and then he drank it

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soulmate au :)

A little snippet inspired by @ahumanfemale and I’s Barisi vampire!AU that we’re collaborating on. <3

Sonny traced the bite marks on his neck in the mirror, a constellation against pale skin to be mapped.

Circular, deep, breaking flesh and vein; a pair, surrounded by dark clouds of purple and flecks of blue that intermingle and dance hooded patterns from underneath his chin.

He thumbs at the bruise, feels the even rhythm of his heartbeat thundering beneath it, and feels like he belongs.

The blood pounding heavy and hot throughout his veins, to his heart, powering the ticking of the pulse that he felt underneath the thick skin of his neck, the skin that Rafael had pierced with teeth the night before as he’d mouthed and drank until Sonny’s own blood had quenched the mass of emptiness in his gut as he’d pushed in – it was all his now.

To take from, to hold to, to claim.

Every piece was Rafael’s.

Sonny’s body, to satisfy his thirst.

Sonny’s skin, to imprint with fingertip-shaped bruises until the spread of his narrow hips was an ode to Rafael’s ministrations.

Sonny’s heart, to dig into with both hands.

Sonny’s soul, to take if he so wished, and breathe new life into again.

severusnapers replied to your post: broccoli? spinach? pumpkin ???? severus doesn’t…

beef jerky??? no way ✋ nuh-uh, he likes nice succulent cuts of meat, no way would he be caught knawing on something like that. probably reminds him if his dad too who just snacked on that whilst he drank so he likes to stay well away from that ��

adult severus will eat greasy fish and chips to prove himself he’s stronger than his father and now is the Alpha. he will also eat bacon, chicken nuggets, grilled ribs with his hands like an animal. no knife and fork he’s a Man. he also licks his fingers clean afterwards to show satisfaction for the meal. 

He knew I’d chase him no matter the corner he ended up drowning in. He knew I’d change his Levi jeans no matter the amount of times he drank until he pissed his self. He also knew no matter what or how many bodies he had piled high that I would dig the grave. He knew when his legs stopped working & his hair grew gray I’d sale the dope. He knew I wouldn’t let him take a sentence or a day in Jail. He just knew I’d take the fall. It was either COMPLETELY blind love or none at all.

Just a crazy man’s daughter.

Booty Call

Its 5am and I just got home. At 11 he texted to come over, so I went. I wore a summer dress even though it’s winter because I knew I wouldn’t be wearing it long.

He has a hot tub and we sat in there and drank a little and smoked before he started fingering me under the water. The water was warm but the air was freezing cold, but it was hot knowing that his neighbours could probably see us. He had me sit on the edge and spread my legs so that he could see all of me.

He bent me over the side of the tub and fucked me from behind. He wanted to cum on my face so I turned around and I could see that someone was watching. We had another drink and I sat there with his cum on my skin.

Now that I’m back home all I can think about is some neighbour watching it all, probably masturbating as I was told what to do.

My parents talked as if I weren’t in the room. I expected a lecture, yelling, something, but instead they were trying to problem solve. Every once in a while they’d look over at me. Dad had drunk three tumblers of whiskey, and was pouring a fourth. He rarely drank unless it was for social reasons. This was bad. Worse than I imagined.

“I’m sorry.”

“Sorry? Dove, you’re sorry? Sorry doesn’t fix this. Sorry won’t make the fact that my daughter is about to single-handedly tank my reelection. How could you do this to me? To your Mother? To Cotton?”

“Cotton? COTTON!? Why? Why is he always more important than your own child Dad?”

“Dove, don’t you raise your voice at your Father.”          

“Dove don’t talk unless we tell you. Dove don’t think unless it’s a thought you’ve been given. Dove don’t have feelings unless it’s ones we approve. Dove don’t have your own wants, dreams, desires!”

“Dove that is quite enough!” Dad yelled. “I understand. You feel like we’ve been too controlling with your life, but can you blame us. Look at the mess you got yourself into when you tried to be in control. If anything it’s reaffirmed we’ve been on the right path.”

“Did you ever stop to think that maybe I wouldn’t have been so eager for a taste of freedom if you hadn’t smothered me with your goals in life. I don’t want to be a politician’s wife! I don’t like Cotton and he sure as heck doesn’t like me. You would consign me to a death sentence because it fits in with what you want in life?”

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Gemini came to visit Author every once in a while, usually to chat or ask for opinions on her drawings. This time was no different...except that she was very warm and flushed, and felt strange. She did her best to ignore it, but it was pretty obvious something was up.

From the moment Author opened the door he could tell something was… different… so to say. He welcomed her inside, still drinking his coffee. Then again he drank coffee constantly so that didn’t really matter, now did it?

“Are you… ok?” He asked, not wanting to sound rude but he was concerned. He had grown rather fond of Gemini and he wasn’t about to see her hurt or something.

underrated Keith moment

so s1 e4 Lance drinks some nunvil and this is his reaction

and soon in the background we see this

Lance is unresponsive so Keith decides to poke him

and Lance falls over

and then we see Keith and Hunk looking mildly concerned at their friend who has just passed out and is lying unconscious on the ground

to summarize: Lance just drank something that made him so sick that he passed out.

so what’s the very next thing Keith decides to do?

in conclusion, I love my stupid impulsive son and he would probably chug an entire bottle of hot sauce if someone dared him to.

  • Reaper: The McCree I know isn’t fit to be responsible for anyone, including and especially himself. I once saw him drink an entire jar of marinara sauce for dinner.
  • Reaper: Sombra, he opened up a new jar of marinara sauce and drank it like it was a thing normal people do. It was unholy.
  • Reaper: And then I asked him what the hell he was doing, and he said, and I quote, “It’s basically a smoothie.”
  • Sombra: I mean, technically... He's not wrong?