but as far as we know, he could have come out on his own. He didn’t run away when that shy boy started to talk with him at school, neither he did when an entire group of people surrounded him.
I feel like he’s starting to open up, step by step, and to understand that the real world and people aren’t that bad after all: because the other Classicaloids, Kanae, Sosuke (and Pad-kun!) care about him, and the students see in him someone who comprehends them without judging them, like a big brother (they called him “Onii-chan”, after all!)

I hope we’ll get to see more of this in the future!

i mean we saw the boxes of oranges AFTER all of that happened so

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I know you're not on tumblr much, but I'm real curious as to why you personally connect to Gohan? (He's your favorite character, right?) I think it's neat how different people will attach to or see different things in a character.

Hey, a good question!

Okay. I think I personally connect onto Gohan for a few reasons.

1) Adult Him is a massive nerd, so…superficial similarities there.

2) His character arc in the Saiyan Saga is honestly one of the strangest, most realistic things in this series about super-powered kung-fu. In that he starts off as a 4-year-old kid, and acts like a 4-year old-kid: he whines, he doesn’t understand the situation, and he runs away from fights at first instead of facing them. Goku and co. at this point were used to fighting, but Gohan was what would happen when you plucked a kid (or an ordinary person) and shoved him in the middle of the battlefield. They wouldn’t become a badass straight away.

3) His ‘hidden power’. Blatant wish fulfilment, really, but it works. The idea that even if Gohan doesn’t look strong on the surface, he’s got the ability to be so much greater, and he barely even believes it himself. It allows him to be weak enough so he’s not always in control of the situation, but also knowing that he could be something he can barely comprehend if given the right trigger.

4) Don’t you also find it really satisfying when the bad guy gets the shit beaten out of him by the child who was just before cowering in the corner because they went too far and really pissed him off? Beware the Nice Ones. I really enjoy that trope. And that basically is Gohan.

5) That part in the Cell Games where he gets his arm injured by Cell and his next thought is to give up because he doesn’t believe he can win. You could say he has self-confidence issues. He never believes he can be as strong as people tell him he is, and that almost holds him back.

6) That part in the early Buu Saga when Goku tells him if he gets angry, he won’t lose to anyone, but Gohan realises he can’t just do that on command. He can’t just get angry like against Cell because someone tells him to. He may have hidden power, but he’s not perfect. And it doesn’t always work the way he wants it to.

Basically, tl;dr: Gohan isn’t always in control, lacks self-confidence, and doesn’t seem suited for fighting, but is also the one who could be the strongest character in the show if he willed it and believed it.

Isn’t that the coolest, most motivating idea for a character?

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so, I'm rereading UMFB and I was wondering how much significance did it hold, that Yuuri stayed the night after their first time together? I mean, would it change anything if he hadn't?

Hmmm, it probably wouldn’t have changed a huge amount. I mean, he’d look like a lot more of a dick if he’d just been like ‘thanks for the shag, bye now’ and cut and run straight away but he did essentially sneak out the next morning so it wouldn’t have made a huge amount of difference

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how would Carl react had someone actually taken him up on one of his perverted sexual offers (the ones he used to drive people away)?

Carl would escalate his perverted acts until he realizes that the other person is enjoying it, and then he would probably run away. He has never reached the point where anybody positively interacted with his lewd behavior, though. 

The Party part 12/?

L: Oh yeah? I WILL enjoy the rest of the party!!!

L: ugh, stupid Keith, I run all over for like an hour looking for him and this is how he thanks me, Unbelievable 

L: that thing on his face look painful though, how the hell did he manage to get a burn like that? I hope he knows where the burn cream is….

L: Although, even if he did know where it was, it would be hard to bandage an injury like that on your own.

L: (don’t chase after him don’t chase after him don’t chase….)

L: dammit

L: The hell? How’d he manage to get that far, he must of bolted.