and then he asked her what was going on

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Kira and Malia had told Lydia that Scott was going into rut, it left her nervous and almost afriad. She brought them home, biting her lip. Glancing at her husband for a moment. "Can we talk?" She murmurs.

“Yeah, what’s up?” He asks pulling off his shirt. “Is it hot in here to you? It’s burning and I can’t get the air to work and I’m freaking out a little and you’re so pretty.” He rambles to his wife.

Say it again. 

“Alright, Mr Dingle. One more question. Who is taking you home today?” The nurse asked while reading off the clipboard in her hand.

“My fiance and mum” Aaron informed. He idly fidgeted with his hospital bracelet. He couldn’t wait to get out of here and go home. 

The nurse nodded her head while she jotted down that information. “I’ll just go finish off this paperwork. We should have you out of here in half an hour” She explained. 

“Thank you” Aaron gave her a polite smile as she left the room. 

“Robert, did you get my toiletries from the bathroom?” He checked as he folded his pajama bottoms into his bag. Not getting a response he looked over to Robert. Robert was gawking at him with a beaming smile. “What?” He asked.

Robert was trying to remember every detail of the last few minutes. “You called me your fiance” He said, excitedly.

Aaron stared at Robert then pointed to his ring, "I assumed when I accepted this, calling each other ‘fiance’ would be an unspoken rule.”

Robert let out a quite laugh. “It’s just the first time I’ve heard you refer to me as your fiance” He pointed out.

Aaron smiled shyly and shrugged. He hadn't given it much thought when he said it. The word had just slipped out.  

Robert moved to Aaron’s side. “Say it again” He encouraged. 

Aaron rolled his eyes as he stated, “My fiance the absolute dork.”

Robert couldn’t stop smiling. Gently he pulled Aaron in by his waist and kissed him lovingly. 

Aaron found himself grinning too. Robert’s smile seemed to be contagious. He liked how ‘fiance’ sounded. He wondered how ‘husband’ was going to sound. That thought made his smile grow. 

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I've been working on plot and character i i I have been working on character and plot development for a long time, and I'm happy with my ability for now, but I want to work on prose because my writing always feels rough, even after editing. Do you have any general tips/resources for writing good prose? (Characteristics, what not to do, etc) [I was told the whole ask didn't go through so I'm just sending it all again:)]

When working on ‘prose,’ you want to focus on description, mood, and setting. (All of those can be lumped under ‘description’ really, but I’m separating it out for now.)

  • Description

What is happening? How is it happening? When you say ‘Character A looked angry,’ how do you know he’s angry? What is his face doing, what is he doing with his hands? When she’s nervous, does she chew on her hair? When someone thinks no one is looking, do they check their teeth in the window?

Description is down to the details, and if you’re just practicing, don’t worry about including too much. Getting the right description comes down to feedback and editing. Focus on the ‘how are they doing things’ (showing) rather than the ‘what are they doing’ (telling).

  • Mood

Is the situation grim? Is the house creepy? How do you convey these things without just telling is that’s what it is? This is what I mean by mood. What is the weather doing? How is the lighting in the room? Is it raining at the funeral (cliche), or are the birds singing and the flowers blooming (there are so many emotions you can covey with this set-up!).

  • Setting

You may have heard the setting is yet another character in your novel (I know I’ve touted this before). Don’t ignore your setting. It’s the world in which the bones of your story are hung. Is it a grimy place, filled with dirt, or bright and cheery? Are the trees creepy and close, or are they quiet and peaceful?

Setting is just as important as your characters are. It’s what people will picture when they read your book. It’s worth time and effort to get right, and if you’re using certain places, Google Street View is a great way to see how it looks!

The main thing to remember about adding more prose to your story is that you are building it up, not cluttering it. It takes awhile to get right and your first draft is always going to be a bit messy, but that’s alright. It’s worth doing!


The Offer [Part 2]

The sound of his laughter almost tied her stomach into knots, but she managed to hold her composure. After all there’s no people more honest than psychopaths, for they don’t hide their secrets, and Mikaela always admired honesty. If he wanted to kill her he would do so a long time ago.
“You are smart.” - He clicked his tongue against the roof of his mouth. - “A smart woman like you have no place among the puppets… People like us are meant to write history… color the pages…”
… with blood. Mikaela couldn’t say why the ending of that phrase popped up in her mind and yet it did. It seemed almost surreal, hypnotizing… this place, this conversation. He knew how to pull the strings, yet she wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction so easily.
“What do you want?” - She asked in rather dry and calm voice.
“I want to play a little game.”
He grinned, heading back to his desk. She waited patiently as he fetched a small white envelop from the clutter, most of which was likely to be a part of a bomb.
“Inside you will find the rules, date, time and address. The choice is yours.” - He handed her a piece of paper with rather theatrical gesture.
“What’s the catch?”
“Oh, you are hurting my feelings, Mrs. Raita. It’s a gift. You have time to make your decision…”

The cab ride home seemed to last eternity. Why would he offer her a job? Why would he be so persistent about it? Or course, part of it was more likely Scarlett’s doing. Mikaela often ranted about her job and the troubles that came with it, but Scarlett’s opinion alone was not enough to change a mind of such man.
Was she flattered? After all she actually opened an envelope and read ‘the rules of the game’. She knew that this was a one way ticket. Did she dare to risk it all? Why was she even considering such possibility? Sure, she often felt underappreciated and underestimated, but working for the most dangerous man in the country? Breaking the law?
All these questions were swarming in her head as her phone beeped, displaying one incoming message from Scarlett. ‘Think about it. Love ya. S.’ framed in sparkly emoticons and playful winky faces. Mikaela slipped the phone back into the bag without answering. What has she gotten herself into?

Pay attention to meeee
  • Dragon:*is poised to attack*
  • Miss Quill:Oh, and the inspector? He was a robot.
  • everyone else:*ignores her*
  • Miss Quill:Alright, fine. Now I get it. It's only Quill. Who cares if she kissed a robot.
  • Charlie & April:*stare at her*
  • Charlie:You kissed him?!
  • Miss Quill:Ahh, yeah, now you're listening aren't you!
  • [sometimes later, when everyone's trying to come to terms with what just happened / what they just helped to happen]
  • everyone:*is upset / confused / conflicted*
  • Miss Quill:*watches them talk among themselves and walk away*
  • Miss Quill:So, is no one going to ask about the robot? *sighs dejectedly*
This was my train of thought when I first saw these scenes of Kylo and Rey interract in TFA

“Hm….what did you hear about her?? You heard two sentences! Man, this villain is kinda sexy..look at his walk…”

“What the fuck??? He just bridal carried her! What kind of a villain does this? Why do I like this? Is this my new ship? 

Originally posted by reylooo

“OMG! He’s hot with and without the mask! He took it off for her! Why did he do that? She’s probably related to him.”

Originally posted by trashwilldo

 He treats her differently than others. No, stop! I shouldn’t ship this.”

Originally posted by trashwilldo

“Look at the way he’s looking at her. Definitely not related!! Fuck. I’m done. There’s no going back now. This ship has sailed.”

“Did he just asked to be her teacher? As of right now I’m Reylo trash. Hope I’m not the only one.”

*Went home, wrote Kylo and Rey in YouTube search…and the rest is history*

 hc on terumob -ish

mob actually likes teru ONLY platonically and its basically all admiration on probably how easy teru can pick up girls ,but in reality mob is the only one that teru really likes and it hurts him in his soft egotistical heart because damn. this once he wishes he could be w/ someone and it would be as easy as all those girls asking him out just because hes known to be ‘smart’ and ‘cool’ but nah

i mean of course teru does admire mob in all sorts of ways but from there on it gets stronger and forms itself into a whole nother feelin, such as a gay CRUSH wow nice

as teru and hang out he eventually finds out that mob has a childhood crush on tsubomi chan and maybe that quickly escalates into jealousy and he almost sees through her personality immediately and just thinks ‘shes not even that cute??? why her. not me. also shes so fake?? .tf’ idk i mightve stuck my own thoughts into that bUT thats not the point,

AND THEN ,,he compares tsubomi chan and himself and find the fact that they both have a similar trait is that theyre kind of ‘popular’ and well known in school for their looks and teru is just ‘*clenches fist* try me bitch’  and through that whole inner teru analyzation mob is just next to him blushin and staring at tsubomi who notices once she feels teru’s glare and mob accidentally takes it as they made eye contact but NO boy u wrong 

i dont even like terumob tht much????y’all,,,

idk where this is goin g ,but

the quickest doodle ive ever done it looks terrible but u know what i meant i think–


Alternate titles: “I am very worried for Shadow the Hedgehog” or “why they should’ve expanded more on Shadow and Amy’s relationship post-SA2 for fUCK’S SAKE”

Let’s start with Shadow.

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what do you mean caspar cockblocked you

So there’s a q&a segment and the guy handing out the microphone was coming RIGHT AT ME, HE SMILED AT ME AND EVERYTHING AND I WAS SO READY TO ASK MY QUESTION

then Caspar says “who wants Joe to do a Sheffield accent?? Someone give him something to say!” Then pointed to a girl at the front of my block so the guy left to give the microphone to her


I was going to ask if they would ever release a single like Dan and Phil did bc there’s a section in htr USA where they gospel sing

There was SO MUCH dan and phil merch in that room holy fuck my question would’ve been a hit

But I got cockblocked by Caspar at his own tour so that’s great and upsetting and angering

Damon walked past and blew you a kiss, sending you a wink as he unscrewed his bottle of water and drank it seductively.

You rolled your eyes when you heard your best friend sigh next to you.

“He’s so dreamy"she whispered.

"Oh please"you shook your head with disgust. You never understood what was so great about Damon Salvatore. Sure he was absolutely gorgeous and he had the attitude to go with it but you just didn’t understand, it was like he had girls under a spell.

"You don’t deserve his love"your friend swatted you with her magazine.

"What?"you asked baffled.

"Have you not noticed?"she replied dumbfounded.

"C'mon I walked around for a day not noticing that I was wearing odd shoes I don’t think observing things is one of my strong qualities"you made your point.

"Point taken"she nodded.
"So what haven’t I noticed?"you asked curiously.

"The fact that Damon is head over heels in love with you, you’re the only girl he’ll pay attention to”

You looked over at Damon who was staring right back at you, you sent him a smile and a wave,his eyes widened as if it was the most surprising thing in the world.

He didn’t know what to do with him self, and you just sat there amused at how flustered he was getting.

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Travis picking up some flowers for Katie on his way back from work. He's almost 2 hours late and when Katie calls asking where he is- "I was going to surprise you with those new flowers you liked but I went to 5 stores and couldn't find them"

what a sweetheart but also imagine the reVERSE and Katie is so frustrated because it shouldn’t be this damn hard for a child of Demeter herself to find a damn flower that her boyfriend thinks is “impossibly pretty” 

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Can I ask a scenario: like Yurio try to understand his s/o when she/he speaks her/his mother language ????

((I’m going to be using my native language, since it’s the easiest (obviously), even though that technically doesn’t make too much sense since it’s close to Russian, but whatever. Also, can anyone guess where I’m from?))

(y/n) speaking in her native language wasn’t what Yuri was  expecting to hear when he came home from practice. He could understand a few words here and there, but the rest of it was just random gibberish. 

The girl seemed to be talking to someone on the phone.

“Da, ne brini se, sve je ok. Ne, zašto bi bila nesretna? Mama, nemamo nikakvih problema, od kud ti to?”

There was a slight pause, like she was waiting for an answer on the other side of the line.

“Čekaj, što?! Zašto mi nisi rekla ranije da dolazite? Kojim čudom očekuješ od mene da mu samo kažem ‘E, da, zaboravila sam ti reći, ali moji roditelji nam dolaze u posjetu prekosutra. Također, nemoj zaboraviti usisati dnevnu sobu’. Stvarno bi bilo bolje da si mi rekla ranije. Da. Da. Oke, vidimo se, pusa.”

Okay, Yuri had zero idea what was said. Even though they both spoke slavic languages, it was pretty hard to figure out what was being spoken.

After she hung up the phone, (y/n) noticed the blond male in the doorway and smiled (nervously). 

“Yuri, welcome home!”

“Who was that?”

“Aren’t you nice… That was my mom. She said she’ll be coming here the day after tomorrow.”


“I know, I told her she should’ve told us earlier.”

Seeing how (y/n) was getting slightly depressed, obviously thinking she had upset Yuri, the male stepped forward and hugged her.

“It’s not that big of a deal. We should just clean the apartment a bit before they come.”

(y/n) giggled sightly.

“Don’t forget to vacuum the living room” 

“Da, ne brini se, sve je ok. Ne, zašto bi bila nesretna? Mama, nemamo nikakvih problema, od kud ti to?”
“Yes, don’t worry, everything’s fine. No, why would I be unhappy? Mom, we aren’t having any problems, where did you get that idea?”

“Čekaj, što?! Zašto mi nisi rekla ranije da dolazite? Kojim čudom očekuješ od mene da mu samo kažem ‘E, da, zaboravila sam ti reći, ali moji roditelji nam dolaze u posjetu prekosutra. Također, nemoj zaboraviti usisati dnevnu sobu’. Stvarno bi bilo bolje da si mi rekla ranije. Da. Da. Oke, vidimo se, pusa.”
“Wait, what?! Why didn’t you tell me sooner that you’re coming to visit? How exactly do you expect me to just tell him ‘Oh, yeah, I forgot to tell you, but my parents are coming to visit the day after tomorrow. Also, don’t forget to vacuum the living room’. You really should’ve told me earlier. Yes. Yes. Okay, See you, bye.” 


“I forgive you,” Rem told him. “If you forgive me.”

“Nothing to forgive,” said James. “Rem, I… I’m really glad that Mr. Thompson asked me to tutor you.”

“I never thought I’d say this, but, so am I.”

There was a long moment of quiet. The space between the two was small, and the air felt electric. James imagined what it would be like to lean forward and kiss her. And God, did he want to do that. She was so close. He could smell the scent of the shampoo she’d used, feel the warmth radiating off of the bare skin of her arms, throat and legs. And she looked so good in his shirt.

Instead, he cleared his throat.

“I should probably get going.” he mumbled reluctantly.

“Can you stay?” Rem blurted, unable to stop herself. “I mean, just for a little while. To talk.”

“I can stay,” James said, trying to hide the eager-tone of his voice. “If–If you really want me to.”

Okay so is anyone else confused?

Remember when Salem asked that one dude to go after Spring… Well would he KILL Spring or just bring her back to Salem? Cuz if he killed her, then what? The Maidens power only goes to females. Would he show a picture of a female to spring in hopes she thinks of whatever woman that is? If he brought her back… Then what? Dx Emerald be Spring? Idek…

Burn Part 3

Pairing: John Laurens x reader

Words: 408

Warnings: none

Request: Requested by anonymous: please tell me there is a burn part 3

“You saw him at the store?!” Peggy shrieked, incredulous.

“Yes! He looked… Terrible.” You sighed.

“What did you do? Did you forgive him?” Peggy jumped around excitedly.

“Yeah, I forgave him. We hugged, and then parted ways.” You shrugged, turning away from her.

“Oh my god!” She squealed.

“Chill, we just met and then parted ways.” You ignored the fact that you chose to meet later that night.

“Lame.” Peggy pouted, and walked off. You laughed at her childlike demeanor, before your phone rang.


You picked up eagerly. “Hello?”

“Hey, how’s it going?” John asked.

“Good. Is there a reason you called?” You wondered, staring at the door that Peggy left through.

“No, I, uh, just wanted to hear your voice again…” He mumbled, almost ashamed. You giggled, and memories from when you were with him came flooding in. You remembered the note you’d found.

‘Y/N, I never want to lose you. Will you marry me?’

“Y/N, you alright?” John’s voice made you jump, bringing you out of your thoughts.

“Yeah. Fine. I have to go, see you tonight.” You hung up, sighing heavily.

You checked the clock.


You walked out the door, getting in your car to drive to John’s.

You knocked, waiting anxiously for John to answer.

“Hey.” John opened the door.

“Hey.” You replied.

The tension between you could’ve been cut with a knife.

“Come in.” John moved away from the door, letting you inside.

You walked in, staring at the all too familiar apartment that you once knew so well.

“It hasn’t changed.” You commented.

Your eyes caught a turtle plush. You recognized it immediately.

You raced through the carnival, John in tow.

“I bet I could get you that.” You pointed to a turtle that hung on the wall of a booth.

“Ok. Shoot.”

He kept it.

“You alright?” You nodded, not taking your eyes off the toy.


“Oh, that.” He finally followed your gaze. “That day…”

“Why did you keep it?” You blurted out.

“What? Well, I don’t know…” You finally turned to look at him. He was staring at the ground. “I missed you.” He admitted, keeping his gaze down.

You felt your heart swell, and you quickly pulled him into a warm embrace.

“Y/N, I never want to lose you.” He whispered.

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TVD 8x1 didn't give any hope for a Stelena endgame, not at all. KW is not going to fix the Delena problem. How sad and disappointing.

No, he isn’t, and there’s a good reason for that: KW is all about earning what he writes and by this point, with JP still opening her dumb big mouth with every chance she gets, there’s just no way for KW to write a SE ending and earn it. I think it’s best if we all simply accept 4x01 as the last episode of TVD. After that it turned into The Damon Diaries. 4x01 was the actual series finale, let’s be real here.

Bonfire- Crawford Collins Imagine:

Requested: No💛
Reader x Crawford Collins
Word Count: 600
Warnings: yeah yeah you know the drill, choking hazards, smut, language, kinky shit, some dirty diddlies & panties 😏💜

Wattpad: cherrybombdaizies🍒

“Why are you doing that?” I asked Crawford as he took a swig of alcohol
“YN it’s fun.” Crawford said
I was at Crawford’s parents house they were having a bonfire and they always allowed us to drink a bit and have fun. I had been friends with Crawford since 2nd grade.
“YN guess what?!” Kizzy said
“What?!” I said
“I’m going to prom with Trevor.” She replied
“Yas gurl.” I laughed and hugged her
“Hey yn will you and Karisma come and help me get the bonfire stuff?” asked Mama Collins
Kizzy and I nodded. As we walked back out with the marshmallows and hot dogs we saw Kirsten, Chris and Crawf had gotten blankets and stuff for everyone.
“Is it okay you and Craw share?” asked Kirsten
“Oh yeah. I don’t mind.” I smile
I sit across Crawf’s lap as we all start to roast marshmallows.
“YN.” Crawf said with the smell of the whiskey he was just drinking falling from his lips
“What?” I ask innocently unaware of what I was doing
“You’re rubbing against my uhm cock.” He gulped
“I’m sorry.” I said and relax back
I feel his bulge against my ass through his jeans and I close my eyes.
I reach between us and palm him through his jeans, my palm rubbing slowly against him.
“YN.” He groans
“Let’s go upstairs.” I moan
“Uhm can we be excused?” Crawf asks
And they all nod
We ascend the staircase, reaching Crawford’s room and going in the door as pieces of our clothing come off.
“YN are you a virgin?” Crawford asks
I bit my lip as to not answer any questions.
“Are you?” He asks impatiently
“No actually.” I say
He spreads my legs and pulls at the crotch of my panties.
“Look at you baby girl all nice and red.” Crawf says
“Crawford please.” I whisper
His fingers rub and spread my folds as he spreads my wetness around.
His lips trail down my neck as he stops at my breast, taking one in his mouth and his fingers sliding inside me
“Crawford.” I moaned as his lips trailed down my body until he reached my pubic mound.
“Relax.” He said as I felt myself clenching on his fingers
His full lips attach to my clit as I grip the sheets.
“Crawf.” I moaned and threaded my fingers through his hair
“I’m so close. Crawf, I’m gonna cum.” I moan he pulls his fingers from my hole and licks them slowly
“Come here.” He says and flips us over so I’m on top of him
“Crawf.” I moan
“Rub against me.” He said
I straddle his flaccid member and run my folds along him, with my hands clawing at his chest.
“Are you ready?” He asks and I nod
He slips himself in as I begin to roll my hips and bounce a bit.
“Fuck yn, you are so tight.” Crawford moans
“Right there Crawford right there, fuck me harder.” I moan
He flips us over and throws my legs on his shoulders and enters in again.
“Fuck me harder Crawford.” I moan and rub my clit
“I’m gonna cum yn.” He groans as his stubble tickles my neck
“Me too.” I moan
I feel my walls clench around him as he twitches inside me.
“P-pull out.” I grunt as his thumb circles my clit, dripping onto his sheets and he splats all over his  tummy
“Maybe we should go back down before they start to get ideas.” I laugh lazily
“Or we could go for round two?” He suggests

Big secrets Snowing has kept from each other:

  • When Snow decided to kill Cora
  • When Snow subsequently went to Regina and asked her to KILL HER because she couldn’t live with the guilt (yeah nbd, just leave your husband and daughter behind)
  • After they got married, Snow was planning to go off and try to defeat Medusa on her own (Charming saw through the lie, but still)
  • When Charming was dying from dreamshade in Neverland
  • And now, to no one’s surprise, Charming is figuring out what happened to his father (although he wouldn’t have to keep it a secret if Snow hadn’t blown off the idea)

Oh, and the secret Snowing kept from Emma: putting all of her potential darkness into Mal’s baby because OH NO our daughter might turn out different than the way we want her to so we gotta nip that right in the bud.

But… okay, y’all never keep secrets. 😂

writing meme, friends

tagged by @iaintinapatientphase

Rules: First line of your last twenty fics.  Try to find a pattern.

1. Dinner was quiet.

2. Alexander’s late.

3. “I don’t care what they said, it doesn’t mean shit!”

4. Her hand is so soft and small in his own.

5. The night was going well.

6. She’s working on party favors, legs crossed and beer at her side, when Phil walks in.

7. “I don’t know how you get yourself into these situations,” Hamilton says as Church opens the door to the penthouse.

8. “It’s sticky.” 

9. He reaches blindly for his phone when it rings. 

10. She’s sitting in the waiting room when her phone lights up in her hand.

11. “At this point, what else could possibly go wrong?”

12. “How exactly did you manage to get stuck in there?” Theo asks as she unlocks the closet Aaron Burr is stuffed in.

13. “No, the house is definitely not haunted, why do you ask?”

14. He cannot stop pacing the house. 

15. Eliza gets out of the shower and sees her husband standing in his underwear shaving.

16. They’re standing outside headquarters.

17. “In my defense, it seemed like a brilliant idea at the time,” she says, handing newborn James to Alexander

18. She cradles the baby as she reads through the invitations.

19. She’s asleep again. 

20. “Why are we whispering?” Peggy asks.

Patterns: One nice thing about working off prompts is sometimes the prompt is the first line.  Also, the characters the fic will be about are right in the ask, so you can jump in with the pronouns.  Anyway, I like short sentences, I guess.

tagging: whoever wants to do it!