and then he asked her what was going on

Antis after that 'She's with me' scene be like:
  • Antis: Omg kara isn't a trophy, get away from her you Mon-Ew, I'm with Mr. what's his name
  • Karamels: Well Mr.Mx-whatever did kind of break into Kara's apartment and then decided he would marry Kara without Kara's consent and Mon-El stepped in. He only said what was true, that they are together and he should back off. I'm sure if some random guy came up to your SO and then asked them to marry him you'd be inclined to punch him as well.
  • Antis: Nope, Lena would never do this she respects Kara. She would never call her hers because you know couples NEVER use possessive pronouns when referring to one another
  • Also Antis: God I hope Lena crashes Mon-El and his disgusting blue underwear for touching her girl.
  • Also Antis: (this is an actual post, just go into the Maxwell Lord tag): I hope Maxwell Lord comes back so Maggie can destroy him for that one time he went out with her girl.
  • Karamels: *Stare into the camera like in the office*
Her Missing Them and Acting Cheeky: BTS

Hey Hey! My dudes~ Request more~!


Would be surprised since you had always been a respectful little human being, so seeing you cheeky was a revelation.


You better run, you better hide or he’ll hit you in the side.


Would skip the part where you act cheeky to him and just go up to you and hug you and never let go and just awh.

Rap Monster:

Would ask you what’s wrong and why’re you acting different, but then will still be left confused as to why you’re cheeky.


Would think that it’s cute, probably.


Would just quietly observe you while sitting on the couch to the point where it would unnerve you.

“What’s wrong? Why’re you staring?”

“You’re so beautiful. I missed you.”


“Well, if she’s like that…” Would start mimicking your actions.

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At this point Marco is more of a Sue than Star is, but hopefully that's going to change and his character will be challenged more, not just "hey that was kinda awkward but everything worked out for me anyway"

Well it’s not like luck suddenly fall from heavens in Marco’s lap, he just matured a little more than Star did, with Sleepover/Naysaya/Bon Bon The Birthday Clown, but still earned what he got, going through some episodes focused on him and his development, being forced to face his greatest insecurities, and the fear of asking Jackie out. And he’s still far from being done: it’s just that season 2B has focused a bit more on Star and on the magic related plot. After all it’s her turn to face her issues now, both protagonists need to be in top shape to handle all the poop that’s going to hit them in season 3. Also, don’t forget that Running With Scissors was also about a Marco who’s still scared by the future, taking into consideration for a moment to actually live in the fantasy life free of responsabilities he created for himself in Hekapoo’s dimension

and who was sad to be once again the scrawny 14 years old, uncomfortable with his abs-less body and going through the joys and pains of puberty.

Neither Marco nor Star are Mary Sues or perfect, they are “realistic” characters who have their own flaws, without being completely incompetent or unlikeable, and who are, slowly, because changing who you are is hard, working on them. There’s always going to be one more step for both of them as long as the show goes on.

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Hm what would be if the chocobros having a crush at cor's daughter and they try to ask her out for a date but they have to pass cor first? x"D

This was cute! A fun little drabble starring a very grumpy Cor and a very skittish Gladio.

Gladio gripped the steering wheel of his car, his palms damp with sweat. He took in a deep breath, and let it out slowly, glancing at the front door of the house. He leaned his head back against the headrest and decided to just go for it.

He got out of the car and strode up the steps to the porch and knocked on the door before he lost his nerve. After a few seconds, it opened.

He was greeted with the stern face of the Marshal.

“Gladiolus,” he greeted. “To what do I owe this home visit?”

Gladio gulped and willed himself to speak. “Can we talk for a second? Privately?”

Cor regarded him curiously, but moved aside to let him in. He led him into the house towards the living room. The house itself was very clean and organized, everything in its rightful place. There were a few mounted katanas on the walls, and framed photos lined the hallways.

He opened a set of doors and Gladio into his den, shutting them behind him. The room had deep red walls, with black bookshelves that were filled with countless books stacked side by side. There was a solid dark mahogany desk with ornate carvings along the sides, with papers that Gladio assumed were reports stacked in neat piles. Cor went around the desk to sit in his black leather chair, and gestured for Gladio to take a seat in one of the chairs opposite. He leaned back, his hands tapping against the arm rests.

“What is it that you wanted to talk about?”

Gladio sat down slowly, avoiding eye contact with the Marshal at first. He snuck a glance and saw Cor’s brow furrowed, the lines on his forehead creasing with concern.

Gladio opened his mouth to speak, then closed it, then opened it again and scratched at the back of his head.

“Out with it, son. You’re doing a fantastic impression of a fish.”

“I came to ask permission to court your daughter,” he blurted, leaning forward slightly in his seat as if the words had propelled him towards the desk.

Cor’s expression didn’t change. His brow remained furrowed, but he calmly, and very deliberately, leaned forward in his chair until it creaked its way back to ninety degrees. Then he brought his elbows to rest against the wood of the table, his hands clasped together at his lips.

Gladio felt himself beginning to sweat. He knew where the exits where, and was contemplating a hasty escape.

“I’d like you to repeat yourself, please. Slower.”

If Gladio hadn’t been nervous before, he was terrified now. Cor’s light blue eyes pierced into his like sharpened daggers, watching him like a predator stalks its prey.

“I wanted to court your daughter,” he said, “I came here to ask for your permission.”

Cor narrowed his eyes at him. “You care for her?”

“Very much, sir.”

“For how long?”

Gladio did a mental calculation. “Honestly, since the day I met her ten years ago,” he confessed. “Ever since I was a little kid.”

Cor sat a little more upright in his chair. Glad took it as a good sign.

“Do you plan on hurting her?”

“No,” Gladio replied immediately. “Of course not.”

“You know that if you were to ever hurt her in any way, you would have to answer to me?”

“Yes sir,” Gladio replied. “Though, honestly, she has your genes so I’d be equally as afraid to answer to her.”

Cor snorted—actually snorted—and leaned back in his seat.

“You’re a good man, Gladiolus,” he stated. Gladio felt himself relax, just slightly. “And a good match for my daughter. However—”

The fear returned as Cor leaned forward again. “If you ever lay a hand on her to harm her, or if you break her heart…I will find you. And the result will not be pleasant. Am I understood?”

Gladio sat up pin-straight. “Yes sir. Understood.”

A smile tugged at the corner of Cor’s lips, but barely. “Go on then,” he waved him away. “I’m sure she’s waiting outside, listening in on this conversation.”

Gladio got up and opened the doors. You were standing there, a smile spread wide across your face. You jumped into Gladio’s open arms and he swung you around slightly, and you couldn’t help but giggle. You caught the expression on your father’s face and he winked at you, grinning as well.

“Don’t make me regret this,” Cor called as you and Gladio left the room, hand in hand.

First dabble in fan fiction, here's a short story about Betty and Jughead

Jughead was typing away at his novel in a booth at Pop’s when suddenly Betty walked in. They met eyes briefly before she smiled at him and asked if she could sit down. He nodded and quickly made some space, moving away three plates from her side of the table back to his, but otherwise continued typing his thoughts until she settled in. It was only after she said “Juggie…” in her endearing voice that he gave her his full attention.

“Before you ask, yes I have finished the next article for the Blue and Gold,” Jughead stated in his usual sarcastic voice. Betty smirked at that comment, and he continued, “What devil did you take on today?”

“I’ve decided that I’m going to go visit Polly.” Betty said, in a voice that couldn’t hide her excitement nor her fear at the idea, despite her best efforts. “I talked to my dad and he slipped and told me some details on where she could be. It’s a bit of a road trip, but I think we can handle it.”

“We?” Jughead asked. For a moment he was genuinly shocked Betty considered taking him instead of Kevin, Archie, Veronica, or even Cheryl, given their siblings’ history. Sure, Betty and him were friends, but they weren’t as close as some of their other friends. Jughead too had always been an outsider, lurking in the shadows often forgotten. He forgot that Betty Cooper shone like the sun, cast light on all his shadows, and brought him out into the world.

“I know it sounds a bit weird, but you knew Polly too and you’re one of the few people I can still trust in this town. I need your investigative skills if we’re going to drive all the way to Jefferson County…” Betty continued on, listing all the reasons on why Jughead should accompany her, including free treats on her at Pop’s, homework help, and even a free pass on an article in the Blue and Gold. Jughead was listening intently, as he always had with Betty, but his mind had been made up the second she sat down in that booth.

“Alright, alright, Betty I’ll do it. I’ll go with you to find your sister. When are we leaving?” Jughead failed to hid the growing smile on his face as Betty lit up with excitement.

“We’ll leave early Saturday morning after my mom and dad leave for work. I’ll take my dad’s car, we’ll make it in to Jefferson County around noon. My parents won’t notice I’m gone until the afternoon and I can have Kevin cover for me.” She paused for a moment and smiled. “Thank you Jughead. For everything you’ve done for me.”

Jughead blushed slightly and smiled back before answering “No one says no to Betty Cooper when her mind is made up.” Betty gave him one last smile before she got up and headed home, because of her plans with Veronica that evening.

Jughead tried to go back to typing his novel, but his thoughts were jumbled and he couldn’t focus. Finally, after a few minutes of torture, he opened up a new blank document and wrote ‘The Adventures of Detective Cooper and Detective Jones’ across the top of the page. He wrote some quick sentences about their Blue and Gold journalism, and one line for the upcoming trip. As he finished, he couldn’t help but think how wonderful it was that him and Betty Cooper were friends, and possibly heading to be more than that.

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The fact that Maya genuinely starts think that her mother has a "nut gene" (aka it can be passed down to her) that makes any man at all go from 'i do' to 'what i do' is so 👀 right after ski lodge, like this poor girl honestly thinks that no matter how good or kind or seemingly perfect a guy is, at some point he {lucas} will eventually fall out of love with her and it makes me want to rip my heart out of my chest

Yeah, it was actually very unfortunate (and was a big part of why I was utterly mind boggled by the people who cheered the “real Maya’s return” in SL2 onward.) 

Girl was a wreck. Hope pretty much depleted. Sense of self worth in a very questionable place. She was back to thinking she didn’t deserve good things and that it was better off not to hope for them. I mean…yikes.

But, yeah, I Do coming after Ski Lodge was SO TELLING, man. Really gave good insight into where her character’s head was at towards the end of the non-triangle arc and, while it explained her actions pretty perfectly, it was also very sad to see.

Still think her little monologue to Shawn in the ep was some of the most telling meta bits on the entire show (which is saying something). I mean…they basically told us why lucaya met the fate it did at the end of Ski Lodge:

I know you like me. I like you too. Thanks for everything you’ve ever done for me because it’s perfect. I want it to stay perfect. I don’t want it to not be perfect, so game over. Thanks for playing.

Brilliance of Caryl 02/19/17

Alright sit back and lets talk about Caryl you beautiful little bunnies! (Because how can you not?)

First of all that tear filled and heart wrenching moment (I cried, we all cried, the cry heard around the world.) Carol, crying, heart breaking because there is the person that always brings her back from her edge, from the brink of losing herself… who she never thought she would see again let alone standing on her doorstep, eyes filled with tears. She goes in for that beautiful hug in the beginning but Daryl, Daryl can’t just let her skirt around what he /NEEDS/ to hear, he has to break that hug and ask her why? why she had to go? why she left home? why she left the family? and why she left /HIM./

She invites him in because just as much as Daryl needs answers she /NEEDS/ him. Again, unlike others, she opens up to him because the trust and love between these two exceeds that of them and any one else. She wants to be left alone which she tells everyone no matter the circumstance but she just can’t bring herself to even think about telling him to leave. Carol explains why she had to go, tells Daryl that she couldn’t lose anyone, the family, and then we get more. Carol specifically singles him out by telling him that she couldn’t lose him. 

Now we come to him lying about the brutality that had come to their group. He lied out of love, to keep Carol from falling off the bank of that cliff that she could never come back from. Daryl wanted her to come back but he wants her to come back on her own terms, when she chooses to come back and not out of obligation. To put your own wants (Carol returning to their home) and put someone else’s happiness before that is /TRUE LOVE./

That end, where he goes to leave but he can’t just go without turning back. Turning back is a big deal, it is a sign of not wanting to go, wanting to hold on to the moment, to hold on to the feelings, the love, and to set that memory for the rest of your life. Not only did he turn back to look but he went back to hug her, to hold her and he was holding her.

Best wishes and Caryl kisses xoxoxoxo

Werewolves Don’t Exist - Scott McCall

You were walking through the school corridor, a slight smile on your face as your favorite song began to play in your earbuds.  As you reached your locker, the boys and Allison were already there, and you smiled wider.

“Hey guys” You greeted, shoving Stiles slightly so you could actually get into your locker.  “What’s up?” You took out an earbud, and looked at them.  Allison looked at her phone, Scott stayed silent, and Stiles straight up pretended to be interested in his fingernails.  “Um.. what’s going on?” You asked, taking out your Bio textbook.

“Nothing just… my grades are still bad” Scott sighed, and you gave him a sympathetic smile.

“Well I can help you study tonight, if you want” You offered.

“He can’t!” Stiles butted in, making you jump.  “We-we’re practicing” He added.  “Lacrosse.  Cause… cause I suck!” You bit your inner lip, heart sinking.  Stiles was trying pretty hard to get Scott out of being around you.  It was a little concerning, and your mind went wild with depressing thoughts.

“Oh.. oh okay some other time then” You said quietly, turning back to focus on the inside of your locker.

“I don’t know… we’re sorta busy this week” Scott said.

“Yeah, Scott and I have a lot of work to do” Allison piped up, and again, your heart broke.

“Alright” You said softly, and closed your locker slowly.  “I’ll um.. I’ll see you guys in lunch” You weakly said, and walked off towards your next class.  Which you had with Stiles, but he made no effort to walk with you like he usually did.

Maybe Scott didn’t want to be friends with you.  Maybe none of them did.  Which really hurt, seeing that you’d known Scott and Stiles since the second grade.  But since Allison had shown up in the beginning of the year, Scott seemed to care a lot more about her and Stiles, and not about you.  You wondered if he liked her, or if they were actually dating.  He probably wouldn’t have told you if they were.  Seeing that he was doing anything and everything to stay away from you.

You took in a deep breath, and tried to push away all your negative energy, and focus on your notes.

But your mind kept going back to your thoughts about Scott.

You loved him, you really did as cliche as it was.  But to fall in love with your best friend, is probably one of the worst things someone can do to themselves.  And the worst part, was that you knew it.  You knew he’d never like the way you did him.  He’d never know how you felt either.  Especially now. 

Why bother with him if he won’t bother to at least be a friend?

Lunch was terrible, thanks for asking.  You sat silently, and were paid no attention to.  Scott was too busy with Allison, and Stiles was too busy with Lydia.  Why does she even sit here? We’re not exactly the popular crowd, you thought to yourself.  Not that it mattered, Lydia gave all of her attention to Jackson.  So in reality, you were the seventh wheel.  And your self esteem was just dropping lower and lower today.

So did you stay and finish your sandwich that only had one bite in it? Hell no! You got up quietly, grabbed your bag, and threw your lunch away.  Then walked the hell out of that table of awkwardness.

You decided to just go home.  So maybe you didn’t have a car, and it was difficult to sneak out of the school building, but once you closed the door behind you, you just sprinted.  Wanting to get away from that place as fast as you possibly could.

“y/n!” You slowed slightly, enough to turn and see Scott running behind you.

“Scott?” You stopped completely, and he ran up to you swiftly.  “What’re you- how’re you even- Scott are you okay?” He gave you furrowed brows to express his confusion.  “Your asthma how’re you-”

“I’m fine” He answered abruptly.  “Now why are you skipping school?” You shook your head and began walking again.  Completely ignoring the boy.  “Hey- hey y/n” He reached to grab your arm, but you smacked his hand away.

“Just let me go home Scott, I don’t feel well” 

“You’re lying”

“I’m not”

Scott didn’t push it any further, knowing that the only way he could tell you that he knew you were lying, would be telling you he was a werewolf.  And he couldn’t do that.

“Well… well why didn’t you say anything?”

“Like you were listening” You grumbled to yourself, still walking away.  But Scott heard you fine.

“I would’ve been, it’s not like you tried to talk to me” You rolled your eyes, not even thinking through the fact that from where you were both standing, he shouldn’t have been able to pick up on what you said.

“Would you have Scott?” You whirled around, jabbing a finger into his chest.  “Or were you too busy mister goo goo eyes?” He shook his head, giving you another confused look.

“I don’t know what-”

“Don’t play idiot Scott! Since Allison’s got here, it’s like you’ve forgotten we were friends” You sighed, eyes expressing your hurt.

Scott could smell how depressed this made you feel, and he suddenly felt a huge wave of guilt.  He had pushed you to the side, but not because of Allison, because of his now supernatural based life.

“y/n I-”

“Save it Scott” You said, shrugging him away.  “Allison’s probably gonna wanna hear about it anyway” You mumbled, wet eyes meeting his broken ones.  With that, you turned and walked off.

And Scott let you.

He watched you walk away, until you were barely a a dot on the sidewalk.

“Scott, hey Scotty” 

“Wh-what?” Scott turned to Stiles, who was waving a hand in front of his face.

“Dude, you just got us killed” Stiles waved off to the video game they were playing.  “You always win, you know, keen reflexes and all” Stiles shook his head, and bit into three licorices at once.

“Sorry I’m just… I don’t know” The werewolf boy sighed.  “I should’ve told y/n, she deserves to know-”

“Bro.  I love you.  But you do this all the time.  First you’re all ‘i lover her too much, if she knows she’ll get hurt, and then it’ll all be for nothing I can’t live without her blah dee blah dee blah-’”

I get it Stiles-”

“And then next you’re all ‘she’s probably gonna hate me cuz i keep on lying to her’-” 

Stiles I get it okay? I fucked up!”

“Hey mr moralities watch the language-”

“But I did okay? And now- no she probably does hate me!” Scott scrambled to his feet, and ran out of the room.

“He-hey!” Stiles ran after his friend, finding Scott putting on his jacket and shoes at the door.  “Where are you-?”

“I’m going to y/n’s” Scott said, opening the door.

“Okay well I guess tell her I say-”

Scott jogged out of the house, door slamming behind him.


“y/n! y/n open the door, I know you’re inside!” Scott yelled for what felt like the millionth time.  He knocked rapidly.  “y/n, please! Answer the door” He begged. 

“Heh, McCall, you just continue to prove how pathetic you are” Scott turned abruptly, finding Matt Daehler behind him.  He growled, eyes glowing gold with anger as he stalked towards the boy.

“What did you do to her?” He growled, grabbing Matt’s shirt, and shaking him.  “Where.  Is.  She”

Matt laughed.  He laughed.  He had the nerve.

And Scott silenced his dark chuckle with a hard punch across his jaw.

You blinked your eyes open, and immediately grew afraid.  It was dark, and you were laying down because you were staring up at a ceiling, that you didn’t recognize.  But when you tried to move, none of your limbs made an inch.  Again, you willed yourself to sit up, but you couldn’t.  

Before tears could even form in your eyes, you heard a scratching sound.  You turned your head quickly, in search of the owner of the sound.

“He-hello?” You asked in a shaky whisper.

“y/n” Jackson? He was the one who stepped into view.  You looked up at him, and something was off about his eyes, he was standing above you, so it was sorta far, but they looked big, and… and green.


“How are you dear? Oh right,” he chuckled.  “You’re paralyzed”

“How? What’d you do to me!?” You demanded.

“Well Matt has to get your sorry ass werewolf of a friend here somehow” Jackson said, and you narrowed your eyes, shaking your head.

“How sick in the head are you Whittemore?” You snarled, and he dropped to his knees, waving a clawed hand over your face.  Your eyes widened, watching lizard-like scales appear over his face.

“I’d watch what you say next, very, very carefully my sweet” He growled, and you whimpered, seeing his razor sharp teeth.  “I could kill you in an instant.  And it wouldn’t matter.  No one knows you’re here, I could snap your neck…” A sharp nail trailed down your neck, and further down your body.  You saw it, but couldn’t feel a thing.  Again, you whimpered in fear, which only made him smirk.

That’s when you saw what creeped you out the most.

His skin and clothing seemed to just shred away, body completely covered in the scales, and a long tail practically ripping out of his back, which instantly sealed back up.  You screamed, and the tail whipped around your neck, yellow eyes glowing with excitement.  He held you up in the air using the tail that wrapped around your neck like a noose

“Mm I can smell your fear” Jackson growled out, and trailed a tongue over your cheek, his teeth grazing your skin.  “I can taste it.  It’s delicious y/n-”

“Back off!” A female voice rang, and you barely saw something fly through the air.  Before you could register that someone had shot the lizard boy with an arrow, Jackson toppled over, and your limp body crashed to the ground.

Well, it almost did.  You were caught in a strong pair of arms.  You looked up, finding bright yellow eyes and a furred face.  But you’d recognize that crooked jaw anywhere.

“Scott..?” You whispered.

“It’s me, you’re okay, I’m getting you out of here okay?” You didn’t nod, though you tried.  Your body was becoming overcome with sleep.  “No, no y/n don’t close your eyes, just stay awake for me okay? Stay awake y/n, stay awake…. stay awake… stay awake…”

When you woke up again, you freaked out this time, remembering the last time you woke up, was not a pleasant experience.  Your arms thrashed on a mattress as you desperately pushed yourself up, finally able to move again.

“Hey hey hey, you’re okay, you’re at my house, you’re okay” You looked over, wide fearful eyes meeting Scott’s.  “You’re okay” He repeated, sitting on the bed next to you.  You slowly allowed yourself to nod.

“I was- you had- Jackson-” Scott just nodded, and he ran a hand over your forehead, pushing back your hair.

“I’m so sorry, I thought never telling you would protect you, I swear I was trying to keep you safe-”

“Tell me what?” You whispered, pushing yourself up to sit fully upward, staring back at Scott.  His hands fell to fiddle in his lap.

“I-I’m…this is gonna sound crazy but… I’m a werewolf” He looked up to you, eyes the golden color you’d seen earlier that night.  Your breath hitched in your throat, and you tensed.  “And tonight you were taken by Matt and Jackson, the lizard-uh-guy, yeah that’s called a kanima and Matt is like the contro-”

Scott stopped when you crashed into him, wrapping your arms around his middle tightly, and he hugged you back as quickly as he registered the action.

“Are you okay?” You asked, burying your face in the crook of his neck.

“Ye-yeah I’m fine” Scott stuttered.  “It’s you I’m worried about-”

“Well I thought you hated me” 

“Hated you? y/n I could never I-… I love you” You pulled back, staring at him with parted lips.

“Y-you l-l-love m-me?” Great now we’re both a stuttering mess.

Yeah of course I do” Scott said, and hand laying overtop of yours, clasping onto it and rubbing his thumb over your skin.  “I always have y/n, the only reason I didn’t tell you was because I didn’t want you getting hurt, or being mad I just.. I wanted to protect you” You slowly smiled at him, finally feeling a sense of safety that night.  

“I love you too you furry weirdo” You said, and Scott smiled back at you, and leaned in a little bit.

“Can I- can I kiss you?” You nodded, licking your lips slightly before his found yours, and his hand laid on your cheek softly.  When you parted, you rested your forehead against his.  “And by the way” Scott whispered, meeting your eyes.  “You’re the only one I have goo goo eyes for”

this one’s for @peter-andhislostgirls *heart*
xoxo ~ jordie

New Girl Season 6: Alternative Version

It’s Sunday night and I’ve got nothing better to do, so here are some random ideas of plots/scenes I had for this season. Not all of them make a lot of sense but I just wanted to show that we didn’t need Robby or that much of Reagan there and that they could’ve wrote more stuff to Cece and showed Nick’s growth in other ways. Some of these are just adapted ideas of actual episodes on the show. I don’t even know if someone will have the patience to read it because it’s a really long post because I don’t know how to be short and direct when I write. I just wanted to post these somewhere, so here we go:

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How do you think lucas was hoping maya would respond when he said "well what do I seem like to you?" He was obviously being super flirty and wanted her to say something flirty back but I've always wondered what exactly he was hoping to get out of that conversation...

I don’t think he was consciously hoping for any particular response, tbh. I think that was just a really good example of Lucas getting wrapped up in his game with Maya and kind of just going on flirtatious auto-pilot.

Kings and Queens Part Two

Idk how much I like this, but please enjoy, everybody. SFW for the most part.

“Listen, you inconsequential thing, borrow my shoes again, and you’ll think back on the days you had feet very fondly! “

Camille gulped and turned to where Klaus and Kol sat, paying the spat no mind. “Klaus! A little help?”

“What?” He looked up and saw Rebekah steaming. “I can’t control her, Camille. Maybe ask Elijah?”

Elijah, of course, would not be helping her, but did she know that? No, no she didn’t.

She narrowed her eyes and fled Rebekah’s ire, stomping to her room like a child. Rebekah laughed and flopped into the seat between her brothers. “Can you the believe the nerve of her? Snooping, texting, stealing?”

“All from her gracious hosts, too,” Kol added with a snort. They thought it was funny, but Klaus was far from amused. Caroline was coming the next morning and she was so angry, he was scared for Camille’s life. Though, it would be very sexy to see his queen rip someone’s head off…. Unfortunately, she was too moral for that, so he doubted he would ever get to see something so delectable.

On the other hand, Caroline had been saying some very werewolf-like things since Camille’s little game and he wasn’t sure she wouldn’t go off the deep end.

(“You’re mine.” Gods, it sent shivers down his spine and made his wolf howl.)

When he’d told his siblings what had happened, Kol had found the thought and image as amusing as he found most things, and assured he would tape it. Rebekah had made interested noises and wondered aloud what Caroline would do if she came face to face with Tatia, or Aurora.

Freya had been more concerned about what she would do to Camille. He couldn’t imagine her being happy about the human overstepping her bounds like she was.

“Are you going to tell our Carebear?” Kol questioned.

Klaus scowled at the nickname, though Caroline insisted she didn’t mind it. “Tell her what? That our dear sister is throwing another tantrum?”

“No, he was thinking telling her about Camille acting like a leech, or worse, an in-law,” Rebekah snapped.

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How would the brothers react to bumping accidentally into the heroine and giving her a bloody nose? Thank you!!!

Admin Mawile: (〃⌒∇⌒)

Shuu: More like you tripped over him and hurt yourself. He doesn’t move, even if the smell of fresh blood is a little enticing. 

Reiji: He berates you for not watching where you were going, and making a mess all over his carpet. 

Ayato: Since you bled all over him, you’re obviously asking to get bitten. It’s what you get for tempting him. 

Kanato: He yells at you for running into him, and claims to have to punish you for being mean to him and getting in his way. 

Laito: Somehow, you land in a rather suggestive position, and, of course, he takes the opportunity to have some fun with you. 

Subaru: He yells at you for getting in his way, but roughly yanks you to your feet in the middle of the rant. Helpful. Sort of. 

Ruki: He’s polite enough to help you up, but you’ve earned a reprimand for clumsiness and not watching what’s ahead of you. 

Kou: Since you got in his way, you have to be ready to pay him back, right? Starting with some of that delicious blood you’re wasting. 

Yuuma: You’re going to have more than a bloody nose after a collision with him. He might help you up, but only with some remarks about how fragile you are. 

Azusa: He’s fascinated by the blood, and asks way too many questions about how much it hurts and if you’ll let him bite you now. 

Carla: He doesn’t even glance at you after knocking you over, and walks away without so much as a comment about all the blood. 

Shin: All that blood is basically teasing him, so it’s only fair if he makes you hurt. That’s just what you get for smelling so delicious. 

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There's a school event and Peter M and his s/o go to support their kid and Barbara is there (and we all know she's the type of person to invite all family to even the smallest events because LOOK HER KIDS ARE DOING THINGS WHAT ARE YOUR KIDS DOING HMM?) with her parents and Peter comes up with the intent to annoying her and her parents but after talking to Barbara's parents he starts to get along with them and Barbara just can't take it.

I’M FUCKING CRYING IMAGINE HER MOM TELLING HER “Barbara dear, you should leave that nice young man alone.” and her dad “do you think he’ll say yes if i invite him and his family to go fishing this weekend?” and barbara’s head basically explodes in anger

Guilty as Charged

This is the personalized drabble @bookworm126 won with her 1st place on the Valentine’s day cards contest!

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“Oi, Sophia, wait up!”

You were walking back to Ravenclaw Tower when you heard James call after you. Sighing, you stopped and turned around, waiting for him to catch up to you.

“What is it, James?” you asked him, not feeling particularly patient.

“Well, hello to you too,” he scoffed, surprised by the shortness in your voice. “I was wondering if you could help me with the Transfiguration essay? I can’t seem to get it right.”

“Right, because I’m your service Ravenclaw,” you answered. “Not today Potter, go ask Evans or someone,” you suggested, and started walking away.

However, he wasn’t about to let it go so easily. He immediately caught up to you, walking besides you.

“Hey, is everything alright? You’re not acting like usual,” he remarked, concerned.

“Yeah, well, perhaps I’d be in a better mood to do your homework for you if I hadn’t been dumped this week,” you answered bitterly. “Which you’d know, if you bothered to ask how I’m doing every now and then, instead of just demanding I help with your homework.”

“Wait, you and Sam aren’t together anymore? How did I not know that!” he exclaimed, surprised. “I mean, you deserve better than him anyways, but still, I’m sorry you’ve been feeling down.”

“You’re an idiot,” you shook your head, but couldn’t help but smile. 

“What happened anyways?” he asked, curious.

“I don’t feel like talking about it, to be quite honest,” you sighed. 

Frowning, James grabbed your arm and pulled you into a hug, holding on tight. You had to admit it was quite nice, but the oddness of the gesture was tampering with the nice part of it. Also, the noticeable height difference between the two of you felt quite comical.

“What’s that all about?” you asked him, laughing, stepping back as you tucked a strand of straight black behind your ear.

“Giving you the appreciation you deserve,” he replied cockily. “Wanna go to Hogsmeade on Saturday?”

“What?” you double-taked, having not seen that coming.

“You. Me. A date. Saturday. What do you say? It’s been a long time coming if you ask me,” he clarified, looking confident but breathing fast.

“Uhm… I mean, where’s all of this even coming from?” you asked him, puzzled to no limit.

“Love, did you really think James Potter needs help with his homework? I know we’ve been talking less in the past few weeks, but frankly I couldn’t bear to be around you too often, since that bloke Sam would always come up at some point,” he explained, talking fast, fidgeting a little.

“Been wasting my time since the beginning of the year then, haven’t you?” you realized, a lot of things finally making sense. 

“Guilty as charged, ‘m afraid,” he chuckled. “So? What do you say?”

“Yeah alright Potter, I’ll see you on Saturday,” you gave in, biting your lip. 

“Good,” he said, before quickly bending down to kiss you on the cheek. “Can’t wait,” he grinned, before walking away, leaving you dumbfounded in the middle of the hallway.

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Ugh, I love seeing your imagines!They're fun to read and you write the characters very well! Can I get some Bill, Ford and Stan +Mabel and Dipper with an S/O who flirts as soon as the S/O gets a reaction?As soon as they get some kind of response it's like "alright I gotta go i'll see you later!" -LP

Oh jeez, thank you, LP!! You’re making me blush.. Anyways, the ask box is now empty! -Mod Quinn


-Her response is usually just a small blush and flirting back, so it would be a bit hard for them to just walk away.

-If they managed to get her really flustered an they walked away, it would probably take her a second to take in what just happened.

-The next time she sees them, oh boy, they better be prepared for her revenge.


-He gets flustered easily, so it won’t take long to get a reaction.

-He tries to flirt back, but he’s really bad at it.

-When they walk away he just… stands there. And processes it.

-After a moment, he follows them. He doesn’t really know what else to do, he just awkwardly follows them around. He’s like a lost puppy.


-He doesn’t react much to flirting. He just says “thank you” a lot and makes small compliments back. Maybe a bit of a blush.

-It would be impressive if they got more than that out of him.

-He doesn’t really mind if they walk away. The entire exchange was confusing for him.


-His reactions are mostly just flirting back. He doesn’t get flustered that easily.

-It’s not impossible to make him flustered, though. It just takes dedication.

-When they walk away, after a moment he just continues to yell pick up lines at them.

Bill Cipher:

-He immediately starts flirting back.

-He doesn’t get flustered easily, but he does get really into flirting.

-If his S/O keeps randomly walking away, he’ll be irritated. He enjoys flirting with them, and there they go, leaving him in the middle of a pick up line. Rude.

-He won’t follow them, but he’ll start aggressively flirting next time he sees them. No matter what the situation is.

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Hello! I've been thinking (probably over thinking, forgive me) about Jensen's comment about D, the "lock it up" one. One theory I've been tossing around. Maybe it was a convo/comment she said, but in different context? RE: more the bearding contract. We know Jared's G stories get confused, but Jensen really keeps the stories to a minimum. Sorry for the rambling. Have a great weekend!

Hello, dear anon!

I can tell you that you’re definitely not alone with that theory. I’ve seen many people discussing it and I’m bound to agree with your assessment. Jensen implies that D was asking him to propose to her and he rushed off to buy an engagement ring for her, but it can also be read as “let’s sign this thing and you can go back to Jared.” Right?

What intrigues me about this exchange especially was that the question was already answered, but Jensen felt the need to add this bit. And like you said, he doesn’t volunteer wife stories that often, so why was this time an exception? Was he pissed off or did he want to draw attention away from Jared’s fumbling response? Whatever the reason was, he certainly gave us quite a bit to chew on.

Thank you for sharing your theory, sweet anon! Don’t worry about over-thinking or rambling here. I do those both on a daily basis, like you’ve probably noticed. ;) Have a relaxing Sunday!

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This is one of my favorite episodes we’ve ever written. @xemopeachx , do you feel the same?


You put a fifty in the swear jar and gave Nevada a pointed look. “I’m having cramps today and Amber is coming over, so I’m foreshadowing.”

“She better play by the rules, too…Captain Crunch coming with her?” he asked, continuing to read the paper.

“Yes Troy is coming, we’re going to hot yoga.” You smiled. “You wanted me to get out more,” you pulled down the paper and kissed him. “I’m getting out more. We couldn’t get Omar to come.”

“What the fuck is hot yoga?” he asked, his brows making waves on his forehead.

You giggled, “it’s yoga, where they keep the room at a very warm temperature so you can reach your maximum potential and mingle your inner chakra with the universe.”

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Samurai Jack headcanons

-this boy is jacked but also smol because he works out and fights non-stop but also goes days without eating canonically and sleeps never so he is a buff malnourished boy

-Is actually a really good cook, largely due to tasting cuisine from all over the world and always having to cook for himself

-learns how being bigender is a thing in the future and decides he rather likes the sound of that

-gets sick all the time cause HE NEVER WEARS A COAT

-Never wears a coat because he knows his gi look is famous and wants to be recognizable in case someone needs help

-loves animals, will spend hours in silence with cats and dogs, snakes, birds, what have you, just bonding with them

-also loves kids, will tell stories of his adventures to any child that asks

-one time he saved this woman’s life and she insisted he spend the night as thanks because there were no inns in town but she had to go to work so she leaves him alone to WATCH HER KIDS

-by the time she comes home her kids have braided his hair, one of them is wearing Jack’s sandals and stumbling around in them, the baby is asleep in his arms, they’re begging their mom to hire him as their nanny

-a teenager once tried to teach him how to use a cell phone but he suffers from that big thumb problem where you hit two letters at once or the wrong letter entirely and communicated mainly with emojis so they gave up

-saved a girl from sexual predators and taught her self defense, stayed with her until she felt comfortable enough in her abilities

-Once met this old granny who would not stop scolding him for his reckless lifestyle, he left her house loaded down with food, winter coats, and a bulletproof vest