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So, funny companion story that I felt needed to be shared. I had Deacon with me when I flirted, and then slept with, Magnolia. Well, passing the speech checks with Magnolia bumped Deacon's affinity, so immediately after I've slept with Magnolia he starts talking to me about what good friends we are. Only problem: his disguise thing glitches, so he's talking to me in his underwear, immediately after sex occurred. I'm 100% convinced a three-way happened.

Deacon was such a great Railroad spy that he snuck his way between the sheets…and between you and Magnolia too apparently lol xD’

Hi! Alex here.

As you can see I haven’t been updating this at all for a few months now. It wasn’t a decision I took, it simply happened (eventually I realized it was due several reasons but all irrelevant now).

For Matt updates here in tumblr  you can check mattbomeritalia, she has been doing a great job.

And recently I had the need to be back to tumblr but I realized that while this account started as a personal one it eventually became a Matt blog (also it simply happened, it wasn’t on purpose) so when I felt like coming back but I didn’t feel comfortable sharing “no Matt stuff” here (I know why most of you are here… xD) so I created a new tumblr where I started from zero. You are more than welcome to add that one if you still want to be in contact just be aware that while I will reblog Matt stuff here and there I won’t be posting original stuff (if I need to do that for whatever reason I will do so here, as always).

New tumblr: paraisoinhabitado

You can also find me on twitter (there I still keep the Matt updates, plus a lot of pics of Voldemort, my bunny :p)

And also I would love to say thanks for all these years and all the followers. This started like a personal tumblr and somehow it took a life of its own and along the way I met a lot of wonderful people. I know I’m not the best when it comes to interacting with others but I’m extremely grateful for all of you ♥.


Floriana Lima - Instagram Live // 12-13-16

Let’s talk about Yuuri’s and Viktor’s decisions to continue skating competitively, shall we?

Prepare for a gigantic MEGA rant just like last time when I wrote meta on Viktor after episode 10. I just have no chill because I felt the need to address it on a large scale to get lots of things cleared up. If you read to the end you’re the real mvp. So, here goes. 

It seems like this has riled up and disappointed some people, so I want to take a look at it and share my interpretation of what went through the character’s heads. I’ve seen various metas discussing it, and while I’m generally open minded and interested in various interpretations some have made me upset. Why? Because some have even suggested that their decisions were based on manipulation and emotional force directed towards each other, and it made me sad to see, for Yuuri’s and Viktor’s relationship is more beautiful than ever at this point. The narrative has built towards this conclusion from the very start. It wasn’t a last minute addition or something we couldn’t see coming. It makes perfect sense.

Let’s jump to the most integral piece of dialogue we have.

This is incredibly important, because what does it show? That despite their conflict in the hotel they were able to treat it like the mature adults they are and decide to face their future individually. I repeat that once again. Individually. Yes, Viktor and Yuuri might be in love, but they are still their own persons with their own goals and desires and they acknowledge this. Their decisions are to be made on their own will, and not to be forced or persuaded by the other. They want to face the future together, that’s obvious, but they are not about to bend themselves and compromise that future either. It’s their lives. Their choice. So they decide to reflect over it alone, and then share what they came up with. Their future is theirs and if they come up with conflicting decisions, then so be it. They both need to do what’s right and rings true to themselves

But let’s head back to the hotel, because didn’t Viktor say this?

Yeah, he does. Does that mean he was forcing Yuuri to do another season, or that he forced himself to compete for another season to manipulate Yuuri into continuing? No. For me, it does not. This is all the result of a huge misunderstanding built slowly over the course of the whole season. What misunderstanding? Well, it’s voiced rather clearly: Yuuri always planned to retire after the GPF, and Viktor had no clue. Remember this?

This scene is so sweet, and so heartbreaking. It’s so important that we even get a flashback to it later in the episode. Yuuri always planned to retire once the GPF was over, in an anxious ridden, “unselfish” (read: selfish) desire to “free” Viktor from his duties as coach. What do Viktor say in response? Basically, “I want to stay with you forever”. And Yuuri’s heart breaks because well, he loves Viktor so much and would like to stay with him forever too, but he can’t. Why? Because Yuuri thinks he’s a liability and a bother not worthy of Viktor’s time and career. It’s not true, of course, and we leave this scene with a Yuuri struggling to let go off Viktor and an overjoyed Viktor because he sees no obvious end in sight, at this point.

Which brings us back to the hotel again.

You might say that hey, doesn’t Viktor react negatively to the fact that Yuuri made an individual choice? Yeah, he does. But the reason for that was that there was literally no communication between them about this. He feels betrayed. All these months, all his love, all his passion for Yuuri, is seemingly swept out the door as if it was nothing. He loves Yuuri and wants to stay with Yuuri because Yuuri was both the door to the future and the person waiting behind it, and Viktor is not ready to be cast aside. Important to note is that Yuuri do this out of love for Viktor, because he believes it’s the right thing to do and Viktor’s happiness is his first priority. It ends up not working out the way he wants, because due to their miscommunication his will to ensure Viktor’s happiness ends up with Viktor crying. This is the last stepping stone to them becoming fully equal, which has been an important aspect in the show all the time. In the end they find a satisfying conclusion, that sacrificing yourself for your partner is not a good thing, and that they can seek happiness individually but also side by side as long as you trust your partner to make their own choice. But first, they need to have this argument.

Of course he’s mad! I’d be furious as well. But what I like about this scene is how maturely he handles his anger. There’s no over the top drama, he doesn’t scream his lungs out or smash things. He cries and slaps away Yuuri’s hand, which is entirely justified since he has a right to protect his personal space. Also take note that Yuuri touches his hair, which he has expressed concern about earlier, and that Yuuri also reveal both his eyes. It’s very intimate, and not weird at all for Viktor to force his hand away. Yuuri initially wears a look of shock on his face at this response, because Viktor has always encouraged and invited Yuuri into that personal space before. Not now, however. Yuuri is taken aback in return by Viktor’s rejection and negative response to his decision.

Oh, Yuuri. Did Viktor ever actually say this? No, he alluded that he would like to stay forever with you. I wish you’d never retire. Seeing Yuuri give up (because that’s what it is, in my eyes, supported by Yurio’s monologue) upsets him, and of course he wants to skate with Yuuri again as well. It’s the charming Katsuki Yuuri, right? Viktor wants to face him as well. On the ice, as equals. Just as Yuuri desired for the past 12 years. He had no idea Yuuri was retiring so soon, and had most likely already planned to skate with him next season at this point, or at least considered it (remember the smile in ep 8). Viktor has probably desired this more and more as Yuuri’s love slowly brought his passion for skating back. We can gradually see Viktor get more and more into what happens on the ice over the course of the season, only to peak in episode 11 when all the excitement rushes back to him through Yuuri’s skate. His life was void until Yuuri stepped into it and filled it with light, and now that light is pushing away the darkness that made everything in Viktor’s life dull and meaningless. That includes skating. Yuuri made it possible for Viktor to love skating again, and remember all the thrills it used to give him. I believe that at the start of the series Viktor has no burning desire to return to the competitive scene, but he has major character development over the course of the series, thanks to Yuuri, and this reflects in the choice he ultimately makes. He’s a changed person in the end, on to start a new chapter in his life, with Yuuri and newfound inspiration.

But still, they decide to think it over individually. They’re still upset, because now there’s a wall between them that didn’t exist before. Yuuri breaks down this wall rather excellently, but note that before his free skate, he is still very much determined to retire. Take a note of his use of “their”.

This is an important line as well, and after this things start becoming very interesting. Please head under the read more, and if you’re on the app you have my sincere apologies.

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My favourite thing about Yuri on Ice!!! and that there’s two Yuri’s is the time when Yurio and Yuri had the ice skating competition with agape and eros and the next day after my friend had watched the episode she went to all of us and said, “SPOILER ALERT, YURI WINS THE YURI VS YURI ICE SKATING COMPETITION”

and that was the best time someone released a spoiler without actually spoiling anything and I thought it was great

 ok but 

  • “you just moved in to the neighborhood and i’m trying to be a “good neighbor” so i’m helping you unpack and making small talk like would you like to take a coffee with me lat—wHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU CARRYING ROCKS IN THIS BOX” au
  • “i came here to have my hair cut but you’re ranting about how beautiful my hair is and now i’m regretting my decision what have you done” au 
  • “you’re the member of this band and you’re promoting your new album and you just came to me to hand me an example but i’m not really a fan of your music but god fucking damn it you’re so hot maybe i can buy one just to try” au
  • “i’m a writer and i’ve been trying to find inspiration but my ways to find it are very very weird and you’re convinced i’m trying to summon satan i swear i’m just trying to find inspiration” au
  • “i run this bakery and you come every single day to buy pies and cakes and i’m getting concerned over your health seriously dude eating this much it’s not healthy” au
  • “i accidentally quoted my favorite book out loud while answering something and it turns out you’re a fan too and now we’re in this huge dork conversation god help me i’m so nerd” au 
  • “your horrible car is in my parking lot like i know it doesn’t have a name but it’s my parking lot i’ve grown attached to it so why don’t you move your horrible car and get your ugly f—oh my god you’re hot HELLO THERE” au
  • “i cannot believe you defeated me on a pokemon battle like your team is so lame are you seriously still using politoed in your team like dude that’s so gen 5 so WHY DID YOU DEFEAT ME FIGHT ME AGAIN” au
  • “i came inside this store to buy this new album and there’s only onecopy left and YOU’RE TAKING IT HANDS OFF MY NEW ALBUM” au
  • “i’ve heard you talking to your friend about my favorite character and you’re talking about this Harry Potter AU but you sorted them in the wrong house i cannot stand this bullshit” au 
  • “you were sitting beside me when we were watching big hero 6 and you saw me cry like a baby don’t tell anyone about this it would ruin my reputation” au 
  • “i’m new in this town and i got lost in the supermarket and you’re the kind person who’s guiding me but please don’t call my mother i’m a grown-up” au 
  • “you’re the captain of our school’s (sport) team and i have a crush on you (but who doesn’t actually) and i’ve been assisting your games like every single one and all of sudden you started to talk to me oh my god what do i do what do i say— “hey do you like potatoes?” —oh my god kill me now” au 

Something I started last April for the zine that I never got around to finishing - and thus it was labelled as a “zine reject” haha. IT’S REALLY MESSY but I thought I’d share it instead of letting it rot on my harddrive forever. The “Daddy” needs to follow the curve of the mug obviously - and I could have warped it to perspective in Photoshop but honestly I got too lazy and yeah - I’ll probably never finish it properly, but I felt bad that it never got to see the light of day, so here ya go! 

GUYS DID YOU KNOW this one time I got flagged by Tumblr for posting sexually explicit content on this blog. I laughed so hard; either someone was so shook by one of the member’s cute selfies that they reported me, or Tumblr staff just knew these boys were illegal. Not really going to argue with either one lmao.

it’s important to remember we’re a community and nobody is better than anybody else because of the amount of zeros on the end of their follower count

i felt the need to say that because (especially recently) i get a lot of people telling me they feel left out and upset because yeah favouritism exists and in the past people have let their follower counts go to their heads as if it defines their worth or makes them famous or something

there should be no weird hierarchy or cliques this isn’t high school most of us come on here to escape that shit

we share a mutual love for two giant nerds who love us just as much and that’s the only thing that matters here

we’re just people who blog and have fun and laugh and make friends and that’s all this should be - fun.

you’re all rad as heck.


I am not a piece of meat that a man gets to utilize for his pleasure. I’m an adult human being in a relationship with a man who treats me with love and respect. It hurts my heart that so many young people are so confortable enough using these phrases and objectifying women with such ease. I felt like speaking out about this one experience tonight because I know very well that most women know the sensation  of being spoken about in an uncomfortable way pubicly or taken advange of publicly by a man. We need to talk about these moments openly because they are harmful and they live on inside of us as shame. We need to share and be vocal when something makes us feel uncomfortable because if we don’t, it will just continue. We are not objects or prizes. We are QUEENS.

i’ve seen people mention that seungjun staying tru to himself praised jihun’s butt on asc despite that they only translated him saying that jihun has a “nice shaped body”, but i haven’t seen anyone bring up that it was also left untranslated when he complimented jihun for having a “very soft belly”, and i found that part rly cute. so. here i am bringing it up.


“In the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries many middle-class women had relationships with each other which included passionate declarations of love, nights spent in bed together sharing kisses and intimacies, and lifelong devotion, without exciting the least adverse comment. … Lillian Faderman’s book Surpassing the Love of Men details innumerable such friendships between women which met with such social approval that a woman could cheerfully write to the male fiancé of the woman she loved, saying that she felt exactly like a husband towards her and was going to be very jealous. … It is not the existence of love between women that needs explaining but why women were permitted to love then in a way which would encounter fierce social disapproval now. … Faderman explains that women’s same-sex friendships came to be seen as a threat in the late nineteenth century as the women’s movement developed to challenge men’s dominance and new social and economic forces presented middle-class women with the possibility of choosing not to marry and be dependent on men. She sees the sexologists who classified and categorised female homosexuality, including within it all passionate friendships, as having played a major role in discouraging love between women.”
Sheila Jeffreys, The Spinster and Her Enemies