and then he keeps on talking



THE GUYS: Dab, dab, dab, dab, dab, dab!!


MUTASIM: Yes, we love…* Today, it’s the 18th of May, so we’re going to have a, boom, 17th of May special.

ELIAS: What are you doing?


ELIAS: You know this is my Youtube channel, right? And then you come with this 17th of May stuff..

MUTASIM: Look, look, look how tired this guy is and I’m like fresh.

MIKAEL: He has a bowtie.

MUTASIM: Bowtie! I got this, understand?

MIKAEL: [Singing]

ELIAS: But what’s the thing with the 17th of May? Why do we celebrate the 17th of May?

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It took me a while to post this because I had to edit the text…that’s always what holds me up. Full story under the read more

Here we have the presidents son out walking his dog with his 2 guards in tow
Umbra’s after making things awkward with a total stranger who whips around ‘oh em gee your dog got further than any date ive ever had’ and of course Noct is mortified D:
Ignis and Gladio are just like 'Dog?!?! what’s wrong with you??’

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magical, truly

pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

summary: You find solace in the huge library in Avengers HQ and it’s always just you there, which is partly why you love it so much. One day, you find Bucky in the library, and you quickly decide the library’s much nicer with him in it. 

word count: 900ish

warnings: just fluff boyz

a/n: this is a little something for my love Anika’s birthday! I hope your day was as amazing as you are @avengerofyourheart

Originally posted by seabasschino

You walked into the library, fully expecting it to be empty like it always is. You weren’t prepared for the sight of  Bucky Barnes, sitting on the hardwood floor, surrounded by books. Tony would’ve seriously lost it at the sight. Good thing he rarely came down here.

You observed the soldier for a little while, taking advantage of the fact that he hadn’t yet noticed your presence. He’d only been with the team for two months, so you hadn’t had too many encounters with him. Not enough to know more than the basics about him. You knew enough, though, to know that him being this relaxed and unguarded, enough to not have sensed your presence, was a rare occurrence.

“Don’t take this the wrong way, but I never pegged you for a reader.“ 

The way his head snapped up towards you further solidified the fact that he’d just been in his own little world. You felt kind of bad for disturbing him but you didn’t want him to think you were creepily spying on him or something when he inevitably noticed you standing there and watching him.  He chuckled and seemed to relax a little when he realized it was you. That was a relief. 

 "Well, I’ve always been more of a poetry guy.”

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Analysis of skills: Pidge

Pidge is an amazing character with a lot of depth and untouched potential and here are some of my thoughts about her. It’s a pretty long post so everything is under the cut! 

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To Become A Hunter [3]

Previous parts

Characters: John Winchester, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Sister!reader

Words: 3800+

Warnings:  John’s A+ parenting, implied verbal/physical abuse, sort of bad mental health (I don’t really know how to describe it)

A/N: I think I’ve said this before, but I just want to emphasize, that this is just a version of John. It’s not necessarily how I see him - this fic resembles that better - but I’ve twisted and molded his character for the sake of the story. There really are many ways to interpret the guy, and this is one of them :) Also, this is the first part of the “finale” (they’re named 3 & 4). It was too long, so I split it into two. I’ll drop the other part tomorrow :)

May I recommend a song? Trainwreck - Banks - This isn’t a song fic, and I haven’t even looked up the lyrics, but I listened to it while writing this and now I associate it with the fic :) 

Originally posted by yaelstiel

Originally posted by yaelstiel

Your name: submit What is this?

”Who is it?” He asks again when he’s only greeted by silence, as he rubs his eyes with his free hand, trying to blink away the tiredness.

And after a couple of seconds, a voice that makes his blood run cold, fiery ice spreading through his body, answers.


At Stanford, Sam sits up in his bed in an instant. So fast that the blonde in bed next to him stirs in her sleep. His breath catches in his throat.

From being barely awake when he answered the call that brought him back from slumber, he’s now as alert as he possibly can be. He’s been scared for this. No, he’s been waiting for this. A call in the middle of the night. The person on the other line telling him someone is dead. Or that they themselves are dying. He’s had this nightmare many times before.

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Pairing: Lin x Reader

Requested?: Yep! Taylor requested this quite a while ago and I finally finished it! (you dug your own grave, twin)

Prompt: “This is my official request for you to write a fic based on those tags.” aka Lin takes you out to the Opera for date night but, he looks ridiculously good in a tuxedo and it’s all you can think about.

Warnings: public sex, biting, unprotected sex, Lin in a suit

Words: 2.9k+ (literally like 20 words from 3,000; holy shit)

A/N: Welp, my first Lin imagine and it is smut. Oh well! Thank you again to @helplesslylins , @diggs4life and @tempfixeliza for reading this damn thing like 3 times and encouraging me to post! Enjoy it you sinners!

Tags: @linsnavi  @alexanderhamllton @secretschuylersister @fragmentofmymind

Originally posted by yayhamletnonstop

It was one of those rare times when Lin was not running from country to country working on projects. He was there when you woke up in the morning and actually listened when you asked him to stay in bed for a few more minutes. You learned to cherish these times and take advantage of it, so when you suggested a “night on the town” Lin was on a mission to find the best thing out there.

“Do you mean casual dress? Or an all out black tie affair?” Lin asked, looking up from his computer as you entered the bedroom.

“Uh, well, black tie! It’s been awhile since we got all fancy.” You replied after some thought, laying next to him and raising a brow as he quickly minimized his window.

“It’s a surprise.” He stressed, kissing your forehead. “Don’t give me that lip.”

You sighed, getting off the bed and heading to the door.

“Fine, fine! Get to planning, I expect to be dazzled!”

And a week later, Lin told you to clear your schedule for Friday night.

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theformallynamedblog  asked:

I am not the person who asked for deaf Taehyung but i was wondering if you could make a little drabble where u 2 meet and u know a little sign language but once Taehyung starts rapid fire signing ur like lmao boy pls I'm not that good. N while u r trying to sign Taehyung just thinks it's really cute how hard you are trying n refusing to let his friend/interpreter Jimin help you

It’s a pleasant and warm afternoon on a Saturday with one of the things on your list to take a time out by a cafe. However, the walk there was a little… something out of the ordinary than you were used to.

You see a guy struggling to get his message across with his hands, a raging man opposite him raising his voice every possible second and scaring any passersby. When you pause for a moment to see that it’s sign language, of which you understand a part of, you’re making your way over to hopefully resolve the problem.

He’s lost out of his mind, only struggling so much to sign anything he could possibly think of that you’re able to pick up the sentence of I didn’t steal!

Your reflexes are quick to come in between the pair of them and it confuses them to keep quiet (on the other side, at least). Hands coming up to offer as a way to show you mean no harm, you vocalize it to a man that’s about to turn red (borderline purple), “Sir, I think he’s either deaf or a mute and he’s using sign language to talk to you,”

Even though he’s pissed, he’s levelheaded to ask: “W-What is he saying, then?”

Mustering up any bit of memory you have with sign language, you manage to ask him what happen?

I saw his wallet drop. I tried to return it to him but then he shout at me. Called me a liar, thief.

With an inkling of what he meant, you face the man and explain what you understand: “Sir, he saw your wallet fall and he was only trying to return it to you. He wasn’t stealing from you,”

“…oh,” You only offer him an awkward smile, reaching out to pat his shoulder as he rubs the back of his neck, “Could you help me say I’m sorry?”


Digging in the parts of your mind for what the heck sorry signs as, you remember it after a couple of seconds to sign to him: he said sorry.

It’s ok.

“He said it’s fine,”

“Thank you, by the way,”

“It’s nothing,”

Said guy greets you a nice day and heads on his way, making sure to wave goodbye to someone he almost ran down with his words and voice earlier. Luckily, he has some sense in him to realize he’s in the wrong and - “Yes?”

You can barely catch up with what he’s trying to say, hands moving in a speed where in the beginning you decipher a thank you but soon after it’s an act of not knowing a single thing he’s saying. There’s hints of gratitude with relief here and there but altogether, you’re a goner if you’re trying to interpret what he says. At least on the bright side… he’s cute?

“I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you just - oh my god,” You finally realize he’s deaf, which is why he can’t hear a single word you’re saying and let’s just say your mind has gone blank to remember what slow down or wait is. Your fingers clamp in front of you, hoping for someone or something to help and apparently help is nearby when - “Hey!”

You look over his shoulder to see someone jogging up to the both of you and upon reaching, it seems like it’s someone this stranger knows when his tensed shoulders sag down.

“What’re you doing?”

His curt tone sends you to step back and it elicits a small wince from the guy who hasn’t stopped signing since he said his thanks. The two of them sign back and forth, communicating before you and it’s not long until - “You helped him?”

“…I guess,”

“He said you understand sign language. Really?”

“I know a bit here and there. Luckily I understood the words he used,”

“Thank you so much, miss…?”

“Y/N,” You offer your hand, with a small smile and he accepts it, “I’m Jimin and this is Taehyung. He’s-”

“Deaf. I think I picked up on it earlier,”

“Ah, so-”Jimin gets interrupted when Taehyung tugs on his shoulder, only to quickly send a message to make him-”Really? You can barely talk to her and you want me to tell her she’s cute?”

You can tell they’re both so close, Taehyung doesn’t even need to see the sign version of what Jimin had just said. Grabbing onto Jimin’s arm to shake it with a frown, Taehyung’s version to say please?

Jimin only rolls his eyes, turning to you, “He thinks you’re cute,”

“I heard it the first time,”

“Hey, um, this might be a little sudden but I think Mr. Cassanova over here wants to get to know you so is it okay if we have coffee?”

You look at Taehyung look at Jimin and when you make eye contact, it’s endearing how he wants to look at you but shies away by hanging his head low to the ground. Chuckling, you nod, “Sure I mean, I was already planning to have some so why not?”

From there, Jimin signs something to Taehyung that lifts the corners of Taehyung’s mouth into a grin, automatically doing the same to yours and Jimin at the sight of this domino effect.

((you’re really pretty, y/n.

thank you, taehyung.

you’re welcome.

“this is going to be one hell of a love story.”))

anonymous asked:

What would dating Peter Parker be like?

Requested by anon

Originally posted by v-writings

Dating Peter Parker Would Include

- omg bless this pure precious child

- a relationship with him would honestly be so pure and wonderful

- you would be one of the few people he would trust with his Spiderman secret

- you would also be the person that he would come to get small patch ups (cuts and bruises that didn’t require actual medical attention)

- you would be super protective of him though so you have to make sure he doesn’t do anything really stupid

- “hey, (Y/N), wanna see if I can swing from here to the pool across the street?”


- sometimes he would listen to you, other times require a trip to the emergency room

- he’d be so fluffy with you though, but also super shy

- you would have to initiate a lot of the PDA that goes on while his cheeks just turn bright red

- sure as hell wouldn’t complain though

- whenever you kiss him, your hands would go to his cheeks to you could feel how warm they were getting because of his blush

- likes to face you when cuddling so you can talk, but your legs are all tangled together and everything under a blanket or something

- loves hugging you super tight to his chest because he feels like that is the safest you will ever be with him

- you always making sure that he keeps up with notes and homework while he’s off saving the city

- you covering for him when he has to escape from class to take care of something

- you always having snacks on you because he is literally always hungry… ALWAYS

- super cute random dates like bowling and karaoke, but also nights in where you watch “old movies” like Star Wars and Lord of the Rings

- Aunt May always letting you in if Peter wasn’t at home because she absolutely adores you

- everyone around you is super jealous of how cute you are together

- I feel like he would adore giving you piggyback rides. I don’t know why, but I just do.

- whenever Peter feels stressed or sad, you would just bring him to cuddle on top of you and you just lay there running your hand through his hair

- loves giving you forehead kisses because its sweet and romantic

- honestly he’s such a puppy and such a precious awkward tol bean that must be protected at all costs. He would be so smitten and attached to you and would always put you first. He would be your top priority, and you would absolutely do anything for each other.

SEVENTEEN when you share their bed after a nightmare


He would remain calm on the outside, politely letting you lie next to him. However, panicked and messy thoughts would actually be encompassing his brain, and his heart would be beating faster and heavier every time you inched closer to his side of the bed.

Originally posted by visual-17


He’d find it so cute that you came to his dorm in the middle of the night, and so for a while he wouldn’t be able to look at you without bursting into naturally-occurring nervous laughter. Of course, he would secretly be ecstatic that you chose him.

Originally posted by jeonghney


This little baby really wouldn’t know what to do at first. He’d have trouble finding the words to answer your cute descriptions of your nightmare, and would instead resort to wrapping his arms around you tightly, teddy-bear-like, and telling you softly that everything was gonna be okay.

Originally posted by mountean


This boy ain’t playing no games. The moment you slid into his bed, his male testosterone would kick in, and you’d have no escape. It would begin with him wrapping an arm around your waist and pulling you every so slowly towards him, so eventually your back would be pressed against his chest.

Originally posted by imbangnzelo


I gotta say, Mingyu would also be feeling the tension heat up in that bed. It would take longer for him to make the first move, but it would happen, sure enough. He’d stroke your hair a little awkwardly, and move on to placing comforting kisses on top of your forehead.

Originally posted by gyuniku


Naturally, Hoshi would be super nervous about having a girl he’d had a crush on for so long visit his dorm room. He’d start questioning you frantically, asking you if someone had dared you to come, or you were faking the nightmare. Eventually, he’d calm down, and agree to let you slide into bed with him.

Originally posted by visual-17


He’d definitely be feeling pretty awkward about it, but agree almost immediately. He’d stay up with you until ungodly hours, waiting for you to calm down and sleep again. He’d make sure you got most of the blanket, and the softer pillow, too~

Originally posted by luhan-bee


It wouldn’t be a big surprise to him to see you enter his dorm room in the middle of the night. Without a word, he’d let you climb into bed with him, taking your shaking hands in his own and kissing them softly, all the while holding you tight against him, his heat radiating onto your skin.

Originally posted by tekukii


He’d be insanely awkward and hesitant about it at first, paranoid about what people would think if they heard that the two of you spent the night together after you claimed to have a nightmare. He would settle down quickly though, understanding your situation and inviting you to lie next to him.

Originally posted by mimimochi


He’d have no problem at all, but would instead be worried about what he should say or do. He’d go buy you a hot drink in the middle of the night to relax you, and let you stay under the duvets for as long as you needed, still in shock from the fact that his crush had chosen to visit him~

Originally posted by sailorsoonyoung


He’d take the opportunity of you being scared to tease you for a while, just sitting back and enjoying your cute face whining at him and pouting. He’d smirk a little, and then pull the covers up without a word, inviting you to join him underneath, in the almost pitch-black room.

Originally posted by lonexsamurai


You will have definitely woken him up from a really nice, deep sleep, so he may appear a little unresponsive when you come up to him, whimpering about your nightmare. In order to keep you quiet to maintain his restful state, he’d place your head against his chest and lull you to sleep like a baby, stroking your back.

Originally posted by koraenpop


He’d be so flattered that you’d come to his room, especially as you were his hardcore secret crush and all. He’d give you all the space you wanted, and would stay up to talk to and comfort you until whenever you so desired, eventually dropping off to sleep, his hand mid-stroking your hair.

Originally posted by visual-17


» Part two

She likes the sad eyes, bad guys
Mouth full of white lies
Kissing in the corridor
But quick to tell her goodbye

Author: amsimaria
Word count: 7,3K
Feature: Jimin x Reader (mentions of other BTS members)
Genre: Angst/Slight smut (Rated M)
Warnings: Slight violence, Mentions of sexual acts, Punk Jimin, Depression, Swearing, Addiction, Soft drugs use, Smut, (Jimin’s a kind of a Jerk in this part).  

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starsoftheskyfox  asked:

I have an HC that Anti's second mouth can speak different languages and then Dark and Anti go though some shit and after it's other the second mouth is like "Εντάξει, αλλά αν δεν καταλήξετε να λέτε ο ένας στον άλλο πόσο εννοείτε με το άλλο, θα ράψετε και τα δύο στόματα σας." And neither of them understand so they just shrug it off.

“Remind me again why we took the stitches off your second mouth.” 

“Because it kept making muffled screams until we did it.” 


// Okay but consider this: The mouth being able to speak every language except the ones Anti knows, so he keeps on talking to Dark in spanish knowing that Dark understands it. 

I doubt he can control the second mouth, in a way, i like to think it like a subconcious type of thing. 

Btw the translation of what it said in the last panel is “The romantic tension bewteen you two makes me want to throw up.” 

I know Tyler’s livestream was a while ago, but,

Tyler basically just face-timed all of us in a forest that he owns, and told us all how proud he is of us. He looked into the camera and said he’s proud of us for getting him and Josh that far. Then he spoke of his feelings towards award shows, and described how it feels to show off what you’ve been working on, and we understood. And he talked about Josh, about being disheartened, about being discouraged, and how he relies on us so heavily. He thanked us again and again for supporting him and keeping him accountable. He told us that his songs will remain genuine, and he hopes we don’t think the whole thing has gotten too big or popular. Because he still writes from the heart. Tyler told us they were working on new stuff, and then saw a deer walk past, and he said goodbye to us so he could follow it. The last footage we got was of the calm blue sky shining through the spreading branches of the forest that he owns.

I just think Yousef’s behaviour in the latest Hey Briskeby video is incredibly interesting in comparison to previous videos and especially in relation to today’s clip.

First off, Yousef is super quiet. He not only doesn’t talk much but he also speaks very lowly when he does. He sits at the very end of the couch instead of front and centre like before. There is definitely some isolation going on there (much like someone else we know).

Then, he seems absent-minded and keeps staring at his phone *cough* definitely refreshing Sana’s facebook page and staring at the little unfriended friend symbol as well as reading through their old texts *cough*.

And most importantly, in the bit where Adam talks for quite some time and everybody is looking at him, Yousef is turned towards Adam too but his gaze isn’t directed at Adam, he’s focussing on something to their right and as we know from the clip this is where Sana is.

Bottom line, what I’m trying to tell you is that Yousef Acar is sad because Sana Bakkoush won’t even look at him anymore and that affects him enough that he seems heartbroken, okay, thank you for your time.

Jupiter is where we are overly indulgent, I always have used the saying with Jupiter being ‘our eyes are bigger than our stomach’ you know when we fill up our plate because we think we can eat soooo much cause it all looks so good, more than we can really fit in. Jupiter bolsters our confidence, its  good for a bit, until it becomes grandiose, its an area we have trouble reining in on impulse and pleasure. Whenever Jupiter is signifies where we can have trouble stopping. Jupiter in the 3rd can talk under concrete and in the 9th keep going back to uni over and over and over again for example. Unaspected Jupiter would come on abruptly like a ‘drunk switch’ where they can’t control, there is no release valve for the gluttonous Jupiter and hence the binge or purge, all good sense goes out the window. I know someone with an unaspected Jupiter in the 8th house. He is moneybags. But he also hoards, he’s a drug addict, and puts $100 notes in the pokies, he doesn’t know when to stop.


Monsta X: their crush working at Starship

Shownu:  he’s gonna play it cool and not worry about impressing you- he knows you’ll bump into each other or work together eventually. The members would warn him since they could sense that it’s more than just a crush, and although he won’t listen to them, he’d still keep it professional around you until he gets to know you better…which he totally plans on doing.

Wonho:  he’ll mistake you for being an idol, and quickly apologizes when you ask him where a certain office is in Starship. He’ll take no time introducing himself and chatting it up with you, but he’ll keep it light. He might ask for your number the second time he sees you, and asks if you could spend your lunch time watching him rehearse.

Minhyuk:  when trying to make your way to a meeting, he’ll stop you right there and ask who you are, since he’s pretty friendly with most of the staff and you’re an unfamiliar face. He’ll develop feelings over time and becomes really close to you before finally making a move. He’ll ask for you to work with them during certain projects, and everyone will be able to tell that you are more than friends.

Kihyun:  he won’t approach you at first, he’ll just get used to you being around and seeing what you’re really like. Probably will ask about you a lot, esp if you haven’t shown up to work one day or someone else is in your place. He’ll get the courage to talk to you when you’re working closely with them, and only then is he going to make his feelings obvious.

Hyungwon:  is starstruck from the moment you’re being introduced to them. He’ll have a hard time controlling his beating heart and sweaty palms when he’s around you since you’re always in close proximity, but you could never tell anyway. He’ll probably stay late one night after a long day of practice, and starts chatting it up when he sees you’re also working late.

Jooheon:  ahhh this kid is such a flirt and he won’t be any different after meeting you. He’d make it so obvious that he’s crushing, and won’t be shy at all if you fire back with a remark or a flirty smirk. He’ll bother you during work sometimes, and totally shows off during photoshoots or interviews when you’re there backstage.

I.M:  tries his hardest to not always be around you, in hopes of being annoying or making his feelings known. He’ll keep it a secret from the company and his hyungs, only bc he doesn’t want to get in trouble- whether it’s you or him that gets in trouble. His shell will crack eventually since he really has no choice but to talk to you, and he’ll become more friendly and open before making a move.

Originally posted by kihyuon

Happy Endings

Happy Endings (Part ½)

Bucky x Reader

MCU where Bucky and reader become unlikely friends. She falls for him, he gets there…kinda

WC: 1000

Warnings: Swearing (always with me), fighting (hand to hand - no one gets hurt), Bucky being aggressive (and a smart ass)

Part 2 will have the SMUT

AN: This is one of the first things I’ve ever written about Bucky. I’ve edited and changed so much and it’s finally complete. (Legit, i think it’s taken me like nine fucking months to actually get it done.) I really hope you enjoy it.

He heard the tinkling of your laughter as he waited for his coffee and sighed at the sound, grabbing his drink and searching for the source, he found you at the back corner of the dimly lit coffee shop, sitting with Nat, who smiled at him when he approached.

“Bucky!” Nat exclaimed, “Hey!”

He nodded, “Ladies,” he said by way of greeting.

You smiled up at him, “Hi,” you said, almost softly. “We could’ve picked you up a coffee if you wanted.”

“I needed a break from Stark,” he replied. Then after a beat, he turned abruptly and left.

You sighed, “The personality on that one,” you remarked.

Nat smiled, “You have got to admit that he’s gotten so much better.”

“True. I always just feel like i’m …annoying to him.”

Nat laughed, “Yeah, well, we all annoy him. Don’t worry about it.”

You nodded understanding what she was saying but at the same time, not necessarily agreeing. It was different with you. Bucky often acted like you bothered, sometimes going as far as clamming up and walking away from whatever he was doing when you were around. You tried to forget about his behaviour at the coffee shop but it hung over your head like a black cloud.

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BTS reaction to falling for you when you perform


He had heard your name multiple times before but he had yet to see you perform. When he heard that were performing he was happy to finally see what you were made of. He didn’t expect to fall for your talent. He couldn’t keep his off of you. Even if the other boys tried to get his attention or talk to him he wouldn’t take his eyes off you because God you looked great. He made a mental note to talk to you after the show.

Originally posted by bangtanjaemi


He wouldn’t even notice he enjoyed your performance so much at first until he realized that it wasn’t just the song that had him so excited. He thought you were absolutely beautiful. When you looked his way and blew a kiss that was when he internally lost it. He made sure to blow a kiss right back though.

Originally posted by bwiseoks


This boy omg he would be smirking the whole time. Especially when you looked his way. He would look like a total fuckboy but he doesn’t give a shit he just wants you to notice him as much as he notices you. He wouldn’t want to be the first to talk to you so he would make it so you would go and talk to him.

Originally posted by leojuseyo


His initial intention was to see your dance moves but he ended up looking at your body instead. Not to mention the song you were performing was pretty sexual as well so this just made you even more attractive. He felt hypnotized because he couldn’t look away. After the performance he would talk to you and get your number the same night.

Originally posted by nnochu


He would be really impressed with your performance. Your song had lots of meaning and your high note was amazing. And how beautiful you looked while doing it was all Jon could think of. You were on his mind for the rest of the night. If only he could get the courage to talk to you. He would talk about you to the other members and they would tell him to talk to you. Maybe you should go talk to him?

Originally posted by gotjhope


He would watch you closely as you performed. He saw how beautiful you and your voice was and he wanted you so bad. He wanted you to want him too. So when it was their turn to perform you better get your body ready because Tae is about to use that tongue to his advantage. He’s gonna have his eyes on you.

Originally posted by jjks


He would be all BLUSH. Like is he seriously falling for someone over a performance???? He just can’t believe this is happening right now. He wasn’t going to talk to you first that’s for sure. But he will casually take off his jacket because it got “too hot” in there. And he would get your attention then.

Originally posted by officialwookkibby

I hope you liked it!!!!! Hehe I enjoyed making it! Don’t forget requests are indeed open!!!

~Admin Chi

anonymous asked:

Hey there! I go to an Australian private school (I posted here talking about people just singing randomly between classes, people doing the do.) and oh boy, in the past WEEK a kid got supposedly pulled out because he was handing out pictures of an almost naked guy rubbing his nipples, and 5 girls bought ice blocks at the canteen, and PIERCED THIS GIRLS EARS IN THE BATHROOM. Also, my school is grade 1 - 12. And 6-year-olds saw the almost naked guy photo apparently. I'll keep you guys updated. - N

Thank you N we appreciate the updates

Lord of Thorns (Chapter Fifteen)

I’m sorry.
For… all of this. For every word.


I’m so sorry.

“Wade!” Peter was shouting as he ran up the steps to the castle. “Wade! I’m home!”

He’s returned. Master, he has returned.

Wade didn’t move, staring blankly at the wall, his hood and cloak wrapped tightly around himself.

Master, the boy has returned.

He still didn’t move, knowing it couldn’t be true. He had heard the words in his head every day for a week now, and it was driving him mad. Apparently his delusion had progressed to actually physically hearing the words, and that was just….

His head dropped back against the wall with a thud, and he flinched when the thorns on his head throbbed on impact.

Well that was… new. He didn’t usually hallucinate Peter’s voice, but who knew what else this madness would bring to–

“Oh! Here you are! Why didn’t you answer me?”

Wade flinched, certainly not expecting to be touched, and he pulled away with a little cry when Peter dropped to his knees beside him.

“Hey. Hey, it’s me.” Peter said quietly. “Just me, Wade.”

“Peter?” Wade asked, licking his dry lips, his voice hoarse. “Is it really you? You came back?”

“Of course I did.” Peter reached for him, grasping his arm hard. “Did you think I– you thought I wouldn’t come back? No, no I was always going to come back. Always gonna come home. I told you I would. Just took a little longer than I thought. Are you gonna hold me, or what? Why are you wearing your hood?” He was rambling, so relieved to be back home he didn’t think anything of Wade’s silence and reached to pull the hood off.

Don’t, Pete, you don’t want to see me.” Wade stood to his feet, backing away several steps.

“I missed you.” Peter protested, hurt. “Just want you to hold me, Wade, please? Why won’t you just–”

Don’t.” Wade’s voice was harsher now, but Peter ignored him.

“What’s the matter? Let me see–” Peter reached up for the hood again and Wade captured both his wrists in one big hand.

“Pete.” He said quietly. “It’s worse now. Everything is worse now and I don’t want you to see me like this.”

“I don’t care.” Peter said firmly. “I don’t care about that. You know I don’t. It’s been almost two weeks, I just want to see you.”

Wade hesitated for a long moment, then slowly reached up and pulled his hood off, and Peter covered his mouth with his hand. “Oh.”  

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therealzombiehatter  asked:

Okay but can we just talk about Bim for a moment here because I absolutely love him and it seems that you do too??? Like imagine how pissed he would be at Googleplier if he found out that he targerted Matthias when he was first introduced (in GoogleIRL)? Like imagine the little cinnomon role becoming angry and worked up because like "What the hell!? I love him! You no touch him!"?

protective bim is what i live for omg bim probably asks yandere to keep an eye on google should he ever go near matthias again. yandere is like a master at stalking pretty much.