and then he asked her what was going on

Exo reaction when their wife had to go to another country for a while and they and their little kid misses you

Sehun:*while he talks to you on skype* Hurry up and come home cause I think I’m going crazy without you.

Kai:*when the little kid say that she misses mommy cause she used to play with her more than kai is doing it now* Daddy can play with you also if you would ask me , now daddy is sad! 

Tao:*while the kid is talking with you* Just hurry up and come home cause we both miss you like crazy ! *can not contain his feelings anymore

Kyungsoo: Kid: Daddy do you miss mommy? what are we going to do without her for so long?

I will probably go crazy without her here, but mommy will come back soon.

Chanyeol:*tries to keep the kid happy and make him to forget about the fact that he is missing his mommy* What about this face? does daddy looks handsome with this face?

Chen:*when he talks with you on skype* I know you can’t come  back earlier but at least try to  make time to call the little ones cause they miss you like crazy okay?

Baekhyun: Maybe a miracle can happen and you can come back home earlier cause me and the princess miss you like crazy.

Lay:*talks with the kid* I know you miss mommy but you still have daddy here with you, we are gonna have so much fun, you’ll see.

Suho: I know I’m not mommy but we can play with the dolls and let me braid your hair if you want?

Kris: That’s my little girl! I know mommy is not here but she will return sooner than you think and then you two can spend all the time in the world together. 

Luhan:*while he is talking with you* There is no chance of you coming back home earlier isn’t it?

Xiumin:*has his days when he sulks like a little kid along with his kid cause they both miss you*

The Signs At A Sleepover *A zodiac story*
  • <p><b></b> "Taurus, do you ever get off the couch?" Pisces asked from the floor. He would have gotten the blankets himself but Cancer was using his lap as a pillow and he was terrified to disturb her slumber. Taurus grumbled and pushed the laptop off her thighs. "ARIES!" Taurus called looking at the stairs, waiting for a response. When she didn't get one she decided to go upstairs to see what Aries was doing.<p/><b></b> Taurus arrived at the top of the stairs and rolled her eyes at the sight of aries and scorpio kissing. "Why is it always you two?" She asked and Aries quickly jumped off of Scorpio. "We were just-uh it was a dare!" Aries quickly exclaimed and scorpio gave her a confused look.<p/><b></b> "Oh please, you didn't think this was anything serious." Aries laughed and then quickly sobered in response to scorpio's blank expression.<p/><b></b> "Just..not on my bed." Taurus turned and walked back down the stairs.<p/><b></b> "Can we go somewhere?" Sagittarius asked and huffed when Taurus didn't respond. "Taurus, I'm bored, what are we going to do?" He continued and Taurus groaned. "It wasn't even my idea to have this sleepover, can't we just watch netflix?"<p/><b></b> Aquarius barged into the living room with Gemini and Cancer shot out of Pisces lap. "Oh no.." Pisces said quietly and Aquarius stared at Cancer for a moment.<p/><b></b> "Why do you guys always have to make so much noise!?" Cancer pouted and walked up the stairs to find somewhere quiet to sleep.<p/><b></b> "OH ARE YOU JOKING?" She yelled when she found Aries and Scorpio in the bed. "All I want is some sleep." She whined and walked down the hall into the guest bedroom.<p/><b></b> "Anywayyy... aliens." Aquarius said randomly and Gemini smirked. "Scientific evidence proves there could be life forms on other planets and I think it would be best if the govern-" Gemini was cut off by Taurus. "You're giving me a headache." Taurus whispered and Gemini continued talking to Aquarius in a hushed voice. "The entire idea of aliens is completely irrational." Capricorn looked up from her phone<p/><b></b> "Taurusss!" Leo called from the kitchen and Libra jumped off the counter immediately when Taurus walked in. "What have you done to my kitchen!" Taurus looked at the flour covered table and sniffed the burnt aroma. "They did it not me!" Virgo quickly pointed the blame on Libra and Leo. "Get out!" Taurus said in an urgent tone and Libra and Leo ran out of the kitchen while Virgo fussed and walked out.<p/><b></b> "THIS IS NEVER HAPPENING AT MY HOUSE EVER AGAIN!" Taurus called from the kitchen.<p/><b>Side note:</b> Pisces fell asleep on the floor, Capricorn eventually dozed off in a lounge chair, Scorpio and Aries fell asleep in Taurus' bed, Aquarius and Gemini stayed up all night playing trivial pursuit, Sagittarius complained about being bored until they passed out, Virgo and Leo fell asleep next to Pisces, Libra slept peacefully on the couch, Cancer slept in the guest bed all night and Taurus stayed up until the morning fixing the mess Leo made trying to cook.<p/></p>

Daryl isn’t trying to worry and he isn’t going to ask her about it but he notices everything and this is something she can’t hide from him. Beth is eating less and Daryl has no idea what to do. Because the less she eats, the more she pushes him away from her and Daryl can’t help but start to think that maybe, it would just be easier to let her push.

- a possible Cornerstone sequel

bibbity-bobbity-back-the-hell-up asked:

Daddy!Michael surprising you by dying his hair and painting your kids toe nails to match

so when you had received a phone call from your oldest saying “mommy! daddy’s dying his hair!” you knew it was nothing but trouble. so when you got home, all of michael’s hair was covered by a beanie, while little girl cliffo was all giggly in her daddy’s lap. and you ask warily, “michael…what color is it now?” and he nudges baby girl and she squeals, “mommy! his hair matches my toe nails!” and your eyes kind of go wide because baby girl cliffo’s toe nails are hot pink…and then michael pulls off his beanie and all the cliffo kids are smiling and squealing because “mommy!! don’t you love daddy’s hair!?

daddy!5sos night with ashtonangst and assholelukey! feel free to send in your own blurbs and requests!

anonymous asked:

Prompt: Maks hears about Meryl's gig with Tony in Miami. Gets jealous. Tony gives advice.

“So,” Maks says over lunch, the day after Tony gets back from Florida.

“So?” Tony asks, trying to hide his smirk because he already knows what he’s going to say.

“Salsaing with Meryl, huh?  How did that go?”

Tony smiled.  He thought correctly.

“It went great,” he told his friend.  “The routine is really fun, and man, she is a great dancer.”

“Yeah, I know,” Maks retorted, slightly too sharp to be completely pleasant.

“Yeah,” Tony drawled, trying his hardest not to laugh.  “I guess you would, wouldn’t you?”

“Why didn’t I know about it?”

Tony shrugged.

“Don’t know.  You’re not the keeper of all things Meryl.  You’re not her boyfriend.”

Maks flinched, and he sighed.  He felt kind of bad about that one, but it was the truth.

“I’m just…confused,” Maks grumbled.  “As to why she didn’t ask me.”

“She must’ve known you had stuff going on in New York.”

He hummed.

“What?” Tony asked.

Maks shook his head.

“Nothing.  I’m just…I’m not used to her dancing with other people.  It’s…weird.”

“She danced with Val.”

“Nah,” Maks responded. “That’s different.  He’s my brother.”

“She danced with Charlie,” Tony pointed out.

“Also different.  He’s Charlie.”

“And I’m Tony.”

Maks exhaled slowly.

“Yeah, I know.  It’s just…I don’t know.  I don’t - “

He stopped himself, looking at Tony with anxious eyes.

“You don’t like it?” Tony guessed.

Maks closed his eyes, nodding his head slowly and biting his lip.

“Can I give you some advice?” Tony asked.

“Of course.”

He got up, walking over to Maks and leaning down to whisper in his friend’s ear.

“If you care about her that much, do something about it.”

doodle sketch for xxdtfanxx and tb5-heavenward/preludeinz, based on her super cute mini-fic, about Alan and Scott and nightmares, which can be found here (x)

“Scotty’s warm, and his shoulder is broad and strong when Alan presses his face against the t-shirt his brother wears to bed. And Scott’s there, Scott’s always been there. Alan doesn’t even remember what the dream was, but the reality is that he needs his big brother right now. He buries himself against Scott’s chest and sighs heavily. “M’sorry,” he mumbles. “Was a bad dream.”

Janet sits in her lonely room
Sewing a silken seam
And looking out on Carterhaugh
Among the roses green
And Janet sits in her lonely bower
Sewing a silken thread
And longed to be in Carterhaugh
Among the roses red
She’s let the seam fall at her heel
The needle to her toe
And she has gone to Carterhaugh
As fast as she can go
She hadn’t pulled a rose, a rose
A rose, but only one
When then appeared him, young Tamlin
Says, “Lady, let alone”
“What makes you pull the rose, the rose?
What makes you break the tree?
What makes you come to Carterhaugh
Without the leave of me?”
“But Carterhaugh is not your own
Roses there are many
I’ll come and go all as I please
And not ask leave of any”
And he has took her by the hand
Took her by the sleeve
And he has laid this lady down
Among the roses green
And he has took her by the arm
Took her by the hem
And he has laid this lady down
Among the roses red
There’s four and twenty ladies fair
Sewing at the silk
And Janet goes among them all
Her face as pale as milk
And four and twenty gentlemen
Playing at the chess
And Janet goes among them all
As green as any glass
Then up and spoke her father
He’s spoken meek and mild
“Oh, alas, my daughter
I fear you go with child”
“And is it to a man of might
Or to a man of means
Or who among my gentlemen
Shall give the babe his name?”
“Oh, father, if I go with child
This much to you I’ll tell
There’s none among your gentlemen
That I would treat so well”
“And, father, if I go with child
I must bear the blame
There’s none among your gentlemen
Shall give the babe his name”
She’s let the seam fall at her hell
The needle to her toe
And she has gone to Carterhaugh
As fast as she could go
And she is down among the weeds
Down among the thorn
When then appeared Tamlin again
Says, “Lady, pull no more”
“What makes you pull the poison rose?
What makes you break the tree?
What makes you harm the little babe
That I have got with thee?”
“Oh I will pull the rose, Tamlin
I will break the tree
But I’ll not bear the little babe
That you have got with me”
“If he were to a gentleman
And not a wild shade
I’d rock him all the winter’s night
And all the summer’s day”
“Then take me back into your arms
If you my love would win
And hold me tight and fear me not
I’ll be a gentleman”
“But first I’ll change all in your arms
Into a wild wolf
But hold me tight and fear me not
I am your own true love”
“And then I’ll change all in your arms
Into a wild bear
But hold me tight and fear me not
I am your husband dear”
“And then I’ll change all in your arms
Into a lion bold
But hold me tight and fear me not
And you will love your child”
At first he changed all in her arms
Into a wild wolf
She held him tight and feared him not
He was her own true love
And then he changed all in her arms
Into a wild bear
She held him tight and feared him not
He was her husband dear
And then he changed all in her arms
Into a lion bold
She held him tight and feared him not
The father of her child
And then he changed all in her arms
Into a naked man
She’s wrapped him in her coat so warm
And she has brought him home
—  Tam Lin: Anais Mitchell Child Ballads Version

anonymous asked:

Prompt: Ten and Rose run into future Ten and Martha or Donna. K or T.

The TARDIS hit the ground a lot harder than normal.  Martha groaned from her place on the steel grates.  The Doctor was, of course, still on his feet.  How he managed to keep upright was beyond her.  She really needed to get used to his driving.  Next time she might just break a bone.

“That’s impossible,” the Doctor murmured as he spun the screen round to look at the readouts.  

“What’s impossible?” Martha asked, as she climbed to her feet.

“We’re on Kalmen,” he replied.

Martha crossed her arms and gave him a pointed look.  That explained absolutely nothing.  

The Doctor stared at the date, his insides twisting together.  It wasn’t possible.  They couldn’t be here.  They shouldn’t be.  

“We should go,” he muttered.  “We really should go.”

“Doctor?” Martha called to him, but he was already moving for the door.

He had to see her again, just one more time.

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Pietro Maximoff One-Shot(MCU)

Y/N was an Avenger. Not one of the founders or anything, but joined the team after The Battle of New York. She also wasn’t normal. She was born with a special ability. She could see into the future.Now, she was fighting along side Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, The Avengers.


“No!” Y/N shouted. Steve ran to assist her, “What’s wrong? What did you see?” He asked her. “I-I need to go.” She then got onto a motorcycle and drove as fast as possible to find Pietro.

She had seen him falling to the ground, with several bullet wound to the chest. She saw him saving Clint and a little boy and then saw Wanda’s pain.

She jumped off the motorcycle and saw Pietro run and then a a blue flash. Just as the he was about to get hit, she pushed him out the way and was ready to feel the bullets pierce through her skin. Nothing.

She opened her eyes and saw Clint, hugging the little boy and turned to the side and saw Pietro with the broken gun machine that should have killed her.

“What happened?” She asked. Clint picked up the boy, “We’ve got to go.” Clint said and the three of them ran. They got into one of Fury’s new toys and sat down.

“What happened?” She asked again. “I saved your life.” Pietro said. “Well, technically, I saved your life.” She told him.

Clint sighed. “All I saw was a blue streak and then Pietro with the thing that was going to kill me.” He told them, Y/N then hit Clint’s head. “What was that for?” Clint asked.

“You almost got yourself killed!” Y/N said and Pietro was laughing. She then hit Pietro. “What?” He asked. “I saw you die. Did you not think about Wanda? How hurt she would have been?” Y/N asked.

“I wasn’t going to let him die, not like that.” Pietro said to her. “Well, at least the boy’s safe.” Y/N sighed and leaned into the seat.

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Prompt! While Maks is on travel Meryl buys another puppy without telling him. She doesn't realize he's home and her and Val get caught bringing the puppy in the house with all of its toys and new goodies.

He walks in the door to find new dog toys scattered all over the living room.

“I’m home,” he said, and his tone made it sound like a question.

He picks up a toy, and turns it over in his hands.

“Did you go on a shopping spree for Boris?” he asked, walking into the kitchen.

He found her and Val in the room, staring at him with wide eyes and shocked faces.

“You’re home early,” Meryl muttered through gritted teeth.

“Yeah,” he said, brow furrowed.  “I wanted to surprise you.  What is going on?”

Suddenly, he heard a yap from behind the counter.

He gaped at her.

“Oh my God, Meryl.”

She winced, and reached down, picking up a Yorkie puppy and holding it out to show him.

“Boris needed his brother, Oleg.”

He glared at his brother.

“You helped her with this?”

“Aw, come on bro,” Val implored, going over and standing behind Meryl and the puppy.  “You have to admit, he’s cute.”

Maks stared at the three of them, all making puppy faces at him.  He rolled his eyes and sighed.

“Yeah.  Boris is cute.”

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I love your fanfics so much! Can you do a kbtbb one about them asking the mc to prom?

Eisuke: Eisuke walked towards class 1-B to where Khim was currently eating her lunch with her classmates. Standing at the door he mentally took a deep breath and tried to keep a straight face. “Oh my god why is Prince Eisuke here!?” Some girls yelled, causing Khim to look in your direction. Her cheeks puffed out due to the food in her mouth and her confused expression caused a light blush to play on his cheeks as he walked to her desk, “After school were going prom dress shopping.” He said before walking out quickly. 

Soryu: Soryu was standing at the school gate embarrassed. The fearful mafia prodigy was now standing holding a bouquet of flowers waiting for his girlfriend to come to school. How embarrassing. But when he saw Khim round the corner than break into a sprint to get to him, the embarrassment was worth it, “What are these?” She asked, accepting the flowers. Soryu scratched the back of his neck, “Well uhm, if your not busy, I was thinking we could…go to prom together.” He said averting his gaze. Khim was so happy she kissed him, “Of course!”

Ota: Ota walked down the hallway towards Khim’s locker. He couldn’t wait to see her reaction when he asked her to prom that he almost had a skip in his step. Reaching her locker and blocking her in, he slipped a necklace around her neck. “What’s this?” She asked. “It’s my collar for you so if your every lost someone can return you to me.” She pouted and hit his chest as she looked at the necklace. Her eyes went wide when she saw the engraving on the back of the heart, “Will you go to prom with me?”

Baba: Baba had it all set up. He had your class help him set up the decorations in your classroom as they made sure you bought lunch that day. Walking back to your classroom you were surprised to find the lights off. Walking in nd turning them on you saw Baba standing there with a bouquet of roses and a sign, “Will you go to prom with me princess?” 

Mamoru: “You know if you don’t ask her someone will.” Ota said as Mamoru threw a glance at you. You were talking to another boy in your class, laughing and having a good time. He tried to keep calm and act like he didn’t care but inside he wanted so bad to pull you away and keep you to himself. Throwing away his pride he marched over to you and pulled you to him, “Kid what color you wearing to prom?” She blinked a couple times, “What?” Mamoru sighed, “Because were going together right?” He asked her, afraid of her answer. She happily nodded and gave him a peck on the cheek.

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I have an idea you could use for pervy reaction gifs. You could do one where Candy asks the boys if they will go to Victoria Secret with her, so they could choose what outfit they would like to see her in later tonight for their extracurricular activities.

Castiel: He’s eager of course. Was there any doubt?

Lysander: Can’t believe what he hears. Pretty shocked, but still smiling like a goon.

Nathaniel: Gif says it all….

Armin: Embarrasses himself with excitement. New cosplay outfit it is!

Kentin: Well you broke him… good job.


Her Baby *Neymar imagine*


“Jenima, please just sit still baby” I said as I tried to comb her hair

She giggled, and wiggled around in the chair. “Mommy, I don’t want to” She said crossing her arms

I chuckled, “Baby, look and Mommy’s done”

I stepped back, and showed her herself in the mirror. She looked so adorable, her hair was in a bun with her curly hair finally staying. She didn’t even look at herself, she just hopped off the chair and went running around the house. I sighed, and cleaned up.

My phone rang, and I sighed once again going over to pick it up. I saw the caller ID was Neymar, I smiled and answered. “Hey” I said

“Hey, what are you doing right now?” He asked

“Nothing, just getting ready”

“Getting ready for what?”

I nearly face palmed myself, today was Jenima’s ceremony she was going into 1st grade and Neymar hadn’t a clue that I even had a daughter. “Um my friend-she has a meeting so I have to go watch over her kid” I lied

“Oh, well Davi wants to say hi”

I chuckled, “Hi Y/N” His cheerful voice rang through the phone

“Hi Davi, are you being good?”

“Yes, are we going to play?”

“Later Davi I promise” I told him


I chuckled, and looked over at Jenima who was messing with her dolls. “Hey, Y/N when you get done at your friend’s how about I come over and bring Davi?” He asked

I bit my lip, “Um sure”

I could hear him chuckle on the other side of the phone, “Alright I’ll see you later”


“Love you”

“Love you too Neymar”

And we hung up, I sighed and messed with my thumbs. Neymar hadn’t known about Jenima, I didn’t know how he was going to react to her. She’s my little girl,and I love her to death and I don’t want her to get hurt, and I don’t want anything to happen to her.

I sighed, and Jenima turned to me. “Mommy, are you okay?” She asks

I smiled down at her, and picked her up showering her with kisses. “Yes my baby” I said

She giggled, and I set her down. I finished getting ready, and then headed to the car with Jenima buckling her down in her seat belt we drove off to the school. As we arrived, I held onto her hand as we walked in the school.

When we reached her class, she sat up front with her class and I went to the back where the other parents were and after a while they began with a song that they had made themselves. It was honestly the cutest thing.

Then they moved on to the awards, Jenima won awards for reading, straight A’s, and gym. It was cute to see her smile, and get excited when all the awards finished I took her home and we sat on the couch.

“Mommy, I’m tired” She said

I chuckled, and kissed her forehead. “Well you can go and take a nap if you want” I suggested

Just as she was about to speak the doorbell rang. We both looked at each other, I put up my finger for her to be quiet and she did the same nodding her head in understanding.

We tip-toed towards the door, and I peaked through the peep hole. I nearly cursed out loud, Jenima looked at me her head tilted to the side. “Who is it Mommy?” She whispered

I bent down, “Jenima, go to your room and don’t come out until I call you okay” I whispered back

She nodded, and went upstairs. I let out a breath, and fixed my hair and clothes counting to 3 I opened the door a smile on my face. “Hey” I breathed out

Neymar smiled, “Hey”

“Where’s Davi?” I asked him as he walked in the house

“He went with Rafaella to the park”

I nodded, he chuckled. “What’s up with all the little dolls? I didn’t know you loved them” He joked

I chuckled, “Ha ha ha, very funny they’re not mine”

He picked up one and then looked up at me. “Whatever you say babe”

I let out a nervous laugh, and rubbed the back of my neck. He stood up, and placed his arms on my shoulders. “You know I’m just kidding with you right?”

I nodded, “Yeah, yeah I know there’s just something that I have to tell you” I said as we moved over to the dining table

He took a seat, and looked at me worried. “What is it?”

I let out another shaky breath, “Okay um you remember the relationship that I was in before you and I got in one?” I asked him as I looked down at my hands

He nodded, “Yeah, you said he was jerk”

“Well something else happened, during that relationship”

At this I looked up at him meeting his worried eyes. “What happened did he hit you?DId he show up again?”

I shook my head. “No it’s nothing like that, but there’s someone that I’d like you too meet”

He looked at me with a puzzled look, “Jenima” I called out

Jenima came down the stairs,and when she looked at Neymar she hid behind my legs peaking every once in a while. Neymar looked between Jenima and I, “Is this your niece?” He asked

I shook my head, “She’s my daughter” I said as I placed my hand on her head

He looked from me to Jenima, his once worried face turned into a soft one as he bent down to her height. A smile on his face, “Hi Jenima, I’m Neymar. I’m Mommy’s boyfriend” He said

Jenima looked unsure, so she looked up at me. I nodded at her, and she looked back to Neymar a smile on her face. “Hi” She said

She released my legs, and walked over to him. Touching his beard and giggling. “It’s like a bear Mommy” She said

I chuckled, “You look just like your Mommy”

She smiled, “Do you like my Mommy’s hair? Mines is just like it”

He smiled, at her and nodded. “It’s beautiful”

She pulled on my hand, and I bent down to her height as she cupped her hands towards my ears. “He’s handsome”

I chuckled, and nodded. “Yes he is”

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please tell me more about your idea of asexual max rockatansky


Asexual max rockatansky not really understanding what asexuality is, but understanding that he doesn’t much care if he has it or not, doing it because it’s what people do and because it’s what is expected of him until he realizes he really isn’t getting anything out of it. 

Asexal max rockatansky who loves, and loves, and loves Jessie, and has sex with her because he loves her, because she loves him, and likes it just fine but doesn’t need or think much about it. 

Asexual max rockatansky being asked by Nux to explain sex, because Nux is confused, and young, and who the fuck is going to explain anything to a bunch of half-life warboys, and realizing that while he can explain it critically, when Nux asks why people like it he’s got no real answer. 

“Being close, maybe.” He says, and shakes his head. “I don’t know.” 

Asexual max rockatansky being close to people in other ways, laying a hand on the back of his loved ones’ necks, kissing their cheeks, curling around them with his whole body to keep them safe and resting his forehead against theirs to be intimate with them. 

Asexual max rockatansky. 

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It was a late Saturday afternoon. Today was Dean and Mary’s day to hang out and play. Work at the car shop was increasing by the ton and Dean barely had enough time to spend time with his one-year-old daughter. Even with working overtime, he couldn’t pay the babysitter overtime. Thankfully, Cas was there. Cas his perfect angelic boyfriend would come over after work just to take care of Mary while Dean finishes up at the shop. They’ve only been dating for 3 months but Dean is so sure that if Cas ever asks to marry him, Dean is definitely going to say yes.

“So Mary, what do you want to do today?” Dean asks the little blonde baby.

She grunts in response. Even after days of trying to get her to say Dada , it was all in vain. Other than coos and incoherent grumbling, Mary wouldn’t say the words Dean wanted to hear.

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hysterical-for-joshifer​ asked:  I wish you would write a Densi fic where they are domesticated and Kensi is pregnant and nothing but fluff.

“What the hell??”



Kensi lets out a long sigh as she glances down the hallway in the direction of all the noise. It is taking every last ounce of her willpower to stay in the kitchen and not go ask him if she can help.

Leave him alone, Kensi.  He can do this by himself.  He wants to do this by himself.

She has been repeating that mantra to herself ever since he declared that it was time to “conquer that beast!” and forbade her from following him.


But apparently the limit to her willpower is the not-so-quiet utterance of the seventh expletive she’s heard in the last fifteen minutes.  Not that she’s been counting or anything.

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anonymous asked:

Okay one: Of course Niall wasn't going to do anything. Yes he could've gotten up and, oh wait-- gotten up and do what? Other people were helping her out. He was only how old during that so ask yourself what type of teenage boy knows the ins and outs of labor. Two: let it go, it was a long time ago and I'm sure Niall might've felt bad for not doing anything and relieved when it was just a joke. But we don't know that. Some things you just have to take into consideration!

Why do you keep messaging me about it if you want me to let it go? That post is probably old but it happened to appear on my dashboard and yes I reblogged it cause I thought it was funny, so what? If I ‘disappointed’ you (I don’t really understand why though, I’m not a role model) just unfollow me and move on with your life.

anonymous asked:

Please post a little something of the novella :((

Here you go, my love!

He could see her frozen in place. A look of terror glazing over her features. And just like him when he got scared, her lip started to tremble. He could see her eyes glowing on the verge of becoming an ocean. She was grappling with something he had to figure out.

Of course, he had a pretty good idea.

“Darcy?” He knelt down in front of her, grabbing onto her shoulders as they started to quiver. “Hey, hey, hey. What’s wrong?”

She didn’t respond right away, instead she gnawed on her bottom lip. She tried to take a collective breath, but despite her efforts, it came out as a shudder, a couple stray tears dribbling down her cheeks.

“You can tell me what’s wrong, baby,” Harry promised.

“I’m scared.”