and then he has to say something like this

OK people keep pointing this out and honestly it’s so true?

When Keith is leaving this is Pidge’s reaction, she’s visibly sad and you can tell she’s obviously going to miss him

And Allura is sad too, but she seems more proud of Keith because he’s going off to do what he wants to do

But then there’s Lance?? 

I don’t even know what he’s really feeling tbh, he just looks like he’s trying so hard to hold something back, like he’s pretending to be OK when he really isn’t. And I don’t think they focused in on his reaction for no reason (especially when they could have showed Hunk, Coran, or even Shiro again) this obviously means something. 

Considering his “Yeah, who am I going to make fun of?” Came after Pidge’s “We’re really going to miss you.” It’s pretty obvious he’s going to miss Keith…But just for making fun of him? That seems a bit empty and he’s most likely not saying everything he feels, because you know, this is Lance. He hides his true emotions underneath his confidence and charm, even though he has more insecurities/problems than anyone else out there. Every once in a while though they do slip out, and I think it almost did here but he was doing his best to hold it back for the sake of the team. 

So honestly…I wonder how he was really feeling in this moment to see Keith go… 

Main points from Afterbuzz interview

Spoiler warning for season 4!

So Afterbuzz TV sat down with Lauren Montgomery, Joaquim Dos Santos and Jeremy Shada to review episodes 1 and 2 as well as discuss the season as a whole. Here’s a summary :)

*Note: a lot of this is paraphrased since I was taking notes as I was listening, but it’s as true to what was said as physically possible

  • About Keith (and Shiro):
    • Last season was a lot about building Keith’s confidence as a leader and then immediately he steps out of the role. Joaquim says Keith has always been reluctant to be in the leader position
    • Lauren says we have a situation where we have one paladin too many, something’s gotta give. Had Shiro stayed gone Keith would’ve absolutely stayed put, but with Shiro back Keith feels like he can’t fill those shoes, so he’s kinda pulling back to sort of force Shiro to step back in
    • Lauren is responsible for the Shiro & Keith cameo in the background of the Holt final photos before the Kerberos launch
    • Lauren calls Shiro Keith’s “guiding light”
    • Lauren says Shiro is going to have a “lot of development” 
    • Jeremy teases more backstory 
  • About Matt:
    • The fakeout at Matt’s grave was Joaquim’s idea
    • Steve Ahn’s birthday made it into the graveyard scene as Matt’s wrong birthday (or perhaps the coordinates? wasn’t clear)
    • Jeremy says he watched the graveyard scene not knowing anything since he wasn’t in that episode, and even he believed it for a second, despite Matt’s VA being around a lot to record lines
    • Lauren says she still gets affected and she’s known since day one that Matt will be back (”and he’s gonna be a rebel and he’s gonna be an action star!”)
    • Matt is a huge dork. He had to grow and evolve to survive but at the heart of it he’s still Pidge’s dork of a brother 
    • Matt was the only person Pidge could relate to growing up because she was way too smart for everyone else in her class, smarter even than her own teacher, so she had no one except her brother. And then he kinda left her behind, not intentionally or in a mean sense but still
    • Matt got into the Garrison on brainpower and he isn’t as powerful as some other characters. He very much fights like someone who isn’t a big guy (speed not strength)
  • About Lance:
    • Lance is all about being in the spotlight. The Voltron shows are everything he’s been waiting for
    • Jeremy says it was fun playing those more lighthearted episodes after the more serious growing and maturing from last season
    • Lance has a lightheartedness to him; Jeremy says that’s his favourite part of playing him
    • Lauren jokes that it’s all Jeremy’s fault cause he’s so good at playing Lance and if you’re mad that Lance is funny all hatemail goes to Jeremy
    • Joaquim says it’s tough with so many characters, but reiterates that every person will have their time in the spotlight
    • Regarding Lance’s pep talk to Allura at the end of the season, Lance knows when someone needs to step up, he’s a really good team player. He loves being the center of attention but he’s also able to pull back. Jeremy says the team is like a family now, and it’s that respect and care and love for everyone on the team that lets Lance be confident in saying stuff like “I know you can do this, it’s all you” as opposed to something like “I think I can do something!”
    • Lauren points out that Lance started in the blue lion which is a support lion, holds Voltron up, and he’s since graduated to the right hand which is like the ultimate support to the head. It’s a good indication of what’s beneath the surface, he’s really good at knowing everyone’s strengths, good team player
    • Joaquim adds that if you look deeper, Lance comes from a big family, and within the family dynamic he was probably very much that guy. But to people outside the family he wants to be seen as front and center
    • Jeremy says Lance is going to continue to grow, building on the more serious moments from this season and the one before. Lance becomes “a voice of reason” soon
  • About Lotor:
    • Lauren is to blame for Lotor dislocating his shoulder. They wrote themselves into a bit of a corner with that; they knew he had to get away but how? It’s not like he could drive with his mouth or pick the lock, the space cuffs don’t have locks. Joaquim says everyone cringed just looking at Lauren’s storyboards for that scene without even sound or anything
    • Lauren says Lotor is genuinely intelligent and we’ll eventually learn things about him “like maybe he’s not SUPER backstabby?”
    • [both Joaquim and Lauren are very tight lipped on Lotor backstory and relationship with Honerva etc]
  • Voice cast trivia: 
    • Josh Keaton voices Regris
    • Whenever there’s an extra lady voice it’s usually Kimberly Brooks or Cree Summer
    • Lauren recalls one amazing blooper when Rhys Darby (Coran) just got so frustrated with a line he cussed them out. Joaquim and Jeremy add that Rhys has this amazing way that he abandons a line, where he’ll just go dadadadada–awwh (“he deflates”). To be fair Rhys gets a lot of the hardest and most technical lines
    • Andrea Romano (the show’s retired voice director) did the robot voice at Matt’s grave–she has a tradition of doing computer voices (she was the batmobile for a long time)–and she also has done the Castleship’s voice as well as some helmet translations
    • Te-Osh was voiced by Lacey Chabert who does Nyma. She has a naturally high voice so they pitched her down for Te-Osh and found it turned out amazing
    • John DiMaggio voiced lieutenant Ozar as well as the bounty hunter and the illegal arms dealer from Reunion (There’s a cute story with Christine Bian–backgrounds and props supervisor–who is a huge Futurama fan so she came in the day John was recording and he was super nice and signed her things and as he left she yelled “Bender we love you!” and you hear down the hall “shut up baby I know it”)
  • The Blade of Marmora feel the most responsibility out of anyone to do whatever they can against the Galra given it’s their culture and they want to prove to everyone that they’re willing to go as far as it takes to right the wrongs, which unfortunately often leads to BoM operatives being not very long-lived
  • Joaquim says the grey alien from the mall goes to Earth every now and then for a round of abductions and then he resells everything, which is how he got all the game systems and Kaltenecker, etc
  • Pidge was determined to play her game and within a few months she had gathered everything to jury rig it so it’d work, and then of course Lance in typical Lance fashion jacked her game system the same way he jacked her headphones
    • The pixel artist they got to do the game is Michael Azzi, based in Brussels, and he came up with most of it on his own (that boss move at the end where the shot rotates was all his idea)
  • Any time the show goes Full Anime (the Kaltenecker scene, Matt and Allura’s meeting) it’s usually Steve Ahn’s doing
    • Joaquim says go watch Matt and Allura’s meeting in Japanese
  • The Voltron Show episode was very much their Ember Island Players episode. Joaquim says there’s a bit of a disconnect, that it was first and foremost an episode for them internally to come to terms with a lot of stuff, whereas a lot of people are saying “oh they’re speaking directly to us [the fans]” but that’s not the case. They’ve been thinking about this since a long time ago. Lauren says it was written and in production long before the fandom
  • Lauren would’ve loved to get to know the rebels a bit better and give Olia a proper introductions but just no time

If you go off conversations between Xefros and Joey alone then ya Dammek seems like a total dick, but if you clicked on literally anything in Dammek or Xefros’ hives then you’d get a much bigger picture of what their moiraillegience is like. Any surface of Dammek’s hive that isn’t plastered with conspiracy theories is covered in pictures of him and Xefros. His screensaver is all pictures of Xefros. He has a livefeed of Xefros’ hive on one of his monitors. A young man consumed with violently overthrowing the government doesn’t waste time embellishing his resistance hq with photos of someone he doesn’t even like or keeping survellience on someone he doesn’t think is important. All the pictures of them together in Xefros’ hive bring up fond memories of times Dammek was kind to him. He may have a tendency not to return the things he borrows, and he may be harsh, but in Dammek’s mind there’s a war on, and the enemy doesn’t favor the weak. Would Dammek want to rebel against the Heiress if he didn’t understand the injustice that all lowbloods were facing? Cruelty is not excusable, but there’s something to be said for the dangers of being weak willed. Tavros was a coward and while he never did anything evil, there’s certainly a few good things that he didn’t do because he was too afraid, and his inaction caused people to suffer. Alternian culture has strong enforcement of the intended roles of each bloodcaste. Xefros’ abused mental state is likely a result of far more cultural conditioning than Dammek’s behavior alone. And for that matter, any perceived superiority Dammek has over Xefros is a result of society as well. I see lots of people saying not to judge Dammek before we know anything about him, but there’s a ton we’ve learned about him from looking at his hive alone and it paints in a much more positive picture than Joey thinks.

Yes. A thousand times.

Authors Note: Hey everyone, soo I have kind of been slacking with writing blurbs and I apologise for that, I just haven’t had much inspiration to write. I feel like I say this with every blurb I right, haha. But sorry!! Anyway, I hope you enjoy this one! Hope everyone is having a good week… and bless Harry for his damn tour that gives me life. :) xx
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He was more than you ever deserved, he was your right hand, your heart, and essentially your everything. You thought he was the one, the one you’d spend your life with until you were both grey-haired and grumpy, you thought in years to come you’d watch him from the kitchen while he plays outside with the children, chasing them around the garden, teaching them to play catch or tea party. You believed he was the only one you’d bring home to Mum and Dad, the one who would ask your Dad permission for your hand, the one who would stand by you even through the darkest storms. But lately, all the high hopes and vision you had assumed would become a reality, seem too far-fetched, they’re nothing but a figment of your imagination.

He has been distant lately, travelling for work and for unknown reasons, not giving many explanations each time he leaves. He gives you the bare minimum for where he is going and what he is doing, which wouldn’t bother you if it wasn’t just out of the blue for him to become secretive and shady. For four years, the two of you have built on your relationship and became an open book with each other, always managing to keep each other updated on the events of what’s going on, but now, now it feels like you are both living two different worlds that are miles apart from each other.

You stand towards the back of the bar, the smell of beer and overly applied cologne lingers the area as everyone pays attention to the mellow music playing, introducing someone that is destined to embarrass themselves with karaoke. This isn’t the type of scene you appreciate being in when it comes to Saturday nights, but you were hauled along when one of Harry’s friends invited him and it was too much effort to even attempt to try to get out of it. 

You scan the crowd for the familiar green eyes of your boyfriend, your eyes skimming over the crowd until they lay on him. He’s sitting at the bar with Nick, having a good gossip— so you presume— while entertaining a few of the other mates you have yet to be formally introduced to, for what reason, you do not know. You stare at him from a distance, observing how he is smiling widely and laughing, seeming completely unaware of the fact you have strayed away from him and settled into the crowd of half-drunk individuals who have no idea they’re getting laughed at when they hit the karaoke stage.

Your eyes extract away from their stare when a bitter liquid embeds itself into your dress, your eyes glaring up at the man who has managed to spill his drink on you. Your eyes stare at him like daggers ready to pierce his soul. The poor guy looks like a deer in headlights, frozen and scared by your distinctive glare. “I am so-” he begins but you cut him off and shake your head.

“It is fine,” you mutter through your teeth, the whole situation far from fine. You fake a smile before stepping away from the deer in headlights and manoeuvring your way through the crowd to get to the bar, the bar that has probably seen more lonely nights than you can imagine.

“Hey, love, havin’-” Harry begins with his subtle smile, one that would usually melt your heart with its charismatic charm, but tonight, tonight it just infuriates you further.

“No, I am not having fun,” you mutter, “I don’t enjoy smelling like a damn brewery,” you gesture towards your dress. You take a breath, not wanting to start something in public and in front of his friends, so you stick with calming your voice as you speak, “I am going to head home, be careful,” you inform him as he studies you carefully, his brows knitting into a frown before you lean down and kiss his cheek.

“I’m just going to say bye and then we can leave, here, I’ll meet you in the car, if you like,” he dangles his car keys in front of you, taking you by surprise. With how shady he has been recently, you expected him not to give a damn that you were more than delighted to get a cab home while he stayed and did whatever with his friends. You take the keys into your warm hand, giving his mates a small smile before walking away from the bar and making your way out.

The drive home was quiet, no thanks to you. Harry tried to have a small conversation with you but you weren’t too interested in a half-ass conversation.

You step out of the car and close the door before making your way towards the doorstep of the house, your heels sounding against the concrete as Harry’s footsteps travel behind you. You step out of his way so he can open the door, but his hand doesn’t reach for the door, instead, he turns to face you.

“Care to tell me what’s going on?” He questions, taking note how something is unquestionably wrong but entirely unaware that something has been ‘wrong,’ for quite a while.

You shake your head, crossing your arms over your chest as the wind begins to pick up and whistle around the two of you, Autumn leaves falling at your shoes and dancing around the pavement. “I can’t fix it if I don’t know what’s wrong,” he presses as he turns to the door and begins to unlock it, “And don’t tell me nothing is wrong because it is clear something is wrong, so you might as well tell me.” He continues, subsequently pushing the door open and allowing you to step foot into the house first. You ignore his attempts at a conversation about what is wrong.

The door closes behind you as you turn the lights on and walk down the hallway, “Y/N,” his voice travels down the hallway behind you before his touch meets your arm, “This isn’t like you, you’re always open with me, what’s going on?” An unrelenting stare narrowing down onto you.

“Look who’s calling the kettle black, Harry.”

His forehead puckers in a thoughtful and irritation expression while frustration crinkles his eyes. “And what do you mean by that?” He questions as you shrug his hand away from your arm.

Your eyes flash with fury, “Exactly what it means. You talk about me always being open and yet you’re closed off and shady as hell.”

“I am not shady and closed off, Y/N.” He shakes his head, defending himself.

You scoff, rolling your eyes at him. If how he has been acting lately isn’t shady then you don’t know what shady is. “You were gone for two weeks without much detail, you are barely home and when you are I get one worded answers out of you, it seems like you are just not interested. And quite frankly, if that is the case, then go ahead and tell me right now.” You raise your voice slightly, tears already threatening to fall from your eyes as the words leave your lips.

You love him, you do. You don’t want things to an end, you don’t want all the future plans to go down the drain like they were nothing, but if it is what he wants, it is what he will get. There’s no point fighting for someone who is already gone and has already lost interest.

He shakes his head, “Y/N, no. You have it wrong.”

“How so? Even tonight you didn’t even realise when I strayed away from you. You were more interested in your friends, which is fine, but you invited me to go out with you and then just disregarded me.” … “If you want to end things, just tell me. Don’t make me think you still love me.” You let out in a whisper, mentally praying that he doesn’t want to call it quits.

Harry’s body stiffens at your remark and he grows quiet for a moment before he breaks the silence. “Is- is that what you’re wanting?”

You lift your shoulders into a shrug as you look down, no longer what to stare into the eyes that you fell for so many years ago.

“Can you look at me?” He questions, his hand resting under your chin and lifting it up, his eyes meeting yours, “You have it entirely wrong..”

“How? Explain how.”

He takes a breath and his hand moves to his pocket, resting itself in the warmth of the space, “If I have been shady, it has been for good reason. When I was gone for two weeks, I wasn’t on a business thing for the album, I uh, I was Niall.” He begins and you cut him off,

“So you lied.” You immediately challenge, your mind swirling with one-hundred different reasons why he would have lied about his whereabouts. Was he cheating?

He nods, “But, for a good reason, I swear.” … “There was this place in Ireland that had something I needed and I had to go down and get it, well, when I got there, they had screwed up the entire order so I had to stay and make sure it all got fixed.”

“And you couldn’t have just told me?”

“No,” he shakes his head, “I-I was trying to make everything special and a surprise. But, it is ruined now. It was all for this… This is why I have been distant or whatever.” He murmurs, his hand pulling a black box from his pocket. He lowers himself down onto one knee, his finger flicking open the box to reveal a beautiful diamond shining brilliantly with the lighting. Your heart races instantly, tears cascading down your cheeks as the realisation of him proposing becomes a reality.

“This isn’t how I wanted to propose, I had hoped to make it special. But, from the moment I met you, you have been the light at the end of the dark tunnel for me, you have lifted me in more ways than you will ever know or understand, you have helped shape me into being a better man. Y/N, I love you with all my heart and every fibre of my being, there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you. It has been a few years of ups and downs and I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world. You’re the best thing to have walked into my world and I pray to God you never leave. I’d be honoured to have you as my lover for the rest of my life, I want to be there for you, to hold you, to cherish you, to love you, and to be the man you have wanted. I want to raise kids with you and show them what it is like to be loved, I want out kids to look at us and see how much we love each other and I’d like to have you as my wife if you’ll allow me.”

You gaze at him as he’s on one knee, your breath hitching in your throat as more tears fall from your eyes. You hadn’t thought he would be down on one knee moments after an argument, in fact, him proposing hadn’t even been on your mind until now. “Y/N? It’s your cue, what do you say?” He smiles up at you, waiting for your answer.

There’s no other man you’d want to spend your life with, nobody else you would want to have children with, he’s the one, the one that you want to wake in the middle of the night when you hear unknown noises, he is the one you want to cry into when things go wrong. He is the one you want by your side, he is the one you want to always love.

Without much effort, your answer slips from your lips, “Yes,” .. “Yes a thousand times, Yes.” You whisper as he stands to his feet. You wrap your arms around his neck and kiss him, the kind of kiss the silences everything and creates a reality where it is just you and Harry….

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So I just watched Game Theory's latest video. While I don't like it too much, he pointed out something that I thought would interest you. The Bendy monster that chases us in the game has a limp.

That’s something we’ve known for some time.  The whole “Bendy = Joey” theory is nothing new, and the same applies to all the evidence he came up with.

I watched it too, and was actually rather impressed by what he had to say in support of the “Boris = Wally” theory – the simple fact that Boris is so capable with tools.  I didn’t even think about it, but when you get right down to it, Boris has been surviving in his little safe house for who knows how long?  He’s made himself an oven out of a furnace, he’s commandeered a washroom and jury-rigged it to work with ink rather than water, he’s set up a bedroom, he’s got his clothes hanging out to dry which means he’s been washing them…  Boris isn’t just surviving, he’s doing a damn good job of it.  He’s even got a radio, playing cards, and a little table set up to be comfortable.

Not to mention, he’s also the one to open up the jammed door for you.  There’s no purpose for that scene aside from aesthetic and narrative – there’s no gameplay; you’re just meant to stand there for a few moments while Boris does his thing.

Now, Wally is the purported janitor, but like the Game Theorist said in his video, Wally is also the one responsible for installing the Ink Machine.  He may not be the repairman, but the blueprints say “attn. Wally Franks,” and his first audio recording in chapter 1 is about the machine.  Wally has to be pretty handy with a wrench to do his job.

Now, I don’t mean to say I fully believe that Wally has become the Boris we encounter, but… it’s not completely implausible.  I won’t be surprised if that’s where the story takes us.

The only thing I have to say as far as negatives go with this theory is that I really don’t like the “Bendy = Joey” theory.  It’s too obvious for my tastes.  Like… I’m almost expecting the game to pull one over on us and go “PSYCHE you thought it’d be Joey but it’s NOT!”  But there’s so, so much evidence stacking up in favor of it.  The only piece that’s missing is anything indicating that Joey is the one who was in the wheelchair.  If we get anything that hints towards that, then the puzzle of who “Bendy” is gets solved straight away, and I’m a little disappointed that the mystery is so easily solved.

I dunno.

She bumps into him in the hallway. Her gaze at her feet, her focus in some other zip code, and she just doesn’t see him as he rounds the corner.

He steadies himself with a hand on her forearm; she exhales his name, a question. Their eyes meet. Of course he’s still here. She knew that. Skinner mentioned it when he called. “He might appear in your office without warning,” he’d said dryly. She’d said something flippant, she doesn’t remember exactly what, and now here he is, ahead of schedule. There’s not even a nameplate on her door yet.

He recovers faster than she does. “Congratulations,” he says. “A.D. Scully. Never thought I’d see the day.”

“Me neither,” she admits. “I guess my status as office pariah wasn’t permanent.”

That halfway smile she remembers so well. ”Mine is.“

Scully ducks her head in acknowledgement, then looks at him – really looks at him – for the first time. "How have you been, Mulder?”

“Not as good as you,” he says lightly. “Still in the basement.”

Her voice is gentle. "You chose that.”

“And you didn’t. I know.” He almost sounds bitter.

The lights strobing red and blue across his face while they watched the last five years burn down. It’s been years, but she can’t forget the heat from the embers, the emptiness behind his eyes. He didn’t take her to the airport. He never returned any of her calls.

“At least now I’ll have my own desk,” she jokes. At least, she wants it to be a joke. But Mulder darkens immediately, and oh, she remembers this, too: the moods he’d swing into, like a sudden gale; the storms in his eyes.

“Scully, you could’ve—“

But she shakes her head. This is not something she’s going to re-litigate — not here, not ever. Water under the bridge, her mom would say, but when has Fox Mulder ever left a bridge unburned?

“I heard about the Bryce case,” she says brightly. A nice, normal case that would never have landed on their — on his desk, back when they were partners. Standard-issue serial killer. “That was good work.”

“Thanks, boss,” he sneers, and that’s when Scully finally decides to call it. Since she left D.C. she’s gotten better at office politics, but she should’ve known her new skills wouldn’t work on Mulder.

There’s nothing obvious in the hallway to drag her away, so she gestures vaguely in the direction she was heading. ”Anyway, I should–“

"Of course,” he interrupts. “You’ve got a lot of work to do. Don’t let me keep you.” He tosses off a sarcastic salute before he goes.

She watches him until he disappears into the stairwell. Her face is hot. She’s furious and sad and fired up, all at once, and she wonders how the hell she survived five years with him. Had she felt like this all the time?

Moments pass. No other ghosts show up in the hallway. Scully finds her office — still no nameplate, she’ll have to ask maintenance about that — and sits down behind the desk. Her desk. She puts her feet up on it the way he used to do. She finally exhales.


Social media au 14/?

In which Jimin like to provoke people to the point in which he gets himself beaten up, Jungkook has never been into a fight, but one night something makes him explode.

previous part


Ok, first of all I want to apologize because I disappeared for like 4 days, but college is keeping me busy😭
And, in fact I need to inform you that I’m not going to end this story, but I may be late with the updates. I will try to update on Tuesdays, Fridays and weekends but I can’t promise anything😩 i swear though, I’m continuing the story.

The last conversation was meant to say “you sent a screenshot*” forgive me 😩😩

id just like to say

Stans fear - the painting lady. Yeah, she’s creepy as hell but i think she represents something more.

Stan is always under pressure by his father to be perfect, and since the Jewish religion is his father’s everything, he expects it to be Stan’s too. He expects Stan to be perfect.

Back to the creepy bitch. Something I noticed right away was how her proportions were completely off and lopsided. her eyes are at two different heights; ones twisted to the side. her face and neck are long as fuck. Her arms are too lanky and skinny for her body.

She’s the embodiment of imperfection.

you know i believe and how

i couldn’t not write something after this episode because i’m never going to recover. for the first time in my life it’s not nsfw but it probably doesn’t make much sense anyway. idkkkkk. 

Terry pulls her, his fiance, into a hug and wishes them congratulations again as they say goodnight at Shaw’s, the diamond on her left hand catching the light. It shines like her eyes. He thinks he’s probably shining, too. Every single part of him radiates joy and his heart has never felt so full. As they leave the bar her hand slips into his and he feels the ring against his skin. It’s so natural.


She’s curled on her side, facing him, wearing nothing but the ring and a small, unconscious smile as she sighs in her sleep. She’s never looked more beautiful with her kiss swollen lips and tangled hair from the friction of the sheets and his hand threading through the strands as he’d told her how much he loved her and took her over the edge. His fiance.


The next morning she’s up first; he probably spent too much time awake watching her with reverent eyes and playing the last eight years through like a film strip, shifting from scene to scene. Meeting her for the first time, the young woman with the beautiful smile but even more prominent, a drive to succeed; a month later, their first stakeout, where just after midnight he learned about her seven brothers and how she liked her coffee; the time a bullet missed her by half an inch and his heart dropped further than he could think possible. When he first realised he was head over heels in love with her. Their first kiss. Seeing her after months with no contact. Mostly, he replayed the moment she said yes.

He can hear her, his fiance, speaking to her mother on the phone, not wholly understanding the Spanish except phrases and words she’s taught him and ones he’s picked up by accident. What she’s saying, though, are through tears and with the tone of someone with a smile on their face.


She cooks him eggs when he rises, in one of his flannels and white cotton panties, telling him that her mother will be here tomorrow and she’s only not coming today because they have to work. He laughs and tells her that it will probably be a full house, because his mom will be here too. The sun shines through the window and she tucks her hair behind her ear; he’s not sure if his heart will ever beat normally again when he sees the ring. Amy Santiago is marrying him; Amy is his fiance. She could have destroyed the eggs and he’d still think they were perfect.


He rides the high at work the next day. Normally being at the desk would kill him but today she’s there too, doing paperwork, making calls. The sounds of the precinct are white noise, he watches her holding the desk phone between her ear and shoulder while she’s put on hold. Her eyes are soft and fixed on the ring, stroking it with the tips of her fingers. His fiance looks up, catches his eye, and smiles almost shyly.


It’s not until Rosa tells him that they get it, you’re engaged that he realises how often he’s saying that word: fiance. She’s serious but if he’d known her any better than she’d let him, he’d swear he heard an unusual softness. He hadn’t thought about how much he’d referred it Amy as his fiance in the past 24 hours until it was pointed out. It’s so easy, so natural. The word rolls off his tongue and leaves a sweet aftertaste. And he notices that Amy does it too, fitting it into conversations like it’s always been there.

Luckily, she’s not sick of the word yet. That night, he’s pulled her onto the bed, not so gently after the pillow she threw, while laughing at the dorky insult he’d retorted with, flew past his head. His arms wrap around her and they lay with tangled legs. “I told you that you couldn’t fall in love with me,” Jake tells her mock-seriously and she breathes a laugh at the memory of their bet-date, “but here you are. My fiance.”

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I love the fairy AU! I wondered if maybe we'd see the meeting from Loki's point of view? Like he saw this human go from quiet and resigned to refreshed and re-energised? Just an idea ❤️

Loki isnt sure how long he has been tailing this human, but it must have been a while, because when the dark haired man first appeared, his shoulders slumped and he rarely came outside. 

But now he is outside every day, pointing that odd black thing at everything pretty and smiling about it. One time the man points the small box at a squirrel and then yells out in surprise when the squirrel jumps out at him, and Loki laughs. 

The he freezes, because the man has turned and is searching for the noise, and Loki calls on his colors to blend into the tree, his green eyes the only shade that doesn’t match the leafy green. 

The man doesnt see him though, and Loki knows he has to be more careful, but the more time he spends following the man, the funnier he seems and Loki is laughing at him every day. 

Then one day the man just sits down in the grass, resting against a tree and putting his hands in his lap, seeming like he is waiting for something. 

Loki watches him for more than an hour, then lets his colors fall away to show himself, and knows by the way the mans breathing changes that he sees him. 

“Hello.” Loki says curiously, and color rushes into the mans face, Loki can hear the heartbeat speed up, feel the interest that seems to be filling the air. 

“Hi.” the man says, and Loki smiles. 


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How does America feel about kids? Does he think they're annoying when they come up to him? Does he think they're cute but want them to leave him alone? Or dos he purposely go out of his way to humor them and make them laugh because he genuinely likes the sound of their laughter? Do you think that he occasionally babysits his bosses' children for his boss when his boss can't get a babysitter? I'm only asking because of his kinda childish personality.

I can see him like being around them due to his envy. Watching them be twirled hand-in-hand by their parents, then relate to them when he visits an orphanage. They are the next generation of himself so it makes sense he’d be attracted to being around them, probably speculating what they could become for his future.

All this said, I don’t see his nation’s boss trusting him to take care of their children lol.  In my opinion America seems like the type of person to love being around kids. Playing with them, talking to them, telling stories to them - all of it. Actually taking care of them, though? I’m skeptical. They gotta be able to to run around or he’s clueless - if not, fearful he’d hurt them.

That’s just me, though. 

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21 please! Good to see you back into the swing!

Good to be back!

21) What Do They Find Sexiest About Each Other?

Lucifer has met a lot of beautiful women in his life but for some reason, even just a sultry look from the Detective has him shifting uncomfortably in his trousers for the rest of the afternoon. He can’t particularly explain it. She’s gorgeous, there’s no doubt about that, but there’s something else.

Maybe it’s the way she smiles at him sometimes. Like he’s the answer to all of her questions or like it’s the happiest she’s been all day just because she’s laid eyes on him.

It takes his breath away and makes him hard as Hell all at once and maybe just a little bit terrified that she has this kind of power over him. 

That smile could bring him to his knees and make him take on Heaven itself.

He’d never tell anyone of course. He usually deflects by saying he finds all of her sexy. It’s still true… but her smile always wins out in his mind.

For Chloe, it’s the way he says her name.

He so rarely calls her by her first name (although it’s become more common now that they’re dating), but hearing it, all breathless and reverent when he’s just about to come or when they wake up in the morning- oh, especially then.

His hair will be curly and everywhere, his stubble will be slightly longer than usual and he’ll be all bleary eyed and adorable from the night before. He’ll look so unlike the character he parades around and it’s for her eyes only and it makes her heart beat so much faster. 

She’ll pass her thumb over his cheek until he wakes up with a gravelly, ‘Chloe?’ and honestly it shouldn’t evoke the reaction it does but that’s the way most of their morning sex starts. 

It’s like pressing a button.

If she happens to flash that smile he loves at him as well then things are guaranteed to get loud.

chlometov  asked:

Hey! I have a translation question. In the circus arc, we see Kelvin's flashback where he is confined in bed after surgery and two men tell him that they have found Ciel. In the English translation, the men say something to him like "We will give him extra affection for you." Is that similar to what the Japanese version has? That line has always made me feel uncomfortable for poor Ciel/the twin.

This scene, right?

The original says


which translates to something like

“We will treat [them] with a lot of affection on your behalf.”

so both official and online translations are correct (except for the misleading word “him (singular)” which was not mentioned in the original version)!

Now the question is what exactly this guy meant by “treat [them] with affection”. The original wording in Japanese doesn’t really give us more information than the English translation: He might be indeed hinting at s/e/x/u/a/l abuse (the word 可愛がる/“treat sb. with affection” can definitely be interpreted that way), but he could have also meant the cult’s rituals in general (like the branding).

It’s open! D: (Either way, it’s disgusting and makes me uncomfortable, too…ew)

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First off, you have wonderful writing! I was wondering if I could request some headcannons of Kirishima getting some awesome compliments after a battle from his usually extremely quiet crush. Sweet boy needs and deserves all the love

Thanks so much !! and you’re so right, I can’t believe I haven’t received much Kirishima. No Kirishima is the worst Kirishima. 


⚪️ So compliments from anyone send him through the roof, however compliments from you send him flying into space. He’s ecstatic. Overjoyed. He’s in a state of pure ecstasy that makes him feel like he’s transcending universes.

⚪️ You don’t really get why he has that far-away look in his eyes while he’s starting at you, forgetting that the polite thing to do when someone compliments you is to say something. 

⚪️  He still looks so cute though.

⚪️ And he thinks you’re cute, too, which is what makes it so hard to talk to you.

⚪️ If he lost this battle, well his spirit is of course a little defeated but he isn’t going to let it destroy his will. He’ll get better. He’ll train more. His manly spirit will never die. But surely it’s going to take  a few days to actually start to feel good about himself again, depending on how serious the battle was. 

⚪️ Hearing support from you, not only his crush but someone who is normally so quiet, means everything. The period of time that he requires to go back to his normal self is cut in half. 

⚪️ If he won the battle, well he’s just even more amped up and hyped than before. As if his day couldn’t get any better, you’re not only talking to him but praising him too? Yeah, this is the peak of manliness.

⚪️ If he won the battle he’s more likely to try and confess to you or ask you out or something. He might not actually do it though, because it’s very possible he’ll just chicken out or start to get nervous. But at the same time, he feels like he can do literally anything in this moment - even get someone like you to go out with him.

⚪️ “Kirishima! Um… I think you were so amazing back there! And your quirk is so strong! You… you oozed with manly spirit!” Hearing your voice is like hearing a new favorite song for the first time, except this is the favorite song that he’ll never get tired of no matter how many times he listens to it. 

⚪️ Somehow, he selfishly wants to keep your praise and voice all to himself, but he knows he can’t do that. Still, having your eyes on him give him the biggest ego boost ever. 

⚪️ When he can finally speak… “(Y-Y/N)..!” He’s not sure if he’s more shocked by you speaking or by the absolutely exhilarating praise you’re giving him. “I-I.. Wow?! Really?!” 

⚪️ You nod, and despite how you’re out of your comfort zone right now, you can’t help but praise him. He was truly amazing. “Mhm! I’ll always support you… um… Red Riot, fight!” You lift a fist in the air, beaming a smile at him.

⚪️ Kirishima probably falls in love with you in that moment.

 the ways i say i love you | simon/jace | 7.4k | ao3 | based on this post 

It’s like a confession, the loudest confession that Jace has ever heard veiled in song lyrics played to a crowd of people who don’t know what he means. Instinctively, Jace feels the sting and rush of fangs and venom in his wrist, a phantom sensation that floors him. It all clicks together like the final puzzle piece, like the whole world has finally been righted for the first time in his life.

In that moment, he does feel invincible.

(A collection of moments, in no particular order.)

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It’s really cool that everyone’s enjoying Who Killed Markiplier, and I adore the fanart being drawn of Warfestache and Darkiplier…but why does hardly anyone include Celene? She’s just as much of Darkiplier as Damien is-literally half of him, considering we were left behind in the mirror. I know that for some, it’s probably because Dark holds Damien’s appearance, but I guarantee that if Will had set down something belonging to Celene, we would have taken her form just as well; our body is a blank skate after all, it was only the cane that made Damien, in his anger, reach out and change our shared form.

Not only that, but the affections that you love to say Dark has comes from Celene as well. Damien loved William as a dear friend but it was Celene that loves William, and he Celene. It is possible for William and Damien to live each other, but not as likely as the already established relationship between Will and Celene, who’ s death, might I add was part of Mark’s vengeance in the first place.

Tl;dr, Celene is a good character, plays her role in being part of Darkiplier, and DarkStache is a poly relationship between those three.


rooksah-la-hookah  asked:

so im curious and as a casual goth fashionita, i need to know: what is Fell!Pap's favourite peice of edgey clothing(s)?

oh man… this is a hard one. I think Edge tends to look at the whole outfit? he’s a fashion hip boy. or so he thinsk… not just a single piece. he likes to match things together. Take an oversized black hoodie with some skinny jeans and some docks for example. classic. goth/edgy- yet always useful. the soldier in him would never let fashion get in the way of movement.

but I’d have to say hands down tho- the one thing I always think of when pegging Edges fashion is that cape. he either always has it- or always has something that tends to mirror that. either in a hood or scarf or long coat. 

kitchenelf  asked:

yo talk to me about Eric Richard Bittle, ball of sunshine and joy, friend to all, who has dependent personality disorder and uses baking as a way to stop everyone he loves from abandoning him

Dependent PD isn’t something I’ve seen a ton of people with, so I’m not an expert, but I gotta say, if he does have it then he’s the bravest motherfucker ever.

Classic DPD is someone who hates to stand alone, who needs other people to make decisions for them and tell them what to do. Classic DPD on a hockey team usually looks like Holster (or Ollie or Wicks or any other number of hangers-on who are carefully identical to each other). 

But Bitty’s been making himself stand alone; he stands out. He dresses differently, has a different haircut, different interests, different hobbies. He’s obviously terrified on an ongoing basis that the team is gonna reject and turn on him (in the same episode as he thinks of quitting, he has a flashback to the closet incident).

And this moment stands out because when he’s not fitting in and is being treated badly, he doesn’t give in to the urge to conform harder, to try more desperately to make the team and Jack like him; he moves away from the urge to fawn and thinks about quitting. Even if that would leave him with a huge problem (his tuition) to solve, possibly without his parents’ help.

Even his vlog, which is a public expression of his personal narrative and interior emotions with only vague reference to a mass of followers, is a big fuck-you to his DPD. It’s saying that he can stand alone and tell his own story without someone else telling him who to be.

(So like, I myself do not headcanon him as having DPD. But if you want to use him as a model of how to find yourself under the weight of the disorder? Having the courage to stand up for himself and be his own person is the entire story. Have fun!)

So I just watched Simply Complicated for the first time, and while it all was very relatable, the part that really struck a chord with me and brought tears to my eyes was the section was the part where she spoke about Wilmer and life without their romantic relationship.

Honestly, I don’t think people get what a big impact breaking up with someone after years has a lot of the time. Like as Demi said, nearly almost all her adult life up until this point was with Wilmer. And I remember when they were together, so many people talked shit on him, saying that he didn’t deserve her and they couldn’t wait until they broke up. But, at least to me, it was made very clear that he helped Demi through a lot to the point of them both realising that she needed to find a way to do it on her own, because god forbid, but should something had happened to Wilmer, it sounds like Demi didn’t know how she’d recover. And as someone who has been both in Demi and Wilmer’s shoes with the same types of issues Demi has dealt with over the years in two separate relationships, let me tell you, it’s not easy on either person to maintain a relationship like that.

In fact, my last relationship which lasted just under five years, partially ended for the same reason Demi said her and Wilmer did. When we crossed the border from friendship to a romantic relationship, I was at a stage of my life where I was depending on alcohol and drugs to make it through the day, had severe, undiagnosed PTSD and bipolar disorder, was starving and harming myself in other ways and quite frankly, was in no mood to recover. These are still issues that, while I try not to act on, still influence my life to this day. Likewise, my immediate family has never been concrete, but during the course of that relationship, it completely exploded to the point of most of us not talking to each other and the ones who are having a relationship that’s damaged beyond repair. I’m not exactly someone who has a lot of close friends, and quite a few of the ones I had at the start of the relationship are no longer in my life. So yeah, Demi talking about Wilmer being her rock and seeing her through her worst hit so close to home.

As did her talk about life after Wilmer. About six months ago, my ex and I tried to talk things through in order to stay friends. It worked… kinda. Still in that awkward phase between the breakup and being cool with each other, but we’re trying. But like how Demi said her heart ached when she saw Wilmer at the party, mine does a little every time I see my ex. Because it’s like she said, you don’t love someone for that long and not give them your heart. Likewise, you don’t stay with someone for that long and not think to call them first when something happens or you need someone… but then there’s the moment when you realise “Wait, we’ve broken up. I can’t do that anymore” and honestly, that’s such a lonely feeling. And much like Demi, I throw myself into unhealthy things to fill lonely voids in me. Also much like Demi, I went years without relapsing while in a relationship in comparison to less than a month while single.

I suppose, if anything, that’s what this year has taught me. It’s taught me just how much I relied on my ex, how much I needed to do this without that dependence on him. And while quite frankly, it’s been shit a lot of the time,it’s been worth it. And I’m just so glad Demi added that section to this project because for the first time in a long time, I don’t feel alone. Instead, I feel calm and optimistic that I can in fact do this and while I still love him and hope for a future for us one day, I don’t need my ex or anyone else to do it for me. And that’s such a freeing thought.

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‘Sans’ kicks his feet idly. Upon closer inspection, it seems he’s made of some kind of blue tinted flame, tightly contained in his silhouette. The color is bleeding through the projection slightly. The skeleton’s hands and feet are also.. Irregular. Both appear to be a row of claw-like talons.

When the projection speaks, it almost sounds simultaneously far away and right before Johnny. A very mild echo.

* yeah. you could say i’m ‘not from here’ figuratively and literally. –wound up coming through the portal. it’s pretty impressive, gotta hand it to ya.

* something like this has never happened before. figured i would come check it out. meet whoever was responsible and get a feel for them.

The spectator shifts on his edge of the ring and shrugs carefully as he gestures at the luminous vortex that rested nearby. His tone was even and friendly, conversational almost. But what he was implying however…

* but i get the feeling you don’t know the true scope of what you just did yet, do you?

Johnny begins to squint his eyes further at this ‘Sans’. It clicked with the titan that their…Use of sounding friendly was only a ploy to what they were actually saying. His instincts would kick in to be wary about this projection, albeit more akin to him wanting to dissuade the person.

Their last words for him to respond on would leave Johnny in a form of internal conflict, implying as if the titan didn’t know the half of what his actions wrought. He scowls for a moment, a displeased sneer of contempt was aimed towards their general direction.

“…Don’t act like I’m stupid. I’ve seen enough of what these timelines can offer. They’re all a damn mess and I’m makin’ sure none of those ‘dangers’ crosses over.”

That reasoning alone was a wholesome truth he could keep saying over and over, considering his experiences had formed his opinion on subjects of the sort.

For him, it was time to put his foot down and prevent such atrocities with this power he now held.

“Unless you’re just here to relay cryptic words with me then you’re honestly wasting your time. The portal here is proof of that all of this is no exaggeration.”