and then he has to say something like this


*retreats to a corner to suffer in silence for what she did to Gabe* I LOVE THIS MAN, but he surely doesn’t have it easy.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 (coming soon)

Also, in case you can’t read the text from displays on first panel they say this :

Phone panel : “Not sure I expected to ever see you again after all that happened, Reyes.. But to meet you as a shadow casted by even a darker matter is something I wish I never saw.”

“I never believed in ghosts either, but it seems like my beliefs were wrong. You know I always enjoyed the dark.. Jack.”

Sombra panel : “Sorry for my attitude earlier, Gabe. I really want to talk to you.. And I got churros >3″

“Fine. Come over. Just don’t make me get up for the door.”

“Got ya!”

I Thought We Already Weren’t (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: anonymous asked:
Ooh I love angst!! Can you do something where the reader has a huge crush on peter but he likes Liz and he asks her out on date and he asks the reader for help with everything so she basically plans the whole thing for him and he keeps saying things like “wow ur such a good friend” and out of jealousy she asks Flash on a date and they start to go out and Peter says he’s not good enough for her and they get into a huge argument and deicde it’s better if they stop being friends…

Word Count: 2,413 (sorry, got carried away again)

Warnings: Angst

A/N: heyyy more angst! sorry this is quite late, but I finally figured out how I wanted this imagine to go. I did try to shorten it a bit since it is quite long, but I guess this is as short as it’s gonna get 😂 hope you like it, anon! ❤️❤️

“(Y/N)!” your name carried through the halls above the chatter of the student body. Eyebrows furrowed, you jerked your head out from your locker to see who was beckoning. You spotted Peter’s dark curls bobbing amongst the crowd towards you.

“(Y/N),” Peter gasped. He leant against the locker next to yours, breathing heavily.

You raised your brows in amusement. “Yes?” you asked, curious as to what would motivate Peter to run.

Peter swallowed, “I need your help.”

“With what?” you turned back to your locker to shove your math textbook inside and grab your jacket.

“Ummm… well… it’s about…” he lowered his voice to a barely audible whisper and leaned closer. “It’s about Liz.”

You tilted your head away from him slightly to hide the anguish that quickly flashed on your face. “What about Liz?” you tried to keep your voice steady and calm. A difficult feat, as you felt a pit drag your stomach and your breath catch high in your throat.

“I—I uh—well—I have a date with her,” he stammered

“What?!” you exclaimed, shocked. “Wow, Peter!” You tried to shove out any tone of sadness in your voice. You knew how much courage it must’ve taken this nervous but excited and eager romantic buzzing next to you.

“Yeah,” he breathed.

“Did you just ask her?” you guessed.

“Yeah. Yeah I did,” his ecstatic state quickly turned into a more panicked one. “But I need your help. I have no idea what to do!”

“For the date?”

“Yeah!” Shutting your locker, you swung your jacket over your shoulder and headed for the school doors. Peter bounded after you. “Please, (Y/N)!” he pleaded.

You shoved the doors open, “Why aren’t you asking Liz, though? Isn’t the date with her?” You worried that that might’ve been a bit forward in revealing your subtle bitterness.

“Well, yeah but I—I wanted to surprise her. And I can’t ask Ned ‘cause I don’t wanna mess this up, I mean no offense to him, but you know—(Y/N), you’re my only other friend who can help me!” Your stomach twisted at that word. Friend.

“When is it?”


You sighed, conflicted yet sympathetic. Here he was, the best friend you had slowly but undoubtedly fallen for, asking for your help with someone else. Of course you were jealous. Of course you were dejected and feeling a bit betrayed. But of course you were going to help him. Because, dammit, you were proud and happy for him, too.

After two years of daydreaming, confiding, and awkwardly trying, he had finally gotten courage and motivation to do something about it. You saw how he lit up when she merely looked his way, how he melted whenever she said something nice to him, how jittery and nervous he got whenever he was within a ten food radius of her. You weren’t about to take that away from him just because of your unrequited feelings; because before he was ever your crush, he was your best friend.

“Okay,” you replied. Hope and relief immediately washed out all desperation on Peter’s face. You couldn’t help but smile a bittersweet smile.  

“Really?!” he grinned.

“Yeah, yeah, of course!” you cheerfully affirmed. “Just, uh, come over later tonight so we can think of some ideas.”

“Thank you! Really, (Y/N), thank you so much!” Peter squeezed you in a tight hug that you half heartedly returned. He suddenly pulled away and reached for his phone. You already knew what it most likely meant, so you started past him.

“I’ll see you around seven?” you called back. Peter was already running the opposite direction.

“Uh yeah! Seven’s good!”

Groaning, you got up from your chair and stretched your arms above your head. How could simple chemistry equations somehow make your entire body ache?

You were about to plop back into your chair when a tapping came from your window. Glancing at the clock that read ten minutes past eight, you trudged over, unlocked it, and slid it up.

“Sorry I’m late; some nut job decided tonight was a good night to rob a jewelry shop.”

“Hm,” you nodded as you headed to your desk. Peter stumbled through the window, leaving it open for a quick getaway.

“Your folks home?”

“Nah,” you shrugged. “Both have meetings.”

Peter slipped his backpack off and slumped onto your bed. “So,” he rested his elbows on his knees, “Any ideas?”

You swiveled your chair around. “Not really,” you confessed. “Nothing’s really come to mind.”

Peter hung his head down, groaning, “What am I gonna do?”

“So… okay then. What do you want to do?” you inquired.

“I dunno! I was thinking maybe just dinner and a movie? Chill, not to much fancy expensive stuff…”

“No, no don’t do that. That’s typical, not surprising at all.”

“Ugh,” he muttered. “Has she ever said anything about like what her ideal date would be?”

“Don’t think so…” you racked your brain. You didn’t know Liz too well. Sure you’d shared some classes with her these past two years and had gotten to know her well enough. But you weren’t the best friend she’d confide to about relationships and dating. You also weren’t going to give up your ideal date for Peter to create for someone else.

You both sat in silence, thinking. There was a slight tension in the room that you both could sense, but it was hardly enough to make the setting awkward. You’d also never let it get to that point either.

“I know she likes picnics…” you offered. “Maybe you could get takeout from her favorite place and take her on a picnic somewhere?”

“Oh yeah…” Peter sat up. “That sounds cool!”

“And it’s not super expensive.”

“But do it kind of late-ish,” you added. “And maybe on the roof of a high building. So it’ll be darker and better for star gazing. Liz loves stars.”

“Yeah… yeah, yeah! That’s great; that’s awesome! Oh, okay okay! I got it,” Peter leapt up from your bed and raced over to embrace you once again. “Thank you, so much, (Y/N)! Thanks for being such a great friend and—and helping me and WOOH!” he whooped as he skipped to grab his bag. “I’m gonna go scope out some places…”

As he squeezed through the window you chuckled, “Okay…” That nagging feeling began to creep up on you, and you put your head in your hands. You knew the petty thoughts would begin to fill your mind soon.

You knew you shouldn’t feel jealous. You knew there was nothing you could do to change his mind. But you couldn’t stop it. You were mad at yourself for believing you could ever compete with a girl like Liz Allen. You hated having these feelings of envy and betrayal, because you knew they were futile. It was pointless; this was only going to make you feel even worse.

Okay, you told yourself. Calm down, stop thinking like that. Just be happy that he finally got his chance with Liz. Repeating this over and over didn’t help. Okay… Maybe the date will go bad— NO! No, God, why even think like that?! Okay, maybe the date will be okay but Peter will figure out he doesn’t really like her? Ugh why am I LIKE this?! You felt completely horrible when you realized you actually found solace in that last thought. Deciding you needed to just distract yourself before you could torment yourself any further, you turned back to your notebook with a sigh.

Four weeks and five dates later, wherever you saw Peter, there was Liz. Your one solace, your one hope had fallen through. Peter had begun to hang with you and Ned less and less as the weeks went by. His spontaneous midnight visits had stopped altogether, and sometimes wouldn’t even answer your texts for a good few days.

Distractions were helping less and less as well. No matter how many songs you blasted in your ear, or how many fanfics you poured over each night, or late night calls with Ned about any movie you two could find; the envy kept gnawing away at you. But poor sweet Ned. You finally broke and confided to him; keeping it in was just too much. And try as he might to help you try to get over it and keep you distracted and happy, you both knew nothing was enough.

It also didn’t help that Liz would often come to Peter when he was at his locker. Right next to yours. Even though they tried to keep their voices down to small murmurs, you could hear every sickening and sappy word pouring from their mouths.

“God, I think I love you.”

You froze, gripping the textbook as if it were your composure. That phrase had managed to slip through all the ambient noise and ruckus echoing through the hallway and reach your ears. How many times had you wished to hear those words from him, only for them to be meant for someone else?

Well you certainly didn’t hear much after that. You didn’t hear Liz’s reply, or Ned’s greeting, or your locker slam. The only thing that your ears registered was your booming heartbeat. You felt your whole body heat up, searing with anger and jealousy. You wandered away from your locker, away from them. Meandering through the crowd of students, you couldn’t think of where to go or what to do.

An obnoxious voice broke through the pulsing in your ear.

“Hurry up, move it, (Y/N)!” Flash complained as he breezed past you. “What’re you waiting for? Your imaginary boyfriend to become real?” he jeered.

A sudden drive and confidence took over you, fueled by the anger and jealousy coursing through your veins. You knew what you wanted. You wanted to make Peter hurt. Hurt like you were. And you knew just how to do it.

“Well that’s up to you, Flash!” you called. Flash whipped around, confused. It morphed into amused as you jogged over to him.

“What do you mean?” he crossed his arms.

“Pick me up, my place, Friday at seven,” you challenged. Flash’s face dropped into bewilderment. “Wear something nice,” you added, brushing past. “I expect to be wowed.” As you pushed open the school doors, smirking, you could perfectly hear the shock that rippled through the silence of the hallway. This was certainly one way to get over it.

*tap tap tap*

You startled up from your chair, not sure if you had really heard it. You went over to your window and opened the blinds revealing the red and blue figure. Sliding it open, you leaned out on your elbows, blocking him from coming in but opening yourself to conversation.

“Hey,” Peter breathed.


He shuffled anxiously, tugging at the mask in his hands, “Can I talk to you?”

You shrugged, “I’m listening.”

“Why—” Peter took a deep breath. “Why’d you ask out Flash?” he timidly asked.

You stiffened. “Because.” Guilt started to take the place of resentment in your gut, but you shoved it away. You could tell he was concerned about you doing something so out of character and ridiculous on all accounts. However you refused to sway from your choice. You weren’t going to to back to sitting around moping about how he was with Liz.

“Because why?” he demanded.

“Because I can and I did.”

“But when were you interested in Flash?”

“When was it your business?”

“Since you’re my friend!”

You scoffed, hurt. “Am I?”

Peter squinted at you, “Y-Yeah. Wh—Why do you have to ask?”

“‘Cause it doesn’t feel like I’ve been!” you cried. The rest of your anger was spilling out, but with a different tone this time. This wasn’t a revenge thing or a spur of the moment vent-all-your-feelings session. This was everything that was buried deep, everything that wasn’t revealed to Ned, everything that really hurt.

“You’ve constantly ditched on stuff ‘cause you’d rather go to something else with Liz! You’ve left me and Ned hanging countless times. If it was because of Spiderman stuff, then I’d be more understanding, but it isn’t. You’ve just replaced your true friends with the girl you’ve been oogling for years!” your voice rose several octaves. “You never reply when we text, and you never answer when I need you or even when Ned does! So no, Peter, it doesn’t feel like I’m your friend anymore.”

Neither of you moved, too stunned by the words floating in the thick tension between you.

“So this is a jealousy thing.”

“What?!” you screeched. “That literally has nothing to do with what I just said—”

“No! No no no, it does!” Peter retorted. “You’re jealous because I’m spending more time with her, I get it—”

“No. You don’t.”

“No, I do! Look, I’m sorry if I’m not spending every waking moment with you guys like I used to, but it doesn’t mean we’re not friends anymore.”

“NO!” you cried. “No, Peter! It’s not because we’re not hanging out as much, it’s because we’re not hanging out at all. You’re always so distant with us now and you ignore us and—”

“I don’t ignore you guys!”

“Uh, yeah you do—”

“If I did, then I wouldn’t know that you asked Flash out, and I wouldn’t be here asking why the hell you’d ever do that!”

“Again, what the hell does it matter to you?!”

“He’s a douche!” Peter flailed his arms. “He’s an arrogant, spoiled asshole who’s so insecure that he goes around teasing people. He even teases you, (Y/N)! And you asked him out?!” He howled. Peter took a step towards your window, and you withdrew a little. “He doesn’t deserve you, (Y/N), and you don’t deserve to put up with that piece of shit—”

“You know what?” you glared at Peter, seething, blood boiling for the second time that day. “Yeah, you’re right: he’s a piece of shit who only cares about himself. But I bet he’s still gonna be a better shitty friend than you’ve been this entire month.”

Peter took a step back, appalled at what he was hearing. He pursed his lips and dropped his eyes to the ground. “Maybe we just shouldn’t be friends anymore,” he whispered.

You reached up for your window and numbly slid it shut. Knowing he could still hear you, you muttered as you closed your blinds, “I thought we already weren’t.”

Unpopular opinion: Lance’s 7 best pickup lines was a cute and funny thing and i don’t think the Voltron Twitter is watering him down by putting out something harmless and fun like that

It’s not like theyre saying: “Lance’s 7 best pickup lines because he is only a flirt machine and has no other traits”

anonymous asked:

Wait he gave an excuse AGAIN for not writing songs bout freddie? What did he say?

They asked if being a father makes the songwriting process different and he said:

“Well, there are songs that draw on, you know, the pressures of being a dad and stuff like that, um, but also, I feel like I’m not at that stage of my life to…of being able to take all that in completely. You know, when you hear artists write songs and maybe something family-related or to do with their children, I feel like I need to be a more experienced writer, ‘cause you know if I’m going to write about Freddie specifically, I gotta make sure it’s the best I’ve ever written, you know.”

I keep having this reoccurring daydream that Gabriel Agreste is absolutely TERRIFIED of Sabine but my brain has failed to provide context as to why aside from the fact that Sabine knew Gabriel a long time ago and something happened, so when she shows up again RANDOMLY at his home to confront him over something he did to Adrien he freezes.
Like imagine Gabriel and Adrien in the main entrance space and Adrien is begging him for something because Gabriel was being extremely unfair. You can see Natalie moving to open the door so Gabriel is shutting him down quickly to meet this guest so Adrien doesnt cause a scene and Gabriel says something like “This is not to be discussed further, if you question my decisions again i won’t hesitate to make your punishment more severe. You have no right to-”
But the doors open and Gabriel looks up and his sentence WITHERS, and suddenly he looks terrified
Adrien turns and sees Marinette looking sort of nervous, stood behind the absolutely stone faced Sabine Cheng.
“Gabriel!” She says after a moment in the deafening silence of the hall, smiling slightly. “It’s been such a long time.”
Adrien is looking at her, but hears behind him a dry raspy swallow, and then to his shock, a stutter

“S-Sabine. W-what… yes it has been… it’s been a long… time.”

anonymous asked:

Can u please tell me what louis says bout freddie? I cant play the vid for some reason

he’s asked if his way of writing songs changed since he became a father and louis mumbles for 1 minute between “like”s and “i mean”s, trying to come up with an excuse to get rid of the question, i understand that he says that he didn’t take the fact that he’s a father in completely (?????????????) so his way of writing songs didn’t change that much yet (?????????) but there apparently is a song he wrote that talks about the pressure of being a father (???????????????…..right) and he says something like that if he wants to write a song about the kid it has to be perfect and he’s not there yet (??????????????) don’t ask me to explain it better cause i had no idea what he meant, i cannot believe that during the promo for a single that has nothing to do with this, he’s asked about his stunts and he still has to cringe his way through these questions every single time he’s interviewed. it’s heartbreaking to watch.
Black Panther's Letitia Wright Ready For Shuri’s Potential Superhero Future
Letitia Wright talks to CBR about playing Black Panther's sister Shuri, and being ready to embrace her potential superhero future.

CBR: What did getting involved in Black Panther mean to you, personally?

Leitita Wright: It meant a lot. It’s a blessing. Just being in this project that’s never been really done before in the Marvel Universe, to just embrace Black Panther, embrace the continent of Africa, you know what I mean? The blessing is just amazing. So yeah, I’m honored to be a part of it.

Give me a little sense of how you, as Shuri, fit in the story.

Princess Shuri is T’Challa’s younger sister. She’s also in charge of all of the technology in Wakanda — and she creates all of it, she makes all the armor, everything. Everything that’s to do with weaponry, she creates that, and she also works a lot with Vibranium, and she’s been studying it since she was like a child. So she’s just pretty much like a really smart scientist, but there’s a lot more layers to her when you see in the film.

You’ve, I’m sure, done your homework, so you know who she might one day become…

I did my homework. I did my homework!

What was exciting about that prospect, knowing that these Marvel movies just keep going and going, and that actually could come to pass?

It’s just exciting. That’s an exciting part of it. You don’t know which way it’s going to go, because obviously they take from the comic book, add their flavor to it, and then they keep it going. Whatever the future holds is going to be positive anyway, because if they embrace a story like this, you know it’s going to be good.

What’s been the exciting part of working with [Black Panther director] Ryan [Coogler] on a movie of this scale? He’s obviously a great filmmaker, but this is a huge canvas.

It was a blessing to work with Ryan. He treated me just like everybody else. He just gave me the time to express myself and to be free, and to say if I liked something, if I didn’t. So as a filmmaker, he’s like an actor’s director, meaning that he cares. He really cares. He doesn’t just care about the shots and the things he has to get done — he cares about you as a person. So yeah, I’m very grateful.

Did you get to see a little action in the film as well?

You’ve got to watch the film!

bts as dads: myg

dad!bts au: kim seokjin | min yoongi | jung hoseok | kim namjoon | park jimin | kim taehyung | jeon jungkook

  • one little girl, the mini min, the light of his life, his muse, his best friend, his everything
  • min yeona, 3 years old
  • when i say yoongi’s daughter is his best friend i mean his Best Friend
  • has the pout™️
  • takes her everywhere with him honestly and it doesn’t even bother her because her dad is also her best friend and her role model and her idol and she loves spending time with him
  • she loves imitating her dad and doing literally everything he does but in her own kiddy way and it’s so adorable?? yoongi clutches his heart everytime??
  • like whenever yoongi’s drinking an american yeona has her own little cup of honey water or something or if yoongi’s playing piano, she’ll be playing on her little electric keyboard or if yoongi’s wearing a leather jacket yeona has her own little matching one and she truly is the mini min
  • speaking of which
  • i have this headcanon that yoongi loves to play dress up w his daughter or child
  • probably in the same way that tae is willing to buy and dress his children in anything and everything the gucci kids section has to offer
  • like yoongi just likes making her look stylish as shit
  • like he could be dressed in sweatpants and and old t shirt not giving a fuck to go the studio but he’s decked out mini min in a silk bomber jacket and jeans and sneakers looking fly as shit
  • they have matching oversized scarfs
  • calls herself min smartie
  • stagename: spice
  • “i wanna be just like daddy!!”
  • looooooooots of studio time together
  • like sometimes you drop her off after school and yoongi will already have layed out a little blanket on the floor with some snacks and a coloring book and games for her to play with
  • he may or may not have installed another little desk opposite his with a little sound board and computer and games and a swivel chair just her size
  • she’s not very high maintence like just being in the same room as her dad is enough time spent w him for her
  • she might just be in the background chilling but yoongi is always watching her and takes little notes on her body language as critiques on his music
  • like if she’s sitting on a chair and swinging her legs to the beat he just smiles because yay his little girl likes it
  • or if she kind of sways her head to the music or sometimes she gets up and dances and that’s the best reaction
  • because if mini min doesn’t like the track, the track gets scrapped
  • sometimes he’s more direct and asks her and i feel like she’s really honest with him people always say that kids love whatever their parents do, but if yeona doesn’t like something yeona will tell you
  • “no that’s too slow daddy, i’m bored” “no that sounds funny daddy i don’t like it” “ooh i like that one i like the drums make it louder daddy!!!” and yoongi listens to her every word (and the other producers think he’s crazy for taking production advice from a literal child but yoongi doesn’t give a single fuck, her approval means everything)
  • is constantly showing yoongi new things she’s learned when it comes to music
  • “daddy look at what i learned how to play today!!”
  • and she’s always showing yoongi “new” music and even though he’s already heard he always plays along and tells her she has better taste in music than he does
  • there’s no way you can’t tell that she’s yoongi’s daughter i mean she’s exactly like him
  • she probably takes lots of naps in the studio too but that’s not at all the reason why yoongi bought a kumamon beanbag and a bunch of fluffy pillows and blankets and put them aside nope that was for him totally
  • yeona knows when not to bother her dad but i feel like if she’s really sleepy and it’s been a particularly long day sometimes she’ll go over to yoongi’s chair while he’s mixing beats or something and just kind of sit herself on his lap and make herself comfortable
  • sometimes she tries to stay awake and yoongi teaches her about the buttons on the soundboard
  • but sometimes she just wraps her small hands around his waist as much as she can and falls asleep
  • (yoongi loves when she does that the most)
  • of course yoongi and yeona have matching headphones what else were you expecting
  • he carries her everywhere like physically carries her in his arms at all time this is his princess we’re talking about here
  • will write songs about her (will pull a beyoncé and feature her on a track)
  • the boys’ kids probably all spend a lot time with their uncles, but i feel like yoongi’s kid would be most fond of hobi and jimin
  • because uncle jimin feeds her addiction to sweets and buys her lots of character plushies and always plays with her
  • uncle jimin the cuddliest and spoils her the most (and uncle jimin has fluffy hair that he lets her braid)
  • and because uncle hobi lets her into his recording studio and they always mess around and he knows all the buttons to make her voice sound all funky
  • sometimes hobi saves the recording tho and sends them to yoongi when he’s having a hard time and just opening a file of his little girl singing one of their songs and hearing her giggle at the end of the track is all he needed to get over his writer’s block or whatever it was that was bothering him
roommates BTS season 2

So 5:00 JK literally cheers that JM flicked it off the table like JK did moments before (this is for who roomates with who).  RM and V do theirs and JK plays with his hair looks disinterested, now RM and JM would be roomates if JK doesn’t do something about it, JK continues to play with his hair(nervous). RM  says JK should rid himself of greed and flick light.  Like what exactly does that mean??? Does RM think he is going to purposely flick hard so he comes in last being greedy keeping JM to himself….or that JK usually wins and doesn’t want him to win(even though he has lost the entire trip unlike his usual self) and then at 6:19 every single member knew exactly what he just did, JK turns to jimin and Jin looks at JM with a knowing look and JK walks off with the biggest happiest grin on his face. 6:22 V you know giving a little knowing pervy smile too!  

Guitar 101 • Shawn Mendes

So I just wanted to try writing a oneshot because I can never seem to end one…like I always end up making it into a fic or something.

I don’t know if anyone else already made something like this but yeah.

Feedback would be awesome, thank you hihi.

You were on your way to Shawn’s new condo because he promised that he’ll teach you how to play the guitar.

“Hey, love.” Shawn says as he opened his front door, hugging you tightly and picked you up just to spin you around making you burst out in giggles.

“Hi, sweet.” He set you down lightly, but still has his arms around you. “We should get inside.” You went on your tiptoes, pecked him on the lips and got out of his grip to go inside his condo.

“So what are we going to do today?” You barely heard Shawn as you were already in his office looking at all his guitars. “Hey, where’d you go?”

“Office!” You shout and soon hear footsteps coming your way. You were looking at his Taylor 810e when you feel him hug you from behind.

“You ready?” Shawn asked, resting his chin on top of your head.

“Can I use this one?” You reached up to touch the Taylor 810e that was hanging on the rack.

“Of course.” Shawn let go of you and went to grab the one you asked for and took his Taylor 210 for himself.

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Something just like this. Part one.

Name: Something just like this. Part 1.

Author: Aya-Fay

Fandom: Captain America

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader; Bucky Barnes x Natasha Romanoff; Natasha Romanoff x Bruce Banner.

Warnings: Cheating; AU.

This story are going in two timelines: one in a plain letters; the other one - in italics.

Summury: Bucky Barnes.The man, who has everything he might desire: beautiful girlfriend; money; power and loyal friends. Or so he though. What will happen once he is late for his flight and fired from the job he loved so dearly?

People always say: Fate has a twisted sense of humor.
What can go wrong on a day, when nothing can go right?

Here is my Masterlist. (It’s Up to Date)

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@Zayn you are not a voice among millions

So I debated writing this but I kept thinking about that vogue interview and how Zayn said he was one voice among millions especially about certain issues and I knew i had to say something so here goes.

Zayn, you are not one voice among millions, do you know how much of an impact your very existence has?
Especially for the British Asians constantly stuck in a loop of stereotypes and struggling to break out of certain boundaries society has put them in.
They were seeing these celebrities with their standard names and faces and never feeling a sense of belonging or representation - feeling like they were outsiders and if they were ever noticed in mainstream media or pop culture it’d probably be negative or dismissive.

Until a boy named Zain Javadd Malik with his brown skin and thick Bradford accent stepped on an X Factor stage and became part of a Global Phenomenon.

A boy who just wanted to sing and give back to his family, a boy who liked art and comics, a boy who struggled with being mixed race and just wanted to make his mum happy.

The same boy grew up facing hatred, islamaphobia, racism and double standards that the people around him didn’t.

The boy never realised that hearing a name like Zayn Malik in the mainstream media meant so much to a huge community.
That because of him people went:
‘hey a brown kid is a famous popstar now, so why can’t I become a footballer?, why can’t I live my dream?’

Finally the youth that had someone to look up to; even of you weren’t talking about these issues directly, the fact that a brown muslim was thriving with success in an industry like that with the hate that he’s received had a massive impact - I’ve seen it first hand.

The same boy had a whole goddamn song named after him by the Swet Shop Boys saying what a role model he is to the youth that is struggling to find itself, in the very same community that the boy left behind.

So that boy, now grown into a kind hearted man, does not get to say that he’s a voice among millions, no not when he’s inspired so many people, not when he’s the first southern asian on vogue and that speaks volumes to so many.

Mr Zayn Malik, you are not ONE voice among millions, you are THE voice of millions and we are damn proud of you.

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sometimes people say tom posted something like that thing to raise money or now when he posted his clothes for the premiere... where does he posts it? Does he has an official social media thing? Because I can never find it. Thank you!

Tom Hardy is so incredibly generous and amazing about supporting all kinds of causes, from big public fundraisers to small local efforts that never get publicized, to ventures by his friends, to campaigns by people in need he meets along the way. His JustGiving page for the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire has raised over £55,000, and his Manchester Emergency Fund page has brought over £39k to the British Red Cross. Just two recent examples of innumerable efforts over the years — and these are only the ones we know about. He is simply a wonderful human being who is truly kind and generous on every level (and see, um, many, many more examples throughout this blog). 

^ From @dxcollective, Jul 6, 2017

Anyway,,,(sry you set me off on one of the aspects of Tom that I most admire :)..I didn’t know he donated his clothes for the premiere. That’d be cool. :) Where did you see this? 

OK, about social media…Tom has no public social media. [He explained some reasons why here: fyi-i-dont-have-a-facebook-account

The only online place he has regular contact with is, a fans-and-friends-run site with whom he has a relationship of trust stretching back many years. And dotorg kindly shares content that Tom sends to them with everyone via their Instagram @tomhardydotorg, YouTube, Facebook, and tumblr accounts. So if you are looking to find things from Tom himself, dotorg is the legit source. (He also occasionally sends content to friends and causes he supports. Recent example, Royal Marines BJJ. )

But the regular outlet is tomhardydotorg. All other accounts on Instagram, including huge ones that claim to be “real” or that people think Tom is having someone run for him (NO, not so), or giant Facebook pages that sell merchandise, are regular fan accounts. Hope this is of some help. :) *)

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You love the head canon where misaki has secret artistic talents so what if other HOMRA members had secret artistic talents what would they be?

Obviously Totsuka would probably be the one with the biggest variety of artistic talents, most of which aren’t very secret because everyone knows about all his hobbies. I think his best talents would probably lie with  film and music, since we know he has his guitar and he’s always filming with the camera. I can imagine Totsuka as not being great at something like painting but even then he’s got a lot of enthusiasm and will just happily toss paint at a canvas and have a great time. Somehow I can imagine Kusanagi being good at painting or even something like calligraphy, just imagine him doing fancy signage for outside the bar and everyone assumes he just hired someone (oh, wait, even more amusing; imagine Mikoto with the amazing calligraphy talents. And now imagine Munakata finding out about it. You’re welcome). Kamamoto, say he’s got a secret talent involving sewing and makes all his own clothes because if you had a drastic weight loss for a few months every year you’d probably get tired of buying new clothes all the time too. Also imagine he’s skilled enough that some of his clothes can be worn in both summer and winter, like he just has to add a couple stitches in a certain spot to take the clothes in and then remove the stitches to take the garment back out and he can wear it in the winter. Anna I could see having sewing talents too, imagine her making her own little stuffed animals and such – I like the idea of Kamamoto or Totsuka teaching her but I also kinda like imagining that she already knew how, like because she’s not like other kids she was lonely a lot and so when Honami took Anna in she decided to teach her how to sew stuffed animals as a kind of therapy, like at least Anna can have her cute stuffed things to keep her company and make her feel a little less alone.

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Something I appreciated about the Nemesis novel was it seemed like Allen was allowed to branch out to have more motivation than just Riliane forever and ever. Like, she's still a motivator, but I feel he has more room to be interesting as a character when his entire focus isn't 100% on Riliane.

I both agree and disagree. I agree that the Nemesis novel gave Allen more development that didn’t revolve around Riliane and cast new motivations for him that’ll come up in the next novel for sure (and there’ll be likely something to do with his relationship with Sickle). I disagree that Allen was 100% Riliane before.

There were lots of things about his motivations that involved other people. He almost abandoned Riliane to be with Michelle, after all (unrequited though that love may have been). There was also his relationship with Leonhart–the revised version in particular puts more emphasis on their semi-rivalry, and how Allen fought him not just because Riliane told him to but because he wanted to prove himself to him as a swordsman (among other things). It’s implied that at least some of his stubbornness afterwards comes as a result of guilt over killing him, even–that  he doesn’t want his death be pointless. There’s also the whole added thing with Elluka’s prophecy, and how he (again as a result of being stubborn) did things partially out of a desire to defy the events that she said would happen (to the point where he gets excited while at the guillotine at the thought that he changed fate, even a little). And there are other things unrelated to Riliane that get touched on in later media, such as him rescuing Chartette with Germaine when they were little.

And that’s not even really going into the relationships he has with people that don’t technically motivate him to action but nonetheless color his view of both the world and himself like a lot of the above things do, such as Mariam, Gast, his mother, etc.

I won’t bring up the whole Kokutan-Douji thing and his relationship with Kayo both because that’s technically a different character, but also because I haven’t properly read the Envy novel so I don’t know exactly how that went. I won’t bring up SCaP either because I also haven’t read it (maybe he’s 100% Riliane in SCaP but as far as I am aware no reliable, full translation of it exists).

Just because Allen has extreme loyalty towards his sister and a desire to protect her that persists after death does not mean that’s literally all there is to him as a person. Especially when he himself does a lot of introspection and deconstruction on why he has those kinds of feelings, and what they actually mean for him. She’s his priority but she’s not everything.

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what do you think 'a storm is coming' means? at first i thought that it had to do with the game like someone insulted his painting and i was like 'ok fair enough' but then i thought 'whAT IF ITS NOT' i mean it's a pretty aggressive and weird thing to say for this game. idk what are your thoughts on this??

Hmm..I think he’s trying to say that something huge or significant is going to happen soon. And remember that he has left normal hints in tags before, so maybe it’s a warning of some sort? From who, though, I’m not sure

Something just like this. Masterlist.

Name: Something just like this.

Author: Aya-Fay

Fandom: Captain America

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader; Bucky Barnes x Natasha Romanoff; Natasha Romanoff x Bruce Banner.

Warnings: Cheating; AU.

This story are going in two timelines: one in a plain letters; the other one - in italics.


Bucky Barnes.The man, who has everything he might desire: beautiful girlfriend; money; power and loyal friends. Or so he though.

What will happen once he is late for his flight and fired from the job he loved so dearly?

People always say: Fate has a twisted sense of humor.
What can go wrong on a day, when nothing can go right?

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Part 1.

Part 2.

Part 3.

So we don’t get political around here...

…in part because we’re international. But I feel like I would be remiss if I didn’t say something about what happened yesterday. President Trump has declared that transgender people will not be allowed in the military.

Now, I’m not going to say anything about the fact that Trump himself has never served in the military. I’m certainly not going to voice my opinion of the man or his policies. But I’m going to say this: he’s wrong. For one thing, there are already thousands of transgender individuals serving in the United States military. For quite another, anyone who wants to serve their country should be allowed to do so, full stop.

I’ll be honest when I say that I don’t necessarily understand the transgender experience or the problems that trans and queer people face. I have no frame of reference. I can’t relate. But that’s not what’s important, either. I don’t have to understand your problems in order to want to help you. Bigotry of any kind is not right. And some of the reactions I’ve seen here on Tumblr have reminded me that our work in the knighthood is far from finished.

As I tried to explain to someone once, being a Knight of Fandom is subscribing to the radical idea that people ought to be nice to one another. We practice guerilla kindness. I’m very upset by a lot of what’s on the news lately. I’m sure a lot of you are as well. I hope that being able to call yourself a Knight of Fandom - regardless of your race, creed, color, sexual orientation, gender, or religious persuasion - gives you strength in the face of what lies before us. That, more than anything, is what we’re here to provide. You are welcome here.

Most of us can’t do much. We are, each of us, just one person. So my challenge to you, in the aftershock of that announcement, is to go out and practice a little of our guerilla kindness. It doesn’t have to be related to this issue; just find a way to put a little love into a world where pain seems to be running rampant. Find someone in your personal circle who has a need you can meet. Donate to a fundraiser. Pull a weed and plant a flower. A hug, an encouraging word, an umbrella in the rain. Form the shield wall.

It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.

All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.

Have courage and be kind.

I am one with the Force and the Force is with me.

~Your Knight-Commander