and then he is oh so cool afterwards

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S/o loves giving complements to the bros in many ways. "Wow gladdio, that's some nice biceps you got there.."/"ignis, you have really pretty eyes"/"your hair looks really nice today, Prompto!"/"dang Noct, you're so chill to hang with" kind of way? How do you think they would react to these xD

How the bros would react to their S/O complimenting them:

Noctis: Noctis would just sort of play it cool, like “thanks I like hanging out with you too.” But he’d turn away so they wouldn’t see him smiling and he’d feel it like a warmth in his chest afterward.

Ignis: After they complimented his eyes, he’d blink a few times and ask, confused: “My… eyes? Oh, well thank you.” If he was taken off guard he’d adjust his glasses and blush ever so slightly before returning the compliment.

Prompto: He’d grin super wide and not even try to hide his blush. He’d rub his hand on the back of his neck and hair and blow his fringe out of his eyes. “You think so? Thanks!”

Gladio: He’d give a smirk which he knows will drive his S/O mad, looking at his arms like he’d never seen them before. “You like ‘em? Why not come have a feel, then?” He’d laugh and give a cheeky wink.

some jean/jeremy/kevin headcanons because I can and no ones gonna stop me: 

  • contrary to popular belief, Jeremy and Kevin happened first 
  • it wasn’t terribly romantic per se, it was more of a “I’m a bit drunk you’re a bit drunk
  • “oH we’re making out okay that’s cool” kinda thing 
  • they didn’t talk about it afterwards 
  • UNTIL Jeremy started developing feelings for Jean 
  • and he knows Kevin has a little crush on him how could he not know that boy is so obvious 
  • so Jeremy’s kinda like ??? fuck now what 
  • and meanwhile Jeans still pretty salty towards Kevin but he’s warming up to Jeremy and? dare he say he’s catching some feelings too?? 
  • it culminates at a Trojans/foxes game after which Jean and Jeremy have end up spontaneously kissing in the locker room because Holy Shit they did So Well out there and Jeremys just so proud 
  • Kevin walks in 
  • Kevin walks out 
  • and the worst part is Jeremy can see his heart breaking bit by bit and he wants to tell him to stay but Jeans already so tense and his fingers are clutching his shirt in fear? anger? so Jeremy just looks away and lets Kevin leave 
  • and Kevin doesn’t really know what to do because he’s never had to deal with this before 
  • and to think that Jeremy’s with JEAN of all people, with the one person who he thinks hates him most 
  • he thinks he doesn’t have a chance at all 

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I saw Chris Evans in a Starbucks once, and I can tell you that his whole body visibly froze up and went on guard when he realized I recognized him. I kind of panicked in response (guess who also has severe anxiety, sigh) and made a bunch of frantic “no it’s cool it’s cool I won’t make a scene just go get your coffee it’s fine!” gestures, and went into a pretty bad spiral of “oh no, I really upset him” afterward.

In any case, though, his discomfort with just one person recognizing him at a Starbucks in New York City was that freaking palpable, so everybody going to SLCC better realize he’s making a freaking sacrifice of emotional safety and likely of spoons to come there at all, so do everyone a favor and please try to not be godawful. Please .

STAN: That sounds like a good enough idea?
STAN: I just don’t know if he’d actually say much.
KYLE: It’s worth a try.
KYLE: You managed to get information out of Craig before, I bet you could do it again.
STAN: It’s not like an interrogation, dude.
STAN: We’re just gonna hang out with him for a bit.
STAN: He needs a friend right now, anyway.

STAN: Okay, so I texted him.
STAN: He said he’d be cool with tomorrow.
STAN: As long as it’s just me, and that I buy him food afterward.
KYLE: Well, can’t argue with that.
STAN: Sorry, dude.
KYLE: I knew he hated me, I told you so.
STAN: Craig doesn’t hate you! He’s just difficult.
KYLE: Oh well. Just text me if anything goes wrong.

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You like robots, right? Name three of your most favorites (like from tv shows, video games etc.)

Oh man I’m replying to this so late I really couldn’t decide when I first got it, sorry. In no particular order…

Hmm, TOM from Toonami’s a chill bro, still doing the same thing he did in the 90’s. With a cool voice.

Rusty, from SteamWorld Dig? Yeah man, he’s my main in Runbow. Too bad he seems to have gone missing in SteamWorld Dig 2 and you have to play as the girl robot who has to be pretty because she’s a girl. Let me play as him afterward?

Does Golurk count as a robot? That’s my favorite Pokémon, it’d protect me. A gentle giant.

If not, uhhh, Zenyatta and of course everyone knows he’s from Overwatch. I’m trying to play as him more than Roadhog because I think there’s something against people that play Roadhog. And I use Skullyatta. Bastion was my first favorite Overwatch character and I wish it was OK to play as it because its so cute.


AT SHIP WEEK - day 6 (canon x non-canon) - Finn & Lapis

             Dear Jake,
                    I went to a place called Beach City for my vacation – it was pretty cool and the food there was awesome, there seems to be a lot of lore regarding aliens and stuff. Pretty weird. OH! And you won’t believe this, but I almost DROWNED. Then… well, I don’t really remember what happened but I saw a mermaid with water wings come and save me! I woke up on the shores afterward. They had such a pretty smile. I’ll tell you more about it when I come back home. Hope to see you soon!
                                                            (Love, Finn.)