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If you’re ever looking for a horror movie to watch, might I suggest Freaks? It’s not scary, per se, but definitely horrifying. Perhaps more so to a modern viewer than to a contemporary one.

Released in 1932 it is a pre-code film, meaning it didn’t have the rules movies now have to follow about what is and isn’t allowed. The short description is that it’s about a love triangle between a wealthy dwarf, a gold-digging aerialist, and a strongman. There’s a murder plot, some really disturbing vengeance, and the entire thing is set at a circus with actual circus “freaks” making up most of the cast. You ever heard that “one of us one of us” chant? It’s from this movie.

The original cut was so bad the movie was pulled from pre-screenings and had half an hour cut from it to make it less horrifying. After that it still was received so badly by the public that it was pulled from theaters before completing it’s engagements. Everyone except the main dwarf actor and actress had their careers absolutely ruined by it and they only really did one thing after that: munchkins in The Wizard of Oz. The director of the movie had directed Dracula the year before if that gives you any indication of what the public’s opinion of this film was. It was banned in more than one country and in parts of the US.

Oh and they mutilate a woman so she looks like a duck at the end. So there’s that. The actual mutilation was filmed and is part of the original lost version.


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this was just a little inside joke I was discussing about sugar daddy Viktor being extra af

How to tell if the signs like you

Aries: stares at you and whips their head away when you catch them

Taurus: talks super excitedly with you and is super bubbly

Gemini: will probably be really mean and sarcastic to you

Cancer: hardcore stalks your instagram but will never let you know

Leo: smiles from ear to ear for no apparent reason, just for being around you

Virgo: asks a bunch of questions about you, feels almost like an interview

Libra: makes a lot of eye contact to the point where it might be creepy

Scorpio: “accidentally” bumps into you on the way to class but really figured out your entire schedule

Sagittarius: gives really obvious signs but thinks they’re being low-key

Capricorn: will make up a really corny but cute nickname for you

Aquarius: cracks terrible jokes and looks at you each time to see if you laugh

Pisces: blushes every time they speak or even make eye contact with you

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