and then he meets jess

here’s the thing about andrew garfield. here’s why he’s my favorite. everything he does and everything he is comes down to love. His work as an actor, his life as a human being, everything is just one long sequence of finding new things to open his heart to. He goes from movie to movie just falling in love over and over, with his characters, with his costars, with his directors, with the sound guy, with the paparazzi with whom he just had a thoughtful conversation, with adam driver, with the kids from stranger things, with everyone he meets and everyone he doesn’t. he’s just an endless source of regenerating beautiful love and i’m so emotional.


[Overwatch animatic WIP ]

So, we [me and Vanycat] saw “Trolls” the other day and that film was on crack but we like it so much ahah
Then I pointed out to Vany that the Cloud Guy scene was perfect with Hanzo, Tracer and Jesse.
And then Vany made this work of art ahahah

c-qcat  asked:

McCree flirting with a reader who's stubbornly denying the fact that they MAY have feelings for the cowboy. Like, not tsundere levels of denial but they're trying to play it cool because for some reason they know that they shouldn't get too deeply involved, maybe they're a mercenary working for Overwatch and know that before long they're gonna have to leave and to get attached means something scary that they haven't considered: full-on change. STILL CAN'T HELP THE FACT THEY'RE HEAD OVER HEELS.


Originally posted by dafunk

Longass imagine under the cut because guess who ELSE CAUGHT THE FUCKIN FEELS. This is a mess, but whatever. Omfggg

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Up in flames

A/N: First off, yikes. In this fic Sam & Jess have been together since freshman year at Stanford. After almost three years of dating, Jess finds out that she’s pregnant. They somehow balance school and parenthood and are doing a pretty great job at it when Dean comes crawling through the window Halloween night…This does not follow the pilot episode of SPN.

This is my entry for @daughters-and-winsisters writing challenge.

Warnings: Angst, character death.

Sam x Daughter!Reader   Dean x Niece!Reader   Sam x Jess

Hearing a crashing noise coming from the front room Sam leaped out of bed. He glanced at Jess to make sure she was okay before he slowly walked out of his room. Carefully walking down the hall, avoiding the creaky parts of the wooden floor, Sam opened the door to his nearly six month old daughter’s nursery. He reached over and placed his hand on your chest; feeling his hand rise with your breaths as he looked around the room.

Satisfied that you were safe, Sam left your room and made his way into the living room. However, as soon as he walked in he was attacked, he was quickly pinned to the ground but as he looked up at his attacker he realized it was none other then his older brother, “Dean?”

After a few more words were exchanged, along with Sam flipping Dean over onto his back, proving he wasn’t rusty, the boys stood and stared at each other. Sam was in shock that his brother was standing in front of him, he had a million questions which were interrupted when Jess flipped the light on.

“Sam?” She asked sleepily.

One awkward introduction and a few moments of silence Sam was about to question why Dean was there when your cry was heard from down the hall. Dean whipped his head over at Sam, wondering why there was a baby in the apartment.

“I’ll get her.” Jess told Sam with a smile.

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*scrolls in the mchanzo tag*

I want a dancer AU…

Like Hanzo used to be a dancer when he was younger but as he grew older his father started to disapprove and thought that it was time for him to “grow up” and start taking things a bit more seriously as he would inherit his father’s company in the future.

Genji, who had watched his brother dance as he was growing up, somewhat aspired to be like him but knew that his father wouldn’t approve of him either although his role in the future wasn’t quite as serious. So he moved to America the moment he became legal, completely cutting ties with his family, to pursue his dream away from his father’s watchful eye.

It’s not until their father dies and Hanzo overworks himself and ends up in the hospital that Genji tries to come in contact with his brother again (after that dreadful message from one of his contacts in Japan).

He practically begs his brother to come and visit him, and Hanzo does. He’s on a forced vacation anyway.

Hanzo stays at Genji’s place and they carefully get to know each other again, no longer the young boys they used to be. It’s not until Hanzo shows up at Genji’s dance studio to pick him up that he meets Jesse McCree, Genji’s best friend and a fellow dancer that seems to have made it his purpose in life to get Hanzo to dance again. And….




Anon asked: Bartender! McCree x Reader headcanons please!!

These were so fun to write, I think this is my new favorite AU. I think I got a little carried away though, it got pretty long.

  • Jesse picked up a job as a bartender back in his days in the Deadlock gang.
  • He worked at a bar called Valentino’s, which was the resident spot for all sorts of unsavory characters.
  • Most of the time, the usual customers were gang members, bounty hunters, and all sorts of criminals.
  • The usual patrons weren’t that bad. They mostly kept to themselves, and they tipped well, so Jesse didn’t complain.
  • One night, however, someone got a little too drunk and tried to pick a fight with Jesse.
  • Before he could deal with them, though, you were already there to diffuse the situation.
  • You pretty much just knocked the person out before calmly sitting back down and finishing your drink.
  • Jesse was mildly intrigued by you, to say the least.
  • A little talking had revealed that you were a bounty hunter, and you visited the bar frequently.
  • You had to leave soon after meeting Jesse, but during the days after that, he always found himself looking for you whenever he came to work.
  • Even after he was drafted into Blackwatch, he always found himself thinking about you.
  • You can imagine his surprise when he found out you were in Blackwatch with him. You had gotten caught by Overwatch shortly after Jesse had.
  • You became pretty much inseparable after that.
  • The two of you became known as “Bonnie and Clyde”, even after you left Overwatch together.

This came to mind when I saw @kinkyarkhive‘ sReaper76 drawing. Thanks for the inspiration and amazing art :)

It came out softer than intended tho, let’s see


Jesse sleeps profoundly on his warm bed, between the walls of his dorm in base. This room was bigger than the one he used to have in his Blackwatch days. And everything nicer than what he had gotten used to over the years of cheap motel rooms. His dorm used to feel like home when he was younger; a cozy space for just him and the belongings he collected through time. He wasn’t sure what this new dorm was for him yet. It has been long since he called something home.
He had made it warmer during the weeks here. After being vacant for years, the furniture collected dust and cold. His skin crawled when he first stepped foot in the room, like a ghost still lingered in the air. He bought his own bed sheets and covers with brown patterns. He set up a mirror with an oak frame to face the bed and even hung up a bull’s skull to add a classic touch. The curtains match the pattern of the sheet covers along with a sand colored flat-woven rug on the floor. His overuse cowboy hat rests on top of the dresser for the night. A new hat is set on the other end, given to him by Hana, one of the youngest recruits. He accepted the gift, but can’t seem to part with his trusty old one. He still wears the new hat on special occasions, and making his teammates happy always brings him a piece of joy.
He’s long gone into the warmth of sleep, almost too far from this world, when the cold breeze brushes his skin. His eyes flutter to the familiar feeling as he starts to wake. He shifts on his back and groans to the cold caressing his naked chest. There’s a lazy smile on his lips as his eyes open softly to blurry surroundings. As his vision focuses, the air turns to black smoke, almost getting lost in the dim blue light of the room. It slips under Jesse’s cover and settles on top of him. Tendrils of smoke lift his right hand as it mirrors the figure. A clawed, black hand takes a hold of McCree’s, lacing their fingers together.
There was a ghost in this room after all. Always have been since McCree stepped into it.

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Bechloe One Shot: Blind Date

What’s up nerds? This was requested by @metalheaddrummer. I hope you like it, dude!!

Chloe agrees to let Jesse set her up on a blind date. The big surprise is who Chloe’s date ends up being… (You guys know who it is…. ;)

“What’s up, Red?” Chloe heard a familiar voice call from behind her. She was surprised to turn around and see Jesse approaching her.

“Jesse, hey, what’s up?” She continued to scroll and look at her laptop.

Jesse came over and sat down beside her, smiling. Chloe gave a slight smile back. She felt weird. While she had talked with Jesse on numerous occasions, it had never been without Beca there, unless it was a “Hey, have you seen Beca?” Either way, her best friend, and also his girlfriend, was the center of Jesse and Chloe’s relationship. She knew Jesse knew that Beca was at work at the radio station. So he had to be talking to her for some other reason.

Chloe waited for him to say something. He seemed to be trying to figure out how to start the conversation. Chloe sat her laptop down at her feet and turned toward him, “Something you need, Jesse?”

He looked up and chuckled, “Uh, yeah… Kinda. Are you seeing anyone?”

This question took her by surprise. Not just because of who was asking, but because no one had really asked her that in almost 3 years. She had dated since she had been at Barden, but nothing had been serious. A few guys here and there, and one drunken night with a small brunette girl who reminded her so much of the reason why she couldn’t give her heart to anyone else.

Jesse could see the surprise on her face, but misinterpreted, “Oh, hey, it’s not… I don’t want to know for me. I have this friend who’s looking. Really nice, guy. Tall. Good smile. I just thought maybe you guys would hit it off.”

Chloe’s expression didn’t change. “Oh. Jesse, I don’t know… I’m not really all that into blind dates…”

He reached over and grabbed her hand and squeezed, “Please, Chloe. Trust me on this. I think that you are really going to like who I am setting you up with. I think I know what you like better than you think I do.”

I seriously doubt that,” she thought to herself as her mind drifted to Beca. That’s really the only person she wanted. Beca. Jesse’s girl. The long-term lover of the guy who was trying to set her up on a date.

She had been infatuated with her ever since she first saw her walking around at the activities fair, hair pulled back showing off her “ear monstrosities” as Aubrey so often called them. Beca’s stand-offish attitude and innate disgust for group activities had been threatening to her college bestie, but Chloe had seen right through her tough attitude and immediately felt drawn to the caring, passionate person underneath.  

Plus, she was beautiful. Breathtakingly so, and as the years had drawn on and their friendship had grown and deepened, Chloe couldn’t stop thinking about her. About wanting to kiss her, wanting to caress her soft cheeks or lace their hands together. No matter where Chloe went or what she was doing, something always seemed to remind her of Beca.

The Bella’s often went out and did things together, and whenever they would, sometimes Chloe would let her emotions, and her hormones, get a little out of  control and she’d slip up. 

Like the time the Bella’s all took a trip to Six Flags. They were standing around deciding what ride they wanted to get on first, but their large group was in the way. A woman was trying to walk past them with her family, but Beca was in her path, so Chloe casually slipped her hand around Beca’s waist and pulled her back. It was a simple thing. Something she would’ve done to any of the girls,  but she left it there just a little too long. She found herself almost pulling Beca into her and when she realized this, she immediately let go. Beca didn’t notice, or if she did, she didn’t say so. Beca always seemed to miss Chloe’s “slip ups.”

Jesse waved a hand in front of Chloe’s face, “Earth to Chloe, you in there? Come on, just say yes. It’s one date. It won’t kill you, and you’ll be surprised by how into it you’re going to be.”

Chloe sighed and racked her brain for a good excuse as to why she shouldn’t give it a try. “Okay, fine. When and where?”

Jesse bounced with excitement, “Okay, awesome! Tonight, Grace’s, say… 7?”

Chloe whined, “Grace’s?… That place is expensive and fancy… That means I’m going to be broke AND I have to wear a super nice dress.”

Jesse got up to leave, “Don’t worry about paying. That will be covered. When you get there, the reservations will be under my name.You’re not gonna regret this, Chloe.”

Beca got off work and had a message from Jesse telling her to meet her at the restaurant. It was odd of him not to come pick her up, but he said that he had some things to take care of before meeting her.

Beca was happy with Jesse, but over the course of the past year they had become more like friends than boyfriend and girlfriend. They still went out, held hands, and kissed, but that initial spark between them was gone, and she was sure that he felt that way too. Tonight’s date was probably his last stitch effort to fix it.

She expected that he would have some kind of elaborate night planned. Dinner at Grace’s, a walk in the park where she would then be serenaded by the Bellas or the Trebles, and then probably some poem that we would read aloud to her. Jesse was a big romantic and Beca could get into it sometimes.

She got ready, grabbed her coat, and headed out the door. When she arrived at Grace’s she didn’t see Jesse waiting for her outside. She tried calling him, but he didn’t answer. “He’s probably already inside,” she thought.

She stopped at the hostess desk, “Excuse me, I’m looking for my date. I was supposed to meet him here at 7.”


“Jesse Swanson.”

The woman stepped from behind her desk, “Right this way, Miss.” She led Beca to a table towards the back.

She waited for almost ten minutes and she was growing anxious when she saw the hostess heading back toward her table. She was taken aback to see Chloe step out from behind her. “Chloe? What are you doing here?”

Chloe was just as confused as Beca, “Um, I’m supposed to be meeting Jesse’s friend here for a date… What are you doing here?”

“I’m supposed to be meeting Jesse here. He didn’t say anything about double dating tonight.” Beca felt her phone buzz in her hand. It was a text from Jesse.

Beca,  you and I both know that things have been kind of dialing down between us for some time now. But there’s someone in your life things haven’t dialed down with. At first, I tried to ignore it. I thought you guys were just really good friends. But the more you were around each other the more I could see it. You like her, Beca. And she likes you. You and I have never looked at each other the way that you two steal glances all the time. I may be the craziest man in the history of the world for this, but I’m setting you up with Chloe. Enjoy yourself. No hard feelings. I expect details as to how this night goes. Love you (in some weird twisted maybe platonic, maybe not kind of way.)

Beca stared at her phone for a long time just re-reading what Jesse had just sent. She looked from her phone to Chloe, who was still standing with her coat on.  “Umm…” 

Beca’s head was spinning. She was kind of embarrassed that she had let her feelings for Chloe show so openly, but she also felt butterflies in her stomach. She always got that feeling when Chloe was around. She looked at her friend, her potential date, and she was short of breath because of how beautiful she looked. Her hair as curled and falling on her shoulders. Her bright blue eyes were sparkling with eye shadow she had on. Beca’s eyes drifted to her lips which were bright red. Damn, she looks amazing… 

Before Beca could try to explain what was happening, Chloe’s phone went off.

Chloe, she’s all yours. Take care of her, will you? She really likes you.

Chloe’s heart skipped a beat. She couldn’t believe what she was reading. “Beca… Um, Jesse just text me, and… Well… I think that…”

“He set us up.” Beca finished Chloe’s sentence.

Chloe’s face was as red as her hair. “Look, Beca… We can just leave. We don’t have to do this. I don’t know what he was thinking. I swear, I had no idea…”

Beca went around the table to Chloe’s side, “No. Don’t leave. Here, let me take your jacket.” Chloe let Beca pull her coat off her shoulders and watched her hand it to one of the employees. She came back and pulled the chair out, “Sit down.”

Chloe shook her head, “Beca, I… Are you sure you want to do this? I mean, really sure because we can just forget it all and go home.”

Beca’s face softened at how nervous Chloe seemed to be. Chloe, who always seemed so put together and in control. The girl who never faltered when a guy would make a pass at her at party. The girl who could confidently stand on a table and dance to the song “Get Low” after only consuming two alcoholic beverages was nervous about potentially being on a date with Beca. Beca the tiny, socially awkward DJ.

She smiled and crossed to Chloe realizing that tonight she was going to have to be in control, and for some odd reason, she felt it. She felt excited and empowered. She wanted to be here with Chloe so badly that all her usual fear and anxiety seemed to melt off of her and pass onto Chloe.

 “Chloe, do you honestly think that I don’t notice how you make excuses to touch me? That you fight for the spot on the sofa next to me on Bella Movie Night? Oh, and that you are constantly eye-balling my cleavage?” 

The look of embarrassment increased on Chloe’s face. “There are reasons why I never pulled away from you. Reasons why I always made everyone else move off your spot on the couch… Look, I don’t really do emotions and feelings well… But, you look incredibly beautiful tonight. More so than usual, if that’s even possible. I want you to sit down and have dinner with me. Just the two of us. And if you’re up for it, I may even slip my foot over next to yours underneath the table.” Beca gave a wink and Chloe laughed.

“Okay. I’ll have dinner with you.”

They ate, talked, and laughed all through dinner. When desert came, Chloe felt a soft foot rubbing against her leg. “Oh my God, Beca…” Beca didn’t look up, but just grinned when she felt Chloe’s foot playing with her own.

They were walking out the door carrying to-go boxes toward their cars. “So despite us being set up in such a strange way, this has been pretty great,” Beca said as she stopped beside Chloe’s car.

Chloe nodded, “It has.” She hesitated and looked into Beca’s eyes.

“What is it?”

“If you knew that I liked you and you liked me, why didn’t you ever say anything?” Beca looked up at Chloe, seeing she was kind of hurt.

Chloe could see Beca wasn’t expecting that and she kept shifting her weight from one foot to the other. “I don’t know… At first I thought that you were just fooling around. That you were “play flirting” I guess. But the longer it went on, the more I wanted you to be real flirting. But I just couldn’t imagine you being into me. You are so great. You’re kind, sweet, caring, talented, gorgeous, and I am… Well, I am me. Plus, I had never had feelings for another girl like that before. It scared me, you know. Currently does scare me. Especially with you standing in front of me with those blue eyes that I could get so lost in…”

Chloe blushed and smiled rolling her eyes, “You don’t have to sweet talk me, Beca. I’ve already fallen.”

Beca had been different all night. She had been more confident in her actions and words. Chloe could see that confidence fading now as she looked up and fixed her gaze on Chloe’s lips. “Well… Good… Then… Then I can… Uh, I can do this…” She reached up and placed her hand on Chloe’s face pulling her lips down to her own. It was soft and sweet. Beca pulled back slowly finding that Chloe was following her not wanting the kiss to end.

“I owe your boyfriend big time,” Chloe giggled as she licked her lips. She could still feel the tingle of where Beca’s hand and lips had just been.

“Ex-boyfriend, I think…” Beca said scratching her head.

Chloe smiled and put her hand on Beca’s waste dragging her closer, getting to leave it there this time. “Well, since he is your ex, I won’t feel as bad about doing this.” She pressed her lips to Beca’s. This time the kiss was more urgent.

Chloe gently pushed her tongue to Beca’s barley touching it, but it was just enough to make Beca want more. 

Her whole body was beginning to heat up. She wrapped her arms around Chloe’s waste and slowly let her hands fall lower onto Chloe’s backside.

“What do you say we rendezvous some more back in my room?” Beca was smiling from ear to ear.

Chloe returned the large smile, “I think that sounds great. I’ll meet you there in ten.” Chloe watched Beca practically run to her car. Chloe grabbed her phone and started typing:

You have no idea what you have done. Thank you so much!! We owe you, big time!

Chloe hit send and then jumped into her car to race back to the Bella house, where she could finally be with Beca in the way that she knew it was always meant to be.


Rory and Jess after the series finale; life in New York

anonymous asked:

do you think jess knows rory best?

Short answer: Absolutely not. The long answer is multifaceted. So, here goes nothing. 

1. At the very least, Lorelai exists. The idea that Jess knows Rory better than her mother and best friend is absurd. I don’t think I really have to say anything else here. This point speaks for itself.

2. Jess and Rory knew each other as teenagers. They dated for a few months and then Jess basically disappeared from her life for years. Adult Rory is not the same as teenage Rory. By the time Jess sees her again, she’s not the same person she used to be. She’s grown. She’s changed. Of course she has. Nobody is the same person as a teenager as they are in their 20s, and they shouldn’t be. I absolutely hate when I see people criticize her for changing. When Jess sees her as an almost 21-year-old woman and says he knows her better than anyone, it’s honestly ridiculous. He hasn’t seen her in years. He doesn’t know anything about her. He knows what he wants her to be and he knows what he expects her to be, but he doesn’t know who she actually is. Listen, Jess knew Rory as a naive teenager, this sweet and “perfect” girl. That’s how he saw her and that’s how he’ll always see her. It’s not by any fault of his own. He just doesn’t know the other parts of her because he’s not in her life. She’s not a person to him. She’s an idea. Rory developed so much throughout the series. College/adult Rory is miles away from high school Rory. She’s been through a lot and those experiences have changed and shaped her. That’s how life works. Jess is not the same person as an adult as he was as a teenager, so how could he possibly expect Rory to be? We never see Rory assert that she knows Jess better than anyone when they are in their 20s and beyond because it would be just as incorrect coming from her. 

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The Education of Charlie Banks (2007) 

Character: Leo Reilly

Director: Fred Durst

Release Date: April 27, 2007 (US)

US Rating: R (for pervasive language, some violence, sexual content, and drug and alcohol use)

Genre: drama

Also starring: Jesse Eisenberg, Jason Ritter, Chris Marquette, Eva Amurri, Gloria Votsis

Spoiler-free character description:
The Education of Charlie Banks is about a guy named Charlie Banks (Jesse Eisenberg). When he goes off to college, he meets a wealthy student named Leo (Sebastian), who he becomes friends with. Leo doesn’t take life too seriously, and enjoys spending money and having fun with his friends.

More information about this and other roles here.

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danny rand bf headcanons?

Oh god okay 😆 Why do I think this is Rae??😄💙

- Forehead kisses? Forehead kisses.
- Him telling you stories about Kun Lun all the time
- Helping him adjust to being back in NYC
- Need for physical contact is nearly always high
- Him trying to meditate a lot. *trying to* because you constantly try and find new ways to distract him
- Him helping you calm down completely during anxiety attacks
- Daily walks to Central Park
- Him teaching you to control your breathing in case you have an attack and he’s not there
- Eating takeout a lot
- Asking him to teach you to meditate and repeatedly failing because you just burst out laughing every time
- Always being fascinated by the skills he has
- Feeling completely safe with one another
- Probably meeting Matt, Jess and Luke at some point
- Probably being best buds with Claire
- Worrying about Danny when he’s out being a vigilante
- He’ll probably offer to stop it if it worries you too much but telling him it’s okay
- Cuddles™

Have a great day!!

McHanzo AU idea

Because there aren’t already a million of these…

What if the Shimada’s actually had a good childhood? Sure they were trained to be soldiers, but they were also heirs and spoiled accordingly. The star of both parents’ eyes. Hanzo was the eldest and of course had the pressure of being the next leader of the Shimada Clan, but don’t tell me Genji would have gotten away with half of his shit without his parents’ love.

So let’s talk soulmates. In a world where soulmates are “a thing”, the world would have to evolve to have an entire industry around helping people find their soulmate. You have your partner’s name written on your wrist? There’re people whose entire careers cater around studying and hunting down names through census information and cultural understanding.

Not everyone is born with a soulmate mark on their wrist, but Papa Shimada was lucky enough to have “Yumiko” written on his wrist in beautiful kanji. When he was of age, he spared no expense in hunting down the woman with his name on her wrist. Soul readers (because of course people who do this shit for a living have a ridiculous name) find woman after woman who come from wealthy families that claim to have his name on their wrist, but none really make him feel anything.

Finally, one Soul Reader shyly introduces him to Yumiko, the eldest daughter of a fisherman in the far south of Japan. When he travels to meet her, she greets him by defending her home with an old and rusty gun and threatening to kill him and his men. It’s love at first sight.

So when papa and mama Shimada’s first son is born with a soul mate mark they spare no expense in hunting down a girl with the name “Jesse”. Their hunt leads them to America where the name is more common but it’s dead end after dead end. They shove the search into the background to stop their son from feeling dejected, but it isn’t until Genji runs home screaming about catching his brother kissing one of their friends that mama and papa Shimada realize Jesse might be a boy’s name.

Okay. Fine. The heart wants what the heart wants? The search parameters are shifted and finally one “Jesse” has a name in Kanji on his wrist. He recently entered the Soul Reader database after joining Overwatch and registering as part of his role in the public eye.

Hanzo and Genji travel with bodyguards to Geneva where Jesse is stationed and waiting after being reached by the Soul Readers and he agrees to meet Hanzo at a restaurant.

He doesn’t show.

Unfortunately for Hanzo, Jesse does his own digging and balks when he finds out his soul mate is the son of some big crime boss. Doesn’t matter that the Shimada Clan have a lot of legal leeway in Japan, he didn’t leave Deadlock just to jump into bed (literally) with another gang.

… I really shouldn’t have six pages of this already written.

anonymous asked:

[Drums steepled fingers together like some sort of villain.] Reyes totally holds those "grade checks" once a month to fluster the fuck out of you and get to know you. One night when you're out with friends at some bar or club you both see each other and just "oh shit he's even hotter outside of the classroom". [Shrugs] I'm not saying there's banging, because that's not a-okay for professor and student, but when you graduate? Totally asks you out appropriately (probably in Spanish). [Finger guns]

adorable-as-fuck said to luvleekaotix-imagines:

You. Are. Going. To be. The. Death. Of. Me. And I fucking love it. I am fucking trash for this sort of thing and the fact that you’re doing the lords work is amazing. However, I need more of that wonderful Teacher Hanzo…or even…how would McCree fit in this glorious uni setting? Please. I need it like air. <3

I AMMMMMMMMMMMM STUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK IN REYES HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL GET MEEEEEEEE THE FUCKKKKKKKK OUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. Okay okay okay, take a deep fucking breath everyone. Like fucking breathe please. Hold onto yer fuckin’ horses cause meeting Professor Reyes like after hours when you and your girls are out clubbing? MMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm let me combine particular parts of the asks above.

Overwatch AU intro here. A little extra on Reyes here

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I Missed You

Warnings: Swearing
Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester, Jessica Moore, Sister Winchester Reader
Summary: (Read request at bottom)
Readers Age: 15 years old
Word Count: 1625

Y/N: Your Name
Y/N/N: Your Nickname

A/N: This turned out a lot longer than I expected because being me I got a little carried away and it’s been so long since I watched the Pilot of SPN so if somethings wrong sorry (did someone SPN marathon anyone?).. Enjoy!

“Damnit pick up.” You heard your brother cuss as he paced around the room, “Dean give it up, let’s just go look for him.” You suggested as you sat up from laying on the bed.

Your dad has been missing for awhile, he usually calls but for some reason he stopped a few days ago and now Dean won’t calm down. “Okay, I got an idea, come on” Dean said as he grabbed his stuff and headed out the door, you not to far behind.

“Dean where we going?” You asked as you walked to the passenger side of the Impala, “I’ll tell you later.” Dean replied as he got in. “How ‘bout you tell me now.” You snapped as you buckled up and Dean pulled out onto the road.

Dean sighed, “Stanford.” He stated, your eyes widened. There’s only one thing in Stanford that involved you, Sam. “No, no, no, we are not going to Stanford! We’re leaving Sam out of this!” You yelled throwing your arms up.

“Y/N, we don’t have a choice, we need his help.” Dean said calmly, “Sam made it pretty clear that he wants nothing to do with us.” You leaned back in your seat with your arms crossed. “Argue with me all you want you’re not going to change my mind.” Dean stated, you sighed and looked out the window. You remember that night like it happened yesterday.


“You’re what?!” You yelled as you chased after your brother Sam, “I’m leaving.” Sam replied as put his bags into the trunk of his car. Sam just told you that he’s leaving the hunting life to go to Stanford, how could he do this to you?

“Sam please don’t! I need you!” You begged, you tugged on Sam’s jacket whilst giving him your best puppy dog eyes. Sam looked at you, his eyes soft. “I’m sorry Y/N/N, maybe when you get older you can leave this life to.” Sam said.

“You can’t bail on me! You can’t bail on Dean!” You yelled as you took a step away from him, “I’m not bailing on anyone! I just.. I just want nothing to do with hunting.” Sam said as he shut the trunk to his car. “I always knew you would abandon us.” You quietly said, Sam paused.

“I just want nothing to do with this family.” Sam said not even looking at you, and with that Sam got into his car and drove away. That was the last time you ever talked to him.

…End Flashback…

That was four years ago, he left you when you were eleven, now at fifteen you have a lot more to say to him. Actually scratch that, you have nothing to say to him.

You fell asleep on the ride to Stanford, you were awoken by someone shaking your arm, “Y/N/N, wake up we’re here.” Dean said. You woke up and rubbed your eyes, you looked out your window to see a small house.

You got out and followed Dean, “Dean why are you lock picking the door?” You asked afraid of the answer, “Have you seen the time? Obviously he’s not awake.” Dean replied.

A moment passed before Dean silently cheered in victory for getting the door unlocked, he had a smug smile on his face, you rolled your eyes and proceeded to follow your brother inside.

Everything was dark, no lights were on, you could barely see anything. Then you heard a crash, “Shit.” You heard Dean from across the room, you face palmed realizing that whatever he broke woke Sam up.

Then you heard a loud bang and grunting, “Dean?” You heard him, Sam. You placed your hands on the wall and began looking for the light switch, once you found it you turned the lights on. You looked down to see Sam on top of Dean, Sam looked shocked before Dean threw him off.

“Looks like you’re out of practice.” Dean chuckled, “What the hell are you doing here?” Sam whisper-yelled. You observed your brother, it’s been so long since you’ve seen him.

Sam’s eyes landed on you, his face instantly softened, “Y/N, hey you’re uh… Older..” Sam pointed out the obvious. “Yeah it tends to happen after four years.” You snapped, Sam’s eyebrows knitted together, before he could reply a woman’s voice was heard.

“Sam?” You all looked at where the voice was heard, a blonde woman was standing there in her pajamas. “Uh hey Jess, um this is my brother Dean and my little sister Y/N.” Sam said while he walked over to Jess.

“Oh nice to meet you.” She said, giving you a small wave, “Hey Jess.” Dean winked at her giving her a flirty smile. You elbowed him, “Ow, alright, alright, we need to borrow your boyfriend here, for some family business.” Dean informed her. “Oh what happened?“Jess asked concerned.

“Oh uh, it would be better to talk to Sam alone.” Dean said, “No, anything you have to say to me you can say in front of Jess.” Sam said putting a arm around Jess’ shoulder. You rolled your eyes, “Okay, dad hasn’t been back in a few days.” Dean replied hoping Sam would get the hint.

“So, he’ll be back later.” Sam said like nothing was wrong, “Let me rephrase that, dads on a hunting trip, and he hasn’t been back in a few days.” Dean repeated hoping once again that Sam would get the message.

“Jess could you excuse us for a moment?” Sam asked, Jess nodded and went into the next room. “What the hell do you think you’re doing here?” Sam snapped as he approached Dean, “Listen dad may be in trouble we need your help.” Dean informed Sam.

“No you don’t, you have Y/N.” Sam pointed to you, you decided to let them hash this out and left the room.

“So you’re Sam’s little sister.” Jess stated, you nodded, “He talks about you a lot.” She said, “I highly doubt that.” You responded, why would Sam talk about you?

“No really he does, he cares about you a lot.” Jess gave you a smile, “Okay Y/N, let’s go.” Dean said, you didn’t even realize that Sam passed you to go upstairs and he came back down with a bag.

Sam said his goodbyes to Jess and you all went back to the Impala, you by natural habit went to the front seat. “Nope.” Sam said as he kept your door shut keeping you from getting in. “Really?” You sighed, “Sorry Y/N/N, you know the rules.” Dean replied as he got in, you threw your arms up in defeat and went into the backseat.

You all drove for a while before you stopped at a gas station, Dean got out to refill Baby and you got out to stretch your legs. You walked over to Dean, “Hey gimme some money.” You said quite greedily as you held your hand out. Dean sighed knowing it’s better not to argue and handed you twenty dollars, and you went into the gas station.

You heard the door open after you went in, you looked over the shelves and saw Sam looking around. He came to your isle and stood next to you as you looked at the assortment of food.

“So what have you been up to since I’ve been gone?” Sam asked, you rolled your eyes, “Like you care.” You mumbled, “Hey, I do care.” Sam replied obviously offended. “Yeah whatever.” You said as you grabbed the food and headed to the register.

“Hey what’s your problem?” Sam asked, concern laced in his voice, and that’s when you had enough, “You’re my problem Sam! You can’t just talk to me like nothing ever happened!” You yelled.

“Whoa hey,I know that I said some things that I’m not proud of, but I just thought that since its been so lo-” You cut him off, “Y'know what Sam, just don’t.” You replied as you grabbed your stuff and headed back out the the Impala.

You got into the backseat, Sam got in shortly after you, “I missed you Sam, you hurt me.” You mumbled to yourself hoping Sam wouldn’t hear, but he did.

When he heard that his heart broke, “I’m sorry.” Sam turned around in his seat to look at you, “I’m sorry I said the things that I did, I’m sorry for leaving, I’m sorry for… Being a crappy brother.” Sam said as tears filled his eyes.

“It’s just..” Sam stopped, he turned back around and got out, the door opposite of you opened and Sam got in, “I hated hunting, I wanted a normal life, and I regret leaving the way I did. I’m sorry.” Sam finished. By this time a few tears already made its way down your face, you jumped into your brothers arms and he didn’t hesitate to wrap them around you.

“I m-missed you so much.” You said in between sobs, “I missed you too Bug.” You smiled at the nickname. You heard the Impala door open and felt the car shift, Dean looked back at the two of you finally happy to see that you both made up.

You didn’t let go of Sam, and he sure as hell didn’t let go of you. You soon fell asleep while listening to the sound of his heartbeat.

Requested by Anonymous:
“Can you write a sisfic where she’s about 15 and Dean and her go and get Sam from Stanford but she’s pissed at Sam and doesn’t make an effort with him and Sam’s a but hurt by it and then fluff please?”

A/N: This didn’t turn out EXACTLY like the request… Mainly because I forgot the whole request like half way through and didn’t bother to read it again.. *hides* I would never..

I hope y'all like this one! I’m open for tips on improving!

101 Endings for Rory Gilmore that would have been better

1. She accepts a TEFL (teaching english as a foreign language) position and travels the world teaching kids. 

2.Enlists in the foreign service and works their press division. 

3. Was discovered by Zooey Deschenel and becomes a blogger for Hello Giggles. 

4. Works for Buzzfeed. 

5.Runs a blog of her own, gains a HUGE online following, and gets a book deal because of it. 

6. Winds up discovering the truth about “Dean Forester” and becomes a hunter. 


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anonymous asked:

Can you do something where Mercy made Mccree go to the other support hero (the reader) and he's like "I'm totally fine why am I here again!" And then the reader comes in like hi! And he's like heart eyes "WHOOP I'M TOTALLY SICK TAKE CARE OF ME"


Why did he have to go to the new healer to be cared for it was just a twisted wrist he was fine.  “I’m totally fine why am I here again?”  he mutters to himself as he sits on the doctors table waiting for this healer.  “They’re great don’t be so closed minded” he remembers Mercy saying to him before he was pushed off to their office.

Five minutes passed and he was still sitting on the table slowly giving up on this support before the door bursts open.  A person slightly shorter than him walks in “I’m so sorry there was an accident in the hallway.  I had to help,” they apologized.  “Oh yeah my name is (y/n) I’ll be helping you out with your twisted wrist,”  they explained.  He almost completely missed what they said he was so lovestruck.  He stuttered“u-uh yeah nice to meet you, i’m Jesse McCree.”  There was a pause. “Actually it’s more than just my wrist,” he added.  “Oh really what else?” they tilted their head to the side in question.  “Oh god that was cute,” he thought.  He had to think of something convincing.  “Mah throat is uh a little sore,” he said making his voice sound scratchy and faking a cough.  “And um my stomachs achin’ a lil’,” he then said dropping the scratchy voice.  “Hm, well let me put a brace on your wrist so you don’t hurt it more and then I’ll check your stomach and throat, but it doesn’t sound scratchy anymore perhaps it already went away,” they said clueless to the fact he was faking it.  “I don’t think so,” he replied faking another cough.

They carefully applied the brace to his wrist, their fingers delicately moving on his hand and arm.  He didn’t realize it, but his face was bright red.  “Hm, perhaps it’s worse than I expected you’re turning red,” (y/n) said, their voice laced in worry.  “I think I’m okay I just feel a lil’ hot,” he said which was sorta true.  “Hm, I’ll have to prescribe you something so you don’t get any worse,” they thought aloud.  “I know what will help doc,” he said taking the jump.  “What?” they asked.  “Dinner, 7pm,” he said ready to face humiliation.  Their face turned red “Oh well that could work.  You’ll still need some throat and stomach medicine to keep you from spreading any viruses,” (y/n) muttered running a hand through their hair.  “Ah well there’s no need for that sugar. I’m fine,” he said trying to fix his own lie.  “Hm, well I’ll give you something just incase,” they handed him a bottle.  “I’ll…see you at 7 then” they said, their face still tinted red.  “No doubt about it (y/n),” he said before walking out of their office before his face would burst into flames.