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instead of just showing me older posts, facebook straight up told me i dont have enough friends and refused to let me scroll down on my feed anymore

Why do you care? - Jughead x Reader

Request: Prompt 8 - “It’s much easier to humiliate someone than to admit you have feelings for them”

Word count: 2218

Warnings: Drinking, maybe a little bit of violence.. little bit, and like one or two swears, I’m sorry 

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It all started just after you moved to Riverdale, man, your parents picked the right time to move to a new town, some guy called Jason had been murdered and everyone was trying to figure out who did it. You didn’t know Jason, or that his family were some big shots in this small town, you didn’t really care too much either, “At least we won’t be suspects” you told your parents as you unpacked the moving truck, they subsequently told you not to make fun of this tragic event, “some boy was killed, Y/N” your mother said, “his poor mother must be a wreck, I don’t know how I would cope if that happened to you” she continued, you sighed deeply then took your things to your room.

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anonymous asked:

how could you do that to carly

You don’t know the situation or anything about our lives so I don’t entirely know what you’re implying since neither of us did anything wrong? We broke up on good terms sooo if you’re looking for drama sorry but none here to offer 😂 Sorry we handle things like adults 😁 that’s basically me telling you to fuck off I guess

*stumbles onto the internet* hello I played Zelda all day again lol (after completing some minor homework so I don’t feel COMPLETELY awful about it because by now I’m VERY aware this game will suck me in for long periods of time ^^;;; )

For today, I managed to find more memories (the one around the horse statue, and the one with the frog… both very cute :’D ) so now I have…2 more to go? Wowie. There are other missing memories I know, but for the pictures in Zelda’s camera, I’m almost done!

I also found Zelda’s horse!! He’s beauuutiful and with awesome stats, but WHAT A PAIN TO CATCH, GOSH. I named him Teruki! …yes, from MP100…it’s fitting, leave me alone :P I even got his mane cut short when he started being nice lololol he’s a really good horse~ Hopefully I can upload a picture soon!

Lessee I also completed recovering the ENTIRE Hyrule map! Doesn’t stop me from getting lost chasing after things (today…it was a dragon again. Very lost but I got a scale from it. So.) but it certainly helps X’D

I also managed to defeat my first Lynell!! :’’’D It was painful and took forever but I did it *falls over* thank you @nebulousneko and friends for the tips, they really helped!!

Oh, and I finished the Divine Beast Vah Rudania (the…lizard one…that for SOME reason I thought was an octopus in the trailers???? oops)!! What interesting mechanics for that dungeon, I really enjoyed myself there~ It was a tough but good challenge X’D I did have some trouble figuring out how to beat the boss tho O.o;;;; 

ALSO YUNOBO IS ADORABLE, why aren’t more people talking about him??? A precious Goron child with anxiety but trying his best, 10/10 would adopt :’D

Thanks so much Rebecca Sue of @country and crochet_by_rebecca for thinking of me for #WIDN . Check out her feed. She makes gorgeous blankets, I just love looking at her creations and she is sooo nice :-) -

Today I am snuggling in with my latest blanket, which is now big enough to help warm my lap! I’m having so much fun with this stitch combination. The front and back are so pretty and unique from one another -

Tammy @canadianmomcrochets What’s on your crochet hook? :-) -

#crochetproject #HiddenMeadowCrochet #blanket

chari-rose  asked:

I'm always sooo happy to see your feed bc it makes me feel like large bodies that still don't fit the thick body type that is praised by society are normal and on here that is EVERYTHING. Chub is normal n I forget that

Aw that makes me so happy!! thank you!! xoxo