and then forgot about it completely


So here’s the interview that everyone is talking about, in which the girls supposedly shaded Camila 🙄
Well personally I think they did the complete opposite - they could’ve easily thrown Camila under the bus and start a lot of drama but they didn’t. I think they answered the best way they could to that kind of questions, which is by avoiding to directly talk about Camila.
Also you can tell that they have so much trouble coming up with answers which to me feels like they’re not being honest. But of course they can’t publicly agree with Camila, otherwise they would have to admit they lied, plus I do believe they agree with Camila’s feelings towards sexualization, but since it’s still the way the label wants to go they can’t really say anything on that or they’ll look like hypocrites after a video like Down…
Seriously Lauren sounds a bit panicked, she doesn’t know what to answer and I can imagine her looking at Normani like “help, I forgot wtf do we answer to this bullshit already?”
Also the fact that Lauren avoided completely to answer the last question about still being friends with Camila to me only reinforces the idea that they all are still on good terms.
The fact is that the girls, even if they have scripted answers, have a lot of trouble making those answers look genuine and truthful - it’s too bad that we only have audio because I’m sure their faces and body language must be extremely revealing…

I Know All Your Secrets


When everyone came close to finding out about Annabeth and Percy because of his stupid mistake. 

Annabeth felt like she was in heaven. She was covered in bubbles and the lukewarm water was so soothing that one by one her muscles were relaxing. This must be heaven, Annabeth thought while sipping the cheap champagne and leaning against the cold porcelain bathtub, inhaling the mind-numbing pleasant scent of the bathing salts. Her eyes were closed but they snapped open when she heard her host’s infectious laugh. Oops, completely forgot my company.

Percy seemed like he was enjoying the view. He was covered in bubbles up to his chest and while it would normally amuse Annabeth to watch a man so nervous in normal atmosphere to be so  completely at ease in presence of another stark naked, her mind was just aware of the fact that he was stark naked. Percy noticed her stare and smiling boyishly, held up his glass. Annabeth followed suit and clinked her glass against his before taking a sip and looking around to admire the view- candles lit and a few roses lying beside the small bathtub.

“You have done well Jackson. I must say I am impressed.”

Percy raised his eyebrow and smirked. “The best for the best”

Annabeth blushed slightly at his praise but quickly recovered. “You look cute in bubbles.”

Percy smiled. “Ehh, you’re just liquored up.”

He leans forward and Annabeth follows. They were a few centimeters away from sharing a kiss when a knock interrupted them.

Leo, Annabeth thought begrudgingly I’m going to kill him.

“Hey, it’s me! I’m coming in!” Leo’s voice followed his knocking. Percy’s eyes were widened and she knew what he was thinking. They can’t find out like this.

Annabeth takes a deep breath and dives just as Leo opens the door. She could no longer see them but judging by the silence, she’d say that Leo is stunned.

Leo had always been the most hyperactive person she had ever met. While at times it serveed as a source of entertainment, moments like these when the only thing she wanted was Percy, Leo was nothing but an annoyance.

“I’ve had a very long, hard day.” Percy’s tremulous voice rang out in the silence and as an explanation as to why he had so many candles lit up and he was in the middle of a romantic atmosphere completely alone. Thank god Leo was as naïve as any person can be.

After two beats of pause, Leo drawled out “Ahh, I’m gonna go get some chicken. Want some?”

Chicken.  Sounds tasty, Annabeth thought.

Percy replied “Ahh, no thanks. No chicken, bye-bye then.” She tried to listen to the closing the door but after a few seconds she heard Leo asking genuinely “You sure? Some extra crispy? Dirty rice? Beans?”

She had to stifle her laughter as she heard Percy shout at Leo to leave. Getting the sign that he had departed, Annabeth came up for air.

Percy immediately looked at her apologetically and asked in a voice laced with concern,” Are you okay? I’m so sorry, he wouldn’t leave. He kept asking me about chicken.”

Annabeth’s stomach grumbled at the word chicken. She looked at him “Chicken? I could eat some chicken.”

Percy looked at her for a moment and nodded. He then raised his voice and called out for Leo. Knowing what to do, Annabeth dove underwater for the second time. Leo entered the bathroom and Percy listed” Yeah, can I get a 3-piece, some cole slaw, some beans, and a Coke-“

Before even finishing the sentence, Annabeth grabbed his leg and dug her fingernails in his flesh.

Diet Coke, you Seaweed Brain Annabeth thought.

Percy yelped in pain and called out “-Diet Coke?”

She heard the door closing and came up for air. Taking in deep breaths, she turned towards Percy and glared. “Never forget my orders”.

“Yes, ma’am.”


Annabeth was trying to understand her brother’s antics. Jason, her dear beloved brother, was panicking again. Well of course he should.

Jason had gotten married to his 72 day long girlfriend, Khione out in London, a long way from New York. As if he wasn’t stupid enough, while saying his vows, he accidently called her Piper(his ex and Annabeth’s best friend.) And as if he hadn’t screwed up enough, while waiting for his wife in the airport so that they could travel to Greece, he met with Piper and offered Khione’s ticket to which she agreed. Plot twist: Khione showed up and upon seeing her husband getting on their fight with the girl he mistook her with, she fled. Jason did what he was expected to do. He went after Khione and in doing so, he lost sight of her and found out the flight had taken off with Piper as a passenger. Complicated. Yes.

How could he possibly confuse his wife and his ex-lover-cum-friend was baffling to her. Then again Jason was the extraordinary child.

She glanced across the table to see Percy (in his navy blue suit that always sent a shiver down her spine) questioning his dear old friend about his inability to outrun Khione (“I can’t believe she can outrun you man!” “SHE’S FAST, OKAY?!!”)

Suddenly the door opened and entering with a suitcase and her natural glow was none other than Piper Mclean. Greece had suited her. She was wearing a simple chiton and her lush brown hair was done in multicolored braids. She looked happy and not at all as if she was going to murder Jason for bailing on her and shipping her off to a strange place.

Everyone sans Jason immediately gathered around her because a) it had been days since they last saw each other and b)it was Piper.

Jason, looking dorky and solemn, quickly apologized to her but Piper seemed too cheerful to care. She smiled and reassured Jason that he did what he had to do and so she was not mad at all.

Annabeth raised her eyebrow at that. Piper not blaming Jason was definitely baffling. In fact their relationship had ended because of the constant assignment of blame.

“Terrible? Hell, I was in Greece! That was a nice hotel! Nice beach, met the nice people. Not too shabby for Piper.”

Jason looked as if the world had suddenly lifted off of his shoulders and enthusiastically he quickly hugged Piper before saying that he had to go (something about buying 72 roses for Khione, Annabeth normally tend to block out his stupid ideas).

Percy smirked at him and said” Make sure to write KH-IO-NE”

Jason looked at his best friend since college  and pushing up his glasses on his nose, quickly banged his fists together (otherwise known as telling him off) and went away.

Annabeth turned towards her friend standing at the same place since she had arrived. “Pipes that’s great. It’s so good you had a great time in Greece.”

Like a snake shedding its skin, Piper’s smile slid off her face. She looked vicious and involuntarily Annabeth shifted towards Percy. Not so that he could protect her. More like she could use him as a human shield when Piper goes savage. Percy looked unbothered and continued to enjoy his blue pancakes (which Annabeth had proudly made herself).

“What?! I didn’t have a good time in Greece! Jason abandoned me! Okay, I couldn’t get a plane out, so I had to stay in their honeymoon suite with people coming up to me all the time going, “Oh, Mrs. Grace, why are you crying?” I mean, it was sooo humiliating. I felt like such an idiot! I mean, it’s all my fault! And you know why, because I make very bad decisions.” She paced around the room before grabbing a bottle and sitting down on the chair in front of her.

Piper finished ranting about her and Annabeth couldn’t help but feel annoyed at Jason and Piper. I mean, sure Jason was her dear brother and Piper was her best friend, but that didn’t stop her from thinking how both of them were too stubborn to really work things out at the same time too much attached to really let go. It was slowly interfering with everyone’s lives.

For the first time, her secret boyfriend and neighbor decided to take part in the discussion.

Percy, ever the mediator, tried to make Piper feel better. “Oh that’s not true”, he said but Piper was furious and self-depreciating enough to insist “Yes it is! It is true! I went; I went after Jason in stupid London.”

Before anyone could comment, Hazel cried out from her place on the sofa, “London is stupid! Stupid!”

Annabeth stifled her laughter. Hazel was surrogating for her brother Nico and his husband and was currently pregnant with three children. She was so pregnant that she could not attend Jason’s disastrous wedding in London. Since her friends’ return, Hazel has therefore been grumbling about how stupid London is. Annabeth liked to think that out of everyone perhaps she has gotten the best deal.

Piper was still not done with her tirade. “Hazel, you were right. I should’ve never gone to London, and from now on you make all of my decisions for me.”

Hazel-sweet Hazel- immediately protested.”  Oh… No, I did that for someone once and I’m not comfortable having that kind of power and control over someone’s life.”

Before even turning to reprimand Hazel for giving up the opportunity, Annabeth raised her hand and called out, “I’ll do it.” Of course she’d do it. She was done watching Piper make bad decisions one after the other. And if there was Annabeth was amazing at, it was controlling people. That gave her a sort of adrenaline rush.

Piper gave her a tiny smile and uncorked the bottle. “That’s fine. So Annabeth, you are now in control of my love life.”

A sense of happiness blazed through her and she could not help staring and giggling at Percy who was quietly finishing his breakfast. He gave her a quick smile and stood up. Keeping the plates in the dishwasher, he turned around and addressing Annabeth he said “Okay, I gotta go to work.”

Before both of them even understood what they were doing or even cared, Percy had leaned down towards Annabeth and captured her lips in a rather passionate kiss. Her mind went blank and all she could register was that Percy’s eyes looked impossibly green and his jet black windswept hair was tickling her forehead. They broke apart and for a moment it was all quiet and blissful.

Quiet and…blissful?

Annabeth turned towards the sound of silence and silently cursed Percy. Piper was holding an open-mouthed bottle and staring at them in shock and disbelief. Hazel’s eyes were widened and her mouth gaping open like a fish. Had it been anyone else, Annabeth would have started laughing. Now she only felt the dread of her friends finding out.

Annabeth and Percy had been friends since the day he moved in the apartment in front of hers. Before they had been acquaintances as Jason and he were best friends since college. After a few mishaps with him (incidents in which he accidentally cut his toe off), they became friends. And that’s what they were.

Till Jason’s wedding day anyway.

After consuming too much alcohol and being insulted and painfully single, Annabeth needed to have a hot one night stand. And Percy, being sweet and charming, had completely taken her off guard by declaring her to be the most beautiful person in the wedding.

Annabeth had then made an impulsive decision. Sleep with Percy, her brain had screamed and unquestioningly, she had flung herself at him. Percy was resistant at first but he soon succumbed. It was supposed to be a onetime thing. It turned into a ‘what happens in London stays in London’ thing. And now it’s a secret relationship type thing. She should feel guilty but when Percy kisses her senseless, she becomes selfish enough to not share him with anyone.


Percy-bless him- seemed to understand the situation and his blunder .He glanced at his girlfriend and noted that he had a few seconds to do something productive. He strode over to Piper and smilingly said “And uh, Piper, glad to have you back.” He then leant downward and kissed her too.

Annabeth was torn between bursting out laughing at her friend’s gob smacked face and shooting her a glare for kissing Percy. He’s trying to contain the situation Annabeth thought. Yeah, try explaining that to her jealousy.

Percy finished kissing her and turned towards the only occupant in the room who he hasn’t kissed.

“Haze!” He strode over to Hazel and captured her in an awkward kiss. Hazel looked stunned but did not push him away. It looked more amusing than it had done with Piper.

At last he pulled back and bowing to all of them, he said “Always a pleasure ladies” and strutted out of the room with the girls staring after him in wonder.

There were a few moments of silence which was broken by Piper spluttering out “Did that just happen?”

Annabeth nodded at her and looked away from her so that she could not see her smiling like a lovesick idiot.

Cold Wash

*Pynch Laundry Mat AU (notes at the end)

Ronan Lynch – mysterious boy, obnoxious owner of brilliantly colored briefs – was not an easy a person to forget and yet, Adam forgot about him. Not completely, but enough that Ronan’s number got lost in his papers, his vicious smile shuffled to the recesses of Adam’s thoughts.

Between working and studying Adam’s summer is full. He occasionally texts some college friends and actively avoids anyone from high school. Except for one person, his ex, Blue Sargent. She’s been pestering him to hang out since he returned near the beginning of May but Adam keeps putting it off. As much as he likes Blue he’s not ready to hear about how her life is changing, what with dating two rich boys from Aglionby and traveling the world with them. He admires her open-mindedness but listening to her adventures only makes him feel more lonely. He’s been shit out of luck in the romance department because he’s been too focused on academics to go to the mixers and parties on campus; he would rather have a study buddy than a fuck buddy.

Adam clocks out of work and walks around the building to retrieve his bike. It’s after seven but still baking. He can feel the heat rising up from the asphalt, radiating off the side of the shop; it’s like being in an oven. The seat of his bike is scalding because he keeps forgetting to put it in the shade. Tomorrow, he’ll do that tomorrow.

Adam is so preoccupied that it takes him several seconds to realize that someone is yelling his name.

“Adam Parrish! Boy, you better not be ignoring me after I came all the way down here to see you!” Adam winces at the harsh tone but when he turns he sees that Blue is smiling, her dark hair pulled back, her skin tanned almost as dark as his. She looks good.

“Hey, Blue,” Adam replies, clutching the handlebars of his bike to keep from going in for a hug.

“Hay is for horses,” Blue teases. “Are you just going to stand there? It’s been over a year, Adam. I deserve a hug or a high five or something.”

Adam ducks his head. “Yeah, you do. But I’m all sweaty and gross.” He holds out his palm, up high, making Blue jump for it.

“Asshole,” Blue mutters as her feet touch down. “Come on, we’re getting dinner. And don’t even start with the ‘I need a shower.’ This is Nino’s, no one will be able to smell you over the oregano.”

Adam wants to argue but he’s avoided Blue for long enough and he’s hungry. Plus, he really is happy to see Blue again. And it’ll be nice to eat with someone else for a change.

“Fine, you win,” Adam relents. “Climb up on the handle bars.”

Adam holds the bike steady while Blue positions herself on the bars. It’s precarious but they’re not going too far, just far enough that riding is preferable to walking. Staring at Blue’s back and the strong lines of her arms and legs brings back a lot of good memories. Adam feels a bit wistful as he pedals them towards downtown. Blue cheerfully laughs and hollers as they bump over the cracked sidewalks, picking up speed as they zoom down hills. One of the last times they did this they crashed and Adam still has the scars on his elbows to prove it.

They get to Nino’s in one piece and Adam’s sides hurt from laughing so much. He can’t remember the last time he laughed so hard. Blue chats up the hostess, one of her former coworkers, and gets them seated in a prime booth by the window. Since it’s summer the pizzeria is less full than usual and the majority of the customers are townies: couples out on dates, families with small children scribbling on coloring pages, and a few summering Aglionby boys who look stoned. Blue orders the pizza (mushroom lovers) and Adam adds a side of garlic knots.

“Fancy,” Blue jokes when the appetizer arrives along with their waters.

“Hungry,” Adam replies, tearing into the food. Blue copies him and within minutes the garlic knots are gone. Blue sucks melted butter off her fingers while Adam fastidiously wipes his off on a napkin; he’s keenly aware that up until half an hour ago his fingers were coated with grime and grease.

“So…” Blue starts, her voice pitched inquisitively. Adam’s stomach clenches. He knows what she’s about to ask, can hear it in the teasing lilt. “Got a girlfriend yet?”

Adam shakes his head and stares out the window. He thought he saw someone duck around the side of a car…


“No, Blue,” Adam sighs, turning to look at her. “I’m in college to learn, not date.”

“Hmm.” Blue traces patterns in the condensation on the side of her glass.

“What about your boyfriends? Are y’all still a thing?”

Blue perks up and then she won’t shut up. Not that Adam minds, as long as she’s not asking about his love life he can be content listening to hers. Gansey and Henry both sound like great guys and they certainly make Blue happy. Their pizza arrives and that puts the conversation on hold for a bit. Adam wolfs down the first two pieces before slowing and savoring the last two. Blue asks about college and then he’s the one who won’t shut up. He worked so hard to get there – saving money from three jobs, taking classes at the local college, studying above and beyond what he was learning in the classroom, volunteering (which is how he managed to get in the good graces of St. Agnes), interning – it’s like his entire life has been about getting into college.

Blue nods along, asks good questions. They talk about her plans now that her year of traveling is done. They talk about old classmates, Henrietta, Blue’s family; Blue doesn’t ask after Adam’s folks and he’s grateful.

“Gelato?” Blue asks. “My treat.”

Adam doesn’t think he can eat another bite but gelato does sound good so he follows her out of Nino’s and down the street. It’s gotten dark, the streetlights casting a soft golden glow. They get to the shop near closing time but the kid working behind the counter welcomes them in before casting a harried look at the tall guy looming over the counter; he’s there with a smudgy looking boy in an Aglionby uniform.

The tall guy turns and Adam instantly recognizes him and blushes, taking a step back.

“Fuck You?” Ronan asks, his voice sounding both surprised and angry. “And, god damn me, Sargent?” The gelato guy makes a strangled sound each time that Ronan swears and Adam feels the irrational need to apologize for Ronan’s behavior.

“Ronan! Noah!” Blue rushes forward and playfully jabs at Ronan’s face before yanking him into the world’s most awkward side hug. The other boy laughs happily when Blue gives him a full hug and a kiss on the cheek. “What’s going on?”

“Noah wanted gelato and I had nothing else to do so here we are,” Ronan explains. He’s ignoring Adam and shoveling spoonfuls of mint chocolate chip gelato into his mouth.

Blue orders dark chocolate gelato and Adam gets peaches and cream, sneaking glances at Ronan’s handsome and haughty face.

“How do y’all know each other?” Adam asks the group but only Blue answers.

“Ronan and Noah lived with Gansey. They’re all raven boys. Oh, don’t make that face, Ronan.”

Adam thinks about that as they leave the shop and wander over to one of the sidewalk benches. He had guessed that Ronan was rich, and finding out that Ronan is Aglionby is the only confirmation he needs. It makes him wonder why Ronan was hanging out at the laundry mat in the first place, and why he had given Adam his number.

“So,” Ronan says, after Blue has updated him on the current whereabouts of Gansey and Henry, “who’s your pal? Boyfriend number three?”

Adam glowers at Ronan, determined to not say a word to him if he can help it.

“This is Adam Parrish,” Blue says, “and no, he’s not my boyfriend. But we did date for a little while in high school. About a month, right Adam?” Adam nods, staring into his gelato bowl.

Ronan snorts and steals a spoonful of Adam’s gelato. “Adam Parrish.” Ronan says his name like it’s a challenge. “Better than Fuck You, I guess.”

“Huh?” Blue gives Adam a bemused look.

“Private joke,” Adam mutters, glaring at Ronan.

The other guy, Noah, watches everything with an all-knowing look, his mouth set in a perpetual grin, his eyes sparkling like he knows all of their secrets, like he thinks they’re all hilarious.

“Dude, Noah, you look creepy as fuck,” Ronan growls, scuffing his hand through Noah’s messy hair. “What’s going on in that head of yours?”

“Oh, just thinking that it’s wonderful how you and Blue have the same taste in men.”

Ronan and Blue choke at the same time. Adam bites the inside of his cheek to keep from laughing.

“I don’t like Henry!” Ronan protests.

“Oh, please,” Blue huffs. “You pick on him mercilessly. Which is basically the asshole equivalent of pulling on pigtails.”

“What—no. No. I do that because… because… he’s just so annoying!” Ronan flounders for words. Adam’s getting very curious about these mysterious boys, Henry and Gansey, especially if they managed to captivate Blue and Ronan. “And we’ve already discussed Gansey!”

“Uh-huh. ‘He’s like my brother!’ Well, you never look at your actual brothers like that, thank God.” Noah howls with laughter and Ronan throws his gelato bowl at Blue but she neatly dodges it. Ronan goes in for a tackle and Blue takes off down the street, Ronan hot on her heels. Noah and Adam stand together and watch the chase unfold.

“You didn’t call him,” Noah says, so quiet that Adam almost misses it.

“I forgot,” Adam admits. Noah looks skeptical so Adam continues, “Look, I’ve been busy. I didn’t forget about Ronan—how could I? I just kept forgetting to call or text and… anyways what would be the point? I’m going back to school in a couple months.”

Noah shrugs. “You should tell him that. He really thought you would call.”

Adam feels weirdly guilty; it’s like hot coals in his stomach. “Just because a guy gives me his number doesn’t mean I’m obligated to contact him.”

Ronan stalks towards them with Blue draped over one shoulder like a sack. She kicks and flails and laughs and threatens to call Gansey. Adam feels wonderstruck by the sight of them, Blue looking so uninhibited and boisterous, Ronan looking like… like the type of guy he should call. Ronan sets Blue down and gives Adam an indecipherable look.

“You okay?” he asks.

“What?” Adam’s voice sounds weird in his own ears, almost breathless. He swallows around the tight feeling in his throat. “Oh, yeah, I’m good.”

Ronan shrugs and starts talking to Noah about something but Adam can’t get past the flush on Ronan’s pale skin, the way his chest is still rising and falling hard with his labored breaths from running around. The scars on his arms stand out even more, white against faint pink. And Ronan’s arms… Adam had noticed at the laundry mat that Ronan had amazing arms but standing this close to him, able to observe all the little details of him, is bringing it home in a big way that Ronan Lynch is undeniably gorgeous.

Adam looks away and catches Noah smirking at him. Noah makes the “call me” gesture, wriggling his pale eyebrows dramatically. Adam rolls his eyes in response. Blue and Ronan continue to carry on like rowdy siblings until Adam announces that he has to go home. He offers to walk Blue home but Ronan insists on driving her. He also extends the offer to Adam but Adam declines; he has his bike and he’s not quite ready to trust his life to Ronan’s driving.

Back at St. Agnes Adam digs through his papers until he finds the flyer with Ronan’s number. He carefully adds the ten digits to his list of contacts. Hitting save has never felt like this before. He feels like he’s making a promise, like he’s making a Big Decision. He gazes at Ronan’s name until his screen goes black. Adam hugs his pillow to his chest, smelling the soft scent of detergent, and dreams of a beautiful boy with a killer smile and a laugh as warm and wild as a summer night.

…to be continued…


[I think some people may have been expecting a date or at least a phone call but I don’t think that’s Adam’s style. Anyways, I hope y’all don’t mind waiting for the date, for the relationship to build from physical attraction to something more substantial.]

coldlikedeath replied:

What was her name?

Generally, Sancho’s wife is accepted to be “Teresa Panza”

But in the book Sancho calls her by different names. People debate why that is, though it seems to be suggested that Cervantes forgot or didn’t care, because the 1st part is very rambling and full of tangents.

His 2nd part is much more concise and her “true” name is Teresa. So there were some discrepancies between parts that people still argue about.

This is, of course, discounting the fake Avalleneda version, which - literary drama time - was completed before Cervantes could make the 2nd part. Basically, the 1st part of Don Quijote came out and it was super popular and this guy, who may or may not have been Avalleneda though most people believe it was, wrote his own 2nd part that got circulated and popular. Cervantes got SO MAD he basically fought off death to complete his 2nd part calling out the fake version so often. Then again, it was the 1600s, copyright wasn’t really a thing, and Cervantes was petty but totally justified to be upset sooo…

That’s a whole different literary discourse.

anonymous asked:

A year ago, one of my friends introduced me to their close friend, we'll call them "Dan." So we were at lunch and were having fun so then the bell rang but my dumbass got out a sticky note and wrote "I like your freckles. Let's go out,"on it and gave it to a friend who had the same class as Dan to give it to them. AS A JOKE. So next day goes by and I completely forgot about it until Dan comes up to me and says "Yes." It took me a moment but then I realized that Dan thought I was serious. (1)

So then I’m like “f uck I can’t just say that it was a joke. That’d be too awkward.” So my stupid ass is like “Cool.” So bam! I’m suddenly in a relationship with a person I literally just met a day ago. Soon EVERYONE finds out and starts asking EVERY DAY “Are you guys still dating?” to which we answer yes. Even though it was fake on my part they still thought it was real so like I had to hardcore sell that I was in love with Dan. (2)

So I bought them presents and complimented them and it was so terrifying because “What if they find out?” Even though it was fake on my part they still thought it was real so like I had to hardcore sell that I was in love with Dan. So I bought them presents and complimented them and it was so terrifying because “What if they find out?” SO A YEAR PASSES AND WE’RE STILL DATING and they just deadass text me telling me that they don’t think they should be in a relationship anymore and in my mind (3)

I’m fucking celebrating because no more goddamn lying and always fearing that I was going to be found out. Long story short, we’re best friends now and I STILL TO THIS DAY have never told them this. And this is my most embarrassing story (4)

dude holy fuck im dying this is the best story ever sjhkfnshjfgnusdhjf thank u for sharing this experience with me nonnie

How I Almost Set My Room On Fire

Around 2015 I started getting into witchcraft. It was new, exciting, and I had recently officially rejected jesus and Christianity.

Now I’m not sure how much people know about witchcraft but it involves a shit tonne of candles. So I bought myself a bag of those little white waxine lights because I had less problems with letting those burn down completely than with actual stick candles.

Witchcraft also involves herbs usually and I decided that was the way to do it for me. I raided the spice and herb cabinet and decided that I should totally combine the candles with the herbs.

And so I did.

And a while later I was working on something and forgot I had this little waxine light burning herbs and the flame got higher and higher and the glass candle holder got hotter and hotter and a few hours later I looked to my left and there was an honest to god flame of about 50 centimetres high. I more or less panicked after blowing really hard didn’t work and my stupid ass decided that water was how I would solve this.

I dumped half my water bottle and with a two microsecond pause a giant burst of flame as high as my ceiling spouted out of a candle that fit into my palm. The glass candle holder burst into pieces and I spent the rest of the day hiding the evidence of my stupidity.

TLDR: Don’t leave your candles unattended and don’t put a handful of rosemary on them. The nice smell in your room that won’t leave for days is not worth it.

I just want to share a story with you all about an experience I just had this morning. There are triggers for guns, violent situations, Nazis, antisemitism, the usual for Jewish hate crimes.

Earlier today, I was held at gunpoint in a parking garage by my home. I was at a shopping center with my friend and her boyfriend. I forgot my sunglasses in my car and went back to get them while my friend waited for me. three men were ahead of me, two of them were completely berating (I’m sorry, I can’t think of a positive word) this one man for essentially being what I figured was a white supremacist/nazi. One moved to shove him, and the man ran off through the garage. The other men just were saying things like “fuck that guy” and “fuck Nazis” and other things.

I was by myself, and I’m a pretty small girl, so I was just going to keep my nose down and get to my car and go. But I round the corner and the dude is there and he sees me when I see him. But I continue walking, and I guess he thinks I’m like advancing on him? And he just reaches behind him and pulls out a gun and points it at me, saying something like “don’t move” or some shit like that. Mind you I am in Texas, which is an open carry state.

Honestly, I always wondered what a moment like this would feel like, but I never expected to be so completely frozen in place by fear. I felt like I was going to pass out and throw up all at once. And then he looks at me expectantly, like he wants me to talk my way out of this. It was disgustingly terrifying. He was going to make me beg for him to not fucking kill me for something I didn’t even do.

I don’t even remember what I said, I like truly can’t remember, I’m pretty sure my mind already completely wiped that interaction from my memory. But eventually, he lowers his gun and puts it in his hip holster and fucking SMILES at me. SMILES. Like he just wasn’t threatening my life. He asks for my name and I say “Hayley” he asks for my last name and I give him my mom’s maiden name. My last name is Jewish and I knew he would probably kill me if he knew. I’m a horrible liar to begin with, and I was terrified he wouldn’t buy it. I’m white passing but you can tell I’m not WHITE white, if you can’t tell I’m Jewish you can tell I’m Asian, and I was scared he would notice that.

He begins to talk to me, like trying to have a fucking conversation with me, and at this point, I just fall into survival mode. Keep him happy. Keep him talking, keep his gun in his holster. I’ve given up going to my car, no way in hell he’s going to see what I drive or my license plate, and he like invites me to follow him back into the shopping center. Like I would just fucking hang out with him after he tried to murder me. And then he asks me where my parents are from. I tell him Germany and Russia, because it’s not a lie. He says some shit about Germany and begins spewing antisemitic remarks and I’m literally feeling like I’m about to be sick. So I see my friend and THANK G-D. I’m shaking as I grab her arm and is like “LET’S GO TO THE BATHROOM YEAH?” And she’s like? Okay. So we go into the bathroom and I just break down SOBBING, my knees give out, everything. I tell her what happens and she calls her boyfriend and then the police. Luckily he’s taken into custody for brandishing and that’s the end of it.

I was lucky. I know I wasn’t killed because I’m a conventionally pretty, white-passing woman. He didn’t see me as a threat. But this happens every day, it’s been happening way before the holocaust and it’s happening now. People don’t get to just walk away like I did. There are millions of people in unmarked, mass graves in Europe that will never be identified due to what these people did. And the way some of y'all talk about them like they’re real people? How dare you. These are MONSTERS and MURDERERS, and to treat them any different is an insult to me and other Jewish people everywhere.

LEARN FROM THIS. LISTEN WHEN WE TELL YOU WE ARE NOT SAFE, WHEN SOMETHING FEELS OFF, WHEN SOMETHING IS NOT OKAY. You know NOTHING about this fear, so do not EVER try to tell us they aren’t that bad. That they’re just talk. That they’re not dangerous. Because they ARE. This happened in BROAD DAYLIGHT. 11 AM. They are brave enough to do this in BROAD DAYLIGHT. I was lucky. The next person might not be.

The 9 kinds of people with kins

Type 1: has literally one kin but it completely defines them

Type 2: has 2-5 kins and a deep and complex canon for all of them

Type 3: gets a new kin every time they watch a new show

Type 4: has so many kins they have to keep them written down somewhere, and will every now and again think “oh yeah i forgot i was kin with X”

Type 5: has been stuck in a specific kin shift for so long they’ve forgotten about their other kins

Type 6: only has otherkins and no fickins so feels slightly isolated from the kin community

Type 7: the one that does kin drama

Type 8: has quite a few kins but basically no complex canon for them, just casually kins and doesn’t understand kin drama

Type 9: the edgy one that calls any double “fakes” and mocks other people’s kins