and then he blamed her for that and beat her because she didn't give him a son

You Meet Their Child From A Previous Relationship.
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  • Harry: You laid out a patterned blanket onto the patch of grass that was the shadiest available spot at the park. However, every time you tried to lay it out the wind would blow the opposite side to fold underneath. Harry glanced over at you from the lunch bag and smirked. "Marcus, can you help [Y/N] out?" Harry asked, tilting his head toward you at his four year old son who shyly looked up at you, and walked to hide behind his father. You shot a smile at him, but it fell almost as fast as it appeared. "I got it." You waved, walking to the opposite side of the blanket and kneeling down. "He'll warm up to you soon," Harry said, ruffling his son's hair as small boy stayed glued to his father's side. Just as you sat down contemplating if Harry's son will ever, in fact, warm up to you, a small shadow emitted, a juice box being held out in front you. "Daddy said you like apple juice." Marcus finally spoke, taking a seat next to you and sipping on the straw of his own juice poach. You and the small boy discussed somethings, the conversations fairly short, but you were grateful of his friendliness. You watched as Marcus gazed every now and then at the groups of other children running around the playground. Standing up and wiping off the grass from your jeans before holding out your hand to him, he gave you a confused look. "Why don't I take you over there to go play for a bit?" You suggested, and he looked over at Harry, who nodded, smiling for him to go. Suddenly, Marcus's smile took over his features and he jumped to his feet, running over to the playground. You looked over at Harry but he was already looking fixedly up at you, "I told you he'd warm up." He said, waving for you to go join him, his smile as bright as the sun while he watched you jog over to the sandbox.
  • Niall: You approached Niall's front door step, excitement well overpowering your nervousness. Rapping your knuckles against his wooden door, you couldn't believe you were finally meeting his other half. From the side window you watched as the curtain was pulled back, two matching pairs of bright sapphire eyes peering from the other side of the glass. Suddenly, the front door was whipped open, your boyfriend's smile stretched to the widest you've ever seen. "Glad you could make it." He said, wrapping his arms around you and letting you into his shared home. "Maddie!" Niall called out walking into the dining room as you took off your shoes. "There's someone I want you to meet." You heard him say from behind you, his voice soft as he spoke. Turning around, you we faced with Niall leading his daughter toward you, and you could feel your breath run short. She looked exactly like him: the eyes, the hair, even down to his nose--only cuter. "Mads, this is [Y/N], [Y/N], this is my daughter, Madeline." Niall introduced, and the small girl smiled up at you, her two front teeth missing. "It's nice to meet you, Madeline. You are one of prettiest girls I've ever seen." You said, kneeling down to her height, as she smiled at her feet, her long straight brown waves falling onto her face. "Thanks." Maddie whispered tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, the blush on her face effecting all the same areas it does her father's. "Why don't I start some lunch?" Niall suggested, clapping his hands together, before walking into the kitchen. "Do you want to play Barbies with me while Daddy makes our food?" Madeline shyly asked, toying with a strand of her chocolate hair between her fingers. Your stomach erupted with butterflies while she lead you towards her large play room as soon as you agreed. "Be good in there, ladies!" Niall called, smiling brightly at you as you closed the room door.
  • Zayn: While you finished washing up dishes, you heard the front door bell ring, and you could almost feel your heart skip a beat. Weren't they suppose to show up later? Taking a deep breath, you paced over to the door and hesitantly opened it up. "Hey, [Y/N]." Zayn greeted, leaning in to press his lips to your cheek, the boy to his right clinging to his hand, golden amber eyes beaming up at you. "Say hello to [Y/N], Andrew." Zayn said to his son, who remained silent. You let out a small laugh, opening the door wider for them to come in. "Sorry, he's a bit shy." Zayn said, looking over at his son who sat on the opposite side of the couch, playing with one of his Gameboys. Taking a sip of your water, you shook your head and smiled at your boyfriend, "I don't expect him to be any other way." You mused, smiling over at him as he glanced up from the device at you two, and quickly looking away. Soon, Zayn excused him self to use the bathroom and left you two in the living room, silence bouncing off the walls. From the corner of your eye you could see Andrew staring over at you. "Do you like Pokemon?" He asked and you confusingly looked at him. He took off his backpack, rummaging through the Spider-Man decorated bag, before pulling out a electric blue DS and holding it up. "I have an extra for when Dad plays with me," He explained, turning on the machine as you scooted closer to him, taking the electronic into your hands. "You can play if you want, but it's only fun if we connect games." He shyly noted, and you smiled at him nodding, earning a toothless grin from the young boy. Burying all of your attention into the device as you and Andrew battled, you barely noticed Zayn's head resting on your shoulder. "Having fun you two?" Zayn asked but only receiving a couple mumbles from the both of you, making him let out a chuckle. "I'll start dinner." Zayn said, standing up and walking into the kitchen. The sight of you and his son made his grin wide and thoughts of the future brighter.
  • Louis: You strolled slowly next to Louis, both of you sharing either hands of his daughter, Lillian. After so many dates, Louis insisted you meet her, and even though it was the most nerve wrecking thing you've had to experience, you're glad you had. "Did you see Dad's face when we got to the top of the Ferris Wheel!" Lilly laughed loudly as you three walked out of the carnival after spending the evening there. "He was as red as your dress!" She mused pointing at your dress before her father gave her a warning looking. "I told you guys I wasn't a fan of heights." Louis smirked, and you had to bite back a giggle at how embarrassed he was getting. Just as you three were going to turn the corner to where the car was parked, Lillian looked forward, and pointed toward a small ice cream place, turning to her father, pouting and begging please. "Lilly, you've had 3 things of cotton candy, you'll never go to bed if I get you ice cream at this hour." Louis reasoned, but the five year old continued to insist, promising she'd go right to bed when she got home. However, just as her father shook his head, she immediately grabbed your hand. "Well, [Y/N] wants ice cream! Right, [Y/N]?" Lillian challenged, and you smiled at the manipulation she's earned from her father's. Louis looked over at you, and you glanced at her, and she slightly shook her head yes, before you reflected her in agreement. "Fine." Louis huffed after a couple minutes, making Lilly hug at your waist. "I knew I liked you!" She cheered, grabbing your hands and leading you and her father quickly into the ice cream shop.
  • Liam: Peeking over into the living room and at the couch where Liam's daughter sat on her phone, your heart thumping against your chest. Figuring that she was a teenager, you thought it'd be easier to get along with her, but your assumption was the complete opposite considering she hadn't said a word since you tried to introduce yourself. "She'll turn around about it." You heard Liam sigh from behind you as he poured himself more coffee. "Aubrey's just stubborn because her mother and I never worked out." He said, but you couldn't blame her. You never expected her to think you were going to be her new mom, but you could never imagine receiving such a cold shoulder. "I'm going to try again." You whispered, putting your coffee on the counter, and walking into the living room, taking a seat on the couch next to her, to which she glanced over at you, but averted her eyes back to her cell phone. "I like your shirt, where'd you get it from?" You asked and she shrugged. "A store?" Audrey murmured under her breath and you could hear Liam sigh from the kitchen. Your smile fell shortly but you didn't give up. From where you were sitting you watched as she scrolled through endless pictures of cosmetics. "Are you into makeup?" You asked and she finally turned to face you, staring for a second before nodding. "Yeah. Really into it, actually." She answered, and you chuckled lightly, "I am too, I just wish I better it." You said pointing at your eyeliner, laughing slightly at the memory of you this morning trying to put on liquid mess. The corner of her mouth quirked up and she nodded, "You just need to have a steadier hand." She informed, pointing at her perfectly lined eye make up. Silence grew between you two for a couple seconds before she stood up and looked through her purse. "I can teach you a bit, if you want." She muttered, holding up her make up bag. "That sounds perfect." You stammered, glancing over at Liam as he confusingly walked into the living room, feeling like he didn't hear correctly. Rolling her eyes at the sight of both your smiles widening on your faces, she waved for you to follow her up to her bedroom.