and then he called her the newest member of the renegades

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bellarke prompt: "Not without me."

I’ve said it a million times, but thanks for the prompts. <3

This moved pretty far away from my original interpretation of the prompt, and I’ve definitely learned that my AU writing needs improving (I can’t write angst, dammit). Live and learn I suppose. This is fluff all the way through.

Also, I feel like the number of times I used the word ‘smiled’ in this fic is rivaled only by the number of bellarke eye-rolls. I just want these dorks to be snarky and happy together, okay?

Not Without Me (or Not Gonna Write You a Love Song) 

(Aka another band/college AU. Note: My vision for the band’s style is early era Paramore, think “Never Let This Go” and “All We Know.”)

A somewhat rowdy group of friends dominated the back booth of The Ark Restaurant and Bar, as they did most Friday nights.

They got complaints from time totime, but the owner tended to let it slide, considering that three members of the aforementioned group also happened to comprise an indie rock band that played there free, once or twice a week.

Granted, they were pity gigs at first, but once Renegade Royalty actually got good (don’t ask about the name, they’ll roll their eyes and mumble something about a keg party freshman year) Marcus Kane, the restaurant’s owner, offered to start paying them. They’d built a small base of dedicated fans that always bolstered business on the nights they played. The band turned it down the pay though, insisting it was all they could do to repay the man who’d given them their start.

Raven Reyes, lead guitar and resident tech genius, sat in the corner of the booth next to Wick, her on again, off again, sometimes-boyfriend. The rest tended not to question their relationship; anything was better after Finn. Across from them sat Octavia Blake, bass and backup vocals, and Lincoln, who, occasionally roped into playing drums, was deemed an honorary member of the band. Their relationship was the most longstanding in the group, and no one really doubted they’d be together for years to come.

Big brother Bellamy Blake, who sat on the other side of Lincoln, hadn’t been pleased with the relationship at first, but now even he couldn’t deny that they were good together. He grinned and rolled his eyes at something his sister’d said, turning to the blonde next to him.

Clarke Griffin, lead singer and songwriting whirlwind, was technically to blame for the band’s existence. A round of sugar-induced, sleep-deprived karaoke after midterms freshman year (it turns out Clarke is only seemingly uptight until you get her singing) had her roommates, Raven and Octavia, insisting on forming a band.  And so they did. And it was horrible until it wasn’t.

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