and then he has to say something like this

The Five Things You Know, and the One You Don’t

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: none

Word Count: 2567

A/N:  back for round twoooo…..I feel like we all need some Bucky fluff right now

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You lost your second out of four lives in this Nerf war, thanks to someone—someone most likely named Steve.  He’s a sneaky one. It’s pouring outside and nobody was in the mood to do anything productive, naturally the first suggestion had been a Nerf war.

“Y/N, you will be avenged!”

Pietro vaults over the couch, very action movie-esque, which would have been impressive if he hadn’t been shot right after.

“Oh. Sorry, I’m out,” he sighs.  

“It’s okay, I appreciate the backup,” you say, sending your teammate a smile. By your count, it was only Bucky and you left on your team, versus Steve, Sam and Wanda on the other.  You weren’t sure how many lives each of them had, but you all promised to be honest.

“Y/N,” Bucky hisses. He waves his Nerf gun in a complicated circle.

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John Ryan on Louis

Okay, after hearing the podcast for myself, I think we’ve taken his words out of context.

John sounded impressed with Louis. The quote “he’s just got his shit together now” sounds like “he has come so far and is doing so well” to me, not “he finally is someone I can say something nice about”.

There is an implication that recording on the road was stressful and that Louis was, as Savan said, not always easy to work with, but there’s no backhanded compliment in the words and tone as I heard it.

I think John is a little in awe of him. As he should be.

As far as I’m concerned, John Ryan can stay :)

theformallynamedblog  asked:

I am not the person who asked for deaf Taehyung but i was wondering if you could make a little drabble where u 2 meet and u know a little sign language but once Taehyung starts rapid fire signing ur like lmao boy pls I'm not that good. N while u r trying to sign Taehyung just thinks it's really cute how hard you are trying n refusing to let his friend/interpreter Jimin help you

It’s a pleasant and warm afternoon on a Saturday with one of the things on your list to take a time out by a cafe. However, the walk there was a little… something out of the ordinary than you were used to.

You see a guy struggling to get his message across with his hands, a raging man opposite him raising his voice every possible second and scaring any passersby. When you pause for a moment to see that it’s sign language, of which you understand a part of, you’re making your way over to hopefully resolve the problem.

He’s lost out of his mind, only struggling so much to sign anything he could possibly think of that you’re able to pick up the sentence of I didn’t steal!

Your reflexes are quick to come in between the pair of them and it confuses them to keep quiet (on the other side, at least). Hands coming up to offer as a way to show you mean no harm, you vocalize it to a man that’s about to turn red (borderline purple), “Sir, I think he’s either deaf or a mute and he’s using sign language to talk to you,”

Even though he’s pissed, he’s levelheaded to ask: “W-What is he saying, then?”

Mustering up any bit of memory you have with sign language, you manage to ask him what happen?

I saw his wallet drop. I tried to return it to him but then he shout at me. Called me a liar, thief.

With an inkling of what he meant, you face the man and explain what you understand: “Sir, he saw your wallet fall and he was only trying to return it to you. He wasn’t stealing from you,”

“…oh,” You only offer him an awkward smile, reaching out to pat his shoulder as he rubs the back of his neck, “Could you help me say I’m sorry?”


Digging in the parts of your mind for what the heck sorry signs as, you remember it after a couple of seconds to sign to him: he said sorry.

It’s ok.

“He said it’s fine,”

“Thank you, by the way,”

“It’s nothing,”

Said guy greets you a nice day and heads on his way, making sure to wave goodbye to someone he almost ran down with his words and voice earlier. Luckily, he has some sense in him to realize he’s in the wrong and - “Yes?”

You can barely catch up with what he’s trying to say, hands moving in a speed where in the beginning you decipher a thank you but soon after it’s an act of not knowing a single thing he’s saying. There’s hints of gratitude with relief here and there but altogether, you’re a goner if you’re trying to interpret what he says. At least on the bright side… he’s cute?

“I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you just - oh my god,” You finally realize he’s deaf, which is why he can’t hear a single word you’re saying and let’s just say your mind has gone blank to remember what slow down or wait is. Your fingers clamp in front of you, hoping for someone or something to help and apparently help is nearby when - “Hey!”

You look over his shoulder to see someone jogging up to the both of you and upon reaching, it seems like it’s someone this stranger knows when his tensed shoulders sag down.

“What’re you doing?”

His curt tone sends you to step back and it elicits a small wince from the guy who hasn’t stopped signing since he said his thanks. The two of them sign back and forth, communicating before you and it’s not long until - “You helped him?”

“…I guess,”

“He said you understand sign language. Really?”

“I know a bit here and there. Luckily I understood the words he used,”

“Thank you so much, miss…?”

“Y/N,” You offer your hand, with a small smile and he accepts it, “I’m Jimin and this is Taehyung. He’s-”

“Deaf. I think I picked up on it earlier,”

“Ah, so-”Jimin gets interrupted when Taehyung tugs on his shoulder, only to quickly send a message to make him-”Really? You can barely talk to her and you want me to tell her she’s cute?”

You can tell they’re both so close, Taehyung doesn’t even need to see the sign version of what Jimin had just said. Grabbing onto Jimin’s arm to shake it with a frown, Taehyung’s version to say please?

Jimin only rolls his eyes, turning to you, “He thinks you’re cute,”

“I heard it the first time,”

“Hey, um, this might be a little sudden but I think Mr. Cassanova over here wants to get to know you so is it okay if we have coffee?”

You look at Taehyung look at Jimin and when you make eye contact, it’s endearing how he wants to look at you but shies away by hanging his head low to the ground. Chuckling, you nod, “Sure I mean, I was already planning to have some so why not?”

From there, Jimin signs something to Taehyung that lifts the corners of Taehyung’s mouth into a grin, automatically doing the same to yours and Jimin at the sight of this domino effect.

((you’re really pretty, y/n.

thank you, taehyung.

you’re welcome.

“this is going to be one hell of a love story.”))

Kalagang #06

1x07 WWN Double-D?

YES! We are now here at one of Kalagang’s iconic moments – cafe in the rain and rooftop of the temple. *scream of joy* In this episode, Kala visits Ganesha’s temple after her reunion with naked-again Wolfgang to get some kind of guidance.

Kala: From the day I decided to marry Rajan, you have been sending me…visions. […] But then, you sent me a vision of a man…with a large…trunk? A very large trunk.

Original post [x] @netflixsense8gifs

I just wanted to put this GIF cause this scene gets me every single time.

Kala: I am a little more than confused. But I trust you, Ganesha. So I know there must be some meaning to all of this that I cannot see. And I wish to see. I wish to understand. So help me, Ganesha. Help me see what it is I must do.

Original post [x] @stevenrogered

When I first watched this episode and the camera started to move around Kala, I was like ‘Is Wolfgang gonna appear? Is he gonna appear? Is he? please come out, Wolfie. I know you want to.’ and when I saw his silhouette behind Kala, I screamed with joy.

Anyway, before Wolfgang says gods don’t give shit about people (I wrote why he says that in this post), although the image of him is too blurry to see his face I get this feeling that he’s been listening to her quite intently; he just seems very amused by Kala.

Wolfgang: I speak from experience.

Original post [x] @mindykahling

Look. RAIN! Kala is now in Wolfgang’s world. I like how Kala’s expression changes; so hopeful with her hands put together for prayer but as soon as she hears Wolfgang’s voice and finds out she’s standing in a rain she’s like ‘oh, great…him again. I know I asked for some guidance, but not like this’.

Also I found it interesting that Wolfgang chose to stay outside of the cafe when it’s obviously pouring down. Maybe it is simply to give cinematographic contrast between Kala and Wolfgang’s world. But I’d like to believe that Wolfgang loves rain. Besides, it’s so like him – maybe Wolfgang was enjoying his coffee outside the cafe when it started raining, but then he’s kinda lazy to go back inside so he thinks ‘fuck it, I’ll just get wet’.

Wolfgang: [Why won’t you just leave me alone?] I tried. Believe me I try not to think of you, but every time it brings me straight to you.

I have nothing to say but MELTED. This is the first time Wolfgang has ever felt something totally different to someone, and even though a part of him is afraid to explore that feeling, it doesn’t stop him from being honest with Kala – with himself. He doesn’t hesitate to tell Kala how he feels or thinks about her. No lies, no secrets, no sugarcoating. Only the truth.

Original post [x] @fyeahmaxriemelt

It may be because Wolfgang is very straightforward person, but I also think he is taking a risk in his own way to figure out what it is – this mysterious, unsolved yet unavoidable strong connection to a woman who clearly is an opposite of him. And that’s what makes Kala more drawn into him.

Original post [x] @kalagang

Wolfgang: *tap* *tap*

Seriously, he needs to stop with whole tapping on things. It makes me want to jump into his arms and cling onto him – which I can’t. Anyway, I would say this tapping is different from the previous one. Because the one he did on in Kala’s bedroom was closer to seducing her. This time, however, Wolfgang seems more careful and polite when he gestures the chair next to him, asking her to sit down. Like he’s trying to seduce her or anything. Right now, he just wants to talk to her; he wants to get to know her.

Wolfgang: It’s nice here. Weather’s shit in Berlin.

Original post [x] @stevenrogered

That smile. THAT FREAKING SMILE. OH MY GOD, ENOUGH, MAX RIEMELT! I mean, the camera is not even facing them and that little smile on his face while he’s looking at Kala/Tina; it’s just killing me and giving me at the same time. How is this even possible? I’ll tell you, because it’s MAX RIEMELT we’re talking about.

Kala: It rains like this in Bombay, but it’s not so cold there.

Who doesn’t love this moment between Wolfgang and Kala. Wolfgang, again, does not hesitate when it comes to Kala. When she shivers with cold, he immediately tries to warm her. I actually thought he was going to put his jacket on her – but no, this guy decides to use his HANDS instead! Sharing body temperature with her, WHOO-HOO! EVEN BETTER! LOL.

OK, my initial thought of Kala’s reaction was – she doesn’t feel comfortable; which is completely understandable. I mean, after all, they’ve just met. They are technically still strangers to one another. Not to mention she is engaged to Rajan.

But then, I realized it’s the first time Kala and Wolfgang touch each other! So I’m guessing when Wolfgang touched her, she was more surprised by how real that felt. Although he actually exists somewhere in Berlin, to Kala, Wolfgang is a man who exists in her head. And vice versa. Thus, neither of them would have ever expected this kind of sensation when they touched each other.

I’m not sure if Wolfgang pulled away because he felt that same kind of surprised feeling as Kala. To me, it felt like he pulled away because he thought Kala seemed uncomfortable with him touching her. Which apparently shows how much Wolfgang cares for Kala – he doesn’t want to push her or do anything that will make her uncomfortable. 

Original post [x] @fyeahmaxriemelt

Awkward moment. Kala’s expression right there – Kala has a strong moral compass, and right now she’s having mixed feelings because she didn’t hate when Wolfgang touched her. And that feeling has quickly turned into a guilt. She hates feeling guilty. She hates being the bad person. She looks down at her hand where the wedding ring is still on her finger, trying to remind herself she’s still engaged to Rajan – that she can’t betray him; logic comes into her mind telling her what she’s doing in this moment with another man is not right.

Kala: [So tell me…does he ever help?] What? [Your god.] Of course. [How?] I asked him to stop my wedding, and he did. [You think he stopped your wedding?]

Original post [x] @stevenrogered

However, Kala can’t help but feel emotionally free and honest when she’s with Wolfgang. Can you imagine her telling things like ‘I prayed to Ganesha to stop my wedding cause I don’t actually love Rajan’ to others like her parents? her sister? her friends? or to Rajan? I seriously doubt it.  

The whole connection between Kala and Wolfgang is emotion-driven. Whereas the relationship between Kala and Rajan is closer to logic-driven; when Kala thinks of Rajan she basically lists all the reasons why marrying him is the right thing such as he’s handsome, he’s smart, he’s rich, he’s the perfect-husband-type, etc. If Kala and Rajan’s relationship was emotion-driven, she would have simply said ‘because I love him’.

With Wolfgang, Kala becomes totally herself. She doesn’t have to think about social standards, people’s expectations, or anything that keeps her from being true to herself. Wolfgang shows her that it is okay to let her emotions out; it’s okay to follow what her heart desires. Besides, after all, they are sensates – they are destined to be connected in emotional level.

Wolfgang: So you think our connection is a kind of miracle?

Original post [x] @s8gif

Wolfgang is not the kind of guy who believes in fate, gods, fairy-tales (obviously), happily-ever-afters, or miracles. But we know that he may be once believed in those things so that he could live a life in which he’s not a monster anymore…even after he’s given up on miracles, deep down there’s a part of him that still wants to believe in them. Now, he’s asking Kala if their connection is a kind of miracle. I think he secretly wants her to say ‘yes’ – maybe he’s been waiting for someone to come up to him and say ‘miracle does happen’ because he still wants that life; a life where he can put his past behind and have his happily-ever-after. Maybe with Kala.

Kala: If I were trying to describe this feeling – the sensation of experiencing the warmth of the sun, the smell of jasmine and marigold…while at the same time being soaked by a downpour at an outdoor cafe…the taste of strong coffee still in my mouth…

Original post [x] @sitonfinnslap

Did anybody notice a slight parallel between this scene and the one where Kala’s mother talks about kissing her husband (1x05)? Here’s the quote:

Priya: The truth is, for the longest time, I thought kissing is as eating a kebab, because whenever I would kiss, all I would taste was spices and garlic on his lips.

In my mind, I was screaming like ‘oh my God, she’s thinking about kissing him right now! and she hasn’t even kissed him yet! oh God! HELP!’ 

Kala: I would say that the word ‘miracle’ sounds particularly appropriate. Wouldn’t you?

Original post [x] @eleveun

At that moment, Wolfgang seems sort of relieved to hear that word ‘miracle’ coming out from Kala’s mouth; but at the same time, he looks as if he’s in big trouble. Like he’s thinking to himself ‘oh fuck, I’m falling head over heels for this girl, aren’t I?’ AND THE WAY HE’S LOOKING AT HER IS JUST SO HOT.

Moreover, I like how they show Kala’s face in the rain and Wolfgang’s face in the sun. Kala who represents fire is feeling every raindrops, while Wolfgang who represents water is experiencing warmth of the sun – SYMBOLISM. It gives that feeling of…Kala and Wolfgang have completely stepped into each other’s world – like each person’s presence has soaked into one another; now they’re of one mind (like Kala’s vow in her wedding).

Kala: For me, science is another language we use to talk about the same miracles that faith talks about. [But…one language makes sense, one doesn’t] Sense? What, like quantum physics? Like a particle that can be here and not here?

Later, Kala talks about her childhood; why she likes festivals, and how she became a believer. I love how Kala is confident…so sure of herself when she talks about her love for science and her faith; and how Wolfgang is simply just amused by every word, every thought that’s coming out of her.

Then, as Kala talks about force of gravity, they both start looking at each other’s lips. HOTNESS OVERLOAD ALREADY. I CAN’T TAKE IT!

Kala: Or sense like gravity? A force that no one knows why exists. Only that if didn’t exist…if there wasn’t this mysterious attraction…this pull between objects…then none of this would exist either.

This whole description or explanation about gravity just matches perfectly with Kalagang’s relationship. It’s something beyond their comprehensions and they don’t know why this connection exists, and yet, they can’t seem to find a way to end this. They don’t want to end it, because this connection somehow makes them feel more alive than ever. What they feel for each other is the most real thing they’ve ever felt.

Wolfgang: Thank God for gravity. [Exactly]

Original post [x] @diaryofmay

I mean what more can we say, other than, THANK GOD FOR GRAVITY?

Wolfgang: I’ve been thinking I want to get out of Berlin for a little while. I need to take a trip. [Where?] India.

Original post [x] @fyeahmaxriemelt

(Thank you anon for reminding me of this scene! I totally forgot!) Here, Wolfgang is ready to meet Kala in person. And it’s not just because of mere curiosity or sexual attraction; it’s because he truly thinks she is the one! Also, we can see there’s a bit of hope in his eyes – that maybe she is the second chance of life Wolfgang had prayed for.

Just a reminder, Wolfgang has met Kala less than five times, had conversation with her for less than an hour in total, their kiss was cockblocked by Felix, and she lives in a different country. But none of those are going to stop Wolfgang from–

OoooOh….never mind…#SaveFelix

the best parts of the dream thieves (featuring me crying pt. 2)

part one

- “Ronan was everything that was left: molten eyes and a smile made for war” 

- Ronan’s second secret #gay

- Gansey: “i would have thought you had more muscles. Don’t feminist have big muscles?” i just want to punch him can someone please punch him

- gansey calling ronan an incredible creature #gay 

- “The elderly made ronan anxious” bitch me too!!!

- Ronan wanting to race kavinsky in the pig and adam is like dude no there is like 5 people in here we weigh too much and ronan goes: “noah doesn’t count” “Hey!” “You’re dead!” i love these nerds

- Gansey: “am I in your dreams?” Ronan: “Oh yes, baby” i hate him jsjksksk

- “Ronan sometimes dreamt of Adam, too” #gay

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carb0ns  asked:

Do U think bakugou and deku will end up being friends at the end??? Like them doing teamwork and taking out the villains together? Also do u think bakugou will apologize to deku after all what he did to him in the past?

At the moment, Katsuki is still a bit stubborn about being friends with Izuku, so I’m still not entirely sure if they’ll be friend friends at the end. 

I can see Katsuki and Izuku working together as the Wonder Duo like All Might has been foreshadowing for a while; with Deku being the rescuer and Katsuki the main brawler of the two who helps them win the battles. Although, working together doesn’t classify as friendship, unfortunately, unless reciprocated from both sides.

Izuku clearly wants to be friends with Katsuki, though its up to Katsuki to make that happen, and while he is changing and their relationship is slowly developing, I think there still needs to be more groundwork laid out for a friendship to happen between them. 

With all the panels they’ve had together and the manga always going back to focus on their broken relationship every once in a while, it looks like Hori is already working on that so anything can happen.

Do you think Bakugou will apologize to Deku after all he did to him in the past?

Bakugou isn’t the type of guy who would apologize with words. He has way too much pride, so if he does apologize to Deku (which I’m hoping for as well), he would probably show it through his actions. Kinda like how he paid Kirishima back for his camera with his money without saying sorry.

I can definitely see Katsuki’s apology to Izuku as something like him jumping in front of Izuku to take a hit, or helping him out now that Izuku has been burdened with the huge responsibility of One for All. 

Katsuki is already helping Izuku out now, actually. He’s giving him advice about how to fight when he used to be pissed about Izuku using his moves, and I think that alone is already a big step towards the mending of their relationship.


what if the reason why lucas and charles connected at camp and became friends was because lucas could relate to charles vice versa, because maybe the rumors were true about lucas as ali once said “ i hear he has both female and male parts” ( she says something like this) aka hermie. now remember ali was at a camp too, i think ali couldve been at this same camp, hence some of the activities were for ARCHERY,as seen in the pic of lucas and charles. remember alis archery award that her “bunk mate” won for her? was ali pretending to be a boy (hence the tomboy pic of ali mar posted) just so she could be apart of this camp? i think ted said it was a camp for boys. who was alis bunk mate?? we still dont know this information. so what if ali heard those rumors at camp about lucas? this could be why lucas and charles hit it off because they knew they were both different.

credits to whoever mad gif below

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iamatrashfan  asked:

18. Things they'll never admit, OtaYuri pls 🐻🐯💗💗💗💗💗 ((ily so much thanks))

Salmon, ily2!!! ;_;

This is also for the lovely @madamredwrites because she asked the same!

18. Things they’ll never admit.

Yuri: Many things. How much he admires Yuuri and Victor as skaters. Maybe you can coax it out of him when he’s feeling very vulnerable or when he is drunk but he would rather eat dirt than just say it like that. Also, how much he feels he has found extended family within Victor and Yuuri and how hurt he initially was when Victor, this brother-like figure he had, abandoned him for Yuuri when he flew out to Hasetsu. How badly he feels hurt by his mother and father. How hard it is to be so young and work relentlessly and try to be the best at something. How lonely he felt before he met Otabek. Oh, and that he he might have had a silly, boyish crush on Yuuri when he was 14.

Otabek: How restless he feels in Kazakhstan. This boy has traveled so much, living like a nomad, so when he finally returns home to be the pride of his home country, he plans on it to be a permanent base. Then he meets Yuri again and home doesn’t really feel like home anymore. Not when he can’t have Yuri at his side. But he can’t admit to it, all because he feels he has this duty to fulfill as the ‘Hero of Kazakhstan’. He also won’t admit, not even to himself to an extent, how LONG he has been pining after Yuri. Maybe years, at least on a subconscious level. 

B-b-boonusss: They both don’t want to admit they think JJ is kind of hot. Okay kind of very hot. 

Thank you for asking!! <3

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redoxrosezzz  asked:

bro but like imagine that due to being connected to their zords and stuff, the ranger's are automatically connected to the animal it is based on. So like basically one day Trini's walking around minding her gay business and suddenly a bunch of cats start following her because they see the sabertooth spirit in her and think of Trini as their leader akljfhalfalfh. Idk the idea of a bunch of lil cats and kittens following Trini around like ducklings and meowing at her is just so funny to me omf

omg okay but like if the animals saw them like that, just any animal that sees them is suddenly like, hey!!! They’re like me!!!! so one day they’re all at the zoo and the rhino just really likes Billy?? And when they walk by the Elephant cage it just charges to the wall and stops right in front of where Zack’s standing. 

All of the big cats come up to the glass and chill against it when they see Trini and there’s a few stray cats following them around. and apparently since the chicken is the closest living relative of the T-rex whenever Jason sees one, they just squawk at him and follow him until he gives them something 

Kimberly doesn’t admit it but she’s low-key afraid of birds and screams when there’s this group of ducklings following her and Trini thinks it’s hilarious, “Kimberly, look, they imprinted on you!” “Trini, I didn’t want them to!” Trini doesn’t think it’s funny when there’s a bunch of crows one day. 

After a few months they all slowly start to realize that certain animals suddenly like them, so they talk to Alpha about it and he just shrugs, saying something along the lines of, “The animals think you’re one of them” 

and one day Billy just has this crazy idea of seeing if he can talk to the animals (similar to Percy Jackson) and it fucking works because the next day the rhino at the zoo is in the news, and people are talking about how it escaped. 


a short nabt drabble inspired by woman by harry styles: in which harry gets jealous and beverly sort of likes it

Harry doesn’t know what it is that he’s feeling but he doesn’t like it one bit. It makes him feel restless and he hasn’t stopped clenching his left fist. He can’t blame Beverly, though, because it’s his fault that she’s not with him right now. To outsiders, he might look like a man sitting by the bar all alone with whiskey in his right hand, which is completely normal, but Harry feels anything but normal.

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Art Student AU

Take off that sweater. Please. It’s burning my eyes and offends me.

“That sweater is hideous.”

Pausing, Riskua looks down at the large sweater that covers her torso and nearly half her thighs. Sometimes sweaters that are oversized are cute. 

This one however…

“Okay, so it’s not the prettiest of thi-”

“Ris-ya, it’s offensive; it’s searing when I only catch a glimpse from the corner of my eye. I daren’t look at you head on.”

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Tamaki likes to call Kyoya weird pet names to piss him off. Its canon that he calls him “mom” and “wifey” or something so why not take it one step further with “honey” and “sugar “ and “sweetie pie”

But of course Kyoya is a pretentious fuck so regular pet names are a no go so Tamaki has to get creative. “doll face” he says and Kyoya rolls his eyes. “Baby doll” “Queen bee” “my love, my life” and all of these face a look that clear says “that’s the best you can do” so Tamaki breaks out the old slang dictionary, but he figures why stick to one language when he can choose anything from English to French. And why stick to one time period? So then Tamaki gets creative.

“What’s eating you, paper shaker?” “How’s it going Sheba?” “What’s the word humming bird?” “My dearest doudou.” “You on the level baby vamp?”

And the last one sticks. And forever more Tamaki calls Kyoya “baby vamp.“

anonymous asked:

Hey! I don't think this question has been asked yet but it's something I think you would do: Draco, do you read to Harry? Like, you're kind of bookish (in a good way) and it just seems like something Harry would enjoy. You could even read, uh, sexier stuff??

Draco: He likes to be read to when he’s ill; says it distracts him from the fact that he’s laid up.

Harry: *shrugs* And it’s soothing, he has a lovely voice.

Draco: *preens* Thank you, love.

Harry: Now about reading me sexy stuff–

Draco: *flatly* I refuse to read erotica out loud to you, Harry. 

Harry: But–

Draco: No.

anonymous asked:

I feel like the Host would be a big flirt when he wanted to be. Like he doesn't always say much when he's not narrating but if he ever said something flirty to someone it would be very direct and that person would have to do a double take because "Did the Host really just flirt with me" and the Host would be all smug and smiley about it because he may not say a lot but he has such a way with words

He was especially flirty as the Author, and though people knew him to be crass and sometimes rude, they also knew him to a smooth talker, silver-tongued and charming. When he comes back as the Host, quiet and soft spoken, they assume he’s somehow lost his ability to flirt.

It’s absolutely not true though because when he’s in the mood he can turn a phrase and use it like a bouquet of roses and it’s enough to get anyone’s heart pounding. He knows he’s smooth and he knows that he has a pleasant voice that can be lowered to a sultry growl and anyone who listens to it is enraptured.

Okay so take a moment to imagine the SWORD recruited the team instead of arresting them, which means Fitzsimmons probably get to bunk together.

So pls imagine Jemma getting up before Fitz and opening the window/viewport thing (not like actually open it but like they did with Coulson and how they had the wall pull up to reveal a window) and she’s starting out into space (literally!) while drinking her morning tea and two arms sneak around her waist and Fitz presses up against her back and she leans her head back so it’s resting against his shoulder and she’s low-key expecting him to say something typical like “good morning” or maybe something meaningful about the cosmos.

Instead he whispers, “Space…the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship…Sword. our ongoing mission? To seek out planetary threats and stop them before they even begin. To boldly go where no other ex shield agent has gone before”


And Fitz pulls away, faux hurt, and makes an innocent face and goes, “What? I waited three months to do that.”


And they smile goofily at each other and Jemma leans forward and kisses him softly and when she pulls away, he chuckles like he’s realized something and points at the window.

“I guess we’ve got something better than a poster of space. Now we’ve got the whole bloody cosmos.”

And Jemma shakes her head and sits her tea down and wraps her arms around his neck and says, “No. We’ve got each other. That’s what’s better.”

And Fitz smiles at her and kisses her softly????

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Could you do a promo breakdown if you have time? That clip of Clarke without her suit (and in a new jacket) looks suspiciously like a time jump, but I'd love to be convinced otherwise....


Octavia is obviously the Commander now, as she is wearing the Bindi and L/xa’s velvet curtain drape thing. She says “We are all that remains of the human race.” Which makes me believe that this speech happens after the death wave has hit. 

The radiation has hit Polis (although I don’t know how they could see this? Where are the video cameras?) This means the death wave is now coming straight for them. Bellamy and Clarke aren’t in the second frame (they should be standing in the red circle I’ve placed there), although everyone else seems to be in the same position they were in previously. So I’m speculating that Clarke sees Polis burning and (there are tears in her eyes) is overcome not just because her mother is there, but also because if she’d gone back to Polis as Bellamy had suggested, it’s possible that she might have been able to save people with her nightblood. 

I think that Clarke might leave in this scene and go up to Becca’s office and Bellamy follows her to comfort her and that’s when we get this scene (On the flip side, Clarke and Bellamy could JOIN this scene):

(So far it almost seems like this promo is moving in chronological order). I think that the confession I thought was coming from Bellamy is no more, because he now believes they have 5 years together on the Ark. He doesn’t need to worry about telling Clarke how he feels right now, because they’re all going to survive. 

Now,  for the first time. I think we’re out of chronological order. Clarke is wearing a new outfit (perhaps her Season 5 outfit) and she has a Rover She also has a sat radio and a walkie in her hand as well as a satellite. She stands as if she sees something and her hair is blowing a bit. It seems likely that she is trying to get a message out to someone. 

  I can no longer say confidently that a time jump is not possible. The vegetation around her is reasonable for 5 or 6 years of new growth (the taller things behind her appear to be trees).  It’s also likely that she headed back to Polis, as Rovers are not used on the Island (they take a boat and walk to their destination), so she is probably not alone as everyone believes her to be.

Here Indra tells Octavia (”It’s time.”) She gulps and swallows. I think (given that Octavia is wearing the Bindi in the opening scene of the promo) that she s about to have an accession ceremony. I think this scene happens after this one:

because Octavia is in the same position she’s in. It seems likely that Bellamy called Octavia/Polis to let them know what the plan is for those on Science Island:

These scenes also likely happen in the beginning of the episode. 

We have another scene of Polis burning (so probably a close up of the screen that the Space Squad are watching at 4 seconds in).

Here we have Raven and for a girl who loves space and wanted nothing more than to go back to it, she looks so very sad. It makes me wonder if they’re not missing someone. 

Someone is running and based on the color of the suit, it’s either Harper, Clarke or Monty. I’m guessing it’s Clarke because there is an entire theme song on the Soundtrack called “Clarke’s Mission.”

Pause. Stare at the glory. Now back to me. I’m pretty sure this is the conclusion to the scene where Bellamy is giving Clarke his pep talk. It’s Bellamy’s first time initiating a hug with her and I think it matters to Clarke.

I don’t know what Murphy is looking at here, but he seems…concerned. 

Raven is inside the Vesta, maybe rigging up more seats. She looks over her shoulder in this frame, so I think someone might come down to join her. Either way she looks tense. 

This is Clarke, her facial features are evident, and she’s pretty far off the ground. She must be climbing something. I think this is a continuation of the scene we see at 14 seconds in. 

Monty is screaming. Has something happened to Harper? Has something happened to him? Either way he looks to be in pain. 

This is Echo and I think Raven is the orange splotch in the background. I wonder why she’s hiding here away from everyone else. We know she doesn’t trust science. Perhaps she is afraid?

Somebody is probably going to die this episode! Unfortunate.

He looks so damn sad (I think that’s Raven in the frame as well) and I want to die inside, because I think it lends more credence to the idea that Clarke is not going to make it onto the rocket. 

The death wave has reached the Island and everything is on fire. I think the thing that I’ve circled is a person, although I’m not sure whom. But if Clarke really does get left behind…it might well be her.

Clarke has fallen and not only that, but there’s a hole in her helmet (it’s what she’s looking at). The fear in her eyes makes me think the Death Wave is pretty much upon her, because if not what would she have to fear, she obviously recovered enough from her exposure to radiation in 4x12 to be out and about so it seems odd that she would be frightened of more.

There are ether 3 seconds to launch or 3 seconds until the wave of radiation hits Science Island, either way shits about to go down. I suspect this is probably about 45/50 minutes into the episode. 

I’m still certain this is Echo, but watch it be like…Octavia.

Raven is looking up, our girl is heading back to space.

And they’re off. I’m going to cry during this scene, lol. 

Kai Father HeadCanons
  1. He would take naps with his children (family bonding time)
  2. Sundays of Chicken! And Saturdays… and Fridays… and weeks…
  3. Sweetie pie dad is always there to save the day
  4. Best hugs ever! Like literally their kids cry if they don’t get a hug
  5. He would joke and make some pranks but also show his serious side, he’s a dad he has to be responsible
  6. And yet, there’s no one like nini to have fun with
  7. Cute nicknames for his kids
  8. “Why are you up so late baby? You hungry? Me too, come with me I was going to buy something”
  9. Dancing lessons of course
  10. One of the members(uncles) will always be around to play with him and him
  11. Best birthday parties ever!
  12. “You see that shooting start? They say they can grant you wishes. Wish something”
  13. Would make the best memories ever
  14. He would also be a great teach, give them always life lessons. Kinda like training them to be Jedi! xD
  15. He would reward them for their great notes, if not he would still do because he just loves his kids xD
  16. Would be the dad you can tell all your secrets
  17. “Kyungsoo told me how to prepare this chicken but… I think we better call him and ask him to do it for us right? kkkkk”
  18. No matter how busy he is, he would always make time for his family
  19. “The day I see you accomplishing your dreams, will be the day I’ll know that I did my job well”

Xo, Ara~

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Like 90% of the time I spend looking at my phone I'm not texting anyone, because IT HAS THE ENTIRE INTERNET. So Yousef might as well have been googling stuff, looking at memes, checking instagram, reading the news, looking at Sanas fb page while crying inside, looking at Sanas instagram photos while crying inside, reading his old chats with Sana while crying inside... so many options.

TRUE same !! but all we do know is that yousef was NOT in the mood for a video, he wasnt speaking, and when he did say something, it was really quiet and barely noticeable. he’s isolating himself (JUST like a certain someone)