and then he keeps on talking

Update thoughts

  • You can feel Jack’s anxiety building.
  • Even though he’s anxious, he’s holding onto his learned coping mantras (“one game at a time”) and keeping it together through interviews.
  • Bitty’s just happily baking in Jack’s kitchen, wearing a Falcs hoodie, looking so happy.
  • Jack’s voice was so small when he said “Bitty” 😢 And Bitty was instantly transformed from lightly chirping boyfriend, to Concerned But Collected Boyfriend.
  • Jack asked for help! Easy as pie! Just told Bitty what he needed and what he was feeling!
  • Jack hasn’t had a panic attack in a while, because our boy is doing so well!
  • Bitty has either done his research, or he and Jack have talked about what Jack needs when he’s having a panic attack (“Do you need me to get off you so you can breathe between your knees?”) And that’s beautiful, tbh.
  • “I’m usually alone” 💔
  • Jack still has so much pain wrapped up in his past 💔😢😢💔 BUT! He’s not alone now, and he knows it! And Bitty is there to remind him! And use Jack’s own helpful words to soothe him!
  • The soft smiles! The heart eyes! The hugs! The return of Gentle Chirping Boyfriend!
  • Bitty is making the whole team PB&Js, that boy loves his teams, and they love him and his jam! Jack’s good luck routine is now everyone’s?!
  • The hand holding over the shoulder!
  • These boys!

JOLENE // dolly parton

He talks about you in his sleep,
there’s nothing I can do to keep
from crying when he calls your name, Jolene.

as requested [x] [x]

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Could you maybe write a fic where Nicky walks in on andreil making out and neil has his shirt off and gets really insecure so Andrew tries to cover him and they talk it through after cause neil is hella uncomfortable about it!! You don't have to write it if you don't want of course!! Keep up the good work!!

Here you go! Enjoy! It kind of went a different direction than your ask, but hopefully it’s still okay!

In the months since his ‘nothing’ with Andrew started, Neil found that kissing him was just as exciting as it had been the first time. Andrew was good at kissing and he seemed to love drawing moans and whimpers and whatever noises he could out of Neil.

Neil smirked into the kiss, thinking about Andrew enjoying this as much as he did. The feeling of Neil’s lips quirking made Andrew pull back to look at him, eyes drawn to Neil’s mouth.

“Amused?” he asked.

“I was thinking of all your comments about hating my mouth. Ironic.”

Andrew hummed. “It’s good for something. Don’t get cocky.”

Instead of returning directly to their previous activity, Andrew’s hand wandered down to hover at the hem of Neil’s shirt. “Yes or no?”

Neil felt his stomach leap a little, but decided the butterflies he was feeling were excited nerves. Andrew had seen his scars, had felt every one intimately. He wasn’t afraid of being seen by Andrew.

“Yes,” he breathed and helped Andrew remove his shirt. It made for a clumsy removal, too many hands, but Neil didn’t want to tear his hands away from Andrew’s. He wanted to relish every point of contact he was allowed.

Once his shirt was off, Andrew looked like he was taking in every inch of skin, though Neil knew he already had Neil’s torso catalogued in his memory. He nodded as Andrew leaned forward to press his lips to Neil’s collarbone, right by the puckered gunshot wound. Neil sighed, tipping his head back at the feeling of his lips ghosting over his skin.

Andrew was making his way down Neil’s chest when the door opened. Before Neil could react, Andrew was moving to shield him from sight. Neil looked up to find Nicky standing there wide-eyed.

“Holy shit, Neil-”

“Leave,” Andrew growled. Nicky left, hands up in surrender, muttering about it not being his fault if they couldn’t lock a door. As soon as he was out of the room, Andrew moved back against the headrest, not touching Neil at all.

Going from an onslaught of feeling to nothing left Neil feeling vulnerable and he shivered as he pulled his shirt back on. He put his arms around himself, wanting to be small, invisible. “I”m sor-”

“Don’t. You didn’t do anything.”

Neil sighed, trying to remember what it felt like to have Andrew kiss his scars. It helped bring him back and remind him they were signs he had survived. They were what he had to endure to get Andrew, to get his family. He had said once they were worth it, and he wouldn’t take that back.

“I’m okay, Andrew. I’d like to keep my shirt on, but I’m not upset. You don’t need to worry about me.”

Andrew’s eyes flicked up to meet his. “Would it still have been a yes if you’d known the door wasn’t locked?”

Neil exhaled as he realized what Andrew was implying, what he was blaming himself for. “Andrew, don’t do that to yourself. If it bothered me, I would’ve checked. We both just got carried away and forgot.”

“I don’t- I can’t afford to be careless. Not with you.”

Neil felt his breath catch and smiled. “I think I’d like it if you were a little careless. Remember? I like it when you lose control.”

It was baiting, but it worked. Andrew’s eyebrow twitched upward slightly. “Is that a yes?”

Neil moved to his knees and crawled forward until he was a breath away from Andrew’s lips. “Always, remember?”

Pure Guesses on Spencer Reid’s Personal Life

- he can’t swim. his mom couldn’t afford swim lessons and he’s never learned
- tbh he can cook. he doesn’t much but i feel like he can remember recipes 
- what if he bakes?? what if there’s an old lady he bakes for??
- we know he goes to a salon to get his hair cut
- he’d take really long showers
- he would have a candy stash to keep from no one but he would hide it
- he HATES vacuuming because its loud and it scares him
- he has a night light AND leaves the bathroom light on
- he sits criss cross applesauce A LOT
- he doesn’t use chairs??? i feel like he would sit on his floor a lot 
- he would own LOTS AND LOTS of blankets. soft ones too
- he has a fish tank with little fishies he talks to 
- he would never clean his glasses and the little smudges wouldn’t ever bother him
- he secretly wears mittens in the winter. not gloves, mittens
- he knows how to sew and crochet????? 
- i feel like he would be good at yo-yoing. like a yo-yo master

Why yall so hell bent on ignoring celines part in being dark - she’s what makes dark so interesting

sure Damien wanting revenge is neat, but ultimately a bit tired, but celine ?

she represents a broken heart, say what you will about her cheating she probably did love Mark in some way at some point, and he threw that away, he withdrew and finally his were the last eyes she saw as she took her final breath. like - guys we never talk about that Mark KILLED the woman he married and loved

Damien seeking revenge is neat and all, but Celine’s life was ended by a man she loved and Married, and her rage and fury is what keeps her alive in a broken and mangled body that isn’t even hers. so she can one day take revenge and see him suffer the way she had to for years

poor Huey totally is traumatized after he realizes his Uncle had sex. 

because he’s so innocent. he’s so small. he’s so wide eyed. 

and now, his counselors have to call him to explain to Donald that he sort of has to have the talk with Huey because he keeps telling the other children that everything is a lie and life has no meaning and they’re all a product of their parents hashing it out in a backroom closet like a nature documentary while proclaiming that he’s not being dramatic, he’s just dead inside, and there’s a difference Counselor Waddlewim.

Huey is absolutely the most melodramatic person in the entire show, besides Donald. he’s so full of goodness and light, but you give him an inch and he’ll knock Shakespeare out of his grave and give him a run for his money. 

“we’re all just tools in the great design that is our falsehoods” Huey intones during the Junior Woodchucks “sharing is caring” daily catch-up. he points at a little girl with pigtails. “you’re just a cog of your parents great deception. open your eyes.”

“um… Huey… sweetheart. maybe talk about what you did this weekend instead?”

“this weekend I learned that my Uncle is a common backroom floozy.”

they call home again after that. 

Open love letter for another member

— I like to read fashion magazines together with Yamachan. I like when we had casual chat such as “Oh this is cute!” or “oh this is a bit..”. I wonder if we get a long together? (laugh)

— Chichan has a soft and gentle manner, I feel at ease just being with him even if we didn’t had any conversation. He has healing aura. I feel a little bit lonely when he went to Canada for “World Gymnastic”

— I frequently had a talk about music with Yuto. He told me his favourite’s artist secret track! When I talk to him, I realized that he had a good taste in music.

— When we were together with everyone or during variety program Daichan will ask “Keito?” to me who doesn’t talk much. I appreciate his kindness for always keeping an eye out of me.

— There’s a time when I am with Yuya in a different dressing room, when i look at him I feel like I’m quite like him. The atmosphere he had is like turning into a drawing. The more I think about it, he seems to be an interesting person when he talked to other members. I think the gap is good.

— Inoochan proposed to Mezamashi TV staff “If you need an interpreter Keito would be a good choice”. I feel so grateful for his kindness.

— Hikaru has a great passion for bass! He is very particular about the music he made. I respect him for his well versed knowledge.

— Yabu is a kind person. He always concerned about me during MC, his kindness and a bit clumsy is cute, and i like that part of him

An episode of member’s love:

Because JUMP has quiet number of people, we often were given 2,3 dressing room. But everyone will gathered in one room. Recently, I think only 7 of us gathered so when i look at another room, i saw Yuya and Inoo and they seems to have fun talking to each other. They seems close!

From Popolo December 2017

me and britt keep talking about this, we wish we had video of the luau when

  • meouch went to start the next song but he hit the wrong button and scatman john started blaring through the speakers, scaring him and making him yell
  • brian came out to do the encore and he said “where the fuck is phobos” and havve pulls back the stage curtain and he was just standing there, hands clasped over his guitar. havve grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him back on stage

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tell me more about your tcp social media au 👀👀👀

Tumblr: doesn’t tell me I got an ask
Me: are u fucking–
Also I finished this like last week but then somebody took my laptop so I couldn’t post it.

Anywayyy, this isn’t exactly the social media au I was talking about before but I can write a totally different social media au later when I’m not dead to the world:

  • laurent and damen arent teenagers or college students here
  • no, this time theyre CEOs of sometimes-rival companies
  • laurent is a social media LEGEND
  • he’s very vocal about his support for lgbt rights and abuse victims and whatnot bc ofc he does
  • he occasionally graces his social media with a meme, showing just how much of a dork he is
  • he still keeps p private and he likes to pretend to be all serious but like
  • most people just Know
    • like seriously
    • he tweets about the inane shit happening around the office SO MUCH
    • with his own added commentary
    • a lot of people are convinced that he has a secret tumblr
      • spoiler: he does and jord and auguste are the only ones who know
  • meanwhile, damen is absolutely hopeless with social media
  • honest to god hes the guy that thinks twitter is a search engine
  • his instagram has like three posts and they’re all promotional material
    • alternatively, they’re not even things he posted
    • nik posted them for him
  • anyway so laurent is positively scandalized by THIS GUY
  • his supposed RIVAL who has no idea how to turn on his own computer
  • honestly he’s being a bit overdramatic for dismissing the guy just bc of that when they first meet
  • but then damen “searches” (read: tweets) for results on “my rival is my type what do i do” or something of that nature
  • laurent flushes when he reads that
  • auguste collapses in a fit of laughter and laurent proceeds to try and kill him
  • so it just kind of goes on like that for a while
  • every time damen and laurent meet, damen has a crisis over this stunningly intelligent and beautiful man
    • nik is silently tearing his hair out because nobody is letting him tell damen that twitter is nOT A SEARCH ENGINE DAMAEN DAMNEDSN–
    • it’s way too entertaining for the other office employees
  • eventually damen says “i’ve fallen in love with someone i’m supposed to hate” and laurent can’t take it anymore
  • needless to say damen is kind of embarrassed
  • but then he’s just like “fuck it whatever hey laurent do u wanna go out with me”
  • laurent’s response?
  • “WHAT THE F U C K??? …….Yes”

Paladin’s and pillow talk with their S/O

//for @hotemotionalmess //

(I kind of went a little loose with this prompt, hope it’s still alright!)


-He will ask you about your day. Not what happened throughout, but what you felt. He feels like it’s important for him to know and keep up with your mental state, he wants to be in tune with you.

- if you ever feel stressed or anything he’ll want to try and help resolve it before you go to bed because he full heartedly believes it’s bad for someone to fall asleep feeling negatively. When he’s listening he props his head up on his hand and will listen with his entire heart and brain.

-If he’s not really ready to fall asleep yet he’ll bring warm drinks to the bedside and cuddle up with you, possibly tries to count sheep with you if the both of you really can’t sleep


-We all know this boy has his strict beauty routine, so before bed he’ll probably be doing all of his skincare remedies and such. Might get you into doing it with him if you’re willing

-Either way it takes him a while to actually get into the bed, and when he does he’s mostly just wanting to relax, especially after a long day, so he might not be as easy to strike up a conversation with.

- Since he likes to fall asleep listening to music he’ll probably have you help him pick out a soft song to put on as white noise

-Needs you to shower him with your affection, he finds it easier to fall asleep when he has someone to nuzzle and squeeze.


-Like Hunk he likes to ask you about your day, but he’s not as deep about it. He also likes to listen to you talk though, so he tries to keep the conversation going as long as he can, even if it’s not really about anything

-He enjoys making a ‘meet-up’ place for your dreams, so the two of you can dream together, even if he doesn’t really remember his dreams all that often.

-This man always is super drained by the end of the day (he has 4 space children to feed after all) so he gets a bit drowsy. It can make him a little bit giggly and he’ll stumble over his words. It’s cute!


-Boy when he is tired he is out of it. His insomnia will drive him to a point where he is totally unaware of his surroundings and you might actually have to approach him with caution; he’s thrown Lance over his shoulder before because he wasn’t paying attention. Might just doze off standing right where he is if you allow him

-But he usually can sense when he’s getting to that point so he’ll drag you into the bed with him and hold onto you until he falls asleep. During the time in between being in the bed and falling asleep he’ll put in effort to talk to you.

-It’s mostly jumbled mutters and unintelligible groaning, almost like sleep talking but without the sleep. The times when he does speak normally he’s far away as he’s whispering facts about cryptids and the like. When you repeat it back to him in the morning he’s flustered and apologising under his breath.


-this child!!!! doesnt!!!! sleep!!!

-It’s ultra rare for them to come to bed with you at the same time. Most mornings you’ll wake up and either find them still up or crashed out on their working station- occasionally you’ll wake up to find them next to you.

-But there are those nights when Pidge will crawl under the covers and huddle with you to be as warm as possible. In that moment they aren’t made for conversation, they’ll just want to fall asleep listening to your breathing.

wastedheartnat  asked:

My crush texted me last night and we were joking around and sending each other songs (we do this a lot 😊) and then suddenly he starts describing my eyes ???? Like we were talking about tumblr when he sent me very cute specific ways to describe chocolate brown and i swear i melted

ok naT I’M CRYING THIS IS ADORABLE AS HELL, KEEP HIM (also i want updates on this beautiful relationship??)

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List 5 things u love about tony stark

1. His little unexpected laugh
2. How he interacts with his bots and his AI’s
3. His perseverance to keep doing good in the world even though he’s the one who keeps getting hit
4. How he tries so hard to keep his family safe
5. His real smile when he’s talking to the people he loves
Thank you for the ask!

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“just me, always just me and the fucking dark and the silence but i can’t fill it up; too goddamn big...” How did Q try and fill it? I'd imagine he probably clung to anything he heard in the lab just for something different

(( @letsallbecalmchaps ))

That MMO Q’s talked about before? That’s how he tried to fill it. Problem is that the emptiness was more emotional than literal, because even after he started building an entire world to keep himself occupied it still felt empty. He filled it with NPCs and games and quests but… he still has no ability to create actual life so he was still utterly alone in there.

As for how desperately he clung to those occasional bits of audio, very desperately. They were his only window into the outside world and he kept recordings of every conversation and would sometimes relisten to them. He hated it, because he hated them, but it was also the only relief from the solitude he had.


Ehren: We need to talk about Frankie.

Nia: What about Frankie?

Ehren: He’s being neglected. His mother is rarely home and when she is she’s “sleeping”. He’s a good kid who doesn’t deserve to be mistreated.

Nia: Babe, we have no proof… It’s not our place until we can prove it or he’s being physically mistreated. I know how angry it makes you, it makes me upset too we just can’t falsely take action.  Think about how this affects Rudy.

Nia: Say we say something irrationally, then Rudy might not be able to play with Frankie. No one else talks to him, we have to keep a level head about this.

Ehren: This is a shitty situation. 

Nia: I know, just calm down.

It’s literally been months since I told them I prefer he/him pronouns (and they/them but they ignored that part completely) and still they’re fucking up. They’re somehow doing even worse. Sometimes on a super rare occasion they’ll randomly remember and correct themselves (well mum will I can’t remember dad doing it lately), but you can bet that by their next sentence they will have forgotten. And they still keep calling me ‘girl/woman/daughter’ and never correct themselves there and fuck. And now they’re both like 'lets try to sit at the table to eat so we can all talk, isn’t that better’? So I have to deal with even more misgendering than I did before and literally I’m so fucking done but terrified to call them out on it. I know they’re going through a lot of shit rn but so am I, they could try harder

part 3 -quick flip to focus on Sehun and how he’s feeling - Sehun drives recklessly speeding swerving past other cars that honk angrily as he almost clips half of them. He continues to drive until he notices the sun going down. He pulls up to his best friends house pounding on the door. Kyungsoo opens the door and quickly goes to close it looking at the boy in front of him with annoyance. “Go away Sehun I have nothing to say to you. You’re losing your damn mind.” Sehun puts his foot in the way his voice practically dripping with sadness “Please, please I need someone to talk to. I fucked up majorly. I don’t know what to do. Please.” Sehun hears a deep sigh before the door swings open he rushes inside almost stumbling into his friend. The 2 boys quietly walk over to the couch sitting on either side before Kyungsoo opens his mouth to speak “What did you do. Keep in mind I will not sugar coat anything.” Sehun swallows a lump that made its way to his slender throat “I got drunk… I mean really drunk… i-” his voice cracks as his eyes fill up with tears “There was this girl.. I think her name was ____ I don’t remember exactly… she spilled a drink on me…. i- I don’t know why but I wanted to play with her but i was really rude… we argued I drank.. and drank and drank until I could barely focus on anything but her… I found out where she lived and I-” His hands begun to shake and he clenches his hands tight nails digging into his palm. Kyungsoo eyes narrow as he looks at the shaking boy next to him “Tell me.. what did you do.. you didn’t kill her did you?” Sehun eyes burn as he refuses to let tears fall “I might as well have… I raped her” those last words come out of his mouth barely louder than a whisper as Kyungsoo shoots up off the couch “WHAT THE FUCK?! WHY. JESUS CHRIST. You know what happens when you get drunk you always do something stupid that you regret. But this isn’t crashing a car or cheating on your girlfriend or always trying to go after Jackson’s gang when they have stayed on the low like you told them too . That is rape. You’ve probably just destroyed some poor girls life.” Kyungsoo grabs his friends shoulders and shakes him softly “You have to say sorry. You have to do something before she presses charges.”
Sehun gets up and pushes away from Kyungsoo punching the nearest wall. “Fuck. I’m going insane. I can’t get that look she had on her face out of my mind. I close my eyes and I see it. I can’t sleep without hearing her muffled cries. I need to fix this. somehow. some way. Please help me.” He like at his friend his face resembling that of a man who has no reason to live. Kyungsoo allows Sehun to stay the night at his house since he was worried about what the friend might do. Sehun didn’t sleep or eat at all that night either, he stayed up not being able to get that look of your face out of his mind. Your once muffled cries ringing in his ears as if there is no other sound that exists but your pained terrified cries. His gut feels as if a body builder nailed him with his full strength right in Sehun gut, he feels like he could vomit any second now. He roughly burries his face in his own hands pulling his hair tightly by the roots he felt as if he would tear all his hair out. He never once thought he could feel like this. He feels hopeless and lost. You’re terrified face etched behind his eyelids as a constant reminder of what he did. ‘Who are you. How are you. Did he make you want to die. What’s your name. I’m sorry. I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry. I’m sorry.’ He shakes back in forth on the couch as his friend slept silent in his bedroom. His throat feels tight as If he’s trying to swallow though a straw. His heart pounding so hard he thought it would break through his ribs any second now. His legs feeling like they are made of jelly. He attempts getting up as the world spins beneath him and he falls forward catching himself on the table with a loud thud. Kyungsoo sleepily rubbing his eyes woken by the loud noise. “Dude are you ok.” Sehun looks up at his friends face “Please, check on her. I can’t live like this. I have to know how she is. Make sure she’s ok. Please.” His dull glazed eyes look pleading to Kyungsoo to do as he begs. Kyungsoo runs his fingers through his hair and nods “Fine. I’ll check on ____.“Kyungsoo walks over to his friend and places his hand on his shoulder "Dude. Take it easy. I’ll go check on her alright? please lay down and try to take a nap or something. I’ll make you some soup and go check up on her. You don’t need to let this ruin your life. Relax.” Sehun lays back on Kyungsoos couch staring up at the ceiling as his friend prepares something small for him to eat. His body feeling as if it’s filled with cement with a humming bird locked away where his heart should be, and the ocean waves replacing his stomach. His friend gives him a small bowl of soup, then sits down to watch him and make sure he eats. He covers his face with his arm your face staring back at him. He stares at your face that’s etched into his eyelids not even realizing he drifted off to a painful sleep