and then he keeps on talking

this was honestly such a wonderful parallel

the first clip takes place the monday after the weekend even stayed at isak’s place, after isak and even broke into someone’s house and kissed in their pool and rode back to his place on a bicycle and spent over a day talking and kissing and discovering each other and it was all so incredible. but now he hasn’t seen him since he left the morning and apparently even hasn’t been in school today and all of that is a lot. and this is the type of stories you share with your friends, the boys are always talking about the girls they are involved with. it’s pretty much all we’ve seen them talk about so far. but even is not a girl, and although the boys are his friends, as he walks up to them, he knows that talking to them will involve lying, will involve having to keep up his facade. because he can’t possibly talk to them about what just happened in the past few days. he’s not ready to, and there’s the obvious fear of how they’d react 

and so you can tell he’s not able to truly connect anymore, because this truth that’s taking most of the place in his mind at the moment is not something he feels he can share with them. and you can see him try to connect, as the boys talk about magnus’ birthday and how he almost hooked up with vilde, he tries to push back what’s happened to him this weekend and all the things he could share and engage in the conversation. but it’s not working, because isak ditched them on magnus’ birthday and the boys don’t seem to believe his “family dinner” excuse and they can’t be bothered to try and include him in the conversation. and so throughout the clip you just see jonas and mahdi and magnus talking to each other, and isak just stands there, as if his gang of friends wasn’t truly his anymore

but then, in the next clip, in last episode, we see him walk up to the boys. and oh, how things have changed. he’s walking with more confidence, his steps are more certain. because now he’s walking up to jonas, his best friend he came out to and who had the most perfect reaction, and who was just worried about him all along, and who has been the most supportive best friend. he’s walking up to mahdi, the friend who hates the idea that people at school might think he’s a homophobe, the friend who started discussing sexuality with a completely open mind when he found at that isak “had a thing” with another boy. he’s walking up to magnus, who gave him a lot of wonderful advice after even’s manic episode, who stood up for even and who told isak to not give up on his relationship, to reach out to even

he’s walking up his “boyyyyys”, the incredible group of friends who gave him advice and then let isak kick them out of his place when he and even reunited, who had the most precious reactions when they met his boyfriend. his group of friends, who are there and who aren’t leaving, who are accepting and loving, who care about him. and now isak feels like he can talk to them, openly, no more lies, no more facade. and being able to finally be himself around them has not only mended the broken connection with his friends, it’s made it stronger than ever 

Your Ex Trying to Get Back Together With You (BTS)

Rapmonster: Would raise his eyebrow when you told him what happened earlier, your ex had decided that they wanted you back and tried to desperately to make you say yes. Namjoon would try to reason with himself and calm down but no doubt he’d be ready to beat his ass if needed.

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Jin: He’d be calmer than Namjoon and would only ask if your ex put their hands on you in anyway. Otherwise he wouldn’t care, he’d trust that you love him enough not to leave him for the same dude that hurt you. 

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Jimin: Would walk up shamelessly while your ex is talking your ear off and say “Hi babe, ready to go?” Before kissing your cheek and walking away with his arm around your shoulders. He’d also ignore your ex they tried to keep speaking to you.

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J-Hope: When you came home to tell him that your ex was continuously harrassing you trying to get back together he’d be ready to beat his ass, then he’d realize that wouldn’t be the best idea and tell him off if needed.

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Taehyung: If Taehyung was around he’d just simply walk up to you and grab you pulling you closer to him and stare the guy up and down, “You had your chance now go.” (I’m imaging that deep voice rip)

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Yoongi: Would probably be like Jin and not care because he’s confident in himself and his relationship with you. As if you would ever leave him for some bum, he’d think to himself.

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Jungkook: If your ex was talking to you and Jungkook was near he’d quickly stand in front of him and plainly just say “back off” before grabbing your hand and pulling you away from him.

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(Istg I hate this little boy)

Since I've posted the Chris brown thing y'all hoes been EXTRA MAD

So I’m going to continue

Let’s discuss how even though he’s talented if Chris brown was dark skinned his career wouldn’t have lasted this long, colorism is one of the main factors keeping his career alive. Furthermore, his behavior and unwillingness to take responsibility is due to his so called fans who eggs him on instead holding him accountable for his destructive actions (putting money in his pocket, laughing at his disrespect for women, making jokes about him abusing women..etc.) and has made him an entitled light skin boy. Let’s discuss how he almost killed two black women, yet y'all still stan him. Let’s talk about how Chris brown likes beating on women, people who can’t fight back easily, let’s talk about how he’s a coward and piece of shit, let’s talk about all the women in abusive relationships and the young girls growing up watching this who will because of y'all’s actions believe that abuse should be tolerated and that if their abuser is attractive or well liked then nobody’s going to come to their aid or care about their abuse, let’s talk about how YOU as black women and men have a responsibility not to support someone who constantly disregard and demean black women publicly and constantly.

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How do you draw hands? Like I think i did it once years many years ago but I can't seem to figure it out. Don't worry if you don't get to this request I don't mind ^~^ You're art is super cool amazing and I love it <3

Thank you so much!!  <3 

I’ve studied lots of tutorials and videos, so definitely look for those and draw alongside the videos whenever possible. 

Also, back when I was in high school and college, to keep myself awake I’d doodle a lot.  I’d end up drawing my left hand because it was just right there.  As a result, there were a lot of drawings of my left hand all over my notes.  XD  Anyway, I got quite a bit of of practice that way.

Here’s a hand tutorial by Kienan Lafferty, one of my favorite tutorial guys on YouTube because he talks in a very basic way without sounding like he’s talking down to you.

Here’s a quick gif I made of my own process.  I usually start with the basic shape of the palm and work my way outwards.  I use a reference if needed.  I’m still far from perfect but I make it a point to not try to hide hands behind objects or behind characters’ backs to force myself to learn to draw them better.

klunk fic where lance suddenly starts being really nice to keith and keith, while confused, starts to slowly develop a crush on him. however, lance keeps talking about how much he likes hunk, so keith thinks that he has no chance because lance obviously likes hunk. and keith kinda likes hunk too, because like who WOULDN’T like hunk but he thought he had a chance with lance.

hunk, on the other hand, has a really big crush on keith (and lance too but he thinks that lance only sees him as a friend). and lance finds out and is like “BRO I’LL TOTALLY BE YOUR WINGMAN” and thus starts being nice to keith and talking up hunk to him as any good wingman would do.

and as all this is happening, lance has a crush on both hunk and keith and is suffering because he’s trying to set them up with each other and is oblivious to anyone’s feelings towards him or each other, really.

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I love Dan and I'd have no problem if he came out but I genuinely can't see him making a coming out video. I mean in the past he said he was bi but after that he never talked about his sexuality until the roast yourself challenge. I can more see him just casually mentioning it like how he recently keeps voicing his love for the guys rather than him making a 10 min vid about it.

i think, if i he did make a coming out video, it wouldn’t be a “let’s sit down and have a talk” kind of video, but instead it would still have a classic danisnotonfire comedic vibe to it. he would keep it lighthearted and comical. dan has been slowly coming out the past couple of years by learning to accept himself and feel comfortable enough to talk freely about his sexuality even if its in a comical way like he did in his diss track. a coming out video, unrealistic? two years ago, maybe. but now? in 2017? it’s not very unrealistic anymore

voltron american dragon jake long au

i told myself i’d draw it out before i posted this but  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • lance is the american dragon who juggles school and magical defender duties
    • quite insecure about his role and how he’s not as brilliant as his little sister
    • legendary protector of mythical beings
    • wants to knit sweaters for tiny creatures
    • has the biggest crush on keith and his stupid hair
  • allura is lance’s dragon mentor who has a strict training regime
    • physical labor and exercises, such as cleaning and combat
  • coran is allura’s assistant (aka fu dog) in mentoring lance!!! he’s over 10,000 years old so very wise
    • he notices when allura pushes lance too hard or when lance is rly stressed and sits him quietly somewhere and talks to him until he feels better
    • isn’t afraid to call lance out when he’s slacking off from cleaning
  • hunk and pidge are lance’s two best friends who help keep his dragon duties a secret
    • (i imagine hunk to be a lot like trixie bc trixie was v wary of rose and constantly warned jake that she didn’t trust her and that rose is no good)
    • (also i imagine pidge as spud bc hello master hacker and great with technology)
  • shiro is lance’s little sister’s dragon mentor
    • has drastically different teaching style from allura; preaches patience and kindness
    • “patience yield focus”
  • keith is an orphan taken in by the huntsmen
    • was the top of his huntsmen class
    • taught all his life that mythical beings were evil and his endgame is to slay the american dragon
    • wears fingerless gloves all the time to cover his huntsmen birthmark on his hand
    • finds out that the cute boy from his school is the american dragon and then angsts

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Keyword: Separated. Thanks!

Sorry in advance because I couldn’t write too many without getting sad and needing them to be back together XD

Keyword Requests:

  • Though working and training together means they don’t often get split up, once Victor went back to competing too there were times they had conflicting schedules. Usually this means the two of them flying to different places, and whoever finishes first flying to meet the other. 
  • Victor is notably calmer and less bouncy when Yuuri’s not around, and he doesn’t bother to put on the usual act for the press because he wants people to know how down he is without his partner. 
  • Yuuri keeps his usual reserved and polite attitude even away from Victor, though people do notice he’s a lot more formal than when Victor’s around. 
  • Yuuri’s anxiety has a tendency to overload when Victor’s not around - not because he’s overly reliant on Victor, but because he’s not really gotten around to trusting anyone else to help talk him through his panic yet. 
  • When they’re apart, they try to talk on the phone as much as possible, and send texts updating each other on anything and everything when they can’t. 
  • Victor has trouble sleeping without Yuuri around, especially since if he travels, he often can’t take Makkachin either. So if possible he calls Yuuri and asks Yuuri talk to him on speaker until he falls asleep. 
  • Both of them have a habit of playing with their rings when the other isn’t around. Loads of people have noticed the identical fidget, but no one has brought it up with them. 

i will never EVER be able to get over Mike Wheeler. he’s willing to take in a girl he barely knows and keep her safe even though she’s obviously dangerous to be around. he pushed down his biggest bully in defense of a friend who wasn’t even present. he’s willing to fucking jump off of a cliff so his friend wouldn’t get hurt. he cares so deeply for other people and is extremely emotionally mature for his age. he’s genuinely kind hearted and does the things he does just to help others, not for any self gain. he deserves everything good in this world and i just wanna hug him

I asked her out six times in thirty seconds. She said yes after the third one but none of them felt right so I had to keep going. On our first date I spent more time organizing my food by color than I did eating it. Or fucking talking to her. But she loved it. She loved that I had to kiss her goodbye sixteen times, or twenty-four times if it was Wednesday. (…) When we moved in together, she said she felt safe. Like no one would ever rob us because I //definitely// locked the door. (…) Now, I just think about who else is kissing her. I can’t breathe because he only kisses her once. He doesn’t care if it’s perfect! I want her back so bad– I leave the door unlocked. I leave the lights on.
—  OCD by Neil Hilborn.

there’s this really gorgeous dude in my english film class and i can literally feel myself starting to descend into stalkerish mode and i do not like it


character moodboard - all for the game : Kevin Day

     Happy birthday Kevin, keep putting the exy to sexy!

⤷ “ “I know what he’s like”, Kevin said. Neil looked at him, but Kevin was studying his hands. “Riko. If you want to talk.”
It was the most awkward and uncomfortable thing Kevin had ever said to him. Kevin was known for his talent, not his sensitivity. Consideration and tact were as foreign to him as the German the cousins spoke. That he tried at all was so unexpected Neil felt it like a balm to every bruised inch of his skin.
“Thank you.”

i was listening to my friend talk about his failing relationship (been together 2 yrs, monogomous) yesterday and he was telling me how his boyfriend didn’t get him anything for his birthday, xmas, or valentine’s day… then this boyfriend brings this random guy into my friend’s work, which is a restaurant. So my friend had to serve his own boyfriend while he ate dinner with another guy he didn’t know- and they split a salad entree of all things…. my friend is already freaking out but trying to keep it cool….BUT THEN this boyfriend leaves restaurant with this random without saying bye and the two see a movie together..

like he was telling me this story and i was like i would’ve chopped his balls off way earlier in the story.. all men are dogs

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ahhh imagine harry and the missus revealing a baby bump at the brits later x

You’ve actually killed me. This has been on my mind for the whole morning; I’m not even joking with you, my lovely. 

Throughout the whole day of getting ready and pampering one another and choosing their outfits, he’d be taking photos of her to keep on his phone and to possibly share online later that evening when they’re tucked up and cuddling in bed together and discussing how well the day had gone. They’d both do face-masks to make themselves look presentable, they’d do each other’s nails and do each other’s hair and they’d definitely FaceTime with their families so that they could wish Harry luck.

And when they’re both dressed, Harry can’t help but compliment how beautiful she looks and her little baby bump looks so adorable between her hips and he’d run his hands over the curve and kneel down and whisper sweet things to your baby;

“hey, little one. mummy and daddy are going to a big event tonight and we’re gon’a show you off to everyone after a while of keepin’ you to ourselves. we shouldn’t be so selfish and keep you hidden away. mummy’s made herself look very beautiful, too. you should see her.”

“stop it, Harry.”

“what? m’not doin’ anything, Gorgeous. jus’ tellin’ our baby how beautiful their mummy looks.”

When they’re in the car and about to arrive at the red carpet to show their faces, he makes sure you packed tablets and a bottle of water in your handbag to soothe your heartburn when it peaks and he’s always asking you if you’re comfortable or feeling any pains or feeling a bit uneasy and sick. But, she’s promising him that she feels perfectly fine and that she’s really excited to be there to support him and be his date to the event; adding in that she’s a little nervous about showing off her bump but regardless of that, she can’t wait for the secret to be out in the open.

Walking the red carpet would be a nerve-wracking moment for the both of them because they don’t know what’s about to happen around them; they’ll be the big talk of the evening, they’ll have eyes on them the entire time, people asking and trying to find out the sneakiest of details about the pregnancy, they’ll be interviewed a whole lot about everything that happened whilst Harry went quiet and they’ll be sharing their excitement towards a new Styles coming into the world in a matter of months.

“feelin’ alright? shall we head inside?”

“i’ll head inside. you stay out here and do some more press stuff. they’re all eager to talk to you.”

“f’they wan’a talk to me, then, they can set up an interview. you’re a little more important to me right now.”

“are you sure?”

“of course, Gorgeous. i want you to be comfortable tonight. everyone is headin’ inside now, so, let’s go find our seats. get some colder water for you to drink.”

They spend the entire time sat with Ed Sheeran and the One Direction boys, laughing and joking around and cheering when people won the awards. And after the entire show has finished, and the missus struggles to walk out of the venue and back to the car to go home, Harry saves the day by kicking off his black boots and sliding them on her swollen feet - which sparks up a lot of interest by those who were standing around and trying to catch a glimpse of the celebrities leaving. 

“a’right now? feet feelin’ better?”

“i would’a been fine with my heels, Harry.”

“nonsense, Gorgeous. i don’t want you in any pain. do you feel okay now?”

“they feel fine. swamp me a little but they’re fine.”

“promise i’ll give yeh a foot rub when we get home, yeah? run a nice bath for you and pamper you down.”

“that sounds lovely, Peaches.” xx

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The monster mac vid got me thinking, has anyone in the crew ever seen ryan really excited? And if so how terrifying and surreal of an experience was it

Ryan keeps what muted emotions he has in check, so it is rare to see an outburst from him. They’ve seen it a few times in the heat of a firefight, when he’s covered in blood and surrounded by flames and a sickening laughter rings from his lungs. His eyes are bright, mad, behind his mask and he revels in the destruction that chills bones. Then again, they’d say that is the Vagabond, not truly Ryan. When Ryan is himself, the man the crew loves and trusts, he get’s excited to a point. He’ll talk at length about new vehicles, new weapons, and his eyes are alight even if his voice is still monotonous. One time though, one time they saw a different kind of excitement from him. It was his birthday and they’d gotten to the point of accepting Ryan into their little family and wanted to do something nice. Someone (Gavin) thought it would be a great idea to ‘borrow’ his personal jet and decorate it for him. Everyone was weary about it, and Ray flat out refuse to be a part of it because ‘fuck that we just got him to like us I’m not signing a death wish now’. They agreed on the premise that they blame it on Gavin if he goes apeshit. On the day of, they led Ryan outside to where his jet was parked on the top of the penthouse. The black metal was covered in skull decals, the wing tips were painted gold, and the Fake AH Crew logo was spray painted on the nose. It wasn’t horrible looking, but it definitely wasn’t as tasteful as the monochrome fighter jet had looked before. At first, Ryan had no reaction. Like, at all. He stood staring, not a muscle moving on his face and the crew was beginning to regret bringing him to a place where there was nothing separating them from the ledge of the building. After a while, his face brightened and he turned to look at them. ‘You did this? You decked out my plane?’ They were about ready to shit themselves when he started admiring it with a smile, thanking them and telling them he loved it. Ray was still convinced he’d kill them in their sleep until Ryan painted a skull and crossbones on his helmet to match the plane

Kevin bday headcanons that no one asked for or wanted?? Here we goooo

- Dan drags this baby out of bed really early (really early) despite his complaints, throws a jacket on him, and then leads him down to the car
- he’s almost awake by the time they get to the restaurant
- Wymack meets them there and the three of them have a nice breakfast together and watch the sunrise
- Thea calls him and they talk for about an hour before he has to go to class
- Jean just texts him “it’s your birthday” in French and nothing else, but he also gets a call from the actual love of his life Jeremy Knox and he suspects Jean was behind it
- Nicky and the upperclassmen team up and buy him that really nice racquet from Exites that he’s had his eye on for months
- he tries to keep his head down in his classes because he’s one of those “it’s nobody’s business but mine” kind of people, and he gets left alone up until he gets to history
- the history professor has read one too many of Kevin’s “and that’s how this week’s lesson relates to exy” essays and she wants revenge, so as soon as Kevin walks in she’s like “LOOK ITS THE BIRTHDAY BOY”
- Aaron buys kevin some expensive vodka or somethin’, and they drink it together that evening
- Neil and Andrew do night practice for like 2 extra hours
- for no reason in particular, Andrew let’s Kevin drive when they go to Columbia that weekend
- Kevin Day is safe and happy and surrounded by people who love him on his birthday

Dating Stiles Stilinski would include...

•Late night drives in Roscoe.
•Singing songs on the radio while he sometimes joins in on the chorus.
•Always stealing his flannels and wearing them on your dates.
•"I’ve been looking for that flannel for like 3 months, have you had it all this time?“
•"I may or may not have stolen it… but it smells sooo good and it’s so comfy.”
•"Keep it, you look better in it.
•Going to Lydia’s parties and leaving early to have a movie night at your house.
•"What movie should we watch?“
•"Obviously, Star Wars.”
•"That’s why I love you, Y/N.“
•Always cuddling, there’s never a time when you’re not cuddling.
•Scott always getting annoyed with Stiles as you’re all he ever talks about.
•Always finding secret hiding spots around Beacon Hills where you can’t be found by the pack
•The Sheriff literally treats you like the daughter he never had.
•Your parents loving Stiles.
•"When’s Stiles coming over again?”
•"He’s literally upstairs…“
•"We didn’t hear the front door?”
•"That’s because he didn’t come through the front door.“
•"Wait what? Wow that’s impressive.”
•Always helping Stiles research all the supernatural creatures.
•Helping Stiles put up his bulletin board.
•"What’s with all the different colours?“
•"Greens for solved, yellow is to be determined and blues just pretty”
•"What does red mean?“
•"You’ve only got red on the board.“
•"Yes, I’m aware, thank you.”
•Having game nights with the pack and you always end up arguing with Stiles.
•Stiles giving you a spare key to his house for your birthday.
•Binge watching shows on Netflix while eating your weight with food
•The sheriff sometimes joining in on movie nights with you and Stiles.
•Going to the beach with the whole pack and Stiles complimenting you.
•Stiles always getting jealous when a guy talks to you.
•He walks up to you, puts an air around you shoulder and pulls you into a passionate kiss.
•You and Stiles trying to do impressions of everyone in the pack.
•You immediately believing Stiles when he told you about Donovan.
•Having sassy arguments with Stiles.
•After spending so much time with Stiles, you start to do dramatic hand motions and Stiles being proud of it
•Attempting to bake for special events.
•Teaching Stiles how to rap complicated songs to prove that he can be a hard ass to Scott.
•You getting Stiles a new bat for Christmas after he destroyed his last one.
•Stiles always buying a bunch of snacks for you when you’re on your period.
•You always being able to rant about something to Stiles
•Stiles making fun of you because of the type of music you listen to, even thought he low key loves it too.
•Always putting your music on your speakers and you and Stiles singing and dancing around your room until your out of breath and decide to lie down on your bed and watch movies
•Looking back at old hair fails in old school pictures and making fun of each other.
•Stiles always giving you his Lacrosse jersey during games.
•Always going to watch and cheer on Stiles during Lacrosse games.
•After his matches, you both go to a 24 hour diner and order food.
•Always being so comfortable around each other and not being scared to tell each other anything.
•Giving each other embarrassing nicknames that you only give each other in public because it’s more funny when other people look at you with strange faces.
•Sneaking in each other houses at night just so you can cuddle with each other.
•Stiles blaming himself for Allison’s death and you reassuring him that it wasn’t his fault.
•You, Stiles, Scott and Kira going on double dates to the ice rink.
•Teaching Stiles how to ice skate for the first time.
•The both of you roasting Theo when you have to keep an eye on him.
•Looking back at old memories and bursting into laughter and probably even crying in the end.
•Always playing pranks on Coach Finstock.
•Telling each other embarrassing stories about yourselves in your childhood.
•Going on awesome road trips in Roscoe.

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(p1) three things i want to see in steven universe: 1) a day in the life of yellow diamond. how much work does she do, what kind, for how long? 2) her reaction/state of mind in response to this work 3) a typical homeworld civilian's opinion of her

I’m honestly enamored with the scenario of some context where dreamwalking happens but while YD is awake (or else, YD wakes up) so as a result there’s just this kind of ghost Steven around Homeworld for a day that only YD can see.

She can’t really do anything about him so she just resolves if she keeps ignoring him he’s going to go away (and keeps ending up talking to him regardless when they’re alone)

In general I like the idea that since YD is so precise and work-oriented that her daily routine is probably way less scary than people imagine it to be. There are meetings. Ninety percent of her job is like. looking at soil content reports and deciding whether or not to try incubating another batch of Gems in that location or if they need to move, ten-year plans for asteroid mining. 

A lot of it is very drab but the amount of gravity put on efficiency and the nature of the reports she deals with also highlighting just how bleak Homeworld’s current situation is and how everyone’s just sort of gritting their teeth and tightening the belt a few more notches even when they can’t really afford it. 

And I imagine YD isn’t particularly surprised by any of it, as much as there’s a kind of tiredness where it’s like… nothing is getting better, but she’s already bled out all her righteous fury and passion for change and what’s left is this cold, exhausted kind of “what can we salvage?”

I’d assume most Homeworlders probably think very highly of YD. In general, Gems seem to have very high opinions of the Diamonds. Which I think would be a very interesting context, again, from YD’s perspective- because I don’t think that YD thinks very highly of herself or sees herself as particularly special. We’ve seen this in her very bland, practical surroundings, which we now have contrasted with, like… look at the Sea Spire, or the Zoo, for how Blue and Pink Diamond seem to prefer their spaces. 

That Will Be All also tells us something significant about YD: “Where’s their Diamond when they need her, Blue?/You’ve got to be a leader, Blue”

YD considers it her job to be constantly available to her populace. This reinforces Peridot’s reaction in Message Received- that what we saw there, YD shouting Peridot down- is uncharacteristic behavior born out of YD’s particular relationship with Earth. 

It’s not normal for YD, it’s the equivalent of… the way Steven was freaking out in Warp Tour because he felt like nobody believed him about seeing something in the warp stream. 

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As a straight person I have to say mon el was out of line and just being an ignorant ass but it was not considered abusive to me. As a abuse survivor I know when I see abuse and in my eyes mon el wasn't that other than an ignorant fuck

if you’re referring to that ask that i answered, i was talking about straights in general constantly normalizing emotional abuse. at least the straights in my environment.

as for mon-el, he keeps insulting kara, and he yells at her and tries to control her. it may not be full-on abuse now, but that’s not how you treat a girl you want to date (or anyone really). in my experience that’s how it starts.
and no one should be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t treat her right. if anyone treated me the way he treats kara i’d be like bitch bye. but he smiles and suddenly it’s all forgiven.

it has nothing to do with being gay or straight. i just think she deserves better, that’s all. she’s such a good person and deserves someone who can appreciate that and treat her just as well as she treats everyone.

kara, however, is fictional. the biggest problem here is that the show is promoting this kind of behaviour as something good. he’s cute so he can get away with yelling at her and putting her down. kids watch this show n they soak it up like sponges.

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can i have some info on gale ??

he’s a gemini, his birthday is june 14th, and he’s a 5′9 trans boy. contrasting with reese, he’s a little more reserved and keeps to himself whereas reese tends to overshare and ramble for a while. the two work together really well and they fit like puzzle pieces – one without the other is pretty much useless. hes considered the planner of the two because he can get into one thing and stick to it. he has a few special interests like clocks and rocks! this is where his talkative side comes in… he could go on and on about different types of geodes or stalactites for as long as he’s allowed! he stims with a spinner ring, and if reese is feeling up to it, they’ll let him stim with their hair. he isnt one to share his problems with someone, so he’ll sit there and try to suck it up until he cant handle it anymore, but reese hardly lets it get that far because theyre almost as observant as he is when it comes to that sort of thing.