and then get forgotten

Hey guys hhh! Just a quick update from me, just so everyones’s in the know!

I am SUPER freaking thankful for all the people who had donated/ commissioned me, I just barely made my bill for rent and I couldn’t be more grateful for it. 

Strangely enough, I get long bouts of time where I have absolutely nothing happening, and then everything happening at the same time. And once again, this is one of those times. Thanks to the help of a really great friendo, I’ve recently been working my bum off on putting together portfolio stuff to apply to a studio for a job opening, and I had just gotten back a test! SO now I have a test that I have a deadline for, on top of the commissions that I have gotten. This means that the commissions may finish up a lot slower than usual, especially with the size of the list at the moment. (Of course, commissions are also closed.) If you had emailed me before this post and I haven’t responded, don’t worry, you’re still part of the list, I just have yet to invoice you, since I know the commission may not be done anytime soon (I usually only like to invoice people when I know I’ll have it done within the week).

 I’ll be streaming here and there and try my absolute best to squeeze commissions in-between this testing time, I’m sorry about the inconvenience guys!! 

But yeah I hope I can pass this test hhhh wish me luck guys, and I really hope you’re all having a great month!! Much love!!

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Do you have any sketches lying around that you could show us? Something you thought you’d finish but haven’t gotten to? I know we’d all be so grateful to see some if you have any you’d be willing to share!

uhhhhh okay okay I can compromise on a couple lil snips of eventual things to come one day eventually. My sketches are crummy as all heck tho, especially on paper.

and these are just portions of the whole mind you

And this thing. Still getting picked at dw I haven’t forgotten. Uh, spoils the designs a little tho pbbbt

OH HECK wait no I’ve got one thing that was a quick scribbly accompaniment to the very first voltron thing I drew ever but did not finish nor share and still want to hold on to for some reason.

But this bit wasn’t gonna go any further for sure

hah what a mess

… *quietly tacks on one more thing* 


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You ever wonder if SJM ever heard of the phrase Kill Your Darlings. I mean, she could've at least killed off Cassian or Azriel, to differentiate between them. They're both tan, dark haired, muscled. Do they both have wings or what? Idk. Someone is obsessed with someone and another is called Shadow singer. My goodness, at least develop the characters correctly instead of mushing them together.

Have you read any book by SJM? She turned what was supposed to be a novella into a full novel, twice. Her books go on forever for no real reason and are filled with literally pointless scenes. The plot gets forgotten and summarized between chapters of characters fucking or “bantering”. 

Of course she doesn’t know what Kill Your Darlings means. She probably thinks it’s literal, and that just killing your favorite characters makes you a better author 100% of the time, even if you instantly bring them back again before the reader can even miss them. 

i wonder why smeargle always gets forgotten in art of the dog pokemon

like sometimes ill see swirlix/slurpuff and not smeargle which is weird bc like beagle is literally in the name. it has floppy dog ears and a silly dog tongue. look at it. thats a dog

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I think... you need a key theme. Like, something that is in a lot of the art to really attract the viewers. I'd suggest drawing users who send asks at times, but I also know that leads to too many 'hug' asks just to get something drawn and shoved into a drawer somewhere and forgotten.

Maybe some consistency can help, I don’t draw as frequently as many artists however so it’s hard to really do so. The best I got for my works is apparently my style, and the fact I tend to, and purposefully, oversaturate my art. Requests would also kind of feel like I’m devaluing my art so I really rarely open ‘em of I do.

Ive been thinking of doing more sfw-suggestive works perhaps lol for a theme -

weird forgotten tumblr things

- don’t hug me i’m scared fandom with the humanoid notebook and clock
- fluffy chicken day
- those blue pictures that said ‘reblog if you’re in the ______ fandom!’
- all the tumblr island, tumblr university, etc. plans that eventually led to the planning of a tumblr convention which is what gave us the beautiful shitshow that was dashcon. the dashcon ballpit was overall tumblr’s best meme in my time on here imo, second only to sonic for real justice
- tumblr trick or treating on halloween¿?
- everyone remembers mishapocalypse but remember the all-out war that went down a year later when people couldn’t decide if there should be another one?? that was honestly almost as scary as the actual mishapocalypse
- speaking of misha collins, when he posted his phone number online and this entire website collectively lost its shit. everyone had to post their text convos w/ misha
- “the only adult supervision we have on tumblr is john green” (yikes)
- the time everyone was gonna purposely not post anything the sunday after the guy who played uncle vernon in the harry potter movies died because of the quote “no post on sundays” but then everyone like……forgot and posted stuff anyway
- the tumblr version of some nights by fun
- moreos guy
- when the 50th anniversary of doctor who fell on the same day as some one direction thing and everyone got really offended at this facebook post someone had screenshotted that said like “1d will be around way longer than ur shitty alien tv show” lmao
- “swiggity swag, what’s in the bag”
- when yahoo was buying tumblr and everyone was flipping shit and making posts saying shit like “yahoo better not go ToO fAR!!! they have an army, but we have a hulk!!!” honestly if i was yahoo and considering buying a website for more than a million dollars and then saw that that was what the userbase was like i would have backed the fuck out of that business deal
- those “men of tumblr” posts, you know the ones i mean
- when everyone hated miranda cosgrove?? was there a reason behind that or,,
- back in 2013 everyone was planning to do this “tumblr day” on march 5th where you were supposed to write a big t on your hand and then if you saw anyone else with it you were supposed to “hug and exchange urls” lmao. im pretty sure no one actually did this but if that doesn’t describe the general social climate of tumblr back then idk what does

  • Slytherin: There's this really great show I think you should check out!
  • Ravenclaw: Okay, I will.
  • Slytherin: *three years later* Oh, did you like that show by the way?
  • Ravenclaw: Oh, I haven't started it yet.
  • Slytherin: Are you fucking kidding me?

gif request meme: favorite hero heroic moment + game of thrones (for @thatrobbstark)

Sometimes, some spells were most easily practiced at night.
…Company, he decided, was a nice addition.

And sometimes you say that you’re going to make a quick sketch and then sit with it on-and-off for a solid week? :’)) I just wanted to draw some young gods getting along ahh
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if y’all have never pictured mutual pining klance breaking into song and singing to themselves ‘can’t fight this feeling anymore’ once they finally start to accept their crushes on each other then wyd?


little farty comic i may or may not color :’P

the idea was to show abby’s adventurer/hero instincts manifesting at a very young age, and also sebastian being somewhat ‘forgotten’ about like he always claims to be

Anyone else think it’s kinda fucked up how none of the Hylian population remembers Link the way the other Champions and Zelda were remembered? I mean, all they have is a vague idea that a Hylian champion existed and that he wielded the Master Sword. I don’t even expect a monument like Mipha or Daruk has, since the Hylians seemed to be hit the hardest by the Calamity but like….. c’mon at least remember the name of the boy that fought to the death trying to protect everyone.