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Could you maybe do something about Clay and Tony both being super protective together over Tony's sister (younger or older, doesn't really matter)

Hello~~! I completely forgot whether you wanted this as a fic or as a HC so I just did it as a HC. If you want it as a fic instead I’ll get on that asap, but for now here’s a few HC’s of Tony n Clay bein’ the cutest little shits trying to be protective over Tony’s sister!

-Don’t get me wrong Tony and Clay love their alone time but sometimes they can’t help but crack a smile when Tony’s younger sister wants to join in on whatever fun activity they’re doing

-Once, some kid picked on Tony’s sister to the point of physically bullying her, so Tony lowkey wanted to find the kid who did it an teach him a lesson. Clay had to convince him that the bully they were talking about was also 5 years old and that harassing a child may not be the brightest idea…

-Tony and Clay are ALWAYS there for her. Whenever she has something on their mind the two become Counselors of the Year™

-When Tony’s sister is older and starts to bring boys home, Tony gets super protective over her supervising the entire time, and asking him unnecessary questions. Clay is just happy that she’s happy.

-Tony always gets nervous about his sister when she leaves the house alone due to the way the police are in his neighborhood. If he could, he’d be there to protect her at all times

-Clay absolutely LOVES her. End of story. Sometimes Tony is led to believe he likes spending more time with his little sister than with him.

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thanks for ur post about the queen, also as a brit can i add the very existence of the monarchy is a slap in the face to the millions of people living in poverty demonised for receiving benefits whilst the biggest recipient of them is idolized? let's not forget when she asked that part of the state poverty fund be used to heat buckingham palace and was only rebuffed bc of public relations fears lol

oh my lord yeah i completely forgot about that incident, good heavens. that’s a thing that really happened. in the 21st century. in one of the wealthiest countries in the world. yikes.

Okay, I just remembered I had a BH6 related dream last night

So does anyone know about that coloring book (or junior novelization I forget which one it was) where they took Tadashi completely out of the story? 

I was watching the movie in my dream, and it was EXACTLY like that and it was so weird. 

Anyway, Tadashi ended up being in the dream, but I was interacting with him. I can’t remember if we talked or how he even showed up, but all I can really remember is the fact that I kissed him omg it happened aaaa

Okay so I know that season 2 has been an all-around cluster fuck in terms of character development and plot, so I shouldn’t be surprised when the writers fuck up little details as well but can we talk about how the writers, in an attempt to show Kara is a serious journalist, had her ask the CEO of a multibillion dollar, well established, industry leading, medical tech firm, which without a doubt has an entire department dedicated to regulatory compliance, if he was following FDA regulations. Like was that supposed to be a scoop? Was she expecting Jack to be like “oh crap I completely forgot about the FDA, aw shucks guess its back to the drawing board”. I know im probably getting irked over something really small but that whole scene felt like a disservice, not only to Kara, who for sure could have come up with a better question, but also to fans of the show who are all smart enough to spot a bs softball question when they see one.

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Klance in your lantern au or just klance, thanks and happy Valentine's day!!!!💖💗💖💜💛❤️💓💕💗💙💙💙

Here’s Lance trying to convince Keith to step away from his rage and come back with him to the GL corp  ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ ᕕ( ᐕ )ᕗ


11.29.16 - i finished my english essay early today, so i went to barnes and noble and got a new music book for paino! 😊


HEY I’ve been working on this for a while please look at it

(It has a BACKGROUND I never do backgrounds)